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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 6, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ right now septa bus just pulled off a set of train tracks in south philadelphia. you can see the bus passengers and on board got stuck feet from a freight train. witnesses thought they were about to see a terrible accident right before their eyes g evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. fox 29's shawnette wilson spoke to the driver. she's life at the scene on columbus boulevard in south philadelphia tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: septa officials tonight are telling me that the driver of that bus and two passengers were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. it is unclear though how they were hurt. i'm told that train was not moving when this happened. >> i didn't know if the train was moving. i thought mayor they were going to collide and cause a big explosion and big accident.
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>> reporter: hours after septa bus came face to face with a freight train crews were still working to free the bus from the tracks. skyfox shows the heart stopping seen hours before. it was just after 6:00 when the bus somehow ended up on the tracks along columbus boulevard near dickinson street. >> it was probably around 5 feet away. one of the pictures i took it looks like it was definitely going to hit. >> lauren was sitting in traffic when it happened. she tweeted several pictures from the scene. she says she saw the bus traveling north on columbus, then tried to make a u-turn at dickenson street. >> bus actually crossed over where you can drive over in front of the tracks and then it pulled a u-turn and went into the train tracks and got caught up right in front of the train. >> reporter: septa officials say the route 29 bus had just left the pier 70 shopping center on columbus boulevard and was headed to its final stop at 33rd and dickinson. septa says the freight train wasn't moving but was blocking several intersections along columbus including the normal route for the bus at tasker
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street. >> about a thousand box cars on the back of it and it was heavy traffic. a lot of the crossovers were block. >> reporter: frank says it happened fast. he was leaving the nearby wawa when it happened. >> when he came off the turn, he immediately went over and jump the curb and went on to the tracks. >> reporter: and back here live septa officials tell me they are reviewing video from surveillance cameras on that bus bus. it is still unclear what caused the driver to go on the tracks. iain? >> all right sean nest, thank you. philadelphia police are looking for the man who sexually assaulted a woman inside a van. here's a look at the suspect's vehicle driving through fishtown early friday morning. police also releaseing a 67 of the guy inside pulled up next a woman on east york street and held her at gun point. the victim told police she got into the van and was sexually assaulted. she was released a few blocks away. west philadelphia a family's worst nightmare. the eight-year-old daughter
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suddenly became the victim of gun violence. she's at chop with surgery scheduled for tomorrow. and parents pray for a full recovery. they're also hoping police find the person who pulled the trigger. fox 29's dave schratwieser is outside chop and police say all of this stemmed from road rage. >> reporter: lucy, police say this is a classic road rage type incident. a black car pulled up, a single shot was fired into the rear seat of a car the girl who was wounded is just hours away now from surgery to remove a bullet from her skull. >> my daughter, she's making progress. but she's in pain. >> reporter: for the parents of little ania curry there's deep concern over their eight-year-old daughter who is about to undergo surgery to remove a 22 caliber bullet from her skull. >> she's eight years old. she didn't deserve it. she didn't deserve it. she didn't -- >> a child and it could have been my daughter would have been dead. >> reporter: second grader was shot in the head and what police say was a classic road rage type
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incident saturday night in the 5400 block of haverford avenue. latisha and her fiance' james hall had just pulled up in front of their house when car approached and a single shot crashed through the rear window and into the rear seat where ania and hall' twos daughters were also sitting. >> pulled up and shot into my car. >> she's straight a student. she love to dance, zinc and all that. just full of life. >> investigators say this was a random shooting. >> whoever this idiot was who fired this gun needs to the the right thing be a man accept responsible for what you did. >> i heard a pop. >> his three-year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat and a four-year-old when the shot rang out. he says it could have been worse worse. >> kids are important. kids are a blessing i just want them to step forward. >> reporter: with ania in pain and faceing surgery at children's hospital her parents and hall have a message for the gunman. >> just turn yourself in. >> somebody should come forward v some type of sympathy.
