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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  April 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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n for the 1981 murder of a philadelphia police officer. the 60-year-old just under going treatment for diabetes complications. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm jeff cole. lucy and iain are off tonight. this school assignment has some critics calling for a swift response this evening. fox 29's bill anderson is in the newsroom. bill this strikes a nerve for a lot of folks particularly in this community. >> reporter: it really does. abu jamal has been a controversial figure in philadelphia for over 30 years. he's a political prison his supporters say. his critics say he's a cold-blooded killer being in the news is nothing new but the latest controversy is this outrage involves get well letters from eight-year-olds. it's been over 30 years since mumia abu jamal convict evidence shooting killing philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. today he's back in the news as some are outraged that a new jersey teacher had her students write him get well letters after an apparent illness led him to be rushed to the hospital.
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>> the teacher orange new jersey jersey's marl are you lynn first tweet on her twitter page make it clear she's not only an abu jamal supporter with the hash tag free mumia listed but also that she wanted her third great students to lift his spirits with get well wishes. professor johanna far then did he say who delivered the letters said they had the desire desired effect and received with smiles. >> it's both alarming and outrageous -- >> richard costello former president of the philadelphia fraternal order of police told fox and friends this morning that not only is writing get well letters to convicted cop killer completely inappropriate but all the teachers involved should be fired. >> i think the school system needs to immediately fire any teacher involved in this. these children are now placed in danger by the very people charged with their education. they're being used as tools in somebody's twisted agenda. >> direct assault from the prison to slowly kill our
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brother mumia. >> protesters held a protest saying he wasn't being properly treated for his medical issues and led to him being rush to the hospital. state department of corrections, the teacher and the orange new jersey school district all had no comment. but pretty much everyone on social media seems to have one and they range from anger to support. we want to know what people think. you can leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. >> all right bill,. hang now severe weather doing damage in the midwest of this country. people there getting the worse avenue severe weather outbreak. one storm chaser spotted this funnel cloud. there were also reports of hail measuring 2-inches in diameter. here in center city, this could be the calm unfortunately before the storm. as things could soon start getting worse in our area. chief meteorologist scott williams has a look at what we need to start preparing for it. scott is outside. what do you got. >> hi there jeff.
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right now we are still stuck with temperatures well below average. it's cloudy. we're looking at drizzle and it is also chilly. temperatures have been in the 40s but feels like temperatures have been in the 30s but a part of that same system will head in our direction this same time tomorrow with scattered severe thunderstorms. right now ultimate doppler painting a quiet picture however, severe thunderstorm watches have already been posted for sections to the west. you can see we'll watch a warm front advance tomorrow morning. that will bring fog some showers and then a cold front still well to the west. that will bring a broken line of severe weather potentially in our area. in fact the storm prediction center has parts of the area in a slight risk tomorrow afternoon and evening for some hail as well as some gusty thunderstorms thunderstorms. but temperatures right now in the low 40s. take a look at the numbers right now. 41 in atlantic city. it's 42 in philadelphia. but feels like temperatures are stuck in the 30s. so if you're stepping outdoors bundle up, because it still
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feels like winter. tomorrow it starts with fog. temperatures will in the 70s and then when i come indoors we'll time out that potential for scattered severe storms. back to you dawn and jeff. >> thank you scott torments developing story now. the philadelphia woman accused of trying to join isol will remain locked up. prosecutors say she would have left the country had she not been arrested last week. and today a judge making sure that she stays put until her trial. fox 29's bruce gordon is live outside the federal courthouse in center city and bruce you were in signed the courtroom for today's hearing. >> reporter: i was indeed, dawn. that's where the judge agreed with prosecutors that keonna thomas is a risk to the community's safety an flight risk should we receive bail and she will indeed remain locked up while awaiting indictment and trial on charges of plotting to join terrorists to attack the u.s. keonna thomas family members left federal court in a mad push
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without comment a after a 45 minute hearing that added detail to the case against the alleged terror collaborator. inside the courtroom the 30-year-old thomas dressed in a green prison uniform and muslim head scarf watched as an fbi special agent detail the allegations against her in a criminal complaint. it charges that thomas attempted to travel overseas to join, fight with and martyr herself on behalf islamic state in iraq isol. at the heart of the case intercepted electronic communications between thomas and quote co conspirators. >> your confidence this was her talking to isol about i isol. >> the complaint does lay out a number of communication allegedly by miss thomas regarding her desire to join isol. >> reporter: thomas responds to a reference to engaging in martyr operations by writing quote a girl can only wish. on march 26 thomas bought airline tickets to fly from philadelphia to spain.
