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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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across ultimate doppler radar right now closing out a warm mostly pleasant day. but after this rain clears out things are going to feel very different. good evening i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page things are about to get cold again. let's get right out to chief meteorologist scott williams. scott, i want the weather to stay like this. >> it is not. >> okay. >> unfortunately winds of change as well as showers dawn and iain. good evening. moving in. those temperatures are going to drop dramatically over the next several hours. so don't put away those win coats just yet. let's focus in on what's happening right now with ultimate doppler. you can see high pressure off to the north. that will usher in a northeasterly wind dropping the temperatures but also we have several chances for rainfall over the next couple of days. as we zoom in a little closer right now in center city we're looking at the rain moving toward cherry hill. also, as you move toward the abington area bensalem logging at some showers moving through. what about sections of south jersey? it's wet along the atlantic city expressway.
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also down the shore we're looking at some scattered showers. but look at the temperature difference. we have 63 in dover. but upper 40s in the wrightstown area and we'll zoom out a little farther. you can see it's 39 degrees in boston. so that colder air will continue to head in our direction over the next several hours. in fact, by 11:00 o'clock tonight, it will be 47 degrees in philadelphia. and then tomorrow morning it's going to be chilly. temperatures will be in the 40s. find out how long we stay in the 40s and how long this rain sticks around when i come indoors. guys, back to you. >> all right, come on in scott. happening now, new video that may shed new light on a shocking abduction in center city philadelphia. new footage released by police today showing a van driving off after a woman is forced inside. that victim beaten and robbed inside the vehicle before she's dumb at a cemetery. the masked men responsible for all of this are still on the loose tonight. fox 29's dave kinchen is live
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for us in center city and dave, police do not think this was a random abduction for sure. >> reporter: that's right. in fact investigators tell thus that very van has been spotted in this area in this part of jewelers row several times over the last month and now police are on the hunt. police back out on chestnut street in jewelers row center city tuesday. hours after releasing new surveillance video showing an older model ford e-con 93 line driving down the same street. police say a 53-year-old woman was inside the van. she had just been tortured for about 30 minutes at this garage on the 700 block of chestnut. >> they kept telling her this, darks is the day you're going to die. >> reporter: surveillance cameras observe the victim as she left work with her boss saturday but they split up. investigators say she walked to her car in the basement when three men in masks jump out of the van pulled her inside and drove her to the top of the building where she was beaten and tased more than seven times.
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>> they put a hood over her face face they tie wrapped her they were tasering her and what they wanted from her was the codes and the alarm systems to the jewelry store. she work at the national watch and diamond exchange but police say she did not know the codes. cops say the crooks also demanded her bank card and opinion. they are seen here pulling up to a wawa on the 8400 block of bartram in southwest philly where they got gas and used her card to grab money. >> everybody knows here her. like grandmom or older aunt or whatever of the street. >> reporter: bad guys dumb the victim in a wooded area next to this cemetery in darby township but came back as she broke free from bondage. >> at this point they put shackles on her handcuffs on her, put her back into the van drove her around for about 15 minutes. no particular stops. i don't know where they were going. they went back to the -- to the
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cemetery and they let her out there. >> reporter: you'll also notice the white writing on the side of that van. police don't know if it's graffiti or some kind of wax but clearly a very defining characteristic they want to you give them a call if you have any information also police tell us that the thieves made at least two more stops and took money out of his this woman's account. back to you iain. >> scary stuff dave. >> it is really. >> unique look at efforts to stop a fire in gloucester county this week. check out this helmet cam footage from the westville firefighters. the blaze was brought under control within an hour. no one was hurt. investigators are looking into what caused the fire. a man who showed taupe gas station in montgomery county after being shot has died. police say the man was found at this lukoil gas station on the 600 block of ridge pike around 9:00 last night. he was taken to the hospital but he didn't survive his injuries.
