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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  April 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> protesters in cities across the country uniting over the death of freddie gray. plus details on an event happening today right here, in philadelphia. >> and new this morning a car, want in the connection with the hit-and-run after temple student found overnight. we are live with the breaking details. >> and another nice start but don't let the next few days fool you. it is not going to be as perfect as yesterday was sue with all of the details in her forecast. >> yesterday was perfect ten according to sue serio this thursday april 30th 2015. let's check and see the numbers sue serio. >> eight is pretty great. >> it is not going to go as perfect as yesterday, not as warm as yelled.
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we will see increasing cloud may get stray shower before the day is through but still, i think the balance of the day will be pleasant. watching this system, to our south, the one talking about yesterday. little disturbance out to the west see what that decides to do. little bit of breeze, 10 miles an hour, we secretary more on shore flow, with the ocean being so cold right now it, bodes for cooler temperatures. so we are off to decent start with 52 degrees, but won't be 77 like it was yesterday. sunrise time 6:03, so here is the breakdown of your day. lower 50's, mid 50's, depending on where you live, walking out the door, kids may need jacket. increasing clouds, throughout the day but still peaks of sunshine 65 degrees. >> talk more about the coastal
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storm and the direction of the storm plus your weekend forecast all coming up. so bob kelly who saw thursday looking snow. >> not bad. but i think you singing ten sound better, as you sing off key. >> i know, just not the same. >> we have to work on the singing of the numbers there good morning everybody 53:02, on a thursday. live look at the ben franklin bridge still got the construction here in the right lane coming out of the toll plaza, but light volume so far this morning. crews working downtown on the vine street expressway, eastbound, between the schuylkill and broad street. you can see the left lanes are block here. again, it is light volume at least at the moment, but if you are coming into the city, just be ready to ride the brakes in through the tunnels there underneath center city on the vine. otherwise, coming in from the suburbs, working your way up from west chester through malvern no problems on 422 going to zoom into fire location though in north coventry, local detours around route 724 and franklin avenue. willing also still working 95,
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between bridge and cottman avenue until about 5:30, 5:45 or soment be ready for. that will then later today midday jam coming to 422 westbound, down to one lane, arm and hammer, 9:00, boom, extra lane out. coming into philadelphia on the schuylkill, in problems or delays at all. ninety-five looked good. mass transit running with though delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> following some breaking news right now that hit-and-run accident that injured a local college student. >> jennifer joyce live at temple hospital where the young woman is fighting for her life. jennifer good morning. >> car has been recovered. atat this point police do have person of interest. no arrest haves been made. so the investigation is developing while 22 year old temple university student in critical condition here at temple hospital. police say the victim of this hit-and-run, has critical head and leg injuries after she was struck boy car last night while riding her bike nerve the intersection of park avenue and diamond street,
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near campus. the accident happened just before 7:30, according to police, the victim was hit by a silver mitsubishi gallant she was thrown from her bike, on to the roadway witnesses reported seeing three men help inside the car took off neckerly from the scene. >> upon police arrival they found 22 year old female unconscious on the highway suffering from a severe head trauma she also had a what a periods to be dom pound fracture to her left leg. medics transported her to temple hospital, in extremely critical condition fighting for her life. >> so here is a look at surveillance images released by the accident investigation division last night it shows the silver mitsubishi gallant again the car has been recovered and police have an idea of who they are looking for, however at this point, no arrest haves been made. lauren chris? >> the second night of the curfew in baltimore went better than the first.
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>> protests continued, but largely peaceful. hundreds marched to baltimore city hall chanting: tell the treat, stop the lies, freddie gray did not have to die. >> anger gave way to violence after monday's funeral. but the situation appears to have stabilized. gray died from spinal cord injuries after being taken into custody earlier this month. >> turning over investigative work we put together, the same thing that we shared, we will be turning that over to the state's attorney. >> hopefully learn from this, try to come together do something positive. >> the police commissioner says 20 officers assigned to crowd control have been hurt, many were pelted with rocks hundreds have been arrested. >> across the nation activists showing solidarity for baltimore n new york city hundreds gathered in union square also calling for justice for freddie gray. similar scene in washington dc
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where protest it, i should say black lives matter protest, also held last night in front of the white house now, some of the demonstrators held signs concerning a plea for americans to support the right of girls women transgender people. another black lives matter protest, also, held on a bridge in maine happen list, now, the protest reportedly attracted more than 1,000 people there as well. >> activist in philadelphia, hoping to attract -- >> aims to bring awareness of alleged cases of police brutality locally. steve keeley outside city hall where the protest set to happen later this afternoon steve? >> the new york protest last night got very violent. way more violent than anything that has happened in baltimore since monday over 100 arrests officer hurt by something thrown at him. both sit cents south and north of philadelphia, baltimore new york, seen clashes with cops in protest this week.
