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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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look out south philadelphia, taxi leads police on a wild chase through south philadelphia a details on the pursuit straight ahead. police officer and several other people are hurt after a crash in bucks county. we will have a live report. >> well, out like a lion what is going on here, it is even of march, folks some of you saw flurries, right? sue says it will give way to sunshine this afternoon. all of the tea tails coming up in your full forecast. >> do you promise sue? promise we will see more sun. >> at some point today. >> you know what i want to feel, because i'm annoyed. i want to feel warmth. >> what is that like. >> warmth. >> come on. >> it will be better today then the weekend. we never got out of the the 40's. >> it was windy at day, cold. >> sunday fooled you because sun was out. it looks great.
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>> but it was burr. >> then the cold came. >> we are still off to a chilly start this morning, we have had a annoying precipitation, some snow flakes, some rain depending on where you lived. we have a six out of ten. it will get better. making buddy work today even though spring break for a lot of kids this week leading up to easter. flurries this morning showers, around, have the umbrella handy just for the morning though just in case, 35 degrees, in philadelphia it feels like 27, sunrise time is 6:49. there is your ultimate doppler radar pictures, some easing up but delaware county, parts of the philadelphia, new castle county delaware it looks like you may still be seeing flurries and if you are in the southern part of the new castle county there is heavy rain moving through as part of the frontal system coming through whiz will mess up our morning but we do see sunshine in store later on in the afternoon and we should get up to 57 degrees. is there something to look
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forward to. later. lets talk about traffic right new because bob kelly has decided to take a three day weekend. we will start off with the vine street expressway at 24th street and it looks right now like everything is moving along okay. lighter volume this week because of spring break situation. new lets get to the the 42 freeway in new jersey boy that volleys picking up there but everybody seems to be moving. schuylkill expressway eastbound at spring garden looks all right as well. ewing new jersey, pennington road at olden avenue. pole came down. all lanes are blocked on that road in both directions. if you normally take pennington road take route 29 to get by there. finally on the route 102 trolley, they are running on a delay, due to mechanical problems this morning, mike. >> what the the hail a cab a
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wild night for philadelphia a police in hot pursuit of the taxi driver suspect of being drunk. it all started when police received a tip of the wrong way driver in south philadelphia around 1:30 this morning. when they spotted the driver asleep in the white lincoln town car they confronted him and took off leading them on a chase. police caught up with him at delaware and oregon avenues and then he tried to make a run for it. they caught him. driver was taken to jefferson hospital for unknown injuries and facing numerous charges. six people including a falls township police officer are recovering following a three car crash. this happened shortly after 10:30 in the northbound lanes of route one near route 13 in bucks county. >> look at this video a bad crash. driver responsible may be under the influence and they are investigating the accident as a dui. steve is right there at the the scene steve? >> reporter: plus he was going real fast. the officer was in an unmarked car like this but even these cars have the big flashing lights, in the just on the
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bumper but up on the window. he is in one of these cars. normally in a big suv, he is a k-9 officer. you can see how you this car ended up, the whole trunk is gone. the accident so bad that shotgun, rifle computer in the middle of the two front seats were smashed. he wasn't in the car. he was outside because he pulled a previous car over were four people up side going over 90 miles an hour there on route one abe they say cars routinely are clock over a hundred miles an hour. that tells you how dangerous it its with people going that fast. then we have this guy come from behind doesn't seem the flashlights, because the car pulled over, rams the the back of the police car but which rance the officer and throws him in the air. and then other cars, for pulled over for speeding and they are in the hospital too. >> it is not uncommon when they are doing speed enforcement but we will clock vehicles of hundred miles an her plus on this area.
