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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  April 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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accountability from our leaders. good afternoon i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get to brad sattin right there witness crowd. so brad, what's the atmosphere like right now? >> reporter: well it's bees peaceful things are going very well. sky fox i think probably has better idea of the number of people here. certainly several hundred if not a thousand plus. police are here. they are here in number. they are not needed. severing going well. we'll have my photographer work his way through the crowd as we take a look at this large crowd. this event being put on by the coalition for real justice made up of about 30 different groups. 800 members part of those groups. we know temple and penn students also here. coalition was organized following michael brown's death in ferguson, eric gardner s in new york and we've seen other high profile cases walter scott in south carolina leading to murder charges against that officer. at least for the moment this is about freddie gray and baltimore baltimore. that case almost three weeks old at this point.
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we know that baltimore police just in fact today wrapped up their investigation passing the case on now to prosecutors. back here at home, there have been rallies like this in recent months in philadelphia. for the most part they have been kind of tense but non violent and that is the case here today. we are seeing black, we're seeing white. we are seeing people here who say a change needs to be made. they are here at dilworth plaza right across from city hall here. police are saying that they are prepared for anything here but again so far so good. the organizers saying the recall system aim at bringing light to a broken system where too often african-americans are victim, rarely economically and legally. again this event called philly is baltimore we've heard a series of speakers this event started about 35 minutes ago. there's also an open mike here. so that folks one at a time have three minutes to voice the concerns they have. so that's the latest here. demonstrators we saw some teachers here. we saw one woman speaking about
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the loss of her son to what shushes was a case of police brutality her son was killed, again, folks with the opportunity to speak. police are in the background but, again no problems here lucy at this point. back to you. >> that is good news from brad sattin on the ground to skyfox in the air. birds eye view. let's take it as we take another live look now at the gathering crowd at city hall. it's a large crowd and in fact philadelphia police said as many as 2,000 people might show up. and as brad told you and as we can see things are peaceful. people are just listening to speakers right now. we'll continue to watch this situation throughout evening of course. also with the evening rush upon us the crowd could impact traffic in the area. live look right now as we stream these images from our camera at i676 at third avenue. streets are closed around city hall that of course can create a ripple everybody right now it looks like the regular rush as people try to get around. all the protests continue baltimore police have decided not to release the results of their criminal investigation
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into the death of freddie gray. instead the department is turning it over to a prosecutor who will now determine whether any charges will be filed. gray suffered a mysterious spinal injury while in police custody back on april 12th. six officers have been suspended without pay. nearly 100 officers have been hurt during the protests in baltimore. >> in total we've had 98 officers report injuries during the course of the events. of those 98, 43 required some sort of emergency treatment at a hospital. >> another protest is going on in baltimore right now. the washington post says a prisoner in the same transport van as freddie gray reportedly told investigators he could hear gray banking against the metal partition and believed gray was purposely trying to hurt himself himself. gray died a week later in the hospital. developing right now a temple university senior fighting for her life. a driver hit her last night and kept on going just one week
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before her graduation. she was riding her bicycle when that car plowed into her. >> and today the person who says he was behind the wheel has come forward. fox 29's dave schratwieser live in north philadelphia tonight. dave what did the driver tell police? >> reporter: well, iain n n18-year-old young man came forward this morning and told investigators he was behind the wheel of that car involved in the hit-and-run accident at temple university last night. he is not in custody yet because investigators are awaiting the approval of charges by the district attorney' office. in the meantime rachel hall is still in critical condition. police now say it was an 18-year-old man with a learners permit behind the wheel of this mitsubishi gallant that struck 22-year-old temple student rachel hall wednesday night near campus and left the scene. >> so he told us he was afraid he panicked and left. but did he come clean today and give us all the details of the crash. >> reporter: the driver's parents called police immediately after pictures of the vehicle were put out.
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their son has given investigators a full statement on the accident. >> so everybody cooperated. the owner the owner's wife and the son also cooperated with the investigation. >> finals right now. it's a shame. >> reporter: hall a senior at temple about to graduate remains in critical condition with head and leg injuries. she was riding her biking to study for finals when she was struck at park and diamond. car was recovered in the 900 block of marvine. >> it's really sad. i mean busy campus here and so everybody has got to stay aware. >> her father says she's a criminal justice major and wants to become a police officer. her family remains at her bedside the the suspect will face charges when they are proved by the da. >> it's terrible. i mean you can't plan for that. there's nothing you can do. >> it's that time of year there are more people out. it's going lead to more accidents, but fortunately in this case the people involved did the right thing. the real right thing obviously was to stop.
