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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 29, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> they spend their entire life savings. >> she is one of the winners. >> that's what they say. >> this one says you have one. >> she has four, 20-dollar checks in the mailbox. >> it took a little time yesterday to pay a visit to sprinkles the 33-pound cat. she looks like a labrador retriever. they came into possession of her when her owner was foreclosed upon. >> rocking on "american idol." nonow seniors. >> do they stay up late enough to watch it?
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>> veronica cleary here. either development or you regarding the riots happening in baltimore. i'm in trenton in front of the state house. governor has deployed new jersey state police to support the city. governor christie offered his support to maryland governor larry hogan. he shared that information via social media specifically facebook and twitter. the two spoke to agree. governor christie shared as 150 state police and personnel with the diploid however it was close to the press. about 100 personnel will provide operational support and 50 will provide investigative and logistical support. they will be on the ground for an initial term of 72 hours. we will have our own in baltimore giving you more updates in wednesday show. for all of my updates you can follow me on twitter at chasing veronica.
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>> who says that? >> the people who create this [bleep]. >> i chased them to their home in new jersey in manchester. >> an amount that will be 65 years. >> 65 years and it has not been easy. [laughter] >> he was a world war ii veteran. he has also been profiled by "the new york times" and pulled by that reporter because of his amazing world war ii experience. so we have a lot of experience in life. they definitely know better if they keep getting in the mail these letters telling them they have won millions of dollars. they have their entire life savings $9000 to a scam in jamaica. it's illegal to play a foreign lottery that they thought it was jamaica winds not be jamaican island. they were told all this to do is
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put a 20-dollar check in this envelope going to long beach new york. >> it looks official. here's a guarantee, cash prize. $20 of them seem much to put the stamp of approval on something. >> in the next couple of days is when -- >> she still thinks it's coming? >> she still thinks the money is coming. >> she thinks that she is one of the winners. >> that is what they said and they had three names and they showed me they knew how to get to my house. it's coming any day. >> one witness says you have won a cash prize. that's about as clear as you can get. >> that's right. i drove 102 miles to long beach new york to wear this mailbox is to find who owns this mailbox. elaine and al sent four for 20-dollar checks to the mailbox.
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who knows how many more are in there. >> is there a chance to -- >> we went to the ups store and a post office and spoke to a supervisor who told me he'd received complaints from two or three other customers complaining about this very same scam. >> so they are aware. okay. >> he put me in touch with the postal inspectors office. i call the represented there and he told me they are currently doing an investigation of another mailbox at that exact same address. >> who is at fault here? obviously there someone who is trying to scam someone but at what point do you listen to the people around you? i don't know, it's an easy thing to avoid. >> i asked the representative representative what do you do? she is like when you see an envelope don't even read it, just throw it in the trash.
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these guys are clearly professionals. they got them right out of the gate. >> i don't know how many cruises i might have missed out on. i get called on my phone all the time hankey just won a cruise. >> grandma and grandpa maybe they should take their own advice. >> in the baltimore riots obviously extremely tragic that of course it was an opportunity for donald trump to hop on twitter and not only slam baltimore but also slammed the president. so what he had to say our african-american present hasn't exactly had an impact on the thugs who are happily and openly destroying baltimore. it didn't take long for twitter to respond. j-lo says donald trump can only be negative. way to use a perfect gop candidate hashtag 2016. someone else said it surprises no one. donald trump reveals himself to
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be a disgusting human being. twitter obviously blew up. the jersey city bomb squad has been sent to check out several suspicious packages. lately the most recent one was here behind me that the gross street. apparently someone left their bags with on squad came. everything was okay but check out this picture i caught of someone reaching over the yellow tape to organize their bag. what do you think? >> bill you took time out yesterday to look at sprinkles the 33-pound cat. she takes the path like a labrador retriever because she's a big old gal. >> as we initiate sprinkles his favre bigger than any healthy cab out to be.
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a nonprofit who is taking care of sprinkles said they came into possession of her last week on her owner was apparently foreclosed upon to. >> she couldn't walk. >> she couldn't walk but she could waddle. come hear sprinkles. >> you are huge. she really is heavy. i just picked her up. that is a lot of cap. >> besides her considerable weight sprinkles had skin problems and flees when she was rescued. >> she was on medication and there were flees and they will take care for. >> on the bright side sprinkles ought to be fine. she's only four years old and not diabetic. she just needs a proper diet so she can lose some weight. the vet who examined her said she will be fine. >> we will restrict her food and giving her antibiotics and over a few months time she should do very well.
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>> the cat has a thrift shop whose proceeds go to the outreach. >> three bucks for the cat a win-win situation. >> you can also fill out an application to help sprinkles or data about sprinkles or any of these other cats. but expect competition. there's an application to take sprinkles home so she should be in good shape. >> i hurt competition and i thought you would go a different way. the fattest cat in america died in south wales. she was 39.6 pounds. so i hear 33 pounds and i'm like the good news is sprinkles is only 6.6 pounds from tying a record. >> we are not trying to grow the biggest cap. >> i completely disagree with you. who are we to say that she needs to lose weight?
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>> everybody who has been in contact with the cap including the veterinarian says this cat has had too much kentucky fried chicken. >> the happiest cat ever. oh my goodness. >> there's a new phase app for new jersey transit commuters. you can buy your monthly pass. they have upgraded the wi-fi at the port authority bus terminal but they have updated it so you can find more. >> they couldn't call that a better name? >> sad news for this bear cub who is staying at the woodlands wildlife refuge in new jersey. experts reveal he is not metabolizing calcium city can't really walk and skits on his elbows. he is not responding to medical treatment so they don't know the future of this little guy.
