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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  April 15, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox two morning news. >> good morning, an early morning fire sends one person to the hospital in philadelphia's olney section live with the details. plus new developments this morning in hit-and-run that killed the four year old boy. police have found the car involved when the driver is expected to turn herself in. let's take live look outside the studios here in old city. at fourth and market you can see that it is clear right now. that may change. because i just snuck a peak at sue's radar. >> you're cheating. >> getting active. good day it is wednesday april 15th. >> why the long dramatic pause. >> oh it is tax day. >> it is. did you finish yours? >> yes, long long, long ago. >> for the first time i had to file an extension.
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you glow? because i lived in three states in 2014. >> now, which one's your favorite? are you having more fun here or -- >> duh? >> or down in florida with all of the weird owes? >> the sun was cool. >> speaking of the sun sue will we see it today. >> actually this radar is deceiving. because here's what's going to happen. here is the rain that came through yesterday. all moved off shore. high pressure will move n keep all of the rain that you see down to the south away from us. yes, we can look forward to some sunshine today. you see the last gasp few dribs and drabs left over, south of dover might still be little damp, let us say we do expect sunshine. we have north-northwesterly winds, slightly cooler than it was yesterday at this time. like 10 degrees cooler, so 49 degrees is the temperature if you are walking out the door right now. relative humidity at 77%. our official sunrise time is 6:24. here's your high temperature for today. we're thinking we're going to
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make it to 70 degrees. that's a bit above average for this time of year. average high of 63. so we will definitely take it, few breezes here and there should be pretty nice today. forty-eight again overnight. then we will talk about the next chance of rain which probably won't be until friday. so here we are on wednesday morning after bob kel had i a rough day yesterday with his voice, let's hear it today. >> oh, no. >> just kidding! 4:02, good morning everybody. >> oh, it is back. >> you know what? i was talking to myself in the car on the way in here, when you get up early there is nobody you can talk to until you walk in the front door. so i'm driving in sipping my big cup of tea and you now what? let me make sure my voice is okay. i'm like this, hello, schuylkill 95, mike check. >> jammo? >> jammo, better than i was yesterday. not 100%, but good to go here on i-95.
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live look northeast philadelphia no problems at all into or out of the city. at least here, up near academy road but here, near cottman avenue, it is a hot bed of construction crews have been out all night long at the cottman avenue interchange. and north on 95, the off ramp to cottman is closed until about 5:30, 6:00 or so. also construction, restrictions here along cottman avenue. right at the 95 interchange. your best bet just go up to academy road to play it safe. coming in from south jersey, no problems on the 42 freeway as you work your way in toward 295, and the walt whitman bridge and the ben franklin bridges, mass transit septa still using the shuttle buses on both the market frankford and the subway until 5:00. otherwise looking good with no delays. chris, lauren back to you. >> flames tear through home in olney. >> one person returned to the hospital. let's get to jennifer joyce live at the scene. >> good morning we have confirmed this fire is now being investigated as an
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arson, we do know one man was so in critical condition transport today einstein medical center hearing he is 53 year old with smoke inhalation. we are here on the 1600 block of west nidro avenue. >> this fire started just before 2:00 this morning it was placed under control shortly thereafter. one person was taken in to custody on scene accused of setting this fire. firefighters focus their effort on second story rear bedroom, we are wait to go talk to the fire marshall he is inside the building right now still investigating, but again, 53 year old man we are told in critical condition at einstein medical center, with smoke inch hal agents, and one person was taken into custody accused of setting this fire. chris, lauren? >> all right jennifer, thank you. also developing this morning break in a investigation into a deadly hit-and-run in southwest philadelphia. >> at this point police have recovered the vehicle they believe was involved. there is word the driver will be turning herself in. fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters with more
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on. >> this steve good morning. >> reporter: the accident happened just after dinnertime sunday night there is person's lawyer called police just after dinner last night. just about 24 hours after the accident philly police got a call but not the tip call they were hoping for. but something even better a call from the drivers lawyer telling them where they could find that ford edge suv and that the woman who parked it there would be turning herself in later today the vehicle coincidentally next-door to where that reward offer was made the mayor's office, city hall and the district's attorney's here underground love park center city. strangely the best evidence police had showing the car hit the little boy have been the best defense this female driver didn't do anything wrong, police tell us, because the surveillance shows this four year old boy darted out between two park cars taller than him in the street. she had no warning no way to see him and couldn't do anything to avoid him since the park cars were taller than him.
