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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  March 30, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this morning a murdered police officer is remembered as details of the volatile relationship are now emerging. and a wild ride in south philadelphia a where a taxi driver led police on a hot pursuit, plus a close call for bucks county officer following a multi car accident overnight, numerous injuries look at that mess. we have a live report coming up. good day, it is a monday, thank goodness we're nearing the end of this month march 30th finally we have both chris murphy and lauren johnson who are off today along with bob kelly but sue and i are here helding down the fort, good morning, everybody desserted us, i'm so glad you are here karen hepp, thank you. yeah we're looking at this monday morning at some act it on ultimate doppler
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radar. not the a lot of it is making it to the ground according to observations but we see flurry flying around maybe a little bit on have sleet and a little bit of shower activity in delaware, well that is what is going on. in fact we might be seeing flurries in chester county around west goshen, let us know if you look outside and see anything. thirty-nine is our current temperature, still cold but south/southeasterly wind at 13 miles an hour makes it feel like 31. sunrise time at 6:49 this morning. the we are expecting, some showers, and maybe some frozen precipitation this morning. i think sun will come out this have afternoon though. a lot of cloud, 57 degrees the the high temperature. there is good part because that is way warmer then over the weekend. 38 degrees tonight as skies clear, so, still a chilly overnight. that takes care of your monday we're going to let you know about the the next seven days which includes easter in a few minutes but as karen
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just mentioned we have a problem in bucks county, u.s. route one southbound at hulmeville road, ben franklin bridge. wait a minute that is where we have that road closure, and you will not be able to get through there, the the investigation on have have that accident continues. now we will look at ben franklin bridge. it the is really just fine this morning. now we will go to ewing, new jersey and thinks pennington road at olden avenue a down pole has all lanes block in both directions. so route 29 will get you by that one. shouldn't be too much traffic at this hour. and finally taking a look at area speed limit we have everything cleared this morning, smooth sailing, karen. >> thanks, sue. new this morning i295 north and also to south lanes in west hampton township had to be closed early this morning because there was a horrible deadly car crash, new jersey police are looking into this fatal accident.
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it happened south of exit number 45 right about 11:30. police say the the wreck involved a tractor trailer and car, the lanes have since reopen. just a wild night for philadelphia a police in hot pursuit of the taxi driver suspect of being intoxicated. it starts when police received a tip of the wrong way driver in south philadelphia around 1:30. they say when they spot driver asleep in the the white lincoln town car they confront him and speed way, lead them on a chase. police catch up at delaware and oregon avenues and then blows a tire and tries to run for it. the driver was caught, taken to jefferson hospital for unknown injuries. he is facing numerous charges. another accident, five people including a falls township police officer were involved in the the three car crash late last evening, happening shortly a after 10:30 in the northbound lanes of route one a and route 13 in bucks county. lets get out to steve keeley with the the very latest on
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this one, good morning steve. >> reporter: yeah, let's start with the clarification six people in all, four people in a car going over 90 miles an hour and police officer was an unmark k-9 car just like this one but there are still flashing lights on the back and rear. sixth person comes a along and suspect driving under the influence, smashes in the back of the patrol car which then crashes in the the car with the four people in it that were pulled over for speeding. worst hit the guys suspected of dui head and face went through windshield of his car. the the police officer was thrown in between all three cars and we were told he will be okay and a few broken bones. a few people stopped for speeding also in local hospitals but the worst hurt ape still alive but in critical condition was the the guy going through probably over 55 miles an hour, officers tell thaws people are routinely going over a hundred on this road, that is why they do traffic enforcement and
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this crash demonstrates we have both vehicles one going over 90 and dui how dangerous this road can be. >> at 10:4:51 of our k-9 officers was working traffic enforcement on route one super highway. they clock a vehicle a at 90 miles an hour and pulled that vehicle over. during the traffic stop as he approached to talk to the driver of that vehicle will a a third vehicle being operated northbound route one then struck the back of his patrol car driving his patrol car into the car that he pulled over. after the impact luckily enough the officer was thrown into an area in between all three officers a triangle area and suffered non-life threatening area and the a at aria bucks campus hospital being treated. >> reporter: route one still shut down as you heard sue update us, karen. it is a haze to go hear why police are out there doing speed patrols even with the.
