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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 31, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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screen shot of the message. mom, keisha smith sent out hoping to track down a woman the girls offended in that theater. the the mom called out her own kid saying this rude disrespectful and awful behavior is unacceptable and they owe you an apology. >> her son told her the two girls were reprimanded, by a woman inside the theater. the woman who asked the girls to quiet down told them that her husband had just been laid off from work and this may be the last time in a while she will enjoy move business her families because she wouldn't be able to afford it. keisha hear about this. she is the mom, of the rude girls, keisha is glad the woman in the theater spoke up to her own children. >> she's the most gray gracious kind forgiving woman and i'm so humled by that. i have been telling people the real hero of the story. i have been getting a tension. real hero is her. >> there you go. >> girls to have use their allowance money to buy a
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couple a ticket so they can see another move any peace. >> that post has been seen by many. women's husband has received numerous job offers as a result. >> see if the girls had in the been rude he wouldn't have a job offer, so the the key here. >> is to be rude. >> is to be rude in theaters. >> okay to be rude in movie theaters. >> maybe i got the message wrong here again what is the the message again. >> she's stunned by me. >> are you talking to me. >> yes, we are talking to you girl friend. >> hi, hello. here's i was talking to jessica our produce ber this story earlier today. i will generalize but that is what we do on our show. there are two groups of moms in the world. there is a mommy whose kiddies innocent have of all charges, regardless of the evidence against them. then is there the mommy where the kiddies guilty of all charges, regardless of the evidence against them. i go that way. i am. if i were to hear brody and
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landry were rudy would have figured out a way to again force my kids to realize they have been rude, repay it and think about kindness. we talk about this all the time in the show. in 2015 most parents really want their kid to be kind. the way you make them kind is you make them accountable for things when they are not kind like when they are rude good i agree. woman put out a great message. response to it so many people can relate to what happened. her response is great. >> eras peck people say sometimes people they don't want to criticize other peoples kids but this mom was like no, thank you for do that. >> stepping up and teaching my kids a lesson. >> when we have people over play dates i always say when your child is in my house i will treat your child as if he or she is one of my own what that means is it is naughty i will say it this happened before where brody was, two or three years ago at a boy's house, and the two brody and
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his friend, oldest boy were not be super nice to the younger brother. the mom told me about it. they weren't being super nice. i had brody write a letter, go be nice to that little boy. in my home, good bad or other i will treat your child. if you are talking smack there is no snacks. conversely if you do something nice. there is little will business who have come over and they have been so nice to little will landry i'm happy to tell that mom, happy to tell the the little guy to this little girl who wanted to play with you. it goes both ways. you cannot only discipline the kid, right. you have to tell them you were good today, way to go, budd. >> good lessons good all right, mom that is why you are a good mom jen nicely done. >> she has great kid by the way. >> 9:03. i don't know, is sky fox still up so, just this morning a perfect example we have had a
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couple of accidents that have just blocked up traffic. we found this survey where would philadelphia rank on the biggest traffic congestions every day in america. the most people in philadelphia spend at least 30 minutes going to and from work in the morning and afternoon. if you add that up over the year you will spend three full days, stuck in traffic. the here's this web site called tom tom they list the worst cities for congestion as far as traffic is concerned in america. where do you think philly ranks. >> i think we are up there. >> would i say top ten. would i say i'm wrong. we're only 20th worst. >> can you believe that. >> i was shocked when i saw that this morning. even more shocked by one of the sit that is beat us out. >> who is number one. >> well, number one is lost angeles. >> that makes sense. >> number two, san francisco which i can understand.
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here's the shocker,. >> honolulu i have never been to honolulu mike, have have you been. >> i have been there. >> the traffic is horrendous. >> is it because there is only one road on the island. >> it is an island. >> with so many people and tourist don't know what they are doing. >> yes good the island is a problem just like island have of manhattan. who thought it was a good idea to build the largest city in america on a island. >> insuring comes in fourth. >> yes. >> seattle comes in number five. >> yes. >> guess where we come in at. >> it is 20th. >> twentieth. >> i don't think you'll ask anybody in philadelphia do they think that we're number 20 because i think have been thinks their commute is the worst? what is nine, have you seen the full list. >> no. >> lets get the the full list. >> surveyed said. >> what city is 19th, what cities are ahead of us.