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>> absolutely crazy out here, some people just drive-thru, just don't stop. >> this time of year we will have these youngsters young kids like that, spring time, they're going to run in the street. but people have the responsibility to stop. it is usually just an accident. >> well this case shows two things here, if the driver just stopped an accident is just that, an accident. she didn't do anything wrong here until she left the scene of this fatal accident. parent babysitters, guardians, you got to keep close watch of little i you just heard the officer say it is spring time, kids out playing, you can't be letting kids run into the street. these kids only four years old, too young to learn that look both ways rule, not to be running out in the street. even little side street where the speed limit is just 25 miles an hour, as we see here can end up in a tragic, tragic way. lauren chris? >> with the weather warming up so many people are out and about right now and it is a warning to this casino of slow down on the side street specially if you are a driver. anticipating that people are
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finally out and about. >> yes, kids playing. steve keeley, thank you so much. >> at 4:07, police continue to investigate a second hit-and-run from monday night. young mother and her two year old were struck in the fair hills section of the city on the 2700 block of mascher street. the little boy remains in critical condition. his mother is released from the hospital. police say they're now looking for white acura or infinity. >> good samaritan who saved the life after a bands bonn disabled boy says he happened to be at the right place at the right time. >> he said he followed two deer in cobbs creek park, then he saw neatly bundled blanket on the ground along with sticks in the shape after cross. when he touched the blanket with his feet, something moved, but thinking it was an animal he left and went home. he said something did not feel right about what he saw. he told his stepdaughter. they decided to call police. when they got back out to the scene that's when they discovered 21 year old quadriplegic was there.
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>> i feel pretty good because i saved a life, and i would like to go see the young man what he really look look, and sit with him for few minutes you know, just few minutes just for few minutes. i never thought i would think, and i walked away. when i saved a life i said oh, thank you lord. >> his mother here, you see here, nia parlor facing attempted murder charges leaving her son on the ground for five days while she visited her boyfriends. >> lead to go arrest serial bank robber case in philadelphia investigators have identified this person as 40 year old rash on mitchell accused of walking into at least four banks demanding cash of course already been charged with february bank robbery of the republic bank at 16th and market. also suspected in the robbery of 3td banks this week, one on walnut st. one on city line avenue another in springfield. police consider him armed and dangerous. >> three portable generator trucks have arrived at the side of the former revel
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casino which has been without utility service cyst thins. florida developer glenn straub says two main generator trucks and a back up unit arrived on tuesday, and should be fully connected by thursday. he brought the casino about a week ago but power plant is its sole source of utility service cut it off two days later because the two parties could not reach agreement on contract for future service to the building. that will led the city to impose fines of $5,000 per day on straub for not having operational fire prevention and suppression systems a lawsuit between straub and acr energy problems over the power stand-off has been transferred to federal court. >> pennsylvania senate trying to block the sick leave law to take effect in philadelphia next month. so here's what's going on. philadelphia's legislation required employers with at least ten employee to grant at least one hour of paid leave for every 40 hours worked. the time could be used for their own illness or a family member's illness. workers can take the time off
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for illness or family members as sue said. let's just underscore that point. senators voted 37 to 12, on a bill that would bar state municipalities from requiring business owners to provide any kind of leave for employees that goes beyond state or federal law. this bill is going to the republican controlled house. democratic governor tom wolf does not support t we'll let you know how this plays out politically in harrisburg. >> florida doctor charged in a corruption case along with new jersey senator has been indicted in a medicare fraud scheme. zero six year old doctor solomon melbegin, filing false claims making false statements. no stranger to legal troubles. he pleaded not guilty after being accused of gifting $1 million to robert menendez in edges change for political favors. hillary clinton will continue to meet voters in iowa today. yesterday clinton made her first campaign stop since announcing her presidential bid. during this appearance at community college she spoke about building a better economy and fixing the
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political system. she did not layout specifics about how she planned to achieve her goals but says policies specifics would be unveiled in the coming weeks. governor kris tis proposing some big changes to social security. >> so speaking of new hampshire, one of the early states of course, he was there, he proposed pushing back the age of eligibility it is part of a plan to cut deficits by $1 trillion over decade also pro polls dollars reducing social security benefit in the fewer your to retirees. earning more than $80,000 a year and eliminating them altogether for someone who has an income of $200,000 or more per year. >> coming up the dramatic dash cam video of police officer intensely running over armed suspect with his car. what the officers can be heard saying moments before hitting that man. >> and, let's head outside. after a gloomy and damp day sunshine back in the forecast sue has all of the details in her full forecast after the break.
