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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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of laps? >> nerve-racking. the 28 toyota was good on the outside. horrible on the bottom. through the green flag it went 24 toth 10th. felt i was going to be a hero. the more we ran i got stuck on the bottom. in got discouraged and worried but got back to the outside got to push brian scott and they are coming to the tri-oval i had a huge head of steam and was trying to find a way to get to a clean lane. couldn't get it. came in fourth with these guys is huge, great finish. so good day. we'll see what we do tomorrow. >> great showing for j.j. yeley. >> vince six cautions in today's race and scariest our third. number of drivers coming down pit road, brendan gaughan, you see here colliding with the pit sign holder of the 98 of aric almirola. two pit crew members were hurt on that 98 team. one of them taken to the infield care center and released. another taken to a local
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hospital for further evaluation. that's the latest we have on that situation. >> so a big win today for joey logano. jeff gordon's final trip to the tv booth with us and i think you saved your best for last pretty entertaining. >> thanks to austin dillon and the other drivers. did you not disappoint. wow that was incredible. what a great race to the finish there. so much action throughout this race. i had a blast being up here. joey logano congratulations to him. >> the story for me is joey gase and j.j. yeley they came from nowhere and battled to the front of the field and the move logano made on the last lap. he made all the moves perfectly. >> next weekend nascar xfinity series is off. iowa in two weeks. when we get there we'll have plenty to talk about. >> third short track race of the year adam. right now, larry mcreynolds home state of alabama these boys made you proud, an awesome show. >> how about joey logano.
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eight consecutive top two finishes. brian scott still looking for victory lane his fourth career second place finish. >> shot out to joey gase rounding out your top five. career best finish for that young man. boris said filling in for kyle busch. his 30th birthday today. >> darrell wallace was involved in that wreck on lap two. rough day for darrell wallace jr. >> erik jones at the bottom of the board. ends a streak of five straight top finishes and we were certainly cheering on our boy kenny wallace who was racing today. got caught up in the first of several big ones. finishing deep there in the field at 38. so with the super speedway unpredictability comes with a shake up in the points. ty dillon maintains the points lead. chris buescher now just nine back. chase elliott falls a bit with a bad race. >> he went from eight back in second now to 37 out.
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that's almost a full race. >> great afternoon of action here at talladega super speedway. stay with us on fox all evening long. hell's kitchen coming your way at 8:00 p.m. eastern. 9:00 episode of bones. 9:00 animation domination. nascar fox coverage continues on sun tomorrow sprint cup series racing is here teleagainary talladega super speedway. for the geico 500 as denny hamlin looks to defend his title from last year. coverage begins at 12:30 p.m. eastern. we hope to see you then. have a great afternoon, everybody.
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>> checkered flag is out. joey logano wins at talladega.
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ >> developing story right now on fox 29. a stolen penske truck shows up on a philadelphia street. it's one of two raising concern among local counter terrorism experts. good evening i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmy knee. another vehicle a u halt is still missing tonight. brad sat tip in live in hunting
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park. brad why are police so concerned about getting these vehicles off the streets? >> reporter: dawn, i think it's because they don't know the intent of the suspects and either of these cases. one of the vehicles penske truck was found this morning it was brought here behind me out of view right now as you mentioned normally a truck stolen truck wouldn't cause a whole lot of attention make a whole lot of headlines but if you are a counter terrorism expert and you've had two cases in the course of just a few days it does raise some eyebrows. again the good news is that one of those trucks that penske truck was found a couple miles from where we are here. >> one of the vehicles now accounted for police say around 1:20 this morning they located the empty 16-foot penske truck here in the 1100 block of rising sun of a 5 miles where it was stolen tuesday in south philadelphia. but there's still no word on the whereabouts of that u-haul cargo van and rented under false pretenses last sunday. police say this is one of three men who forced homeless man to opening up a checking account at
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td bank in order to have him rent the u hall in his name. the man promising to pay the homeless man and return the truck but that never happened. there is no indication the two trucks thefts are related or any link to terrorism. but with the blue cross broad street run bringing in more than 40,000 runners tomorrow morning in the largest 10-mile race in the country police are working now around the clock looking for that still missing u-haul van. >> we look at suspicious activity to see if there's anything we should be paying particular attention to. >> reporter: so again the search for that u-haul van continues. we dough know that it has arizona tags as always if you see anything suspicious or recognize the man in that surveillance photo, of course, call police. dawn? >> brad, thank you. breaking news now in bucks county. a nine-year-old little girl is shot in the chest just a short time ago with a beebee gun. it happened on the 900 block of bellevue avenue in langhorne. the little girl was taken to saint mary's hospital and flown
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to children's hospital of philadelphia. still no word on her condition. state police are investigating. and now to your fox 29 weather authority. a fabulous saturday and the timing couldn't be better. there's lot happening in the city this weekend. a lot of people out and about at the rittenhouse road spring festival. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren is here with a look at what we can expect tonight. dave what a great day we're having. >> great day indeed. yes, temperatures are trying to climb above 70. many areas hit it but there's quite a change happening here right across our area p its visible satellite shows it all. you see some clouds popping up. but not everywhere. it's pretty clear here across much of the new jersey and delaware. if you're seeing these clouds develop that's where the warm air is. cooler air coming in off the ocean. you can clearly see this. look at the temperature dropping from 73 in philadelphia to 66 in wrightstown atlantic city is at 56 much this area is moving so you could see the temperature drop quickly tonight.