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we do believe speed was a factor in this incident and damage the cars and this also isn't too far from where middletown officer chris jones was killed on route one not too long ago on a traffic stop. this is our worst nightmare. you have to keep your head on the swivel when you are pulling cars over especially at night in this area. >> that officer's head feels like it is on the swivel and he has several broken bones but he is expect to be okay. as far as that trenton man suspect of being under the influence of something and speeding at the same time he was taken to the trenton hospital elaine fold and last report he was extremely critical. his face went through the windshield so likely in the wearing a seat belt which added to the reason why this was sewed terrible. other four people probably will be okay as well after being shaken up bad too. when you hear him say cars routinely over a hundred miles an hour that is why they had to do traffic enforcement the and good thing that officer's
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k-9 dog was at home because his normal car was broken or that dog would have been killed making this even worse for this police department out here in falls township. >> my god that hole in the windshield where his face went through it, my god. what a horrible accident. 6:06. i295 north in west hampton township were closed early this morning due to a deadly car crash. new jersey police are looking in the fatal accident which happened south of exit number 45 near, well, right here near exit 45 around 11:30. police say wreck involved a tractor trailer and a car, lanes are back opened now. a sweeping corruption case involving six former philadelphia police narcotics officers will begin this morning. the trial is expect to be a showdown between the drug investigators and 20 drug suspects. one convicted former officer is expect to testify begins his long time collogues. the defense lawyers for six defendants say he wants to prove the witnesses are
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unreliable former cops are charged with using illegal tactics to shakedown half million-dollar of cash, property and drugs from suspect drug dealers. also happening today city council committee will hear testimony at city hall on a bill to require regular safety up expectses of fuel tanks on food trucks. >> it comes after a deadly explosion last summer. do you remember this? boom. you'll remember this video. food truck owner and 17 year-old daughter were killed when a truck exploded. it happened july 1st, 2014 while the truck was parked on west wyoming avenue in feltonville. investigators determine that the lake from one of the two tanks on the lunch truck created a vapor cloud ignited by cooking grills. coming up, germanwings air disaster prompts new rules in australia, safety measures now being taken on board all aircraft there, will it spread here. later several people are
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injured over the weekend in a shooting in a popular spring break location now officials want to do something about the violence, how authorities plan to stop what they called out of control partying.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] a plane crashes in chester
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county yesterday afternoon shortly after take off killing both people on board. >> this morning the ntsb and faa are investigating. faa says piper pa 28 plane took off sunday afternoon but crash only 2 miles away near a retirement home at andrea drive. the plane burst into flames and pilot and passenger were killed. residents were just stunned by what they had saw. >> i did hear a bang earlier when it happen and i looked out and i saw a pickup truck and then i saw three people jump out and run in that yard. >> a lot of black smoke, in the air and as we passed the retirement home there we saw flames 20 feet up in the air. >> west goshen police say one of the victims was from chester county but names have in the been released. still ahead a search is underway for a missing college student why her friend and family fear, the worst. lets take a live look outside i do believe sue we have some snow, little
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flurries. >> yep. >> they were there. >> we had live flakes, moments ago. >> my gosh. now we will get rain but we are expecting sun okay, sue promises, i think. we will get details in the full forecast. >> the humanity.
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we are looking at the sky line this monday morning and we are seeing snow flakes, we are expecting some rain and then sue come on, we have to see the sun next what is left. >> that is right, well it has been different almost every day with a lot of variety in our weather but this is the sentiment of many people this morning from our friend, kathy, who says it is snowing in pittsgrove, new jersey. yard is covered. make it stopppp. we understand. but here it is on ultimate doppler radar it looks like this snow has moved over into other parts of new jersey, including pittsgrove and we're talking part of the cumberland salem county, gloucester camden counties but heavier rain down to the south of us, in southern delaware, this morning. so here we are, still some flakes around the philadelphia area. little bit in delaware county and then, some heavier rain moving into, seaford and milford in delaware and dover it is raining as well. so here's your temperature
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map, we are above freezing. even when flakes are flying around they are not sticking to the frown, except for mount pocono where we have seen some snow this morning and just some light, no accumulation but still cold enough for them to make snow up there. 39 degrees in wildwood. thirty-seven wilmington. thirty-five here in philadelphia these are wind speed we're talking about. they are out of the south. that means milder air coming our way. 10 miles an hour in philadelphia. that gives us wind chill. still feels wintry, 27 is our wind chill in philadelphia, 20 is the wind chill in mount pocono. if your kid are going to school this week because not everybody has spring break you have to bundle him up for the the bus stop. high of 67 degrees last thursday we have got very wintry friday saturday, sunday, in of our temperatures got above 50. we didn't make it to 50. we will today with a high of 57 and tomorrow even with the rain a high of five . we will stay in the 50's on
