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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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good evening i'm dawn timmy. >> i'm joyce evans. more than 40,000 runners will participate in the 36th annual broad street run. fox 29's brad sattin is live near the finish line of that race. brad in about 12 hours there will be much more of a different scene where you are right now. right? >> reporter: i think a different scene with me as well. i may be on the ground because i am one of those 40,000 runners. if you see the number 8668, feel free to kind of pick me up and carry me along. but we're about a quarter of a mile or so from the finish line which is just down here from the navy yard entrance, and tonight i had a chance to get a little bit of sneak preview. it may be the 36th annual blue cross broad street run but it's my first so i took a little ride along the 10-mile course and developed my strategy for that final mile. i'll be very tired right about now. the strategy of course, just keep moving but there's a different strategy if you're anywhere in the area of broad street and that may mean you
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won't move from olney on down for what drivers spectators need to know we caught up with jim marine note head of the event involved for 31 years. >> there's always excitement. when you got 40,000 people going down one straight street. >> reporter: 5,000 volunteers which means expect congestion. >> take public transportation do it. use september tax rail lines will all be running in the center city area the broad street subway line will be operating full capacity. >> but if you are driving remember parts of broad street most places will be closed from 8:00 a.m. in the last runners finish. >> runners come in from the east park in the parking lots. that's probably the best way to come in off of packer avenue if they're coming off i-95. >> reporter: where to watch race? >> temple university's campus there's a ton of people going up at the temple campus this year. anybody in that neighborhood go to that locate. broad and spring garden always a happening spot. obviously city hall and avenue of the arts are jumping. >> reporter: straight through south philly noon the navy yard and finish line. i may be tired by then, but jim
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promises me, i will be entertainment. >> we have a lot of bands that will be playing along the way. a lot of cheer zones we have stabbed now. and the communities come out. a run that was all the neighborhoods and all the neighborhoods will love take part from logan down to south philly. of course one of the good reasons to do this is for exercise. the other thing all about money here. we can tell you since this event started in 1982, the big beneficiary has been the american cancer society and they have raised for it more than $4.3 million a good cause. the race in the past has started at 8:30. this year tomorrow morning it gets started at 8:00 o'clock hopefully i'll will be awake and ready for it. >> we'll send it back to you guys. >> we have faith in you. you want to listen up for this. on your radar tonight great race forecast. let's get over to meteorologist dave warren. it's going to be cool in the morning? >> cool to start. but warming up quickly. so depending whether you're volunteering you might want that
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temperature at about 60. ideal running weather usually about 50 degrees or slightly under that. could see a little bit of both in a short period of time. it is cooling off quick toll night as we told you earlier that cooler air coming in. skies are clear down to 60 already. but it's into the 40s right along the coast that that's cool sea breeze that developed all the way to philadelphia. so easily seeing these temperatures drop overnight tonight. here comes the ultimate doppler showing there's no chance of rain out there tonight. things have cleared up. the clouds have cleared out and it will stay that way tomorrow. in fact overnight tonight skies continue to clear. when you wake up tomorrow morning, bright sunshine and that will have an impact on these temperatures. here they are at 6:00 o'clock in the morning perfect running weather. race starts in two hours. temperature can't move that much right? well it does. really climbs up into the 60s. that's that bright sunshine and a big warmup. so early in the race, should see nice running weather with temperatures right in the lower 50s. by 10:00 o'clock up to 67 degrees.