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as the skies clear up. we're in the 50s across cape may county. 71 in delaware. but 54 right along the coast in delaware. and that cooler air is approaching philadelphia in fact we can see it here if we tweak the radar a bit this is actually a sea breeze. you can see this line here. that is radar looks the cooler air gives us a little return here and that is actually approaching philadelphia. so what to expect tonight. you could see these skies clear up quickly. along with a few raindrops coming down but be prepared for much cooler weather. don't really see much in the way of rain ultimate doppler trying to see a few raindrops coming down. mostly dry tonight. it's just the cooler weather coming in. in fact you can see that the computer forecast shows maybe a sprinkle or rain drop on your windshield by 7:00 o'clock. it clears up quickly by 11:00 12:00 o'clock tonight. so if you do see a rain drop, be prepared for much cooler weather. 65 by 8:00 o'clock. but look at the temperature as we go to about 11:00 o'clock
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tonight. skies will clear up. we're down into the 50's. grab a coat before you head out tonight. that cool air coming in off the ocean plus the skies clearing lead to cool night tonight. about 52 in the city. much cooler in the suburbs but this is the start avenue warming trend. 80s for a number of days. look at that in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. >> all right. that sounds very good, dave. happening now a march that some are calling a victory rally in baltimore. huge crowds gathering outside city hall today organizers say they're seeing justice -- seeking justice for both freddie gray and the community. protests are still raging a day after officials announce the arrest of the six police officers in connection with freddie gray's death. while the violence and mayhem seems to be dying down, that doesn't mean people are staying silent. peter doocy as the late defendant for us tonight from baltimore. >> reporter: crowds of people marched through the streets of baltimore showing their anger about the death of freddie gray. a large group rallying at city
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hall holding signs and speaking out. >> this moment right now this momentum is to be used for tomorrow. the voices of the youth today so we can build organizes. >> we are here in unity. we are here because we still have work to do. >> reporter: prosecutors say freddie gray suffered a severe neck injury while in police custody. and was ignored when he pleaded for medical treatment. on friday baltimore's state attorney marilyn moseby announce six police officers will a number of charges ranging from second degree murder to assault and false imprisonment. but some analysts stress it's important not to jump top conclusions. >> the hard part is proving each and everyone of these charges matching up the facts to the -- to the law and proving it beyond a residential doubt. >> reporter: al sharpton saying in new york on saturday that the charges are a step in the right direction. >> the charges but it is the
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opening of a process. >> yes. >> we didn't see in ferguson or staten island. >> reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard to prevent violence nighttime curfew is scheduled to remain in effect through the weekend. in baltimore, peter doocy fox news. >> two people are dead after a fiery early morning crash in cobbs creek. police called to the intersection of 62nd and walnut streets just after 2:00 o'clock this morning. investigators say a newer chrysler ran a red light and hit another car in the intersection. chrysler then jumped the curb and hit two parked cars before then bursting into flames. paramedics pronounced two people in the car dead on the scene. their entities have not been releaseed. >> ad motorist is killed and four construction workers hurt in an early morning crash on the pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county. fox 29's sabina kuriakose takes a look at what happened there.