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federal prosecutors say her ultimate destination was syria. she was arrested at her north philadelphia home without incident a week later. defense attorneys said they were disappointed in the decision to hold thomas for trial and to keep her locked up in the meantime. but -- >> today's hearing is just the first step in this process. we believe that when all the evidence is presented at the time of trial that keonna thomas will be found not guilty. >> reporter: in arguing that thomas was a flight risk prosecutors today noted that she appeared very much willing to leave behind her seven and nine-year-old daughters when she flew to spain. they also revealed that at the time of thomas' arrest a close associate of hers tweeted threats of a martyr operation here in the u.s. and threats of violence at the prison where she was being held. jeff? >> all right bruce at the federal courthouse. bensalem man was killed after his car went off the road and ran into a utility pole.
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30-year-old brian was driving his mustang around 2:30 this morning on mechanicsville road. police say he quickly tried to pass another vehicle and lost control of the car. authorities believe alcohol was a factor in this crash. three people were hurt after being hit by a car in north liberties and this was last night. police say a mother, father and child were walking near fifth and spring garden streets around 9:30. that's when all three were hit by a vehicle. the victims were taken to the hospital but are expected happily to be okay. driver of the car stayed at the scene. police are investigating tonight tonight. happening right now more accusations against south carolina police officer charged with murder. michael slager patrolman caught on video shooting a man in the back as he ran away grew up in new jersey. tonight new claims that he used excessive force on the job. the naacp another man claims slager used a stun gun on him when he was unarmed even filing complaint back in 2013.
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fox 29's sabina kuriakose spoke with people who know him and she joins us live outside lenape high school in medford, new jersey torque night. sabina what are people saying. >> reporter: former classmates of the lenape high grad describe him almost as a ghost a vague presence that left little impression on those around him. only to shoot to infamy years later. lenape high school is a morning show chasing news reporter come a long way from her high school homeroom tv news show. >> talked about joining the coast guard. >> covering the alleged shooting death of 50-year-old south carolina man walter scott by a north charleston police officer brought back those memories in an erie way. >> i don't really remember him. i didn't recognize his name at first. i certainly didn't recognize the picture that was released. >> boy issue face in her 2001 lenape high school yearbook now internationally notorious of 33-year-old officer michael slager charged with murder after video surfaced showing him
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allegedly pumping eight bullets into an unarmed and fleeing scott following a traffic stop for a broken brake light. >> he said he was quite if he didn't know you. he kept to himself. >> veronica zeroed in on this picture of her high school self standing feet away from a young slager who few seem to recall during the course of her coverage she spoke with several fellow classmates offering the same description of the now fired officer. >> he was like a vapor. i checked with my friends and we all vaguely recognize him but none of us seemed to know him which i think is very strange. >> kind of can't stop thinking about it. obviously i didn't have a relationship with him. i didn't know him. but it is the idea of such an unexpectedly close connection to somebody. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00 we'll visit the mt. laurel neighborhood where slager is believed to have grown up. dawn and jeff, back to you. >> all right sabina. caught and convict of stealing packages right off people's doorsteps during the
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holiday season. why the am of time she's going to spend behind bars in prison has so many people shocked. plus a new type of power struggle over the revel casino it's lights out as the shuddered casino loses its electricity. how the new owner is getting creative to take care of that building. >> if you haven't already done it now is the time. with safety experts now say drivers who live in this part of the country should do to their cars right now. and later it's being called a case of stolen valor. police say this guy was impersonateing a navy seal and that's not the only thing he's accused of of. why authorities had to search far and wide to find him.