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by noon, two 3:00 o'clock we're up to the upper 70s. race should be well done by then but really heats up tomorrow. there's that sea breeze not near nearly as inland as it was today. that's that west wind starting to take over a bit and keeping that cooler air farther east. 51 to 59 between 8:00 and 9:00 o'clock. up to 72 degrees at noon. a big warmup tomorrow. here's what we have coming up you'll see bright sunshine tomorrow but scenes like this in the seven day forecast. for sunshine early in the week. 80-degree temperatures they're above that for a day or two maybe. then that rain and the storms return all of this i'll have the timing in the seven day forecast a little bit later. >> all right. dave, thanks so much. a stolen truck that had counter terrorism officials concerned has been found but they're still looking for one more. police found the 16-foot penske truck on the 1100 block of rising sun avenue. that was this morning. it was about 5 miles from where it was stolen in south philadelphia. but investigators are still
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looking for a u-haul cargo van that was rented under false pretenses last sunday. police don't think there's any connection between the two thefts or that either has any link to terrorism. but they say they're being extra cautious and still looking for that missing van. a nine-year-old girl thrown to the hospital after getting shot with a beebee gun in bucks county. emergency crews responding to a home on bellevue avenue in hulmeville just after 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. officials say the young girl was taken to saint mary's hospital initially. but then she was flown to children's hospital of philadelphia with a chest wound. no word on her condition right now. police are still investigating what happened. breaking news out of new york city tonight. off duty police officer in critical condition after he was shot in the head and chest. investigators say the shooter fired two bullets into his unmark police car that the officer was riding in. he was rushed to the hospital in queens. we're told that a four year
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veteran of the new york police department and that police now say they have a suspect in custody tonight. we'll get more on that as we get it. and happening right now much different tone for protesters in baltimore. this is the scene outside city hall today where another demonstration was scheduled protesting the treatment of freddie gray. by police. but organizers say the tone has changed a bit after charges were announceed against six baltimore cops. and while protesters are still speaking out against police brutality and social injustice organizers say today's rally was a victory rally and only the first step toward justice. fox's mike tobin looks back at a very big day in baltimore. >> reporter: the streets around baltimore city hall filled with protesters calling for justice after the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say gray suffered a severe neck injury while in police custody and was not given medical treatment when he asked
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for it. >> freddie gray becomes symbolic of all the black men in this country who have been treated unfairly by our police. >> reporter: baltimore states attorney maryland lynn maybe bee announced six philadelphia will face a number of charges. but some legal analysts say the prosecution may have a tough road ahead. >> why this was done after 19 days and only just getting the pathologists report the autopsy report which wasn't very clear specific and not going to another expert to do redundancy and checks and balances way too fast. >> reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard. a nighttime occur fee scheduled to remain in effect through the weekend. >> most important thing is your safety the safety of all the infrastructure that's here because without that, we have no baltimore. >> reporter: it's a move that some are criticizing.
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>> baltimore should be open for business. you have families out there hurt hurting. you know, you have families that survive on the tips they make, you know, from restaurants from bars. >> reporter: six officers arrested are now out on bail. the demonstrator who's come here night after night say they want to keep on protesting until all of those officers are convicted. in baltimore mike tobin fox news. two people are dead after a fiery early morning crash in cobbs creek. police called to the intersection of 62nd and walnut streets after 2:00 o'clock this morning. investigators say a newer chrysler ran a red light and hit another car in the intersection. that chrysler then jumped the curb hitting two parked cars then bursting into flames. paramedics pronouncing two people in the car dead right there on the scene. their entities have not been released yet. driver is killed in and four construction workers hurt in an early morning crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. this was in bucks county. fox 29's sabina kuriakose look at exactly what happened. >> knows him personally so he
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ran to the yard to make sure none of them were involved. >> she and her construction worker hospital feeling the pains of worry looking on at this fatal car accident inside a work zone along the pennsylvania turnpike. fearing for friends and colleagues. state police say this gray nissan collided with a construction vehicle. striking three workers. the impact so severe the driver of the nissan died at the scene. >> make noise. my heart goes out. i saw quite a few but this one was bad. >> joe la port lives by the construction area. that helicopter likely the med vac flying most severely injured worker to temple university hospital. another was rushed to ari rah torresdale. the other workers on the scene not hurt. accident scene investigators photographing and pouring over the mingled nissan and the damage back end of the construction truck. the company named pkf marked
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three incorporated. according to the turnpike website workers are widening the turnpike for a new toll plaza where the accident happened. eastbound lanes closed much of the morning between exits thee 51 and 358 delaware valley reopened late morning. >> i worry about the people. i worry about you know, everybody even the car driver. you know whoever is hurt. >> reporter: we left messages for pkf but have not heard back. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. a crash on the new jersey turnpike late last night sends six people to the hospital mercer county. state police say a military humvee and a black sports car collided in hamilton township. one person from inside that humvee was flown to the hospital hospital. spinal cord injuries. three other people from the humvee and two from the sports car went to the hospital the crash is under investigation. a man found shot on the streets of camden has died. police responding to dolphin street for reports of a shooting this was just before 9:00 o'clock last night and they
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found 32-year-old mark stone of sewell shot and lying on the road. officers rushing him to a local hospital where he later died. police say they are still tonight looking for that shooter shooter. investigators looking looking into a suspicious fire at abandoned building in wilmington delaware delaware. this warehouse went up in flames late last night and burn to the ground in just a few hours. the building was once used as a maintenance shop for a textile plant located within the now vacant bancroft mills complex. only one other building in the complex was affected by the fire. officials decided to limit the access to a nearby state park as firefighters continued their investigation. and still ahead amazeing survival story. two americans who rode out the nepal earthquake are back home. how they survived and the terror they faced when the shaking stopped. and britain is buzzing. it has a brand new princess. meet the newest royal next. >> a local boy just wanted one
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thing for his birthday, a party. but a bunch of no shows threatened to ruin it all. how strangers came together to make his birthday wish come true next. >> won't see any rain out there. the rain is all clear. temperatures are the big story not only tomorrow but the next few days. we're looking at 80 degrees. see how long it lasts in the seven day forecast coming up.
