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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  April 7, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this was a kidnapping. she was pull in the van, tortured and left in the cemetery twice. what police think the crooks were actually after. you got served. a husband find divorce papers in his facebook messages. >> oops. >> bizarre case that can have you taking a closer look at hoist messaging you. >> we have an tern to come into explain this. wave of the future. do you see that woman right there? do you know who she likes. that guy. billy crystal. we like him too. he is the voice of ol af. >> the movie of frozen. >> woman is not on the show but two dude in the video are on our show today. >> they have a new show called comedian. it is different. >> does he sound like olaf. >> every time i saw him i said that is ol af. >> i have to admit something now that i haven't, i never
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seen the movie frozen. >> you were elsa. >> bob, you have a child. >> she's old enough she went to the movies without the me. >> were you both elsa. >> i was faking. >> i watched a few clips on you tube. >> i don't know what he sound like what does he sound like. >> i don't know. >> i don't know this. >> i can't do it. >> i can't do it. >> we will play a little bit of it. so i know before i talk to the guy . >> okay. >> i'm sure, camille can get that together in tribute to billy crystal, you look marvelous and hopefully you will too on this bad hair day because it will rain, on you, at some point if you go outside. six out of ten is your weather by numbers. is there buddy with the rain gear. he is ready for rain. back to reality for some kid
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had off yesterday with easter weekend. hello rain in new castle county, delaware, it is in camden, gloucester, salem, cumberland counties in new jersey. here in philadelphia we have a light rain, parts of the bucks and mercer counties and burlington get something rain as well. 57 degrees a current temperature and we will get to a high of 68 with mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers tonight, down to 45, a chilly, rainy, dreary, nasty, night. we will tell you when he sun returns in a few minutes in your seven day forecast, bob. >> yes, sue good morning. here's an example of the that rain soak 95 in delaware county. again in the the a heavy rain, just enough to make things a little mess think morning. pop those wipers on that intermittent stage but glare in the road surface, i-95 north bound past our camera for commodore barry bridge. the lets go to the schuylkill where things are dry as a
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bone. hit and miss depending pneumonia where you begin and end on the right. eastbound schuylkill seeing delays from conshohocken in toward belmont. we have an overturn truck on 422, westbound side between sanatoga and arm and hammer, watch for delays there, and then a westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike a vehicle truck fire there right near valley forge interchange work your way out toward king of prussia. coming in from new jersey slow go from the black horse pike on the freeway up to 55, folks, heading up toward walt whitman and ridge pike an airport road. all of the bridges are fine and mass transit has in delays. mike and alex, back to you. >> i'm's listening on the computer to ol a thef. >> dawn roll it, because thinks a bad speaker. >> it is like my whole life got turned upside down. >> i'm sorry. >> are you okay.
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>> i think that is ana. >> i'm wonderful. >> that is olaf. >> yes. >> okay. >> i love it, even more. >> that is tough to imitate good i love it even more. >> it looks like jerry lewis. >> my gosh. oh, no. >> okay, i'm up to speed. we can interview this guy, later in the show. >> i can't believe you have never seen the the movie. >> i apologize to america. >> 7:04. we are trying to piece together this weird story in montgomery county. >> police are investigating a double shooting that happened late last night. >> but where did it happen. jenny joyce is in conshohocken. >> reporter: alex and mike the luk ill is finally opened. i did talk to the man inside. a said in one said to him about any activity. in one left him a note. the at this point he is in the the dark as to what was going on here what we know from
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police and what we have seen from our sky fox video is that two in male shooting victims were found at this luk oil here in conshohocken at chemical road and ridge pike. they were transported to mercy suburban hospital. it is unclear where it happen. i talk to plymouth township police. they said the shooting happened in norristown. norristown police say they don't have anything on it. the details on exactly what took place here last night is not yet known but as you can see there are a number of police officers and they are surrounding a a red vehicle. so we believe that played some sort of role what role, we do not know, mike and alex. >> see the the red vehicle, it the played some kind of role, were they in the red vehicle the 29 people that were shot. >> reporter: well, it is unclear, but because, we don't think the shooting actually happened here, we believe they may have been transported in that red vehicle. the the focus of the investigation. police are not giving any information at this point.
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>> they are trying to make sure they have it straight. >> yes. >> all right, jenny, thanks. 7:06. we are following another developing story this morning this one out of the philadelphia's germantown section, a man in his 20's was shot twice in the chest, and this was around 8:00 last night. sky fox over the scene at east ashmead street. thirty lease rush the victim to einstein hospital where he later died. this morning no arrests yet. a fire at a home in gloucester county new jersey leaves one man displaced. fire fighters were called to the 400 block of west broad street in paulsboro, and direct their attention to the the rear of the house where the fire was, the the fire was placed under control in just a few minutes. no one was hurt but one man is receiving assistance from the red cross, of course, the cause of the fire is under investigation as they always are. 7:06. lets get to the philadelphia police barricade situation. they say the the situation escalated when dhs arrived at a west oak lane home to remove
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two children. police say the the father of the ten and 12 year-old appeared with the gun and ordered them back inside the house. members of the swat team talk to the children's mother who called the cell phone and told all seven kid to leave out of the back door of the seventh avenue home. police lease sent in the robot and discover the father was sleep on the floor. the suspect one on was actually a fake gun. jeffery bowens has within charge in the stabbing death of the woman in frank for. neighbors call police march 24th saying they saw a foot sticking out of the ground in the apartment. officials say 39 year-old kelly hess had been stabbed in the head neck and then chest and then wrapped in plastic bags. >> my gosh. >> terrible. well, while walking in broad daylight a woman was kidnaped and assaulted by a group of masked men in center city. this happened around 4:00 o'clock saturday after a noon at eighth and chestnut. >> this is one of the one
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where she was going to her car. police say they have video of the getaway ran. steve, we talk about the getaway van yesterday but now we can see the the white gra feet that i was on this van. >> reporter: you may soon be able to see people up side the van and that kidnaped her because simply because one nickname police have for atm machines is always taking mug shots. you notice they have a camera in your face. even if you just use the card, and don't get any money, try to use somebody else's card this thing is taking pictures of you. and since these guys took her bank card and pin number and went from machine to machine to machine trying to get cash out not knowing thaw can only take a certain limit out on a daily basis. they got 200 bucks. they were taking her picture at every stop. they stole her credit card. stores have loads of surveillance. they probably have pictures in the stores as well. just because police have no the put that out to the public besides the surveillance of the van that these guys have from the parking lot that they did put out doesn't mean they don't have it and doesn't mean they
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don't know who they are already and may be outlooking for them since it is tuesday and this happened on saturday right outside your balcony, mike. you are probably one of the people saying hey, thinks a nice, safe area but never know who is following you. you never know hoist watching you. that is what everybody in jewelers row is thinking this morning. >> and we all on the street feel horrible about this situation. i park in the same lot. not to we labor this. it is just a horrendous act. to come into our territory and act like that, it is not excusable. >> it is very devastating. it is very scary for me also as a woman. i do take the train from time to time. but i feel terrible for her. i feel bad for the family, what she's going through right now. >> it is just a shame. i'm very scared about what happened. you know, it is something that you see all the time. obviously cherry hill in this business or whatever. you take precautions. for example, i take different