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>> bob, where would you put us. >> i will go honolulu. >> no, you're thinking of go to hawaii but i'm talking about philly if they toll you to put us on the list where would you rank us. >> seventh or eighth. >> another one in the top ten is atlanta. >> horrifying. >> chicago is probably in the top zero. >> houston is bad. >> houston does after lieutenant of traffic. >> a lot of cities have bad traffic. >> i'm glad i am never in it. >> we should be grateful we are not in the top ten. there are people out there that have it worse then us. >> gratitude is our new attitude. >> only advantage to getting up this early, we don't have any traffic. >> we have skipped it. >> now tomorrow we will be in traffic when i go to mount laurel for 5:00 o'clock news in the afternoon. >> yes. >> we never had to deal with that. >> it is good for us. >> the tool last night got roasted on comedy central. it started at 10:00 o'clock. kevin hart was master of ceremonies. >> do you want to see clips.
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>> in case you missed it here i go. >> justin unfortunate thely selena gomez could not be here tonight. no, she could not. just because she didn't want to come. that is the only reason. >> kevin has an napoleon, who was the lead are on have the france ludicrous, france is in europe, justin, europe is a continent, and continent is not a free broke fast. >> find yourself the right girl, and someone on your level. someone powerful famous and rich. i'm talking about a playa in the board room and a freak in the bedroom. so just continue my final piece of advice is call me. >> great line. >> best one. >> another line that they used on martha stewart with all these wrappers she has done the most jail time.
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>> my goodness. >> yes. >> it was fun until it turned serious when beiber reflect on his past bad boy behavior. >> it was really no preparing for this life. i was then into this at 12 years old and didn't know what i was getting myself into. there are moments i'm prosecuted of ape a lot of moments where i'm disappointed in myself for. things i have done don't define who i am. i'm a kind hearted person who loves people and through it all i lost some of my best qualities. for that i'm sorry. what i can say is i'm looking forward to being someone you can look at and be proud of someone to smile at and see some of yourself n someone close on me once said how you rise from a fall that truly defines you as a man. i'm exited to are that challenge. i want to say thank you for taking this journal which me and excited for to you see is what next. >> thank you. >> i would feel so bad for making fun of him for last four hours as he said that. >> he is reading it all a
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teleprompter. >> no, he sound so mature. >> this thing is so calculated because he was running into so much trouble in his personal life and his career, his management, told him to do this. and, it is all these nasty jokes set up for big apology . >> but he looks so mature and his hair slicked back. >> when you slick your hair back it means you are serious. >> this was taped a month ago. do you know what he did the very next night went to las vegas and sang happy birthday to himself. >> happy birthday to me. >> he did it for himself. >> maybe no one could hear him so he he stood on the table. >> exactly right good tool. >> music world is set to celebrate a legendary jazz singer. i have taken this on as a personal responsibility to get this done hopefully by next tuesday. >> okay. >> what are you trying to do. >> billy who will will day was
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born 100 years ago april 7th okay april 7th, 1915. she would be a hundred years old if she had lived. birthday is next tuesday. do you realize that she does not have a plaque on the philadelphia walk of fame. >> what? >> yeah. >> she died at age 44. she had trouble with drugs and all that stuff. what a career. >> wow. >> she was born in philadelphia, come on people. >> she definitely need to be there. >> i need to contact whoever is in charge, some arts a alliance organization, in charge of putting those plaques down, wouldn't it be great if we could get in the ground, in the sidewalk by next tuesday. >> that within great. >> look at that. >> get people behind you and lets get this together. >> come on people. >> let's do it. >> is this a plea. >> you don't know what to do. >> i don't mow. >> someone help us. >> the academy of muse being maybe we will have a rally on friday. i will report back tomorrow morning. billy who will die does not
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have a plaque. >> amazing, i can't believe that. >> getting the perfect selfie is what i'm's into on a daily basis. >> sometimes you have yourselfe stick mike. >> sure. >> it helps you get that good selfie because you need distance so it is not too close on your face. not everyone thinks these lovely creations are a great idea. >> right. >> now they are banning them. >> i just got myselfe stick. >> mine is limp. >> so, they have added selfie sticks to their list of banned items. >> i cannot get myselfe stink up. >> there it is, i got it. >> i don't even want to go further. the selfie sticks/narcissist will not be permitted. similar bans in place in u.s. venues such as london's o2 arena. in word whether the governor's ball or others will follow suit. but i don't know. >> there is a festival called
