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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 5, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. right now investigators want to know how a toddler wound up on the roof of a local home. a neighbor recorded the rescue. you can see the two-year-old standing on the edge of the roof three stories high just before firefighters and police show up g evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that little boy safe tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser live outside the 15th police district. scary moment. >> reporter: tense moments. police now say the two-year-old on the roof and another child at
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the house were actually home alone when this incident occurred. the mothers of both children were next door and tonight they're facing charges. >> walked up and seen the baby right outside on the 11. window up, um, all by hisself in his diaper. >> reporter: this was the scene monday afternoon as a 24-year-old teetered teetered on the edge this third floor sloped roof. neighbors like jacob durant begged him to standstill as police and firefighters rolled up to the scene. >> i'm yelling at him to say where he is. don't move or anything. everything is will be okay. >> reporter: durant and others managed to keep the toddler's attention while firefighters put a ladder up to the three-story home on lieper street. a police officer went up to the third floor open window arriving just in time. >> hoping he don't fall. that's it. i was just hoping for this safety. baby reached out for the ladder once again yelling again. don't move, stay right there. so um policeman pulled him out. went through the apartment building and pulled him in. >> reporter: the little boy and another child were in the home when this all unfolded.
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police are investigateing just who was home and who was supposed to be watching the children. two women were taken from the scene in handcuffs to the special victims unit for questioning. the children were taken to saint christopher's hospital to be check out. >> where is the parents?, you know, how could they do this? you know, the baby at home left alone in his diaper. >> reporter: duran praised the quick work of the 15th district police officers and firefighters on the scene forgetting to the child quickly and before anything could happen to him. >> yes sir. this is a great thing. >> reporter: both women are facing endangering the welfare of a child and recklessly end daring another person. those charges have been lodged. they are awaiting a rain many at the special victims unit tonight and again both children are safe. lucy? >> all right. that is a good news, dave schratwieser. meanwhile sky fox live over route 611 in montgomery county still closed because of wires down. this is right at the entrance to the turnpike. firefighters say a car crashed
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just before 5:00 tonight knocking down the verizon wires. 611 is closed between easton and fitzwater roads. nobody was hurt in that crash. tragedy in chester county after a fast-moving fire rips through a mobile home killing three people inside. fox 29's brad sattin tells us from west cowan township the victims were already mourning a loss in their family. >> iain and lucy, this fire here on hill road happened about 100 yards behind me. you can't see it from the road here. but we are learning tonight the devastating details of what happened from a neighbor. three family members trapped inside a mobile home and couldn't get out. from skyfox you see not much is left of this double wide mobile home after fire tour through it around noon on monday. >> you got a mobile home and stuff. you never see one of them things go up like that. i've seen them go up before. them things just, boom, they go up. like i said that thing was involve before the fire company come. >> reporter: awful story.
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fire officials say seven family members gathered here following the death of a loved one just yesterday. last night i know the grandmother died. she was just ill for quite sometime. >> a neighbor who asked not to be identified says she spoke to the woman's granddaughter who told her the fire killed three of her family members all from out of town. four others including two children were able to escape. >> the front porch was where she thought the fire started. she said that her two aunts and her cousin were kill in the fire because they couldn't get out through the hole that the uncle and the children got out of in the back of the house. >> reporter: it was a tough one to put out with wind and temperatures in the 80s one firefighter suffered from exhaustion. >> the weather conditions did play roll. we did have a small woods fire they can tended from the actual house fire. the guys were in the process of mopping that up as well as the house fire. the dry weather and humidity play as factor. >> reporter: family members gathered next door understandably too shaken to talk. but a neighbor says she's
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experienced that kind of fear. >> it's scary because i had a fire years ago and if you've ever been in a fire you know how quick fires go and you know, i mean, object tv it looks like why didn't you get out. >> but when you actually see how quick they go, it's a scary thing. >> reporter: red cross is now assisting the family. names of the victims not being released yet. neither is a cause of this fire but investigators are telling us it is not deemed suspicious n west cowan township, brad sattin fox 29 news. >> not suspicious but tragic. developing right now in burlington county suspicious brush fires. skyfox birds eye view of the flame this afternoon. state forest firefighters do have them contain off route 70 in pemberton township. investigators suspect someone intentionally set the five brush fires sometime this morning. by midday the fires had scorched nearly at acres on this day when the national weather service had a posted a red flag warning for our area meaning dry conditions, high temperatures and winds make the conditions ripe for a fire.