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and so with the plan here in philadelphia to have another protest starting at city hall, at 4:30 this afternoon both protesters and police hoping this city, can demonstrate over an issue and demonstrate to the nation how to do it right. while the facebook page for the organizers say they expect big number to show up for broad and market writing there are so many similarities, between what's happening in baltimore, and what is going on here in philly, we stand with baltimore's protesters and uprising one voice one similarity the mother of randall tate brown shot and killed in a confrontation with philly police officers in winter on frankford avenue, his mom now suing the city, disagreeing with the district attorney's finding that those two police officers were justified. >> i believed with all the my heart my son's rights were
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brutally, i believe he was not given a chance, i want reform, he want laws changed. that's jim standing here. and i want the rest of philadelphia to feel safe up the guidance of the philadelphia police department. that's jim standing here. because i do believe my son died unnecessarily while driving while black. >> not commenting on. it at this point a suit has been filed. we won't go back and forth with the rhetoric and the public's eye or the media's eye. it is a lawsuit. it will go through the process, everything will be rebuilt there. whatever course of action, equate. mosh scenes what we saw all the way until midnight last night, again the protest in new york last night shutting down the holland tunnel and the west side highway
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protesters took over major parts of the town, and they plan to have a protest in union square, similar to what we have here at dill werth park here. even though it started in daylight it, started peacefully it, went way into the darkness and went way off the rales peacefully, with more than 120 arrests and free for all as mobs of demonstrators split it off into groups creating half okay all around town. soap that has philly police now taking extra precautions, than they normally would they've a the love demonstrations here lately, a lot of protests and everything gone pretty peacefully, but seeing the scenes in new york nothing some of the people at the protest in new york last night, may take quick right down the new jersey turnpike here to philly, and bring some that far havoc here, as the police make extra plans for tonight's protest for sure. >> let's hope it stays peaceful, steve keeley, thank so. >> our coverage. unrest in baltimore and protests across the country donned end here. live reports from baltimore starting at 6:00. so within the hour.
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you can find the latest on our website. additional arrests are imminent in the last week's brawl at septa station so you remember this video right septa police chief tweeted that warrants have been approved in this taped attack at the broad street line spring garden station and 18 year old arrested saturday, police said, early on it, appeared most of the suspect were student. >> skyfox over the home therapy business in hammonton new jersey, yesterday afternoon. two people had to be air lift dollars to the hospital for treatment. the county ransom tests and think the cause of the leak might be from refrigerants. >> happening today pennsylvania state representative kevin boil will host dedication for fallen philadelphia hero, portion of very road pennsylvania route 10,001 will be -- i should say 1,001 will be test he ignited as firefighters daniel sweeney memorial highway. honor will be held at the
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department engine 56 and fox chase, firefighter daniel sweeney and lieutenant killed in three years ago i should say, in april when a building collapsed during kensington warehouse fire. today, philadelphia will get to see the final love park concept. philadelphia park's and recreation fairmount park con is her venosi, wants to hear your opinion when it creates the john f. kennedy design now the meeting will be held at 5:30 tonight at the free library of philadelphia, on vine st. >> coming up surprising new information about the gyrocopter that landed on the lawn after us capitol revealed in a congressional hearing plus what the pilot himself has to say about that meeting. it is not houston we have a problem, but russia we have a problem. spacecraft caring supplies to the international space station now spinning out of control. what went wrong straight ahead.