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as watch they might ban them too. >> yes. >> i thought they would ban them because they would get in the way of you watching the show with all these sticks in the air. >> quincy loves the selfie stick too. >> they are cool good how do you fell about this. >> hold object i'm taking a picture. >> it is become a weapon. it is metal. they are really pointy. how with this, so many people nowadays when you go to these music festivals. they don't watch a show. have one is a reporter and cam why man. everybody is like this. if you are doing this the whole concert, you have a selfie stick you are in someone's way. you are in my way. then you start hitting somebody. it can turn into a weapon. >> yes. >> they should bap recording. >> how will you ban that, that is the thing. i get what you are saying but will you take away peoples
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phones. this is the way things are nowadays. >> the best recorder in your life is your brain, your mind. >> your memory. >> yes. >> i knew where you were going. >> yes. >> we don't use this anymore. >> yes. >> one less thing i hate when people say narcissist particular thing n some cases it can than. >> it is. >> i use myselfe stick taking big group pictures and i cannot do it. >> see you are doing the narcissist particular way. >> if i have a big group of people and we cannot take a selfie selfie stick. >> i don't know why i'm he talking. >> just take it. >> it is ridiculous. >> it is great for group shots. i'm done. sue, just take it away. >> it is great for group shots if you are in them. >> it was invented to shoot yourself. >> yes. >> it only works when you are in it, taking group shots.
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>> yes. >> i mean i did it on st. patrick's day. >> that is true. >> great shot from your stick. >> but you have to be in every picture. >> something i noticed when my kid were growing up. >> yeah. >> i had my face in a camera the entire time they were growing up. >> you are not in any pictures. >> i was than the in any of the pictures. i realized i was than the living life i was than the enjoying or taking in their childhood because i was always behind this camera. >> you missed a moment. >> so i put it down and there is no rid yes have my second daughter jill and now she's mad. >> i bet she is. >> you have a selfie stick you could have gotten the whole family in there. >> maybe i'll have a couple more kid. >> really. >> yeah good only because of the selfie sticky will have more children. >> yes. >> make your fee an say happy. >> thrilling. >> get out knitting needles now, baby booths.
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>> there is a seven day forecast with a lot going on. today sunshine but then rain this afternoon, 53 degrees. cooler tomorrow for april false take a. in fooling. 50 degrees and sunshine. it is our spring fling tomorrow so we have ordered good weather for that. holy thursday for some, 65 degrees, sunny and breezy. for good friday which is the the first night of passover 68 degrees, wow, but also kind of rainy on friday and cool things off after that cold front gets out of here sat take morning. 55 degrees for saturday. easter sunday take 67. excellent. monies when fell are phillies get started. they play red sox at citizens bank park. for a change you may in the need your parka for opening day. >> we're going to opening take. >> oh, yeah. >> ken rottweiler, chris murphy lauren dawn johnson, alex holy. >> i am. >> you got me tickets good i got you a ticket.
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>> opening day. >> i just didn't know what was happening. >> you just do a joke. >> just say it. >> now they are wondering. >> you could probably get the the 14 in your bag. >> that is funny. >> so funny. >> baby face here i get it. >> do you know today is one year anniversary. >> sue is laughing too hard. >> it is one year anniversary. >> hate is nothing but a number. >> look at me. >> it makes no sense. >> oh, yeah look. >> year ago today i met you you for the the first time. >> that is so true good a year ago today. >> do you know what his first word were. >> what. >> selfie stick. >> show me your stick. >> no, no. >> selfie sticks weren't even invented. >> i think it was give me a hug.
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>> i was any of us. >> yes. >> come here give me a hug. >> i said who is this guy. >> that is your new co-workers. >> okay. >> the the kid like to do it and so do celebrities, suck helium and then hold a conversation. >> dramatic pause. >> so who is maybe one of the most classy actress necessary hollywood and internationally. >> helen mirren. >> she was on jimmy fall on's she and he likes to get celebrities to suck helium and then talk. >> where do you keep your academy award. >> i keep my academy award on the shelf in my house in london. >> thank you.
