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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  April 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nesday april 1st, 2015. and i know this is the anniversary of this very program good day philadelphia. >> how fitting. >> nineteen years ago today so in honor of that, we have a big announcement coming up. as you know, no matter what the temperatures feels like, we want spring. so this is the first day of our spring fling over the next 12 weeks or so. we are going to different communities. and today is mt. laurel. >> mt. laurel, new jersey. >> yes. >> so, if you want to meet our crew, some of them will be over -- >> victoria's bagel bristro. >> route 38. i think 3131 route 38. >> route 38. >> they'll be there in just few minutes. >> now, you will need your winter coat again this morning. i know that. but it is going to get better. weaver milder temperatures on the way. prom ills. no fooling. it is a seven out of ten today. so at least that number is going up. the rain is out of here. bus stop buddy for you if you are outside for awhile, fan any kids are going to school today, it is off to cold start.
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i think he left his mittens in the lost and found though. sunrise at 6:45 this morning. 35 degrees at the moment. nothing left on ultimate doppler radar. so let's look forward to the sunshine today. it is a cold start. but it will be sunny, little bit on the breezy side, 48 degrees by lunchtime topping off at 53, and your sunset time is 7:25 this evening. so that takes you through your wednesday april 1st and bob kelly is here, with traffic. and there hasn't been as much today. has there? >> this morning has been kind of quiet. today starts the nice quiet couple of days in a row here. the philadelphia public schools, began their spring break, so the buses are parked, that will take out some of the volume. and i think over the next couple of days as we roll into the holiday weekend there things could be little lighter. right now no problems at all. coming in on 422 from collegeville royersford, northbound on the lincoln drive though watch for some debris. right near wissahickon, on the northbound side, an accident
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on the roosevelt boulevard at southbound right at seventh street. police are on the scene there. and if you are using i95 out of the northeast, hold on, pup your coffee cup in the holder, down the front of you here, whole major pothole south on 95 at girard avenue in the center lane of that construction zone. there is no shoulder. there is the tight squeeze. so if you're in the center lane you're hitting it. because there is no way to zig-zag there with the traffic volume that's coming in toward the city. otherwise, we're in pretty good shape. coming up 202 no problems or delays at all. we go outside to live look at 202 and 252, in the heart of chesterbrook, no problems at all, the roads still little damp from all of the rain we had yesterday but curbside on the 42 freeway headlights coming in toward philadelphia, passing our camera there at 295. mass transit looking good. mike alex, back to you. >> thank you 6:02. investigators say autopsies will be done today on man and woman found dead in their lower moreland home.
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>> gruesome. the couple's bodies discovered by their child yesterday afternoon. jenny, what went down here in lower mere lands? >> reporter: well, mike, all we know is that there was a chain saw involved, and that these bodies were bloodied and mutilated. as the couple's son found them inside their lower moreland home. happened just before 1:00 o'clock yesterday. that's when the discovery was made. right now police are calling one of the deaths a homicide. they are wait to go make a declaration on both deaths until after an autopsy is completed. that's scheduled for today. neighbors didn't want to talk on camera last night and said they wanted to deal with the tragedy privately. the montgomery county district attorney's offers says the victims are 48 year old man and 43 year old woman. again found by one of their children. at this point, police are not releasing the victim's names so we aren't either. details as to how and why this tragedy happened are still unfolding. again, hoping to learn more today after the autopsies are completed, mike, al next. >> my goodness, all right
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almost 6:04 now. pennsylvania attorney general catherine cane facing big setback. >> big news yesterday afternoon. the state supreme court ruled that a county judge acted properly when he appointed a special prosecutor to look into the grand jury leaks tied to kathleen kane's offers. >> kane challenge that appointment after separate grand jury recommended for the leaks of secret material. that recommendation is now in the hands of montgomery county district attorney. and officials are investigate the death after new jersey man who died while in police custody. vineland police say the man who was taken into custody on grape street just before noon yesterday. the unidentified man died a short while later. police have not yet released any information on what led to his arrest or even how he died. but they say officers did not shoot him. the cumberland county prosecutor's offers is now investigating. sad ending in search for local grandfather missing for more than three months. authorities say veto's body fawn in the schuylkill river
