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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 28, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ right now forget spring. snow flurries are on the way. live radar showing today's rain is finally moved out of the area but what's coming behind it could bring those flakes. take a look. winter coats hats and scarves. oh, yeyeah back out in force as people walked through center city. good evening to you i'm lucy noland. scott williams you are saying we could really see snow tomorrow. >> yeah, well if we do it's going to be flurries and it shouldn't be a big problem but still, it's the end of march and we're talking about temperatures below average and also yes that threat of some snow flurries out there chris and lucy. as we look at ultimate doppler right now you can see that front slowly moving away. most of the rainfall out to sea. but off to the west we're looking at flurries trying to move toward our western counties
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counties. those temperatures have been tumbling out there. folks have been bundled up for your friday evening plans and look at the temperatures right now. 30s in millville. 36 degrees we have 39 in read reading. 31 right now in the pocono mountains. mid 40s currently in philadelphia. however, take a look at future wind chills. what it's going feel like tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. six in the pocono mountains. we're looking at feels like temperatures in the teens for reading as well as pottstown. in the 20s for philadelphia as well as millville. so tomorrow it's going to be a winter like day. by noon it's still going to feel like 35 in philadelphia. and by 5:00 it will feel like 34 degrees. so temperatures tomorrow are going to struggle to make it to a high of 40 degrees. saturday morning temperatures right around 34 degrees in philadelphia. a few snow flurries passing from time to time. wind chills tomorrow once again are going to be stuck in the 30s 30s. what about the second half are your weekend moving toward palm sunday and also when we could
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see 60s making a come back in the seven day forecast. back to you. >> that sounds more like it, scott. thank you. when you wake up tweet questions about the forecast where you live using the #fox29weekend. caitlin roth will answer your tweets live on the air starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. >> after months of investigation, prosecutors say they have an answer in the mysterious deaths of a local ceo and his wife. prosecutors now say cooper university health systems ceo john sheridan killed his wife then set his house on fire. and killed himself. family members say it's not possible they are raising questions, many questions about many of the points in the investigation. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us from in front of cooper university hospital. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy the sheridan children say they plan to file a lawsuit over the findings of this investigation. they feel it convicts their father based on quote guess work and inadequate and incomplete investigation.
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john and joyce sheridan scene here in happier times. until last september when investigators responding to a fire in their montgomery township somerset county home found them dead inside. now several months later a shocking conclusion to the investigation. prosecutors say sheridan, the prominent former ceo of cooper university health systems, stabbed his wife to death before setting a fire and killing himself. the medical examiner says john died of sharp force injuries and smoke inhalation. they say it was a murder/suicide murder/suicide. the report states knives the accelerant and matches found at the scene all belong to the sheridans. there was no evidence of forced and tree or disturbance by intruder. no one seen leaving the home the morning of the murder. also the report details family and colleagues describing john sheridan as out of character very upset withdrawn and with an attitude resignation in the days before. sheridan four sons also released a statement today saying the conclusion failed to answer their questions about what
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really happened to their parents. "they cannot explain that the weapon used to stab our father was never recovered, they cannot explain his broken ribs, chipped tooth or why he was found under an armoire. they cannot explain the numerous weapons found at the scene or why they failed to take custody of all those weapons. they cannot explain their failure to dust for fingerprints or scam nine blood evidence outside the bedroom. they cannot explain the lack of a motive for suicide let alone murder. prosecutors say they recovered the knife used to kill joyce sheridan but none of the other knives found were consistent with john's wounds. they also found pieces of metal melted in the fire. and cooper health systems also released a statement today. they say their thoughts are with the sheridan family in this difficult time and that they will continue to rib john as a compassionate leader who strived to make changes positive changes here in camden. chris? >> shawnette thanks. two teenaged boys arrested tonight for robbing and raping a 19-year-old woman in port richmond.
