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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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killed three people and injured more than 260 others. good evening i'm timmeney in tonight pour lucy noland. >> i'm i courage page. this verdict does not comes a big surprise. former college student reportedly folded his arms, fidgeted and looked down at the defense table as he listened to one guilty verdict after another another. 17 of those 30 convictions are punishable by death. tsarnaev's own lawyers say all along he was guilty but they say tsarnaev just 19 at the time of the bombings was led into the plot by his older brother tamerlan who died in a shootout later with police. the defense say tsarnaev should not be put to death. the sentencing phase is expected to begin within the next few days or next week. we of course will continue to follow this breaking story for you on our website. just head to and keep checking there. the updates will be right on the home page. we are closing out a nasty week and your fox 29 weather authority. we experienced a few different types of weather today. 91 very pleasant that's for sure. some of us saw rain, others had
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to settle for wind and cold but the changes are continuing. chief meteorologist scott williams is live in old city tonight with a first look at your forecast. and it's really cold out there scott? >> a lot of folks are not happy considering, dawn, on monday it was 75 degrees and now we're stuck with a february feel. the damp dreary drizzly down right dank stepping outdoors. we have the clouds and also we have have the below average temperatures right now. let's focus in on what's happening with the numbers. 41 degrees but you have to factor in the wind. it feels like 34 degrees right now. it doesn't feel like april. take a look at the numbers elsewhere. upper 30s in trenton. pottstown. 38 degrees. we have 41 in wilmington as well as millville. but you factor in the wind wind chills in atlantic city right now look at that, 31 degrees. it feels like the 20s right now in the pocono mountains. so we're looking at about 20 degrees colder than this same
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time yesterday thanks to the back door front that moved from new england bringing us the cold conditions as well as the clouds and we're stuck with the drizzle for the remainder of the evening and overnight and it look like this pattern will hold into tomorrow. when i come indoors we'll talk about a warmup but also the potential for severe storms. >> all right scott thank you. breaking news right now. police are investigating an attempted abduction of an ept fan. this happened just before 5:00 tonight. we're told a 14-year-old girl took a one-year-old boy and then took off in a car. police are now on the scene in the 3700 block of north 16th street. the child is okay and headed to chop. police do have a 14 year old and 18-year-old in custody and we will continue to monitor this story and bring you any updates as soon as they are available. happening right now, more questions in the police involved death of a cumberland county man. investigators are still reviewing the 911 calls and witness reports from the night that philip white died. the vineland resident was laid to rest today. a week after he died in police
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custody. and now the attorney for the officer is speaking out. let's get out to dave kinchen with the very latest. dave? >> reporter: that's right. the cause of death has not yet been issued in this case but the lawyer for the officers involved in the police in custody death of philip white says he has knowledge of the toxicology report. he says he expects it to show philip white died at his own hands. >> i expect that the reports are going to demonstrate that there was no specific blunt trauma or anything that was -- that was physically cause mr. white's death. >> reporter: 32-year-old philip white died in vineland police custody after officers confronted white while answering a 911 call of a diss orally person. >> there's some guy freaking out on grape street here. some guy -- going crazy. he's screaming. >> today attorneys alter man the lawyer for the officers who encountered white on march march 31st gave his assess many of what he says evidence
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will really show in this case. >> i also expect the toxicology report to demonstrate that he had ingested a mixture of unlawful or illegal narcotics to witpcp, cocaine and perhaps other drugs as well. a combination that is normally lethal an combination that would demonstrate and give reason for his super human strength and his bizarre be second behavior report rt the situation escalated quickly with a k9 officer trying to calm white. white got more violent punch add cop car tried to get the officer's radioed and reached for his gun. >> subject is under. >> witnesses disagree. >> they beat that man for no reason. he did nothing wrong. >> reporter: miguel martinez was good friends with white and thinks the situation could have ended another way. >> if the cop just came and talked. i don't know.