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5:14 is the time. >> student on pennwood awake and on twitter this morning. >> you have some new fans. >> yes, met the most down to earth woman last night, thanks for the picks and the convo. >> who? >> at my brother underscore
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queen. >> okay. hi sue serio. >> who is doing the music today? >> rocking it. >> all right let's talk about, no i'm go on this side. little confused sometimes. we're not too bad this morning not as chilly as it has been, past couple of mornings, it is a comfortable morning, with a few passing clouds we have some clouds on the increase during the day today we watch the coastal storm still to the south we slow it now possible showers late in the day today and tomorrow so, here's where it is the border between north and south carolina, generally, the center of this storm. another disturbance out to the west we'll keep an eye on, as well. for now it is not bad. and if you're going to be out for long time today i would say maybe have the umbrella nearby.
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other than that not too much going on. choking rain down to the west for the rest of the day and much of it, avoiding our area, a lot of rain to the south by tonight, tomorrow morning much avoiding our area. having said that, stray shower or two not out of the question see pecks every sunday shine more today than tomorrow. seeing a lot of cloudy skies. >> not sold on this rain for us nor saturday stay tuned for more, but keeping decent forecast for the weaken. 52 degrees in philadelphia, right now upper 40's, to the north, cool side 49 allentown 50, dover 54 in wildwood. winds speeds, watching, not only the speed but the direction of the wind, as we
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switch to bit more of northeast flow, indicates more cloud cover. 10-mile per hour breeze in the city right now. it was a ten yesterday. 77 degrees, 69 the average hi, well above average. and you know, it is getting near exam time. don't be above average if at all possible. we got seasonable temperature today, 68 degrees. you can't rule out stray shower saturday, mix of sun clouds but so far looks good. 72 degrees. and 77, sunday back to the 80s monday and tuesday. but you know spring fling this week tomorrow, and it is in south philadelphia, stay tuned to this program we'll give you details where we will be in the evening today and tomorrow. >> i'm good.
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i'm laughing because they're laughing, i don't know what i am ' laughing at but i'm laughing at watching them laugh. 5:17. pro problems or delays, offer to pretty good start speedometers looking good in the 50's on the schuylkill. looking good coming down i95 but mayfair good morning to you, accident at frankford and robbins, police are on the scene. north philadelphia, another germantown at pike street local detours. no problems, though, for the gang rolling out of the house headed for the boulevard. keep in mind as our steve had mentioned later today demonstrations set this will impact our evening rush hour. folks, leaving the city, coming into the city, in some way shape or form. it will have impact, traffic wise in and around city hall.
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so keep that in mind for your game plan for the rest of the day. then westbound lanes of. otherwise at the moment, mass transit looking good. chris lane, back to you. >> amazing story of survival in kneepan. man pulled from rubble five days after the massive earthquake. rescue coming off spending 08 hours traps in a room with three dead bodies, death toll has now topped more than 5500. fear the dead could double amount that amount. 8 million people affected by last saturday earthquake. rush and supply capsule went into uncontrollable spin after lawyer every being declared total lost. astronaunts at the international space station say they'll get by without delivery of fresh food, water clothes, and equipment. the capsule caring 3 tons of goods, began tumbling when it reached orbit. scott kelly says the program for these kinds of things to
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happen are planned, but it is unfortunate when they do. this is the second cargo ship lost in the past six months. >> apologies made at congressional hearing into how gyrocopter made it from gettysburg to the u.s. capitol without being detected. according to time line offered by us capitol police chief first knowledge of the april 15th flight came 24 minute before landing but the complex wasn't placed on lockdown until after the postal worker touched down. congress did not know anything about it for hours. now, the chief said, corrections were made, to the overly complicated system. >> doug hughes' gyrocopter pilot, was watching the hearing by the way from his home in florida where he's under house arrest. hughes says he made the flight to bring attention to the issue of campaign finance and says he has no regrets. >> consider the fact, almost half the congress that's left public service has gone to work for k street making 14 times what they made as
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congress persons. am i the only person who sees this as corruption? this is a small incident. i am an unimportant person. >> hughes' next court appearance is next month. jurors in a trial of manna cured of 1979 disappearance of six year old a ton paths are headed back to new york courtroom today. after saying they were dead-locked. yesterday jurors said that they could not reach an unanimous verdict in the trial of pedro hernandez. judge told them, keep trying. and the jurors had made unusual requests to have closing arguments re-red. he disappeared after walk to go man hat hand school bus stops, one of the first missing children to appear on a milk carton. still ahead 5:21, tatoo gate. we'll explain why your tats on your arm might be a huge problem if you're buying one of those apple watches. >> you're going to give us a demonstration? >> show me your tats. >> all right.