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routes home every day. don't park the the car in the same lot every day, you know, stuff like that. it is just a shame. she's a very nice lady. >> reporter: so again here's the the van that police have not recovered yet. likely stolen. likely dumped somewhere. surprised it hasn't been torched somewhere. it is red and maroon with white graffiti on the side. chances are not registered to any of these guys but nobody reported a van like this stolen either. police are hoping somebody from the public spots this. that would be one of the many pieces of evidence that police have but they are expecting to have some good evidence, from these machine machines and they may put it out. since sabina did this at headquarters yesterday not only did they not the put out surveillance of the van but we know woman is out of the hospital but she doesn't think she's out of danger since she is guys essentially stole her identity taking her drivers licenses and keys. she does not feel safe there knowing that these guys are out there. who knows what else they told her while they were punching
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her over the head and tasering her with one of those things that burns your skin. she's still terrifies. >> that is for sure, my goodness. >> the van is so recognizable but like you said it is probably stolen. 7:11. a delaware family is poisoned by a powerful chemical while on vacation. >> let's give you another update. we have been following this story for over a in month now. steven edmond, his wife, and their two teenage sons, they were staying at this villa, in the virgin islands. they were on the island of saint john. a pesticide was used at a villa underneath of their, you know, they are trying to clean and get rid of the bugs and in the villa below them but it made the whole family seriously ill. according to the family's attorney the the daddies improving at a delaware hospital, his christiana hospital, and his wife last been discharged and is doing fairly well compared to the others, but the the the couple's son is still in
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critical condition at children's hospital of philadelphia. a law firm representing the families say the epa is investigating. the firm says quote many questions remain, why an odorless pesticide of this level of toxicity could be manufactured, distributed, and a applied in a residential area resulting in this family's injuries. my goodness. carbon monoxide poisoning is blame for a death of the family in princes ann, maryland. officials say they started using a generator when their electricity was turn off due to an outstanding bill and they never realized the deadly gas was in their home. a father was killed with his seven children range nothing age from six to 16. their bodies were discover yesterday when the man's supervisor became concerned that he had not been to work. loved ones are upset. >> he had to do something to keep his kid warm in that house. he had to do something. >> the community and system failed him. a father taking care of seven
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kid by himself. >> in life he just wanted to do everything that was right. he was setting a good example for his child republican. >> the medical examiner is expect to have it performed today. >> generate the or has to be outside the house, not even in the garage. fall out continues from the retracted rolling stone article about an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia. you knew this was coming. >> yeah, students that mentioned the magazine they are now speaking out for the the the first time this comes after the magazine retract the 2014 article sunday night in the columbia university review slammed the report quoting it as a quote journal stick failure. >> someone should be held accountable. >> i think it is important that rolling stone and other media outlets look at this more of a story of what not the to do in reporting so that in future reports they can be more confident that the reports themselves are accurate. >> the article details the story of a student named jack hoy says she was attacked at the fraternity house in, 2012. with you police found no
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evidence for support of her claims. the fraternity is saying it will take legal action against the magazine. >> yes, they are suing rolling stone magazine. what do you do when you can't get in touch with your husband, to serve him divorce papers? you just can't find the guy, right? well, one attorney is serving divorce papers for his clients through a facebook message. attorney andrew spinel said he came up with the idea after he tried everything in an attempt to serve divorce papers of the husband of one of his clients. the wife only able to communicate via phone or facebook. attempts to meet up in person, would go ary. she cannot find the guy. she doesn't even have an address where he is living. the lawyer says after five years of jumping through hoops, a judge ruled he can use his facebook page to leave a message that she has filed
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for divorce. >> it has to be realized by everyone that this is a service as a last resort, only under these circumstances they call it service by alternate means, when everything else fails is this to be used. >> so that attorney says he has sent the in message now, over the last two weeks and will send one more, next week. if the husband does not reply bye then the attorney says they are moving forward without him. coming up in the 9:00 o'clock hour we will bring in our attorney to talk about this, is this the wave of the future. >> wow, facebook message. >> yeah. >> i guess if you are not responding, do you check your facebook messages. >> i try to every day, yeah. >> it is easier if you send comments because i cannot check it on my phone, messages. can you imagine someone left a comment i'm filing for divorce. >> best way to get a held of me to divorce me is twitter. i check that more than facebook. >> i'm getting divorced. >> boom, done.
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>> i owe $1,700 a month. >> all right. >> sue, i cannot believe it is coming to this. >> there has to be a way to see if there is red it. >> facebook will tell if you someone read it. >> let's talk about the weather and talk about is what happening over our temperature roller coaster ride. we are still in the warm front which means we're still mild. we got the to 75 degrees yesterday. we have retained that warmth because of the cloud overnight. we will have this on shore flow, from the high pressure system to our north which means cloud, coming off of the ocean, and then this system, coming southward, lets in chilly air from the north the next couple of days. it will be cloudy, damp and chilly a as this front stalls, wednesday, and thursday. friday it comes back as a warm front and mild air returns as well but we have got a couple of chilly days ahead. i hope you didn't put away the sweaters. we have dover, delaware with decent rain this morning and then we will move across the river in new jersey abe you
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will see parts of the salem county, bridgeton, new jersey, getting some steady rain, pit grove as well, and up to browns mills and other places in burlington county. you will see steady rain, umbrella worthy to be sure with you you it is 47 in mount pocono. that is chilly. you don't need really heavy winter gear. fifty-seven in philadelphia a we are already at 61 in dover, delaware. lancaster has 53 degrees right now. so the peak of the week, of the past seven days was yesterday. so that was the high of 57 degrees. the we're not going to get that warm in the next seven. we will be close on friday. after that warm front comes through. the it is very unsettled the next couple of days. not raining every single minute but off and on showers today, rainy and much colder tomorrow. 68 degrees today to 48 tomorrow. then, on friday -- thursday and friday, still rainy but a big difference in temperature
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once again as we go from 50 on thursday, backup to friday's high of 73 with some thunderstorms. then it calms down. we will get back to sunshine both saturday and sunday. so bob kelly, you definitely need that umbrella this morning. >> first one out of the house gets the best umbrella this morning. >> there we go. >> we are all fighting for it at the the umbrella stand behind the front door there. good morning to moorestown, new jersey and an example of the wet road out here in south jersey, it is hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip. roads are wet. here's a live look at route one down here near route 72 in delaware, certainly got wipers working today. and kind of smack in the middle here of the blue route 476 still dry working your way through route one in delaware county. again, road conditions are starting to change just enough to kind of make it a little yucky and put those wipers on that intermittent stage. lets go westbound 422, i told but that overturned truck. somebody just tweeted me a
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picture of that overturn truck sitting on the highway here. it looks like one of those tractor trailers taking out what would be the the left lane as you head west on 422, between sanatoga and arm and hammer. that will cause a delay for the daze. and then a truck fire on the pennsylvania turnpike, this is all westbound, out near that valley forge interchange so keep that in mind, already delay new from willow grove in through fort washington. for the the gang in new jersey find your normal delays on the 42 freeway heading in to 295. airport so far so good and no delays on mass transit. alex, back over to you. 7:19. could we soon see planes without pilots. the the deadly germanwings crash is sparking debate including whether pilots are even necessary on commercial flights. could it actually happen. jurors are set to begin deliberations in the boston bombing trial this morning, what they will to have decide to determine if dzhokhar tsarnaev gets the death penalty.