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>> reporter: now bonnie rosen the women's lacrosse coach at temple calls rachel amazeing strong and selfless. she says the entire team is in shock and praying for rachel's quick recovery. all their thoughts and prayers with the family. again tonight the suspect is not in custody yet. we're awaiting the approval of charges bite da's office. we'll have update on the investigation coming up at 6:00 and some advice from police on driving during these warm temperatures in the city. iain? >> all right dave, thank you. it was another beautiful day but things are changing much here's a live objection outside at center city. we've gotten a string of almost perfect days but temperatures about to take a tumble. and we're watching a possible coastal storm. chief meteorologist scott williams has been tracking all of it for us. >> a lot of changes over the next couple of days iain included in that this evening we're watching for increaseing clouds and cooler conditions. ultimate doppler has been pretty quiet, but sections of salem cumberland county we've been watching a thunderstorm kind of rain itself out.
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it dumped heavy rain around millville. moving toward salem right now. you can see continuing to diminish as it continues to move into sections of delaware. sections of new castle county will see a few sprinkles. but take look at what we have on going. we're watching the coast that area of low pressure churning and then off to the west watching this upper air disturbance and the two will kind of merge over the next 24 to 48 hours and that will change our weather. temperature wise right now a little cooler in philadelphia right now. we have 62 degrees. temperatures down the shore in the upper 50s for atlantic city. 60 in trenton. 70 still in lancaster. so increasing clouds. maybe a spot see shower. grab the light jackets or sweaters those temperatures will be dropping. you can see mid 50s by 11:00 o'clock tonight. much more on that weekend weather forecast coming up and some temperatures changes to talk about. back to you. >> we'll see you then scott. fire in east germantown sent one person to the hospital. it started at this home on chew avenue just past 10:30 this morning.
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flames and heavy smoke shot out in the second and third floors. we don't know how that person is who was in the hospital. investigators are looking into what started the fire. gloucester county, new jersey, a woman is in the hospital tonight after getting stabbed in her own home. she is seriously hurt. what happened to her is still sketchy to us at this point but we do know police showed up at her home on the 200 block of williams avenue in deptford shortly before 4:00 a.m. police are still looking for the person who stabbed her and check pg into that person targeted her specifically. it's back to prison for a catholic church official. the latest developments in a case that already made history. jeff cole in the news rom tonight with a big ruling a judge made today. jeff. >> reporter: it is historic because this is a very high ranking member of the the church church. the judge sent monsignor william lynn back to jail after the separate state supreme court reinstated his child endangerment conviction over his handling of priest sexual abuse complaints. monsignor william lynn served as the secretary for the clergy at
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the philadelphia archdiocese from 1992 to 2004. he was in charge of investigating complaints of sexual abuse against priests. in 2012, he became the first u.s. church official ever purred and convicted for his role in supervising those priests. lynn has served 3.5 to six... key half of his 3.5 to six year sentence for child endanger. he's been on house arrest since the state superior courts toed his conviction. the state supreme court reverted that decision monday. they simply reversed it. so today the judge refused to grant a stay that would have allowed monsignor will lynn to remain free while he pursues other appeals. he's going to jail. his lawyer maintains this client will one day be exonerateed. >> iain and lucy. >> more trouble for the philly v vaus haas committee voted to
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issue a subpoena to the department of veterans affairs for personnel and complaint files at its philadelphia office office. it is part of a growing investigation into the mishandling of benefits for veterans. this is only the third time that the house veterans affairs committee has ever resorted to a subpoena. lawmakers say they have no choice since they haven't been able to get the information they've been asking for. this month the va inspect general released an audit confirming a long list of problems much first raised by whistleblowers in philadelphia including the manipulation of dates to make old claims look new. a first hasn't look at one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent memory. >> and just as search and rescue crews lose hope for more survivors, they do find them. a teenager five days buried under the rubble. >> a tire on the side of a busy highway and road crews