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when we take these tests we don't actually do anything. we use the tutorials. one of the tutorials showed things like how to change the background color in an online test environment and it takes time away from learning math and science and english and all the things that i really enjoy learning. they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test. ♪ a very special day for a little boy in delaware county. 12-year-old josh kramer having a whole lot of fun at this
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birthday party today. it was quite a celebration but it's one that almost didn't happen. >> almost didn't happen. fox 29's bill anderson was there at the at this party the little boy didn't think was possible. >> reporter: josh kramer is a 12-year-old autistic child who only wanted one thing for his birthday unfortunately, as his birthday got closer as much as she tried his mother melissa didn't think she was going to be able to give it to him. >> all josh wanted for his birthday he was saying back in february is to play sports. he wanted football game, baseball game, water gun fight water balloon fight just to have fun. and when i pre reserved the park and telling everybody back in february and march everybody was like, we can't come. >> reporter: after realizing that the party that josh wanted didn't appear like it was going to happen, melissa reached out to friends at justice animal rescue and today josh got a party that not even he could have dreamed up. there were hundreds of people partying and playing. he even got a parade arc police and fire trucks just for him.
10:16 pm
the people at justice rescue told me, even they were overwhelmed by the kindness and support so many people showed. >> we impacted his life forever when i doing this. this isn't a one day event. he has kids starting to play with him in school and starting to, you know, become more social and smiling and that's what this is all about and the people that are here made that happen. >> reporter: josh is a shy kid and seemed overwhelmed at times but eventually he settled down and enjoyed the perfect party not even he could have dreamed of. in ridley creek park i'm bill anderson we'll sign you have letting josh fulfill one more dream for his birthday. >> i'm josh kramer. this fox 29. >> good job. >> happy birthday josh. it look like new jersey taxpayers already footing the bill for the bridge gate scandal scandal. so far new jersey residents are covering about $10 million in legal costs from the investigation. probe into the 2013 george
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washington bridge lane closures leading to two indictments and a guilty plea from a port authority official this week. the new jersey legislation alone racking up about a million dollars in legal fees and political analysts are predicting the final tab taxpayers probably won't even be affected. when it comes to voteing because they think most people already have made up their minds about governor christie and this scandal. santa claus who went down in sports history forgetting booed and having snowballs thrown at him, remember him? well he has passed away. 66-year-old frank owe live vo died nurse from long-term health issues. oh live vo was asked to enter the field during 1968 philadelphia eagles game after the real santa got stuck in new jersey. well the crowd wasn't very happy with his visit. pelting the santa with snowballs. that moment, of course, became symbolic with philadelphia sports fans. his family says he actually always embraced his moments in sports history.
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well, the royal baby watch is over. prince william and his wife kate greeting the world girls glimpse of their new baby girl. the duchess cambridge reportedly delivered the 8-pound 3-ounce baby girl in just a few hours after arriving at the hospital. wow that was quick. amy kellogg tell us everyone is delighted over the new royal addition although still no name. on this day the second of may 2015 we welcome with humble duty the second born of royal highnesses the duke and duchess of cambridge princess will fall in line to the thrown. >> jubilation and cheer around london a yet to be named girl
10:19 pm
was delivered at 8:34 local time. the baby weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces mom and her princess are doing fine. >> i was surprised. i got to the train i thought it was going to be a boy. i'm very surprised. lovely. >> nice. that's why too many people here. i just came to london. so it's nice really. i'm happy. >> earlier in the day prince william brought his son prince george to the hospital to see the newest addition that their family the baby comes two years after thethebirth of prince george. they sent an e-mail to journalists. official announcement placed on he's sell in the court of buckingham palace. >> they're wonderful company. a loving family, brilliant parents. like the whole other countries finger crossed or happy and healthy out come. >> flashing breaking news message for everyone to see.
