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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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of a recent graduate from 2013 on that crash in the french alps. not a lot of students here because it is spring break but the students who were here were surprised to hear this news. >> i can't even imagine. that's horrible. >> reporter: family members and drexel university confirm recent graduate emily selke and her mother yvonne were both on board the germanwings air bus that crashed in the french alps and its way from barcelona to germany. >> it's very sad. very unfortunate. um she obviously was a student at west fall. i'm actually a student at west fall as well which is the art college. so my heart definitely goes out to her. >> reporter: statement released by the family said our entire family is deeply saddened by the losses of yvonne and emily. two wonderful caring, amazeing people who meant so much to so many. at this difficult time we respectfully ask for your privacy and your prayers ". em selke graduated from drexel in 2013 in a statement drexel university said "drexel
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is deeply saddened to hear about the tragic loss of emily selke and her mother. emily graduated with honors from drexel in 2013 and was music industry major in drexel's antoinette west fall college of media arts and design. our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends ". the sr. roar are the emily belonged to released this statement. say the at a chapter is mourning the loss of our beautiful emily selke. emily and her mother were a board the plane from barcelona to duesseldorf that crashed yesterday. emily served as a membership vice-president while in say the at a and she was a an integral part of our growing chapter. she embodied the the spear the of gamma sigma sigma an a person and friend emily put others before herself and cared deeply for all of those in her life. emily will be greatly missed by her fellow sisters of say the at a. police keep emily, her mother and their family in your thoughts and prayers during this heartbreaking time ". students on campus wednesday afternoon were stunned to hear the news.
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>> definitely is a tragedy. losing someone from your own community and definitely prayers and thoughts go out to her family. >> reporter: now a third american on board that flight has not yet been identified. no word tonight on whether drexel university will hold a memorial or a vigil in emily selke's memory when students return here from spring break. lucy? >> thank you, dave. one person is hurt in a crash involving a philadelphia fire truck. skyfox over third and grange streets in the olney neighborhood and you can see right there that suv on its side side. one person went to einstein. officials are not confirm anything other details about what happened. we got a little few thing going on actual until your fox 29 weather authority. we got some rain to deal with but temperatures are finally warming up. chief meteorologist scott williams outside in old city tonight with the good and maybe the bad news. scott? >> yeah, it is a bizarre forecast iain and lucy. we're looking at temperatures that will actual be rising as we move toward the overnight.
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get this. high temperatures tomorrow near 70 degrees. but it's going to come with a little bit of a trade off. we have some drizzle scattered showers, even some thunderstorms in the forecast over the next 24 hours. right now, ultimate doppler showing you we're looking at some of those light showers moving through sections of chester, montgomery, bucks delaware as well as chester county and all of that continues to move from west to east. so take look at the wider perspective. you can see severe weather breaking out along that cold front that will bring thunderstorms in our direction tomorrow. not anticipateing severe weather but we are looking at some gusty winds. so for tonight fog and drizzle. temperatures rising when i come indoors we'll track those showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. lucy and iain? >> all right scott thank you. don tollefson will spend two to four years in jail. a judge sentenced the former sportscaster today for defrauding people out of thousands of dollars. fox 29's joyce evans joins us now with some of the details from court.