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someone shot him. the 69 year old father of six and grandfather of nine disappeared just days before christmas. philadelphia police later found his car in east germantown, also found blood and shell casing inside the car. so far no arrests. my goodness. all right almost, well, 05:00. pennsylvania governor tom wolf heads to west philadelphia. later today the latest stop in his jobs that pay tour. he will be visiting the west regional center of the community college of philadelphia on the 4700 block of chestnut street. that is at 1:00 this afternoon. included in the democrat's first budget address, a push to restore job training, and an apprentice programs at community college to help middle class families find work. and, the glassboro police department officially switches on their body cameras. that happened early this morning. they are using the taser axeon camera system like the one shown here. the pilot program was a
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success, and now glassboro officers are required to turn on the cameras during any interaction with us is expects of the general public, exceptions can be made for more sensitive cases, such as sexual assaults. and, there will be a vigil tonight for 26 year old mark hudson. the darby police officer who was shot and killed inside his home over the weekend. yesterday, authorities in delaware county, charge this woman, his girlfriends, 27 year old diana finch with his murder. police say finch originally told them the shooting was accidental but later said she fired in self-defense. a day before being charged with murder, finch was arrested on charges stemming from a dispute last summer in which she allegedly threatened hudson with a knife. finch is being held in the delaware county prison. well, 6:06. a shocking admission from the germanwings airline what they now say about the co-pilot's psychological history. >> i guess they new something was going on.
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customers killed at a nail salon in northeast philadelphia yesterday. when a car smashes through the front window. why the driver will not be charged.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> hey bob what bridge is a? >> the girard point double decker. >> what's up with the bell? >> i don't know, i found it here. >> more cow bell, please. >> we need more cow bell. ten after 6:00. you talk about a freak accident, that just so tragic. my goodness. >> yes, car comes crashing through the window of nail salon in the northeast striking customers. one woman was killed. >> yes, she just had her nails done killed, was pinned under the car. >> this was the scene just afternoon yesterday at cindy's nail salon on bustleton avenue. police say a 82 year old woman pulled into a parking spot, right in front of the nail salon. and it appears she hit the gas pedal, and instead of the brake. unidentified woman, who had just finish her appointment became pinned under that car and she was killed.
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two others were hurt, one critically. they say well, listen to this. >> hey couple of people was in the floor. and the owner was shaking and girls crying, and so not pleasant view. >> considerable amount of damage consistent with continually accelerating through the entire store. until the car couldn't move any further because of the store, because of the walls itself. >> it is horrible. it is horrible. we are very friendly place for everyone here, and i believe this is just an accidental. >> officials tell us, charges are unlikely in this case, now, neither the driver nor the passenger was also in the car when it crashed into nail salon. >> if there wasn't a wall in the back of the store cement block, the car would have gone all the way through the nail salon into the back parking lot. that's how fast it was going. just unreal. all right 6:11. new england patriots owner
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robert kraft, there he is right there, takes the stand yesterday in the aaron hernandez trial. what says aaron told him right after owed end lloyd's death. >> bob? >> good morning, everybody 6:12, we will go for a ride. schuylkill expressway not bad at the moment. westbound, leaving philadelphia heading out toward that king of prussia area. couple every accidents in the neighborhood. we'll check the jam cams, sue's got the
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>> just about 6:15 this morning, you know i probably had rain on you yesterday but there was plenty of snow far to the north and west as we promised you places in carbon, monroe counties, and lehigh counties. lake harmony up there in the mountains got 4 inches of snow. and heidelberg, which is in lehigh county, got that's a township got about an inch of snow and everybody else was somewhere inbetween. but you can barely see the last gasp of that storm because it moved pretty quickly off the coast. after the rain ended last night. next chance every spring showers it starts to cloud up by noon, tomorrow, we will start, tonight it starts to cloud up. by noon tomorrow we start to see some of the first raindrops, and then the rain starts to get pretty heavy actually, this is 6:00 in the morning, get little break in the afternoon by 2:00 in the afternoon, you see some rain, heavy rain, by 7:00 in the