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good morning 4:14. the minute i walked in this morning, i noticed two things bob's hair, your hair, and sue's hair are all great today. >> and you got your haircut. >> i got all of the hairs cut. don't you hate when someone
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says that. >> yes. i got them all cut. >> you know what else i hate? at the end of a day stop saying at the end of the day. at the end of the day we're going to be just fine with our finances. >> what if you really mean it, at the end of the. >> i trowel. >> like at the end of the day it will be dark. >> that's true. how about this? when you call someone well thanks for asking. i hate that. >> why? >> i don't know. >> i'm really glad if somebody asked. >> did you ever say that, well thank for asking. >> boy, you are a cranky pants today. i'm getting rid of the rain. we will have nice day today. >> oh good. >> yikes. all right somebody give him a happy pill? we have a look at the rain that's leaving us, and even though you see a lot of rain down to our southwest that's where we expect it to stay. because high pressure will be building in today. so maybe the last gasp leaving the jersey shore a little bit of rain left over on the maryland beaches around ocean city, maryland,
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ocean pines but for us, we're pretty much finished. now you may see little bit of fog around, but that's not going to be a big deal either. we look ahead to the next chance of rain. it is not today. see some clouds around today. it is not tomorrow. you see some clouds around, on thursday and it is friday we expect the rain to arrive. not necessarily a lot of rain. but it is another frontal system coming through. you see by about 5:00 6:00 in the afternoon it starts to sprinkle into the area so it, won't be an entirely rainy day on friday, but like yesterday it will look like it is going to rain when it is not raining. that could link near saturday morning. now, cooler air has moved in. in the wake of the cold front that came through yesterday so what that means is that you might have to wear a sweater this morning you may not need it this afternoon. it is 49 degrees right now in philadelphia, 44 at mount pocono, 42 in reading and 48 in dover. so, chillier temperatures if you are dressing the kids for the bus stop, keep that in mind. some light winds 6 miles an
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hour in the city, so again it is the winds direction that determined of determines how chilly it is. was it a drippy day yesterday. we were right on target with where we're supposed to be for april 15th. we'll beat it today with 70. i think it will be a pretty good looking kind of day. now, we've got 66 for tomorrow 68 for friday with the scattered showers, lingering into saturday morning, so far it looks pretty good after those showers end on saturday morning for the rest of saturday and for sunday, even with some clouds around, zero on sunday, looks like decent day for our gift of life dash for organ and tissue donor awareness at the art museum sunday morning rain returns monday so there is your seven day forecast from the weather authority. our bob kelly has your latest on the roads. anything going on at all? >> nothing realliment some left over construction, ben franklin bridge looking good coming into downtown philly no problems or delays here. roads are little damp from the rain that we had yesterday.