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nearly 50 firefighters have been battling the fires. patrol crews will continue month ton more them overnight. so far no one is hurt. on your radar. some rain to help bring down that fire danger. scott h does it all roll in it. >> look like best chances for rainfall lucy tomorrow afternoon. but earlier today it certainly was a dry scenario across our area with the red flag warnings in effect. take a look at the high today. 85 degrees. it was more like a summer preview across parts of our area area. look at the temperatures still at this hour. upper 60s and low 70s. so tomorrow's rain chance off to the west it's a front that will slowly approach our area. but we're looking at a rapid warmup sunday shine to start tomorrow. temperatures by 9a a.m. approaching the low 70s. what about the timing of that rain? not so much by lunch time. temperatures upper 70s low 80s by noon, and then as we approach the 5:00 o'clock hour that's when our best chance for
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rainfall starts to move in. much more on the timing of this rain. what it could do for the pollen and also the temperature changes hyped that system. >> all right. scott, thank you. a mother is charged with attempted homicide after buy police say she threw her one-year-old baby into the lehigh river yesterday. officials say 19-year-old janisha perry threw her son off a bridge in allen up to and she jumped herself in app apparent murder/suicide. both fell 50 feet down to the water. the baby is in serious condition at a local hospital. officials say it's unclear if he'll fully recover. the mom is being held on $100,000 bail. new york city police department is mourning the loss of one of their own killed in the line of duty. 25-year-old police officer brian moore passed away this afternoon after his family took him life support. police say 35-year-old demetress blackwell shot him in the face saturday night in queens. prosecutors say officer moore and his partner stopped blackwell because they saw him tugging on his waistband and asked him what he was carrying.
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prosecutors say blackwell started firing, hitting moore twice. >> in his very brief career, less than five years he had already proved himself to be an exceptional young officer. in that career, he had made over 150 arrests protecting and serving the sit tense of the city. >> prosecutors say they're now going to upgrade the charges against blackwell to include first degree murder which carries a penalty of life in prison without parole. the streets of baltimore are calm tonight on this second night with the curfew lived. no one was allowed outside past 10:00 p.m. for nearly a week but earl yes today a chaotic scene. police say officers chased an armed man right near where freddie gray was taken into custody. rioters burned down a cvs last week dan's incident a lot of confusion with some people blame claiming police shot the guy they were chasing but police say that's not what happened. a gun did fire but it was the
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man's gun and it went off when he dropped it. police say he's not injured. medics did take him to the hospital in an ambulance to get check out. heavy police presence remains outside the dallas event center where two gunmen opened fire last night. the two men started shooting outside a contest for cartoons drawn by of the prophetted in. an officer returned fire with his handgun killing both men. one of the gunmen was allegedly known to the fbi and convicted once before for attempting to travel to africa to engage in jihad. police say they're making sure they've got all the evidence in place to figure out what may have prompted the attack. back here at home more arrests tonight connected to a brawl on a subway platform. septa police arrested two 17-year-olds 18-year-old they all face assault and other charges relateed to the after school sight on the platform of spring garden station. one person ended up shoved on to the tracks. so far septa police arrested four people from that fight. but the investigation is still on going. a deadly tractor trailer
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crash snarling traffic on the pennsylvania turnpike's northeast extension for hours. the crash just before 1:00 this afternoon lower macungie township. fox 29's dave kinchen was caught in that traffic and talked to some drivers who tried to make the most of the traffic nightmare. >> reporter: the flashing lights of emergency vehicles and hard work of first responders shut down the northbound stretch of the northeast extension for four hours less than 5 miles south of the lehigh valley exit. pa state police say a box truck rear ended a tractor trailer halting scores of drivers in place. traffic at a standstill for miles. >> we're returning home to upstate new york. and quite a few miles to go. and plans at 4:00 p.m. and obviously we're not going to make it. >> everybody sitting here and everybody wants to go some mace. >> reporter: motorists got out to move their legs take in some sun and make new friends while cruise work the scene. we found these two men prepared for the delay while in the
