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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  April 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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we go live outside our old studios, fourth and market, sun returns today. good day everyone, on this wednesday, april 17th, 2015, the post offices will be packed all across the country today, for tax deadline day. >> for people e filing it, will slow everything down on the world-wide web. >> is that what www stands for? >> yes, welcome to 2015, chris murphy. >> sue, do you have laugh to
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keep from crying with this guy. >> so true. women, it is w-wednesday it is a nine out of ten coming up later on today. a big improvement from yesterday. even though you do see a lot of rain, on ultimate doppler this view, anyway, of the southeast, we're not specking that to make its way here. still, little damp out there this morning but a lot chillier you will notice, walking out the door. you will need a sweater or jacket. 50 degrees in the city, in the 40's in a lot of the suburbs 6-mile per hour wind out of the north-northwest, here is your official sunrise time 6:24 this morning and high temperature, we may just make it to 70. if not, we will be close just little breezy, and then, 48 degrees tonight. so this looks good. will we keep it going for the weekend? that's the question. and we'll answer that with a seven day forecast coming up. now, when your alarm rang at this time yesterday. you heard very different bob kelly than burr to hear right
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now. better. >> better better, not a hundred% but heck of a lot better than i was this time yesterday. lots of rest and some good meds and some cough drops and keeping my mouth should yesterday afternoon that was the toughest part, keeping my mouth shut around the house with all of the kids yesterday. >> i bet they liked it though. >> they did yes. forty-two, live look at the freeway coming in toward philadelphia. no problems or delays at all construction crews packed it up we called it a night over here along route 38 at 541 moorestown new jersey, roads little damp from the rain we had yesterday. but, nothing really going on on the south jersey side. north on 95, though, crews are still working at the cottman avenue interchange, for maybe another half hour, they're also packing up the cones along cottman avenue at state road. so just keep that in mind if you are headed out in the great northeast. coming in from the suburbs 422 202 looking good, no problems or delays at all coming out of that king of prussia interchange and then the blue route 476 northbound, watch for some roving crews later on today.
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they'll be out there between exit nine and exit five beginning around 9:00. otherwise, mass transit looking good with no delays, chris, lauren, back to you. >> developing right now house fire in olney sparks an investigation this morning. >> jennifer joyce is on this she is on the scene with the latest jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, guys, one person mysteriously injured 53 year old man now in critical condition at einstein medical center, the fire started here on the 1600 block of west nidro avenue, a 52 year old man was arrested, accused of setting this fire. the fire broke out before 2:00 this morning it was placed under control shortly thereafter. firefighters focus their efforts on second story rear bedroom. there was heavy fire, shooting out the back of this property. police tell us a 67 year old female was able to escape unharmed she told police, that this row home was converted into a rooming house, with multiple and the, the man arrested in connection to this fire, also lives in the building, police tell us, more about his arrest.