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evening, as last gasp of the storm comes throughment looks like friday night could get little loud with thunder storms. temperatures right now are still cold. cold start. but it will be better end to the day. and brighter end to the day than what we had yesterday. 25 degrees, right now in mount pocono. thirty-five in the city. thirty-three in millville. below freezing in wilmington. i know, winds are coming out the northwest at 8 miles an hour, you have to factor that in when you see what it feels outside. that's windchill of 29 in the city. we are in the 50's by the end of the day today, seven out of ten, nine tomorrow. sunny, breezy, temperatures above average, 65 degrees looks like real nice day on thursday. rainy and mild on friday. but we are up close to 70 degrees on friday. good friday, and also, the start of passover, in the evening, again those
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lingering showers on saturday, but sunny bunny on easter sunday, bob kelly. hopping into your heart. >> let's hope that burney doesn't bring all of the dirty footprint in the house after all of the rain. 6:17 this wednesday morning. our first stop on the spring fling, mt. laurel, new jersey, where we go. live look at route 73, and church road. you got the old sage dine their in the back gown, but 73, nice and quiet this morning, up and down into and out of the stretch between mt. laurel and all the way up toward that talcony palmyra bridge. fire location, though, in the neighborhood, hunting park, ninth and luzerne, local detours there. and the lincoln drive getting rid of some debris northbound right near wissahickon. no problems on the schuylkill expressway, at least at the moment. on the boulevard southbound, there is an accident at seventh, and then another crash, right at henry avenue. right before you get to the schuylkill expressway.
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so double accidents there. and just watch for the potholes they're everywhere. even on i-95 as you come into the city southbound, at girard avenue, that center lane in the construction zone, there is a huge pothole. and it is casino of tough. because there is no shoulder. there is no where to zig-zag as woe get into the rush hour now. so if you're in that center lane, hold on to your coffee cup before or i would say put it down before it goes down the front of you. 55 miles an hour coming up through malvern. and no problems on mass transit at the moment. mike alex, back over to you. >> 6:18. foul play is not suspected in a death of oil heir andrew getty. yes, a getty. the 47 year old was found dead in the bathroom of his hollywood hills home yesterday afternoon. toxicology tests were ordered after medication was found at the scene. officials will know once results come in, if getty's death was accidental, or if he died of natural causes. he had been ill. and reportedly had an
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appointment to see his doctor, that was actually the appointment was for today. >> well, germanwings held press conference about an hour ago at the crash site that killed 150 people. the visit comes as the company admits to knowing about co-pilot andreas lubitz mental health issues. >> now the company has extended thanks to authorities and remorse to the victim's families, though wouldn't take any questions as you can see there. the german airline admits to knowing about lubitz's battle with depression, but says the 27 year old passed all medical checks. lubitz crash flight 9525 into french mountainside last week. and iran nuclear talks pushed past the deadline, will powers try to hammer out agreement, to curb iran's nuclear program. officials say there is progress but still some sticking points that remain, among them the pace of the lifting un sings cents against iran, what to do the country's
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stockpiles of enriched ooh rain yum. >> most important and most critical of all the issues, is whether or not the currently enriched uranium will be taken out of iran and the suggestion has been that had been sent, that it be sent to russia, and converted no fuel perhaps for commercial reactors, and then return to iran. >> now, there is a deadline, the state department says secretary kerry has no plans to stay in switzerland past today, it is an agreement not reached. >> that's interesting. search warrant reveal new information regarding two illinois cousins charged in connection with plotting a terror attack on a military facility. hasan and jonas edmonds were both arrested last wednesday federal investigators allege the terror plot involves an attack on the joel yet national guard armory, with ak-47's and grenades. f.b.i. agents have seized several electronic devices in connection to the
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investigation, as authorities want to know if the men have any connection to isis like they say they do. the cousin's arrest is very upset to go other family members in the area. >> it is heart breaking, my family we're americans, i mean we lived here all our life, in illinois. they are nothing like that. >> meanwhile, according to a new report from the heritage foundation this plot is the 64th terror case since 9/11, focused on american soil. terror analysts at the organization warn similar plots could climb and could end up actually succeeding in this country. >> 6:31 -- 21, kidnapping described as a hoax, two california newspapers claim it has received emails from the woman's abductor. the san francisco chronical reported anonymous person wrote that the kidnapping of denise hoskins last week was real it describes in detail how she was take friend her home.