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investigators say he was he was shot a few miles away in norristown. police believe someone walked up to his car and opened fire. kayings and other evidence were found at the scene. his name has not been released. happening right now, a shocking e-mail has a drexel university teacher in some hot water tonight. she sent her law students a link to what she thought was information on helpful writing tips. but what students opened was a pornographic video. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in university city with reaction tonight. sabina? >> reporter: well dawn, i spoke to students and some of them tell me they saw the e-mail making the rounds on fate facebook and social media before exploding in the news. a lot of people here on campus expressing sympathy for the professor. the e-mail titled great article on writeing briefs sent to drexel law professor lisa mcilroy class contained a link to a graphic porn video showing a perform
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performing a sexual act. drexel launched an internal investigation. >> with all the media coverage and facebook and everything traveling so fast now it's probably going to follow her forever at this point. >> reporter: in statement drexel it believes the e-mail was sent erroneously. we reach the professor on her phone. here she is on the university's website she declined to comment. drexel graduate student out man manning a campus tent says it's a lesson to all. >> it's unfortunate because she's probably dawn lot of important things that will be overshadowed. >> reporter: with an extension seive resume including appearance and on national news distinguished professor harvard law grad scene here in a picture on her twitter page now on the wrong end of the media glare. reports say the e-mail was sent to a first year law class and that one of the students reported it to administrators. >> i wouldn't know really what to do with it. >> if i opened an e-mail that contained a porn site i'd be like wow this -- is this a joke
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april fool's joke? >> i would be pretty like surprised or shocked a teacher would send that out without -- it's inappropriate he is specially from a drexel e-mail. >> reporter: and drexel says it is of course taking this alleged incident very serious many they have to investigate according to federal law. dawn? >> sabina, thank you. early morning fire leaves a man out of his home in paulsboro paulsboro. flames broking out around 12:30 this morning on the 400 block of west broad street. no one was hurt. firefighters had that fire out about 1:00 in the morning. the red cross is assisting the man who was forked from his home. ntsb releasing a preliminary report on a deadly plane crash in chester county. that plane taking off from brandywine airport in west chester last week. the owner wanted to check out the plane's condition. the ntsb says he had not been in it since 2011. and witnesses say the engine was sputtering at times before and during take off. it went down in the backyard of a home on the 1,000 block of
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saunders lane. 64-year-old richard pock and 64-year-old joseph deal died in the crash. the fifth time is a charm for the former revel casino and hotel. sky fox over the empty building that now belongs to florida developer glenn straub. so what does he plan to do with it? he's got a few ideas everything from turning night a scaled down casino to a water park condominiums or even he equestrian center. the revel shut down um nine months ago. despite a federal indictment on corruption charges senator robert menendez still seems to have support from most new jerseyans. latest rutgers eagleton poll finds that most garden state residents are not ready to throw him out of office. about 58% say menendez should stay unless he's proven guilty. only 34% want him gone immediately. menendez is accused of doing business favors for a friend and party donor in exchange for cash
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and other lavish gifts. the senator has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. officials in lehigh county announcing a fundraiser to help buy a much needed police k9. allentown residents counsel sell partnering with k9 cop project to buy new k9 for the allentown police department. the previous k9 bennie was forced to retire after having major surgery. so now the community is hoping to buy a new four legged officer. through a fundraiser project organizers say the costs they're pretty high. >> $12,500 at least so that includes -- that also includes not only the money for the k9 itself but also to train the handler. >> the group says any additional money will go towards medical needs of the future k9. they're hoping to have the money raised by may an new k9 by june. a family in argentina with hopes of coming right here to philadelphia to see the pope. the unusual way they plan to make the trip and why they're asking for help.