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joyce? >> reporter: iain aside from the jail time don tollefson was order to do pay restitution to the people he ripped off and he'll be on probation for 15 years. he apologized in court expressing remorse for what happened. and he promised to help young people who have another dicks when he gets out. the 62-year-old represented himself during his 11-day trial in january. he got some help from attorney robert goldman. he was convicted of felony money laundering fraud and theft. after 200 people came forward saying he sold bogus trips that were sports relateed in the name of charityies. tollefson tried to argue that it was all because he was a bad businessman who was also battling addictions. he showed no emotion when the sentence was read. his attorney and the prosecutor spoke out about the out come. >> i told mr. tollefson that i believed that the sentence was very fair and residential taking into consideration all the aspects and he said yes, it was
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that simple. >> the man committed some crimes that were pretty bad but he's paying a very stiff pennel team he never served a day in state prison in his life and that will be a pretty harsh reality for him. >> reporter: tollefson originally had agreed to a me deal that would have sent him to jail for just seven months but he withdrew from that plea deal and went to trial saying he wanted his story to be told. tollefson is a former employee of fox 29. iain. >> joyce, thank you. a somber memorial today for an 18-year-old kensington woman as the investigation into her death continues. today margaret's family and friends gathered inside the auditorium in olney high school to pay their respects to the young woman. students and staff at olney say they've come together since her death to help molino's family through donation donations and white ribbon sales much her body was found inside her home on heartfelt street last week. police say she had bruises on her neck, head and face. investigators believe she may have been strangled to death. there's still no word on any
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suspects. >> investigators are right now looking into what started the big fire in northampton county. fabricator sheet metal processing plant went up in flames in bethlehem just before 4:00 this morning. no one was inside the building at the time. the people could see that smoke for miles away it even reached allentown. officials had residents sheltering in place with their windows and doors shut until the danger of whatever that smoke might have been carrying was over. >> our 911 center was getting inundated with a lot of calls that there's smoke at our house. >> i went outside and it smelled really smokey and i noticed that it was like cloudy over there and in that area. >> fire officials don't believe there's any danger but they'll test the air quality as a precaution throughout the day. happening now a massive computer hack on four new jersey schools cyber criminals locked the swedesboro woolwich system and demanded $125,000 to unfreeze it. so how did they do it and why? fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp
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in the news rom witness answer to that. karen? >> iain this is basically old-fashioned extortion in a new fangled kind of way. this encryption in this case the bad guy encrypt your computers all your data is locked up and they've got the only key. then they demand a big ransom to open it what's new in this case they attacked a school and then asked for a whole lot of money. the text realized there was a problem with the school computers this weekend. someone had highjacked the entire swedesboro woolwich school computer system and was demanding some big money to unlock it. 500 bit coins. that's untraceable electronic currency which equals 125,000 very real dollars. so how did the cyber crooks get their ransom wear in? computer expert anthony mongeluzo says likely by accident someone click on the wrong thing. >> a lot of times it comes through as looking like a voicemail message that was delivered to you or a fax. so more than like the it's called social engineering. it wasn't a sophisticated hack i don't think anyone got into the fire wall or compromised the
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network i think someone just throughout an e-mail and someone picked it up and opened it. >> reporter: once opened the crypto locker goes to work encrypting the victim's data only this time it's the hackers that have the key not the school. the school didn't pay the ransom instead they call the state police cyber crime division to help restore the systems and close up vulnerabilities in the future. the good news is no student or personnel data was stolen but standardized testing was delayed until today when many systems came back online. >> the people who did this are people that like money. i don't think there was any target for new jersey schools. i don't think it's someone angry about the paccc testing this virus sent out to a multitude of people. >> reporter: investigators say these culprits likely came from overseas. the systems are about 70% right now and they say the goal obviously to protect themselves from any future attacks. lucy? >> all right, thank you karen. two days after the justice department -- department of justice released a report looking police involved