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police say as she left the gym on the 3900 block of richmond street last night the boys walk up to her dragged her behind a building, they say the 14-year-old and 17-year-olds had a gun, robbed the woman and then raped her. police say the teens threatened to kill her and her family if she called police. well police caught up and arrested those teens shortly after the attack. and new developments to night in the investigation into the crash of germanwings flight 9525. investigators say co-pilot andreas lube bits may have been hiding a serious health issue from his employer. fox's john huddy explains how the crash is already changing the way airlines do business. >> reporter: changes underway at germanwings parent company after the crash of flight 9525. lufthansa appointing an official to examine and oversee safety procedures for all of its carriers. lufthansa group airlines will also i policemen a rule requiring two people to be in
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the cockpit at all times. >> i think that the idea of the four eyed principal is basically a correct one. this will make sure such a situation of the pilot being lock out will not be that simple. >> reporter: the changes follow chilling revelations about the health of 9525 co-pilot andreas lube bits, authorities finding notes among his belongings including one issued for the day the plane went down. local official says the condition of the notes is suspicious. >> the fact that torn up sick notes encompassing recent days and the day of the crash were found the deceased hid his illness from his employer and colleagues. >> reporter: it's a painstaking search through rugged terrain for what's left of the air bus a320 and the remains of the 150 people on board. the father of american victim robert oliver calvo says he's trying to push the final minutes of his son's live from his mind. >> we prefer to think about those 37 years that we've been
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together, that we've shared our lives, our experiences our fellowship. report. >> that was fox's john huddy reporting. french police say hundreds of human remains have so far been recovered. two people are dead and another seriously hurt after an attempted robbery turns into a shoot out in north philadelphia. police say a pair of armed men tried to hold up two people last night at master and north conestoga streets. one of the vick testimony pull out his licenseed gun and began shooting much the robbers returned fire. the victim who did not have a gun also died. a unique liquor store burglar is caught on camera in monmouth county. he kicked out a side door at the cream ridge country market early tuesday morning. once inside he jumps over the counter, grabs cash from the register and making a big mess in the process. police hope to identify the man by his distinct walk or waddle you see there in the video.
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he's responsible for trying to break in to nearby gas station later that morning. a little girl wept on one big scary adventure by herself in the rain at 3:00 in the morning. the city's tacony second. luckily for that four-year-old girl, a septa bus driver swooped in and saved her. fox 29's bruce gordon explains what was so important that that little girl got dressed all by herself and walk out of her house in the middle of the night night. >> so grateful to have her home and safe. >> reporter: this is the video that has jacqueline breathing a sigh of relief. that's her daughter four-year-old annabelle hopping aboard a septa bus by herself at the corner of torresdale and magee at 3am. 52-year-old harrell land jennifer was behind the wheel just half an hour into his shift on the 56 route. >> aw, man you got to be kidding me? not this time of night. 3:00 o'clock in the morning a little girl. >> reporter: family was asleep when annabelle woke up, put on her coats and boots walk out unlock back door and walked five
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blocks to the bus stop. >> she left out in the rain and went without waking anybody up. took it upon herself she's going to the store and nothing going to stop her. >> i couldn't have a slushy because i want add slushy. >> reporter: you heard that right. a slushy. annabelle walked aboard and engaged a couple of passengers in conversation. >> right. i can't believe this. >> reporter: jennifer checked for parents or police. then called septa control to get the authorities. annabelle was drenched but in good spirits and made clear why she was out. >> all i want is a slushy. (laughter). >> that's all she said. >> reporter: after about 20 minutes, the police arrived and ultimately annabelle was reunited with her stunned parents. mom's message for that septa driver -- >> i just -- i can't thank him enough. i wish i could hug him right now. i really do. >> reporter: as for little annabelle -- >> i'll take you to buy a slushy. listen promise me next time you'll wait for me, okay. >> okay.