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wednesday, wednesday no fooling for april fools day we are giving it a nine out of ten and as we head into easter weekend but good friday we have a chance of showers and then cools off on saturday and sunday and back in the 50's after a couple days in the 60's but you no more 40's for high temperatures. we will take what we can get. that is your weathereauthority forecast now lets check traffic, bob kelly with the daze off today and we will start off with a look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound. there is more volume this morning. but folks seem to be moving along okay. that is west of spring garden. then we will go back to i-95 at the cottman and it is pretty slow at least going into the city southbound there on i-95, but folks are along okay. our big problem has been in ewing, new jersey pennington road at olden avenue pole came down, all lanes are block on
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pennington and route 29 to get by that, and, route 102 trolley some mechanical problems means, that trolley is moving this morning. alex. 6:18. happening right now, a warning has been issued after a major earthquake with the magnitude 7.5, hit new begin think morning. the tsunami warning center in hawaii say tsunami waves are possible for companieses located 600 miles. the quake expand american 20-mile and followed by two further off shore earthquakes in the area 7.5 is huge. >> that is huge. pastor in the lutheran church in germany where co pilot blames for bringing down germanwings plane was raised. community stand behind him and his family. andreas lubitz was trouble and intentionally killed all 150 people on game. five scientists have been flown to the crash site to identify remain. a mobile criminal investigation laboratory has been deployed to assist in the investigation. australia is changing
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their rules. at least two people are now required to be in the cockpit at all times, before this there there acceptable to have a single person in the cockpit. changes take effect immediately but of course, it the is different from kent to to country. >> other countries i'm sure will follow. frightening moments yesterday, for passengers on a air canada a flight. did you hear with this? plane skidded off runway in bad weather and crash into a bank of antennas before coming to a hard landing at the the halifax stanfield international airport in nova scotia the rough landing, severed the landing gear, knocked out electricity at the airport. heavy snow is being blamed for the crash. more than two dozen people were treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital. the cause of the crash is still under investigation but they look at bad weather as a cause. authorities say everyone has been accounted for at a site where three new york city apartment building collapsed after a gas explosion. officials believe two bodies found sunday were the the two missing men they have been searching for, since
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thursday's explosion. twenty-two people were injured, four critically. officials say someone may have improperly tapped a gas line before the the the explosion. trains are running again at the university of southern california, after a light rail train slammed into a car injuring 21 people over the weekend. authorities say the car's 21 year-old driver didn't see the train and tried to make a turn across the track and take a look there it says head up watch for the train in bold letters right across the train there. >> i guess owe. >> nineteen passengers suffered cuts and bruises. train's operator was taken to the hospital and been released. >> ironic sign there. 6:20. businesses in the state of of indiana a are not very happy with the passing on have that controversial religious freedom restoration act that happened on friday a lot of people are talking about this. angie's list based out of indianapolis is putting the brakes on the big expansion project in the city. >> angie's list is a big company across the the country. angie's list planned to span
6:21 am
its already big company campus the project had been in the works for several years and would have added 1,000 jobs over the course of about five years however, the company is rethinking their presence, in indianapolis and in the state of indiana a new that the religious freedom act is in place. twenty other states have that same act but different levels of it. >> people are calling for boycotts in indiana good we have have final four coming up, this weekend and next weekend in indianapolis. it will be talk b police in boston say the co dition of the officer who was hot in the face by a suspect friday night is improving. he is kind of famous up there to. officer john moynahand had surgery to remove a bullet just below his ear in his face. doctors hope to move him from intensive care in the next few days. police say the 41 year-old gunman who was shot dead tried to runaway from a traffic stop. that is how this all started. they say video shows gunman pointing a gun at officer
6:22 am
moynahand at point blank range. coming up, 6:00 to two. deadline is looming over negotiations of iran's nuclear program. the world powers are meet to go hammer out framework for a compromise. officials say is there a chance a tiehl can be reached by tomorrow's deadline despite significant obstacles f a final agreement is reached by the the summer iran will be given relief in sanctions. at ledge master mind of the attack that killed 22 inside a tunisia museum has been killed. tunisia security forces say they have brought down leader ship of tunisia jihad groups linked to al qaeda's north african branch. two gunman in the march 18th attack were killed. it does wrens arrested in the aftermath. five security officials fired and a officer was jail. 6:22. still ahead the final four is set. one game is not only match up of two number one seed but replay of last years semi finals. this is getting dull, same
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team duke, duke,. taylor swift winning big at i heart radio award, plus everyone talking about her performance with the musicians. we will see who she shared the stage with.