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middle of a road trip. >> we've got everything here. we've got cooler here with food and drinks and ice. sleeping gear. blankets. anything you need to go camping. so we can pull the stove out if we need to. >> reporter: others decided to use their time to work on their golf swing. >> we're on our way to play a round of golf at eagle rock. unfortunately we're stuck here so we thought we'd play a little chip and putt on the side of the road here. >> for a little while we had fun but a little rough on the course over there, you know. >> i'm having fun. >> he wouldn't though. >> reporter: along the northeast extension dave kinchen fox 29 news. many of the drivers stuck in traffic did not know that a box truck driver was killed in that crash. late today we learned it was 43-year-old larry woody of middletown delaware no word tonight on what caused the crash. >> more trouble along the northeast extension during the evening rush. about 20 miles away from the earlier accident. traffic shut down in both directions after a wreck between quakertown and lansdale. mini van rolled over. we don't know the extent of
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injuries. a driver on rampage going after a mom's car with a knife. her children in the back seat screaming. what happened the moment a good samaritan stepped in. >> a doctor says this local teen needs marijuana every today to help with her pain and seizures. it's legal but her south jersey school says no way. the battle over jenny's hell that's heating up. >> plus a local councilman who loves to motor around town in this blue suv. one problem documents show his license is suspended. >> councilman counsel mark, don't go yet. we show you this. before you go, before you go, before you go -- councilman where you going? >> what happened when we press for answers as fox 29 investigates. and fast food revelation. the secret recipe just posted online that peopl
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she checked her security camera. a man walking in going for the laptop. take good look. if you know who this guy is give philadelphia police a call. a montgomery county candidate for school board is under fire accused of making racist comments on social media. >> now some voters are asking if he should take himself out of the race. chris o'connell here tonight with a story you'll see only on fox. chris a lot of strong opinions on this one. >> there sure are guys. candidate in question is named scott, running as a republican
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for the methacton school board in the may 19th primary. pages and pages of his remarks were accept to us by parents in the district he hopes to represent. but some of those remarks are even too offensive to be shown on tv. >> scott's name appears on campaign signs all over the methacton school district. his face is on the local campaign facebook page with a slate of republican candidates. >> the man offensive. he's racist. >> reporter: when some parents like shannon ever took a closer look at scott mis u.s. social media comments they were shocked at what they saw. >> it's horrible. he doesn't belong here. he doesn't belong representing us and making decisions for this community. >> tears facebook comments on news articles posted under an accident that bears scott mi such. s's name. dozens provided to fox 29 news. one in december of 2013 reads about time that schools teachly
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real reason jewishes got their come ups ups whether hitler came to power. in july of last year another example negro blanking up life for white people and they wonder why they're so did he say spiced. and this. that's what happens when you marry a hill billy chick. blame a blank. >> the words the words speak for themselves. and i'd be worried that anyone with his views get endorsed a little bit scary. >> reporter: did the comments come from misu himself. >> he declined our quest for on camera interview. >> are these your words? >> after reading more than a dozen comments to him over the phone, mis u.s. never denied making comments only saying quote that doesn't sound like something i would say. i have no other comment. some parents we spoke with are concerned about mi such. s want to go lead their children. >> there's a lot of anger there. it sounds like a pretty anger person. i wonder how he'd work as part
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of a team in resolving the problems we have in our school district. >> reporter: report i tried reading out to the republican endorsed candidates and several running mates for a comment. we have yet to receive an official comment. >> iain. >> chris thank you. >> about 60 peco customers still without power after a schoolbus hit a utility pole this happened on front street in hunting park avenue around 4:00 this afternoon. peco crews have to reset that pole. they are working to get power restored as soon as possible. nobody in the bus was injured. delaware familiar who'll became very sick on spring break vacation in the us virgin islands still trying to recover. a lawyer representing steven edmund a teacher tattenall school in wilmington. he and his wife are still under going rehabilitation and there's two teenaged sons are still in critical condition now though at a hospital in philadelphia. the u.s. department of justice is investigating what happened. the family believes a banned pesticide sprayed at the resort where they were staying made them sick.