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>> okay. i love you pumpkin. >> reporter: in case you were wondering no criminal charges will be filed against mom and dad. police view this as a one-time fluke occurrence. just to be sure, annabelle's parents have bought new chain locks for both the front and back doors. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> she got her slushy. >> there you go. a monkey gets loose in a hospital parking lot. looks like he's caught, right? well, not so fast. just what happened after the cameras stopped rolling that sent little carter the monkey running. >> a woman catches a burglar in her parent's home. she acts fast. >> hit me. i grabbed his shirt and pinched him right back in the eye. >> who stepped to make sure he did not get far. >> the dancing bandit. what this guy's buddies are stealing while he acts acts as a look out and busts a move. >> a bachelor party like no other. why this perfect stranger flew
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to philly for the big old bash.
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♪ welcome back. police in glassboro, new jersey looking for moon who they say stole from the same liquor store multiple times and they got the video to prove it. video shows the man appearing to put a bottle of vodka in his pants at landmark liquors. he got away with two bottles of booze in this theft. if you recognize the man please contact glassboro police. just a horrific scene in bridesburg section of philadelphia. three family members all stabbed and one of them did not survive. police are still trying to figure out how all of this happened. fox 29's dave schratwieser has
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been speaking with very concerned neighbors. >> right next door. i share a wall. so i hear the screaming every day all day long. >> reporter: that's how neighbors described what went on inside this home every day on reynolds street in bridesburg. before police arrived friday and found one woman dead, another seriously wounded and a young man with stab wounds to his hands. >> there's blood everywhere. >> it's a sad situation. >> reporter: police found 53-year-old melissa wiley stabbed to death her mother 73-year-old joan suffering from serious stab wounds and wiley's son bleeding. he told police three suspects in hoodies invaded the home. so far police aren't buying that story. >> it's a very disturbed family. >> honestly, i'm not surprised that it happened. >> reporter: crime scene investigators in protective suits spent the morning collecting evidence at the bloody murder scene. a large knife was recovered across the street. police say the murder weapon was inside the home. the house was a mess. >> actually right next to my
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house, um, that's where the knife is. we just -- we just literally realized that right now. >> reporter: neighbors say the 19-year-old suffered from mental health issues and was locked up in a room much of the time. >> he yelled please stop! don't do it. they lock him in a bedroom. so he's been locked away for multiple years. >> it was very concerning that the kid was not allowed out of the house. she kept him in there lock him in there. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> at this point tonight the police have not named any suspects. a pottstown native who disappeared in pittsburgh has been found dead. 22-year-old paul kucco meant missing in december after leaving a bar on pittsburgh south side. well his body surfaced in the ohio river near wheeling, west virginia. wheeling police say preliminary tests show he drowned. slow cleanup continues for firefighters in new york city tonight. they are still sifting through the rubble after an explosion
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rocked three buildings in manhattan's east village. two people are still unaccounted for tonight. investigators are also working to pinpoint just how all this happened. fox's dan dough wednesday live for us at the scene tonight. dan, what is new? >> reporter: chris this normally busy block on the east village remains shut down this evening. you can see firefighters are still working hyped me still working to put out hot spots from win that debris. they are clearing away some of this rubble trying to get into the basement of the building that exploded to try and get more answers about exactly how this happened. but with every hour that passes, the possibility of finding survivors grows more difficult. carefully sifting through rubble removed this suv covered in bricks and shattered glass from the sight. mayor bill diblasio saying preliminary information shows someone tampering in the gas line in the basement may have triggered the explosion. >> there's an x factor here we don't know and option and it certainly look like it's a possible option something was
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tapped into inappropriately. >> reporter: nypd search dogs on scene friday 1,212th of a home to sushi park. an employee of the restaurant and is still missing. nicholas figueroa scene here to in facebook photo on a date at the eatery and hasn't been seen senseis his brother speaking earlier. >> the only thing i want from this all i just want my brother to be safe. i want him to smile again. i want him to be home. >> reporter: investigator it's want to know if work being done in the basement of the building led to the blast. it may take days to clear debris and get inside. >> whether there were persons missing or not we would treat the scene if as there could be people there. so debris will be removed. it will be look at completely by our members. it will be searched and before it is brought away. >> reporter: according to city officials, con ed left the site at 2:45 thursday after telling contractors work here failed inspection. 15 minutes later, the owner of sushi park smelled gas but call the building's owner instead of 911. mistake says the mayor.