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plus mission accomplished? well, not exactly. this sink hole is causing problems in center city. the repair job is causing people to gawk as well. we're asking questions. howard? >> tiger is back. that means playing golf. but this is one his ego would not let him miss. it's the masters. hear from tiger and lesean mccoy may have lost his mind with his unloading on c
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♪ a family of six from argentina is making the ultimate road trip. the family is driving from buenos aires to philadelphia for the world meeting of families in september. their hoping to see the pope who is also from argentine inform the husband and wife and their four children starting the 11,000-mile journey last month in their 1980 volkswagen van. they're do you meaning their adventures on facebook as well as their own blog. the family also starting a fundraising page online. they're hoping to collect more
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than $14,000 to help pay for the trip. we have linked to you that site on our web page. head to and click on the scene on tv tab. well after dodging craters in the road all winter long, certainly seeing them being filled is a welcomed sight for a lot of drives. >> you would think but it wasn't the as fall used to fill one center city hole that has people gawking. our bruce gordon is live along locust street with a very unusual sight. bruce, i would say. >> reporter: unusual is right. right behind me is washington square. well, just a few feet behind me is a sink hole patch job that's become the talk of this neighborhood. not in a good way. it has almost everyone in the neighborhood gawking. taking pictures. it's not every day you see a traffic cone that appears to have been paved right into the street. >> i'm wondering why the roads are the way they are in philadelphia. >> reporter: this r as fixed road apparently? >> i guess so. if you call that fixed.
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>> reporter: yup there it is right at locust street and west washington square. an orange traffic cone buried with along with potato chip in an asphalt patch job with a small sink hole right next to it. what the heck? >> traffic cones are cheaper than asphalt. >> reporter: you think this was strategy? >> yup. >> reporter: i hope you're kid kidding. >> a little bit. >> reporter: rochelle eisen berg wasn't kidding she was angry on town in business from the burbs her car drove right over the cone. >> what do you think about that paving job? >> i think it's a problem. i think it's a disgrace. >> reporter: how embarrassing is this pathetic patch job? even tourists from detroit are mocking us. >> they would not do that in detroit. that's pretty bad. i got to admit. leaving the cone there that's pretty sad. >> reporter: it does not speak well for the city. i can tell that you. i got right on the phone with the philadelphia streets department looking for answers. a spokeswoman told me an emergency repair job had been
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done after a cave inform she says the traffic cone was placed on top of the asphalt patch but that the cone was recover over and became imbedded in the still soft as fall. maybe but i couldn't help but notice the cone fell over into the direction of oncoming traffic and that there was lots of asphalt inside and on top of the cone. >> that's just ridiculous. that was a half job you know. report roar bear al half job. >> exactly. exactly. >> reporter: well, however the traffic cone got imbedded in the street the streets department promises me they'll be out as soon as possible to fix what's become an embarrassing mess i should tell you just about 15 minutes ago a philadelphia water department truck came by. the truck was parked worker got out took a look at the cone got back in the truck and off they went. we'll keep you posted on this one, dawn. >> all right. i'm sure you will, thank you bruce. good job. well back to your fox 29 weather authority. and we can see the umbrellas are up and it is raining.
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>> absolutely. >> yeah, it's going to be a damp and dreary scenario over the next couple of days. in fact, what you see is what you'll get. temperatures will continue to drop as well. it will feel like february instead of april come tonight and especially during the day tomorrow. as we look at ultimate doppler you can see we have some showers in the pocono mountains as well as sections of the lehigh valley valley. also around philadelphia as you move into sections of south jersey. so we'll take a tour zoom in on the radar right now. you can see we've been watching some showers move through philadelphia now moving toward cherry hill cinnaminson and willingboro and bensalem areas. down the ac expressway you can see we're looking at some showers also moving toward pine hill beach haven atlantic city avalon, cape may looking at some showers so use caution on those slick roads and also keep the umbrellas handy. but take a look at the high today. close to 70 degrees. 8 degrees above the normal for this time of year but right now it's already dropped to 58 degrees at the philadelphia