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up to northeast philly we go. live look, at i-95, where they've been working all night long at the cottman avenue interchange, a combination of northbound lane closures, at cottman avenue as well as the the cottman avenue on and off ramps are blocked until about 6:00 this morning. coming out of malvern, chester county, no problems at all up 202 little slow going right here at the schuylkill expressway interchange right near the conshy curve. there you go. just changed back to 54, checking the speeds, instantly there. if you are leaving northeast philadelphia and i should say center city headed north to northeast fill that i cottman avenue work zone, again until about 6:00 that off ramp is blocked, philly international looking good this morning, if you are headed down to the airport getting out of town no problems or delays at all just watch for the cone zone coming back our way today roosevelt boulevard they're going to be working in the express lanes between rhawn and strale from about 9:00 to 3:00. watch for midday delays there. chris, lauren back to you. >> speak of traffic bob take a look at this.
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arizona police officer slams his car into a suspect cops dash cam shows a man walking down a street, as you can see and firing his gun into the air. well police officers can be heard telling his colleagues to stay back! seconds later a different officer uses his cruiser to ram that suspect fling the man into the air police say the suspect who survived, is charged with several felonies. my goodness. it is shocking when you see the other vehicle fly into the screen shot. wow. >> speaking of police, rowan university now the first school in new jersey to arm its campus police with officers or with body cameras. >> fox 29's dawn timoney will show us how this new program works. >> when it starts blinking then you can press the button in the middle. you their? press the middle button twice. it will start recording. >> rowan university glassboro and stratford police are wearing body cameras strapped
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on their chest, recording blobs they they a rise. >> everybody says this, everybody says that, but the camera never lies, it tells the truth. >> thirty-four officers now trained in wearing the high-tech equipment. the university unveiling details of the program went into effect monday. >> when the officer is recording you have 130 agree view all right it records sounds and the lens is as close to the human eye as possible. >> choosing body cameras over dash cams for economic reasons, and because they can get up close and personal. university officials showing this video after drug arrest to make their point. >> slow motion. watch the officer punches the officers right in the face. would you have never seen that on a camera on a dashboard. >> when an officer finishes shift, the camera is download dollars at a dock station if arrest is made charges brought, footage dropped into evidence for court proceedings. most student think it actually benefits them.
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>> because if they say something happened that we don't think happened, then you can go and check the cameras and see what actually happened. >> all you see on facebook now is people sharing videos of police beating up people, doing the wrong thing, so anything that they can do to prevent that would be good. >> at least one student we talked to said she thinks the cops wearing cameras might backfire. >> might make student act out little more, just because like oh ya, i know you are wearing one, so you can't do this, and you can't do that. >> the officers know they're on film. the account. professionalism will be there. >> officers must notify the public they're wearing a body camera when entering private areas like a residence hall. department of public safety for the university says the officers can view the body cam video but they cannot edit it and they cannot allottery in anyway. the five year body camera program costing rowan $95,000. dawn timoney, "fox 29 news". 4:21 the time. and today marks the second anniversary of the boston marathon bombing.
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how many the city plans to remember that tragedy.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies had wild game against the mets last night. let's go to new york, chase utley in the first. matt harvey struck out but inbetween, chase utley homerun in the first inning, two in the game had three hits, but in the second against buchanon bases loaded lucas
4:25 am
through to the double gives the mets four-one lead. manager for the mets was thrown out. but the mets win it six-five. nasty line drive. back to cleveland. carlos the pitcher against the white sox now looks bad but the glove his glove actually deflected the ball little built he has a jaw bruise no concussion. >> ron hextall will address the media will address whether his head coach craig will be back next season. things are quai net flyers land. i heard it could go either way. kind after interesting situation. all right the phillies conclude their series with the mets tonight. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. do you believe it has been two years since the boston marathon bombings? two years ago today was that horrific day. a special ceremony will be held later this morning to honor the victims. >> boston's mayor has delayed today as one boston day. residents encouraged to show act of kindness, last week
4:26 am
tsarnaev dzhokhar 30 charges against him in the bombings, jurors will jokes have decide death penalty or life in prison? >> 4:26. philadelphia police say they located car at the sent of deadly hit-and-run investigation. the developing due tails straight ahead. >> live at the scene after fire in philadelphia's olney section. why police think this may and case of arson.