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>> the point we have to get across is, there's no substitute for calling either 911 or con ed ed. >> reporter: total of 22 people were hurt in all of this. four remain in critical condition at area hospitals. but from all of this, we are hearing stories of heroics including that of an off duty member of the fire department was here in this area at the time of the explosion when it happened. he rushed to the scene helped get a woman down from a fire escape one of many good samaritans who helped pull people from the rubble. chris, back to you. >> i'll take it thanks so much dan bowens live in new york. you're looking at here, delaware state police say are two guys who are stealing nearly 800 bucks worth of scrapped water meters. the pictures show them entering united water on first state boulevard in wilmington just past midnight on wednesday. so if you recognize these guys give delaware state police a call. in new castle county, a drug deal that ended in shotgun rounds has five young men in jail and two young men shot. police say four adults and 16-year-old boy shot the two men
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inside an suv at rogers manor park early sunday morning. they say the victims were buying drugs, when they tried to drive away the others fired off two shotgun rounds into the suv. the rounds hit one man in the face. the other in us hup err per body. both are in the hospital. police did round up all five suspects this week. this our backyard. do you not come here and commit murder or attempted murder or even carry a gun you commit a crime here we're going to arrest you. you can be assured of that. >> prosecutors charged all five with attempted murder. well it is not often a casino is worried about a university ruining the neighbor but that's what's happening in atlantic city. stockton university's planned expansion into the old showboat casino is now on hold. after a legal challenge from the trump taj mahal. owners of the trump say they're afraid underaged students will try to sneak into the casino. trump entertainment is blocking
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the expansion using a decade old agreement that says only a casino can be built next to them them. stockton students thought this was a done deal. now they are concerned. >> people have housing right now. people don't know where they're living, and like with classes and everything and parking everyone is really frustrateed. >> the expansion not dead yet. stockton is still hoping trump entertainment will reconsider or they'll be forced to sell the showboat less than a year after paying $18 million for it. well police slam into the back of this truck. then force the driver out at gun point. what spark this dramatic scene on a busy road. and -- (applause). love this. soldier surprise like you've never seen. why this staff sergeant felt so compelled to thank a group of local cub scouts. >> and cookies real life apology apology. why taraji p. henson is saying she's sorry to an entire police
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department. ♪ now with tomorrow mosses traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. out and about this weekend they'll be working on i-95. both directions between girard and cottman avenue through the weekend. expect delays up and down that stretch of i-95 and who is ready for a parade? we got one for you tomorrow. the conshy st. patrick's day parade that was postponed a couple of weeks ago will kick off at 2:00 o'clock. it's going to feel like winter this weekend. the fox 29 weekend crew will have all the details tomorrow morn
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♪ police pulling out all the stops in georgia during a high speed chase that raced through three counties much police say a guy robbed a man at gun point sped away from his truck. it took police from all three counties to finally stop the suspect. dash cam video shows the maneuver that finaly did bring it to an end. the guy in that truck now in jail. after 30 years in the senate minority leader harry reid announced today he will not seek re-election. the nevada senator says a new year's day work out accident that injured his eye and broke bones gave him down time to think. reid is already throwing his support against -- behind new york senator chuck schumer to succeed him as minority leader.
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>> relieved and grateful. that's how a manna knox feels after the definitive end to her eight-year court saga. today italy's highest court acquitted knox and her ex-boyfriend of the murder of her british roommate. both were convicted in 2009 spent years in prison but aequat tal in their second trial freed them in 2011. knox returned to seattle but it wasn't over. a third trial overturned the acquittal. finally today italy's highest court completely ex nonowner rated knox and her ex-boyfriend. >> seven-year-old boy want to do support his older brother in the military. >> land him in the principal's office. it's all over adam's haircut. you see adam step brother justin a soldier who served in afghanistan. well the tennessee child decided he wanted a high and tight haircut just like his brother. but school officials called the haircut a discuss track. >> i told them that it's a high and tight. it's not a mohawk. it's a military haircut.