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>> while police and fire personnel were on the scene fighting this fire, a 52 year old male showed up at the 35th district headquarters at broad and champ plows about three blocks, from where this house fire is located. and a 52 year old male, right now, in police custody because we believe not only does he live at the location, where the fire was but we believe there is a possibility that this 52 year old male may have started this fire. >> the police are investigating this as a possible arson based on the information the suspect has provided to them. the fire marshall as you can see, live look on scene now he is still on scene. he is continuing his investigation into how this fire started. chris lauren? >> all right, jenny joyce thank you so much for that update. >> also developing for this morning, philadelphia police have made a break-in their investigation into a hit-and-run that killed a 34 year old boy on monday. >> and police believe they
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found the suv involved in the incident. more on this, steve the driver might turn herself in today? >> reporter: they did find suv at dinnertime last night dinnertime the night before when the accident happened. so just about 24 hours after four year old abdul wilson not being washed close enough by who ever was supposed to be watching him ran inbetween two parked cars, into the street, was run over and killed a lawyer for the 27 year old woman driving that ford suv that hit him told detectives where they could find it. park here, underground in center city, in the garage, below love park. so when the mayor put out that $20,000 reward offer yesterday morning, little did he and his staff know that ford suv was just across the street from their city hall offices. now, detectives say the lawyer told them that this 27 year old would turn herself in surveillance video that captured this whole horrible incident that even veteran crash investigators say made them upset to watch actually shows the driver really didn't
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do anything wrong until she left. investigators seeing our report here yesterday about that milwaukee driver shot and killed the night before when he did stop after hitting and killing a two year old that ran in the front of his van too, talked about that possibly being a defense for the case here. >> the question sometimes some street justice done as a result of. that will we've had that in the past, the person would drive a safe distance away, call 911 and then report t that's understandable, if anyone felt fearful that they were really going to seriously get hurt they should pull away. but call 911 let us investigate the crash. that will could happen. so good chance with just a crash, and no impairment, probably would not be charged would probably ended up in court, but certainly not criminal court and a case like that. and everybody's got to be aware this time of year the little ones will be out there. they're going to run out there. it happens every spring, every
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summer, caution driving. >> well police towed the suv out of the love park garage last night in prime time this morning they're getting a warrant, to search it and take fingerprints and analyze that front end and under carriage where they will see evidence that far little boy sadly and again, police remind all parents, guardians babysitters, that the other fault here lies with who ever wasn't watching that little boy close enough, four years old out at night and able to dart into the street without warning. chris, lauren? >> all right steve keeley, thank you. and police continue to investigate a second hit-and-run from monday night. young mother and her two year old were struck in the fairhill section of the city 2700 block of mascher street. the little boy remains in critical condition. his mother was released from the hospital. police say they are looking for a white acura or infinity. >> 5:07 the time. good samaritan who saved the life of disable man abandoned in the woods is talking about how he happened to be in the right place at the right time.
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anderson was leaving work friday night when he says he followed two deer in the cobbs creek park. but then he saw neatly bundled blanket on the ground along with some sticks and in the shape of a cross. when he touched the blanket with his feet, something moved. think he was an animal of course, he went home. but he says something didn't feel right about what he saw. so he told his stepdaughter and then they decided to call police when they got back to the scene that is when it was discovered that it was a 21 year old quadriplegic that was there. >> i feel pretty good, because i save a life, i would like go see the young man what he really look like, and sit with him for a few minute, just for a few minutes, just for a few minute. i never thought i would think just wacking away, but when i saved a life i say oh, thank you lord. >> the man's mother nia parlor facing attempted murder charges accused of leaving her son on the ground
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for five days while she visited her boyfriend down in maryland. >> there is a $10,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of a serial bank robber in philadelphia. investigators have identified him as 40 year old raysean mitchell. accused of walking into at least four banks and demanding cash. he's already been charged with february bank robbery of the republic bank at 16th and market. he's also suspected in the robbery of 3td banks this week one on walnut st., one on city line avenue, and another in springfield. police consider him to be armed and extremely dangerous. delaware state police are working to catch the man responsible for a spring of robberies in new castle county. they say one manna props cashiers at gas stations with a knife or gun and demands cash and cigarettes. they say the others act as look-outs. cops say they've hit three gas stations in newark, one in new castle if you happen to recognize these men call police. >> three portable generator trucks have arrived at the site of atlantic city's former
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revel casino, which is without utility service since thursday. glenn straub says two main generator trucks and back up unit arrived tuesday and should be fully connected by thursday. now, he bought the shut casino a week ago the power plant sole sours of utility service cut it off two days later because the two parties could not agree on contract for future service to that building. that led the city to impose fines of $5,000 per day on straub for not having operational fire prevention and suppression systems. a lawsuit between straub and acr energy partners over the power stand-off has been transferred now to federal court. >> rowan university campus police now wearing body cameras strapped to their chess recording foreign count that's happened. >> thirty-four officers now trained and wearing the high-tech equipment as of monday rowan public safety leaders chose body cameras over dash cams for economic reasons and because they can put up close and personal information out there.