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♪ live look outside old city where i will say that spring is slow to arrive. not exactly breaking news there. chilly and drizzly tonight. it's going get worse unfortunately before it gets better. scott's full forecast and how bad things could get for your friday is still ahead. a chester county bus driver under arrest tonight after leaving a seven-year-old girl on the bus alone for an entire school day. rose land charged with endangering the welfare avenue child. chester county district attorney says craft bus company immediate immediately fired rose land after learning of the march march 31st incident. the girl' mother apparently called the school when she found her daughter was reported absent absent. the 66-year-old apparently drove right past her school and parked the van. the little girl was the only child on the bus. rally set for tomorrow in new jersey over the death of a
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man who was in police custody at the time. 32-year-old philip white died on march 31st. police took him into custody while responding to a diss orally person's call. during the incident, he had trouble breathing investigators say he became unresponsive in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. the cumberland county prosecutor' office and new jersey state police are investigating. tomorrow's rally will be held 10:00 a.m. at the corner of landis avenue and the boulevard in vineland. it's being held by church leaders calling for unity and peace in that community. >> the power plant that provides utility service to atlantic city's former revel casino cuts off service to the building. today's move by acr energy comes two days after a in order developer bought the building. glenn straub closing on the revel on tuesday but he still has not reached deal with acr for utility service. straub says he's looking for portable generator trucks to power the building for the next two weeks before it can be connected to the grid through the former showboat casino next door. straub put up the money last
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week for the showboat although that deal still has not yet gone through. without utility service at revel, mold and bursting pipes could be a problem. new jersey governor christie job approval at home singing to a new low. new rutgers eagleton poll finds 54% of registered voters surveyed disapprove of the job that christie is doing. 41% approve. the poll coming as christie is preparing for a likely presidential run. the republican governor also hitting new lows when it comes to his handling of super storm sandy rebuilding as well as taxes and the state butch. right here startling revelations to night about security at philadelphia international airport. in may of 2012 a man rammed an suv threw a security gate at philadelphia international airport and sped down a runway as a plane was about to touchdown just one incident of several hundred in an associated press study of breaches at the nation's airports over the last decade. those breaches included
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intruders hopping fences nipping past gart houses and sometimes managing to climb aboard planes. the report ranked philadelphia second for security breaches with 37. san francisco was number one. fix our bridges and transportation systems. that's the message behind a rally in dilworth park today. lawmakers labor leaders and transportation advocates all agreeing updates need to be made throughout the area. they're calling for funding on critical updates working on legislation that will not only create jobs but provide security for everyone on the roads and using public transportation. >> it's a safety bill. too many times people are getting hurt, maimed and killed on our roads. government was formed to protect the citizens and we need to protect our citizens throughout the whole region the city of philadelphia. >> the funding comes or the call for funding comes as the current extension of the u.s. highway trust fund which supports the
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transit programs expires on may 31. congressman brady saying both parties need to work together for the safety of our roads and transportation systems. and here is some good news. it's a big night for a group of special needs hockey players in bucks county. they'll get to share the ice with philadelphia's pro hockey team. >> pretty exciting much that's not all. karen hepp takes a look how the flyers are making sure these youngsters feel right at home. >> reporter: they can skate block and smile like nobody's business. bucks county admirals are living a dream. taking practice with flyers alums and legends bobby the hound kelly and todd fedoruk. >> it's a lot of fun. >> very awesome. and i'm really diehard flyers fan. >> reporter: cole, joe and the rest of the admirals say playing hockey has given them confidence. most never even laced up skates before they join the team. tonight they are sharing the ice with the current flyers for autism awareness night when they
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light it up blew. >> they just get accepted by a lot of people, if they'll be out here for four or five minute clip in between periods and see all the fans cheering for them, they feel they're big league, you know. it's what they think. >> reporter: this is one of four suites they decorated for children with autism. they created all kinds of angs have and comforting things like balloons and bean bag chairs where people can get away. the lighting in here is controlled it might not be over stimulating it's loud at a hockey game. they've closed the doors in case family needs to come in from the outside where it's a little more quiet. from the sensory friendly lounges to honoring all those great hockey moms, it is the favorite night of entire year sharing the bond of hockey. >> it's just fun. it's just fun. they're spirited young lives then come out here and have a good time. they work hard and it's doing something that i love that they
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get to do and experience. >> nobody was born back when we played we're just old people. you know, when they get in here the building phils up and cheers start going that's when they start to get hyped up and they get pretty revved up about it. >> from south philly karen hepp, fox 29 news. we've got breaking news now to tell you about. skyfox over 40th and woodland in university as police investigate a shooting that happened a good distance away at 24th and wolf in south philadelphia. some sort of shooting happened between the people in two cars. a 22-year-old was shot and is stable at hup right now in university city. septa says that route 36 and 13 trollies are both affected. passengers getting diverted to market and the frankford line. we'll keep updateed on this. violence and we want to tell you certainly what happens with the septa line as well. a man thought he would be sitting in the audience when the president came to town. >> but he ended up at a conference table meeting face to
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face with the leader of the free world. the story behind this presidential surprise. >> if you're having trouble remembering things -- (laughter). >> who hasn't? we might know why. a new study can predict the age your memory starts to decline. can you guess what it is? the news isn't all bad. what you have actually to look forward to. and lights go out one family's home during passover the mother screams in horror as something she finds. tonight police are involved.