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apparently couldn't be bothered to picket up before painting. we're asking what is going on. >> the local track team that won big at the penn relays even more amazing. they donee have a track to practice on. >> and another hurdle just went up in front of us. how they're coping. >> ladies listen up n your 30s and 40s trying to look younger. just how far will you go the trend really taking off if you can stomach it. >> all right. another live look right now at a rally of people gathering to show support for baltimore and speaking out against police violence. skyfox is over the scene. philadelphia police estimate maybe 1,000 maybe 2,000 people could gather here today. we'll follow this demonstration throughout this newscast.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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♪ we're on top of breaking news right now at city hall. check this out. a large crowd has gathered. the rally called philly is baltimore and as you can tell by what demonstrators are calling it, these people are trying to show solidarity with the people of baltimore on the heels of the death of freddie gray in baltimore. police custody. we go from there to here. this is a live look at baltimore as protesters you can kind of see them right there on tree lined street. they're hitting the streets again as their city is about to enter its third night of a mandateed citywide curfew. tonight comes as baltimore police department finishes up its report on what happened to gray. it is not going to release it to the public it handed it over to the city chief prosecutor. wee see how this plays tout night. >> sky fox over the parking lot
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of cvs on the 500 block of mickle boulevard in camden. the glass you see thon ground is because of police. an officer smashed the window of a car to rescue a five month old baby left alone. his mom was inside the cvs and she says she was only in there for two seconds but police say the baby was crying and profusely sweating when they found him. >> we're looking at an infant baby okay? we're looking at surrounding area, you know. once that -- one second works seconds is too long for an infant. >> police cooled the baby off in a nearby bank before sending him to the hospital. they plan to go over surveillance video to find out how long he was actually left alone. no word yet on if any charges will be filed. ♪ best theme song either. eagles fans our wait is almost over. >> we hope. to night's round one of the inform fl draft with the first pick expected little past 8:00.
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howard eskin live at the novacare complex as the rumor more mill continues to buzz. howard? >> it won't stop. it's a duck day afternoon. it's all about marius mariota. it is unbelievable. the stories the tweets, all the people out there that are just betting that the eagles and chip kelly will get marcus mariota. i've heard this is like an inside. listen to this gang. there's an area over here the eagles cleared out i believe is for the helicopter when he flys into new york from hawaii they have a helicopter to pick up marcus mariota and drop him right off here at the novacare center. yeah it's a joke. it's all about marcus mariota and i get it there's a lot of teams that want marcus mariota. and tennessee, if they get the right offer would trade him but the right offer from the eagles would be quite a bit. now there are some other parameter it's the eagles look for if they stay at their pick at 20, and the vice-president of player personnel he had manowitz
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told us what he and chip kelly look for in a player. >> really in three faces. it's size and speed for the position athletic ability to play the position which is the critical factor and the third part is the character attitude intelligence much i think that's probably the most difficult part because that's the unknown. >> and two of the players that were probably going to be drafted before the eagles pick if they stay there at 20 are probably neither out of the first round or maybe not in the draft and that would be ray and collins. it short tense the pool of players that are available which also part of the decision i'm sure tennessee would have if they make a trade. i believe marcus mariota will go number two in the draft tonight. but i believe if it's not tennessee that keeps him i just don't know how eagles could get there. the fans are going to be waiting. i'm going to be waiting i'm here at novacare at 6:00 we'll talk more about it. mike quick who had an interesting draft day himself we'll talk about it with me at 6:00 o'clock. back to you guys on duck day afternoon it's all about marcus
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mariota. >> all right. howard thanks. we'll keep following twitter as well. against all odds the track team at a struggling delaware county school keeps racking up the wins. >> they dodge these kids have few resources. in fact they don't even have a real track. fox 29 weekend anchor car karen hepp is live in our newsroom. they got to be really proud. >> they worked so hard lucy. they worked for every inch of what they get. it really shows you what grit and determination an great coach can do. he is literally changing the course of their lives. this is the pennwood practice facility. it's a second floor hallway. and this is their outdoor track not even regulation. full of divots covered in burst, there's grass in the long jump. pennwood is a school with zero resources. except a coach that cares. >> i really really like seeing him happy. it's like the best thing ever. >> reporter: lenny jordan is a modest guy. >> we just get it done. >> reporter: he pushes the kids and loves them in equal measure.