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nine officer to help out on a sunday night. when you have vehicles going over a hundred miles an hour that will make you think twice about being on route one and route 13 in falls township. >> the k-9 officer was just helping out he didn't have have his k-9 partner with him at the time of the crash, do you know? >> reporter: i have not been able toe that interview. that is my question was the the dog in the car and was the the dog okay but usually k-9 officers have their dog with them. they have that cage in the back. we will get that answer and get it the to you when we see you a at 4:30. >> thanks, we appreciate it, as always. darby boro police officer diets after being shot inside of his own home and police are questioning his girl friend. our jenny joyce now has latest on this investigation good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. we know mark hudson's girl friend was taken in for questioning but charges have no the been filed in relation to his death. twenty-six year-old mark hudson was both a volunteer fire fighter in yeadon and
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part-time officer in darby. he devoted past ten years to serving his community. hudson was involved in a troubled relationship with his live in girl friend. he even filed a protection from boost order against her in the past. according to police hudson was killed with his own gun. his girl friend was inside their glenn olden home will when it happened. this weekend hudson's friend remembered the good times. >> so sweet, a at no times did i ever come in contact with them did i ever seen him looking sad, always had a big smile on his face. he was just a a nice guy. >> reporter: that is what several people said he had had that infectious smile. we know hudson was well known and well like in his community. the his friend and family are mourning his death and police will dig for answers but charges not filed at this point, karen. there was a plane that crashed in chester county shortly a after taking off there killing both men on board and this morning, the ntsb and faa are
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investigating. faa says this piper pa 28 plane took off from the brandywine airport sunday afternoon but sputtered and went in the nose dive crashing 2 miles away near a retirement over there at saunders lane and andrew drive. the plane burst into flames. pilot and passenger were both killed. everybody was stunned. >> i to hear a bang earlier when it to happen and i looked out and saw a pickup truck and saw three people jump out and run into that yard. >> we have black smoke in the air and as we passed the retirement home there i saw flames about 20 feet up in the air. >> reporter: west goshen police say one of the victims was from chester county and in names released yesterday. popular bakery that went up in flames in north philadelphia, it happened at denise's delicacies on the 2900 block of north between the second street this fire broke out just after 3:00 yesterday morning, nobody
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was hurt and we don't have a cause at the time. it is 4:09, happening today a committee will be hearing testimony at city hall on a bill that would require regular safety inspections of fuel tanks on food trucks. remember this terrible tragedy that deadly explosion last summer. that video of the food truck owner and her 17 year-old daughter being injured when the truck exploded in this happened in the middle of the summer july 1st. truck was parka on west wyoming avenue you in feltonville. eleven other people were injured. investigators figure out it was a leak from one of the two propane tanks on the lunch truck that created a vapor cloud that was ignited by the the cooking grill. sweeping police corruption trial involving six former members of the philadelphia police department narcotic unit will begin this morning. this trial begins six former officers is expect to be a showdown between the accused drug investigators and about 20 drug suspects. but there is one exception, one convicted former officer
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is expect to testify against his long time collogues, the the defense lawyers for the the six defendants say the the witnesses are unreliable. the former cops are charged with using robbery kidnapping and other tactics to shakedown more than half a million-dollar worth of cash, property, drugs from the suspect drug dealers. 4:10. lawsuits will be heard in court today that will determine victims of violent crimes can prevent convicted criminals from doing things that will cause further mental distress. the these lawsuits are in response to a taped commencement speech given by that man convicted cop killer mumia, mumia is serving life in prison for killing philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. lots of development in this one very latest on that germanwings crash, several german news outlets are reporting his long time girl friend broke up with him a day before the the crash and that she is pregnant. this is in the sunday addition one german newspaper claims
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andreas lubitz had a vision problem. paper also public a detailed description of the moments before the crash, during that bathroom break. paper claims that the pilot then tried to break down the door using an ax, meanwhile near the the crash site mourners gathered to grief all of those victims. french prosecutors say they have in the questioned the family out of decency and respect for their pain. a lot of people talk about this one and then all of the sunday shows, backlash growing begins inn yan a's religious freedom ago. state's governor is on the the defense but not backing down. why he says his state is being treated unfairly, next. plus down to the wire in these negotiations as iran and international negotiators are trying to discuss a nuclear power agreement. there is a deadline. we have the latest on that. can you give me some good news at least with all that good stuff going on? she will have after the break.
