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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 9, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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ex-con gas station worker says a robber smashed his car windy. police say he caught this guy and another man leaving the store without paying. it happened on the 3100 block of north broad street in franklinville sunday afternoon. he followed them outside. police say one of them picked up a brick and threw it at the guy missing. he went after the brick picked it up again and smashed his car window. if you know who he is, you know what to do, call police. new details tonight on the deadly massachusetts plane crash that killed co known of the philadelphia inquirer newspaper. the national transportation safety board just releasing the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder and a panicked pilot's last words. one pilot is heard saying lock is on. seven times. followed by i can't stop it and oh no, no. louis katz and six others were killed in may of 2014 as the
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plane sped toward the end of the runway crashed and burst into flames. a preliminary ntsb report in june suggested the two pilots did not perform a pre night check. no word on when the ntsb will release its final report on the deadly crash. you decide 2015 and the democratic mayoral primary takes a bizarre turn. we showed you this last night. one of the front runners former district attorney lynne abraham fainting minutes into the debate debate. 74-year-old recovered quickly and insists she's just fine but did her campaign take a tumble? that's the a question a lot of folks are doing night. here's fox 29's bruce gordon. >> reporter: abraham's wednesday campaign schedule included to candidate forums and this late afternoon meet and greet with voters in center city city. campaign wanted reporters to know about this public event to see her in action. abraham wanted everyone to know reports of her did he mice were premature. >> no disrespect from not
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drinkingdrinking water yesterday. it means die something foolish. i'm going to advise everybody out there to drink water. >> reporter: the 74-year-old abraham collapsed fainted from dehydration she says just moments into tuesday night's first televised debate among democratic mayoral hopefuls. she was quickly revised but under doctor's orders did not return to the stage. st. joseph's university political scientist randall miller says the incident renews questions about the old definite candidate in the race. >> does chef the energy? does chef the stamp nine in a. is she really too old for this. is she out of it. >> ken smuckler abraham continue fronted the age issue moments after announcing her candidacy. >> when she opened up her campaign she basically threw down the gauntlet and said, i am going to out hustle and out campaign every other candidate in this race. the visual last night makes voters question that.
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>> reporter: abraham insists she's in good health. with rarely so much as a routine doctor's checkup. but smuckler says for some voters, the image of the candidate being helped off the floor will be hard to shake. >> if you call yourself a tough cookie and you make this race about you're being a tough cookie then when the cookie crumbles it runs counter to your message. >> reporter: as for abraham, she says the fainting spell is much to do about nothing. >> i think people are getting anxious. i think they're a little scared about me. not for me, but about me. >> reporter: i reminded abraham that former philadelphia mayor john street used to tell folks every chance he got to drink their water. said it was good for their health. she says she remembers the advice. used to laugh it off. she's not laughing any more. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. fox 29 will host the next debate you can watch it right here on april 23rd at 6:00 p.m. you can also watch it streaming on our website at and follow along with all debate news using the hash tag fox 29
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dems debate. i'm going to host it with lucy noland acting as your moderator. well from poker rooms to classrooms, stockton university wants to turn the former showboat into a college campus. but making that change isn't going to be easy. the city council in atlantic city scrapped voting on its zoning tonight. trump entertainment resorts is fighting the move using its zoning as a key sticking point saying it cannot be a college because it's zoned for casino use only. trump entertainment admits it doesn't want a college campus next door. the city council gave no reason for canceling its vote. all right. there's a million dollar cash5 winner right here in our area. we know it's not -- >> it's not us. >> we're here. >> but the ticket matching all five numbers was sold in montgomery county. it was for last night pots drawing someone bought it at this sun sunoco on the 2100 block of east ticket. the winning numbers for you 13, 14 15, 29 and then 32.