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shootings in the city mayor nutter created an independent over tight board to monitor changes coming to the police depth and he did that by executive or. charged the group with making sure 90 recommendations from that justice department report becomes reality. some of those include better police training, more thorough investigations and better relations with residents. mayor nutter says those changes are necessary to build a bridge between police and the community they serve. aa bill revising attempts abolishing the death penalty is poise to do move forward in delaware delaware. it would remove execution for first degree murder. leaving live in prison without the possibility of parole as the only possible sentence. 15 inmates currently on delaware's death row would still be subject to execution though. expensive new courthouse is creating real problems for those who have some trouble getting around. >> the shuttle designed to make it easier is about to disappear. tonight one employee tells fox 29 she may not be able to get to
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work and howard he is sin is live in phoenix. >> oh, yes. chip kelly finally talk about his meeting and conversations with jeffrey lurie and comes clean on why he really traded
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>> bucks county woman says getting to work every day is a struggle. she works in the new expensive bucks county courthouse. >> she says getting in and out isn't easy for people with disabilities. she turned to fox 29's bruce gordon for help. >> reporter: maria uses a walker to get around these days multiple sclerosis zapped her mobility but not her spirit. she's frustrateed angry. >> well, it's just been difficult. >> reporter: tough just to get around? >> yeah, yeah. there's certain things you can't do. >> reporter: bucks county's brand new courthouse sills on hilly property right in the middle of the borough. the back side sits two floors below the front. and for security reasons, there
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is just one entrance off north main. each day, for the past several years, maria and dozens of other others with mobility issues parked their cars in the municipal garage on broad and union and catch a free shuttle bus that drops them off right in front of the justice center. but the shuttle service is set to expire around april 1st. >> i can't get to work without that and -- >> reporter: no shuttle no getting to work? >> no. >> reporter: that's because the new alternative is this long, steep ramp from the parking lot out back uphill to the entrance out front. even the most able bodied visitors and employees huff and puff at the climb. as for maria -- >> i can't get up that ramp. no. no. not at all. >> reporter: county commission chairman lochery has heard the complaints from maria and others. >> reporter: is that reasonable for folks with a walker or wheelchair to get up do you think? >> well, it was designed to be compliant with laws and
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compliant with basic engineering and planning principles. >> reporter: lochery says the shuttle cost the county more than $30,000 a year and was always meant to be temporary. but -- >> we'll figure it out. i'm sure we'll make it work for everybody at the end of the day. >> reporter: chairman lochery hopes to have some answers with regard to the shuttle service and accessible to the new building win the next week or so. maria says her job may depend on it. in doylestown, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. a heart-warming gesture by a local restaurant stepping up for the family of a fallen police officer. it's amazeing fundraising effort by sweet lucy's smoke house in northeast philadelphia. the barbecue spot donateing half the money it earns today to the family of police sergeant robert wilson ii. police say two robbers shot and killed wilson almost three weeks ago as he tried to stop them. sweet lucy's owners sauce they it's the least they can do to honor a hero. >> i thought it would be really really busy because we have a lot of officers they've been big supporterssupporters of ours since
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we opened but i'm so shocked. i think it's beautiful that so many people are out here supporting him and his family and everything. >> if you like you can help by stopping by sweet lucy's smoke house on cottman avenue before 9:00 this evening. all right. book your fox 29 weather authority now. you may have that umbrella out and then scott says once you have that out -- >> get the snow boots too. >> keep your coat handy. winter coat. >> we are going to see roller coaster ride. we do have the rainfall right now drizzle fog overnight. temperatures tomorrow near 70 degrees and then behind that system winter makes a big come back and yes, we could even see a little bit of snow flurries. but don't get too excited. all right. let's look at ultimate doppler right now. you can see we're looking at the pockets of light rain nuisance activity west goshen moving toward norristown plymouth meeting drexel hill, philadelphia crossing over now toward mt. laurel eventually moving toward the pine hill, new jersey area. so as we put everything in motion over the last hour or so, you can see this batch just
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moving very slowly from west to east. not the main event that we're talking about for tomorrow. but for tonight rising temperatures pocks of fog and drizzle so just watch out for that early tomorrow morning and then yeah, temperatures will soar with those winds tomorrow out of the south and west near 70 degrees. scatter the showers even some thunderstorms then look at what happens colder air moves in it might link up with moisture we could be looking at flurries on saturday. but take look at ultimate doppler with the surface features map and you can see off to the west we're looking at severe weather breaking out from oklahoma city to fayetteville, arkansas. here's the warm front that will advance overnight giving us the fog as well as the warmer temperatures. but take look at what's happening around oklahoma city moving toward fayetteville arkansas. reports of hail and damaging winds. the storm prediction center has his area under a moderate risk here. you can see that red shaded color. for us temperatures were below average. 47 degrees. that was it for the high temperature.