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gunshots inside italian courthouse. gunman opening fire in a court in central milan this morning killing at least three people including the judge. video showing police running out of the court building leading many scared people to safety. the gunman was on trial for bankruptcy. he was arrested after the shooting. the court is just 1 mile from milan's cathedral. famous tourist attraction. isis hackers infiltrate entire french television station supports of the terror group taking over the paris station social media pages website and
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all of its television channels overnight. the message on the station's website reading in part, i am is. the social media pages are now back in station control. the broadcast and websites will take more time. san diego woman who was caught stealing packages from people's doorsteps during the holiday season will now have to spend a stunning 23 years in prison. 37-year-old martha lamply arrested last december she took a plea deal rather than stand trial. she plead guilty to four counts out of more than a dozen including reasonable burglary. >> whenever someone enter noose someone else's home especially when they're present in the home it's a very serious crime. >> so why all the time? her record dates back to 2008. the residential burglary charge falls under california's three strikes law and requires the doubling of a zen dense so she gets 23 years. president obama pay as visit to the bob marley museum in
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kingston jamaica. last night the predatorring the house where marley lived saying he's a marley fan. president obama even credits the musician with helping to raise his awareness about the struggles of people outside of the u.s. during his college years. while touring the museum the president also admitting he still has all of bob marley's albums. wow. >> salt lake city man basking in the surprise meeting with president obama. >> that would be a surprise. he thought he was only going to be in the crowd at an event that the president was attending. but lance was ushered out of the crowd and taken to a private room at hill air force base he was asked to take part in around table just any other round table discussion and says he couldn't believe it when he read the name tags on the table. that had been sitting within reach of the president. that's what it said he was going to do. he did. he was a little intimidateed. >> here i am with the commander in chief and i'm a little under
5:26 pm
dressed. >> what a concern. okay. futch said aside from wishing he would have been a little more dressed up his mom points out that he had his elbows on the table during the meeting. all minor things. he laughs about that won't take a way he says from his surprise of a lifetime. >> how about that? >> elbows on the table. >> okay. >> all right. if you haven't done it already now is definitely the time. what safety experts now say drivers who live in this part of the country should do to their cars like right now. plus hail and rain and lightning and funnel clouds. people are recovering from rough weather to our west and bracing for more. the tough road ahead. scott? >> jeff arc part of that same system will impact our area tomorrow. the timeline of scattered severe storms next.
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♪ tonight a tip safety expert say you should not ignore wish wash -- wish and wash the under side of your car. the national highway safety administration finish a five year investigation into rusting pipes that carry brake fluid in about 5 million cars from different makers. researchers believe the problem is not with the cars but in driving in areas where salt is used to clear roads of snow and ice during winter. guess where that is? that means you. if you don't clean the underside of your car regularly the administration says the salt can cause the brake lines to actual actually rust and fail.