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>> he ran to the yard to make sure none of them were involved. >> reporter: construction worker husband feeling the familiar pain looking on at this fatal car accident inside a work zone on the pennsylvania turnpike. fearing for friends and colleagues. state police say this gray nissan hurled into a construction vehicle just before 5:30 saturday morning. striking three workers. the impact so severe the driver of the nissan died at the scene. >> my heart just pours out. this one is really bad. >> reporter: joe la pour lives by the construction area in bensalem just past the bensalem interchange. that helicopter likely the med vac flying the most severely injured worker to temple university hospital. another was rushed to aria torresdale. the other workers on the scene not hurt. accident scene investigators photographing and pouring over the mangled nissan and the damage back end of the construction truck. the company name pks mark three
6:17 pm
incorporator. according to the turnpike website, workers are widening the turnpike for a new toll plaza where the accident happened. eastbound lanes closed much of the morning between 351-1358. reopened late morning. >> i worry about the people. i worry about, you know, everybody. even the car driver, you know, whoever is hurt. >> reporter: we left messages for pkf but have not heard back. sabrina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> crash on the new jersey turnpike late last night sent six people to the hospital in mercer county. state police say a military humvee and a black sports car collided in hamilton township. and then one person from inside the humvee was flown to the hospital very serious injuries there. three others from the humvee and two people from sports car went to the hospital but they were not seriously hurt. the crash is under investigation investigation. a man found shot on the streets of camden has died. police responding to dawson
6:18 pm
street for reports of a shot fired just before 9:00 o'clock last night. they found 32-year-old mark stone of sewell shot and lying on the road. officers rushed him to a local hospital where he later died. police are still looking for the shooter tonight. investigators are looking into a suspicious fire at an abandoned building in wilmington wilmington. this warehouse went up in flames late last night and it burned to the ground in just a few hours. the building was once used as a maintenance shop for textile plant located locate located win complex. only one other building was in the complex affected by the fire. officials decided to limit access to a nearby state park as firefighters continue their investigation. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, investigation. fox 29 investigates that you don't want to miss. >> and a local mom says she paid this guy thousands of dollars to fix her son's car but what did she get? a big hole where the engine is supposed to be.
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jeff cole tried to get answers. >> get the bleep out of here and get off the property. >> all right. >> and that is just the start of this. see what happens when fox 29 gets involved. >> and britain has a new princess. so quickly. meet the newest royal sean. >> eagles wrapping up the final day of draft. the second and third round picks picks. we'll have the latest in sports.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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♪ and the royal baby watch is over. prince william and his wife kate treating the world to its first glimpse of their new baby girl. duchess of cambridge delivered the 8-pound 3-ounce baby girl. >> wow. >> in only a few hours after arriving at the hospital. >> as fox's amy kellogg everyone is delighted over the new royal addition. >> on this day the second of may the year 2015 we welcome the second born of royal highnesses the duke and duchess of cambridge. the princess to the thrown. >> jubilation and cheers at
6:23 pm
buckingham palace the yet to be named girl delivered at 8:34 local time. the baby weighing 8 pounds 3-ounces both mom and her little princess are doing fine. >> i was surprised. i thought it would be a boy. i'm very surprised. lovely. >> too many people here. >> i just came to london. it's nice really. i'm happy. >> earlier in the day prince william brought his son prince george to the hospital to see the newest addition to their family the baby comes nearly two years after the birth of prince george. the royals modern knifed approach with today's announcement sending e-mail to journalist a minute before posting the big news on twitter. the official announcement placed on ease sell in the for court of buckingham palace. >> there's a wonderful couple. wonderful family. brilliant parents. >> london iconic british tele
6:24 pm
com carriage in on the celebration flashing breaking news message for everyone to see. palace saying the princess will be named in due course. but the betting public are going with alice and charlotte. we'll have to wait a bit more to see. in london amy kellogg fox news. he looks likes new jersey taxpayers are footing the bill for the bridge gate scandal. so far new jersey residents covering about $10 million in legal costs from the investigation. a probe into the 2013 george washington bridge lane closures leading to two indictments and a guilty plea from a port authority official this week. the new jersey legislation a lone racking up about million dollars in legal fees. political am lifts predicting the investigation's final tab for taxpayers likely won't affect voters pins. they say most people have already made up their minds about governor chris christie and the scandal. a tiny insect is killing millions of trees all over the country and experts say it won't
6:25 pm