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4:30 the sometime. philadelphia police have found a car involved in a deadly hit-and-run, and the driver now expected to turn herself in. the late breaking development straight ahead. plus new from overnight. one person is injured following a fire in philadelphia's olney section why firefighters think this may be a case of arson. >> and the push to rename a local stadium for a high school graduate killed serving his country. but not everyone is on board. why some were fight that honor. good day everyone, it is tax day, wednesday april 15th, 2015. >> there is an investigation into what's in your coffee mug this morning. because you have not only been grouchy, you have been like fierce and feisty, as well. >> really? >> what happened? >> remember the old soldiers commercial sue serio? >> the best part of waking up -- >> no, hmm bob seems cranky
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she checks the coffee, then changes to folger's crystals, he is all happy after that. that's going way back. i'm dating myself here. >> do they even sell phoning err's crystals any more? >> they do. >> i'm appealing. really showing your age. all right you see a lot of rain on ultimate doppler radar. but none of it is in our area. as we zoom in little closer, you can see the last gasp of our storm from yesterday. which was pretty much an all day thing is out of here. now we can look forward to some sunshine, but not until 6:24 this morning. that's the official time. it will start to get light before that. 49 degrees 6-mile per hour winds, now they're out of the north-northwest. it is not going to be whole lot cooler today. we do expect sunshine to take us to around 70 degrees. and it will be breezy out there as well, 48 is the overnight low. so there you go. there is your wednesday foxcast. we are getting little closer
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to the weekends, we'll have that forecast coming up in just a few. here is bob kelly. how are you sounding today? >> little better than yesterday, thank you. we had fun with it yesterday all of the barry white comments fun to read and play along with or looking good downtown here in the vine expressway. i don't know what happened to the overnight crew that was supposed to show up here last night. and do that work on the westbound side. no show. so i'm wait to go hear from penndot on what it means for the rest of the project that was pre-scripted and laid out to begin this week. they only showed up one night so now the whole thing is already off schedule. north on 95 if you are headed up toward northeast philadelphia the the cottman avenue off ramp is blocked until 5:30, 6:00 or so, with construction and also, portions of cottman avenue near state road blocked with construction otherwise coming into town on the schuylkill expressway no problems or delays at all south on 95, looking good out of northeast philadelphia also, in good shape if you are getting ready
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to leave the suburb headed in toward the center city. mass transit buses, trains, trolleys, running with no delays but septa is using shuttle buses on both the market frankford and the subway until 5:00 a.m. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. developing this morning suspect in custody following a fire in olney. >> the person in that home critically injured jennifer joyce has the latest from the scene. jennifer what have we learned the last half hour? >> we know that a 52 year old is in custody accused of possibly starting this fire, and is being investigated as possible arson that's not the final conclusion yet, and we know 53 year old man is in critical condition with smoke inhalation at einstein hospital. i'm joined by chief inspector scott small. what can you tell us about the fire so far? >> police called to the scene around 1:40 a.m. 1600 block of nidro. they found the rear of the property fully engulfed. a 67 year old female, who lives in the property was outside the property. she was okay. however, medics told us 53 year old male, also lives in
4:33 am
the property, pulled him out took him to einstein hospital where he is in critical condition suffering from smoke inhalation at this time. >> so this is being investigated as an arson? it is not the final conclusion yet? >> fire marshall on location, investigating, as possible arson, a 52 year old male who also resides at this location, walked to the 35th district about three blocks away, and he is in custody right now because we believe that there is a possibility that he set this fire. but the fire marshals will make a determination if it is in fact, an arson. >> so the fire marshall currently inside this building, 1600 block of west nidro avenue, and the fire started in the second story rear bedroom? >> we're not certain of the origin. it appears at this point that it was started in the second floor rear bedroom and when police and firemen first got here, the rear of the property was fully engulfed. the fire got under rather rather quickly.