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>> we have all done it but it works on national television. >> yes, it does. >> okay. can i just take a moment to congratulate a friend of ours that we have gotten to necessity over last four or five years. when we do our fashion segment is there a guy from philadelphia who has made a career as a stylist, to celebrities out in hollywood. guess what he did over the weekend? he got married to his partner over ten years anthony henderson on the right-hand side there. wedding took place in macy's. i want to talk to him. macy's sponsor the whole thing and they had it inside of the store. >> wow. >> out in los angeles. >> how about that. >> you may remember anthony, because we showed that great video, love is no labels psa. >> yes good so what was the concept here. >> they showed skeletons. >> you saw people showing things do you when you love love holding hand and they came from behind the screen and saw all types of different families. it just show love has no
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labels. love is love, people. >> that was them. >> that was dunn to the bear bones of love. >> i got bear bones, nicely done. >> thank you. >> skeleton crew out there. >> congratulations to them. >> yes. >> if i get married, maybe i can get a store to pay for the whole darn thing. >> okay star jones. >> what can i get tj max mcdonald's wal-mart. >> i know who you will have. >> ikea. >> you would have joan ship. >> boyds's. >> no, i am in the allowed to do it. >> a mcmuffin for dinner at the reception. >> wow. >> if i have a mcdonald's plans, i have been waiting for this all my life. >> it makes sense. >> all day breakfast menu. they will start that next month. thing is it is a trial run that will be in san diego. >> yes. >> if it goes well they will expand it. move will be in response to customers who like to have
9:20 am
breakfast food outside the typical hours they serve. how many times have you rush to get to mcdonald's or breakfast place right at the tail and they stop serving at 10:30. okay, 10:20. i will see if i can make it. >> you get in there 10:35. >> they say we are out of this, out of that but we have this. >> i can see some pancakes sitting under the warmer. >> too bad, it is past 10:30. >> because the grills aren't big enough for breakfast and lunch. so we have to add more grills. maybe bigger newer mcdonald's. >> they seem to have enough money to make bigger grills. >> you would think. >> i forgotten what quincy is doing at this hour. >> is he playing the trombone. >> that is right, how could i forget. >> oh, god. >> jeff brad shaw you are all over that. >> yes. >> yes. >> you have a new cd. we will talk bit and your performance tonight at tla. give them a little bit.
9:21 am
>> ♪
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♪ >> that is what quincy sound like. >> yes. >> okay. so are you interested in learning how to play the trombone i mean really learning how to play because... >> ♪ >> it is good. >> it sound better than
9:24 am
quincy, with my lips. >> quincy, take a lesson from mike. >> welshing mike, you know, i'm just trying to unleash it for this grand finally. we have jeff brad shaw here new cd, called today. >> today. >> it drops today. >> we can find it every where. >> every where. >> who is on this album with you. >> trombone shorty, marcia kenny latimore, take six, billal, black thorn from the legendary roots crew, eric robeson and grammy award winning executive producer of the album robert. >> these performances are wreath taking. when i was listening to it, i was thinking about two people, i was thinking about my dad. he loves music. and alex holley. you have something for everybody. >> alex is a music lover. >> awesome awesome. >> yeah good come tonight, come tonight. >> you have a performance. >> tonight i'm doing a celebration at tl.a. on fourth and south street.
9:25 am
obviously, the album was an event. we have to celebrate the the event, with an event. >> okay, okay good tonight at 8:00, door at 7:00. tickets at >> this album is amazing. we are in studio breed. >> breed. >> yes, tony moore. >> yes, new this trombone right here you have been teaching me on. >> um-hmm. >> you played with who on this. >> on this trombone i toured and recorded with michael jackson, order, win, fire jill scott and music soul child, franklin and dave chappull's block party and erika's first placees it has seen placees yes. >> let me play a little bit. you say 95 percent of adults when they pick up a trombone they cannot make a sound. >> no. >> ready. >> let's go. >> let me be in that five
9:26 am
percentile. >> yes. >> how was that. >> and here we go. >> okay. >> okay. >> ♪ >> just go to for more information. >> jeff brad shaw is so good he has guest stars kenny latimore smooth. >> i love him. >> are we throwing to jen, what are we going to. are you still missing with the kid. >> look the at that big wean i. >> yes, come on down. >> it is a great mound boost, something to do at the sports arena you did good. >> a lot of static electricity with the hair. we will talk about the great spring break camps coming up. you rock it baby come on
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead. b@
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traffic. >> attitude? graduate? your attitude is my -- >> let's do there is big day today, too because the empire stars are in town. rash ear gray ya, the greatest, and will be at fye at 4:00.