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how does it feel? you know. >> a little sad. >> you know, yesterday, be grateful for yesterday, alex. >> look at you. >> okay. are you grateful. >> i'll tell you this, gratitude is my new attitude. >> and every day you say it is new, you know why, because he is not really feeling that. >> i start every day i hope i will be grateful. >> at least you are trying. >> would you get on a airplane without a pilot. let's say that the airplane was being controlled by a mouse with a man or woman on the ground controlling the airplane, lauren, is this actually a possibility. >> yes, it is. it is a possibility. it is something that is being spoken about, maybe, both pilots will be computers or robots. maybe one human pilot ape co pilot the that is a computer or robot or automated system. we're not sure. have after that crazy deadly
7:24 am
incident when germanwings co pilot purposely crashed that plane in the alps some people are saying why not, can we trust the computer more. will this get off the ground anytime soon? probably not. but if you asked me about driverless cars i probably would have said probably not. what i can tell you is that the government, pentagon and research agencies they are working on fighter jets and military aircraft that use robots, not the just drones but actual robots, in the the cockpit. so we will see. >> this has been, this has been tested, over in europe. i have seen video of it. three people, went into a plane, pilot, co pilot and passenger in the back. i think it was a reporter. a guy on the ground took control of the airplane with a mouse at his desk. >> oh, yeah. >> germanwings thing they could have, when pilot could not get back in the cockpit somebody on the ground should have taken over the the plane, is that the idea.
7:25 am
>> that would be a great idea if that could happen. you have the human pilot on the plane, human judgment but then you have a system where you can take control if you have to. >> yes. >> a backup. >> yes. >> i think if there is a human pilot there as well, then it sound better but i don't know about the robot. >> captain sully preferably, right. >> sully sullenberger. >> yes, but somebody has already done it, is there one man who has been doing this, his name is george jetson, you may have heard of him. >> i think so. >> yes, on that net we're out of here. see you tomorrow. >> see you guys, bye. >> we say this all the time. number one cause of death for woman is not breast cancer, it is heart disease. so why do they refuse to go to the hospital when they have symptoms, lot of woman will hesitate just like a guy they won't go to the hospital. the one simple thing that can save a woman's life we will tell you what it is after the break. and lets get to jen.
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now it is tuesday. we are deeper in to spring break. >> more kids on spring break this week. >> we need more ideas. >> we need more ideas. we are here at big league dreams in medford. check this out guys. what is different about these guys throwing this ball. can you figure out the difference. >> wow. >> look at the equipment. we will talk bay cool sport in >> look at the equipment. we will talk bay cool sport in and just like that, >> look at the equipment. we will talk bay cool sport in the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter,
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and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm, fading memory. ♪
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someone sent me a mug, mr. smarty pants. >> okay, look at you. >> not just bob kelly. >> wait until you see the the elaborate nature of this mug. >> do we have this for next half an hour. >> we can go do it right now. >> let me get it right now. >> run, mike, run. >> you have to go faster than that. >> okay. >> it is from fran and sue from blackwood, new jersey, hand made here. i love fox 29 good day. we turn it around. fran and sue, they watch us, over there, lincoln avenue in blackwood, new jersey. thanks for send nothing a mug. can't wait to show mike's personally delivered mug. he gets his personally delivered. >> at the rate he is going we will not see it. >> internist bringing it down. >> lets see how they did that.
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>> she's two floors above us. >> i thought were you running to get it. >> she in must be reglazing the mug on the way down. >> you got to cut the box open. >> it is sitting on my desk, exposed. >> yes. >> i could have run up there and gotten it by myself. >> not the way you run. >> look at that run. >> come on. >> yes. >> where is she. >> we will do it have after weather. >> let's look at bus stop buddy. a note for at tire, it is rain gear, yes, gorgeous weather from yesterday, it is gone, at least for a few days, we have some rain around not everybody is getting it this morning but we have a little here in olde city and a few places where it is steady. six out of ten in weather by the numbers today. we're talking about all that green you see there on
7:31 am
ultimate doppler radar hanging around for a little while. 57 degrees right now, heading to a high of 68 today. milder air is still with us but won't be for long. we are down to 45 tonight and some chilly times ahead. we will have details for you in the seven day forecast. so, why we anxiously await this amazing mug, bob kelly, tell us what is going on the roads. >> we have an accident on i-95. good morning. this is is a live look southbound lanes right here near academy road, off on to what would be the left shoulder there. you see penndot arrow truck right before academy road. leaving say yardley, bucks county, woodhaven road, heading south, right before academy, you got a little bit of the accident there off to the left and then is there the blue route, 476, heavy between macdade boulevard and route one in delco. is there your speed meter reading, double tooth picks on i-95 southbound approaching
7:32 am
the betsy into girard. 9 miles an hour on that schuylkill expressway. and then on 422, westbound here's a dash cam pick sent to us by one of the viewers there that overturned tractor trailer that is in the left a hand lane of the westbound side of 422 between sanatoga and arm and hammer. the rain is slowing us down not impacting air travel here at philly international. that is not from yesterday. it looks like exact same thing from yesterday. >> that is not from yesterday that is live from today. >> intern brought the mug down. it the is not the right one. can you put it over there. there is two white mugs on my desk. 50/50 chance. >> that is okay. >> she can go get another one. >> elaborate nature of the mug, it is already breathtaking. >> can we not show it after this. >> we're here until ten. >> i need to fill the time.
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it is coming down to the end now. jury is set to begin deliberations this morning in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspects. >> in closing arguments, prosecutors tried to spare the life of the surviving suspect insisting dzhokhar tsarnaev deserves the the death penalty. >> ken rottweiler who has been watching this case very closely. what is the idea this dzhokhar guy, my brother made me do it. >> that is the the defense my older brother made me do it so therefore i should be let go. it will not work by the the way. they will start deliberating in an hour and a half. by noon there will be a guilty verdict. by noon. >> they are saying, basically his brother led every ago of violence and dzhokhar was just following him. >> didn't he put a nap sack down with a bomb in it. >> pressure cooker bomb was in his nap sack. the there is 30 charges against him. law says aiding and a betting is same thing as doing it.
7:34 am
he will be found guilty. real interesting part of this trial is what will happen in the sentencing phase. what is entering is this case was tried in federal court and in the state court do you know why? in federal court they have a death penalty. state court in massachusetts no death penalty. aaron hernandez is being tried in boston in state a court and is there no death penalty in that trial for aaron hernandez but in this trial he is tried in federal court and prosecutors are trying to get the the death penalty. so next phase is whether he gets life in prison. or the death penalty. you and i were talking about this yesterday. which is worse? people think being put to death is worse? i think for a 19 year-old or 21 year-old, putting him in prison for 70 years with all of those prisoners around him who, by the the way, you get beaten if you are a child molester or you are a terrorist. so for 07 years this man is likely to get beaten up almost every week in prison. i personally think that is more harsh punishment then
7:35 am
putting him to death good i a agree completely. >> zero seven to 80 years in a prison. >> yes. >> he killed a kid. >> no doubt bit. >> he intentionally put a backpack near a family. >> we should remember, he did kill four people, one of them we're talking about was an eight year-old. he shot in the head, a security guard like three or four times. there were two other deaths along with the young boy. he killed four people. 264 people were hurt during this. >> right. >> this is a major thing. his defense is ridiculous. i don't know how any lawyer with any credibility argue any defense for this guy but you have to obviously he is entitle toll his defense but real interesting phase will be sentencing phase. under the the sentencing there is an argument they may be able to convince one jury, i was under the the influential of my brother, the whole thing, the the brother's fingerprints, older brother
7:36 am
fingerprints are on the bomb and on all of the things that caused all of the damage. he made me do it. >> they have been saying, the older brother it may not have happened. >> i think that is ridiculous. >> that is defense. >> sentencing phase they only to have convince one person to not give him the death penalty they have to convince all 12 he is guilty. when they did the jury here there was one woman, juror number five, who said she doesn't really believe in the death penalty but she could impose it under certain circumstances. it is likely she could be a hold out. >> when will sentencing happen. >> i don't know, they will schedule it down the road after the guilty conviction. >> good to see you. >> as always, good to see you. lets go back to spring break. >> let's play whiffle ball, that is what i call it. mike, it is real deal thing. it is like a wi: is there reasons you might want to do whiffle ball instead of baseball for your kids.