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we should top out around 56 for this time of year. so still below average. the numbers are a little chilly out there with the clouds as well as those light showers. 40 degrees allentown. 41 wrightstown. mid 40s atlantic city as well as philadelphia. but out ahead of that front tomorrow temperatures nearing 70 degrees across parts of the area. but grab the umbrella and rain gear tomorrow morning. 7am we're looking at scattered showers across the area. on and off again showers really throughout the entire day tomorrow. and then watch what happens tomorrow evening and afternoon. we're watching that front a lot of showers and thunderstorms moving through seven 8:00 o'clock toward philadelphia and then this moisture gets out of here early on friday but that colder cold air starts to rush in temperatures drop friday night into saturday. and you can see we're looking at leftover moisture with that cold air. here's saturday 7am the threat of a few passing snow showers some flurries or some rain. so just ahead up on that. how much rainfall to expect. we're looking at a good soaking
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over the next 24 hours an inch possible in the pocono mountains mountains. you can see close to an inch in philadelphia. as well as millville. so we'll continue to watch that forecast but look at the lows for tonight. 40 north and west. 44 in the city. rising temperatures overnight. and then tomorrow with that southwest wind we're looking at temperatures topping out near 70 degrees so it is going to be a taste of spring but then turning cooler and breezy on friday and then high temperatures saturday only in the upper 30s with that chance of flurries. 48 for the high temperature on sunday. and then milder as we move into next week and drier too. temperatures by wednesday in the low 60s. so maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. >> there's a light. the question is how long the tunnel is? that's the question. >> at least a week. >> all right. scott, thank you. there's a lot of light in arizona. >> oh, yeah, the sun is shining. the palms are swaying and howard eskin has the sunglasses on his
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head. oh yeah, it's 90 degrees here. so there's no chance of flurries flurries. i'll tell that you. but chip kelly another monumental day today chip kelly spoke and came clean on what his real reason was for trading lesean mccoy and talks about his discussion with jeffrey lurie that probably led
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♪ it's the nfl owners meetings and we may remember and i'm sure do you that jeffrey lurie spoke yesterday. talking about the meeting he had with chip kelly. all right. so today was the day that chip kelly spoke. he had to address those things, a lot of that probably influenced the decisions that the eagles made this off season. so what was that conversation with jeff lurie like? i asked chip kelly. >> i didn't go in with a plan saying we need to make all these maneuvers. i just said this is how i think my vision is of how this organization should be but mr. lurie's decision on what he wants to do. he came back and said i wanted to this, this and this and i want to you just concentrate on that that's what i would have done. >> chip kelly is a brilliant guy and very persuasive and i'm sure that had a lot to do with it. as far as lesean mccoy it surprised some people they traded lesean and there's more it to than just tradeing a player that most people you heard the reports that, well, he wasn't running chip kelly's style of
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offense. well, that's not exactly the case. and chip came clean today on what the real reason was for trading lesean mccoy. >> i'm very fond of lesean mccoy i think we all are. but when you look at moving forward and that was just a really big number, you know, they weren't moving numbers so was that was where the decision was made. >> with mccoy gone kelly moved quick toll find another running back and got the nfl's leading rusher from a year ago dallas' demarco murray. >> we love demarco murray. everybody wanted to keep him. great football player an great young man and obviously very very productive for us last year and we tried our best to keep him. but the business of the nfl is a part of, s a part of this league and it was a part of this decision that we made. big part of the decision for him and certainly for us as well. >> well the best really came down to money. eagles i think and this is what i've heard that they offered more money. now, i also spoke to the st.
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louis rams head coach jeff fisher that's where sam bradford came from and that's where nick foles went. and jeff told me that he alluded to the fact he wasn't sure he would have sam bradford healthy all the games this year and that's one of the reasons that he made the trade. but he also really likes nick foles. all right. by the way iain, you might think because it's so nice out here and there's golf courses all over the place, 14 hour days for me. didn't set foot on one golf course. didn't pick up a club or a tee. >> howard. >> just working. >> poor guy. >> you shall at least be chipping balls in hotel room or something. by the pool. >> okay. >> that's fantastic. >> all right. get the clubs out soon. >> all right. you know i'm sure he will. join us for fox 29 news at 10. we have a story about a tormented teen born a girl. tyler realized he was living in the wrong body and he's not alone. his school right here in our area has two other transgender
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students and now it has some
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open war. >> rosie o'donnell and her daughter's birth mother. >> rosie o'donnell has my daughter. she took her. then, regis philbin's surprising revelation. he hasn't seen his cohost kelly ripa since their show ended. michelle obama for 600. >> you can find it in a variety of dishes. >> what's up with the first lady's hair? plus, neighbor versus neighbor. their cat mauled by two dogs. >> this man does not deserve to have an animal. then, 23 years on death row. she went to prison a beauty. now she's set free. and she has white hair. >> i always believed this day would come. >> wrongly convicted of killing her four-year-old son. so why


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