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woman's boyfriends reported her missing telling police the kidnappers demanded eight a hundred dollar some. hoskins, woman returned home, two days later before the alleged ransom was due. >> interesting. hecklers escorted out of new jersey chris christie's town hall meeting yes he got heckled again. >> this happened yesterday in the middle of the meeting and new jersey. >> few people chanting arrest christie. while holding up some blue toy handicuffs. eventually security escorted them out that far meeting. but another heckler stood up while governor christie was answering another question, got heckled again. governor christie has been promoting his new budget and reforms for the state in town hall meetings all across the state. he is supposed to have some more in the next two weeks. well, 6:22 par parent every local girl make tough choice that will affect her
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life forever. the lent the community is going to to show their support.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> all right 6:26. >> well, today aaron hernandez trial, man suing the former nfl star in connection do another shoot something expected to take the stands. >> yep, but in court yesterday hernandez's former boss, robert kraft, was on the stand. yep, there he is. owner robert kraft says aaron hernandez told him he was innocent when he asked if aaron was involved in the killing of oath em lloyd, that was aaron's friend. bob kraft says he and aaron spoke at gillette stadium two days after the murder, and aaron said he was at a club at the time of owed end lloyd's death. >> aaron pleaded not guilty in the 2013 shooting death of owed end lloyd. he was dating the sister of herdandez's fiancee.
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>> boy, tense moments in montgomery county. four firefighters were held hostage yesterday afternoon at their own firehouse. why police think a former firefighter went there with a gun. and a shot was fired. >> let's get to steve keeley live at septa headquarters, with story on another attack. >> tensions high on the septa system again, here we are day two, and no, we don't have septa headquarters bureau opening just two days of two videos hard to watch and yesterday, we had guy with a knife. no results catching that guy yet. today the weapon, a closed fist that knocks a guy
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>> 6:30. >> tough video to watch. sixty year old man knocked out on a septa platform watch officials think started this attack. >> again. and two parents found dead, in their montgomery county home. yes, their son walk in and saw this scene. and it involves a chain saw. >> young girl in the fight for her life. she found out her symptom aches were much more serious. now how the community is rallying to support her. >> young lady. >> good morning, it is wednesday, it is also the 19th anniversary of this very program, good day philadelphia. >> thank you, bob kelly.