be cheap to stop it. fox's lauren blanchard explains what's being done before it's too late. >> reporter: ash trees in almost half of us states are under attack by a very small killer. >> real larger than abraham lincoln' head on a penny. >> reporter: it is an asian beetle it's already killed millions of ash trees in the u.s. since first being found in michigan in 2002. >> our trees don't have any resistance to it. >> reporter: iowa department of natural resources estimates the beetle will cost iowa taxpayers more than $4 billion over the next two decades. >> every state is in the same situation right now that has ash beetle. how do we take down all of these trees. what do we do with all the wood waste? you know, nobody has the silver bullet a pest that's here in the united states. we'll are to deal with it. >> reporter: beetle bores under the bark. slowly kills the trees by cutting you have nutrients and woodpecker destroys the trees
6:26 pm
trying to get the beatles. >> easiest sign when your tree is being attacked by the wood peck kearse. >> when check out ash trees in your own backyard here's some things to wash. s shaped grooves on the inside of the bark and these d shaped exit holes where the adult beetle leaves the tree. >> i think people know about the pests. i think they're just now becoming aware how serious this pest is going to be. >> reporter: in iowa alone there are 3.1 million ash trees on public property. both large and small communities are trying to figure out how to contain the beatles. >> the trees will be impacted by this. there will be a financial strain on taxpayers and cities, states, counties across the board. >> reporter: chemical treatments can protect the trees but it's costly and has to be done every year. if left untreated ash trees will dangerously crumble over time and they become two or three times more expensive to remove. >> landowners or property owners it's their responsibility to handle those trees eventually they'll become nuisance trees.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: if you suspect you have ash beetle call your state forestry department and don't transport firework out of infected states. in desmoines, iowa, lauren blanchard, fox news. santa claus who went down in sports history forgetting booed and having snowballs thrown at him has passed away. 66-year-old frank ali vo died thursday from long term health issues. he was entered the field during in 1968 philadelphia eagles game after the real santa claus got stuck in new jersey and the crowd wasn't too happy with his visit pelting the santa with snowballs. that moment became symbolic of philadelphia sports fans although is a and at a always embraced his moment in sports history. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 americans who were in nepal when that devastating earthquake hit are back home with amazing story to tell how they survived the quake and the terror that they faced.
6:28 pm
>> a local boy just wanted one thing for his birthday, a party. but a bunch of no shows threaten threatening to ruin it all. how strangers came together to make his birthday wish come true coming up. ♪
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>> i'm going to ticket. >> you going to come with me. >> we'll go together. ticket ticket.
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♪ it's been exactly one week since deadly earthquake rocked nepal.
6:32 pm
more than skate hundred people were killed. officials say more than 130,000 homes just turned to rubble. rescue teams are still there working around the clock comb thawing debris in search of survivors. volunteers from other nations are now joining in hoping to provide assistance for those in desperate need. relief for two americans families who are now whole again. their two sons returning from earthquake stricken nepal this week. fox's keith landry was there for the big reunion. >> reporter: love and relief for two families welcoming their boys back from the danger zone. >> i'm good. >> you good? >> yeah. >> we were in orlando international airport when drew under hill and hunter williams returned from nepal reunited with their families. these two friends spent 10 days climbing mt. everest and returning to base camp they got back to their hotel in kathmandu and the neck day the earthquake
6:33 pm
happened. >> what do we do? come here, come here, come here. and we just huddled in our doorway in the bathroom in our hotel. >> under hill shot his cell phone video people gathered in the streets fearful that other buildings would collapse after the huge quake during after shocks. >> power lines everywhere. people were screaming crying. >> reporter: hunter shared these photos with us the two friends toughed it out for a few days taking turns sleeping living off dry noodles and juice boxes they finally went to the american embassy for help. >> everything is destroyed. you can't walk past any hotel without you seeing cracks on the structure. >> reporter: williams says her son and his buddy handled themselves well during the crisis and it's great to give them hugs again. >> i've been waiting for that it seems like a long time. but, um, i was excited. >> reporter: drew and hunter say the people in nepal needs tents and food and water but what they need most is strong
6:34 pm
helping hands to rebuild shattered lives. >> getting people over there to help move wreckage and start rebuilding. >> they need attention not just -- they need actual attention and help not just like a sad story. >> that was fox's keith landry reporting. officials say help still is not reaching some isolateed villages affected by the deadly quake. more helicopters are being deployed to assist survivors and to deliver supplies. 65-year-old hawaiian woman is dead after a reported shark attack on the island of maui. snorklers found the unresponsive woman 200 yards offshore on friday. no witnesses have come forward but paramedic believe the injuries on her torso are consistent with those of a shark attack. she was a volunteer with the department of land and natural resources. officials say this is the third fatal shark attack to happen in that area in recent years.