10:20 pm
the palace only saying that the princess of cambridge will be named in due course. but the betting public are going with alice and charlotte. we'll have to wait a bit more to see. in london, amy kellogg fox news. prizeed pitbulls swiped. you won't believe how much the owner says he'll lose if he doesn't get his dogs back. >> she wants to be high school royalty. why school leaders who at first said no quickly changed their mind about this prom king. movie is jam packed with action we were at the junket.
10:21 pm
we asked chris evans and chris hem worth about creating fight sequences. >> you know what i liked the most when we had a group of us doing it. >> just you and and green screen doing the thing. love the stuff we were doing when there's a bit of, you know, the ensemble kicks in and team work comes into play. that's fun, you know. it's like everyone in a suit. this is great. the most expensive costume party party. >> i may have to ticket. >> you going to come with me. >> we going to together. >> ticket. ticket.
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♪ the man behind the popular online survey company has died. dave goldberg was silicon valley ceo and the man who survey monkey into prominence. the site primarily uses questionnaires and surveys to connect visitors to products information. no details are being released about the 47-year-old's sudden death. goldberg leaves behind his wife, facebook coo cheryl sandberg and two children. 65-year-old hawaiian woman is dead after reported shark attack on the island of maui. snorklers found the unresponsive woman 200 yards offshore on friday. no witnesses have come forward. the para medics believe the injuries on her torso are consistent with those of a shark attack. she was a volunteer with the department of land and natural resources.
10:25 pm
officials say this is the third fatal shark attack to happen in that area in recent years. homeowner in chicago says he was robbed at gun point while the thieves made off with this three prizeed pitbulls. 72-year-old julio nievez was working in his garage when he was held up at gun point thursday morning. he says one man held a gun to his head. while the others two of them broke into his kennel and stole his three most valuable pitbulls. he claims they're valued at more than $70,000. as soon as the thieves left he ran into his home and told his granddaughter what happened. >> he said, i got robbed with a gun. they took the dogs. i just took off my shoes and went running running outside because i wanted to catch some clue where it can help me find these thee guys. >> the family says they believe the suspects have been watching them because they i was sodded being caught on surveillance cameras. police are still looking for the thee men and the pitbulls. and still ahead it's making
10:26 pm
teenagers squirm but some parents just love it. the app will let you control every as spec of your kid's phone. >> plus two americans just back from nepal describe how they survived the devastates earthquake there and what they say when the shaking finally stopped. >> dave? >> quick drop in temperatures overnight tonight. almost a full moon out that by the time you wake up we'll sunshine and cool in the surrounding suburb. tepp chess dropping into the 40s. especially to the north and west. 51 in the city a quick warmup many a look at those numbers coming up in the seven day forecast. >> i'm karen hepp. >> i'm bill anderson. sunday on fox 29 weekend bud slight in trouble because they're beer may help people drink away the ability to say no no. >> a lot of controversy over that one and how about this weather? amazing. we've got the broad street line. wake up with us and dave warren tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend at 8:00 a.m.