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>> start spring fling over the next eight-12 weeks, until what, spring june 23rd something like that. >> all over the area spots first stop mt. laurel, new jersey. >> and in 29 minutes, you can meet, i say well, you might quincy might be there, jenn fred, you never know. somebody from good day philadelphia is going to be at what's the name of the bagel place? >> victoria's bagel bristro. >> 3131 route 38, sue serio. >> okay, it is going to be fun, and happily, we have sunshine for you for today. clear skies overnight. it means sunshine during the day. you will need a coat, temperatures are cold this morning, again butts stop buddy's kind of mischievous on this april fools day. i don't know what he is up to. but we have seven out of ten for you today. looking pretty good already. sunrise is official in a few minutes, 6:45, so it is 35 degrees with a 8-mile per hour breeze. and our rain from yesterday moved well off shore it barely can see it any more. so here's what we've got for today. bright sunshine, light
6:32 am
breezes, and high temperature of 53 degrees. and that takes care of your wednesday. lots going on this weekend of course. holiday weekends coming up. so we'll have the complete forecast for youment bob kelly here right now. >> hey sue good morning 6:32 this wednesday morning starting to see some volume pop around the board here, 422, let's go outside live look at the headlights coming in toward king of prussia time to make the donuts, stack up from collegeville, heading in toward the king of prussia interchange there. and all of the roads little wet and damp from all of the rain that we will to put up with last night and the early hours, south on 95, delays at girard. here is live look at city line avenue right near belmont avenue. in the neighborhood, hunting park, fire location at ninth and luzern, with some local detours. also northbound on the lincoln drive, there is some debris right near wissahickon and starting to see delays on the schuylkill now coming into and out of the city, that stretch between belmont and city line avenue.
6:33 am
and then south on the boulevard, accident at seventh, another one little further south toward the roosevelt boulevard. and south on 95, delays out of the northeast from academy in toward the cottman construction zone, then extra heavy, into girard avenue. where we have the construction zone and a pothole that is in the center lane near girard avenue. anyone in the center lane definitely slowing down, gridlock, right now no shoulder, no way to avoid that center lane. but just be aware of that if you head south this morning into the city. mike, back over to you. >> bob, i want to tell this, breaking news out of delaware county. skyfox, up already this morning, and over springfield road springfield road, this is in olden, so we'll have more information as it comes into the news room here. but it looks like pretty much under control. no body acting frantic or anything. we'll show you where it is. >> 6:33, lower moreland police calling it apparent suicide after man and woman are found
6:34 am
dead yesterday morning. >> with a chain saw? it was the couple's child actually who discovered the bodies inside their home. and then that child called 911. jen is he on the story in lower moreland. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, guys, every detail just horrifying in this case, the fact the couple was found by one of their children and mike like you said it was with a chain saw that at least one of these people was killed in a apparent homicide. wait to go hear from police as to the death on both bodies. they are awaiting a autopsy. those results should be back sometime today. but again these bodies, bloodied mutilated by a chain saw, found inside the family's country lane home in lower moreland yesterday before 1:00 p.m. police are calling one of the deaths a homicide. again, they are wait to go make the declaration on both deaths until after the autopsy is complete. neighbors didn't want to talk on camera last night. they said they wanted to deal with the tragedy privately. the montgomery county district attorney's office says the victims are 48 year old man
6:35 am
and 43 year old woman, again fawn by one of their children. at this point police are not releasing the victim's names. so we aren't going to do that either. details as to how and why all of this happened, we're sitting, though, so we'll work on that later this morning as we wait to hear from police. mike, al next. >> tough story to be on, jenny, thank you. convicted cop killer mumia jamal being treated for diabetes, very weak, 60 years old, under heavy guards after being rushed to the hospital yesterday. he is serving life in prison as you know for the 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer, danny faulkner. federal appeals court throughout his death sentence. that was knack 2008. >> all right septa again septa police are trying to track down group of teens who got into a fight with a man on a platform. that was on monday. >> yes. so we will show you video might be disturbing some viewers this morning. to steve keeley. live with what started this