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>> whether it will remain a casino is up in the air. straub reached two week deal with acr energy with power to re-energize friar protection, the casino closed now since september. >> the federal, reserve keeping key interest rate unchanged. remained near zero for six full years. statement from the fed notes
5:25 am
growth slowed business investments soft ends, annex ports declined. >> pope francis added his voice to the feminist anthem, equal pay for equal work. holy father said quote scandelous women earn less than men for doing the same job. also blasted the attitudes of some who blame the family crisis on women who work. he says, these attitudes show how some men want to dominate women, he believes husband and wife must be complimentary with one another. >> so the only new apple watch, having problems reading your heartbeat do you perhaps have a tatoo on your wrist? lauren dawn johnson? >> yes i do, but i don't have the watch. new gadget apparently does not play nice with certain inks on the skin, especially dark colors. apple says the watch uses led lights to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist. the tech site i more found some ink interferes with the process. that is has tatoo-tech owners pretty frustrated. you ought to test out the apple watch in the store
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before you bring it home because your tatoo might be in the way. >> let me see. >> this you have one of these. you got a baby tat. do you see this? mind showing it? >> no. >> here we go. >> so what's this? >> i know it, looks weird like the upside down symbol for libra. >> oh you're libra? >> i'm all things libra. to let you know what s traits are i look it up, so you can see them, tell me what you think, here. >> diplomatic and you are brain, romantic and charging, easy going and social recalling, idealless i can and peaceble. >> true when you got the tatoo when did your mom say? >> lauren that looks like an usda food stamp. that's an on a piece of meat. did i not raise you that way young lady, why would you wait until you're 28 to get a tatoo? she wasn't happy. >> i love it. >> i know. she just tells it like it is. so she said she hopes that i
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stop there andy. >> even though were you 28 at the time you got that, you're still her little girl. >> still her little girl. that's how she is. coming up: sometimes the smallest gesture can leave the biggest impact. like this little tatoo. why members of north carolina church were left speechless by a big donation. >> later mystery on colorado highway. what's causing car windows to suddenly shatter.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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>> police found the car involved in a hit-and-run after local college student. >> cities unrest across the country over the dealt of freddie gray including here in philadelphia. event happening today at city hall. >> live look outside. another mild start. but, some changes are on the way. sue will explain? her forecast. good day it is thursday, april 30th 2015. >> i took my son for a walk after school out of the blue he said isn't this weather great, dad? so sweet. kind of touching movement. but think so many people felt the same way. so no coats yesterday for the kids. not needed. what about today with bus stop buddy? >> we do the hoodie, the jacket on for the morning because, if you're going to be standing out for little while it might get cool. but, you might be able to get away with it.