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two former political allies of new jersey governor chris christie pleading not guilty in the bridge gate scandal. this morning in federal court in newark former christie staff bridget ann kelly seen with the pink bag telling a judge she's not guilty. so did bill baroni one-time top port authority official. the pair is champed with conspiring to snarl traffic around the george washington bridge on the first day of school in 2013 to punish the local mayor. what did fort lee mayor done wrong? he wouldn't endorse governor christie's re-election. baroni says he's an innocent man man. >> i will testify on my ownby half as soon as the trial begins. and i will spend every day working to clear my name and get my reputation back. >> the us attorney says based on what they know now there will be no other charges in the case. governor christie has tweeted that this proves he had no role in the scheme. one way to get police and the community they serve
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together maybe a little hoops. the james wright rec center host add youth basketball game tonight. philadelphia police officers were there to chat with the players and community members. they're trying to create a closer bond through faith to faith communication especially with the city's youth. we're extremely excited about the opportunity of planning a seed where community collaboration organizations are comeing together throughout the city to be able to see the importance of police communications along with community relations with our youth in the community. >> events like these let kids open up in a relaxed pressure free environment. refrigerator aid that could land this young woman in prison. what police say she put in a roommate's footer that's both disgusting and criminal. >> a family driving across the bridge loses control and crashes. they get out and start walking for help the dad tumbles into the water blow.
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>> how he kept himself alive until help finally showed up. >> plus one dog owner counts his pet's new puppies and realizes something is wrong. one is missing. why it took firefighters to set this little guy free. >> tomorrow with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. crews will be out working i-95 both directions now down to one lane in the area of cottman avenue for the gang in the great northeast and then two new projects for the midday working on the boulevard between rhawn and strahle and media line road between route 3 and 252. look out for the gang heading to marple newtown high school. we'll have some traffic jams in the morning. sue and i will have traffic and
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♪ a woman stopped at a red light when she says the driver behind her started screaming and got out of his car with a knife. a nearby surveillance camera rah caught the entire thing. the the woman says when she stopped at a time light in stanford florida she noticed the car behind her was very close to her car. she tried to inch forward but the driver behind her just crept even closer. she says she was even heading into a crosswalk so she backed up a few inches and that's when she says he got out with a knife and started scratching her car. >> i got really scared but my mom and my son was with me, and um also because my son is autistic. i just call the police. >> the sheriff's office says good samaritan came over to get
3:24 am
a picture of the driver's license plate. that's when police say 62-year-old charles ben way trapped that man in his parking spot after a brief argument police say benway drove off. police found ben benway arrested him for aggravated assault and kidnapping. >> hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill later this month about the attacks in benghazi libya and about her e-mail practices. a lawyer for the democratic presidential candidate wrote to lawmakers today telling them she would agree to their quest from a special panel investigating investigating the september 2012 attacks that killed four americans. clinton only plans to appear once. >> two new candidates throwing their hat in the race for the white house. republican carli fiorini the former ceo of hewlett packard running for president. she won the 2010 republican nomination for u.s. senate in california but lost to democratic senator barbara boxer man.