6:36 am
attack. >> well, spring break for this 60 year old man means breaking his jaw, because kids who weren't yet out on spring break after school on monday got into some argument with him, just simply because he apparently stepped on one. kids' feet as he got on to the crowded subway train. and so one of the other kids that didn't like that, they started jawing back and forth. we don't know because the six year old -- the 06 year old isn't cooperating believe it or not. whether or not he apologized, what was said afterward on the train ride here to center city, but you can see in the video, it shows six year old teenager, talking back and forth, teen taking the strap off his back pack, looking like he is ready to get physical on the train then teenage give bravely steps in, symptoms him not for long. because after the train does stop at 15th street platform, when both got off the 60 year old is surrounded by all of the teens. while he is facing all of the others, the teen that he was facing off with on the train punches him from behind with enough for the to -- force to break his jaw, knock him off
6:37 am
down to the floor. either the concrete or the punch itself caused big cut where he needs lot of stitches in his face. >> the final point where there is a physical altercation it goes from verbal altercation to physical altercation is horrifying. there is -- i doubt there is any excuse for that casino of behavior. but i would love to know what led to up it before that point. >> we really want to talk to witnesses, we would love to talk to the puncher. we're looking for help in identifying all of the folks that you see on the video and would greatly appreciate the help of the public. >> and so teachers, classmates, and hopefully parents, since the 60 year old isn't helping hopefully they will help, see the teen, recognize him hopefully help police find him. oddly, for some reason, the 60 year old at hahnemann not cooperating with the police,
6:38 am
even though his jaw is busted and his face all stitched up, won't tell why he may think that this kid got to the point where he punched him in the face so hard. so we can't avoid news down here at septa headquarters as we go to the right. one of the sweep he is just caught on fire. that's why my cameraman is coughing uncontrollably. so all kind of crazy stuff happening on the streets of center city. guy trying to sweep up the sidewalk and his vehicle catches fire. >> oh, my goodness. wow. all right, be careful out there. former firefighter is undergoing a mental health evaluation at a state hospital. >> after police say he held several firefighters hostage at gunpoint yesterday. police responded to shots fired at the la mott fire company number one elkins park. police say 25 year old paul jordan entered the station with a 9-millimeter handgun. they say he was angry after being fired monday night after long running dispute. >> previously before our arrival, received a call, did
6:39 am
fire one shot into the wall in the firehouse. >> during that time, we were in conversations with him by phone. >> police say jordan eventually surround end end to hostage negotiators after all of the hostages were freed. surveillance picture leads police to two suspect wanted in a theft in mt. laurel. it happened on march 21st, at the fun flex on route 38. police say the suspect broke into an arcade and vending machine. thirty-seven year old edward hatch and 33 year old nicole hatch had been charged with criminal mischief, theft conspiracy. >> had nothing do with our sprinkling in mt. laurel. good news for people who take a free shuttle bus that runs near the new justice center in bucks county. it is a beautiful building by the way. they get to keep their free rides at least for now. the bucks county parking garage shuttle was supposed to stop running today, but after hearing a lot of feedback, from those who rely on the shuttle, county officials announce that it will continue to run each morning at least until construction outside the builds something completed.
6:40 am
there are building a new handicapped accessible ramp there. officials say they'll discuss the future of the free shuttle bus at a later meeting but for now it is free. well, more praise for america's old he is brewery. >> yuengling brewery in pottsville earned the title of best kraft beer brewing company in the country for 2014. how about that? that's according to the brewers association, love that group. whose annual list ranks all of america's breweries on beer sales volume. so victory brewing company in downingtown is also on the list congratulations to them. they come in at 29th overall. still that's really good. >> that is. >> yuengling number one. it is one of hollywood's most talked about homes. now, we're learning about a major secret from the playboy mansion, how some of hollywood's biggest stars are involved. and it involves more than just bacteria there in the grat
6:41 am