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good morning thanks for joining us as we see our camera shot bouncing around. this is a nice shot of the city. we get to start our morning together sue. >> it is just you and me babe no bob kelly in, chris in lauren. hi happy monday.
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last monday in march this morning and it is very marchy i don't know if we will go out like a lion or lamb on wednesday we will look at the seven day for that but you can see some light precipitation coming through and we do have some reports of flurries and light rain, just depend on where you live. further south you go the the more of a chance you will he a of seeing some showers maybe you'll see some sleet. further south you you go yes we have a report of flurries on twitter from west goshen thank you for that. there is west goshen. there is delaware county where we are seeing either light rain or light snow showers, and, the the further south down in delaware and maybe there in cumberland county in new jersey, some light rain this morning. the disturbance coming in a frontal system coming through, we have temperatures in the 30's right now. 39 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-six in pottstown and allentown.
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28 degrees in mount pocono and 38 in millville. these are temperatures at least above freezing but still will need your winter coat at least to start this morning because wind speed are up there and they are making it feel cooler then it is, a 13-mile an hour wind in philadelphia. reduced visibility where we are seeing precipitation half a mile in allentown and zero in mount pocono this morning. 3 miles your visibility in pottstown and lancaster right now. so it is not a big problem but it is something to be aware of before you go outside this morning. 41 degrees on saturday and 46 on sunday. when the normal will high should be about 56, that made it feel like winter even though it is really spring. got to be reminded of that right. 58 degrees should than our high temperature today upper 50's tomorrow as well, mid 50's on wednesday and then we will get up to the 60's on thursday, and friday, but the the trade off here is spring showers, we will see quite a few of them, during the period
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that we're talking about here the seven day forecast and then by easter sunday we will have sunny skies and a high of 55. it will be seasonal by then. bob kelly has a day off this morning so lets check traffic. i-95 southbound the ramp from cottman avenue is closedded and this is until 6:00 o'clock this morning. next we will take a look at i-76 schuylkill east of montgomery a avenue not even a car on the road this morning and ewing, new jersey pennington road at olden avenue down pole there means all lanes blocked in both directions. that can be a problem later on. the route 29 will get you by there. in reported delays at the the airport karen this morning. >> thanks, sue. in other news at the 4:17 crews are expect to continue searching that site of the building explosion and collapse in new york city for next couple days. yesterday they did find two victims, two bodies were discovered in the ruble. officials believe they are bodies of the two men reported
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missing after the blast happened last thursday but a medical examiner still has to positively identify the victims. everyone also has been accounted for. authorities believe it is unlikely anybody else will be found. twenty-two people were injured in that blast. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation but the the mayor bill deblasio suggested that a gas line may have been tampered with. whose state. >> our state. >> outrage over the religious freedom restoration act growing in indiana and across this country. hundreds of gay right activist took to the streets of indianapolis expressing their anger this law would how business toss turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of religious freedom. indiana governor mike pence is defending the law. will car takes a look. >> reporter: mike pence is trying to take conn drill of the message after getting backlash across the country. on thursday he signed religious freedom restoration
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act. this saturday he told indianapolis star that he supports introduction of the legislation to clarify that the law does not discriminate against gays and lesbians. this sunday morning he doubled down defending his decision. >> the purpose of this legislation which is the law in all 50 states in the the federal courts and it is law by either statute or court decisions in some 30 other states is very simply to empower individual when they believe that actions of government impinge on their constitutional first amendment freedom of religion. >> reporter: while governor pence was on national news thousands protested in indianapolis on saturday. businesses across the country said they plan to stop spending any money in indiana until the law is revealed. pence signed the law in the case of the hobby lobby case last year and after christians have been sued or find a after refusing services to gay couples getting married. >> this is where this debate has gone with misinformation. >> the the question, yes or no.
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>> there has been shameless rhetoric about my state ape about this law and about its intention, all over the internet. people are trying to make it about one particular issue and now you're doing that as well. >> while the passionate debate continues some business owners in indiana voiced concerns about the the economic impact and what it means to their bottom line n los angeles will carr, "fox news". thanks, will. the u.s. anal is are aiming to make a nuclear deal with iran. the deadline tomorrow. there is substantial differences between the 29 side but they are still at the table. representatives of the iran and six powers in the talk say there is a chance of succeeding by the deadline. officials say iran is considering demand for further cuts to its uranium enrichment program but pushing back on how long it must limit technology that it could use to make atomic arms. meanwhile the obama administration says it will be seeking international approval before any deal is signed. >> no deal is done right now.