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ben carson joining the pool of republican president sal candidate. carson making that announcement out of his hometown of dee point where he rose from poverty becoming the head of pediatric neurosurgeon of john hopkins hospital in baltimore. >> a three-year-old boy at a asked to bring out life animal at a minnesota zoo. >> were way walked out is not what he was expecting. >> come on out. >> aww. >> you see that. sergeant joseph scott just returned from a year in kuwait and in iraq while he was gone his son three-year-old evan had asked if they could go to the zoo when he finally got back home. he went to the zoo today and now you know the rest of the story. his dad make going on promise showed up, too. dr. says this local teen needs marijuana every day. it's legal but south jersey school says no way. the battle over jenny's health that's heating up. >> he's a local lecked official
3:26 am
who likes to drive a bus and park in front of the police door. records show his license is suspended. >> can i come down and talk to you? >> i'm busy right now. >> let me just say councilman, before you do it, let me show you this. >> no. >> why can't you show me that. >> councilman. >> what he has to say through that door. >> fox 29 investigates is ahead. scott? >> today was a summer sizzle. when to expect a cool down and
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>> the fight over medical
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marijuana. new jersey's medical marijuana laws have been criticized for both delays in implementation and conflicts within the law. local family says they're experiencing those issues first hasn't. >> fox 29's weekend bill anderson spent time with a young woman whose parents say her health is limbo because her school won't let her take her medical marijuana. ♪ >> reporter: today i met 16-year-old jenny barber of maple shade, new jersey. she deals daily with the challenges of bowl epilepsy and autism. so new jersey finally approved medical marijuana for children, her family was beyond ecstatic and they say they saw immediate improvements. >> everybody who saw her said oh my god look at jenny. they would look in her eyes and they would see more of -- an understanding somebody there. whereas before on the epileptic drugs she was a zombie. >> reporter: jenny takes a special cannabis oil that doesn't get her high but ran into trouble when a doctor prescribed a dose to be taken during the school day.
3:30 am
we were stunned. no discussion. followed their arms, no. >> reporter: the prescribed medication that they say jenny desperately needs is legal in new jersey but illegal nationally so technically to bring it on to school ground is a federal offense. >> federal law says it's illegal illegal. new jersey law says it's not. yet children can take their oxycontin, vicodin valium whatever they need in school and my daughter can't take medical marijuana. so we think it's a violation of the law in terms of her equal protection unthe constitution. >> reporter: barbers told me they were forced to sue the maple shade school district because their daughter is being denied the medication she needs to combat the painful and damaging seizures she experiences when she doesn't take the medical marijuana. >> pinching, kicking screaming and yelling and literally trying hurt people. when she gets her fourth dose of medical marijuana all of those bad behaviors are gone. >> reporter: school district attorneys say they can't just ignore the law and allow the
3:31 am
medical marijuana to be taken on school grounds. so the legal battle in politicking will continue. meanwhile people like johnny are forced to deal with the consequences. >> bill will keep us posted on what happens with jennyies battle over her treatment. >> a man got out of his car after blowing a tire on a very busy florida bridge but he lost his battle and fell into the water blow. he's a life to talk about it. reginald white was riding with his wife and daughter when the tire blue. the car spun out facing oncoming traffic. the mom and dad ran to safety. when dad tried if he lost his footing and fell 75 feet down. >> i felt myself falling. i was like -- i hit the water i knew i was in the water. >> i was in the water. i was going down. i was going down. i was going down. something told me you better fight. >> 75 feet.