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they excel against all odds. making winning as addictive as any drug. >> when i got my first medal and i saw how my teammates congratulated me and when i went home my parents congratulated me i like the feeling. i'll try my best to keep getting this feeling. >> at school all day and then we come to practice and you just home. it's another home. >> reporter: watching pennwood smoking all the other teams this weekend at the penn relays from the school that hasn't had a home meet in decades. who could possibly host one. when they go to other schools with to us unlimited resources disparity can be hard. but it's also -- >> i'm kind of jealous i want home meets, too. we goting to everywhere. we don't never stay here and just enjoy ourselves. let people come to us. we always got to go to them. >> pennwood out in front. wherever they run they are a force to behold inspiration of how to overcome. >> they overcome and the adversity and still excel and that's to me is amazing. >> reporter: amazing to
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absolutely everybody that absolutely meets them they have a track meet going on right now as we speak. everyone that's involved with this program says that it is a family helping so many of these kids have wonderful futures to go on to college and many of them are still competeing in college and winning. it is impressive lucy. >> absolutely. karen thank you very much. a lot of work goes this weekend's broad street run and these volunteers have been helping out in a big way today. students and staff from st. katherine day school at archbishop carol rolled up their sleeves and made care packages for the runners filled with all kinds of snacks. this year's broad street run begins sunday morning. vietnam hold as grand parade to mark the 40th anniversary of the end of the war. thousand gathering to celebrate the fall of saigon. south vietnam capitol was taken by the communist north in april of 1975. it's takeover officially ending the vietnam war and america's decade long involvely.
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the vietnamese still have a communist government to this day. >> a special day for a vietnam vet in our area. >> had a a* man believed for decades he was a us citizen finally make it official today. 73-year-old earhart went sell moved from germany to the s with his family as child. u.s. drafted him and he served our country in vietnam thinking he'd become a citizen. he only found out when applying for social security that the paper work had never been filed. and now finally on the 40th anniversary of the fall of saigon he has what he has been waiting decades for. >> hoe help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations! (applause). >> such an incredible moment. he's so grateful for the opportunity to live his life as a u.s. citizen congratulations to mr. went sell and his family. i know how near and dear these types of celebrations are because my mom i remember her taking her citizenship test and
5:22 pm
we were all fooled filled with tears that day. it's a mazing. >> good for him. apple watch hasn't been around very long only available about a week but certain customers having issues with it. >> yeah, they are. why people with toot tas say they're not getting their money's worth. a woman washes up on a hawaii beach. authorities say she shows all the signs of being attacked. the culprit that clues are pointing them to. a spacecraft that's been hurdling through space for nine years reveals a surprise about pluto. how the former planet could share one big thing in common with earth. ♪
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♪ intense video tonight captured during the devastating earthquake in nepal capital kathmandu. a turkish man caught this footage. birds flying around the dust rising from the rubble in the city. 6,000 people died as aeroflot the earthquake ton night we're still hearing incredible stories of survival. the latest a teenaged boy rescued five days after the quake. american team members helped fine the teen trapped in the rubble of a hotel where he
5:26 pm
worked. the boy says he was eating lunch when the quake hit and as he ran downstairs the hotel walls and ceilings collapsed. the teen said he lived on some butter while he was trapped. says he was sure he was going to die and thought he was hallucinating when he heard bulldozers. teen is expected to be okay. >> absolutely amazing. well a deadly shark attack in hawaii has closed beaches around maui. a group of snorklers found a 65-year-old woman unresponsive. she had massive injuries to her body. they found her about 200 yards offshore. paramedics say all signs point to do a shark attack. it is the third fatal attack off maui's coast in recent years. this news has beach goers on edge. >> we're not going in the water. >> we're staying out. >> the woman was a volunteer with the department of land and natural resources. authorities have closed off beaches in the area for now. in tennessee school kids were served met meat that was more than six years old.
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>> can you imagine? what the cafeteria manager reportedly suggested doing to cover up the taste. and tire on the side of a busy highway and road crews apparently couldn't be bothered to just pick it up before paint painting. what is going on? we're looking into it scott. >> also looking into the weather lucy. it will be cooler tomorrow but what about the weekend? a lot of outdoor events taking place. details on changes next.