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>> when the officers recording, you have 130 degrees view all right it records sounds, and it close to the remora, lens itself close to the human eye as possible. >> so, when an officer finishes a shift the footage is then download dollars at a docking station. if arrest is made, or charges are brought the footage is then dropped into evidence for court proceedings. that should help. >> yes. >> all right coming up: president obama drops cuba from state terrorism littles. some lawmakers are already vowing to fight his decision. >> let's take another live look outside after a gloomy and damp day. sunshine returns. sue will have your full forecast next.
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good day it is wednesday, april 15th tax day. good news on this day in 1947 jackie robinson, at the age of 28, broke the color barrier for major league baseball this date, april 15th a lot going on. >> way to end it on a high note, though. >> is this the day every major
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league err wears his number? >> yes they will all wear number 42. >> i just googled. >> the number officially now retired. no one can wear it ever again. >> on any team. >> yes. >> kind of cool. >> finally, right? >> right. we were in reading at the phillies reading home of the fighting's, they have plaque of the famous players that had played there in minor leagues before they got to the major leagues, and they also adubado plaque for jackie robinson. so it is all good. anyway there is isn't good. all right not all good. maple, juniper alder those pollen offenders we've been telling you about well, they are back. because we have a good forecast for today the rain helped a little yesterday. but we're still expecting high pollen count today. we're at the time where the trees are budding there is a lot of tree pollen out there so take your medication. because you want to go out and enjoy this beautiful day. that rain that you see there will stay to our south. and we've gotten rid of last of the rain, from yesterday
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so this storm system stays to our south for today and for tomorrow you see dry weather and the offering for both of those days, then here comes system out of the west that should be here on friday. it starts to cloud up early friday morning we get few showers in the morning few more in the afternoon and few more maybe for drive time on friday. we will be in lansdale by the way, for this week's spring fling, on friday, more details about exactly where we are coming up, but just keep that in mine if you live at or near lansdale. 44 degrees, in mount pocono right now, 50 in the city 45 in lancaster, there is reading 43 degrees, such nice folks up there at last week. 46 degrees in wilmington so here are your wind speeds, light breezes out of the northwest, slightly cooler air, than we had yesterday, so you may want to grab a sweater for this morning. at least it won't and drippy day like it was on tuesday with a high of 63 degrees. at least we are right where we are supposed to be for the
5:17 am
middle of april. now we exceed our normal temperature today with a high of 70 degrees, and tomorrow, even though it is a little cooler it will still and pretty nice day, friday, it won't rain every minute, but we will have some scattered showers around, and then, saturday how about 72 degrees with some showers in the morning? probably sunshine in the afternoon and then sunday it is a mix of clouds and sun and high of 66 degrees. and it should be dry for our dash for organ and tissue donor a nare necessary. that sunday morning and if you want to get more information about how to sign up for that, go to bob kelly? all of the details are there. >> you know what else today is? >> what? >> national rubber eraser err day. >> ahh. >> any other casino of eraser? >> no. remember that crazy one that had the pink for the pencil and the blue for the ink? that never worked. >> no. >> can't erase ink. >> good morning downtown philly vine street expressway no problems or
5:18 am
delays at all this morning. roads are open the penndot crew supposed to show up here last night, no show. working on that westbound side. so i'm not quite sure what that means for us later on this evening into tomorrow morning. once we hear from penndot what the deal is, we'll pass it along. the schuylkill expressway, starting to see couple of pockets every volume coming into downtown, as we wake up at 5:18 on a wednesday morning. the cone zone coming to route 63 and norristown road, busy intersection there today and tomorrow see the work crews out there, beginning around 9:00. same deal here on the roosevelt boulevard they'll be working in the press lanes between rhawn and strale. i-95 northbound, they pick up the cones we're ready for morning rush hour. no problems or delays as you work your way in toward cottman avenue. the con man avenue interchange reopened for the morning rush hour. and the schuylkill expressway again looking good, working your way into downtown mass transit no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob thanks so much. president obama takes key step in normalizes relations