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and she said, well, we're not a military school and that it has to be cut or he cannot return to school until it is. >> the head of the school district says it does not have a policy against military haircuts saying it's up to each school to decide if the haircut is distracting. all right. listen to this one. police say they offered to give this woman a ride if -- then she asked them if she could bring her marijuana. what else they found that led to a new ride right to jail. scott? >> lucy, temperatures are dropping and we could even see some snow flurries for a part of the weekend. when to expect a warmup next. >> and the dancing bandit. what cops say this guy's buddies are stealing while he,ig
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>> in search of the group that stole dozens of guess stars and other electronic equipment. now it looks like something out of a crime drama. police say two men an woman cut a hole in the roof to break into a storage unit you saw them they lowered themselves into the
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public storage unit on castor aft wednesday night. they loaded up 35 guitars 10-amps electronic equipment vinyl records and children's toys on to a cart and walked out the door. now, this is what caught our eye right here. while he's waiting for his buddies to load up the loot you see what he's doing. he break out dancing right? kind of crazy. which he does twice by the way during the burglary. so if you can help catch these guys give police a call. a florida woman walked into find a burglar inside her parent's home but when police tried to attack her they say he was in for a painful surprise. >> i said, what are you doing in my mother and dad's house? so i grabbed him by the shirt he hit me. i punched him right back in his eye. >> don't mess with margaret gula she acted fast when she caught him loading up op her mother's jewelry. the bad guy took a few shots to the face. then gave up and took off out a back door a neighbor heard the
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commotion and chased the man more than a mile into a building. that's when he called police and told them where to find their suspect. >> i was sick and tired of people coming in here breaking into people's houses and think they'll get away witness. >> you don't know whose house you're breaking into. a chick beat you up. (laughter). >> the man and a woman police say was helping him canvass houses in the neighborhood. they were both arrest arrested. despite a cut and swollen nose she is doing just fine. i would not mess with that woman. >> quote of the night. a chick beat you up. all right. scott williams let's talk weather here. >> well, of course this weather it's bizarre it's crazy. we continue to find temperatures below average. a winter likike chill for much of the the weekend believe it or not. as we look at ultimate doppler the rainfall is moving out but take a look off to the north and west. we're watch something pockets of flurries and this activity will be headed toward our neck of the woods as we move toward the first part of the day on saturday.
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williamsport right now looking at some flurries. also around state college and some of this activity trying to move toward our western counties much as we look at the temperatures it's chilly. if you're stepping outdoors tonight 39 right now in reading reading. 31 below freezing in the pocono mountains. 30s even in sections of millville, all the way to wildwood right now. 39 degrees. but take a look at the future wind chills. by 6:00 a.m., single digits in the pocono mountains. low 20s when you wake up at 6:00 a.m. in philadelphia. and then by noon, it's going to feel like 35 degrees for the last weekend of march in philadelphia. take a look at the numbers by 5:00. it's going feel like 34 degrees so dress for winter tomorrow and your weekend plans much as we take a look at ultimate doppler here's the front that brought us the rainfall overnight last night. first part of the day today. it lingered down the shore but behind it that colder air continues to move in. along with those flurries much as we time everything out right now you can see some of the activity off to the west and as
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we go in time by midnight trying to move toward berks and lancaster counties and we're looking at those flurries. by 7:00 a.m. into the first part of the day. looks like some of the activity will mainly be west of the philadelphia area. temperatures tonight though, upper 20s north and west. 34 the low in the city. so it is going to be cold. and as we move ahead to tomorrow 40 degrees. that's it. feels like temperatures will be stuck in the 30s. as we look at that seven day forecast, when you wake up on sunday morning temperatures 22 degrees in the city. still cool for this time of year a high of 47 on your palm sunday and then it turns milder as we move toward april and then temperatures next thursday and friday in the low 60s with some rainfall chances. chris and lucy. >> all right. scott, thanks. you'll like this one. a very special night for some cub scouts and veteran in montgomery county. >> the scout spent months lifting spirits of troops halfway around the world and fox 29's joanne pileggi was there as one of those soldiers
3:33 am
returned the favor. >> on and off button. >> reporter: once a month pack 397 meets as a group in lansdale for fun to gain a skill eastern patch and learn about their innings tension into the rank of scouting. >> but tonight they had a special visit a special surprise. >> please introduce staff sergeant bill -- >> staff sergeant bill linton completed his sector in afghanistan last year. he was a combat medic and heavy equipment operator with a 150th engineer company while overseas he made a facebook connection with an old friend and ended up purchasing popcorn from the local cub scout troop. >> amazing to get all the comforts from home while you're 7,000 miles away in the middle of nowhere. and now you have all this great stuff to share with all your friends. >> reporter: after that, pack 397 decided to send some care packages with snacks and goodies to sergeant bill's unit.