9:31 am
you better line up. i am telling you, a loft people be there. >> do you have to rsvp? >> i think so. right, charlie mack? yes, you have to rsvp. >> so is it too late? >> you know what, it is okay, because philly, still supporting, i'll be there i'm talk to the guys before the whole, they'll sign the c. d. from any questions, tweet me i'll ask yaz and jesse this question. >> fye broad and walnut. >> that's true. >> no. broad and sansom? >> yes. >> it is on broad street. >> chestnut, i think. >> you know, broad and chestnut. >> okay, so many families escape the spring chill. they head south. but if you want to stay local stay here at home, you need some ideas. >> you know where i go? broomall. >> ya, of course. i mean, look at that, broomall. >> pretty awesome. any kinds want to be on tv? hey, want to be on tv? i have to tell you coming in all morning seeing what we're doing, they were surprised were you snow.
9:32 am
>> yes. >> here is a hot tip. they're open, number 1a loft kid friendly places are aware it is spring break, so open for the kids, right? >> right right. >> you guys, we said it before, it bears repeating you will do this one for one day. >> slightly or the wheel week if you need to. >> yes. >> so we go rock climbing, go on the marple mountain, five story jungle gym hamster ball lazer tag arts and crafts everything. >> a loft these kids that are here also the kids from summer camp. >> exactly right. >> some of them are your after school -- oh, hey mike, mike out of control today. now where is my man curen? >> oh, he's in line. >> down the slide. >> oh, look. this is says you want to race me on the and stack he will course? >> one of the summertime kids. you think he'll probably beat
9:33 am
me? all right isn't this cool for them? plus they get to do this stuff over and over again right? >> right. exactly, yep. >> kids, you got to get out of my way. >> get back here. >> all right go! >> keenan, what do you like about this? help me out. will you put me over please? will you jump up? way to go. you get to do what? now i understand about the static electricity. oh hey high. journalism. hi, keenan, how are you doing? >> fine. >> let's keep going. >> kelly, you're going to help her out? >> high! >> little staticy. >> yes, happy camp.
9:34 am
girls wave to the cameras. it is in broomall,. >> oh, they love it. >> same shirt. i think i'm staying here. no need to come back. high five! >> looks like you're having too much fun. >> all right, thank you jen. >> yes, having good time. >> let's talk about this new film. so excited about this, set in west philly and everyone is talking about it. oh ya, it is called brotherly love. and the stars are here, they're on good day they're here in the studio, they're walking in right now. oh, my goodness. hey shall everybody! okay so you know, we have to do -- i'm bringing out this. take one live. here we go.
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hey, how's it going? oh, jennifer and i had the most romantic vacation. really? there were gunshots... explosions... one night we decided to spice things up so we sent an innocent woman to prison for being a witch. you are guilty! then we called it a night
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because we had an early tee time. with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at
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>> new fell many coming outset in west philly called brotherly love. troubled the troubled family let's take a look. >> ♪ ♪ >> i'm so proud of you, bro. working ... all your moves man. >> jacky? so beautiful. >> families. >> came a long way. >> nicole. >> chris who? >> ♪ ♪ >> you got boyfriends? >> all right what's up, mr. jones in i been looking for you.
9:39 am
>> oh, it looks so good. cory i said it right. we have the actress area i can, jr. hey. >> where's everybody from? >> new york. >> i am from west philadelphia. >> yes, west philadelphia born and raised. >> born and raised in the playgrounds. >> yeah. >> chicago. >> where did you go to high school. >> robert e lamberton graduated from west chester university. yeah. >> good to have you here. >> nice to be here in my city and my hometown on market street. this is amazing. >> we're proud of you. >> thank you thank you. >> bell us about this movie t looks good. >> the film really about family. you know? it focuses on philadelphia, who, you know, trying to do what's right for the respective families. >> entrenched in violence, making right decision can be difficult decision. >> the whole thing shot here? >> yes. >> entire movie shot here, of course. >> going to meet him in a cup
9:40 am
old of minute here. >> and you're look the big brother in this, right? >> older brother like a father figure, mentor, but also hold it down for the family, what i got to go out in the streets and do what i got to do to bring stuff back home, and just, you know, support my brother's basketball dreams, thigh sister, you know, do music school, and just ladies man. no but family movie and it is all great. inner cities, all cities, communities can relate. >> the message? >> ultimately what i love about it it, really does talk about choices. and the power of your choices you know? and how that can really dictate your future. >> wow. >> and it is really it, really does hit home on that, on that one point. >> this is our home now, you say you're from new york, and core fry chicago what did you think every filly? spend a lot of time when filming? >> i love philly, i love the cheese steaks. >> i got them right.