5:19 am
between cuba and the us. the president says he's removing the islands nation from the state terrorism list. >> this decision, however already creating controversy some republican lawmakers say they'll try to block the move from taking place altogether. fox's jacky ibanez with more. >> takes major step in in restoring the relationship between the united state and cuba. the president announcing tuesday, he will remove cuba from the state department's list of terrorism sponsors. in a statement, the white house says, quote that determination is based on the stat story standards, and the facts. the united states will continue to support our interests and values through engagement with the cuban government and people. the news leading to mixed reactions among cubans in the u.s. >> i believe obama's between democracy and freedom the things the united states stood for for centuries. >> the terrorism state
5:20 am
designation will remain in effect nor another 45 days, giving congress time to review the decision. lawmakers could try to put cuba back on the list but the president would be all but certain to veto the measure. still, republicans say they're going to try. >> we cannot stand idol, while they continue rewarding our enemies all over the world and punishing our allies. so this has to stop. >> removing cuba from the terror list could pave the way for the opening of us embasy havana where some say is necessary if the two countries are going to work together. >> as we go into the future, as you set up diplomatic relations, to have an ex it change of ideas between our two countries our new neighbor and in this hemisphere, it is very important. >> cuba has been on the terror list since 1982, with its removal own iran, syria sudden and will remain. jacky ibanez, fox news. taking pressures from both sides of the aisle white house announces president obama would be willing to sign
5:21 am
a bill giving congress a say in the nuclear deal, that's being brokered with iran. measure compromise among other things shortens the congressional review period. the senate foreign relations committee unanimously approved it both houses of congress are expected to pass it, and it could come before the full senate next week. >> the doctor charged in corruption case along with new jersey senator has been indicted in a medicare fraud scheme. six year old doctor solomon melbegin charged with 46 counts of healthcare fraud filing false claims, and making false statements. now, no stranger to legal troubles. he pleaded not guilty after being accused of gifting $1 million to robert menendez in exchange for political favors. hillary clinton will continue to meet voters in iowa today. yesterday, clinton made her first campaign stop since announcing her presidential run. during this appearance at community college she spoke about building a better economy and fixing the political system. she did not layout specifics
5:22 am
about how she planned to achieve her goals but says, policy specifics would be unveiled in the coming weeks. lofty goal there. governor chris christie proposing some big changes to social security. >> yes, not going to make some people happy. speaking in new hampshire yesterday, proposed pushing back the age of eligibility for social security, and medicare for future retirees, part of plan to cut defecits by $1 trillion over decade. he also proposed reducing social security benefits in the future for retirees earning more than $80,000 a year. eliminating those for annual incomes of $200,000. >> or more. >> 5:22 coming up: today is tax day. and while it can be pretty painful, there is some freebies and discounts that are pretty nice. we'll tell but those coming up.
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>> congressman george harris working on legislation would allow the sale of alcohol, to apply for extended use permits, this would allow them to keep their doors open until 4:00 a.m., charged 10% of their yearly liquor license fee. plan has to go through harrisburg and governor wolf, before it is approved. >> okay today is also tax day. >> right. >> well no one likes to write a big check to uncle sam. there is some good news. >> so, tax day can mean free stuff. and great deals. quite often the freebies are
5:26 am
promotions involving reading, places like "hard rock cafe" boston market, burger king, offering specials today discounts also found for traveling and getaways, of course before you head out make sure to get your state and federal taxes mailed by today. of course. >> deadline day. all right coming up: philadelphia police say they've located the car at the center of deadly hit-and-run investigation. the developing details are just ahead. >> and anti-police brutality protests cause chaos where dozens of arrest hads to be made.