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♪ it's been exactly one week since deadly earthquake rocked
10:30 pm
nepal. more than 7,000 people have died. officials say more than 130,000 homes turned to rubble. rescue teams are still there working around the clock combing through the debris in search of any survivors. volunteers from other nations are joining in hoping to provide assistance for those who are in desperate need. meantime relief for two american families whose sons were caught in the middle of it all. >> the two finally returning home from nepal with quite a story to tell. fox's keith landry was there for that big reunion. >> reporter: relief for two families welcoming their boys back from the danger zone. >> how are you? >> good. >> we were at orlando international airport when drew under hill and hunter williams returned from nepal and reunited with their families. >> these two friends spent 10 days climbing mt. everest and returning to base camp they got
10:31 pm
back to their hotel in kathmandu and the next day the earthquake happened. >> i said what do we do? they said come here, come here, come here and we just huddled in our doorway in the bathroom in our hotel. >> under hill shot this cell phone video of people gathering in the streets fearful other buildings could collapse after the huge quake and during after shocks. >> hot power lines everywhere. people screaming crying. >> hunter shared these photos with us. the two friends toughed it out for a few days. taking turns sleeping. living off dry noodles and juice boxes. they finally went to the american embassy for help. >> everything was destroyed. you can't walk past any hotel without you seeing cracks on the structure and -- >> joyce williams says her son and his buddy handled themselves well during the crisis and it's great to give them hugs again. >> it seems like a long time but, um, it was -- i was excited. >> reporter: drew and hunt say the people in in nepal need tents
10:32 pm
and food and water but what they need most is strong helping hands to rebuild shattered lives lives. >> biggest is getting people over there to help move wreckage and just start rebuilding. >> they at need attention. they need like actual attention and help not just a sad story to be told. ♪ and now to your fox 29 weather authority. pretty night out there. a little cooler. >> getting a little cooler and tomorrow quickly going to warm up. as quick as it's cooling off tonight. >> what about the sea breeze thing. >> that came in tonight. kept things cool. pretty impressive tonight made it all the way to philadelphia. >> it took awhile to get here. it got here. you'll feel it when you step outside. it came right about 7:00 o'clock 7:00 o'clock. we were 74 degrees dropped quickly into the upper 60s now it's 60 philadelphia. little cooler to the south. in fact right along the coast
10:33 pm
upper 40s water temperature 47 that had keep the temperatures down. not quiet sea breeze tomorrow. but before that happens these numbers will drop quickly rise. 60 in the city but there's 50s right in atlantic city and wildwood. still a little warmer where that cooler air didn't make it to the north and western suburbs. 63 in reading. allentown 59 degrees. 51 by tomorrow morning and 43 in the suburbs. so a cool start tomorrow but it does not stay this way for long. we have bright sunshine because doppler is all clear. not expecting any rain so the temperatures are down into the upper 40s by 6:00 o'clock. ideal running weather -- temperature here but it doesn't last long. by the start of the race tomorrow the broad street run up to 54. so nice and comfortable. but look how quickly it goes from the 50s to the 60s by 10:00 o'clock, 11:00 o'clock. in fact we're close to 70 in philadelphia and sketch mount pocono allentown at 70. big jump in temperatures. there is a little sea breeze tomorrow but it only makes
10:34 pm
inland a bit. not all the way up to philadelphia like it did today. so that temperature easily climbs into the upper 70s. pretty much everywhere seeing numbers into the 70s except atlantic city and wildwood. 79 degrees but what a stress quick warmup. 50 toss 70s in a few hours. it will be into the 70s by noon tomorrow. so a nice comfortable day. the winds will die down a bit and that will give some relief to the allergies here. hi today with pollen count. culprits right there. but sunday medium high, but monday and tuesday the wind picks up again. so the pollen counsel goes up a little higher. and that wind will be out of the southwest. it's calm tomorrow because this area of high pressure but we have very warm air across the northern plains and around the great lakes. ahead of this cold front this area moves in. so that's why we're looking at temperatures like this on monday afternoon. 80s there's our first day at 83 degrees in philadelphia but by tuesday after dropping not even below 60 we're up to 85.
10:35 pm
this looks to be about the end of the warring trend there's that cooler air coming down. you can see these colors changing shade there in northern pennsylvania and new york. cold front dropping south and it will bring showers and storms late in the day on tuesday for this front becomes stationary. so we have to keep rain in the forecast on wednesday. maybe not thunderstorms just some periods of rain and temperatures a little cooler. 82 to 86 those storms are late tuesday. it's dry in the morning but showers and storms late in the afternoon and evening. the rain could linger on wednesday and that will keep the temperature down to 75 degrees. there is a little rebound with that clearing sky on thursday and friday but temperatures stay in the upper 70s. could have some clouds returning on saturday. up to 77 degrees. so just two days. isn't we'll take them. >> we'll take every bit of it. >> got to stretch it out. >> thanks, dave. >> well, it wasn't quite the broad street run but still a very good turn out for this year's ms walk.
10:36 pm
fox 29 there as hundreds of people hit the pavement to show their support organizers say help bring those living with ms closer to those who care about them. the 4-mile walk near the art museum hosted by the greater delaware valley chapter of the national ms society. and coming up their ink and their angry why the apple watch is at the center of tattoo gate on twitter. >> pickup truck ends up in a swimming pool. the ride wild before the big plunge and all caused by a dog coming up. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down
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you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number.