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back to your fox 29 weather authority now. and severe weather to our west. yes that's heal you're hearing. the size of tennis balls pounding parts of kansas overnight. as super cell storms ripped through the midwest. a storm chaser catching it right in the middle of the storm showing this video of hail crashing into his windshield nearly cracking it open. tonight several states are reporting damage from tornadoes high winds hail and heavy rain and many areas are not out of the woods just yet. fox's jackie ibanez talks with people experiencing this chaos first hasn't. >> reporter: strong line of severe storms leaving path of destruction across the middle of the u.s. hail heavy rain and tornadoes all causing problems. >> i was like freaking out because everything was like going around circles. i saw cloud going down in circles. >> reporter: in central oklahoma storm spotters keeping an eye on this large funnel cloud wednesday while in tulsa
5:31 pm
slick roads causing a schoolbus to roll over as students were heading home from class. four children and the driver were injured. in missouri people are cleaning up after a possible tornado blows through the found. several buildings destroyed by the high winds. >> i thought the roof was going to come off. i can hear the hail popping. it was horrible. i couldn't see anything. i was waiting for it to get done with. slack down and start in again so i looked out i owe my lord. >> near st. louis the storm flooding homes and businesses. the high water forcing many to get out. >> it's a disaster. i mean everything from my wedding dress to our couches to our tv's, it's all replaceable but i'm sorry. it's just really -- i know they gave us the place but it's not home. >> parts of kentucky getting hit hard with meteorologists surveying the damage from the suspected twister. >> you can see twisting in the trees and a mobile home down below. you can see how directions are
5:32 pm
going east, southeast and south of the storm. it's very narrow. most of it looks like it was a loft in the trees. >> reporter: no deaths reported in connection to these storms. but forecasters say more severe weather is possible thursday. jackie i banness fox news. we've got at least the potential for rough stuff here, my friend. >> part of that system, jeff and dawn will make its way to the east tomorrow afternoon and evening. scattered severe thunderstorms likely we'll talk about it coming up but take a look right now. we're still stuck with winds out of the east so we have the clouds temperatures have been stuck in the 40s today. but off to the west, there's a warm front. that will advance early tomorrow morning. we'll have some fog some showers but we'll be waiting for a cold front which is still off to the west. that will bring a broken line of some scattered severe storms our way tomorrow. but also those temperatures will finally feel like spring. right now not a whole lot showing up on ultimate doppler. however, it's cloudy. we have pockets of some drizzle not being detected by ultimate doppler.
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but temperatures right now only 42 degrees at the philadelphia international airport. you factor in that east wind it feels like a chilly 35 degrees right now. we have 35 as an air temperature in the pocono mountains low 40s in wilmington, millville down to the cape may area and as we take a look at the current winds generally out of the east. tomorrow those winds are going shift out of the south and southwest. so watch what happens with future temperatures. still a chilly start tomorrow morning. mid 40s a few low 50s. down the shore but watch what happens with those southerly winds tomorrow afternoon. temperatures easily in the low to mid 70s. by 2:00 o'clock 76 in philadelphia. 76 in wilmington. but then we'll be watching out for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. the main threats will be some damaging winds as well as some hail. so we'll be watching that energy off to the west. let's watch how things play out as far as future fox cast. by 10:00 o'clock tonight some activity toward the western part of the state tries to move in toward the pocono mountains as
5:34 pm
well as sections of philadelphia philadelphia. by tomorrow morning. so tomorrow morning's rush, some fog as well as some scattered showers around the area. then we'll get a little bit of a break. some peeks of sunshine and by 4:00 o'clock we're watching to the west a broken line of showers and storms. it will be a fast mover once again that window 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. by 6:00 o'clock watching it move through the philadelphia area. then south jersey and then it's out of here once again late friday night setting us up for a pretty nice upcoming weekend. so for tonight cloudy and chilly fog and drizzle temperatures still chilly upper 30s in the suburb. 44 degrees in the city. then as we move ahead to tomorrow we're going to call it morning fog some scattered showers early then afternoon and evening thunderstorms. a high tomorrow though though 76 degrees. it's going to feel more like spring tomorrow afternoon. but keep an eye to the sky. also fox 29's spring fling continues tomorrow morning. also throughout the day five and 6:00 we will be live in
5:35 pm
reading, pennsylvania, berks county. there could be a few morning showers out there as well as some afternoon and evening storms. we'll, of course, have you covered here right here throughout the day. but that seven day forecast showing you scattered showers and storms tomorrow. but look at the temperatures. finally back into the 70s and then the weekend is going to be nice once we clear all of the storms out of here. a pair of tens, jeff cole. you can see 64 degrees on saturday. 66 on sunday. then early next week temperatures top out right around 70 degrees and then we have another chance for some storms by next thursday in the seven day. >> that's way down the road. >> tomorrow bring out your bermuda shorts and your umbrella right. >> exactly. one of those days. >> sounds like a good idea. scott, thank you very much. if you are having trouble remembering things -- (laughter). >> we might know why. a new study claims to know when your memory is going to go. can you guess the age? who are you?