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>> the cops clearly went too far in your view? >> yeah. way too far. >> reporter: vineland's police chief defended his officers. >> clearly what they show is what we hear on the radio. a violent struggle between the officers and mr. white and again they corroborate exactly what we hear on the radios. >> reporter: the medical examiner's report and toxicology is not out yet. the drug claims are coming from the attorney representing the officers involved. dawn? >> all right dave, thank you. happening now a philadelphia area dj and photographer is facing very serious charges. 28-year-old daniel accused of sexually assaulting a young woman. police say he lured the victim back to his home with the promise of a modeling photographer session. the self-employed photographer and dj was found to be in possession of child pornography and personally recorded up skirt peeping videos according to investigators.
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police say he was also growing marran in his chester county home. those are just some of the 300 felony counts that he is facing. he's due back in court on tuesday. charges for a philadelphia man accused of of shooting his father inside their car on a local highway. that shooting happened yesterday during rush hour on the schuylkill expressway. police say the 22-year-old corbin was in the back seat when a family argument started. authorities say that's when he pull out a handgun and shot his father the driver of that car in the head. corbin's father was rush to the hospital where he is expected to recover. corbin is still in jail tonight on multiple charges. new details on the deadly massachusetts plane crash tonight that killed philadelphia inquirer co owner lewis katz. the national transportation safety board just releasing the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder. one pilot is heard saying "lock is on, seven times followed by i can't stop it and oh, no, no. >> katz and six others were
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killed in may 2014 as that plane sped toward the end of the runway and crashed. preliminary ntsb report back in june suggesting the two pilots did not perform pre flight check. no word on when the ntsb will release its final report on the crash. more on the developing story of a white south carolina police officer facing a murder charge in the death of a black man. the fbi and the justice department are now looking into the shooting by north charleston officer michael slager. initially officer slager reported that walter scott ran away from him and took his taser. this was during a routine traffic stop. but witness video showing how scott ran away unarmed and was shot by the officer eight times. slager then walks over and drops his taser by scott's body. slager was arrested yesterday and charged with scott's murder. today north charlston leaders hold news conference to discuss saturday's shooting. >> i have watched the video. um and i was sickened by what i
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saw. >> i do not know -- i -- i was told that life-saving -- that they tried to save his life. >> the north charlston police department has received a grant to purchase 101 body cameras. the mayor saying today that he's purchased an additional 150 so that every officer on the force has a body camera. now you decide 2015. the democratic mayoral primary takes a bizarre turn. one of the front runners former da lynne abraham fainting just minutes into last night's debate debate. the 74-year-old quickly recovered and insists she's fine fine. >> but the question did did her campaign take a tumble a lot of people are asking that tonight and fox 29's bruce gordon live in center city where lynne abraham has been meeting and greeting voters all day bruce? >> reporter: yeah, dawn. let's be very clear. the made for tv news meet and greet from lynne abraham that wrapped up just across the
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street and just a couple of minutes ago was all about damage control. as you say a 74-year-old candidate who began her campaign facing tough questions about her age and her health now faces even closer scrutiny after collapsing on life television. >> abraham's wednesday campaign schedule included two candidate forums and this late afternoon meet and greet with voters in center city. campaign wanted reporters to know about this public event to see her in action. abraham wanted everyone to know reports of her did he mice were premature. >> no disrespect but i'm not drink something water yesterday that doesn't diminish my vigor. i did something foolish so i'm going to advise everybody out there to drink water. >> all enabling legislation to -- >> 74-year-old abraham collapsed fainted from dehydration she says just moments into tuesday night's first televised debate among democratic mayoral hopefuls. she was quickly revised but under doctor's orders did not
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return to the stage. st. joseph's university political scientist randall miller says the incident renews questions about the oldest candidate in the race. >> does chef the energy? does chef the stamina? is she really too old for this? is she old it this. >> ken smuckler notice abraham confronted the age issue literal literally moments after announcing her candidacy. >> you know when she opened up her campaign she basically threw down the gauntlet and said i am going to out hustle and out campaign every other candidate in this race. the visual last night makes voters question that. >> reporter: abraham insists she's in good health. with rarely so much as a routine doctor's checkup. but smuckler says for some voters, the image of the candidate being helped off the floor will be hard to shake. >> if you call yourself a tough cookie and you make this race about your being a tough cookie then when the cookie crumbles it runs counter to your message. >> reporter: as for abraham she says the fainting spell is