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>> we are staying on top of breaking news for you tonight. a live look now from skyfox at city hall here in philadelphia where a large crowd has gathered. we heard from brad sattin tacony-palmyra top of hour it was mostly peaceful. that's what it looks like right now the rally of course is called philly is baltimore. demonstrators trying to show solidarity with the people of baltimore on the heels of the dem of freddie gray in baltimore police custody. we'll stay on top of it throughout the newscast. >> peaceful. that is a good thing. a special group of dancers in southwest philadelphia is getting ready for a very big performance. >> we first introduced to them a couple of months ago. ♪ >> hiphop dancers from the southwest leadership academy charter high school. that's on the 7100 block of paschall avenue and getting ready for a big performance tomorrow night at the african-american museum. kids are a little nervous but proud of what their show stands for. >> the reason why this is important is because everybody should know that we're free.
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nobody should be talking about you ugly and you're fat or none of that. we should all just be equal. we are equal. >> you can check out the performance tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. the students are among the best under ground break dancers in the country. i try to never think i've seen it all because something like this comes along. abandoned tire by the side of a busy highway and the road crew just painted right over it. this is a job for our bruce gordon. he's traveling along i-95 live with the story. so bruce what gives? >> reporter: well, let's be very clear lucy in the grand scheme of things this is not the biggest scandal since water gate but i think this story illustrates why so many taxpayers so often feel like they aren't getting their money's worth the folks paid to provide a service all too often simply can't be bothered to do the job right. it's easy to miss as you travel northbound on i-95 but there it is just south of allegheny avenue. along the left concrete jersey
5:32 pm
barrier. still didn't quite catch it? there we go. abandoned tires toed to the side of the road. a paint crew has clearly come by and rather than get out and move the tire, they spray painted right on over it. i snapped a picture and showed it to motorists who travel 95 each day. >> what do you think about that? >> too lazy to move anything. >> they had to paint right over it and leave it there. someone is not doing their job. >> they didn't even pick it up. they went right over it. yeah. >> what do you think about that quality of workmanship? >> it sucks. >> something of a road hazard but a bit of em bar ra* as many. >> i got on the phone with penndot to get some answers. you have 95 is their responsible. they asked a subcontractor back on april 18th tore stripe the base of the barrier to better define the driving lanes in a statement spokesperson told me quote there is no excuse for painting over a tire when restriping the median barrier. this is a mistake and one that is being addressed. shortly thereafter, the tire was snatched away after sitting a
5:33 pm
glaring example of worker indifference for nearly two weeks. here's the thing. when we asked those motorists about the idea that a crew would spray paint over a tire instead of moving it out of the way here's what we learned. >> that's very ignorant and negligent. >> reporter: does it surprise you? >> no. it really doesn't. it doesn't. >> reporter: maybe that's sad dead part of all. >> it is very sad. >> reporter: back here live now, northbound on 95 the striped tire actually sat within a construction zone here. it's a $211 million penndot repair and renovation project that runs from girard to around allegheny. i have no doubt there will be lots of high-quality work done on this project but frankly all it takes is one crew in this case a subcontractor looking to take little bit of a short cut to make everyone look lazy and uncaring. iain. >> bruce, glad you got to the bottom of that. thank you. philadelphia museum of art wants to bring its painting to the people it plans to place
5:34 pm
reproductions of famous works an dozen communities over the next six months. the initiative featuring high high-quality copies of peaces by artists like paul cezanne clark mo'ne and pablo picasso will be displayed outdoor and indoor locations in several suburbs in philadelphia neighborhoods. first installation sites include the delaware county government building in media and the haddonfield police department. the program runs may 15th until mid november. love that. have to check it out. back to your fox 29 weather authority. speaking of love, nothing but love for one scott williams today. >> at least right now. >> today wasn't really wasn't that bad. the high actually made it to 72 degrees. a little bit more in the way of sunshine earlier on this afternoon, but tomorrow is going to be a little cooler, but then the weekend that's going to be a winning forecast. so increasing clouds. cooler overnight high temperatures tomorrow, yes stuck in the 50s low 60s for philadelphia. a few spotty showers around as well. but for the upcoming weekend high temperatures in the 70s a lot of festivals outdoor events
5:35 pm
taking place. the broad street run. weather is going to look fantastic for that. as far as what's happening right now on ultimate doppler pretty quiet but most of the showers and thunderstorms off to the west. we were watch something activity earlier this afternoon and cumberland county moving through sections of salem county, some heavy rainfall and even some lightning but a lot of that has just simply diminish. but look at the temperatures right now. 70 degrees still in lancaster. 62 philadelphia. 59 degrees at the international airport in atlantic city. but take a look. down the shore how cool it is. we have 53 surf city. 52 beach haven. brigantine 52. and 57 right now in sea isle city. because of the wind. coming in off of the ocean. winds right now out of the east northeast and we'll keep that trend around tomorrow and that will really pump in some clouds. watching this little air of low pressure will move to the coast and we'll watch that area of low pressure pinwheel some of those clouds our way tomorrow.