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(clucking noises) everyone wants to
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be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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phillies are a week from opening day ryne sandberg says cole hamels is his opening day starter, not a surprise. ben reveer his permanent left fielder. the as far as the game in spring training lets go to clearwater. an bell sanchez, pretty good pitcher. chase utley a two run home run are. phillies had problems with their every day short stop. that would be freddie galvis. he committed two errors. got pick off first base, game end up in a four-four tie. sixers had their chances to cleveland. they had their chances. they sure did. robert covington gets sixers within one in the fourth quarter. but the sixers, actually had a chance to win with seconds left a little short by nerlens noel. he had eight points. misses the shot. innings isers lose 87-86. final four michigan state and duke winners yesterday. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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michigan state is a very good team. still ahead off-duty police officer shot and killed is being remembered this morning as details of a role tile relationship emerge, and then there is this, steve. mike i always want to scream at tv when i heard other reporters say it was on a routine traffic stop. we saw tonight boston where a traffic stop almost got an officer blown away in the face with a 357 magnum. officer doing traffic duty catching a speeder at 90 almost gets killed by another person coming along and anything but routine every officer will tell you.
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a crash involving a bucks county police officer send several people to the hospital, how an officer tries to make this stretch safer for everyone ended up hurt. >> got to slow down, folks. plus you may remember this food truck explosion last year, now city council committee is ready to debate the safety of food trucks in our city. and a huge collaboration last night from taylor swift and another big star at the iheart radio music award. we will show you their performance. mike, i know you were you watching. >> i was. >> were you a proud poppa. >> i am my daughter was there, of course. taylor swift got an award. >> more than one. >> look ought trying to be funny. >> it is march 30th, 2015.
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>> it doesn't feel like it should feel. >> no, no. >> listen, we are a week away from phillies opening day and many years of doing the weather for phillies opening day, parka is required. so, it is just kind of what happens. you get your wintry days and a taste of spring and then we will see more temperatures in the seven day forecast but we do have that mix of precipitation out there this morning. you may need an umbrella, like bus stop buddy, and that is the reason we are giving you a six out of ten. 35 degrees but feels like 27. you can sea breeze blowing the flag there in olde city. 6:49 is your sunrise time. there it is, it looks like most of the precipitation is either over in new jersey or down into delaware. it is pretty heavy rain in spots. in parts of the delaware. in salem cumberland counties is getting the bulk of the the snow showers flying around and a coating for some of us. 35 degrees the start.
6:32 am
forty-nine with some clouds lingering by lunchtime but we should see enough sunshine get us to about 57 degrees today. so there is your monday morning planner from the weather authority. we have got the the seven day forecast just ahead which will include of course easter sunday, coming up. lets look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound at city avenue. it looks like things are getting crowded out there but the road is a little bit wet nothing icy or anything but just enough for you to have to be careful out there you cannot get up too much speed with all that traffic anyway. now we will go to the roosevelt boulevard and see what is happening there, it looks pretty good. lets go back over to route 55 in new jersey. southbound on 55, just before little mill road we have an accident there, and if you take route 102 trolley some delays due to mechanical problems this morning. alex? >> thanks, sue. 6:32. wild night for philadelphia police in hot pursuit of the
6:33 am
taxi driver suspect of being drunk. this started when police received a tip of traffic going the the wrong way in south philadelphia. this was around 1:30 this morning. when they spotted the the driver asleep at a white lincoln town car and then he took off leading them on a chase, police presidentially caught up with him a at delaware and oregon avenue when he blew a tire and tried to make a run for it. driver was taken to jefferson hospital for unknown injuries and facing numerous charges. >> i would imagine so. police are investigating a dui accident that sent six people to the hospital that included a falls township police officer. >> check out how badly these cars are standing head on. three car crash happened after 10:30 last night in the northbound lanes of route one near route 13 in bucks county. that is where steve is, hey, steve. >> reporter: damage is so bad it looks head on but wasn't head on. what happened was this road is so known for people going over a hundred miles an hour that falls township police are out there, at least as a deterrent
6:34 am