6:35 pm
well this local boy just wanted to enjoy a birthday party party. maybe have a foot -- catch a football no shows threatening to ruin his big day until strangers stepped in. the celebration you have to see next. >> dave? >> wait until you see the seven day forecast. we are looking at temperatures climbing well above average today that was 74. into the 80s for not one but more than two days possibly. the numbers in the seven day ahead. i'll have that coming up. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience?
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why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo.
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♪ a very special day for little boy in delaware county. this josh kramer and he is having a whole lot of fun at his 12th birthday party and it was quite a party. but it is a celebration that almost didn't happen. >> that's right. fox 29's bill anderson was there at the party this little boy thought was not possible. >> reporter: josh kramer is a 12-year-old autistic child who only wanted one thing for this birthday. but unfortunately as his birthday got closer as much as she tried his mother melissa didn't think she was going to be able to give it to him. >> all josh wanted for his
6:39 pm
birthday he was saying back in february is to play sports. he wanted football game and baseball game. water gun fight. water balloon fight just to have fun. and when i reserved the paragraph and i'm telling everybody back in february and march. we can't come. >> after realizing the party that josh wanted didn't appear like it was going to happen, melissa reached out to friends at justice animal rescue today and josh got a party not even he could have dreamed up. there were hundreds of people partying and he got a par raised fire trucks just for him. the people at justice rescue were overwhelmed by the kindness of support so many people showed showed. >> we've impacted his life forever by doing this. this isn't a one day event. he has kids starting to play with him in school and starting to become more social and smiling and that's what this is all about and the people that are here made that happen. >> reporter: josh is a shy kid and seemed a little overwhelmed at times but eventually he
6:40 pm
settled down and enjoyed the perfect party not even he could have dreamed of. here in ridley creek park, i'm bill anderson we'll sign off letting josh fulfill just one more dream for his birthday. >> i'm josh kramer, this is fox 29. >> good job. >> a good job up deed. well, it wasn't quite the broad street run but it was still a very good turn out for this year's ms walk. fox 29 right there hundreds of people hit the pavement to show their support. organizers say the event helped bring those living with ms close to those who care about them. the 4-mile walk near the art museum hosted by the greater delaware valley chapter of the national ms society. now to your fox 29 weather authority. david it was a great day out there today. >> beautiful day. >> yeah. >> things are going to change quick tonight. >> for the better? >> it will cool off quickly. warm up just as quickly tomorrow. >> all right. we get more? >> get a lot more, yes.
6:41 pm
this is just the start. for right now when you step outside there could be a big change in temperatures right now in philadelphia 73. areas to the south and east have seen temperatures drop in the 60s unper 50's. cooler air coming in off the ocean and could make it as far as philadelphia. it's almost here. so you do step out tonight look are for lows in the 50's could happen quickly with cooler air coming in and the skies clearing up overnight tonight. this is the radar which is high resolution radar we really can tweak it a little bit and see that leading edge of a sea breeze here now pushing through philadelphia. that's because the temperatures are different. radar actually picks that up as line through philadelphia now. not much in the radar that was just highly sensitive radar. maybe a sprinkle but really taking the showers out of the forecast tonight. it's the big drop in temperatures that you see here. that will be the story. 60s and 50 that is cooler air comes in from the southeast. 73 in philadelphia. it might quickly drop here as that cooler sea breeze moves
6:42 pm
through and then the skies will clear up. it will even drop the temperatures more especially in the suburbs. so calling for a low of 51. we'll see these temperatures by tomorrow morning 50 toss happen quick tonight even before midnight. so grab that coat before you head out tonight if you're out long enough it will get a little cool with a clear sky and that cooler air moving in. now the temperatures tomorrow are getting warmer. by 6:00 o'clock the upper 40s. broad street run ideal running temperatures are into the upper 40s. not quiet making it there. it will quickly warm up into the 50s and 60s by 10:00 o'clock. up to 66 degrees. and then 70s close to 80 not quiet there forecasting a high of 79 degrees tomorrow. the sea breeze not nearly as strong as it was today. 67 in atlantic city. 78 in philadelphia. there though. a little bit of a compromise. maybe the spectators want it above 60s. the runners want it blow 50. right about there for the state of the race. 9:00 o'clock 59 degrees. noon up to 72. that's a big jump in that a
6:43 pm
short period of time. a light breeze tomorrow means get a little break from the pollen. high today. medium high tomorrow but high again on monday and tuesday. pollen is in the air and allergies are very high if you're suffering from that certainly feel that monday and tuesday. another thing we'll see monday and tuesday warmer temperatures. these are the highs. mid to upper 80s 80s and it gets even warmer on tuesday. 60 toss about 85 degrees but it ends there. showers and a few thunderstorms are dropping from the south. you see that cooler air approaching from the north. so we'll look for rain both tuesday night and wednesday. we still hit 86 degrees on tuesday with those storms late. the showers will linger a bit on wednesday. maybe off and on shower but the temperatures only into the 70s. it stays below 80 degrees. barely but it's nice as it clears out for thursday and friday up to 79. saturday could see some clouds returning. the temperature of 77 degrees. so mid to almost upper 80s on tuesday. two nice days. >> wow like summer.