5:36 pm
there will be some pockets of drizzle around as well. so tomorrow morning we're cool, we're cloudy across the area. we keep the clouds around on friday. it's not going to be a wash out just. it will be cooler so you'll need to have those jackets and sweaters. and then we're looking at much improved weather by the upcoming weekend. so with that area of low pressure out to sea and the fetch coming off the ocean by tomorrow afternoon temperatures down the shore only in the low 50s. low 60s at best for the philadelphia area. so mostly cloudy tonight temperatures low 40s in the burbs. upper 40s in the city. a few spotty showers around. then tomorrow, a high temperature in the city of 63 degrees. once again a spotty shower out there. it will be noticeably cooler down the shore with that fetch coming in off the ocean but look at saturday. partly sunny 71 degrees. looking pretty good. sunday temperatures to start in the 50s. a high of 78 and then early next week hello 80s. 82 monday. 84 as we move toward tuesday.
5:37 pm
so the star of the race run we're looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 50s by the end upper 60 toss near 70 degrees and hey don't forget download our fox 29 weather authority app. you can do so on the apple store google play. track the weather along with us right in your backyard and neighborhood. >> all right. my boys and wife are going to the river sharks game tomorrow night. great stadium. >> yeah. >> going to be a little chilly. >> a little cool. >> exactly. i'll put the fox 29 polo on. >> there you go. >> thanks scott. >> good idea. >> good idea, right. >> yeah. >> time for spring cleaning and hopefully that will include your kitchen. >> i got a whole house to clean. can you guess the germy yesterday object in your kitchen and it's not the sponge. we'll physical was it is. >> archaeologists make a discovery from way back when in utah. why the color of the dirt tipped them off that they found something very special. >> and coming up at six a robber tried to rip off store but isn't very intimidating after he recovers from this slip
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and fall what he does next is pretty confusing. there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ ♪ top three tools: hammer screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck. a john deere dealer can teach tractors to anybody. in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. see your john deere dealer for great deere season savings on the one family subcompact tractors.
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♪ new photos show possible ice caps on pluto. a pluto bound nasa spacecraft just caught these interstellar images of pluto and largest moon moon. the images showing spotted surface features which some scientists believe could be polar ice caps. the probe has been traveling towards pluto for nine years. it has 60 million miles yet to go and expected to reach the icy world on july 13th. >> a person around here make that mission possible. tackling one of the biggest concerns for many men and women as those days just continue to march on. we can't stop father time. nationwide survey found most of us worry about getting a double chin and now we may not have to worry as much apparently. drug approved by the fda claims kit get rid of that exact unwant unwanted fat. you can sign up for sick
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sessions a month apart. healing time is a few days. it should hit doctors offices in june. >> weather getting warmer that means spring cleaning is in full swing but when it comes to cleaning out the kitchen can you pick out the germiest object? dr. oz shares his tips to keep your kitchen in shape this spring. ♪ nope it's not the sponge. according to a new study from kansas state university the germiest object in the kitchen is actual the dish towel. in the study researchers asked participants to prepare a meal using raw beef or chicken. what the cooks did not know was that the wrong ingredient contained a harmless contaminant researchers could trace after the meal was prepared. the results dish towels with the most contaminated objects in the kitchen. also high on the list, the faucet handle and yes the trash handle. and that sponge that was pretty dirty too. even more interesting objects rhee researchers did not test for contamination. cell phones and devices
5:43 pm
throughout the experiment participants were observed handling phones and tablets without washing their hands first. this means you can carry those germs right out of the kitchen when you're done cooking and not even realize it. so take away is pretty simple. when you are preparing food wash your hands thor roll before link any objects in the kitchen. >> you can catch the dr. oz show right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. the apple watch hasn't been on the market long but are certain customers already having issues with it? >> yes, they are. in fact, we have why people with tattoos say they're not getting their money's worth. ladies listen up. in your 30's or 40s and trying to look younger. how far will you go? the trend that's really taking off if you can stomach it.