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>> "american idol" -- are throwing their full support behind brunswick. a fan club for the 18-year-old singer. they told me. >> she has got personality. ♪ >> hotspot. i love it. >> we agreed saying a popular performance by jack i want to hold your hand. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jack posted instagram photos of other i don't contestants.
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then we moved on to harold who was laughing at himself when i showed him a photo that she posted on her instagram. music is timeless and music is the universal language of the world. >> how did you get on her instagram? >> do they stay up late enough to watch it live? >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying they are seniors. it's late. i'm tired by 10:00. >> thereby themselves in their rooms and they get together and watch it together where they critique together. the company that watches all the time is rocking it. >> what is back? that's the jax back? come on jacks.
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>> the top four contestants get a visit for the next round. they will be visiting her home in brunswick new jersey to perform a concert but i will be watching it in east brunswick wednesday night for a viewing party and hopefully the jax pack are there. >> jacks you have a lot of fans on "chasing news" at go get them. we are going to try to use the tracker to track the first lady of new jersey. >> mary just resigned from her job which has a lot of people she resigned and she plans a potential announcement for president. i traveled to middletown new jersey to a guesthouse to the caretakers house. ♪
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>> this bird has come home to roost. maybe he drowned off the coast.
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he came back to life and turn himself in. the atlanta county prosecutors office has 34 counts indictment against biddle and is partnered with regard to the way they handle client and affronted people in a powerbook sale. >> the lifestyles of the rich and famous continues. i traveled to middletown new jersey to the third house called the river weighed a state. this is a mistake, not just one house. there's a deck deckhouse, to caretakers house is eight veterans aid have and a fireplace. there are 11 fireplaces. every single room and every single window you get this gorgeous view. this 10,000 square foot house
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what i realize the river wind is all about energy. everything about this house caters to having a party. the owner clubs entertaining. >> bag i should on that house. >> he wasn't advertising taken for and lipitor so you know he has money. right behind the foyer when you first walk in is what i call the upper room. pianist and opera singers brought into his house and they have a balcony around the room. all the guests are right here and they can watch. can you sing opera? >> rabbit hole, rabbit hole. stop with the singing. >> this is the bar and there is
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liquor behind me but one of the things that struck me is they have their own riverview. river wind. >> i ran to the stairs and went to the pool room. an infinity pool. >> a lot of the rooms have their own kitchens. >> it was close unfortunately so i didn't get to see its absolute glory but it's a gorgeous view. he's an avid collector of slot machines. he pretty much has a slot machine museum. a slot machine from 1929 and a roulette wheel. i have a lot of fun here. ♪
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>> overall the best part of the house is there some midtier and it looks over the gorgeous river. you can see for miles the special in the sun sets. >> what is the house worth? >> it started off going for $10 million. it's been reduced to 7.5. it's a pretty good bargain. but the thing about it is he is a philanthropist as well. if the house to sell the proceeds will go to charity in his name. some charity will be very lucky. >> right guys we are going to try something we have not tried before and that is to use the christy tracker to track the first lady of new jersey instead of the governor. we will see how it goes. according to the christy tracker mary pat christy is in somerset. veronica you caught up with her.
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>> in her role as first lady is new jersey hero all wards. the center for great expectations they help mom struggling with addiction and homelessness. but mary pat has been in the spotlight for other reasons lately. she just resigned her job where she works as a managing director which has a lot of people saying she resigned to spend more time with governor crist ase plans a potential announcement for president. we sat with mrs. christie after the abandonment of more about her job. the governor's office said she wanted to spend time with her family and she gave me advice as a working mom. she said she is enjoying the time at home. she gave up a job purported to pay her half a million dollars a year so it's a significant decision. we will see if it's in
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preparation for governor christie's announcement. >> ronica shia reset hiatus. she didn't just quit and walk out the door. sort of a pause. >> that is how the governor's office presented it. >> what was the reaction of the folks at the event? >> i have covered up and said mrs. christie is done for some time. there were reporters there that aren't normally at these events and mrs. christie wows them a little bit. >> you are welcome to come out and some of these folks -- >> she patted me on the arm noting the fact that i've been there and covered events long before there was speculation. she resigned from her work and her husband may be getting ready for an announcement so it's a nice moment to be recognized by the first lady. >> what is next to mary pat? >> should double down the idea that she's spending her time with her kids. we saw her at the town hall that
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i covered in new hampshire. we saw her at a town hall in new jersey and she said that was the only the fifth town called where governor christie has had 130 events. >> she is a great asset to governor christie now doubt. thanks ronica. >> new jersey troopers on the move. >> and they bringng
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>> new jersey troopers on the move. >> and they help bring peace to baltimore? >> we are going to be there as they hit the ground. >> and the psychology of a scam. have you ever been tricked? >> why you fell for it. see you on next "chasing news" at you know where.
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>> i always laugh last. >> you have to think visually. we will put them inside of cars. we can put them underneath a tree. >> i love racecar driving. maybe you would like to take a ride with me, how about that? [laughter] >> the room is so awesome that you can't get enough. ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. hi everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. for your wednesday morning look for sunshine, a cool start. temperatures right around fief dee degrees but we'll warm pretty rapidly by noon 66 degrees. get outdoors and enjoy it and take look at this afternoon highs right around 74 degrees. however, we'll be watching out for a late week coastal storm hi, i'm jared the subway guy and this is my story. young guy eats too much junk food
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