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♪ how about this at a twos causing problem with apple's new watch. several tattooed apple watch owner say some of the features on the watch including the heart rate monitor aren't working properly. apple acknowledging the problem saying that tattoos may actually block light from getting to sensors on the watch and that make it difficult for the watch to get accurate heed reidings. apple not releasing any word on a fix to the problem as of yet. brand new app makeing children squirm and giving parents a sense of relief. it's called parent block and
10:40 pm
gives moms and dads full power to lock their kids cell phones whenever they want. douglas kennedy shows us how that app works. >> reporter: last year, lisa mullens gave her daughters cell phones. primarily to stay in touch with them when the single mother was at work. >> they would hide it from me. >> reporter: her daughters she says had other ideas. like a lot of teenagers they ended up texting while at school and staying up on the internet late at night. >> causing unnecessary stress as parent i didn't have any control of them staying up all night talking to their friends texting their friends. >> reporter: mullens constant constantly confiscated the phones as punishment but she soon realized she then couldn't reach the pair when she needed to. nobody can believe that there's not already something out here like this one of the reasons she and jerry bore land came up with parent block. this is a cell phone app that basically gives complete control over a child's cell phone to his or her parent? >> exactly.
10:41 pm
a parent can go ahead and control every detail of their child's cell phone and they can do it from an iphone fresh a tablet f a pc. >> we've made it simple as we can. >> reporter: app allows parents to shut a phone down any time they want. including for scheduled hours of school. hope work or bedtime. at the same time giving mom and dad complete control over who is allowed to call and at what time time. it also allows parents the ability to monitor the use of any and all of the phone's applications. it's a feature some fear could stifle rather than protect. >> if parents monitor every last thing that children do, they don't get the chance to learn from mistakes and relationships. >> reporter: some child advocates say when you exercise this much control kids end up losing a sense of creativity and a sense of what freedom actually means. what do you glare a cell phone is a privilege. we all grew up and didn't have a cell phone and were fine.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: she says a cell phone should only be used to communicate with parents and to do schoolwork. in new york, douglas kennedy fox news. >> next a truck lands in the backyard swimming pool. the wild ride before the scary plunge and why a dog is being blamed. >> this city is a on fire. >> baltimore police say seven of their officers are hurt. >> did you just see that
10:43 pm
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♪ this is quite a site after a pickup truck crashes into a north carolina man's backyard swimming pool. investigators say it wasn't that driver's fault. as brian tells us the crash is being blamed on the dog. >> reporter: they rarely leave home without her. black lab so sweet named caroline of course she was with michael and ruth smith when they made a grocery run to the iga. she got spooked about something.
10:46 pm
when she gets scared she'll get on the noor board of the truck. >> ruth was driving. now she had 90 pounds of scared dog on her foot. michael tried to pull her off. >> before i could we were ride open. we probably were going about 50, 55 miles an hour. >> reporter: high tailing it across the parking lot. >> were you terrified. >> oh, yes. >> she was screaming. >> oh, yes. because i didn't know what else to do. >> reporter: all she knew to do was keep the truck straight. don't hit people or cars. she aimed for a wooden fence. plowed right through it and splashed down in a backyard pool pool. >> we hit the water i'm going what in the name of god is this water coming from. >> the pool's owner jack was in the kitchen with his wife. there was a commotion in the jar. he look out and said honey there was a truck in the pool. >> she laughed at me. what are you smoking or something? i don't smoke. i said, no, i mean it. >> reporter: sure enough an 88 dodge ram had nose dived into the shallow end. first thought is anyone hurt?