3:32 am
injuries just some scrapes from the barnacles stuck to the piling he actually actually was able to swim to and hung on to as he waited for rescuers. he is exhausted as you might imagine but incredibly thankful to be alive. that is one story right there. >> incredible story. >> absolutely. >> our weather was quite a story today as we just got up to 85 degrees today. >> forget about spring. let's go right to summer. the high 85 degrees today you guys much that's 15 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. but believe it or not the record high for today's date 91 set back in 2001. even at this late hour, we're still looking at temperatures above our normal high for this time of year. it's 73 still in philadelphia. 72 in trenton. 71 right now in wilmington. so pretty mild. it was dry today. and of course with all that sunshine the dry low humidity, the pollen levels are pretty high. 10.9 and tomorrow they will will
3:33 am
fall during the afternoon and evening and then a little lower by the middle of the week thanks to some rainfall chances. no rain right now on ultimate doppler. a front off to the west. that will be our next chance for rain. scattered showers a few thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. tomorrow morning temperatures pretty mild. low 60s in philadelphia. we warm rapidly into the 80s but watch the clock. you can see by 5:00 p.m. we're looking at some rain cooled showers moving in. so just keep that in mind if you have some plans maybe tomorrow cinco de mayo looking at a few sadded showers and thunderstorms moving through the area. here's 8:00 o'clock most of the coverage will be down the shore by that time frame and then we'll keep some lingering clouds some cooler conditions for the middle of the week, and we'll keep some clouds around the first part of the day on wednesday as well as a few shower chances but high temperatures on wednesday will only be upper 60s low 70s as opposed to the mid 80s. then by the middle and latter part of the week, we'll watch some potential tropical or sub
3:34 am
trop pal development believe it or not toward sections of the carolinas. that could be some heavy rain, rough surf as well as rip currents. we'll keep you posted on that. burt temperatures pretty mild tonight. then moving ahead to tomorrow, mid 80s before that front moves in with the scattered showers and afternoon thunderstorms. cooler by wednesday a few lingering showers low 70s and then the heat pump warms us back into the 80s mid to upper 80s for mother's day weekend. 87 degrees lucy and iain on sunday for mom. >> isn't that a nice thing and thank you very much. a guy notices something wrong with his dog's new puppy. one is missing. why this firefighter sets this little guy free. >> the royal family announces the name of the newborn princess princess. the famous family member that shares part of the name. >> fast food revelation. a secret just posted online secret recipe people have been craving for years iain.
3:35 am
>> i wonder what it is. >> makeing prom dreams come true. >> how a local library is making sure that every girl. >> feels like cinderella. >> and who knew enchanting could be so great. >> what the heck is hank doing here. next chasing news.
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♪ colorado dog owner heard yelping decided to do a quick head counts on his dog's real puppies. realized he was one short. two week old baby who cannot see yet fallen down vent. baby girl got stuck on the sub floor of the home right between the main floor and the crawlspace, poor thing. fire department had to pry apart some of the floor and drywall but they save the puppy. >> we just heard crying. so we went -- we usual usually hear crying we come check on them and we -- she was in the hole. she was in the hole crying. so that's how we found out she was all the way down there. >> owner says his dog has seven puppies. little girl who got stuck is going to be just fine n your money tonight secret recipe not so secret any more if you love mexican chipotle sharing its
3:39 am
guac recipe. the company posted it right on its website. doesn't look much different than any other guac recipe. the per peck avocado soft like the palm of your hand, you coat them with salt, lime juice after scooping them into your bowl most recipes add the juice last. folding the rest it ingredients will help team the tech cher as well. >> i thought you were going to biff knee gfc. i was waiting for that one. >> star wars fans around the world know what day it is. may the fourth is trending and businesses are joining in the fun. get it. may the fourth be with you? >> haha. >> little laughter. beat from mcdonald's in the philippines luke fry walker. volkswagen turned into a lifesaver and a tweet from southwest saying quote use the fares, luke.