owe. >> sue? >> well, speaking of playboy weaver a bun nip our forecast, but not that kind of bunny. it is the easter bunny, of course. that's coming up sunday. we have your holiday weekend forecast just ahead. as good day philadelphia continues.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> we're 16 minutes away from running into you, some of our staff, over in mt. laurel, new jersey at victoria's bagels at 3131 route 38. >> for our spring fling. >> spring fling. first stop. >> you got t oh, if you noah teenager looking for a summer job, listen to this. >> the teen summer job opportunity fair will be held today at temple university. teens will be able to meet with employers also apply for summer jobs and internships. event starts at 2:00 today will be held at the howard gittis student center. >> i'm starting to get little nervous. big announcement to make today. not sure how to say it. >> but we talk about it. and i think is a good thing. >> on. >> i think it is a good thing. so we'll do this announcement at 7:30. and you're going to want to see this. >> might do it before then actually. >> really? >> yes. >> you just want to get it out
6:45 am
there. >> it is right here. sue? >> usually the best way to say it is just say it. >> spray it. >> sometimes. you know what? we've had very chilly 2015 so far. each month of the year has seen temperatures below average. so this is when we add up all of the temperatures, highs and lows of the whole entire month, january, 2 degrees below average february, the .9 almost 10 degrees, this was the seventh coldest february we've ever had. and month of march which just ended yesterday we ended up 4.4 degrees below average. so, if you think it has been a cold year so far you have been absolutely right. let's see if we can turn that around during the month of april. we'll try. we've got some above average temperatures coming up. so ultimate doppler nothing yet. so we look at the future cast, we go to about midnight thursday night into friday morning. that's when we see the clouds thicken up. this is our next chance of
6:46 am
rain. now, that yesterday's rain is out of here, so we have some rain moving through, during good day on friday morning. then little break in the action, about midday, and then more rain coming in, for the evening drive. it promises to be a mess. if you are getting out of town perhaps for the holiday weekend, going out for the start of passover friday evening, lots of rain be prepared to bring your umbrella 10:00 p.m., it looks lick it is raining pretty hardiments then just leftovers early saturday morning. temperatures right now left over from wintertime. we have 25 degrees, in mount pocono, 32 in red willing, we have 32 degrees in pottstown and 35 here in the city. but, we've got some breezes out there from the northwest that are making it feel chillier than it actually is. windchills are in the 20's, just about everywhere this morning. still, feels like wintertime. here's your seven day forecast it, does get better. look at tomorrow. look at friday. yes, a lot of rain friday. 68 degrees though, the high
6:47 am
temperature. so hopefully that will help. and then we stay in the 50's, 60s, through the rest of the seven day forecast, sunny bunny, sunday, easter sunday, then monday, for phillies opening day we play ball with 62 degrees and sunshine. how unusual to have good weather on opening day for the phillies, bob kelly it doesn't seem like it usually works out this way. >> well, maybe that will be a sign of good luck. 6:47. good morning everybody on a wednesday, an accident on 295. it is 295 northbound, as you roll in toward the mt. holly interchange. that's exit number 45 on 295. first stop spring fling, mike just mentioned it, mouth laurel, new jersey there is morning, victoria's bake he will shop along route 38. also chance to say hi us to us over at the mt. laurel fire department located along elbow lane just off church. live look at church and elbow in mt. laurel, new jersey, you can see the roads little damp from all of the rain that we had, last night. so just be aware that far as
6:48 am
you roll out of the driveway this morning. the schuylkill expressway, already slow, coming inbound from city line, in toward downtown. fire location in the neighborhood, hunting park at ninth and luzern. watch for detours there. and lincoln drive northbound, got some debris. it sounds like another piece of rock that's fallen from the hillside there near rittenhouse, so headed northbound, one of the two lanes are blocked this morning. and then on the roosevelt boulevard, a crash southbound, right near seventh street. and heavy on 95. southbound from cottman avenue into girard, and as you come in toward the girard avenue construction zone, that center lane has a huge pothole right near girard avenue. mike alex, back over to you. >> sad news here. folks singer and rock-and-roll hall of famer joani mitch sell in los angeles hospital. >> sources tell "tmz" mitchell rushed to hospital from home yesterday. yesterday afternoon around
6:49 am