3:34 am
>> it's special to see them guys stick together to help us just like we stick together to help these guys back home. >> what did you send them? >> candy? >> yes. and all kinds of goodies. >> sergeant bill surprised the scouts with some special gifts from the army and a flag that was flown during an actual war mission. >> it's really nice to have to remember this day and remember him. >> these groups are incredible. and to get this kind of support from home, there's nothing like it in the world. >> you don't get to see someone from the army every day of your life because they serve to fight for america. >> reporter: so simple gesture of kindsness goes a very long way creating lasting memories for this pack of young cub scouts and continued hahn for for a soldier like so many other who's have done so much for our country. in lansdale, joanne pileggi fox 29 news. >> a night they'll all remember. woman grabbed on the sidewalk she tried to fight off her attacker.
3:35 am
a good samaritan stepped in. how he not only saved the victim he made sure that guy got caught. the tiny thin piece of plastic one company says can protect police and even save a life. >> and the news that had teens worldwide in tears. now one direction's zayn explains his i guess i can call it earth-shattering decision to leave the group.
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♪ and lift off the year in space starts now. >> historic mission blast off successful launch of capsule carrying american astronaut scott kelly and two russian cosmonauts within this past hour it dock with the international space station and very soon the hatch will open and so will the next chapter of kelly's life. he's going to live at the space station for the next year longer
3:39 am
than any american before. nasa studying the effects of zero gravity and radiation on the human body. they'll compare his date to his identical twin brother astronaut mark kelly back on earth. >> americans lost soda in 2014 and it's becoming a yearly trend trend. new reports shows american soda consumption is down for the tenth straight year. industry report also says fewer americans are buying diet soda which led to shake up in the top 10 u.s. soda rankings. coke still on top but pepsi now the number two brand and finally beat out diet coke as the second most popular soda. a super thin layer of plastic could soon make windows everywhere bullet proof. >> companies working on this technology -- >> it's a kansas company working on the technology that would adhere to pains of glass. don't let the thinness fool you. developers say it can actually
3:40 am
stop bullets from nearly all hand guns and can withstand blows from baseball bat. it could protect everything from police cars to windows on school schools. >> we've got schoolhouses, city buildings you need to consider you know. unfortunately become targets. >> makers of the lamb nine mate say it could also make police officers less intimidateing to the public. officers wouldn't have to arrive to a crime scene in heavily armored vehicles. all right. we can't make this up. police say they offered to give this woman a ride. then she asked if she could bring her pot. what else they found to lead to a new ride right to jail. a monkey escapes in a hospital parking lot. looks like he's caught, right? wrong. how the little carter the monkey got free again. plus -- want to hear something happy and fun and exciteing and it could happen to anyone. it happened to me.