9:41 am
>> they know how to say jawn? >> they know how to say jawn. >> with a little practice. >> okay, all right okay. >> we have some good looking women here too. >> ya. beautiful. >> how many, who is single who is not. >> i definitely a special laidy? >> i'm very sing. >> i micely done. >> all right? >> i'm married. and avenue son. >> oh, you? >> yes, you are married. >> weren't in you american sniper? yes, i was. >> yes, i was. >> great philadelphia many. >> thank you very much. >> so did you meet bradley cooper philly guy? my man. >> bradley is me man ya, had a great time working on that my, man this definitely the most important mover toy me right now. but it is something that hits home you know? i'm really like in like i can relate to the story come -- >> why, why do you relate? >> because i'm from chicago, i have family members who live
9:42 am
you know, who struggles, so closer, home to me, you know? >> go ahead. >> just the show of all of the characters, really does relate to so many different people. granted the lifestyle in the film very specific, and yet the choice that is he has to made -- to make for family, trainings true for anybody who is the financial provider in that house hole. you snow just in terms of having to take risk, having to make the difficult decisions even though everyone has a specific lifestyle ultimately, you can relate to the choices. >> yes. >> do you think it will make us proud? >> that's the thing for us to be here in the city all have to come out make this movie a succession, so we have to go out, have to go out you guys will be really really proud. >> it is truly a philly, philly, all the way around. yes, yes. >> this is in the wex up?
9:43 am
>> best movie i believe for our generation, you snow. >> when's it open? >> april 24th. >> support philly all day. >> we'll be proud for sure. >> am i mistaken, or were you ever on bold and the beautiful? >> i was on the bold and the beautiful, yes. >> he loves bold and the beautiful. my gosh, okay. so we'll let them talk it out then. so how about this? if you guys don't mind staying around okay, we'll bring the director in i have this segment called alex ask. alex ask. we want to make sure you got that right. so we have questions we want to ask guys with some honest answers. you promise to be honest? >> i'll be honest for real. >> stick around for accepting many of alex asks. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. >> guess before the brake, bringing in another guess here, we have jam add the direct over of the movie brotherly love. how are you doing? we know all of you guys aren't single, but we still what would you tell your guy friends, all right? you promise to be honest? >> yes. >> all right. so here we go. first question. first thing you meet a girl or your friend meets a girl for the first time. they exchange numbers, so you both have each other's numbers. how long should you way before you contact her? >> depends how good looking she. >> oh, my gosh. really? >> let's say she is really good looking. >> okay, you ready? can i get this one? >> go ahead. >> in the attraction hit it
9:47 am
off, i feel like you should call her immediately. >> immediately? >> because a man, he see what he want, he got to go get it. >> that's true. you have to make sure the number is right? >> everything. you know? that can be the one that could be your future, you know? >> you guys agree? >> ya, i agree. >> sometimes you got to play it cool, though, right? >> that's the high school way playing it cool. i feel like we're grown men. you just have to do it right away. >> the medias i of text message, i know what happens if you miss a text message after you already made the initial contact like a 22nd turn around, a minute is a long time. >> that's true. >> probably have to respond like probably the next day. >> okay. >> next day? >> twenty-four hours. >> twenty-four hours. >> if you wait a week, she gone. >> that's true. >> like someone on inch stomach gram. >> you can't do, that specifically read receipts you can't do that. >> so to the next one say few behaviors women do that are keeping us being single, right? so one of them is that you commit too soon. the average couple, exclusive
9:48 am
after just five days. fellows? is that too soon? five days? >> it seems a little quick. >> okay? >> five dates, ya. >> five dates, not five days? >> five dates. sorry. >> five dates. >> couple weeks? >> they've had the conversation like look it's been five dates. we're execution disbelief really? that's news to me. >> i guess that's shocking? >> depends on the individual. as i'm getting older i'm steel starting to realize my brothers are focused on execution at this as opposed to playing the field. >> when a man says look we are exclusive, don't assume? >> listen, she thinks you're exclusive doesn't mean he thinks your occlusion i have. >> i feel like nothing serious until you got a ring on your finger. >> oh, single until you're married casino of thing? >> i think so. >> some think dating him four