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the store owner as you can imagine pretty excited tonight about getting a $10,000 bonus but he still is thinking about what to do with the money. >> right now i have no plan. but of course, good amount and i'll be happy with that. >> the store has sold other winning tickets but this is the biggest. the winner has a year to claim their prize. a donation tonight to honor a hero. the prince hall masons dropping off a check to the fraternal order of police for the family of fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson. the group says members from as far away as boston and north carolina contributed to it. officer wilson was killed trying to stop a robbery at a game stop in north philadelphia last month month. next it happened again. this guy accused of stowing away on flight but not in a seat. where investigators say he hid for hours outside the plane. and this guy going to a lot of trouble to get into the cash
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register at a local barbecue joint. what was actually inside the drawer. and caterpillar inn vague. thousands and thousands of them covering homes cars, dripping off trees even creeping in your shower. what's call all these fuzzy guys to come out. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. construction delays in west conshy balamingo roadblock for the next couple of weeks all through the neighborhoods. big jams along route 23 and 320 during the midday. coming monday the vine street expressway makeover gets started. we'll have big delays coming in and out of the city. we'll have more on that project tomorrow morning. sue with the forecast. we'll see you at 4a
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140-mile an hour police chase caught on camera in the united kingdom. that's right. 140 miles an hour. officers chasing four men who tried to rob an atm. this happened last year but police are just now releasing the video. the robbers lost police and later dumped the car and took off running. some of the thieves disappearing into a nearby building while one is later scene being dragged out of a hedge. all of the men have been convicted and serving prison sentences to night. storms wreaking havoc on parts of missouri tonight turning roads there into rivers. heavy rain and hail have been hitting the area hard all day. you can see the damage as creeks
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rush over their banks. this is happening near st. louis. that same system sent hail showering down on demiss iowa. forecasterforecasters are warning millions in the midwest to watch for more hail, strong winds and tornadoes throughout tomorrow night. >> wild incident outside an manhattan nightclub. nba player and his wife stabbed while two other nba players were tape to jail. this is video of of the two leaving new york city police station this morning. authorities say the two atlanta hawks players blocked police officers that were trying to investigate multiple stabbings outside a nightclub. chris copeland of the indiana pacers was sliced across his stomach. his wife was slashed across her arm and chest. police say the 22-year-old suspect also stabbed another woman during an argument outside the club. late word from the white house tonight president calling for an end to so called cop
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version therapy for gay and transgender young people. it comes in memory of leland, internet celebrity and transgender teenager who committed suicide after going through epp curing therapy. new jersey pass add law banning the practice back in 2013 it was upheld in federal appeals court. a stowaway arrested aft getting the ride in a wheel well of indonesian plane. he was spotted staggering around the tarmac at jakarta airport after surviving somehow nearly two hours in subzero temperatures inside the rear wheel well. he reportedly learn the stunt from the internet and scaled a fence to get to the plane. airport officials are investigating how this guy got passed security. a local senior killed just a week before her prom. her dad's mission to make sure no other family has to live through his pain. scott? >> dawn right now temperatures continue to drop but we will see the return of 70s but also a threat of severe weather. details next.
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>> plus a funky smell filling new jersey train cars. passengers are complaining. tonight we know why what's causing some new jersey trans
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>> $10,000 reward to put the men who robbed and abducted a woman in old city behind bars. 53-year-old jewelry store employee forced into a van on her way out of work on the 700 block of chestnut on saturday. she was beaten, tased and robbed and let go near a cemetery in darby borough. the mayor's office has now put up the reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. father who lost his teenaged daughter in a car accident is trying to prevent other families from the same heart ache. he says behind the wheel she was a distracted driver. >> now he's doing everything he can to stop others from making the same mistake. fox 29's shawnette wilson reports. >> last couple of years has been a nightmare for us. >> reporter: it will be three years on april 15th that mike lost his daughter nicky he says at the hands of a distracted
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driver. >> everybody says the 15th will be hard day for you but actually it's the same as yesterday, today and tomorrow. we're missing our baby because of distracted driving. >> reporter: nicky was 18 yearsed three weeks shy of prom followed by graduation. she was in the back seat when the teen driving the car ran a stop sign and collided with a pickup truck. a memorial remains on here in washington township where it happened. >> it's a dog tag of my daughter which is really nice so i remember her every day and this right here this is a half a heart. she's wearing the other half of heart in the grave. >> mike has been on a mission to bring awareness to the deadly problem. he's pushing even harder this month. april is also distracted driving awareness month. he carries around these bracelets to hand out bearing a life saving message. and he played a major role in getting signing like these put up around the community. >> every given moment in america there's 600,000 people on their phone driving innocent looking at the road. 10 times worse than drunk driver. >> he started started aadd people