6:44 pm
>> feels like it. >> we'll take it. >> just for two days. >> we don't care. >> thank you dave. >> coming up on fox 29, a pickup truck crashes into a swimming pool. the wild ride before the plunge and it was all caused by a dog. next. and it's hot looking rider but open up the hood and something is missing. an area mom says this guy is to blame and she paid him some big buck. what he has to say that's coming up. >> you can call the cops. >> you can call the cops. >> what happens next fox 29 investigates will accident questions. we'll hear the answers. where is the motor? ♪
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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♪ it was quite a site pickup truck crashes into a north carolina man's backyard swimming pool.
6:48 pm
>> investigators say it wasn't the driver's fault. as fox's brian tells us the crash is being blamed on dog. >> reporter: they rarely leave home without her. a black lab so sweet. so of course caroline was with michael and ruth smith when they made a grocery return to the iga iga. girl got spook about something. >> when she got scared -- >> ruth was driving. but now she had 90 pounds of scared dog on her foot. michael tried to pull her off. >> before i could we were wide open. we were probable wl going about 50, 55 miles an hour. >> high tailing it across the parking lot. >> were you terrified. >> yes. >> she was screaming. >> oh, yeah. because i didn't know else to do. >> reporter: all she knew to do was keep the truck straight. don't hit people or cars. she aimed for a wooden fence. plowed right through it and splashed down in a backyard pool pool. >> had he hit the water. what in the name of god did this
6:49 pm
water come from. >> the pool's owner john was in the kitchen with his wife. there was some commotion in the yard he look out and said honey there's a truck in the pool. >> laughed the at me what are you smoking or something? i don't smoke. i said new york, i mean it. >> reporter: sure enough 88 dodge ram had knows dived into the shallow end. his first thought is anyone hurt hurt? >> i just had open heart surgery. i said i'm going to have another heart attack here. >> reporter: michael smith had cuts on his hand otherwise everyone made it out just fine. >> i think it might have saved our lives. >> reporter: the dog driven dodge it's done for. >> i mean i don't blame her for it. you know, just went in my arms. it's an accident that you read about in the papers. >> okay. we're told no charges have been filed against the driver or the
6:50 pm
dog. good ending there. up next on fox 29 news at 65:00 pitbulls. you don't believe how much the owner says he'll lose if he doesn't get these dogs back. >> i'm karen hepp. >> i'm bill anderson sunday on fox 29 weekend bud light in s trouble their beer may have help people drink away the ability to say no. >> a lot of controversy over that one. how about this weather amazing we've got the broad street run wake up with us and dave warren tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend at 8:00 a.m.
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♪ well it should have been a happy time for a buck county family. their teenaged son was about to enter the family business so they bought him a car of his dreams. >> yeah but now the vehicle is in peaces. the family is out big bucks and police are sniffing around. fox 29 investigates is working to find out what went wrong. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: it's a sporty car car. a nissan 350 seem perfect thought suzie baskin for her 17-year-old about to join his dad in his family plumbing business. >> this is a car he wanted? >> that's the car he want. >> that he really loved?