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so once a deal has been reached, if one is reached by the end of this month we will present it for the world to sianni to take a close look. >> these talks are meant to set the stage for a further round of negotiations toward a more comprehensive deal come june. the the goal a long term curb of iran's nuclear activities in return iran would gain relief on the burden of global economic penalties. coming up lets talk sports for a second, phillies in the one of their better fund. ly sound games shall we say, with only seven days before the the start of the season. we will have the good, the bad coming up in sports.
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good morning i'm howard eskin phillies are a week from opening day. ryne sandberg says cole hamels is his opening day starter, not a surprise and ben reveer his permanent left fielder. lets go to clearwater. phillies and detroit, yesterday and chase utley in the first inning. sanchez is a good pitcher. chase you the thely, a two run home run. phillies had problems with their every day short stop, that would be freddie galvis. he committed two errors. got picked off first base. game end in a four-four tie. sixers had their chances to cleveland they had their chances, they hure did robert covington gets sixers within one in the fourth quarter but the the sixers have a chance
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to win with seconds left a little will short one by nerlens noel. misses the the the shot. innings isers lose 87-86. final four michigan state and duke winners yesterday. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. and thank you, howard. whole lot of love over the weekend on the ben franklin parkway and an hour city streets. we had 10,000 runners hitting our city for love run. 13.1-mile. goal of this run is to give back to our city and specifically our schools. yeah, arms up way to go cross that finish line. this year race organizers made donation to the philadelphia education surprise fun. basically the program to give supplies to our schools that certainly could use them in this city. kudos. special delivery, we will explain how two pennsylvania a troopers go beyond the call of duty but would you look at that special face. good morning to you. welcome to the world.
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plus, is there a better all the turntive then cable. we will look at the trend of television streaming. i know a lot have of people doing this.
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right now a very close call for a bucks county officer following a multi car accident overnight we have a live report, coming up on this one. plus also a series of recent airline disasters have
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many calling for cameras in the cockpit, we will take a closer look at that debate. and then good day to all of you on this monday morning up and adam it is march the 30th, thank you for joining us and waking up early with us, chris and lauren are both off so sue we were talking before we went on tv and there is a lot of stuff on the radar. the is any of have that falling on peoples head. >> a little bit but doesn't seem to be causing slick road or flying around, some light rain, down to the south of us in new castle county delaware and, in some of our counties like gloucester, and moving into camden county there. that is rain. to the north really light flurries it looks like, and a little bit of the mix. it could annoy you this morning but it is probably not causing a a lot of problems. we did get our report of flower fridays west goshen on twitter. thank you for that. 37 degrees. but it feels like 27 thanks to these wind which are at
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18 miles an hour. with the system we saw moving through we are getting decent wind. sunrise time is 6:49. expect to get the in the upper 50's today 57 degrees milder then the the weekend hooray but that little bit of the mix of precipitation eventually some sunshine this afternoon 38 is our overnight low as skies clear so that takes care of your monday. guess what bob kelly is off too, today so we will handle traffic right here and we will start off at 4:30 with i-95 southbound the on ramp from the cottman avenue is closed and you can see why, a lot of construction work going on there until 6:00 a.m. next we are taking a look at the vine street expressway at 24th street, look at that, not a car in sight, smooth sailing folks, go ahead. ewing, new jersey there is a problem the at pennington road and olden avenue. pole came down. a all lanes block in both directions route 29 will get you by. a look at our area bridges
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everything is just fine but it is early although, karen there are a lot of folks on spring break this week so maybe we will see lighter volume later on. >> that is a good point. i think that may be the the case. thank you sue. in the news at 4:31 there is a falls township police officer and five other people recovering after a very bad three car crash last night that happened just around 11:00 in the northbound lanes of route one right here near route 13 in bucks county. lets get to steve keeley with the details we are learning right now and the video of that one car windshield where you can clearly see it looks like that person's headings through it. >> reporter: that is exactly what happened and that person from trenton a drunk driver according to police who said this is our worst nightmare making these traffic stops on the most dangerous stretch of the most dangerous rode around philadelphia. that is really saying something. patrolman in the unmark car like this one we're seeing a