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who has got this. we will talk bit, coming up next. that the was a nice catch. (brad) my friends, i give you...
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hey, the intern made it down in the studio with the other mug. thinks the elaborate mug that was put together. >> that is a build up by people at pro forma, cunningham and associates. one source, inn fin nate resources. here it is. >> ready. >> yes. >> mike jerrick it is elaborate. >> wow, look at the that. >> i believe that is times. >> yes, it could be aerial font. >> in a word document. >> thank you. >> look at that. >> go all out for you. >> take that bob kelly. >> put that in your mug that was worth the wait. >> thank you. >> over in new jersey i believe they are in spring break, lot of the schools are on spring break. >> a lot of the kid play whiffle ball.
7:41 am
>> indoors, even when it is raining in medford. >> okay. mike jerrick apparently and alex, they do bachelor parties here, preschool, it is like old people, to the very lung. big league dreams in medford new jersey. good morning, fred. >> good morning, how are you doing. >> i have impressed with you my skills safe to say. >> absolutely. >> let's chit-chat. >> i can absolutely chit-chat. >> as a parent you know for baseball it is four hundred dollars bats, gloves, everything. there is a money reason you might wanting to whiffle ball. >> absolutely. i know those $400 bats all too well. that was a awesome. so for this there is in glove. >> great thing about whiffle ball there are no gloves. equipment the is nice and cheap. you just need three doll ars. >> that was beautiful. >> so he is one of your better batters a and one of your children. >> that is correct. >> we are expecting big
7:42 am
things. >> he better not fail us now. >> let's show them what you got. >> there we go. i want people to necessity we will begin all here. this is a replica of fenway. >> we have three fields, replica of phillies stadium, we have a replica of fenway and yankee stadium. >> what is that right there. >> that is the wall there, that is the green monster, jen and we're thinking maybe later we can watch you put it over that green monster. >> they say maybe. we will be here all morning long. we will talk burr league, birthday party. it is is here because it is spring break camp. >> kid are getting ready to start. zach show people how pathetic i am. you are looking press i sharp. >> bam. >> mike, is this not genius. >> ruben amaro just called...
7:43 am
seriously. you can have your bachelor party there. they said bachelor party. >> for get vegas, i will have my patch lor party playing whiffle ball with the guys. anyway, seriously, those kid should start for phillies. we have to talk about the game. it was the first game of the year. they lost eight to nothing. cole hamels leaves after five innings. then after that game we watched this game duke and wisconsin. let's discuss these two things. but more importantly the phillies, is it over all right? pat galleys here and necessary all about
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7:45 am
7:46 am
quite a different start to the day then all that sunshine we had yesterday. kind of dripy at philadelphia international. that is where it is every where. we are seeing a few heavy downpours but mostly hit or miss showers this morning as wave number one of rain, one of am i should say, move through the area, so you will see some of this starting to sneak towards atlantic city, some of this rain is in atlantic county and will make its way to cape may county. here in philadelphia we had some light showers earlier. we're on a break. it will come back. down south along the atlantic city expressway is where we're seeing that steady rain at the
7:47 am
moment. and then, of course, down in kent county we will see this moving out of the baltimore washington area into our area. temperatures are mostly in the 50's, 40 as in the mountains even with the rape and those clouds today. a chilly change starts tomorrow with a high of 48. that is the the high temperature tomorrow. so colder temperatures will role in and the front hangs around, today, tomorrow, thursday and friday, and then we will some wave and shower and thunderstorm on friday. comes back as a warm front on friday. we will get back to the milder temperatures. we have a couple chilly days ahead. wear socks again, bob kelly. >> it is a good soup and grilled cheese day. >> i know, i know. >> good morning everybody. eastbound lanes of 422, a 15 minute trip from oaks into 202. depending upon where you begin and end your trip, wipers put on that intermittent stage and then west on four 22, here's a
7:48 am
picture of the overturn truck on the westbound side of 422 between sanatoga and arm and hammer taking out the the left lane. is there your speed meter reading for 202 coming up to west chester. about 26 miles an hour. coming from downingtown on the by pass slower than normal volume and then the rain slowing us down. 11 miles april hour. south on the i-95 we are heavy from the bet thecy into girard avenue. 7 miles an hour approaching the belmont exit of the schuylkill. i-95 northbound from delaware county up toward the airport. remember that bartram avenue off ramp is still block with the construction. i check with the airport. so far so good heading down to catch a flight out of philly international. mike, back to. i think we all feel this way. bob was at the game yesterday. we all were. look at this kid. that says phillies fever. more like a sickness. look at the back cover too. what. red sox win eight to nothing.
7:49 am
pat galleys there. that guy, we're both big fans, i gave up four home runs. >> he does this from time to time on opening day. the his first start he is not at the his best. >> second batter of the day. >> it doesn't take away from the fact he will be traded at some point this year. >> do you want to see another one. >> yes. opening day was great. people were tailgating, having fun. drinking beers. you walked into that game and that is what you got. >> diekman comes in and gives up a grand slam. >> to handily ramirez. diekman is within of the better relief pitchers. once you get behind in the game they don't score enough runs to make it up. >> same thing as last year and the the the the year before. >> we are the worst team in baseball. >> yes. >> can we say that. >> maybe, maybe, let's wait a
7:50 am
couple days. >> they are just saying it is just one game. >> it is unfortunately they are close to that. >> do you see this man, his name is path gallon. where did you grow up. >> northeast philadelphia. >> what school. >> west chester. >> you are a wean i. i know you are a duke fan. put your head up. >> how did he get that shirt. >> i am a duke fan, yes. >> how did that happen? how could you be a duke fan. >> i did not grow up, i didn't have anyone in my family that went toville 'nova, temple or any local schools. i never had a tie to those schools. when i was a kid it was that 91/92 team with christian later in and bobby hurley. >> yes. >> come on. >> what were you doing, where did you watch it. >> it was a at home. >> all by yourself so you can savior every moment. >> with my fiance. the she's become a duke fan as well. >> that makes me sick. >> she could careless.
7:51 am
>> where did she go to school. >> west chester as well. >> where did you meet. >> in high school as well. >> who is the dude that saved the game. >> gray son allen. >> yes, he is a freshman. he played limited minutes off the bench throughout the entire season. it is stories like this that make final four and ncaa tornment that great. duke is a five time champion. >> rat boy wins it again. i'm sorry, coach k, one of the best ever. 1,000 games, right. >> yes, speaking of a thousand games i saw herb magee. >> he threw out the first pitch. >> and julie crammer was there. >> yes. >> only reason i watch the game last night could the sixers get this oakfor. >> they could, yes. they are in the top three right now the the sixers would be. he is probably the number one or two overall pick. it is him and karl anthony townes, ousted by wisconsin the game before. they will be the top two
7:52 am
picks. >> we could get one. >> problem is they have nerlens noel, joe he will embiid. >> we will go for another big man. >> if you want to do that, that is great. >> you don't want to do that. >> it is tough to use three big men in that way, but you want to maximize their potential you want to play those guys for a lot of minute. >> get them ape trade him away for a couple really good players. >> she's all freaking out over shady mccoy's comments. >> i was just talking about it. he is saying a lot of stuff about chip kill i and eagles. >> he is upset. >> wouldn't you you be upset the if you got shipped to buff lose. >> it is the the voice. >> he can say these things. >> he says it is nice to be in buffalo because it is more like a professional team. >> i'm not buying that. he didn't wanting to anywhere. he is upset that he got traded he says he still has not spoken to chip kelly. chip kelly has call him twice but has not call him back. >> not that he doesn't respect the the stars but he looks at
7:53 am
everyone all these teams as equals. in some respects guys don't like to play that way. lesean mccoy is a superstar. >> he mention that had in his statement too. >> shady said chip kelly doesn't like stars. >> he likes to put everyone on equal ground. once you are one of the 53 men it is equal. >> he was happy, dallas cowboys star. >> yes. >> that guy is a star. >> absolutely he is. >> that is best runner in the league. >> that is what he wants to do and shady didn't. >> say hello to your fiance and talk to her about the duke thing but that is why i will still come to your wedding. >> it is not that seriousy promise. >> it really makes me sick. >> thousands of women under the age of 55 die every year from heart attacks. so why don't they go see a doctor when they develop symptoms. >> the the one simple thing that could save your life.