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much a do about nothing. >> i think people are getting anxious. i think they're a little scare about me. not for me, but about me. >> reporter: i reminded lynne abraham former philadelphia mayor john street used to tell folks at every opportunity to drink their water said it was good for their health. abraham said she remembered that advice and used to laugh it off. she's not laughing any more. dawn? >> i guess not. thank you, bruce. fox 29 by the way will be hosting the next debate you can watch it right here april 23rd at 6:00 p.m. you can also watch it streaming at and follow along with all the debate news using the hash tag fox 29 dems debate. iain will be the host and lucy noland will be acting passion moderator. a distress call from the injuries seashore. a big commercial ship runs i was ground. who was on board that ship and why thing may not be as bad as they seem here. >> guard your nose on some new jersey transit trains. a lot of people have been complaining about a weird smell. tonight we may know where that
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odor is coming from. there's a big question, though, left to answer. howard? >> citizens bank park. no, i'm only kidding. (laughter). >> that's terrible. hole in one is exciting but when it's augusta national and by a player 75 years of age now that's exciting. i've got that and the phillies getting ready for col
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♪ no one was hurt when this commercial fishing boat ran aground off point pleasant beach in ocean county new jersey. the coast guard responding to call for help from the 77-foot ship about a mile south of the manasquan inlet early this morning. three people were on board the stranded ship. there's no damage to the ship. it does not look like there was any pollution. no word yet on how all this happen. new jersey transit passengers have been complaining about a funky smell on some of the trains. well now we might know where that smell is coming from. officials say the trains are kept at a rail yard about a quarter of a mile from a mulch factory in morrisville.
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that's in pennsylvania. new jersey transit believes that the smell has permeated some of the rail cars so now the transit authority is trying to figure out exactly what to do about the problem. all right. here's a problem to have. million dollar cash5 winner in our area. the question is do you have the tick right. >> i don't have it. that ticket matching all five numbers was sold in montgomery county. it was for last night's drawing. someone bought it at sunoco on the 2100 block of east tie street. the tour owner is pretty excited about that. about getting a $10,000 bonus as well and in case you need to check your tickets here are the winning numbers again. 13 14, 15, 29 and 32. some high school students are getting involved with police work in delaware county. today the very first meeting for the youth citizens police academy in upper darby high school. unique seven week program allows two dozen students to learn about what exactly police officers do. along with guest speakers and presentations students had an opportunity to ask questions and
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get advice from local police officers. the youth academy will hold a special graduation ceremony next month. officials say they'll enroll more students who are interested in the program during the fall. junk lee that you know that is the theme of new art at the philadelphia zoo. you'll see everything from a 13-foot tall gorilla made of old car doors to a bubble gum crocodile and an ape made of cardboard boxes. all of the animals are endangered. check it it out through october october 31st. >> it feels like october 30. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. 30-degree temperature drop? >> exactly. monday it was 75 that was the high. the high this afternoon was only 44 degrees. as far as what's happening right now, you can see we have a back door cold front that's moved through the delaware val toll our south so we have high pressure off to the north with the winds out of the north and east. locking in the clouds. locking in the temperatures and
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also keeping those rainfall chances with us. however, the severe thunderstorm thunderstorms are well to our west. but this same system will arrive friday afternoon and evening and that could give us some severe thunderstorms along with a big warmup in temperatures. as we look at ultimate doppler right now you can see philadelphia, trenton moving into ocean, burlington counties right now and also atlantic cape may counties we're looking at some of that drizzle a lost it's not showing up on radar but if you're stepping out just grab the rain gear. keep the umbrellas handy because this is what we're looking at. you can see just kind of gloomy, low 40s. humidity up there. close to 90%. east northeasterly winds and look at the wind chill right now now. 35 degrees. we have air temperatures right around 38 in trenton. 40 in atlantic city. and look at those winds coming in out of the north and east 10 to 15 miles per hour on average. so by 10:00 o'clock we'll continue to find numbers upper 30s low 40s tomorrow morning. it's going chilly and drizzily