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k-9 officer. karen we are learning his dog was at home or his dog would have been killed in this accident. his computer shotgun and rifle smash when this drunk driver came along asd hit hot the rear of the police car that made a traffic stop were four people in this vehicle that was going over 90 miles an hour. we had had two dangerous drivers one in front that he pulled over and then gets hit by this drunken driver and the officer gets thrown. the people in the car pulled over for speeding, also all hurt when their car got ram by the chain reaction crash but the worst hurt was this suspect drunk driver whose head went through the windshield and he is in trenton at a hospital right now. everybody is in the hospital. this was one really bad crash. >> the four people in the vehicle that he he pulled over were also injury. they were sent to various local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the the driver of the striking vehicle suffered severe head and face trauma and was taken to the elaine fold trauma
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center. we don't know his condition right now. we're told by investigating officers that striking vehicle the operator of that striking vehicle did appear to be impaired and we are investigating this as a dui accident at this time. >> reporter: officers had several broken bones but he should be okay and maybe get back to work probably within several months after hearing from several broken bones. so if this is reminiscent of the previous accident six years ago like it was to me first thing, karen, i will remind our viewers middletown police officer chris jones making a traffic stop on this same road just up the road from here, hit and killed back in 2009. a very dangerous trip for police officers and reason why they are out there doing traffic work is because they routinely have people clock at over a hundred miles an hour there. people are in a rush every where. why would you be in a rush on a sunday night going that fast
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but they say it is just typical of the typical night on route one by route 13. that is staggering to hear that people are routinely clock at a hundred miles an hour drunk or not drunk. >> absolutely staggering steve, thank you as always. 4:34. happening today we will have another chance to hear from the candidates who would like to be philadelphia's next mayor. the the news media is hosting a conversation to break down the role between the candidates or at least explain the differences between media and public. join conversation on twitter. this would be fun. everyone can join in using hash tag aldialive where you can submit questions. this will start tonight at 6:00. new jersey senator booker will be making a visit to the academy charter school in camden this morning. plans to speak to students and even answer their questions with ed case. booker's appearance comes days have the announcement that camden will be turning over leadership of five of the most struggling schools to charter organizations, come september.
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the montgomery county commissioner will hold a series of six town hall meetings, beginning tonight. leaders say that the gallonnering is called conversation was your commissioners and will offer county residents a chance to discuss wide range of subjects with the commissioners. this meeting will be held at the the library any lower merion in bryn mawr. it is five south bryn mawr avenue and it will begin at 7:00. giants food is following through on its commitment to alleviate hung's cross our area grocery chain is donating a thousand hams to food banks as part of the meet the need program. the food bank of delaware ace machining recipient and will get 200 hams very timely with the easter hams a traditional food. 4:35. young boy battling a rare disorder and not letting it stop him from reaching his goals. coming up how the eight year-old got the surprise of his life. plus also, television streaming catching on with many of you but is it a better
4:36 am
deal then regular cable? we will look close at the trend, coming up.
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i have made a few mistake. >> kind of like alex holley there did you see this movie over weekend, animated movie
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home find a home at the top of the weekend box office. alien adventure took in 54 million-dollar, not too shabby, coming in second place new will ferrell kevin h art comedy get hard with 34.6 million. third placings to the divergent series: the insurgent with 22. fourth spot belongs to the new cinderella with 17.5 million-dollar. rounding out top five critically acclaimed indy horror film it follows which took in four million-dollar. viewers cutting the cord at record rates opting for subscription streaming services over traditional cable packages. experts say many see it as better alternative to cain inter faith is appealing and many prefer images for the most part you don't to have rent a dvr but there are things you need to consider before you turn in your cable box. >> the the danger is when you cut the cord bundles can be a good deal for consumers right because you get a lot of things for one price.
4:40 am
once you break that apart and you start adding in little things ala cart, it can add up. some people will look and say i love tv, i like a lot of chapels and cable is still the best deal for me. >> a host of different services across dozens of devices it comes down to what you want to watch. you need to have sports channels. you can taylor your set up to your viewing habits and likely even save some money. move over super models there are some new runway divas in town on four legs, california dogs dressing up for fashion show or being carried down seriously applause all the way around. nicely done at the oakland animal shelter more than 20 dogs participated in this event. people cheered them on free and sponsored by help of pet rescue group pals and they had a vegan lunch, music and crafts for the kid. >> not everybody knows to come down to the shelters.