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>> firefighters are thinking this may and case of arson. >> car was found involved in the deadly hit-and-run. the driver expected to turn herself in. new developments straight ahead. >> dramatic dash cam video of a police officer running a suspect down. what the officer can be heard saying just moments before this crash. >> oh, that doesn't begin to tell the story that video there. we'll get to that in just a minute. it is wednesday april 15th 2015. happy tax day. >> ya. >> if you can say those two words together, happy and tax day. sue serio? >> hey if you are getting a refunds. >> i'm happy bus stop buddy doesn't need gloves any more. >> no, little on the cool side. so i think a sweatshirt will do. little fleece, just for the
5:30 am
morning, though, probably won't need it this afternoon. while we had chillier air move in as the rain moved out so that's good. the rain moved out. we will give you nine out of ten today. don't want to give too many ten's, although it will be a nice day. we have just little left over drip maybe here and there, breezes blowing out of the north-northwest. we have 50 degrees in the city. forty's most of the suburbs and expect sunrise at 6:24. probably be one of those really pretty sunrises where some clouds are mixed in with the sun. we have that cooler start right now. clouds and sunshine by lunchtime 64 degrees, and high later on of 70. i call that nice day. and many would agree. sunset at 7:39. so that takes care of your hump day although nobody says hump day quite like bob kelly, even with a compromised voice. >> mike mike mike, mike hump day. >> ya. >> good morning everybody. 5:30 this wednesday morning.
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live look at route 202 everything still little damp from some of the rain that moved in here on the overnight. we look live at route 202 here out in chester county, right near chesterbrook boulevard. looking liver at i95 coming in from northeast philadelphia no problems or delays at all passing our camera at cottman avenue. all of the overnight construction pick up and gone. they work on 95, but the crews did not show up to work on the vine expressway like they were supposed to. so i don't know what that means for the rest of the week's time line. they had it all laid out each night, what they were going to do. so we are waiting to hear back from penndot exactly what the game plan will be, so at least chris murphy knows for the detour tomorrow morning whether it will be east or westbound. on the 42 freeway coming in toward philly, no problems or delays, working your way in toward 295. starting to see some volume pop, rush hour starts to unfold here the bridge looking good crossing the delaware river, mass transit bus trains trolleys, all running with though delays.
5:32 am
chris, lauren back to you. >> we continue to follow developing story in olney. fire at rooming house, 1600 block of west nidro avenue, deliberately set just before 2:00 this morning, 53 year old resident list in the critical condition at einstein medical center. officials have take answer suspect into custody. we are told he also lives at the location. also developing this morning, break in a investigation into a deadly hit-and-run in southwest philadelphia. >> police have impaneled the the suv. there is word the driver will turn herself in. fox 29's steve keeley live with the latest on this, steve? >> reporter: just about 24 hours after the first of those two hit and runs from sunday night, and the fatal one police got the call they were hoping to get. it wasn't the tip call they were actually hoping for but something even better than a tip call because the call came from a lawyer who said he was representing a 27 year old woman, who sayings she was the driver and the owner of that ford edge suv, and he told them where they could find it. and that the woman who parked it there would be turning
5:33 am
herself in. the vehicle coincidentally right next-door to city hall, where that reward offer from the mayor came from yesterday morning, he and his staff know that the vehicle police were looking for was right across the street, and the love park garage underground. strangely the best evidence police had showing the car hit the little boy would have been her best offense that this female driver didn't do anything wrong because the surveillance showed clearly that this four year old boy for some reason not being watched close enough, and out at night darted out between two parked cars and she had no warning and no way to see him since those parked cars are taller than him. now the police here, who were in charge of the accident investigation division, were asked legitimate question: is it possible, and is it okay, if this 27 year old woman driving just feared for her own life after the accident, maybe even hearing about the story that we mentioned yesterday, that milwaukee driver just the night before who did stop after his van hit and killed a little boy and then he got shot and killed
5:34 am
because of it. >> ask your question, the question sometimes there are some street justice done as a result of that. and we've had that in the past where the person that was driving the vehicle would drive it a safe distance away, call 911 then report it. and that's understandable if anyone felt fearful that they were going to really get seriously hurt, they should pull away. but call 911 and report, and let us investigate the crashment than could happen. so good chance just a crash no impairment and likely no channel, it might ends up in a court but certainly not criminal court in a case like. that will and everybody has to be aware this time of year little ones will be out there they'll run out there it happens every spring and every summer. so exercise caution driving. >> reporter: as you just heard, this case clearly shows and reminds everybody of two things. if you are driving just stop. because an accident would just be considered an accident if would you just stop.