5:36 pm
>> the news isn't all bad jeff. what you have to look forward to. >> yeah. >> also, the lights go out at one family's home during passover. then the mother screams in horror at something she discovers. tonight police are involved. and coming up at 6:00 o'clock have you heard of periscope? it's not something on a submarine. it's something your kids may have downloaded. it let's you show anyone anywhere what you're doing right now. the warning for parents tonight before you let the world into your world. >> and fox 29 will host the next philadelphia mayoral debate. you can watch it right here april 23rd at 6:00 p.m. you can also watch it streaming at and follow along with all the debate news using the hash tag fox 29demsdebate. iain page will be the host with lucy noland acts as the moderator.
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america.
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♪ ♪ a north philadelphia woman charge the with trying to join isis will remain in jail until her trial. a judge ruling today that 30-year-old keonna thomas is a flight risk an threat to the
5:40 pm
community. thomas was arrested last week accused of trying to leave the country with hopes of reaching syria and joining isis. defense attorneys arguing that thomas should have been sent home with gps tracking device she faces 15 years in prison if convicted. in your health tonight new hope for people with depression and anxiety. a big bonus you don't have to go to a doctor's office to get that help. just download an app. a team of psychologists at northwestern medicine along with the national institute of mental health coming up with this idea. launching what's called inutilely care it's 12 mini apps to manage and treat depression and anxiety symptoms. those who try it say it actually works. >> i know especially over the winter i had a really difficult time getting out and doing things that, um, that made me feel good, and this app really helped me, um kind of brainstorm for things that i know make me feel good. >> depression and anxiety affect
5:41 pm
millions of americans. many of whom don't have access to therapy or don't seek treatment. doctors say that's why these apps can come in handy even on a bad day or in the moments leading up to a challenging situation. >> here' as scary thought. your memory starts heading downhill. it starts to fade after age 35. that according to a new study from mit and the massachusetts general hospital. dr. oz tells us all the study isn't all bad news. ♪ i'm sure the thought had crossed your mind after miss placing your car keys or forgetting an appointment. it seems like your short term memory is shot. well according to a massive new study unfortunately there may be truth to that fear. researchers from min and massachusetts general hospital challenged a 50,000 volunteers to series of game like tests to measure cognitive abilities. the results they found that differing cognitive skills peak at different ages. for example your ability to learn and remember names is
5:42 pm
strongest in your early 20s. and the window for short term memory that peaks between ages 25 and 35. but i don't want to you worry. it's not all downhill after that. researchers found that certain skills actually piqued later in life take social understanding for example. according to the study this skill peaks between age 45 and 55. and verbal knowledge well, that didn't peak until after age 65. >> okay then. i just think you should write notes to yourself to remember. but you can catch the dr. oz show right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. it's being called a case of stolen valor. police say this guy was impersonateing a navy seal and that's not the only thing he's accused of why authorities had to search far and wide to find him. a live long prayer is answeredanswered in texas. how these two long lot of sisters were finally able to meet for the very first time and here's howard. >> the phillies they play boston again tonight. the stalk about their closer who shows us with his comments it's
5:43 pm
all about him and not the team. we have lost one of all-time best sports writers this town has ever had. that's coming up in sports.