4:41 am
some people have a fix idea of what a shelter animal will be like so we want to expand their thinking and welcome them in. >> the shelter is hoping that this event will help get dogs into new homes. our own sue serio was there right in our own neck of the woods. how about rethinking cameras in the cockpit should we be putting cameras in the cockpits of our airplanes. could they prevent a tragedy or would they make commercial flights more dangerous as critics argue we will have the debate in the wake of the
4:42 am
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seriously, oh, no, snow, again. sue, i just want to adjust my eye balls, this cannot be march 30th and that is what is falling will in olde city. >> it is march 30th and it is happening. you know we tell you this every year we have recorded snowfall in april. in fact, we have reports in history of times when it accumulated in april, i know i know. but that certainly won't happen this april. look at this we have got green and white on ultimate doppler so in the case of the city here we are seeing snow flakes flying around, in the upper atmosphere. it is above freezing here but that is what happens as the
4:45 am
presip goes through layers of the atmosphere. we will look at ultimate doppler and we will see lehigh valley probably getting flurries flying around maybe some drizzle or light rain in delco, in the northern part of the new castle will county and in delaware and maybe across the river in new jersey, and around millville other parts of the cumberland, salem counties gloucester and camden counties as well. so that is precipitation situation, it the is cold up in the mountains, we have got 28 in mount pocono. thirty-four in allentown. 33 degrees in lancaster. just a little bit above freezing, 35 here in the city at the airport and 39 degrees in wildwood. wind speeds, not bad 9 miles an hour they are out of the southwest so that is good. the it means we will get slightly milder temperatures today. 14 miles an hour the wind in wildwood. it makes it feel like the the 20's in a lot of places. if you are going out or if your kid do have have school this week make sure they are
4:46 am
bundled up again at the bus stop because it still feels like winter out there at least this morning. we have visibility issues in some places getting that precipitation including allentown where you can only see half a mile. so it felt like winter this weekend with a 41-degree high on saturday crazy, and 46 degrees yesterday, it it was that chill in the air that we just can't seem to get rid of but we will in the seven day forecast. we have temps in the 50's today, and tomorrow, and on wednesday. then we will inch in the 60 as on thursday and friday. we are not going to stay there they but when it gets cooler we will be back in the 50's, including easter sunday when we will get to the high of 55 degrees. the is there your weather authority forecast, lets get to traffic on this monday morning and we have a look the at i-95 southbound. this problem well, because of construction the on ramp from cottman avenue the the the ramp is closed until about
4:47 am
6:00 o'clock this morning. taking a look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound east of south street well, it looks just fine just a couple of cars on the road but volume starting to pick up a little bit. then we will go over to ewing new jersey, pennington road, a pole came down and all lanes blocked in both directions so route 29 is what you will need to get by there. finally pennsylvania turnpike eastbound approaching bensalem we have construction there but only the right lane is block karen? >> thanks, sue. it is 4:47. current and former intelligence officials say national security agency considered a abandoning its very controversial program to collect and store the call in record of americans years ago. that consideration came just months before that linked edward snowden revealed all that was going on. many believe that cost out weighed the program's counter terrorism benefits but after the the leak nsa leaders strongly defended the phone record program.