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against distracted driving in her memory it offers resources and incentives for people especially teens to pledge against distracted driving. he hopes to save as many people as possible fueled on his mission by the memory of his daughter. >> i think she was want angel. she was such a good girl. she was good at everything. she was a happy girl and she just loved everybody. >> nicky's family along with organization padd holding distracted driving awareness walk this weekend. for more information go to and click on scene on tvn sewell, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. tense moments inside a courtroom in michigan a mother on trial for murder goes off and has to be pulled outside. >> you get get on the news and say -- raping my kid. >> be quiet. until it's your turn. >> step out. >> that's michelle blair bergere
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moved from court. the detroit mother charged with killing two of her kids and putting their bodies in a freezer. blair got agitated when visitation between her two surviving children and their fathers were discussed. the state is trying to terminate parem rights for blair both of the men. follow up to oh story about the traffic cone paved right into the street at locust and west washington square. the philadelphia streets department told us the cone was placed on top of an emergency patch job but was run over and then smashed into the asphalt. but they promised they'd fix the mess. we stopped by today. the cone had been removed. but was set to the side of the street. some asphalt had been replaced but a small hole remains in the middle of the street. we will definitely stay on top of it. >> we'll need to. also stay on top of this cold weather on your radar. if you're going out tonight you might need your winter coat. >> you can't school. it will be crazy over the next 24 to 48 hours. it feels like winter right now it's going feel like winter
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tomorrow but spring will make a come back likely with the bank. we'll explain coming up. right now off to the north, we have this cold area of high pressure look at the snow showing up for vermont, new hampshire even sleet around boston for us we have winds out of the north and east. it's locking in the clouds keeping things cold. not a whole lot showing up on ultimate doppler. however, we are looking at drizzle fog as well as midst. look at the low this morning. 41 degrees and the afternoon high only 3 degrees better than that. 44 degrees we should be in the low 60s and right now it's 40 degrees. humidity close to 90% but the wind chill what it actually feels like it feels like 33 degrees right now when you factor in that wind. but air temperatures upper 30s wrightstown moving toward atlantic city. 41 in cape may looking at upper 30s in lancaster. so the wind direction is making the difference drawing in those clouds chilly conditions so tomorrow morning clouds fog
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drizzle we're socked in with the clouds throughout the entire day tomorrow with on and off again showers. then by thursday night we're going to watch a warm front advance into friday morning with clouds, some showers and then we get a few breaks in the afternoon but by 4:00 north and west we're watching a line of showers perhaps some gusty thunderstorms moving through right around rush hour friday afternoon and evening. 6:00 o'clock to 8:00 moving into south jersey and then that system will be out of here setting us up for a nice weekend weekend. we are on a slight risk right now friday the main timing from 4:00 to 8:00. we could see some winds gusting over 60 miles per hour as well as some hail. we'll keep you posted. the seven day forecast showing you upper 40s tomorrow. and then look at that rapid rebound. 76 for the high temperature on friday. but once again we have some showers with the warm front friday morning then potential strong severe thunderstorms friday afternoon and evening. and then look at the weekend. sun to clouds temperatures in
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the mid to upper 60s and then upper 60s low 70s in to next week. >> hopefully this is it. >> hopefully. >> a lot of people calling you. >> that's right. >> they already are. >> i'll bet. all right, scott thank you. thieves strike anally woman getting out of her car in her own driveway. she's not giving up without a fight when she chased after the bad guys. >> get a look at this woman's mug shot. arrested for drunk driving. the excuse she gave officers after she slammed into a fence. >> they're getting inside the house, in the shower. this is the worst we've ever had them. >> caterpillar invasion. thousands flooding one town crawling over everything.
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♪ an elder woman target beside a couple of purchase snatchers outside her california home. you can see it from a neighborhood security camera. two people get out of a car approach the 82-year-old woman and grab her purse. she follows them back to their car and reaches inside. they drive off dragging her several feet before she falls to the ground. that woman is badly bruised but otherwise she's unharmed. so far no arrests. in your money tonight apple releasing a new software update including new emojis with diversity after a len tee beta test apple releaseed ios8.3 to the public today and some of the most anticipated features are the 300 new emojis notable new emojis in addition to faces with different skin sex include same sex families.