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welcome back. authorities say they've nabbed a man in puerto rico accused of of impersonateing a navy seal. carlos gonzales arrested last year but then jumped his bail. he was picked up this week after jumping bond and taking off for pure tore coach seal impersonator facing theft charges after being caught in a sting operation. the men who captured him not
5:47 pm
showing sim beth for his situation. >> he couldn't even shine the seal's boots as far as i'm concerned. they wanted fong we would extradite and they wanted to know that win 10 minutes. and they got their answer back in eight. >> puerto rico is a territory of the us. gonzales theft charge was only a miss did he mean that is until he jumped bond and then it became a felony. a family in san diego california says that they are victims of a hate crime. police are investigating the incident tonight. israel dehan says his power was caught off 11:00 p.m. following the day of passover celebrations. after he made sure his wife 13 daughters were all right he checked thing outside with on the relatives. and what they found he says was shocking. swastikas stone on his cars and garage doors. >> we decided to move to the u.s. in order to be a little bit more safe ton protect our kids. >> dehan is now living in fear. his daughters sleeping in his
5:48 pm
bedroom at night and he has not been to work sips. now for those of you who feel like having a cocktail but don't have any booze at home and don't want to go out there may ab solution. an app promises to deliver a drink right to your doorstep. i am not kidding. but it's generateing a buzz bigger than any you'd get from alcohol. fox's ashley paradise has the story from austin texas. >> reporter: from the liquor store to your home average of 25 minutes. >> get some burr born. confirm your locate. and then it automatically pop lates the inventory from the nearest store. >> reporter: sam lane says this app will come in handy. >> you're a little two sheets to the wind you want to get a uber to go to the liquor store or getting somebody to bring the delicious beverage row. >> reporter: top shelf launched in austin. brian brown says they have to jump through a lot of hurdles. >> i actually went to pabc and spoke with an agent walk him
5:49 pm
through the entire process of the app before we seen started developing it because i wanted to make sure, hey that that is a viable option and way for texans to get liquor. >> reporter: you can pretty much order anything you want wine or vodka you don't have to step foot in a an actual liquor store. top shelf work as a middleman. they connect liquor store with customers. >> go ahead and get tequila. get some prisado. >> reporter: then the liquor store sends out an employee to make the delivery. david bartlett has gone out several times already. >> you know people are not used to it. it's a change in behavior to order. it's like you order a pizza you don't order a hamburger. once people get used it to i think it could be a very big thing. >> reporter: but some people wonder if this could cause problems. >> underageded kids you know it's easier to get past delivery drivers. >> your age is verified before using the app the delivery drivers check id on arrival.
5:50 pm
>> if you do want to try to fool the drivers and try to get alcohol illegally you're going to get stuck with a $20 fee plus they get to take the merchandise back. >> reporter: makeing save way for customers of age to get what they want without the hassle. >> don't get too excited if you live in pennsylvania by the way. alcohol delivery rules are much more strict here. not surprisingly. business can deliver alcohol actuallyactually as long as they also serve food and the limit is 26 packs of beer. >> all right. there you have it. more solar paneled mobile toilets are being made available to san francisco's homeless as the city is expanding its pit-stop program. these new toilets rolling into san francisco's tenderloin neighbor yesterday. they're available four days a week staying open until 9:00 o'clock at night. paid attendants keeping them clean and stock. people who use these pits stops say they appreciate them and say they're much needed. >> it's not a place to use the bathroom if you're homeless and don't have no money. you can't go in no place and use
5:51 pm
the bathroom because they want you to be a customer. >> san francisco's pit-stop program is so successful that now portland, honolulu and new york are looking into making them available as well. life long prayer is answered in texas. two long lot of sisters have finally able to meet for the very first time through the power of course of facebook. there it is. emotional brace between cindy daniels and her sister dina heard. long lot of siblings found each other through a simple facebook search. after a friend request and a lot of talking. the two a ranged a meeting at the airport in houston. even though it's the first time they've met face to face, these sisters say they feel they've actually known each other for a lifetime. >> we always thought something is missing in my heart and i always asked god if it's your will i would like to me my sister some day when she contacted us god answered my
5:52 pm