hoping people would slow down as they see people pulled over. one officer on duty just before 11:00 pulls over somebody going 90 plus were four people in the car and then somebody speeding, comes along, in the only speeding but considered drunk after they pull him out of the car as well and rams rear of the police car sending all six to hospitals. >> at 10:4:51 of the k-9 officers is working traffic enforcement on route one super highway and he clocked a vehicle at 90 miles an hour and pulled that vehicle over. during the traffic stop as he approached to talk to the driver of that vehicle will a third vehicle being operated northbound route one then struck the back of his patrol car driving his patrol car into the the car that he pulled over. after the impact luckily enough, the officer was thrown and, and all three vehicles in a triangle area he suffered non-life threatening
6:35 am
injuries. he is now at aria bucks campus hospital being treated. >> reporter: he has several broken bones so probably a long time before he is back, on duty. and, the person that hit the police car face went through the windshield he was worst hurt. likely not wearing a seat belt in addition to flying when he hit the the car and you can tell how fast just by the impact. even four people in the car in front of the police car that was hit secondary. they are all in hospitals as well. really a bad crash to put it lightly. we are looking at another vehicle pulled over how you can miss these flashing lights on a mark car or unmarked consider because they are loaded with flashing light as well. that gives you a sense why they think he was under the influence and in the looking out, at all. not only is it common for people to go over hundred miles an her this is close to the stretch of route one where middletown township police officer chris jones was killed and part of the road named in
6:36 am
his honor. he was also killed getting hit during a traffic stop as well. so that is a a very very dangerous stretch of road. this k-9 officer didn't have his dog with him but his car was obliterated to the point where his shotgun rifle computer all three things mounted in the midsection there obliterated beyond being repaired. if his dog was with him in the the back he would have been killed. reason dog was the in the car he had to witch because his car was broken and being fixed. >> thank goodness. >> i can't believe people go that fast 90 to hundred miles an hour. i295 north and southbound lanes in west hampton township they were closed earlier this morning due to a deadly car crash there. new jersey police are looking into the fatal accident which happened south of exit number 45, right around 11:30 last night. police say wreck involved a tractor trailer ape a car lanes are opened now though. corruption case involving six former philadelphia police
6:37 am
narcotics officers will begin this morning. twenty drug suspects and one convicted former officer are expect to testify begins the the accused group. the defense lawyers say that they want to prove the the witness unreliable. former cops are charged with using illegal tactics to shakedown more than half million-dollar worth of cash, property drugs, from suspected drug dealers. also happening today, at city hall city council committee will hear testimony on a nail will require regular safety inspections of fuel tanks on food trucks. it comes after this explosion in feltonville from last summer. food truck owner and her 17 year-old daughter were killed in this explosion. eleven others were injured. investigators determined a leak from one of the two propane tanks on the lunch truck created a a vapor cloud ignited by cooking grills. new details are released about a shooting death of the darby bureau police officer. >> it is horrible. he was off-duty and police are questioning his girlfriend. jenny, what do you have this morning. >> reporter: well, we just heard from official whose tell us that they are still figuring out the
6:38 am
circumstances, surrounding mark hudson's death and that at this point charges have not been filed and they are expecting them to come at the some point. police say the girlfriend was inside the the glenn olden home on saturday when the shooting happened. twenty-six year-old mark hudson was both a volunteer fire fight inner yeadon and a part-time police officer in darby. he devoted the past ten years to serving his community. his life was cut short saturday when police say he was shot in the chest and then killed with his own department gun. hudson's girlfriend was taken in for questioning, darby boro police chief robert smith says he was involve in the trouble relationship. he filed complaints related to terroristic threats and police say he has had a protect from abuse order against her. it is unclear when they got back together and under what circumstances. as the community mourns this loss police say charges will come in due time. >> if you do not take your time and do it correctly i mean this family lost a son, i
6:39 am
lost a valuable police officer and society lost a person that was going to take care of them for a number of years. so yes you want to make sure you are right you want to make sure when they are done when that warrant is filed that prosecution is going to end up in a conviction and the person that did this is going to pay just punishment for what they did. >> he was just a a great guy. genuinely would ask, ask him to do something and wow do anything for anybody. >> would you really to have necessity him. he was a very quiet kind of guy. he never said too much. but he always a had that smile. he would look at you and smile. >> reporter: that woman janice davis said she went to the hospital. she thought he would be okay but instead got that devastating news that he had died. hudson essentially grew up the firehouse. he started volunteering at 16. fire chief celebrated his 26th birthday just last week.