10:47 pm
>> that and, you know, i just had open heart surgery in january. i'm going to have another heart attack here. >> reporter: michael smith had cuts on his hand. otherwise everyone made it out just fine. >> i think it might have saved my life. >> as for that dog viv haven't dodge, it's done for. >> i mean i don't blame her for it. you know just an odd accident that is you read about in the paper or see on tv. >> something they'll never forget and we are told that no charges have been filed against the driver or the dog. that's good news. well a moving tribute this weekend to one of america's commander in chiefs. hundreds of people gathering in springfield illinois today to kick off the reenactment of abraham lincoln's funeral procession the day beginning at the city's amtrak station with a reconstruction of the funeral train car paul bearers and honor
10:48 pm
guards. the events beginning back on april 15th the same day 150 years ago when lincoln was assassinateed. both attending today is like being at the real thing. >> it's very moving. even though i think it's pretend it's a very moving experience. >> you get to engage to learn your history and see why -- how our country shaped. >> the event drawing huge crowned to the city. another react many will make tase tomorrow. a teen girl in texas is hoping to change a few prom rules at her school. 17-year-old brook says she hopes to be on stage at the end of the night not as prom queen but as prom king. many of her classmates supported her goal and nominateed her as candidate king. brook's dreams of being prom queen almost didn't make it to the balance lost the school's director told her only boys can run for king that is until she
10:49 pm
heard all the pleas from the student body. >> what happened to me really, really was awful because i was like why would she do this to me? you know. i don't want anybody to feel like they're worthless like i did at first. >> brook will find out on monday if she is voteed as prom king. and you might want to grab a tissue for this next story. four kidney recipients in miami meeting their donors fort very first time. >> yeah. they all participated in what's called a paired kidney exchange program. fox's alex dart mouth takes us to the emotional meet and greet. >> reporter: this isn't your regular introductions. >> thank you. thank you. >> meeting the woman who saved her life. >> patricia. >> i gave i was good one.
10:50 pm
>> you gave me a good one. >> these two ladies are just one of four pairs of kidney donors and recipients part of what's called the paired kidney exchange program. deanna and a john and a second donor and recipient. john is patricia's husband. their part of a group of eight people, thee couples and one mother and son who saved each other's lives. >> frank could have already donateed to his wife but chose to save others and without this link the other three couldn't also have received the transplant. >> all eight surgeries happened simultaneously on april 9th from 9:00 in the morning to 9:00 p.m. because of this program recipients saved years of wasting on the national donor list and the big plus more lives are saved. >> so if more people that are compatible want to do something like this, we could double,
10:51 pm
triple quadruple the number of living donor transplants performed but it takes that give. it takes that giving and the ability to want to help others as well. >> my wife's family history is not so good so i want her to be around for a long time and i felt like i would dough that directly indirectly i could help her or somebody else that would be a perfect. >> -- bonus. >> perfect matches finally brought to you. >> it feels inn cell. >> they joke. >> that's new. >> and cried. >> thank you very much. >> you're so welcome. >> but they're all finally feeling better. >> the phillies on another losing streak. cole hamels tries to break a four game skid. eagles go heavy on defense in the draft. get a couple cornerbacks late in the round. check out a full draft break down next in sports.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
♪ >> trent cole, brian dawkins brian westbrook all guys not selected in the first round. late picks can make or break a team. make or break a franchise. round seven of the eagles get very solid picks. they start the the day by trading their fourth round pick tolions for the third rounder next year. they went cornerback back to back picks in the pick.
10:55 pm
they get jacory shepherd and randall evans. brian mihalik out of boston college. one on the offensive side of the board. second and third round pick through in to philly. eric row is a guy that can impact the guy right away. a cornerback but expected to take a lot of reps at safety where the eagles desperately need that help. today the utah corner talked about being able to deal with nfl wide receivers. >> obviously you want a corner that can match up with them length wise so cornerback -- quarterback throw the fade he can reach over you. my length is kind of an advantage for me, my long arms and, you know, physical play just the way i play the game. >> third rounder jordan hicks out of texas expected to gift team versatility and depth at the linebacker pig. he talk about landing in great
10:56 pm
spot here in philly. >> i think one thing it's going to do for me especially being a rookie have the opportunity to learn from a lot of guys who have had a lot of experience in this -- a lot of successful experience. you know, a lot of great linebackers on this team. that i can learn from. that i can um, you know, go under their wing. >> fight of the century is about to happy. floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao giving us the fight we've been waiting for that vegas. money may going for fright 48-zero that will put him with the grade mohammed hal will he pac-man put him as one of the generation's best. this will be the rich evident fight in boxes history. both guys want to put on a show for the fans. >> unbelievable turn out, you know i'm glad all the fans, you know came here to support myself and to support manny.
10:57 pm
>> great responsibility for me to give enjoyment to the fans. >> for me i believe the fans deserve it. >> it will be great a one. >> all right. let's go watch the fight. >> that's it for us this saturday night. thanks for joining us. >> fox 29 weekend starts at 8:00 a.m. >> have a great night.
10:58 pm
well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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