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international airport. we have low 50s in trenton. upper 40s right now in wrightstown. so some of that colder air will continue to move in thanks to the winds coming in out of the north and east. that will usher isn't in the clouds rain, drizzle and also those temperatures falling into the upper 40s. by 10:00 o'clock when you're watching the fox 29 news at 10:00 then by tomorrow morning when you're watching good day the will be chilly. temperatures in the low to mid 40s out there and it will be stuck in the 40s for high temperatures tomorrow. so grab those winter jackets and sweaters again. high pressure off to the north. you can see we have the clockwise winds ushering in some of that colder air and we have a stationary boundary kind of draped across the area. that will allow for the clouds a lifting mechanism for some scattered showers kind of on and off again throughout the evening and overnight as we move ahead to tomorrow morning we're stuck with those clouds and you can see we have more chances for the dreary pattern wet conditions as well. so for tonight it's cloudy
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it's colder and we're looking at those showers around. temperatures bottom right around 40 in the suburbs. 44 degrees in the city. and then tomorrow, mostly cloudy. chilly temperatures are a* good 20 degrees or so below where we were today for high temperatures temperatures. so you will definitely notice it and then as we move ahead to the remainder of the work week, 40s on thursday. but then by friday it's back into the 70s but we could have a few rumbles of thunder and the weekend right now looking pretty good. sunday shine with temperatures in the mid 60s. >> that sounds good. >> absolutely. all right, scott, thank you. >> i hate when temperatures are stuck. (laughter). >> lesean mccoy obviously not happy with going to buffalo. and he can't help himself by going after the eagles head coach chip kelly. he's back! but this will not be easy play. maybe the toughest golf course on tour. hear from tiger woods about
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♪ we know players get traded and move on to different teams. that happens often in sports. normally that player would just suck it up, suck up any anger or bruise to his ego and move on. not lesean mccoy. here's a player that buried chip kelly. now he explained chip never called to tell him he was tradeed chip called twice and mccoy never return the calls that
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didn't stop mccoy from going after chip after the buffalo bills first mini camp. at one point mccoy said the bills have more of an nfl locker room than the eagles. how would he know on only after a couple of days? come on lesean. mccoy took another shot at kelly he's quoted in, i don't think he likes or respects the stars. i'm being honest. i think he like the fact that it's chip kelly and the eagles. let me just break the news to you, lesean. chip did bring in two stars demarco murray and sam bradford but this week it's the masters week and it's tiger woods first tournament in eight weeks after taking time off to as he said fix his game. the golf course is now one of the most difficult for the players on tour. it's long, there's now rough where there never used to be and of course the greens are like trying to putt in your bathtub and stop the ball at your drain. so what did tiger do to get ready for this major? >> i work my bleep off.
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(laughter). >> you just waited to describe it. i worked hard. it was sun up to sundown and whenever i had time, free time, um the kids were asleep i'd still be doing it. and then, um, when they were at school i'd still be doing it. i had to have all facets of my game come around and they all have. >> all right. i have to admit i was rooting for wisconsin last night in the national championship. wisconsin head coach bo ryan is from this area. i'm just flat out tired of duke. it's a team with many freshmen an few that are one and done before going to the inform ba head coach mike krzyzewski's fifth national champion shim. spread them around come on one player is from this area playing at one time at friend central. >> it won't show up in the stats except for his rebounding and blocks i guess that's pretty good. but a.m. il jefferson was a huge huge, huge factor in this game.
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his defense and how he battleed everybody. >> there's just something about duke i like the coach, i think he's a great coach and i think he's a good guy and i don't think he cheats. but i'm just tired of duke. come on. i'm tired of duke. it's just -- i know call me a hater. i just -- i wanted somebody else. >> a lot of people did. it was a good dame. >> it was a good dame. it wasn't good enough because wisconsin didn't win. >> all right. >> all right. make sure to tune in tonight to fox 29 news at 10. a teenager trapped in a pick up engulfed in flames a passing driver stops and heard his cries for help. why the good samaritan said it was faith he was there to save that boy tonight at 10. that will will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. have a good night. april side edition is up next. ♪
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>> i can't tell you how much i will miss him. >> kelly ripa. brokenhearted over the death of the celebrity dermatologist mocked on tv. >> you look fantastic. >> he was just a great person, a great friend. >> then, open war. victoria secret angels versus lane bryant plus size models. >> no questions asked, i am sexy. >> and the world's top tennis player. did he really just ball out the ball boy? >> plus, did hillary clinton really throw a book at her husband when they lived in the white house? >> there were a bunch of books on the bedside table including the bible that she had to choose from. >> the sensational new book about life in the white house. >> what is really go


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