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>> taco bell fans hungry for the fast food chain to deliver may soon get their wish. the fast food company admits it is the number one request from customers and says it is looking into a delivery food service. taco bell says it still has quite figured it out but plans to test various delivery methods later this year for fans hoping to never leave their couch for their favorite mexican the good news is, taco bell is finally has this on its radar. all right. this should be on your radar. listen up american idol fans only the top five will tour this summer. it will teach the top five finalists and not the 10 who hit the road over the last 13 years. by the way the top five will be revealed on april 22nd. caterpillars taking over a town in texas. >> yuk. we mean taking over. the insects keep hatching and multiplying by the thousands. take look. talk about gross. they're getting into everything covering the sides of homes hanging off trees getting into
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cars. even causing power outages. >> they're getting inside the house, in the shower, um, we've tried everything to get rid of them then just keep coming back. they get worse and worse. >> this is the worst we've ever had them. >> don't have a clue right now. we need help. >> creepy crawly. local pest control companies say they've treated hundreds and hundreds of homes and businesses in the area. so the big question, why are the caterpillars there? experts say the over population may be the result of a mild winter. this guy going to a lot of trouble to get into the cash register at a local barbecue joint. what was actually inside the drawer. plus it's the hottest new app your children may have just downloaded. everyone life streaming to anyone who will watch. the warning tonight though, before you let
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former south carolina police officer is facing murder charges and tonight we're learning more about his ties to south jersey. former officer michael slager accused of of killing an unarmed black man graduated from lenape high school back in 2001. the 33-year-old was arrested after a disturb video surfaced it shows eight shots fired at
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the back of a 50-year-old man walter scott as he tries to run away. scott was killed. the incident fueling the tense debate between americans and police. philadelphia's police commissioner just shared a white house committee on community policing he calls this case an unfortunate tragedy. >> this is an individual who obviously in my opinion acted inappropriately has been dealt with at least he's put into the system. but it's not a reflection on the entire you know, police force nor is it a reflection on the professional policing as a whole whole. >> commissioner ramsay added added he felt slager was disciplined quickly and appropriately. slager was fired today. the fbi and feds are now investigating his case. a close call for two little girls in florida after they almost came face to face with a real live snake in the grass. this was no ordinary snake. the cotton mouth packs pretty powerful punch with enough venom
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to make things miserable for anything that gets too close. marissa gruber' daughter and her friend almost found that out first hand. they were playing in a yard una aware of what was lurking in the grass. gruber spotted the snake just in time and the girls avoided a very painful bite. experts say they were very lucky the cotton mouth decided not to strike. >> comes to venomous bite it's body mass of the person versus the amount of venom -- the size of the snake and amount of venom they can inject and with this size snake and that little girl it would have been a really serious bite. >> a local snake wrangler arriving just in time and capturing that snake. surveillance cameras catch this guy working hard to break in a local restaurant's cash register. this is from dwight barbecue on east oak lane early yesterday morning. he finally gets the register drawer out and runs away. his entire take, a full $44 and 95 cents. police are now looking for him.
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it's the latest social media phenomenon you might not even know anything about. >> it's called periscope and comes with an ominous new warning. fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson explains. ♪ >> reporter: it's estimated that there are over 700 million facebook users and about 70 million instagram posts per day. but the newest phenomenon that has people talking the ability to live video stream and the newest app doing is called periscope. periscope let's you stream live video directly from your cell phone to people who are watching anywhere in the world. periscope and other live streaming apps generate add tremendous amount of buzz. but none of them are terribly popular yet with neither cracking the top 75 in downloaded apps. >> we're seeing people that are joining your live steam. >> reporter: tech expert stephanie hum greece told me if you haven't started using them yet you may be missing the next big thing. >> i think it's going to take a little while to gain traction.
3:47 am
>> again there's -- i still talk to people every day right now that are like what's twitter? but twitter is huge. it just took a little while to get there. i think it will take little while for people to really understand what is going to be good for basically. >> reporter: i've been using periscope to give people a life behind the scenes look at what goes on here at fox 29. >> somebody just said where is mike? there's mike. >> right here. >> reporter: as much as fun to get a candid look behind the scenes attorney sandra told me people need to be aware of the potential risks of using these apps. >> if you were to post a video on youtube today that diss clove the identity of a person or particularly children privacy you would have the ability to file a complaint and have that removed. here, how does one get it removed if it's already been disclosed? it's already been streamed live to the world. >> reporter: all the concerns aren't necessarily legal ones.