3:40 am
like the guac recipe from chipotle. >> her royal highness has a name name. >> kensington palace nounsing william and kate named their newborn daughter charlotte elizabeth diana. the name plays distribute to her grandfather diana. charlotte happens to be a middle name. 2us books was wager on the name. >> refrigerator raid that could lat land this young woman in prison what she put in her roommate's food that's disgusting and criminal also this. >> councilman coup man don't go yet. let me show you this. before you go, before you go before you go, councilman where you going? >> jeff cole looking for answers local councilman likes to drive around town. one problem documents show his
3:41 am
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>> fox 29 investigates taking a hard look at a local councilman who likes to motor around town in an suv. but there's one big problem. records show his license is suspended. >> when we tried to ask a few questions he locked himself in the clerk's office. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: nestled along the
3:44 am
delaware, penns grove, new jersey s a tiny salem county borough of just over 5,000 people. its small town the borough look to be struggling as well. sitting in the middle of it all the former firehouse known as borrow hall. >> parked right in front of police. >> reporter: it's here for the door marked police we found borough councilman carl washington saundering over to this blue suv and driving off. >> there he goes. report roar what's wrong with that? plenty of. according to new jersey motor vehicle commission records obtained by fox 29 investigates carl washington's driver's license is suspended. he's not supposed to be driving. but over several days last month, that's exactly what we saw him do over and over again. and even before we were able to get out a question about it washington didn't want to talk. >> how are you?
3:45 am
>> hey councilman. i'm jeff cole from fox. can i talk to you a minute. >> i really don't have time right now. dope go in yet. don't go in yet. >> more from him in a moment. according to this certified motor vehicle record carl washington's driver history is long and troubled. his recent problems start in april of 2014 when he bounced a check for his driver's license. one month later the records shows he failed to comply with a court record and is his license was suspended. another citation for a dishonored tore bad check appears on the same day. a couple days later he's cited for non payment of insurance surcharge. his license remains suspended. but that didn't stop him on the afternoon of friday, april 20th when we saw him drive from his penns grove neighborhood to borrow hall and go in. an hour later he leaves. climbs behind the wheel and motors off. now it's four days later and there's the bluford forward parked alongside borrow hall at
3:46 am
about 2:30. an hour ticks by and here's the councilman keys in hand sliding in the suv and driving. remember records show his license is suspended. >> 2:15. >> april 15th just after 2:00 p.m. and again washington is hitting the road from borrow hall. fast forward now to tuesday the 21st of april. 3:30 in the afternoon. and there's penns grove councilman carl washington again motoring off. >> when we pressed for answers it was off to the races isn't don't go in yet. i got to ask you something. i've got your drivers transcript here man. you're suspended. councilman councilman, don't go yet. let me show you this. before you go, before you go, before you go, councilman where you going? come on. let me come down and talk to you. can i come down and talk to you. >> i'm busy right now. >> let me just say listen, listen councilman before you do
3:47 am
it, let me show you this. >> no. >> why can't i show you that? councilman? councilman? seriously man come on. this is a serious issue right? >> councilman? i got you suspend as of last year. >> why would you drive a car if you're suspended? >> have you seen me driving. >> yes sir, four or five times. >> oh, okay. >> carl washington has been on borrow council since 2011 he sits on the public safety committee which oversees the police. a community activist make the explosive claim that local authorities know of washington driving while suspended. but they've looked the other way way. >> walter hudson is also an lecked member of the borough school board. he says when he learned that carl washington had gotten this ticket in nearby logan township for driving while suspended, he alerted the borough's top
3:48 am
officials this fall when records show washington's license had been pulled. >> i brought it to the attention of mayor washington, um, and also i brought it to the attention of police chief garr bet. >> mayor -- >> we went hot home of penns grove mayor washington. he was inside but refused to come out. by phone he said he did not know washington was suspended and hudson never told him. >> that conversation with walter your believe is that did not happen? >> the borough's chief of police also says hudson never mentioned the suspension to him. washington's ticket for driving while suspended in logan was amended to fail failure to exhibit documents and he plead guilty. walter hudson meanwhile has trouble of his own. he says he's innocent of criminal charges he's faceing after brawling with police at a school. he says, carl washington is getting a break reserved for the powerful. >> it seems when it comes to councilman carl washington because he's on the police
3:49 am
committee and public safety committee that they're looking the other way. >> reporter: why would you drive a car if you're suspended? as fort councilman. last we saw him, he was hold up in the clerk's office. >> can i come in? that does that mean you are suspend and do you drive. >> new york it doesn't. >> okay. can i show you the transcript then. >> no, sir. >> sure, well, listen 52514. non payment insurance surcharge. suspended. right? councilman? did you lock the door? >> a day after the councilman lock himself in the clerk's office i returned to borrow hall and left my card asking him to call me. he didn't. court records show in 2011 he was caught at borrow hall driving without a license by two county officers. he claimed his wife was driving. but he was found guilty. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> all right.