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♪ the news is breaking live look at city hall in philadelphia. some technical problems there but through all of that kind of flashing and stuff i see it might be my monitor. disregard what i'm saying. anyhow you're looking philly is baltimore rally. demonstrators here are trying to show support for the people of baltimore on the heels of the death of freddie gray in baltimore police custody as we have been saying it is peaceful. serve listening to speakers and trying to make a point. check out this video. rocks falling into the lava lake of hawaii's volcano causing a powerful explosion. the lava lake just a small part of the entire crater and there's a possibility the lake could spill over on to the floor of the crater which is about 280 feet deep even if that happens there's no threat to people. another car chase in california but this one ended with good samaritans helping police take down the man they were after. the chase was on when police say they tried to pull him over for reckless driving.
5:48 pm
speeds hit 110 miles an hour. the driver finally ditch the car started running before a group of undercover police officers and two good samaritans jumped in and took him down. hoping for a good ending to this next story. someone stole an animal rescue van with five rescueed pitbull puppies inside. they were tiny little guys. elizabeth gig ler works for rescue pets are wonderful. she was about to take the pup tease to new foster home tuesday morning. the van was packed and ready to go but she forgot the baby's formula. she ran back inside to get and when she got back outside that van was gone. >> i would hope that they weren't having malicious intent for the puppies. but i can't say um, doing this since 2004 i've seen it all. i guess we're hoping maybe they leave them somewhere with somebody. so that we can find them. >> that would be a great thing. she also had her purse and donations in the van. police say they found the van abandoned but they didn't see
5:49 pm
any signs of those puppies. her credit cards have been used at several gas stations nearby. all right. this story is just foul. investigation underway to tennessee school district after students were fed pork last week that was six years old. a cook reportedly saw that pork was labeled from 2009, so when he brought it to the manager's attention the manager reportedly told the cook to quote smother it with some gravy to hide the taste. no sicknesses thankfully have been reported. can you put a price tag on friendship? how about $10 million? that is how much money music mogil hug needs. floyd mayweather may come to his rescue. he thinks mayweather will help his klein after the fight with manny pacquiao. the two are good friends. knight pleaded not guilty to murder. his trial is slated to start in july. it looks like something you'd find inside a torture chamber but it could be the best option for some people desperate to smooth out acne scars.
5:50 pm
stretch marks or turn back the clock. >> while technique is not new our joyce evans shows us why more people seem to be lining up to bleed for beauty. ♪ >> reporter: poke a bunch of holes in it, pour in all kinds of fertilizers to speed up healthy luscious looking turf. now, how about doing the same thing to your face? ♪ >> erase is almost like you're aerating your lawn. >> as a lawyer i was a little skeptical. >> i'm willing to try anything at this point. >> reporter: to smooth out deep facial scars left by adult acne. >> from here anything down. i was embarrassed. >> reporter: but this 30 something-year-old navy reservist is determined to beat it. >> at first i wanted the strongest treatment out there. ♪ >> reporter: so did this 40 something-year-old lawyer. self conscious about acne scars sun damage and general aging. other. >> other people couldn't see it. i knew it was there. it did.