prayer because she's standing here right now. >> daniels says she knew about her sister because of an old photo her father kept in his bedside. it was on a whim she decided to do some digging on social media. >> wow! tonight we're taking taking you in focus to bucks county. that's where one man's smiling is touching hearts and changing young lives. >> as photojournalist bill rohrer shows us this man wouldn't have it any other way. great job guys. >> most people in america are end grossed in the madness of march. >> move, move good shot. >> 86-year-old durant is inside carl sandberg middle school. >> you made that one. whoa. you got next game. >> opening the gym on saturdays for willing players for over 30 years. >> are you kidding me? >> are you all right. >> i'm all right. >> shaping young lives. >> just make sure we keep ourselves calm and cool okay. >> teaches us to be safe,
5:53 pm
polite. teaches us manners. he's been like a real role model to all of us. >> what beautiful baby. >> former players even bring back their own kids. >> how are you. >> just to meet him -- >> oh my god am i lucky. >> for the first time. >> you're a lucky man. >> somebody will come in one time and know their name. he'll remember it forever. >> i love you beautiful people. >> that's why principal dawn kelly made him the official morning greeter here at the school. >> good morning. good morning. >> first person i see in the morning has this big smile and have a great day means the world to them. >> wow! i love you. >> for some of it might be the only smile they get all day. >> good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> you're looking good. >> good to see daw. >> i just have a feeling for everybody. i'm kind of the guy who is good to have around but iams always positive. >> i love you too. love you. >> 45 minutes mr. durant shakes hands and tells each kid he loves them. >> i love you. love you guys. thank you. >> a lot of times kids just need
5:54 pm
that extra push. >> i live like you you're a winner. >> to know that hay somebody has our backs no matter what and you definitely find that in mr. mr. durant. >> go, go. >> even the crowded sickth grade lunch room is no match. who else would get a reception like this? (applause). >> thank you. thank you. >> but even the happiest souls can get down. >> i lost my wife four months ago and the great part of my night nancy we were married over 60 years and just the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. >> everybody good? >> mur durant came to work each day after supported with you guessed it lots and lots of hugs. >> love you guys. >> what more can i say? if struck that in your corner, and have people love you it's remarkable at my age that i walk around very happy. >> thank you so much for being
5:55 pm
so sweet emma. >> just before the kids left on spring break they made him this card. >> i love you so much mr. duran. >> telling him how much he means to them. >> every time i read it i want to cry. my biggest thing when i found out these kids like me, it got even better. >> times in life it's a smallest things that have the greatest impacts. who knew a smile could be so contagious? >> i'm an old bugger. you still love me. i think that's the greatest feeling in the world. >> phil rohrer fox 29 news. ♪ straight ahead at 6:00 the school assignment that enraged so many. new jersey third graders asked to write get well cards to the man convicted of killing a philadelphia cop. mumia abu jamal reading those letters then doing something friends say he hasn't done in a very long time. plus a deadly outbreak of severe weather. funnel clouds and hail to our west, now heading our way.
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future much awesome. ♪ right now at six the calm before the storm. here's a look at what people in the midwest have been facing. a vicious line of severe weather producing tornadoes hail and rain the storms have already been deadly. here in old city, we're not seeing any of that and while we've seen some rain today things could soon get dangerous. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. lucy and iain are off tonight. i'm jeff cole. there's a lot to talk about this
6:00 pm
evening. so let's get right to chief meteorologist scott williams who's tracking the trouble. scott? >> it is going to be a wild weather scenario over the next 24 hours. good evening jeff and dawn. but right now hard to believe that by tomorrow temperatures will be in the 70s again. temperatures right now have been stuck in the 40s. wind chills in the 30s and we have pocks of drizzle. however, as we look at ultimate doppler toward the western part of the state around pittsburgh, they are already under a severe thunderstorm watch for potential hail and damaging winds tonight. we're going to watch for the system out to the west around st. louis. that will impact us tomorrow afternoon and evening with the potential of damaging winds as well as hail. in fact the storm prediction center out of norman, oklahoma has already placed much of the area in a slight risk tomorrow afternoon and evening for that severe weather. but temperatures right now in the low 40s area wide. we have 41 degrees in atlantic city. 30s right now in the pocono mountains. if you're headed


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