4:34 am
>> sixty-seven year old woman is okay? >> out of the house upon police arrival. she informed us she resides in the property, it is a rooming house, but she had no injuries. just the 53 year old male had to be taken out by paramedics. he is currently in critical condition at einstein. >> thank you so much, so, 53 year old critical condition at einstein, 52 year old under arrest accused of possibly setting this fire. fire marshall skill on scene investigating, we'll continue to bring you updates. chris, lauren? >> amazing case, jennifer, thank you. officials say they've located the suv want in the connection with deadly hit-and-run in southwest philadelphia. four year old abdul wilson reportedly darted out between two parked carts and was hit by a late model black ford edge. the surveillance captured the monday night incident, the female driver reportedly ran over the child after he fell on south 57th street in kingsessing. fox 29 has been told her lawyer has been in contact with the da's office, and is expected to turn herself in today. >> happening today local
4:35 am
workers will participate in demonstrations as part of a national protest. demanding higher minimum wage. demonstrations planned in 200 cities across the country even in other nations low wage workers want the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour. similar demonstrations have been ongoing for more than two years. also happening today governor tom wolf will continue his jobs to pay tour in montgomery, pennsylvania. >> so the democrat plans to discuss rebuilding the middle class. he says this can be done through job training, and apprentice programs. wolf will be visiting the energy technology education center 2:45 this afternoon that address is at 1:30 allen wood camp lane. coming up: authorities have arrested the man wanted for shooting a teacher on the campus of north carolina community college. why police are now investigating this as a hate crime. >> and the police officer in oklahoma charged with manslaughter in the shooting death after unarmed man turns himself in. how much jail time he could see.
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good morning welcome back 4:38 april 15th not
4:39 am
only tax day, the birthday of aim watson. guess who emma watson is? >> i'm surprised she is that young. twenty-five years old. >> and set rogan. >> eight years her senior at 33 years old today. emma thompson, 56. great actors and actresses. >> wow. >> celebrating birthdays today. we will take you former north carolina community college student fired from a work study program accused of shooting and killing his former boss, who was gay and now police are investigating this as a possible hate crime. twenty year old kenneth stance he will arrested yesterday while sleeping on a beach in florida. during his first court appearance he said the man he killed had molested a relative. however, police have not released a motive, at least not officially yet. >> seventy-three year old oklahoma volunteer sheriff's deputy has been booked on manslaughter charge and released on bail. robert bathes surrendered to police yesterday accused of accidentally shooting a suspect who is being arrested, misstook his handgun for a taser. his lawyer say he has been
4:40 am
honest and transparent about the shooting f convicted second degree manslaughter punishible up to four years in prison. half shall words from a judge in atlanta george, a before ruling in a massive cheating scandal. jerry baxter hearing arguments yesterday, from attorneys representing the men and women who were convicted. the lawyer asked for leniency for the teachers and educators, but judge baxter responded by saying this is not a victimless crime. >> when you can't read, you're passed on, passed on, there are victims that are in the jail that i have sent as kids, i don't like sentencing, i don't like sentencing people to jail. but you know, sometimes that's what happens. >> one of the ten former educators were convicted and now face jail time. judge baxter called it the sickest thing that's ever happened in atlanta. >> the father after ten year old minnesota boy who was
4:41 am
found dead in a mississippi river will be back in court today. thirty-three year old pierre collins charged with second degree murder in the death of his son barway. prosecutors say they'll ask for $2 million bail. collins says he's innocent, but police say cell phone video places him near the spot in the river where the boy's body was located. >> shipment of groceries to the international space station, including their very first expresso motorcycle. >> so you wouldn't be excited about that because you don't necessarily drink coffee. >> can we make tea though? i like that. >> if you had one thing could you order from earth? >> pizza. >> pizza, perfect right? so the unmanned rocket blasted off yesterday afternoon from florida, after bad weather postponed the mission. now, the launch is to drop off supplies to crews on the international space station. as we said. it is caring more than 4300 pounds of supplies, which includes critical materials to support science and research. coming up after rita wilson