9:49 am
years, you need to back up basically he's taken. >> is there such a thing as girlfriends leakily? >> if you live together that's common law marriage. >> then that's marriage. >> true. >> some women think hey, she's been with him four years you're saying don't touch that man. you're saying no he is available in. >> a thing society invented feel more comfortable. >> okay. >> speak, brother. >> depends what stage you are in your life, now he? like the growth stage older and mature, just different. >> okay. see that you now you're saying little more to say than hmm? >> no. >> i feel like depends on the situation, you know? i mean only because with instagram, i'm learning so much about women what goes on up here. you know? whole time, player for the
9:50 am
guys stain gram means see these young ladies posting you know? >> you can't bring up -- a lot of times people bring those up trying to be fun. >> i then you see the comments, like ya, girl, i was thinking the same thing. >> so you like to do investigating? >> i don't investigate. i scroll. >> isn't that investigating? i don't blame you true. if i meet someone i'm looking at their facebook, twitter, all of that. >> that's eric talking. he's married. >> though no we said -- >> all it is just when you open up instagram. >> ya? >> you just see things. and you just girls saying like, for instance. >> oh, perfect example. >> he's into this. >> there is a woman who said sometimes, like you know that i am into love, but it doesn't necessarily mean that i want that with you. >> oh,. >> and i'm assuming that they've been -- there is a moment of -- the moral of the story all about brotherly love. >> i'm tight-lipped. i'm not saying too much.
9:51 am
>> that's okay. >> my wife watching like what you going to say now. >> okay, so april 24th. >> april 24th. >> that's when the movie comes out. the only kind of love we will be thing. >> the the queen latifa camp, allowing us to bring this to the world. >> charlie mack, he helped put all of this together. >> charlie mack is the man. >> where did he get it from? >> charlie. >> okay. >> great. >> as long as it was good. then that's okay. >> it was great. we did this movie for philadelphia and it is very important, to the city, to everybody that was involved, cast crew, and it is powerful film. i'm proud of it, jamal did his thing. >> thank you so much. we have to go, guys, see you april 24th. we love it. hey, we appreciate that. well, hell's kitchen is back tonight, five of the chefs are here. the sizzling drama on tonight's
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> quick reminder spring fling is tomorrow. spending all day in mt. laurel new jersey come hang out with us at victoria bagel starting 7:00. then after that, we are also going to be at the mt. laurel fire department from 8:30 to 10:00 but we will spends all day in mt. laurel. so then come in to coke co-key, that's where we will be in the 5:00 hour. >> 5:00 tomorrow afternoon maybe even spill into the 6:00 you're going to be at baseball game, i'll be atco co-key, which is -- >> a water park. >> water park. water park inch door i hope. >> yes. >> or i'll have some shrinkage. so tonight, one of my favorite shows, starts again, hell's kitchen. there is going to be 14 chefs starting tonight. start kicking them off. right? guess what? four of them are in our studio right now. >> let's bring them in, chef michelle from texas, chef t and chef adam, joining our local contestants chef.
9:56 am
>> which one is chef christine hazel. hi where did you grow up? >> i grew up in levittown live in northeast philadelphia now. >> didn't somebody have some casino of relationship with south jersey? >> right here. >> what's the relationship? >> i live in jackson. >> do you? >> dow. >> low do we root for now? >> we're divided. >> red team right now. >> i'm etamine or at this team here. >> that's right. >> good way to put it. >> chef t you're from? >> new york i live in atlanta. >> living in atlanta we'll root for you too. >> just go ahead. >> we'll show the love. >> that would make you from -- >> the lone star state. >> lone star state texas okay, very nice. so what's the set up by the way, if you want to watch there is i love the show. seeing party tonight at 7:00. chickie's and pete's, south philly packer avenue. so what, the whole show is in the can now right? already been shot? >> what did you have top poor to this first show tonight chef t?
9:57 am
>> do you remember what youy? >> it was like one long day in hell. >> no pun intended. >> long day in hell. what a promo for a show. >> all running together. >> it is all running together. i guess when did you guys shoot this? i think a year and a half ago. >> oh, okay. >> you kept this secret for year and a half? >> actually. >> cheese challenge. >> so watc
9:58 am
9:59 am
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