3:41 am
>> he just flu 3,000-mile for a stranger's bachelor party. how other str
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♪ how is this for ridiculous
3:44 am
thing of the night? police say responded to michelle sanford's florida home to break up a fight. they offered her a ride to a friend's so she could cool off. that's when officer say she tried to bring an open beer into the squad car. but it didn't stop there. police say she then asked them if she could bring along her pot pot. they then saw more marijuana in her home and she's booked. there's her picture on possession charges. a man steps in to help a woman being raped on a washington d.c. street. police documents say a woman was sexually assaulted early tuesday morning. ferguson was walking alone and saw the struggle and when he realized it was a woman being attacked he decided to help. so he grabbed a stick he grabbed a brick and kept hitting the attacker until he ran away. >> i have a daughter. i have a mother. you know, and a lot of people abuse and raping stuff and they they could have somebody come and help them.
3:45 am
>> ferguson did help that woman the beating he gave the attacker slowed him down long enough so police were able to arrest the bad guy a short time later. >> that is good thing. taraji p. henson who play cookie is empire is apologizeing to police tonight. she posted it and at a gram today. she claimed police profiled her son. the police department releaseed dash cam video and it shows the cop was very kind to her son even letting him off no traffic violation whatsoever. he only got a citation for possession of marijuana. henson says as a mother she over reactioned. not only did she apologize to the officer, she apologized to the entire police depth. a monkey escapes outside a north carolina hospital. you could see it looks like the staff has everything well handled wednesday night. well until carter made another break for it. fox's david explains.
3:46 am
>> reporter: a monkey named carter shown here was on the loose at carolinas' center university location on monday. >> i call eight random socialite. what is a monkey doing at a hospital in north carolina? charlotte, north carolina. >> mark young was a witness he took the cell phone video. >> random. >> but after the video was taken, the monkey bit a hospital employee and ran off into the woods. it wasn't until thursday evening hospital employees were able to capture the monkey and transfer him to animal control. >> i guess because everybody is like wondering like what is a monkey doing like randomly at a hospital? >> reporter: in the meantime mark says he was excited to capture the event but says monkeys aren't exactly his pet of choice. >> dogs, exotic animals i love snakes actually. it's more interesting and bring out me more. i don't think a monkey would bring out my character a little bit.
3:47 am
police say the owner was cited last march from refuseing to turn the monkey over. now carter is in isolation until health department officials determine what to do. mystery in california after someone spotted this piano all alone on concrete slab up in the santa monica mountains. social media blew up. a crew of five people hauled the piano 2 miles up the mountain for a music video shoot. a man from seattle flys across the country to philadelphia to attend a bachelor party for someone he doesn't even know. it all started with a mix-up in an e-mail address. >> he's probably all sent e-mail to someone by accident, right. >> yes. as fox's brad sattin explains in this case it was the unintented recipient's very lucky day. >> reporter: what brought 31-year-old joel wee of seattle to philadelphia international airport for his first trip ever to the northeast? would you believe a typo? a single letter
3:48 am
miss typed in an e-mail instead of being sent to diguilio with a g it was mistakenly sent to him did you julio low with a j invite to a party. >> it was from jeff and it was bachelor's party and i had no idea who he was. >> entertained by the responses joey followed the e-mail chain for several weeks until -- >> about a week ago message came through we got to get a final headcount. i'm going to write back this is the time to do. >> joey decide he wanted to go. he came clean and was invited. a real life semi professional bachelor party crasher. so here he is bachelor party weekend in from seattle. >> hey philly. >> about to meet bachelor jeff and his fee say emily lee for the fir at the airport. >> welcome with tastykakes. >> good to meet you. >> why would they invite a stranger. >> city of brotherly love and any and all are welcome.