5:31 am
anyway, here is a umbrella for later on, there is the possibility, of a stray shower but all-in-all nice start to our day. and in the weather by the numbers, it is not a bad number it is not a ten but it is a eight. we are expecting a increase in clouds today. won't be quite as warm, stray shower not out of the question. still watching this area in the western part of the state. looks like most of it is moving to the north and i don't think that is going to trouble us. watching the southern storm we told but yesterday we will see if it comes together and gives you any rain at all f we get any today later on and tomorrow it, shouldn't be much. 523 green, 10 miles an hour winds already starting to get light out. official time 03:00. so not that far away. then we have nice long day it won't be quite yesterday but 68 degrees, not bad. it is seasonal, for the last day, it is the last day in
5:32 am
april, i can't believe it. shower possible later in the afternoon and shower is possible overnight tonight with low of 48 degrees. we will a have your forecast for the first day of may first weekend of may coming up in the seven day. bye bye bob kelly. >> getting ready for the may procession remember that? >> doe? >> the may procession, first holy communions, good morning hello northeast philadelphia. live look i95 sun begins to rise over construction zone. not bad at all working your way from academy down through allegheny. this is the allegheny off ramp here behind me there and the roosevelt boulevard looking good as well. rolling south up and over the twin bridges no problems there. again, do you have nice good quiet start this morning. fifty-five around the conshy curve, in the neighborhoods though couple of issues in mayfair accident at frankford and robbins north coventry, building fire, route 724, and franklin avenue. and then north philadelphia,
5:33 am
fire location germantown and pike street. so some local detours around those spot, in the neighborhood. 422, okay right now. but if you want to avoid the jammo on 422 you just have to be passed route 29 by 6:15, our cameras showings that's when we start to see the brakes tap. try to get nice easy ride into kop, 6:15 is the time to beat. 4:30 the time to beat getting out of center city, but we have demonstration set for later on this afternoon we will tell you bore that as we roll through the day sent earned around city hall again this will have impact on center city evening rush hour trans. no delays, back to you. >> thank you five doctor 33 the time. breaking news for this morning, police recovered the silver mitsubishi gallant they say was involved in a hit-and-run yesterday. car pulled off hitting 22 year old temple student edge, who was righting bike. >> this happened just after 7:00 at the intersection of
5:34 am
diamond and park avenue. rachael hall was taken to the hospital with serious injuries to her head and leg we're told she she is on life support fighting for her life right now. hall set to graduate next week as a criminal justice major. oh what a shame there. hundreds marched in baltimore city hall chanting tell the truth, stop the lies, freddie gray didn't have to die. anger gave way to violence after monday funeral but situation appears to have stabilized in the days since the curfew enforced. graded from spinal cord injuries after being taken into custody earlier this month. the investigation into his death, is far from over by the way. mass protest aims to bring awareness to alleged cases of police brutality locally. fox 29's steve kylie live outside philadelphia city hall protest set to happen this afternoon steve good morning. >> well it may have stabilized 100 miles south
5:35 am
down 95, in baltimore but very unstablized 100 miles north last night, new york, it got very violent. and the similarity between new york and what's plan for philly today the crowd up in new york started out with a thousand people. organizers expect to began gathering going for maximum notice maximum coverage during the evening rush hour, and the evening news. and as bob kelly warns causing perhaps maximum disruption for the center city drivers and bus routes, the office buildings letting out then, and that commute home could be awful. maybe the boss' seeing this news will ends the day little early, clear out the parking garages and employees and get everyone home safe and let the police and protesters have the street every center city, on the facebook page for the organizers, they say, there are so many similarities, between what is happening in baltimore and what is happening here in philly, we
5:36 am
stand with baltimore protesters bring signs drums, your voices protesters say the most recent similar case here the death of brandon tate brown and despite the district attorney clearing the two police officers justified in shooting him to death his mom, very, very big disagreement with that filed civil suit and notice yesterday and talk about how life's been since she lost her son. >> i get comments that i'm strong and brave but you guys, out here, who cares? i'm home, and waking up to go to work 6:00 every morning, i am crying because i'm facing every morning that i'm going to hear on the radio young black male 26 years old died gunned down at the 6600 block of frankford avenue. so am i crying all the time?
5:37 am
yes. dow feel bipolar because i don't know when it is coming? that's how i feel. i want the pain to stop. but i can't stop fighting. i have to fight for not just brandon but for my neighbor's son. so no matter what i must go on. >> a sue filed not going to go back and forth in the rhetoric eye the media eye. it is a lawsuit. it will go through the process of legal proceedings in court. you know, whatever course of action equate to take place takes place. >> philly police on extra high alert after seeing what happened in new york. that will new york protest again started went through midnight one police officer at least, is in the hospital right now being hit with bottle or rock more in jail. and you're looking at aerial
5:38 am
pictures but i've seen some street side pictures, some saying they weren't going easy. seeing plastic zip ties, looking at one picture it, took four officers to carry one guy into a police van. shred to use shackles on people. so those scenes in new york not going to be repeated here in philadelphia, you can bet, and hopefully bolt police and protesters here show the city where the birth of free speech began here showings the world thousand do it right. lauren chris? >> very poinent thanks, steve appreciate t at 5:38 our continued coverage is the unrest in baltimore protests across the count rip. live reports coming up in just about 20 minute at 6:00. also of course find the very latest information on the website
5:39 am
daring daylight highs in luxury department store. where it is, how these thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. >> but first new survey takes a look at which nfl fans have the best grammar.