7:54 am
people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
you need help. >> a little bit. >> thank you. >> there we go. >> thank goodness. >> let's see a new study shows with men are twice as likely to die from a heart attack as men and it is reason that might surprise you a little bit. >> research points to kind of an embarrassing thing. women not wanting to go to the doctor when they start developing symptoms. what is that, i thought that was guys that did that, doctor mike. >> historically men are the ones that don't go to the doctor but the way that women present with heart a attacks, the the way that they are treated in hospitals with heart attacks and the the way that they actually treat themselves is so different, then men. they don't want to bother anyone. there is this ultimate care giver gene that they have and we love them, but we don't want to worry about ourselves. my goodness, it is in the a
7:58 am
heart attack but let me tell you folks, women can present with symptoms that are very, very subtle. they don't normally present or often present with the things that men to like crushing chest pain, levin sign or having pain down their arm, they can but they can be as subtle as fatigue, nausea, arm pain, and i lecture on this and i have to tell you that the in medical literature has been biased for decade, because we only look at men and heart problems. you don't think of women as having heart a attacks but it is a major, major killer of women. >> number one killer of women . >> absolutely and women don't necessity that. if you our there listening and don't feel well, you are tired, something is not right, you get some tingling. go get checked out. >> this sound like my mother. she raised six kids. i don't ever remember her being sick but undoubted she was from time to time. >> thank god for women and for
7:59 am
moms. >> yes. i will go to the doctor. i don't have have time. turf do this for your father. >> yes. >> it is amazing we need to change it. >> we did a story that research was done that the two best ways to lose weight are diet plans and jenny craig. >> weight watchers consistently comes out on top. jenny craig in this latest study, what he this did researchers looked at all of the studies out there , looking at diet plans. they found that weight watchers and jenny craig were the most effective. now, this was about three to 5 percent of weight loss. that the sound like not much, but it is actually is. if you can think of a 5-pound bag of sugar, just 5-pound, if you lose 5-pound you will feel so much better, but it comes down to this, folks. number one you have to eat three meals a day.
8:00 am
the it is calorie accounting. in this time of tax season and everything you need a checkbook for calories. most people in my practice don't even know how many calories they eat for breakfast. >> , no i don't. >> my mother, she said mike, i said i want to lose 10-pound. she would say cut off your head. >> well, i think you have a wonderful brain. >> thank you. >> would you kiss me. >> yes. >> i love you good there we go. >> and your parents, i met your parents. >> yes. >> they are the the sweetest people. >> yes, they are. >> thank youy don't know what happened to her. >> it is tuesday, april the seventh, 2013. thank you doctor. >> reporter: four days since kidnapping at jeweler rose parking garage and police are getting hot on the trail of the three kidnappers, surveillance of their vehicle will and soon surveillance of them using the victim's atm
8:01 am
card, lauren. >> get it while it is hot. do you wanting to to go to college, and, new offer, brewing, for baris tas. ♪ >> i'm doing a stormy about louie armstrong but we're doing a story about billie holiday. >> born in west philadelphia as a a matter of fact. she as a statue in baltimore where she spent a lot of time. she needs a plaque on the philadelphia walk of fame. >> yes. >> down on broad street. >> i have been working on this for over a week now. we may have an answer for you, because this would have been her 100th birthday, april the seventh. >> wow. >> 100th. >> billy holiday. >> here's jen.
8:02 am
>> you got nothing, you got nothing. hi, guys, thinks called gaga. one of the things they are doing spring break. the that is all you got. we are having fun at a great indoor facility in medford, gaga. >> lady gaga. >> yeah. >> well said. >> bam. >> spring break. >> this is from quincy, you know we were giving pat gallon some grief. it turns out number 21emill jefferson fridays southwest philadelphia and went to friends central. we have a local connection. are you so unhappen bye that. >> bo ryan, the coach of wisconsin grew up in chester, point guard for chester high school. >> you should be happy for emill too. >> i am yes. >> a lot more than one player. >> we know one family is happy about the win. >> good for them.
8:03 am
>> that is thing about competition, some somebody has to lose. >> that is exactly right, sue. >> more wisdom coming up. >> because we are losing with this weather. >> we have six out of ten. yeah, yesterday, wasn't yesterday great. so into each life, blah, blah, blah here's buddy with the rain gear on today. make sure kid have their waterproof jackets on today. it is a hit or miss out there. we have a few areas of steady rain moving into atlantic county in new jersey right now. 58 degrees. southerly wind at 9 miles an hour right now. we are taking a break in olde city from the rain today but we know it will be back. 68 degrees is our high with scattered showers and clouds when it is not raining and then 45 degrees, tonight. a lot more chillier tomorrow, we will tell you how long that wintry chill will last, coming up, i shouldn't say that w word anymore, bob kelly, it is spring. >> definitely. 8:03. good morning everybody. hello, maple shade. live look at route 37 near
8:04 am
fellowship road. roads are damp. looking outside in center city, wipers on intermittently. it the depend where you begin and end your trip. things could be slower than normal. we have an accident at downtown at third and callowhill right at the bottom of that i-95 off ramp, and i just got an update on 422, all westbound lanes are closed right now all because of this overturn tractor trailer, it is one of those tandem tractor trailers. looking close you can see tractor trailer number one sitting up top here the second one is on its side. so they have all westbound lanes of 422 closed between sanatoga and arm and hammer, you want to use high street, again, on the westbound side, heading out towards pottstown. mike and alex, back to you. lets get to montgomery county. police are investigating a double shooting where two men were found injured on the six hundred block of ridge pike near a gas station in conshohocken. men were taken to the hospital but their conditions
8:05 am
are unknown that morning. we were talking about jenny joyce about this all morning. is there still time to pinpoint exactly where this happened. they don't believe this location that they are looking at right now is where it happen. >> they got the shot someplace else but were they driven there in that red car. >> multiple departments are working thon. >> we will find out later. >> philadelphia police are still looking for that burgundy ford ran to use and assault a woman saturday evening. she was leaving her center city jewelry store walking over to a parking garage at eighth and chestnut and they were waiting for her in that parking garage. >> you mention that had van. now we have video of the van with graffiti on it, is that right, steve. >> reporter: police headquarters may have video of it. the chances are they drove right by here with the woman in the van. they have cameras out here. these guys are so brazen enough to kidnap somebody just three blocks away from headquarters right down seventh street right across the street from where mike lives. you make no secret of that. that is a nice neighborhood
8:06 am
there jewelers row is as air tight in terms of security as it gets. these guys thought they hatched this great plan. three guys. they put a hood on this woman's head just before 4:00 in the afternoon, still busy, sunny saturday afternoon a lot of shoppers around. they throw her into this van with the white graffiti on the side that they released surveillance video of from the parking garage yesterday. a and then they start torturing her for information. it sound like the terror in syria, afghanistan and iran we talk about every day but not the in center city fill on on a spring saturday but it was. no one would be surprised if this five three-year old woman leaving her job on jeweler's row will ever again go back there or feel safe coming and going again to work after this terrifying ordeal. one thing that will help in catching these three guys who thought they had come up with some great plan to kidnap her and get her to tell them where the keys are and combination to the safe inside corner store in inside, jeweler's row, but they may have visited to see what the to steel in the store one time.