3:49 am
>> speak of brotherly love the story gets better. joey started a gofundme account to pay for the trip calling it bachelor party for guy i've never met. over 400 people raised more than $8,000. they had his back so he honored them by putting their names on his back the back of his sweatshirt. >> people across the country across the world even want to donate they love the story they appreciate it and given five, 10 5020 bucks here and there. >> money he didn't spend to get here will go to the bride and groom's honeymoon in italy. >> it's really touching and heart warming i haven't completely wrapped my head around it. >> all about friendship, you know. all done in the spirit of friendship. >> friends you didn't know you had. exactly. >> in that spirit of friendship jeff even sent me a message inviting me to the bachelor party tomorrow. and in the spirit of misspelling names, well, he called me bob. the wedding by the way is planned for may. joey is hoping to return for it. in the newsroom brad sattin fox 29 news. >> amazing we couldn't get video
3:50 am
of the bachelor party. >> right. >> we're waiting for that. >> exactly right. i love it. bob satin. >> what an adventure. >> there you go. >> zayn malik's departure from the boy band one direction has a lot of women calling out from work. >> it's true, chris. british company says it's getting a flood of calls for replace manies. people can't get over it. >> they're in mourning. >> meanwhile zayn talking about why he quit the biggest boy band in a very long time. he's telling the british newspaper the sun the only reason he stuck around as long as he did was for the fans. feels like he's let them down but he says he just cannot do it any longer. he says he's never felt in more control of his life than now. yes indeed and he says he's been working on his own music for sometime now. >> congratulations to him. >> let's go to sean. sixers they still playing. >> they still are. i don't know why. but they have to finish out the game. sixers get roughed up by the clippers but new nerlins noel continuing to show he's got game. the phillies first round draft
3:51 am
pick well, he was on the mound and he was straight deali
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ 10 games left for the 76ers at this point they're just trying to get better draft picks, but the last stretch is also about evaluating talent. see who will be there next year an part of sam hinkie's plan and
3:54 am
you know nerlins noel has to be a key piece. guys has been balling for the last month. first quarter nerlins gets open and slams the ally-oop. nerlins with another career game game. he's playing big. 30 points. 14 boards. he's got to be a candidate for rookie of the year. chris paul and clippers won 119 hypenate but most importantly noel continuing to get better. >> i thought he was good. when you look at, you know, a 20-year-old player that's come from where we all know in november to now and you watch him going there was no back down down. >> the phillies want to rebuild so they're focus -- their focus is on young prospects. cliff lee out. cole hamels getting old and wants to be out. they drafted a young gun. aaron nola philly fans this guy is your future. facing the yankees lineup that is always a greatest.
3:55 am
lsu right hander giving the fans what they want. straight dealing. veteran hitters couldn't catch up to this guy. he struck out alex rodriguez carlos beltran and chris young. four strike outs on the day. three scoreless innings. nola spoke after the game about his pretty good performance. >> i felt good out there. i left some pitches over the plate, and they got hit around pretty good arc couple doubles. up here you got to make quality pitches and i didn't do that the first part of the game and start off some of the innings but i made adjustments. >> temple still playing in the nit not what they wanted but still great experience for the guys and a chance to prove to the ncaa, hey we belong in the ncaa tournament. today the team started practice practicing for their trip to madison square garden. always a big time place to play. they're in at final four of the nit they'll place miami. the players fired up to still be
3:56 am
playing. the guys know it's important to prove a point but more importantly they're trying to learn and enjoy the spirits. >> we're having fun with it. we just enjoying it. enjoying this time together, you know, we have a couple -- you know, we're seniors and the guys, you know, playing for the seniors and making sure they continue to help us try to make our season. >> not a lot of good phillies sports news. that's a good one. temple making it to the nit final four. nola a guy that will make phillies fans really happy. >> go owls. >> remember to watch tmz at 11:00 o'clock. >> we're back here at 8:00 o'clock fox 29 weekend. >> karen hepp, bill anderson
3:57 am
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>> judge judy: what was so terrible that you left home? >> i thought i was a rebel, and i didn't want to listen to my parents because they didn't let me go out to party. >> announcer: a runaway runs to a friend. >> your honor, we didn't know she ran away until i finally spoke to her father, and then he told us she ran away. >> judge judy: your daughter knew! your daughter's a liar! >> announcer: now both try to escape blame. >> judge judy: how did you damage miss pereida's car? >> i did not damage her car. >> judge judy: how did you get the keys to the car? >> bethany. >> announcer: "judge judy." >> announcer: you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution kaye pereida is suing the father of her daughter's friend julio marin, for damage his daughter caused to a rental car. >> byrd: all rise!


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