6:54 pm
>> did he. >> so you bought for him. yes. >> reporter: they took $12,000 loan and gave the car to their son brigham with the understanding he would pay the note. a great opportunity for a young man to take on a little responsibility. but baskin said that ended with brigham met bow tank of van queue auto sports. a guy who didn't want to answer questions. >> where is the guy. >> i'll call the cops. >> you can call the cops. >> we will. >> public place. you don't own this. >> baskins says the trouble started when the nissan needed engine work and her son found bow tank and vanku on facebook. video posted cars being raceed worked on the vanku name can be found. 350z was towed to van dku's rented garage in warminster last august. they agreed the engine would be repaired and end hasn'ted the
6:55 pm
family wrote two checks in august and september to vanku for a total of 6400 bucks. but september stretched into october. baskins began calling bow tank who ab insured her the car would be repaired in two weeks. >> at some point do you think i got some trouble here? >> most definitely. yeah. you know i didn't want to feel that way. but, yeah. in my heart i could feel something wasn't going to go right. >> reporter: in february suzie had had enough. she zen this letter certified mail to vanku in warminster demanding the car and the $6,400 be paid back every last cent. what she get back, the envelope unopened. the business was gone. vanku had vanished. >> hearing her sons had been stolen she called police and eventually drove to the garage where she found the nissan in
6:56 pm
terrible shape. parts had been dumped on the front seat. a window was left open to the elements and get this, a cat was living inside with its newborn kittens. then she looked under the hood. pulled the hood up. no engine. >> right. >> reporter: what are you thinking? >> disbelief. that's all. i don't know what else to say. i can't believe that somebody would that to somebody. >> reporter: that's right. the engine was missing. cut out with a saw says a mechanic at the shop where the car now sits. where is colin bow tank? 350z. >> we tracked him here to the back side of this north philly warehouse to press for answers. >> she's looking for her engine. she's looking -- she's got a 350z. you know. and well -- >> , no, new york it's you. she knows you. >> okay. >> she talked to you. she think that is maybe you cut it out or something and it's
6:57 pm
gone. >> no. the engine has been junked and nobody sold the engine. >> he says the engine is at another shop but he wouldn't tell us the name or number of the place. he says baskin has it but she says when she called the number bow tank gave her the person on the other end said he wouldn't say or do anything without boatang's approval. she's tried to find the number she called for that quick conversation. boatang accused of us of not having all the facts. >> we don't have the full details but you don't want to give me the full details. >> you know what because you're a middleman. i don't want to deal with anybody else. >> i'm trig to find out what happened to a woman who paid you $6,400. you left the business. you left the car open and took the engine out. right? i got the picture. >> since you know everything why don't urite ride off. >> why don't you tell me what happened. >> i don't have to tell you what happened. >> we do know this. after initially writing a report stating the case was a civil
6:58 pm
matter, baskin says warminster police now have a renewed interest asking her for copies of checks and bank information. fox 29 investigates has learned philadelphia police working with warminster have been looking for the 30-year-old. >> philly cops stop by -- have they come to see you. >> it doesn't matter. >> they're interested in you. >> great. >> and there's more. a check with the city's department of licenses licenses and inspections finds no record of a required business privilege license for their east erie avenue location. this man says he's the owner. boatang works for him and he wanted to us leave. >> please. can you leave. >> get the bleep out of here and get off the property. >> all right. >> we began to leave. but not before pressing colins boatang about the money and witnessing his obscene response. >> the 6400 bucks? she going to get that back? all right.
6:59 pm
boatang was baskin's responsibility after he left it in that lot in warminster. baskins said he never told her he left it there. she believes he's committed a crime and wants him arrested. jeff cole, fox 29 news. homeowner in chicago says he was robbed at gun point while the thieves made off with his three prizeed pitbulls. 72-year-old julio nievez was working in his garage when he was held up at gun point on thursday morning. now he says one man held a gun to his head while two others broke into his kennel and stole three of his most valuable pitbulls. he claims they were valued at more than $70,000. as soon as the thieves left, nievez ran into the house and told his granddaughter what happened. >> he said i got robbed with a gun. they took the dogs.
7:00 pm
i just took off my shoes and went running. running outside. because i wanted to catch something a clue where it can help me find these three guys. >> well the family says they believe the suspects had been watching them because they somehow avoided being caught on their surveillance cameras. police are still looking for the three men and the pitbulls. sean? >> joyce the fight of century is going down tonight. mayweather pacquiao. hear from those guys in just a little bit plus the eagles fill some more holes with their late round draft picks. talking about how they can help the team win. that's next in sports.


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