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two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at >> good morning i'm howards eskin. strange day for ballgame
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yesterday. no fans in the yard, you know what was going on in baltimore tonight camden yards yes it was empty. fans outside the gate, but they weren't in the ballpark. and, this is a kind after funny moment. all right baltimore's winning the game, easily against the white sox. chris davis, the first baseman normally in the last out, tuck the ball, for the stance for the fans. i guess they'll get it next week. phillies last night against the cardinals to st. louis game tide in the fifth two-two, grounds ball to first bales, ryan howard makes real nice throw. peter gorgeous beats it, cardinals take three-two lead. they beat the phils five to two. and game seven stanley cup playoffs to tam a remember braydon coburn? well scoreless, four minutes into the thirds period. how about brady coburn scores, gives tampa one-nothing lead, they win it two-nothing with open netterment win the series four games to three. the draft is tonight get ready. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> today of course, the big nfl draft it is in chicago this time but while fans are focused on who is going to be
5:43 am
add today their team, some should actually worry about their grammar new study explains how fans used grammar. good news, eagles fans, you rang third for the least amount of mistakes. redskin fans, the worse according to the study. proofread g company familiarly looked at reader comment to come up with their assessment. make take a look at the signs that people like holdup during the game, you know, especially when you know you will be on tv? i think they're pretty clever. >> they are. they want to get on television right. >> so the grammar is good, spelling done well. >> a loft questions whether we'll get marcus, expected to go second in the draft we have to trade up of course, because we have the 20th pick until the first rounds, very interesting to see what happens with chip and the gang. >> taste of hawaii? >> of course played at oregon, the ducks.
5:44 am
the nation, pretty good. donation stuns members of north carolina church. not what was left behind but who is behind it. that made this donation so special. scientists make amazing discovery, while on dive in hawaii. >> hawaii theme going today. how old this ship is. we'll tell but that. >> we are bringing in friends with a road trip starting with good day and every newscast throughout the day. taking over town near you. join us this friday in south philadelphia.
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>> 5:47. you had quite the experience yesterday, so impressed. >> i know. they gave me these t-shirt to go home w so nice. they had career night instead of day. so many people working during the day. >> right. >> many came out for nighttime visit yesterday. >> this gal to your right gal named joy? >> joy. >> who are the other young ones to joy's rid? >> that's list bet her cute little daughter. i'm not sure who is in the back but she was sweet as well.
5:48 am
>> now, they also want to introduce you to someone sweet, like they're playing match maker. >> joy said hi, nice to meet you, shook my hands looking at my hand like, okay, other hand okay, i have to ask you a question. i don't know it it will be ann properer at. i'm leak go for it. are you married? no. because we want to hook you up with somebody. >> and? >> da, da da, sue serio? >> that saga on twitter. >> will we find out the rest of the story? >> the drama around here. it is sweater weather to the north of us, and we have 45 degrees, in mount pocono. 44 degrees in doylestown, 49 in chester and delaware county and we have ooh degrees atlantic city, 54 in cape may.