5:35 am
it becomes a crime and mandatory prison time crime when you leave the scene after fatal accident. secondly if you are watching, or babysitting or guardian or the parent specially of a little child you got to watch them closely you can't have kids running into the street specially out at night. most four year old probably in bed at 6:30, this one out at night and for some reason able to run out in the street where cars are coming by. >> good reminders steve, thank you. >> hillary clinton will continue to meet voters in iowa today. yesterday clinton made her first campaign stop since announcing her presidential bid during this appearance at a community college she spoke about building a better economy and fixing the political system. she did not layout any specifics about how she planned to achieve her goal. they are lofty ones at that. but says policy specifics will be unveiled later. happening today governor tom wolf heads to montgomery, pennsylvania his latest stop in his jobs to pay tour. >> democrats plans to discuss
5:36 am
job creation, rebuilding the middle class. he says this could be done through job training, apprentice program, wolf will be visiting the energy technology education center, 2:45 this afternoon address if you need it, 130 allen wood camp lane. pennsylvania senate wants to stop philadelphia's sick leave law before it takes effect next month. city legislation requires employers with at least ten employees to grant at least one hour of paid leave for every 40 hours worked. senators voted 37 to 12 on a bill that would bar state municipalities from requiring business owners to provide any casino of leave that goes beyond state or federal law. the bill is going to the republican-controlled house. democratic governor tom wolf does not support the measure. >> coming up: young couple is inspired by classic tv theme song to make their big announcement. >> but first used to be standing room only at the ballpark. now empty seats everywhere. so the phillies have a new way of a tracking you to get
5:37 am
you into the ballpark. how you can get tickets for less than nine bucks.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. phillies played wild one last night against the mets to new york, manager was thrown out for the mets, chase utley two homeruns, one if the first inning against matt harvey. struck out the side run howard by the way struck out twice, last night. in the second, lucas bases
5:40 am
loaded against david buchanon knocks in three runs, the mets go onto win the game six to five. the nationals are struggling to boston. all right blake is the pitcher. he makes two errors, three un earned runs, and the nationals actually led in this game red sox come back and win it, the score there eight to seven. today, flyers general manager ron hextall will address the media, will address whether his head coach craig will be back next season. things are quai net flyers land. i heard it could go any either. i think craig will be back, i think it was the players fault. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> attendance look to be pretty low at citizens bank park this year, that's why phillies are turning to groupon. >> so how is this for a deal? next month you can get your hands on tickets for ed low as low as 8.50. the author -- offer good for
5:41 am
home games, may 13th, and may 16th. where are these seats located in a. >> exactly, attendance so down. if you look at attendance from 2013 they had about 3 million. >> nerve ' going to group ons oh that's not good. people want to see winning games. >> dramatic dash cam video of police officer intentionally running over armed suspect with his car, what the officer can be heard saying moments before hitting that man. >> and today is the second anniversary. how the city plans to remember that tragedy. >> we are bringing in friends with a road trip starting with good day and at every newscast throughout the day we are taking over a town near you. join us this friday in lansdale pennsylvania.