2:30, the website reporting that the 71 year old singer and songwriter intensive care late yesterday. details concerning this medical emergency are unclear, but we'll keep you updated. >> good song. >> big yellow taxi. >> talks to produce film about the manhunt that followed the marathon bombing. wahlberg identifying the roll of boston police commissioner ed davis film project titled patriots day would be in direct competition with its fox 21st century movie about the 2013, called boston strong. >> well, are you kidding me? rolling stone the band is headed to the united state for
6:50 am
their north american zip code tour. they're touring again this summer. the show will start in san diego, that will be next month. and it is expected to be in pittsburgh on june 20th. i don't care about. that will i want to know if they're coming to philly. rolling stones not coming to fill. >> i pit burying closest play. >> well the heck with them then. rolling stones have been playing music since 1962. >> just can't get no satisfaction mike. >> brown sugar. >> what? >> that's one of the big songs. >> oh, okay. i was like you talking about me? are you talking to me? >> works both ways. >> anyway, the editorial staff for playboy say they made pretty interesting discovery. >> they found blueprints and photos of a secret tunnel built under the playboy mansion. and get this. one of the tunnels reportedly links to the homes of several major hollywood stars
6:51 am
underground. >> so according to reports these tub develops been there for a while built in 1977. and they are connect today hollywood actors jack nicholson, jail douglas warren beaty all of whom live near the mansion during the late 70s and 80s, do you mean, are you serious, tub tolls their homes? oh, my god. reps for the hollywood legends and hugh hefner, who owns the playboy mansion of course, declined comment yesterday. >> well, mike, i know you have been to the playboy mansion. >> i have. >> so have you been to any of these tub else? did you know about these tub else? >> did i not know about the tunnels. but i have been in the grato. i never got into the water in the grato. it just seemed like a big bacteria frappuccino. so i didn't get near it. >> so no one mentioned any tunnels snow. >> nope. >> diddid you see jack nicholson. >> i have not seen him but been to a couple of parties. >> how many times have you been there? is oh, for work, scientific
6:52 am
reasons. >> sure. >> that's right. >> scientific reasons? >> just doing an investigation. >> okay? >> thank you john. 6:52. let's get serious here. oh, man there is girl is so sweet and strong. >> she is only 11 years old but young paige found out she has ovarian cancerment the tough choice her family to make, on our community coming out to support
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
ing. >> five minutes until 7:00. this 11 year old girl from our area, bravely standing up against cancer? her name is paige, a spunky sixth grade here just loves sports. but suddenly she start today experience stomach issues. and when the pain got worse she went to chop where doctors discovered tumors in her abdomen. she was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> it was very sudden. you know, paige is 11 years old, then very healthy child. >> it has been hard because i know if it came to this, like, i mean, i just felt bumps when i was laying back. >> paige has had two surgeries to remove the tumors, and both ovaries, and she's had chemotherapy twice and she still has two more rounds to go. the warrington fire department where page's dad used to work
6:56 am
held shavea-thon fundraiser where it shows it is okay to be bald. >> eleven years old that's tough. our videos were there. >> first to support paige we love. >> this so these nine guys, all local firefighters, and the benefit raised money through donations and sales of t-shirts, wrist bands, that red paige power. i fight like a girl. love that. close to 600 people show up. it is great to see the community come to support her. she a brave little girl. >> wow. all right haven't filed your taxes yet? >> it is april 1st time to do it. >> trying to call the irs for help? keep holding. why. irs is ignoring their call. >> they are
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
a man knocked out on a septa platform. the innocent accidents that escalated into a brutal attack. >> are you trying to figure out how to do your taxes in well, have you tried calling the irs? don't bother, why the agency is ignoring your calls. >> and jen, it is spring fling. >> south jersey, harrington middle school, where we are really going to get the party start in the a few minutes you'll be surprised you got your stuff our 10:00 p.m.
7:00 am
friends, alex. >> yes, looks like a party's brewing right there. >> this program called good day philadelphia, so, in honor that far, we have fairly big announcement to make to make, i'm going to try to get this announcement out of my gull. >> the you're nervous aren't you? >> little bit little bit. >> try to do it before 7:30. >> good thing good thing. >> yes really good thing. we all talk about it, little staff meeting you know? >> go to that paying ill place. >> victoria bagel bristro. >> you'll need your winter coat again. but, now what it will get little better later on, so now to up seven out of ten.


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