5:49 am
last day of april will we have showers to finish out the month? western part of the state still looks like it will not hold together and makes its way here, appears most of this is going to the north the system we're watching is the southern storm braking lit rain to the eastern part of north carolina still expect that system to move off shore. showers later in the day today, bulk of the rain will stay well to the south it appears, and out to sea as this continues treking away from the coast. but what we will have, out of the system, are clouds, and cooler temperatures it won't be 77 like it was yesterday. so more temperatures around, allentown 49 degrees. fifty-two wilmington, delaware ooh in dover delaware. and wind speeds are switching
5:50 am
now. >> 10-mile per hour breeze in the city, past seven days, at least we've seen warming trend, as of yesterday anyway. with that high of 77 degrees, but that graph will go back down starting tomorrow with a high of 67. so we've got our spring fling in the morning and in the afternoon, we will be hanging out in south philadelphia tomorrow may see stray shower or two but won't dampen anybody's entheusiasm. but do be prepared to have sweater over jacket on tomorrow. because, the high temperature will be only 60 degrees. and then we recover back into the 70s saturday and sunday 80s monday and tuesday of next week. and that is your seven day forecast. hey, bob? >> good morning everybody. 5:50 hello suing no problems or delays, but starting to see the beginning of some rush hour volume. cool shot. got the skyline in the background there folks on the right the brake lights heading eastbound in toward spring garden street. here is a live lock at the boulevard southbound
5:51 am
crossing the schuylkill river headed in toward the schuylkill expressway. no problems or delays but heads up for later on this afternoon demonstration all morning long city hall 4:30 expect street closures, bus detours, watch your clock if you're in center city, or coming into the city, you're at appointment, have dinner plans just watch the timing and we will see how this develops but giving you a heads up, this morning so you can adjust your plans. no problems up and down i95 looking good on 476 in the northeast, frandford and robbins, watch for an accident. another crash on the boulevard, northbound, right near front street. mass transit though, looking good with though delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob kelly thank you, sir. a 51:00 is the time. mysterious strung of attacks happening on colorado highway. growing number of drivers are reporting their windows running shattered while driving on local interstate. the most serious so far is a
5:52 am
woman who was shot in the neck. a growing mystery has drivers wanting this case solved. >> pretty unnerving to have to drive every day. now that you might possibly get shot at. heightened patrols to find out who is causing all of this. >> and armed man barricades himself inside a home, of sorts. the unidentified man was holdup inside a motor home in he will sore even owe california yesterday. police had their guns drawn when he eventually surrendered, taken into custody without incident. >> police in arizona surveillance video at major department store. >> this happened at sacks fifth avenue in phoenix. nine men wearing hooded sweatshirt walk into the store, and they are able to get away with more than dozen designer purses, in less than 15 seconds. a tenth suspect waiting for in the never get-away car outside. plates on the car were traced but turned out to be fake. >> on a dive in hawaii
5:53 am
scientists discover parts every sunken world war ii area owe japanese submarine. >> teams from the university of hawaii found a tower in all of the anti-aircraft guns in the japanese sub i400, the one day dive was paid for by japanese broadcasting corporation, underwater excursion will air in may. coming up: sometimes the smallest gesture can leave the biggest many pact. why members of north carolina church were left speechless. by a donation. straight ahead.
5:54 am
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picture perfect in old city. sue serio with more on your forecast. >> heartfelt donation to church in north carolina reminiscent of bible story. as the collection plate was passed around at first united methodist church last sunday, someone put an envelope with the words: please don't be mad. i don't have much. i'm homeless. god bless. inside 18 cents. >> we weren't mad. we were very touched by this. for this person, it could have been everything in his or her pocket. >> the church has long been committed to the homeless in the community. they serve breakfast every sunday to roughly 150 people, without a place to call their own. >> all right 5:56 this morning. coming up: growing unrest in cities across the country over
5:57 am
the death of freddie gray. plus details on an event happening today. right here in philadelphia. and new information this morning in a hit-and-run that injured a temple student. the latest on the investigation, straight ahead. good day philadelphia starts in just a few minute.
5:58 am
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> well news this morning, car wanted in connection to a hit-and-run on temple's campus was found overnight. and this morning learning
6:00 am
more about the student that was hit. the investigation into what happened and how that student sent doing this morning. >> protests sparks across the country, the biggest wasn't even in baltimore last night. take a look at this crowd of people marching the streets of new york. we'll take a look at some of the other rallies and how some people in baltimore are dealing with this this morning. >> septa trains buses platforms. cell phones stolen right out of people's hands. the sting operation you'll see only on fox. well, good morning everyone, it is thursday, april 30th, and you know what today also is? >> what's today? >> draft day. >> the hard thing for us the draft in chicago for the first time tonight and the emphasis on tonight because we all go to bed too darn early and then wait to see who we get. >> this is something i wake up for. >> i feel confident tomorrow on good day philadelphia we will be letting folks know.


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