4:48 am
congress will be deciding whether to renew or modify nsa phone record collection with the law authorizing it, expires come june. recent plane crashes are stirring debate about whether or not cameras should be put in cockpits. some are arguing that could provide very critical fur for investigate thors, many pilots don't like this idea. brian yenis has details. >> reporter: crash of germanwings flight 9525 reinvigorated debate over whether cameras should be installed in cockpits. many are against cameras they see it the as a invasion of privacy. imagine a camera recording everything you say and do at your desk. they argue video recordings could be made public orland on line after an accident. pilots say current voice and data recorders that closely machine for all audio and data are sufficient. >> you have a recording of everything that the the airplane is doing, every inning is will switch that is thrown, every change in
4:49 am
altitude or anything or engines or whatever else what else do you need to feel comfortable. >> reporter: use of video cameras was first proposed in 2,000 by national transportation safety board arguing camera provide visual information, the the missing link in unsolved accidents like during an emergency were both pilots in the cockpit did smoke from a fire fill up the cockpit, who was doing what, when. >> we can actually see where the hand were, where the people were sometimes they get out of their seats. sometimes we see a lever like a throttle pulled back. we don't know if it was the captain offer first officer. a picture is worth a you this words is never more true when you are trying to solve an accident mystery. >> reporter: proponents say privacy safe guard could protect pilots but still airline pilots association says that the cost of adding cameras is just in the worth it. resources should be focused on enhancing currencies tells to
4:50 am
record more data a of a higher quality as opposed to video images which are subject to inn interpretation and may lead investigators from accurate conclusions. federal aviation administration has said there is in the enough compelling evident to mandate cameras in the cockpit. in new york brian llenas, "fox news". very frightening moments for passengers on an air canada flight after the plane skid off the runway and crashes in to a whole bank of antennas before it comes to what they termed a hard landing this was earlier sunday. you contact than see snow in the video in halifax and there is some bad weather being blamed for this accident. that rough landing severed landing gear and knock out electricity at the halifax stan field international airport in nova scotia two dozen people were treated at a hospital. they are still investigating that one. fourteen candidates are running for president in nigeria and there is a lot of
4:51 am
violence. results are speculate tore day but this has been a rocky process. front runners are incumbent goodluck jonathan and country's former military dictator mohammad ado. book a hard ram are threatening to kill voters in they do in the leave the polling station and they call democracy a corrupt western concept. there have been complaints of technical glitches and voting irregularities sparking protest is he large that police suited up in riot gear took to armored cars in order to break up those protests. back here at home let's bring so good news on this monday. we need something bright. would you look at the the little baby? a special delivery in the parking lot it is an amazing story. you can see a patch from the state police. they held seven out in this one, a story to tell for the lifetime.
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welcome back abe thank you for joining our house extended good day family and morning crew here as they are getting ready in your house . we will get your day started. there are flurries out there. no big accumulation but it the is kind of shocking. sue will break down your forecast in a moment. we want to tell but this boy from texas bat egg a rare condition now joining the ranks of the national guard. he is eight year-old. he was diagnosed with a diamond syndrome a rare disorder doesn't allow bone marrow to function correctly. he has spent more than a thousand days in the hospital so far. look at how cute he is. the over the weekend he got to
4:55 am
go to camp maybry to be an official member of the national guard. it is his dream. >> i just want to help others, help people. >> he actually enlisted himself on the piece of paper a couple years ago and said i really want to join the army for $5. he said he would pay the army. >> this is the best day ever. >> seriously how cute is that. the best day ever of my whole life. at the end of the ceremony the general gave rowan a stetson which he proudly wore and a pair of spurs praising him for his ability to think positively facing a difficult situation. rowan and his family then traveled to seattle in search of a bone marrow donor good luck. pair of the pennsylvania state troopers are being hailed as heroes for helping deliver a baby, one of the officers spots a car and he
4:56 am
gets up there and the the reason yes is disable is because woman is in labor. calls for backup. second trooper arrives. they try to get her to the hospital but the the baby is like this is happening new. fat i got as far as the gas station before little will arabella made her entry. >> it was three pushes and she was out. >> i cleared the airways with my filmingers and the baby start crying. >> he is right now the hero for help. >> look at how cute. as you can see they did make it to the hospital finally and mom and little girl are doing just fine. coming up at 5:00 looking for answers, federal investigators will be back on the scene of the deadly plane crash in our area small plane out in chester county, plus months after that tragic food truck explosion, do you remember this video. just explodes. philadelphia city leaders are trying to consider a bill that could mean safety for more trucks in and around our city we will be right back.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! this morning a murdered police officer remember as details of the volatile personal relationship are emerging. and it was a wild ride in south philadelphia, a taxi driver lead police, on a chase. plus a close call for a bucks county officer following
5:00 am
a very bad multi car accident overnight, three cars, six people hurt, we have a live report coming up. and say it ain't snow, just a couple days away from april, seriously supposed to go out like a lamb this march. winter is in the leading go. we have flurries falling maybe on your head will they stick around. we will check with sue in just seconds. good day, it is monday, march 30th and we were hoping for more lamb-like weather but we are still getting that lion. both chris and lauren are off. also bob kelly. but sue and i are here. >> we had such wintry temperatures over the weekend. it is cold enough we have seeing white on ultimate doppler radar. in atlantic county we might be seeing those flurries flying around. same for burlington


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