8:07 am
they may be in surveillance in the store as well. maybe, in charge of unlocking all of the safes they thought. they took her in this red van likely to be now dumped somewhere and still not found by police or the public just yet. >> very, very shaken up a lieutenant of bruises. they taserd her multiple times. they punched her in the face. they kicked her. they did a bunch of different stuff. scary parties they wound upcoming back, leaving her in the cemetery and coming back. >> i do feel unsafe, definitely, i do feel unsafe. i'm trying to watch my back. >> everybody has to be protective. you have to look at your surroundings. unfortunately in this casey heard it what's mediate, so you cannot really tell but you have to look at your surroundings and be careful. >> thank god i mean as bad as she is hurt, it will take time to recover but thank god that she's still alive. >> reporter: reason they came back as you heard the first
8:08 am
man say is they realized they got nothing initially and they thought let's steel from her. they go back to get her bank card and her credit card and then they terrorized her again and into giving them her pin number which they get. but that is where they screwed up big time because stealing would the man's back card and pin number is like giving police a good clean bank machine camera picture of one of more of these guys because they visited several atm's and had a lot of pictures taken of them. police may have them right now. the reason we do not have them to show you it, police may have gotten and identification of one or more of these guys and they are outlooking for them at their last mona dresses. if they don't find them soon look for us to have more pictures at five and 6:00 with dave schratwieser, and he will have the late west this tonight. >> we will be covering this all day. >> 8:08. rutgers university is reigning in grabbing life. >> they banned campus fraternity and house parties for the less of the year. new jersey school say greening organizations san still host
8:09 am
formals and other events outside of their houses or the area move comes after two alcohol related incidents in which one student died and another was hospitalized. do you need money for college and a job? >> um-hmm. >> is there an option for you. >> is there a company thaw all know, offering employees a free ride to college. the chances are one of their stores is in your neighborhood. we're talking star bucks. they have a college plan, lauren. >> i have never heard of anything like this four years full tuition for all employees in the past they just reimbursed workers juniors, seniors. now everyone who works there has a chance on get a college education. they are expanding this program, 140,000 employees will now have a chance to go to college to put it in perspective, everyone who lives in cherry hill and camden, new jersey both of those places, 140,000 people could sign up for 49 on line degree programs, through arizona state university. the company will pick up the tab for four years and they
8:10 am
are even changing the current procedures so employees can get reimbursed at the the end of every semester instead of waiting long term. employees are under no obligation to stay with the company even after they graduate. why do they do this? star bucks says it helps us all in the long run, college grad live longer, more involve in the community and they earn more money so they do not struggle with their families. ceo says every single person deserves a chance at the american dream. the goal right now toys help 25,000 of those 140,000 employees graduate by the year 2025. >> wouldn't you have to work for them for a certain amount of time. >> reporter: the only thing it it says is you do not have to stay with them after you get your degree. you don't have to say how long you have to start working for them before you qualify. just that you don't to have stay with the company have after your college degree. >> do i have to go to arizona state. >> forty-nine on line programs. you don't to have leave philly and go there. you can take youres. you can do engineering,
8:11 am
education. >> they must have have a partnership with them. >> yes. >> wow. >> that is cool. >> this very cool. >> hopefully other companies will start doing that. >> speaking of cool, my coffee is really, almost cold this morning. >> thank you. >> while you are the sweetest. >> while you're doing that i'm going to dot show. stars are on good day. we will talk to billy crystal and about their new late night sketch called comedians. i was watching this last night. it is different. funny. >> it is on fx. >> but first she's a philadelphia legend, today is lady day, billie holiday's 100 birthday. >> we have to honor her for surey cannot believe she doesn't have a plaque in the walk of fame. >> in walt more she has a statue. >> we have to get this done.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! we have a unsettled workweek on the way. plenty of systems on the way here. high pressure to the north. this cold front coming south and bringing us chilly
8:15 am
temperatures and then more causes of rain on the way. it is all working to give us sources of in moisture and it is removing the sunshine that we had with us yesterday. mild air is with us one more day, rain is still with us, at least this first round that came through earlier this morning it is in the raining in atlantic city and other shore points here down in delaware as well. lets get to the seven day forecast. it is a roller coaster ride. 68 degrees our high today and only 48 tomorrow. we will take the plunge. well, temperature wise, tomorrow. high of only 50. on thursday, by friday we are in the 70's but then we will get nasty thunderstorms. it is sunny and nice over the weekend. we have to get through the the rest of the the workweek and make sure we have umbrellas with us, bob kelly. >> it looks like next couple days will get a umbrella work out there this morning. 8:15. accident on the schuylkill
8:16 am
expressway, it is eastbound, just east of the route 202 on president. we are looking live to the 202 interchange to head eastbound, bumper to bumper overhead walkway, and it looks like a railroad bridge there, we are closed, and west on 422, and, tractor trailer, it is a tandem tractor trailers, where the second parties flipped over on its side there. you can see all westbound lanes of 422 closed between sanatoga and arm and hammer. traffic using high street to get out toward pottstown. is there your travel times inbound on the schuylkill just under a half an hour southbound i-95 about a 45 minute trip into downtown. mike and alex, back to you. >> we have been obsessed with this for the last couple of week getting a plaque on broad street on the philadelphia walk of fame for billie holiday this one been her 100 birthday, this would have been
8:17 am
her birthday, april 7th, 100 years ago. >> ♪ >> yes, try to get the singer known as lady day. she was born today in west philadelphia, 100 years ago today. now a philly born biographer written a book detailing billie holiday's life. he joins us here on the show. good morning. >> good to have have you here. >> thank you. >> thank you for this book. >> thank you for thanking me. >> why. >> thinks the the book right there. >> billie holiday the musician and the the myth. >> why did you want to write the book. >> i thought it may be she was the the greatest singer of the 20th century. it is arguable, right. i thought her life which we know is sort of over rid up, the artistry of what she does. my thought was to bring the artistry forward to talk about how she sang and why she sang.
8:18 am
i stumbled on things that i didn't know, because of litigation. her a far with orson wells. her friend ship with charles london. several millionaire including du pont heiress. she moved in high society. it is missing, from the book because they feared lawsuits. >> what we're saying is she's a philadelphia legend but you there has been discrepancies. sometimes she says i grew up in baltimore. >> well, she was a baby born here. >> we still claim her. >> this is not turning up anywhere. her mother was at the time that she was born was ethel waters maid. maybe they didn't want that known. the not a good way to enter your show biz with your mommas a maid to the star. >> they gave her a star at the polo theater where she performed many, many times. >> yes. >> and this friday they will have a big party as well, a
8:19 am
beautiful show at apollo theater. hopefully i can get to that. >> even at the apollo and in baltimore they have a statue of her. the she's from philly. that should be known. >> i walk along broad street on the avenue of the arts down there on southbound street. lou at the the different statues. is there the statue in baltimore, right. >> yes you walk long enough and you see hall and oats and other great stars of philadelphia, she should have a plaque along broad street. >> she loved philadelphia. it it was a place she never had trouble with except the fbi but that was a different story. one of the things that never got out was a interview with the former owner of the show boat or love boat he was asked, was she trouble. no, she was no trouble there were fights every time she sang. that is terrible. would i hire her every night of the week. the those fights draw people coming n what were the fights about. i imagine fight were about people talking, she was singing and that kind of thing.