3:50 am
dispute between roommates goes too far. one girl turn to the refrigerator to get revenge. >> what she's accused of of doing to her roommate's food could land her in jail. 22-year-old university of south carolina student haley king facing charges after she was allegedly caught on video spraying within deck on and spitting in her roommate's food. roommates say there have been several altercations with king leading up to the incident. she is charged with unlawful malicious tampering among other charges and could face up to 20 years in jail. >> howard eskin in the house. >> yes, i am. >> okay. if you were unhappy with that boring fight on saturday night between mayweather and pacquiao you will really be angry how you were ripped off with the latest news. and the phil he's generated some offense with the miffled their batting order. you hahaha
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ okay. phillies are playing in the final series of their 10 game road trip. not sure exactly what they play for these days obviously to win. but the general manager ruben amaro is still looking for some team that would take ryan howard who was not in the starting
3:54 am
lineup tonight. let's go to at hasn't at a. darrin ruf was in the starting lineup so was jeff francoeur. jeff francoeur had four hits tonight. batting fifth. darrin ruf batted fourth he had three hits tonight. one run in the first inning, one-zero. carlos ruiz knocks in one run. three-zero. jeff francoeur through a little defense into the game. behind aaron harang make the catch in right field. phillies go on to win it five-wolf ryan how war not in the lineup and chase utley 404-batting .103. >> stef curry is the nba mvp the the best shooter in a long time. finishing second was houston's james harding chicago bulls and cavaliers to cleveland. derek rose was specific tonight. derek rose guarded by lebron james hits the three.
3:55 am
in a 15-zero run in the third quarter but they had to hang on in the fourth quarter. chicago goes on to beat jimmy butler helps out things here with the basket off the board and it's 99-92 chicago wins the first game of that series. boxing fans may now really be feel like they were ripped off if they paid either at the fight or the pay per view. tonight we find out that sore right shoulder that manny pacquiao got rile training for the mayweather fight is a torn right rotator cuff. he and boxing knew he was hurt going into the fight but he got paid. that sport is criminal. all right. stanley cup playoffs. rangers and caps. to washington, only one score in the game by the team in the red. that's the washington caps. beagle behind the net hits the skate and goes in. washington beats the rangers one-zero. they lead the series two games to one. great fight in hockey. to montreal in white is brayden
3:56 am
colburn the former fire against brandon. it doesn't matter tampa is killing them in the series. they won both games in montreal but so angry he throws his elbow into the bench. tampa players do, just give it to the fans. >> absolutely. >> that's the best. >> hockey is great. >> i love play off hockey. >> especially toward stanley cup play off time n detroit they used to throw octopus on to the ring. >> they have done it for 20 some years. >> tnz is up next. >> we're back here for your fox 29 morning news. good day as well. sue serio and bob kelly have you all covered with weather and traffic so be sure to stay tune.
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good morning, a toddler spotted on a third floor roof what bystanders wanted him to do before help arrive. local school board in camden under fire in this morning. what it posed on social media this morning. another warm start to the morning and more warm weather on the way as well. few scattered showers. sue serio has full details in your forecast. >> good day it is cinco de mayo. that is right the the cinco de mayo. the it is a celebration type weather forecast, right sue serio. >> it is plenty of excuses to party today, you don't need weather to cooperate but good portion of the the day it will. we are seeing an increase in cloud and as we widen out


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