5:51 pm
it affected me. >> reporter: both michelle cory and jada dalfonso say they were surprised micro needling? it's not exactly new but apparently growing in popularity popularity. >> what i thought was, you know, how is this going to work? are they going stick a needle inject it into my skin? >> reporter: nope. they're going to use a device that sticks lots of needles in your face over and over and over again. >> this is something that can literally be done on everyone. >> reporter: but you've got to numb it up first. >> it's a little weird the first time. >> reporter: michelle takes angela fowler's table. >> here we go. since jada is new to the needle kathy is going easy. >> we'll concentrate on the deeper scarring. you okay jada. >> um-hmm. >> it feels like a brush like a light tickly brush. >> i've had scrubs that i felt more invasive than this. ♪
5:52 pm
>> i started around on the lower setting since this was her first time. i'm now increasing the depth. >> reporter: jada is turning red. >> you should see like the pinpoint bleeding. >> reporter: you can see a lot more next door with michelle. >> we're creating little micro channel. >> you're drawing blood. you're drawing blood. >> there is some pinpoint bleeding. that's basically what we want. >> reporter: angela is going deep on her third treatment in a series of sessions that claim to jump start and intensify healthy skin regrowth. >> now i'm just rubbing everything back into the epi determine miss. >> right under your eye she is. >> if it were painful i would be flinching. >> now i'm going through my serums that i've hand picked for michelle. and i'm putting all of the nutrients back into the skin. >> reporter: by doing that it's causing the collagen production to happen by itself to the skin. >> reporter: injuring the skin to rebuild it every six to eight
5:53 pm
weeks. faster and gentler according to dr. steven davis than so-called vampire facial. >> it's a whole new crop of patients to get something like this done that would never have thought about doing it because they were worried about lasers. >> reporter: this is not worry free. infection dark spots light spots may be rare, but possible. >> this feels like. >> a mild sunburn at this point. >> reporter: there's a lot more fertilizing and massaging for both michelle and jada. by the time they're done, in less than an hour -- >> take the redness away which almost gone now. >> reporter: and here's michelle. >> the goal right now is to hydrate and protect. i'm just massaging it in. i did notice certain areas i had the residual scarring start to become smoother. >> everything i've he have done i never felt like it was getting into the skin and here i can feel that it's penetrating my skin.
5:54 pm
♪ >> reporter: now both ladies say they're going back for more in six weeks. it costs about $300 for a single treatment. but there are package deals of three or more with home care products included. we did find several do it yourself skin needling devices online but either way there's a risk of real damage if not done properly. joyce evans fox 29 news. >> doesn't sound like the smart test them thing to needle yourself. certain people are having trouble with apple's latest craze. we're talking about the new apple watch and if you've got a tattoo on your wrist you're lucky enough to be one of the few to get your hands on the watch you may have noticed some problems. tattooed owners say their ink is disrupting a number of key functions. they say their at a times especially darker ones confuse the sensors on the underside of the watch. >> somebody who has tattoos on both arms for example would have to find a third or fourth appendage to wear it on. and that could create all kinds of problems for apple. >> i am apple key demographic
5:55 pm
and i'm annoyed, and people from my generation have tattoos. >> apple is yet to say anything about what's going on. tech experts recommend testing out the watch in stores before you shell out your hard earned money. incredible discovery in utah utah. archaeologists unearthing remains of what could be an ancient settlement near dimple dell park. construction crews working there when they noticed a that a backhoe started turning up some black soil. experts say it's something they look for because it could suggest evidence of ain't sent fire pits. several items have been uncovered in the last few days. >> we found a number of old tools manufacturing at the sight. we found a lot of that. we also found a number of projectile points arrow pits. this is late enough in time people were using a bow and arrow here. >> evidence of a one hit house was also found. archaeologists believe this site could be more than 1500 years old. we're top of breaking news
5:56 pm
as the crowd has gathered at city hall. you're looking at hundreds of people showing solidarity for the people of baltimore. demanding justice for unjustified police killings. they want accountability for police and leaders. right now it's all peaceful. they're listening to speakers trying to make a point many we're in the middle of all of this life at 6:00.
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fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ news is breaking center city. skyfox live over a very large crowd rallying right near city hall.
6:00 pm
the name for the event is philly is baltimore hash tag is trending. demonstrators are demanding justice in police killings across the country. they want accountability from our leaders as well forty one what we understand that crowd is incredibly diverse. all kinds of people there. good evening to you i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. >> let's get right out to fox 29' brad sattin there on the ground. brad, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: i can tell you for the first time the crowd is starting to move. we are here at dilworth plaza right by city hall. and we're seeing folks start to move out. we're not exactly sure beside this guy here we're not exactly sure where they are headed butter they're starting to move for the first time. we've seen a demonstration that's been going on for an hour and a half at times a bit r rated but certainly passionate here. folks not holding back. we've heard lots of chants of no justice no piece about upwards of maybe a thousand people here black and white demanding an end to the racial injustice not the just involving law enforcement but economically as welch this event put on


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