8:20 am
>> she wanted their attention. >> she didn't have an easy life, she got involved with alcohol, drugs, prostitution and things like that. she died pretty young like 44. >> forty-four, with cirrhosis of the liver and drug related causees we have an announcement to make because we have been obsessed. i see kenny gamble. is there mia too from the music alliance. >> good morning. >> now you too, do you have something good to tell us. >> kenny good to see you first of all, hi, mia. >> slide on in there. >> gather around. >> this guy has all of the information. >> so what is the announcement. >> the announcement is, that billie holiday has been chosen to get a plaque on philadelphia's walk of fame. mia is the person who runs the the philadelphia alliance,
8:21 am
music alliance, and i think we could not be happier to put billie local holiday inn. >> so where will she be. >> on the avenue of the arts good do you know the the exact place yet. >> at the even of the may we will announce the rest of the story and we will find out when. >> what a great day to announce that. >> one hundred years. >> would be of the best singers ever. >> i think so. very unique a voice. there hasn't been a voice like that ever since. what makes her really unique is that she had her trademark hat. >> smelled good. >> and looked good. >> yes. >> i was talking to john, right, i was talking to john and we were talking about some of the songs that she composed. she was not just a singer, she was in the just an entertainer but a great artists. she was a great writer.
8:22 am
god bless her. she wrote that song. >> we will play that before the even of the day to day. >> how many people have record that had song. >> yes. >> and last thing diana ross and barry gordie, they should have gotten an oscar for that. but you know god bless them because they were able to take that life story and bring it to the screen which was a great thing. >> always great to see you. >> thanks, mike. >> always good to see you. >> john, congratulation on the the book. can you get it on amazon. >> lets take a break.
8:23 am
8:24 am
why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you, it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
8:25 am
by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] bruce jener went to a olympian to a patriarch of a real hity based television. >> dianne sawy era sat down with bruce jener for an interview. people describe the sit down as far reaching. >> yes it is expected to talk about the process of transitioning into a woman. he will not appear on future
8:26 am
seasons of keeping up with the kardashians moving forward, he will star in the document series about his life of what he is going through instead. >> watch that interview on april 24th, for sure. >> let's get to jen. we're talking about spring break and things to do. >> gaga. >> it is crazy, it is inside, come on back to big league dreams, they called it bld in medford.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
definitely a break in the action here in olde city. we had showers earlier. it wasn't a big deal. you can reza shourd more rain is on the the way at some point today and that is what we call hit or miss showers that are, heading our way. some folks getting them right new but not everybody. we heard from a twitter friend in boyer town who said it is
8:30 am
not raining there just yet but bus stop buddy has the rain gear ready, for whatever happens today. we are ready for several days of rain, you can see first wave moving through, and heading toward the shore here. atlantic county, parts of the cape may county, burlington, ocean county down in delaware, lower two counties there getting light rain. we are in a dry slot right now. fifty-eight in the city. high of 68 come up. mostly cloudy throughout the day. you may see a tiny peak of sunshine or two but it won't be for long. then tonight down to 45 degrees. a chill i rain, overnight. that is your fox cast the from the weather authority. seven day forecast has a lot of changes so stick around for that, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. we have an overturn tractor trailer that has all westbound lanes of 422 closed. here's a picture sent to us from a driver caught in it earlier this morning. one of the tandem tractor trailers but all westbound lanes closed from sanatoga to
8:31 am
arm and hammer. use high street to head out toward pottstown. septa running with 15 minute delays on the lansdale doylestown line and, of course, they have new schedules in play. we are seeing slow downs because of the earlier drizzle north on 202, heavy through west chester, heavy through malvern, south on i-95, jamming from the cottman to girard. schuylkill running slow between city avenue and center city. we are looking good at the airport. alex, back to you. lets talk about spring break. spring break continues for kid in new jersey this week. jen is over at big league dreams. you guys are doing some big things. you are going gaga. >> yes, we're doing some gaga. sort of like dodge ball with a couple differences. what are the differences. you can get hit below the the the knee. >> exactly. when playing gaga if you hit below the the knee you will be out or hit someone in the head the person you hit them in the
8:32 am
head is out. >> you can bounce it off the the wall. >> one of the biggest attributes. >> it looks like they are nailing the walls and everything. >> you say you like this as a fun thing to do, and whiffle ball because you get more moving more and more activity. >> it is polar opposite in terms of how much you move. >> talk to me about whiffle ball. ladies are playing whiffle ball. there are a couple things people don't know about the rules for whiffle ball. >> we talk about it earlier no expensive bats. you can peg people to get them out. >> huge different in whiffle ball compared to baseball. you can throw it the at them. as long as they are in the on the base and hit them on the ball they can be out. it depend on your throwing. >> the girls love it, right. >> yes. she just got pegged. sorry, girlfriend. you can tell if somebody is good-bye looking at the bat,
8:33 am
correct. >> what is difference between the bats. >> we have black bats for your intermediate players. yellow bats can be for your best and older players and then over here, big fat blue bat for younger kid. more experience players. i did well with the big blue bat. >> you use the this to warm up or get ready for your baseball season. >> great way to do it mechanically. >> not so much with the speed. >> it can throw you off. >> but think this helps you still get ready. >> it can, yes good this facility is not only are your kid playing but you adult things that happen. >> there are adult leagues. >> adults who don't want to run they can play in the competitive league because for really competitive leagues we don't run bases for whiffle ball. >> based on how far you get in the competitive leagues depend on amount of bases you get. for example hit in the infield it is a up field. if you hit it deep outfield
8:34 am
and over fence would be a home run. >> i love it. >> and this field is different than the one we were earlier. this is looks like what. >> philly field compared to boston over there. >> can i try, i will try one at bat. lets see what you have got. go for it. one more. three tries in baseball. >> yes. >> okay. >> everybody is moving around. so again this is big league, is what the name. >> big legal dreams. >> sorry. >> let's whack one out here. >> okay, bring it. >> go, girl. >> i did connect. >> that is a good hit. >> ladies and gentlemen, i hit it. >> what will we call it the bat off. >> beating off. >> home run derby.