3:48 am
as you can see here, this is one of the broadcasts that we did. the comments come up in real time as do the ratings so attorney told me parents need to be aware of who is actually talking to their children and whether or not they're letting people know specifically where their children are. >> people really need to be educated on some of the issues that are involved and how they're going to deal with them, and, you know, really take a look at what they're going to be broadcasting to the world. what their privacy settings are. do they have the location data turned on? i mean particularly with children. >> reporter: even with all the safety and legal concerns explained, and most of the streams so far focus owing on relatively silly things like people's pets or the inside of their refrigerator lot of people think these live streaming apps may revolutionize the way we he can change information both in the general public and the media media. >> that explosion in new york
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where that building collapsed people were scoping left and right. media people as well using this to get that story out there real time. >> reporter: of course as we talk about life streaming apps and social media we want to know what you think. these live streaming apps are they cool, maybe a little bit creepy. you can leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page. you can tweet us at fox 29 philly. even send us a video message. i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. take a look. this mug shot won't be winning this woman any favors with a judge. 55-year-old linda mcdonald was arrested monday in vermont for drunk driving. police say she was ran off the road and crashed into a wooden fence. she said she was writing down directions but police say her blood alcohol was way over the limit. fortunately no one was hurt. new jersey transit passengers have been complaining about a funky smell on some of the trains. officials say the trains are kept at a rail yard about a quarter mile of from a mull are factory in morrisville pennsylvania. new jersey transit believes the
3:50 am
smell has permeateed some rail cars. so now the transit authority is trying to figure out what to do. well the inform fl knows what to do and hire its first full-time female official. >> she's one of nine new first time nfl referees. sarah thomas will be a line judge in the 2015 season. thomas was line judge in preseason games in 2013 and 2014. thomas who is from mississippi worked her way through the college football ranks over the last 19 years. good for her. i wonder if she plays golf. >> she doesn't have time. she's got three kids as well. legend of jack nicholaus at another moment of great in place where he had many great moments the masters. it was a night that was not a night for baseball fans but a night for the phill
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phillies had firsts tonight. first rbi of the season it was in the sixth inning after 14 straraight scoreless innings to start the season. by the way that was the second longest ever in franchise history. and with that, the first win. let's go to citizens bank park. it was cold.
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now the fans didn't have to be out there in the cold and the wet weather. the players did. they're getting paid millions to do it horang the second starter for the phillies. good game six an third innings. eight strikeouts shut out innings. and jeff francoeur who is your right fielder tonight two on against rick, and that's a three run homerun through the wet and the cold, phil he's go up three to nothing they hung on barely hung on to win it four-two. all right. jonathan pell pell bon the pitcher the phillies have tried to trade and nobody wants him. it's always somebody else's fault with papelbon and he's a bad guy in the locker room. his quotes in the boston global won't make people in philadelphia. considerate red sox didn't want him back quoting papelbon let's go to the second part of this quote. "i don't feel much like a phillie. it's been a tough transition over here. tough getting used to the way it is here "after the game he was
3:55 am
asked about his comments about being a phillie. >> i feel like, you know, the red sox run deep in my blood. it's who i became as a pitcher and, um, always stick with me. any time you have to move on you have to a just an captain to a new team, and um, i haven't had any problem doing that here. >> oh you haven't huh he's a jerk. sixers -- he's a jerk. >> sixers were terrible tonight. look that defense. that is just wonderful. they gave up 70 points in the first half. all right. so they don't score either. the washington wizards are a good team. how about five on two great getting back. these guys were terrific. they only lost by 29 tonight. 119-90. all right. the best golf tournament of year starts tomorrow. the masters. but on the day before they hold the par three tournament it's exciting to see a legend with a hole in one. to augusta nash. a lot of kids grandkids caddies having fun.
3:56 am
you're allowed to that the day before the tournament. tournament tomorrow is all business. tiger woods with his kids. but it was jack nicholaus the fourth hole. 130 yards. and watch this shot. oh boy he is a master. and he's a master at augusta just the way you want to see it. rolls it in jack nicholaus with the hole in three. three hole in ones today. that's the one that gets everybody's attention. >> absolutelyabsolutely. >> let me reiterate jonathan papelbon is a creep an jerk. >> just in case you weren't clear. >> you missed that. >> tmz is coming up in he can. >> we're back here for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". have a good one.
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>> this is fox 29 morning news. >> this video has sparked an outrage. south carolina police officer charged now with murder after shooting and killing an unarmed black man running away. and this morning we've learned that that officer has local roots. >> and a chester county dj under investigation for sexual assault, how police say he lured his victims. plus a little boy's wild ride around philadelphia and the person who police say was driving is not even old enough to have a license. >> and let's take a live look outside. looking at another damp and dreary chilly day but warm up is in the future. will it be here in time for the weekend? sue serio will tell us all about it. good day everybody, it is thursday april 9th 2015. >> where is that camera coming from? >> which u


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