4:42 am
recently had double masectomy to treat breast cancer. we will tell you how she doing. >> community ditch identified over honor for war hero. why some did not want to see the fallen soldier's name on a local stadium. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
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>> good morning 4:45, this wednesday morning. it is hump day. >> no, the singling. >> oh who? >> you don't recognize done zero dante? >> i don't know dante. >> local guy. he wrote that song. it is about philadelphia he was singing. >> about city hall and everything else? so one of the best things about philadelphia's doctor mike, right? if you have him as your physician he orders all kind of tests about everything like your eyes. let's go to ophthalmologist. so doctor mike is not necessarily lauren's doctor, but, you went in and got some blood work done. >> yes. >> and they treated you like a pincushion. >> they did. >> show us, show us. >> i am very afraid of needles. people think like you're being a baby. here's why. can you see that? at home? >> hello. >> ya. so i told him my veins are small, and they roll, because every time i go get blood work done it happens. she said oh no, i got it, you
4:46 am
know they thump and then she like make a fist, ready? she sticks the need until there. as soon as she put the needle in, i knew it is not right. she keeps changing it because you need 12 vials of blood to check my hormones. >> wait. they checked your hormones? >> i'm like girl, i can tell you what's wrong with me, i wake up in the middle of the night sitting next to chris murphy. you know how it is, sioux serio. >> twelve vials of blood to tell us about your hormones? >> i i think the pathology report will say sitting next to chris murphy is the diagnosis. >> how are you feeling? is your arm okay? >> throbbing painful. >> good morning, sue. >> it is only a flesh wound. >> very monty python of you there. >> we have ultimate doppler to show you but the rain we're looking at is not going to be affecting us. so that's a good thing. seeing the last gasp of our system from yesterday. that made it sort after dreary tuesday. out of here. now, getting ready for dry air to move in, and plenty of sunshine. at least the decent amount.
4:47 am
we've lingering clouds throughout the rest of the morning, then we head into thursday and it looks like that is a dry day. next we check friday. this is when we expect some scattered showers to move in. could see few in the morning could see few in the afternoon, but the early call with these computer mod sells for not much rain until maybe the afternoon and evening and even then, not whole lot. it is another frontal system coming through could linger into the early part of saturday morning. we'll see what happens. like i said, that's the early call. but get ready for today and tomorrow at least to be dry. so if you want to do something outside, these are your days. it is chillier this morning be aware of that, as women. 44 degrees mount pocono 52 pottstown only 49 in philadelphia. 48 degrees in dover delaware, we've got light winds and they're now out of the northwest so chillier air tends to come from the northwest, so that's what we're dealing with this morning. oh what drippy day we had yesterday with the high of 63 degrees but at least we're right on target, where we're
4:48 am
supposed to be in the middle of april. can you believe we're in the middle of april already? 70 degrees though will be our high temperature today. so you can look forward to that. slightly cooler tomorrow, with few more clouds, and then, upper 60s for a friday, with the scattered showers and 77 degrees, on saturday that's a possibility anyway, we will double check that one. sixty-three on sunday, and then we can get little cooler on monday and tuesday. so it is april. you get showers once every couple of days. so you can enjoy the sunshine, bob kelly, later on today. maybe it will help? >> tap that computer make sure that 77 is going to stick. looking live at the blue route, the mid-county toll plaza, no problems at all coming down the extension headed down through the express lanes in toward the schuylkill. looking good here, curbside on the 42 freeway the crews are still out along there that 295 interchange, that whole construction project still out there, until about 6:30 or so this morning. new project kicks in today.