8:35 am
>> yes. >> home run derby. >> thanks, jen. >> there used to be a show on tv call home run derby. >> really. >> one of the most dull programs ever but i was fascinated by it. it was black and white. kit cat kline will find some footage of it during the commercial break. lets talk about this new hash tag i'm no angel. why are they saying i'm in the an angel. new campaign giving victoria secret angel a run for money. >> i get the play on word now. but first one of my favorite things about the ncaa basketball tournament, at the end of the final game they play this song one shining moment and they sing the song and it makes me cry. it is a mash up of the highlights of the tournament, for the the whole month of march. well, a familiar face made this video last night from
8:36 am
villanova. it made me cry. villanova. it made me cry. >> i betty know womaand the way it made me chronic feel,ipation, the discomfort,
8:37 am
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8:38 am
8:39 am
duke beat wisconsin for the team's fifth title. >> well, duke's four freshman combined to score all of the teams 37 points including 29 in the games final 13 minutes. early in the second half duke fell behind wisconsin by eight points. game was tied 31 -31 at half time but blue devils rallied and they won 69-63. >> we have a connection to duke, emill jefferson number 21, he is from southwest philadelphia and went to friend central. congratulations to him. >> he is a national champion. >> that is true. >> so, one of the coolest things about the tournament, it is at the end, they show a
8:40 am
highlight, they play this song one shining moment, 25 or 30 years. >> very emotional. >> especially fur team did well, i ended up crying during the whole thing. >> you are always crying. >> so chris murphy. >> yes. >> i saw somebody familiar and it is someone that sat next to us a few weeks ago after villanova lost. >> speaking of crying. >> the crying picolo girl. >> a band member caught playing her song through disappointment crying, here's some video mike has been talking about. >> oh, my goodness. >> there you saw her in one shining moment. >> you may remember the
8:41 am
villanova picolo girl whose real name is roxanne. there she was. mike was just grilling her the whole time. asked her to play patriotic songs. >> ♪ >> she's really adorable. >> she is. >> very sweet too. >> so, your kansas jay hawks didn't do much. >> they didn't do anything a at all. >> i didn't see any of them in the highlight. >> any within know how we did in our pool. >> won the pool. >> somebody in the office did have duke winning it all. >> i know we were dead last. >> duke wins it all again, fifth time coach k has done it. >> after a five national titles can you spell krzyzewski. >> no, i have never been able to. >> i cannot even say it. >> i put it in the prompter, ready, at home, do you know how to do it. >> k. >> how do you get krzyzewski
8:42 am
from krzyzewski. again, krzyzewski. >> i don't know. >> krzyzewski. >> well, hey, kit cat kline new that we have established can we play the cbs montage again. >> do you want to see her again. >> yes. >> lets see it again. >> stand by. >> by the way wheel wire's getting it qued up you reported just a mina ago that duke's four freshman. they will be great for another three years. >> if they are that good, they will go to the nba. >> it is one and down. >> okay, good bye. >> this is a great idea. i don't know why somebody didn't think of this. >> what are you talking about. >> sushi for breakfast. i know it sound weird but why not cram some eggs into your
8:43 am
sushi rolls. having it all?
8:44 am
how about making it work. by getting the most out of what matters to you. it's called maxximizing. and we help you do it, everyday. at t.j.maxx! with brands you love, at prices that work for you. maxx family. maxx home. keep your standards high, and your spending low.
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maxx what matters most to you. maxx life! at t.j.maxx. all right.
8:46 am
time to take a look at our weather for next couple of days because there are some big change's head. it stays mild today. we have retained temperatures from yesterday because we had clouds overnight and we still have mild air around us but showers will roll in last night. we have more shower chances ahead over next couple of days and then as we go into tomorrow and go into the the next day, we've got colder air. here we go with the mild temperatures, the showers, chilly air, get ready for a couple of days when you will be shivering with that rain but pay off will come this weekend and we will have more about that coming up in the seven day forecast. >> all right. thanks, sue. well, later this morning the city will officially kick off 18th annual subaru cherry blossom festival and there will be music and some sushi. >> i love this time of the year when trees blossom. >> they get to blossom. >> they will have a big event, on this friday. >> so hopefully trees will start bursting out this week.
8:47 am
we had warm weather yesterday. >> yes. >> here's the thing, as part of this we wanted to demonstrate something that we call sushi, for breakfast. if you think about the ingredients this sound good to me. >> this you think about the person who did this, philly's queen of sushi, who is here, hello. >> hi, how are you. >> you met matt meyer from the japan american society of greater philadelphia. >> why don't we get that stuff out of the way here so then we can start eating. this is already happening, this cherry blossom festival. >> it started yesterday and last throughout the weekend. >> have you seen a blossom. >> is there a few starting to pop around fairmount park. we are expecting more to pop by friday. >> because this weekend there is a lot of events going on. >> our main event is on sunday, and it is an all day event in fairmount park, from 10:00 to 5:00. last year we had 12,000 people, we're expecting a big turnout too. >> we need blossoms. are you doing to get them to
8:48 am
blossoming faster. >> we're hoping. >> should we go hug the the trees. >> that might help. >> as i remember in washington d.c. they are very famous for their cherry blossom festivals. didn't they get those trees from japan. >> they got a big donation from 1926 but philadelphia also did. >> is that right. >> that is where we got these trees. >> not all of them. >> some came from the 1926 donation and rest of them have been planted by japan american society over the past few yearsy learned something today. that is great. >> that is great, let's eat. >> breakfast sushi, how do you come up with that, what is in it. >> what do you eat for breakfast. >> eggs, bacon. >> eggs. >> i have some avocados. >> so instead you eat regular breakfast we are going to do sushi. >> yes. >> so for now, seaweed, rice, and then wasabi.
8:49 am
put your eggs on. >> let me roll up my sleeves on. thinks an egg omelette, right. >> yes. next you put the bacon. just like in strips like that. >> we have avocado that we just put on top. >> put it on the side. >> where did she put it. >> right on top. >> hers is all stack up. >> ready to role. >> yes. >> put the middle finger to hold the avocado and we will form from it here to here. the end of the egg. nice and tight. >> yes.
8:50 am
>> okay. >> squeeze it a little bit. >> squeeze it. >> and then open it up. >> yes. >> then your finger like this goes like that, step two. >> squeeze it again no. >> no, no. >> mine squirted out the end and roll it over to the end and tight. >> oh, show somebody else's hands. >> look at yours. >> look at that. >> hers is nice, and then is there mine. >> thank you. >> then after we role that we will cut it. >> wipe it up. >> the first one this roll cut into six pieces, and the reverse roll like the philadelphia roll can be turned into eight pieces. this roll we cut into ten
8:51 am
purchases. how do we do that. >> we cut the first piece first and then second piece. you have two piece already. now we have going to cut in the middle. >> i would have sliced right down the road. center, center. >> center, center. >> we already wrapped them up. >> good one, good one. >> do i dip tonight soy. >> this is philadelphia, we have cheese. >> with or without. >> mapel syrup. >> syrup. >> let's try it without it, okay. >> okay. >> here we go. >> which do you want to try. >> that is fantastic. >> never thought have of it. i love it. thank you. >> fairmount park. thank you. >> fairmount park. >>
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten, improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
8:55 am
good morning everybody. 8:55. live look the at ben franklin bridge jammo coming into downtown philadelphia. we have police active on the span heading in to philadelphia as we leave jersey i would use either betsy or walt whitman. we were all down the at the the ballpark yesterday. i had a chance before the game to be on the field, when the players, were introduced and they walked out of center field, they came down the steps, and then that red carpet, that is my wife carrie in front of me. she got a chance to high five everybody. >> yes. >> these were the the best hits they had all day. >> pretty cool to see everybody. some of the players had their own phones out. one of the guys had an ipad taking pictures as well. >> is there codey asche that
8:56 am
is her favorite. pretty cool to get down on the field yesterday a lot of fun. >> great time. >> that is a good tradition. >> ryan howard there. >> i got to watch them. >> they went to the outside of the stadium and i saw them do the lead in walk. >> yes. >> they had a banding but i saw it from the outside. >> i saw them outside too. you know, bob and his wife, made an appearance on the field. >> we were down there for the kid, all for the the kids. >> what do you got. >> i made a burrito. >> it is really good. >> husband's motional tribute, stay at home mom but what if she got paid for everything that she does at home. he calculated her salary and we will tell you what it is. what do you think it is for stay at home mom how much is
8:57 am
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there is a woman who watches the show, lucky girl 36, is her twitter handle. she tweets, all the time. she's really a nice woman. she watches the show every day. she was so up is set that when mugs were deliver the other day, sue's mug was broken was all smashed up. >> sue and bob. >> yes, sue's mug, my mug and lauren dawn johnson. >> she has now crafted a mug and i believe she's at the front door. i will run and talk to her in a second. but first this, i am no angel is the name of the new campaign. >> so why people are wondering, it is trending on line. new campaign giving the secret angels a run for their money. >> what do you do when you cannot get in touch with your husband to serve him divorce papers? you can send h


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