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5:45 am
so even though you see rain on radar, it will stay to the south. high pressure is building in here comes and it is going to be taking over for the next couple of days, bringing us slightly cooler air this morning. but, a nice recovery, in the afternoon when we should get close to 70 degrees. so on ultimate doppler over the last hour, you can see the last of the rain moving out of here and as we look ahead in our fox future cast, we don't see any rain in the forecast for today or thursday tomorrow, it is really not until friday, the next system comes our way with more april showers. they start to spread pretty close to us by about 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. really in the afternoon though most of us will see whatever rain we get. and it shouldn't be a whole lot on friday. but it is not fun when it happens on friday, and you're trying to get your weekend started. temperatures as you walk out the door this morning are cooler than yesterday. they're in the 40's to the north of us, 44 degrees, mount pocono 48 in allentown, 43 reading, and 46 degrees down
5:46 am
in wilmington. we have reached 50 here in the city but it is only 44 in millville 47 degrees down in dover, delaware, light breeze out there but changed direction, instead of the southerly within, we have the northwesterly winds. so that means slightly cooler air to get us started. but with endly of sunshine, we will certainly beat the drippy day we had yesterday, which was 63 degrees for a high today, how about 70? we'll get close even if we don't make it, and should be nice with all of that sunshine. but the pollen counts going to go back up. so bob kelly you better make sure you take your meds before you go enjoy outside. >> yes, the meds, i got good dose of meds yesterday, and certainly keep up with that allergy medicine, and hopefully, feeling -- sound ago lot bert, i think about 80% not 100%, but we're getting there. live look here at the blue route, 476 good morning bryn mawr. no problems or delays at all working your way up into and through delaware county. coming in from south jersey, from high above the camden toll plaza no problems at all
5:47 am
across the ben franklin bridge heading in toward center city. getting ready to head out the front door, headed for the schuylkill pockets of volume between conshohocken and belmont. kind of quiet right now no incidents at all on the business boards, coming in from new jersey on the freeway, northbound, just watch for the traffic pattern shuffles here along 42, and 295, and a new construction project begins today, they're putting the cones down along route 63 right at norristown road. well today and tomorrow, during the midday, and then also going to be working in the express lanes of the roosevelt boulevard later on today between rhawn and strale. airport looking good, and mass transit running with though delays. chris, lauren back over to you. >> bob, police in arizona have released arson -- released video. so dash cam, shows a man walking down a street, firing his gun into the air. police officer can be heard telling his colleagues hey,
5:48 am
stay back. well, second later a different officer uses his cruiser, to hit the suspect. there it is, man flipped in the air. police say the suspect survived now charged with several felonies. >> protests were organized in major cities containing police brutality after the death of two unarmed black suspects. >> members of law enforcement in both cases were white. fox's jacky ibanez reports not all of the gatherings were peaceful. >> national usual ooh that demands our tension. >> demanding end to police brutality n new york, huge crowd of demonstrators shut down the brooklyn bridge tuesday with officers making more than dozen arrests. while in chicago hundreds of protesters can be seen lining the streets calling for ends to violence. those taking part say they're upset with recent police involved shootings in oak home a and south carolina. that left two unarmed black men dead.
5:49 am
>> i want to stop this police buy tal at this. why they abuse us? >> lead to go chaos demonstrators shutdown trolley line. and in san francisco anti-police crowds stormed city hall, disrupting a meeting and chanting. step up and takings. >> it is just not right. all of these police officers, and we replace real quick like with military, that's the way i look at it. they can't get it straight. obama needs to go ahead and get it straight. >> meantime another group called justice league nyc marching from new york to washington, dc to demonstrate against police related deaths. they're due to reach the national mall april 21st. >> we're being very clear that yes there are good cops out, there yes maybe people causing trouble but you shouldn't lose your life and then nothing happens. >> tuesday's organized protests are the first since nationwide demonstrations broke out last fall.