6:40 am
mike and alex. >> terrible. >> 6:40 on this monday morning. we're waiting for officials to release the names of the pilot and passenger killed yesterday in chester county. faa says the piper pa 28 plane took off from the brandywine airport, and went in the nose dive crashing 2 miles from the runway near a retirement home at saunders lane and andrew drive-in west goshen. the plane burst into flames. residents were of course, shock. >> i did hear a bang earlier when it happened and i looked out and saw pickup truck and i saw you three people jump out and run into that yard. >> we have black smoke up in the eras he passed the retirement home there, he saw flames 20 feet up in the air. >> well, west goshen police tell us that one of the men on board was from chester county. the ntsb and faa are
6:41 am
investigating the cause. popular north philadelphia bakery was heavily damaged in a fire over the weekend. i bet you know this place. >> denise delicacies on the in the 2900 block of north 22nd street. fire fighters brought the fire under control but damage too severe for bakery to reopen at this point. fire officials have not determined the cause or where this fire started. still ahead police up in minute so the air investigating the disappearance of that young woman a college student. where the young woman was last seen. plus more details this morning about that spinning break shooting in florida. what officials planned to do about the the partying that has really gotten out of control.
6:42 am
jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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hey, it is 6:44. a new report suggest that the national security agency the nsa, were already thinking of abandoning its phone surveillance program that consideration came just months before leaker edward snowden revealed the whole practice that they were involved in. some officials believe the costs out weighed the program's counter terrorism benefits. even after snowden's leak, nsa leaders strongly deeven ifed the phone record program. congress will deciding whether to renew or modify nsa phone
6:45 am
record when the the law authorizing it expires in june. we shall see what they do. well, search is on for a missing university of minnesota college student what happened to her? police say 22-year old jennifer howell has not been seen since early friday morning after hanging out with her sorority sisters at a bar near the university. some of her belongings were found a couple hours later not far from the bar. >> her purse and phone were found in the middle of the street near her apartment building which is a few blocks down from barney's, so, a lot of us think that she may have tried to walk home. >> barney is the name of the bar in which she left and then her cell phone found two blocks away in the middle of the street. minnesota police, minneapolis police, say they are pursuing several lead and interviewed a number of people know jennifer, including the the ex-boyfriend. now that the man remains
6:46 am
jailed following a shooting at a party dub the spring break capitol of the world. seven people were hurt. 22-year old david daniels you see here facing seven counts of attempted murder in panama city florida. three injured inside this house saturday. college students from alabama a and m university on spring break. victims are expect to survive. partying with weapons is just a recipe for disaster. >> we have drunk people under the the influence have of drugs with guns and no respect for themselves, others and most of all authority. at some point a law enforcement officer is going to be put in a situation where there will be a confrontation with someone with a gun. this will not end well. >> no. >> in response, to the shooting officialness panama city called an emergency meeting allocating a an extra $200,000 to finance increased police patrols. however a proposal to ban alcohol at the beach and halt liquor sales at midnight were
6:47 am
unsuccessful. >> sue, if your child ever says it is spring break time i wanting to to panama city, florida, have they rethink that. >> yes. >> i'll pay for her in the to go. >> go to myrtle beach closer safer. >> yes, and we have been there a couple times before. let's put this in perspective. everybody was freaking out when they saw the snow flakes this morning. but it has in the been nearly as bad this winter with the snowfall as it was last winter. for 2013/2014 season you will recall we had 68 inches of snow. second most snow we have ever had. this season so far nothing measurable i don't think this morning with you 26.9 inches of snow. the average just about 22 inches. we're only a tiny bit above average. we have not had that much snow comparatively speaking but it is a bit of the mess i march morning. as we will get ready for this frontal system to come through. we've got milder air before
6:48 am
that happens, and even after, it will be milder then it was over the week went all of those wintry temperatures. ultimate doppler shows rain in delaware except northern part of the new castle county. we have snow here. a across the the river in new jersey. we have been getting pictures from you on twitter. we appreciate that very much, all of the places that are seeing some snow, this morning. and in new jersey it is kind of moving out of philadelphia we will still see left over flakes and road just a little bit wet ape that is what it is doing it is making road wet. a lot wet in parts of the delaware. rain pretty heavily in kent county around dover this morning. temperatures, are above freezing, except for mountains where we are at 29 degrees. we have 35 in philadelphia right now, 34 in trenton and a 36 degrees in millville. it is almost 40 in wildwood to get you started and wind are a factor to because it is making you file colder. still a need to bundle up.