4:49 am
the cones will go down along 36 at norristown road. they'll work both today and tomorrow, during the midday, they're also working on the roosevelt boulevard watch for the cones in the express lanes there between rhawn and strale during the dayment all of the bridges, the tac-pal walt whitman commodore barry looking good. and no problems or delays for the gang coming in from the suburbs, mass transit also thumbs-up so far. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, you are sounding good today, my friend. >> much better than yesterday. >> big come back. >> finishing touches going on long awaited football stadium in bucks county. but there was big argument over what to name it. >> so that controversial question took center stage in doylestown last night. fox 29's chris o'connell was there. >> a push to dedicate a new high school athletic stadium in honor after former student and fallen soldier was being met with some resistance here, at the central bucks school district. that was until a compromise was reached. his name is colby.
4:50 am
>> not just all-star football player not just tough army ranger but somebody who cared about humanity. >> the army lieutenant from doylestown killed in iraq, in 2007. >> it was about keeping his memory alive. it was about people in future generations, seeing his name up there and asking the question of, what was so special about this guy? >> many around here thought it would be fitting for the school's brand new stadium to be named after this local hero. after all he played football here. and is the only alum killed in the line of duty. >> we had always felt that it was the way to go. >> some say the honor after stadium name should include all vets who served, not just him. >> wanted to call the new facility patriots stadium school's nickname. >> we don't want to try to be one who would put one against the other. we know wonderful in the things that he did. we don't want to take anything away from that.
4:51 am
>> minute before a vote comes a compromise. the central bucks school board, naming the facility officially, patriots stadium home of lieutenant coal by field. his parents say their son's name will now live forever. they were in the crowd when that decision was made. >> yes. >> he was fun he was popular he had friends but he had this old soul. >> his mom and dad didn't want to be in the middle of a controversy, but did want their son to be honored. now, he will, his name will be on this feel forever. >> some people say he wouldn't want it. i don't know, he deserved it. >> the stadium will be dedicated before next football season and will now include a memorial wall to honor all of those alumni who served in the military. in doylestown chris o'connell, "fox 29 news". 4:51 still to come, actress rita wilson undergoes double masectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer watch she says saved her life. that story is next.
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♪ ♪ >> just passed away yesterday. >> oh. allege end yes. really is. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ when a man loves a woman ♪ ♪ >> singer passed away yesterday, batten ruge, louisianna after long battle with cancer. sledge caught his break-in 1966 after his debut single when a man lovers a woman r&b pop charts, just 74 years old. actress rita wilson, battling breast cancer? fifty-eight year old said she has already undergone bilateral masectomy expect to make a full recovery. crediting her early diagnosis with getting a doctor's second opinion, after some initial breast biopsies found no cancer wilson is the long time wife of actor tom hanks currently starring in a play on broadway, will return to the show in may. >> wish her the best. >> always good that early screening, and when you have an idea, something is just not
4:56 am
ride. you know you know your body, went in for second opinion there it was. >> my question, i'm sure mike and alex will be talking about this little later today is when as a woman you get the a-okay the first time, how often are you inclined to go back and get a second opinion? the reverse is true, if they have bad news they see something, you get a second opinion. >> i think as a woman if you feel like something is not right, and then you come out with like a clean bill of health but no, it just doesn't feel right seem like, look right, let me go see someone else. and you have that intuition. >> boy, could have saved her life that intuition. >> thank goodness. >> billy joel will have new addition to his family coming up this summer. >> sixty-five year old and his girlfriend just 33, expecting their first child. joel and rodrick have been dating since 2009. the baby will be joel's second child, second with brodry, the first songwriter, joel complete ago month to month residency at madison square garden in new york city next
4:57 am
show may 28th. still rocking. >> and still ahead at 4:56. one new jersey university now the first school to do something in the garden state that campus police officers will be caring as they protect students. >> man who found a quadriplegic alone in the woods with just a blanket and a bible. what letted him to walk in those woods in the first place. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.
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recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
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we go live outside our old studios, fourth and market, sun returns today. good day everyone, on this wednesday, april 17th, 2015, the post offices will be packed all across the country today, for tax deadline day. >> for people e filing it, will slow everything down on the world-wide web. >> is that what www stands for? >> yes, welcome to 2015, chris murphy. >> sue, do you have laugh to
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