5:50 am
those in response to the deaths of michael brown in ferguson and eric garner in new york. jacky ibanez, fox news. and that dove tails into this. seventy-three year old oklahoma volunteer sheriff's deputy has been book on manslaughter charge, and released on bail, robert bathes surrendered to police yesterday, he is accused of accidentally shooting a suspect, who is being arrested. he misstook his handgun for taser evidently. bathes' lawyer says he's been honest transparent about the shooting. if convicted second agree manslaughter punishible by up to four years in prison. former north carolina community college student fired from work study program is accused of shooting and killing his former boss who is gay. now, police are investigating this as a possible hate crime. twenty year old kenneth stanceel a arrested yesterday while sleeping on florida beach. during his first court appearance he said the man he killed had molested a relative; however police have not released a motive. >> harsh words from a judge in
5:51 am
atlanta, georgia just before ruling in a massive teacher shooting can del. superior court judge jerry baxter hearing arguments yesterday from attorneys that are representing the men and women convicted the lawyers asked for leniency for their clients, the judge baxter responded saying this is not a victimless crime. >> when you can't read, you're passed on, passed on, there are victims that are in the jail that i have sentenced kids, i don't like sentencing. i don't like sentences g people to jail. but you know, sometimes that's what's necessary. >> all bun one of the former educator convicted facing jail time. judge called it the sickest thing that's ever happened in atlanta. the father of ten year old minnesota boy found dead in a mississippi river will be back in court today. thirty-three year old peer air collins is charged with second agree murder in the death of his son barway.
5:52 am
prosecutors say they will ask for $2 million bail. collins is denying it, says egg innocent but police say cell phone data places him near the spot in the river where the boy's body was found. today marks two years since the boston marathon bombings special ceremony will be held later this morning to honor those victims. >> boston's mayor declared today as one boston day. residents are encourage "today show" act of kindness. last week tsarnaev dzhokhar convicted of all 30 charges against him in connection to the bombings. jurors will have, well, next, they've got to decide if he'll get the death penalty or life sentence. that's what we're waiting for. >> a judge told jurors to stay away from the marathon or any memorial events, three people died in the 2013 bombings more than 260 others were injured. coming up: young couple taking a fresh approach to baby announcements. the classic tv show that inspired this new viral video. >> ♪ ♪
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> i love when john is in control the camera, joe is if in control of the music. what a nice sliver of moon to wake up to, 5:55, 50 degrees, little cooler wake up temperature than yesterday. should be beautiful day though. oregon cup he inspired by the
5:56 am
fresh prince every bellaire for their baby announce. ment take a look at this. >> ♪ ♪ i woke up in the morning about 7:00 or 8:00 and i thought it myself oh, man i'm late,: ♪ ♪ ♪ >> leave that to will smith, flu they used will shoot tune to share news with family and friend. couple says they might even have more fun oh, than planned when the time comes for the gender reveal. >> marne who found a quadriplegic abandoned in the woods with just a blanket and bible. what led him to walk into those woods in the first place. >> new developments in the hit-and-run, that killed a four year old boy police have found the car at the center of this case. when the driver is expected to turn herself in. next on good day philadelphia.
5:57 am
>> we are bringing in with a road trip, taking over a town near you. join us this friday, in lansdale pennsylvania.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> five brokes ought at a home in a olney neighborhood, sending one person to the hospital. >> this could be arson. >> new developments in the search for hit-and-run driver police say they found the car and the driver, is expected to turn herself in. how soon that could happen. >> save a life. that's a good thing. that's a very good thing. >> this is the man who found
6:00 am
that quadriplegic man abandoned in the woods in west philly. with just a blanket and a bible. what led him to walk into those woods in the first place. good day everybody, it is wednesday, it is april 15th. >> yep. tax day. >> when you say april 15th, doesn't that just make you oh, stop, cringe? >> extension. >> you did? >> just got an extention. >> you have until august? >> until august to keep dodging. >> procrastination. >> that's procrastination bob it will catch up with you. >> okay i have until august, though. >> he is the one to talk. did you get your done? >> i did. >> i look up nick of time for you by the way. it is an old opened, old expression. put a nick in wood, it is just that little thing. >> marks time? >> marks time, just little nick of time. >> that's great. >> like it sue.


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