6:49 am
no, sir as much as last week but we have a wind chill of 27 degrees in philadelphia right now. other wind chills in the the 20's. back over the weekend, friday at the day, sunday we did not make it to 50. in the 40's all three days. saturday was so cold with that high of 41. even with the sunshine yesterday we only managed 46. we have above that with high of 57. rainy day tomorrow with a high of, 53 mid 50's it looks like a real pretty day for april fools, you think that is a joke? how cruel would that be. much milder on thursday, friday in the 60's, easter it looks like a mostly sunny sky and 54 degrees. so lets hope that forecast hold for the holiday this sunday. here's traffic as we get start i, bob kelly off today. we will start off with the blue route southbound at route
6:50 am
one, everybody moving's okay there. now ben franklin bridge a lot of cars but not a big slow down. we are seeing lighter volume because so many kids are on spring break this week. the lets go over to new jersey route 55 southbound before little mill road. there is an accident there. route 102 trolley we saw delays due to mechanical problems this morning. >> sue, i have a shocker for you, are you ready. >> what. >> taylor swift won an award. >> my gosh. >> in fact, she swept. >> what on earth did she do. >> the iheart radio award last night in los angeles. taylor beat out sam smith. >> which is huge. >> and with that song. >> yeah. >> okay, yeah. >> and iggy for big prize of the night. >> iheart radio award should be iheart taylor swift award people are saying. she cleaned out winning artist of the year, song of the year for shake it off.
6:51 am
here's a little taste of the country turned pop star, accepting her award. >> expect to go accept. >> i love knowing your stories, thank you for joking around with me on instagram and twitter and tumbler. like you make me so happy. >> you make me feel brand new. >> i love her dress, so sparkling. it wasn't all for the swift fans, 25 year-old singer sang with madonna while madonna sang and new song. >> they did what. >> taylor swift and a madonna did a due it and it is so good we must play it before the show end. >> yes. >> we have a lot of time we're on until noon. >> no, but it is a long time. >> we will play it because it was really really good. who is the guy she's dating, she's dating a dj taylor swift. >> i didn't know that. >> on to the next one on to the next one. >> yeah. >> maybe i'll show the picture of this guy, he is kind offhanded some. still ahead a quadruple
6:52 am
amputee doggies getting a chance to walk again thanks to modern technology. this is amazing. how doctors were able to fit him with a new set of artificial limbs all for four legs.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
power to the animals too. a colorado doggies walking thanks to some artificial legs. he had no legs. >> this is brutus a quadruple amputee and adjusting to his new life with new legs. >> cool. >> he lost his limbs have after suffering damage from frostbite on all four paw is a and his breeder amputated the legs himself. the found which makes legs for 250 animals worldwide every year, wanted to help. >> brutus is an amazing case of a beautiful dog who has been dealt a shorthand. he can get out and enjoy normal dog things. it the makes you feel so good. >> what was he doing before the the artificial limbs, just laying around. >> he is moving now you. >> brutus current owner hopes he will be out playing with other dogs real soon. >> the the guy his owner. >> i cannot imagine -- >> he did it himself. >> he should be thrown in
6:56 am
jail. >> luckily brutus has a new owner. >> way to go, that is cool. if you travel a lot, airline probably lost your luggage at some point. >> that is why i don't check my bags. >> you're one of those. >> you're within of those. >> proud of it. >> but there is good news there. >> the rate is improving. maybe i should check. how airlines are doing a better job offhandeling your stuff. plus... >> quality or quantity researcher weigh in on which is better when it comes to spending time with your children oh, goodness sit quality time alex or quantity of time, with your children.
6:57 am
(clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny
6:58 am
because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
6:59 am
a nasty crash. a police officer and several others are hurt after this crash. see how the the officer's k-9 luckily avoided tragedy. close call. plus a taxi driver lead police on a wild chase through south philadelphia, what the driver was doing right before the the pursuit began. an off-duty police officer who was shot and killed over the weekend is being remembered this morning as details of a volatile personal relationship emerge. mar man wings air disaster prompts new rules in australia. safety measures being taken on board all aircraft there.
7:00 am
other countries will follow suit. i guess do we call australia a country it is a continent too. what should we do. good morning it is march the 30th, 2015. >> another monday. >> is what the weather on our continent. >> well, it is almost like a continent because things can change, so much, as the northern part has the snow, rain to the south. >> steve keeley is in bucks county and you see flurries in his shot. >> right. >> windy. >> yes, there is a little frontal system coming through. it is certainly never boring around here. let's he go to the number of day, a non-boring six out of ten. is there buddy. we decided to give him a phillies cap. it is a week from today, it is opening day. do you believe it. >> yes. >> he needs a new fleece because it goes to his ankles, who wears a fleece that long. >> well, this is a waterproof jacket. >> i see. >> the fleece is more


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