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and cloudy. tomorrow afternoon high temperatures mid to upper 40s at best. and then as we move toward friday temperatures are going to recover into the 70s. so as we roll the clock you can see pockets of drizzle fog showers on and off again throughout the entire evening and overnight. tomorrow morning it's cloudy we're looking at some fog and drizzle out there and then tomorrow afternoon similar to today. tomorrow night, we're looking at clouds fog and drizzle. then friday morning a warm front will advance so we're looking at some pockets of some showers to start on friday. then we get a break. some sunshine. warming us up southerly winds then 4:00 p.m. we'll be watching toward the west. the pocono mountains the lehigh valley, berks county, reading watching out for some strong potentially severe storms four to around 8:00 p.m. keep that in mind for friday afternoon and evening plans. that frontal boundary will get out of here in time for the weekend. setting us up for mild conditions and dry conditions
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but not so much tonight. chilly upper 30s low 40s. high temperatures tomorrow only 48 degrees. so if you didn't like today you're probably not going to like tomorrow. as we move ahead to your friday we are going to look at temperatures recovering. look at this. a high on friday of 76 degrees. but with that warmth and that front moving through in the afternoon and evening it will likely set the stage for some of those thunderstorms but look at the weekend. 65 saturday. 67 on sunday. >> that looks good. >> weekend looks great. thank you, scott. >> quick mess. 48 16 degrees above freezing. i'm on the positive side. >> there you go. >> come on now. one of the more exciting players in baseball did it again. unfortunately, he's on the other coast. another historic moment for the legend of the master masters. jack nicholaus became the jack of old for one hole this
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♪ i am always honest. here goes. but i will be brutally honest. the phillies are playing the second game of the season, it's against the boston red sox and i don't hear any excitement about this baseball team. i'm not shock. when management talks about more interest in their minor league players, it tells you all you need to know.
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now making matters worse for tonight is the weather. wet and cold. it's not baseball weather. but they have to play the game. it's all about the cash. the fans have the toughest job tonight. and even though the players have to play in it, i'm not worried about their pity party. >> i used to play football so playing in the cold we move around yeah, move around a lot more but now it's kind of difficult so you do as much as you can to stay hydrated hydrated and keep your blood flowing and your body. if not tweak muscles happen, pulled muscles and freak accidents like that. >> where did he play football? the dodgers have an exciting baseball team. to la puig now watch this. a runner on second. playing san diego last night. he didn't get him out but my gosh what a throw. this guy is terrific. that's what you need a little excitement. all right. the greatest golf tournament of the year that begins tomorrow.
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the masters. but today the tradition of the par three tournament with many players playing the nine hole tournament. always at least one hole in one many there were three today. let's go to augusta. lots of kids out there whether it's grandkids kids, it's a lot of fun. they're caddies just having a good time. you never see kids on the golf course when it's not this. tiger with his kids. but jack nicholaus was the star of the day. three hole in once. 130-yard fourth hole. obviously a par three. little past the hole got a little back spin on it the way i like to do it. it rolls. >> come on jack. >> he got it jack nicholaus with a hole in one today. 75 years old. >> he still has it. >> still has it. still has it. maybe the greatest masters player ever and the greatest player ever. >> yeah. >> i don't want to hear about the guys today. that was -- playing with wooden
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clubs. >> that does it for us here a tonight at 6:00. >> see y
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a nation in shock over the fleeing man shot eight times in the back by a cop. what did he drop next to the body? >> was he planting evidence for a coverup? >> what we're learning today about the cop. >> i have two stepchildren and one on the way. >> and we're with the grieving family of the man he mowed down. >> my son is dead. i'll never see him again. then, did chelsea clinton really call the secret service pigs when she lived in the white house? >> and she said, wait a minute, the pigs are here. plus, what nancy grace is saying about the verdict in the boston marathon trial. >> there's really no other sentence but death that is appropriate. and the famous actress who claims her own mother


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