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>> they have no record for life at all. this is a child. >> reporter: police looking for two suspects they're also looking for surveillance video and witnesses. if you have any information call southwest detectives or the police tip line at 215686 tips. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. this philadelphia mom faces serious charges. one day after first responders rescued her toddler from a third story roof. police say 22-year-old claire bell and 17-year-old mom left their children alone inside an apartment in frankford. bell' twos-year-old son eventually made his way on to a third floor roof through an open window you see him right there. a one-year-old boy was close to climbing out. rescuers eventually pull the boys to safety. they're both okay. but bell and the 17-year-old face multiple charges of endangering their children. a bensalem township police officer is in the hospital tonight after his police motorcycle collided with a car. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon near knights and street roads. officials say a car was pulling
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out of a shopping center when it hit officer. the driver did stop and is cooperating with police. police say the officer is expected to be okay. on your radar a slight cool down. people still out tonight in short sleeves and dresses in center city. looking mighty nice. no need for a coat right now. lovely thing scott. >> you know, we are going to see slightly cooler temperatures, but you're not going to need to pull out the winter jackets or sweaters by any means. as we take a look what's happening satellite/radar showing a front that's slowly moving through. it's been sparking off a few showers even thunderstorms we'll get to that coming up but 78 degrees. still pretty warm in philadelphia off to the west. 67 in pittsburgh. 50s in detroit. you can see the cooler air off to the north and west it's knot not going to get that cool tomorrow but certainly temperatures back to near average levels. take look at ultimate doppler lit up right now through cumberland county. cedarville bridgeton millville, looking at a thunderstorm with some downpours
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also around the pitts grove area looking at some thunderstorm activity. but most of the area is still dry and quiet. so hour by hour, by 11:00 o'clock still watching for some action toward dover as well as wilmington. by 1:00 a.m., and then tomorrow morning, it's cloudy, pretty mild. but look at the temperatures. you can see not warming as rapidly, high temperatures tomorrow upper 60s and low 70s. find out about that mother's day forecast as well as things starting to heat up a bit in sections of the tropics all coming up. back to you. >> all right. scott, thanks. close call for people inside a local business today as an suv ends up way off course. you see how close it was bust through this philly pretzel factory in mt. airy. nobody inside was hurt. fortunately the vehicle went through the front of a vacant store. those who watched it happened say the accident could have been much worse. >> how close it is. it could have been this store. >> reporter: it could have been you. >> yes, it could have. >> i mean praise the lord. that's all i can say.
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>> well, police say the driver was trying to back into a parking spot when she hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. she was not seriously hurt. officials say there's no structural damage to the building. bit at school and mom says a student did not leave these marks on her son's arm. she says a person who was supposed to protect her special needs child is the one who bit him. fox 29's dave kinchen spoke to the mom in a story you'll see only on fox. >> he has to go. there's no way any man who bit my child or any child can remain in that schoolworking with kids period. >> angry message from stephanie dixon to the teacher's aid who she says bit her son at lowell elementary school in olney monday afternoon. >> after he took his shirt off i noticed a bite mark on his shoulder. >> reporter: dixon says she took these pictures of the injury and then called police fuming in the process. >> he needs to lose his job. his certification, whatever he has, it has to go. you don't bite a child. >> reporter: officials with the school district of philadelphia confirm they are investigating the allegation
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which begins with a teacher's assistant breaking up a fight on the schoolbus before students were taken home. >> my son is autistic. does he have melt downs. another kid antagonized my son. that point a fight broke out and they were separated. >> dixon says her son wears this wrist band that says pleads don't touch me and carries the symbol for autism. the aid who is therefore there for emotional support did not know how to deescalate the situation properly. >> he said the man was restraining him the wrong way. he told him to get off of him or he's going to bite him and the man straight said, i'm going to bite you back and then he did. i don't care if my son bit him a hundred times, spit in his face, kicked in in his bleep. there's no excuse for the man who works for the school district of to bite a child. put his hands on any child for any reason. >> school district officials say the boy was transferred into another classroom while they investigate the allegation the teacher's aid is still on the job. >> in spring garden, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. and the school district tells us it has told the staff in question to stay away from
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the child during its investigation. the red cross helping five families in reading to night after a massive fire spread through their homes this morning. here's what's left of these houses on the 900 block of east laurel street four units were completely destroyed. two more damaged by smoke. everybody made it out safely. investigators are now working to figure out how this fire started started. >> new details in attack on a controversial art contest in texas. isis now says that it is behind the shooting and the terrorist group warns more attacks are on the way. this marks the first time isis has claimed that it is behind an attack on american soil. police say they killed suspects elton simpson and into nadir soofi scene in these images after the two opened fire in texas. one security guard is hurt. that art contest featured cartoons depictly prophet mohammed highly offensive to muslim. simpson had been on the fbi radar since a 2011 conviction for lying to federal agents and a terrorism probe. his sentence three years
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probation. an explosion rocks a subway just inches from workers on the track. they're okay. what one worker was trying to pry out in under that train that blue up in his face. new video shows children just terrified when their schoolbus driver traps them inside. >> parents try to bust down the bus door when the driver takes off. what he told the children inside when they begged to get off. plus it's a big problem for local restaurants. people who eat and drink and then they skip out on the check. waitresses and bartenders have a new trick to catch those trying to dine and dash. the weapon they say is working. >> teenager in the fight of her life battling a rare disease. forced to make a choice most teens have never even considered considered. her brave decision now for her future.
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two men robbed a van delivering prescription drugs to a rite aid on the 2600 block of midvale avenue in east falls this afternoon. police say the robbers took off in burgundy mini van. so far no arrests. it's a server or bartender's worst nightmare a move that leads to huge losses forrester aunts. the dine and dash. but now some restaurants aren't solely relying on the police to catch the well fed thieves. >> they are turning to social media and they are getting results. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us now. chris, how does all of this work. >> reporter: guys, if you talk to any waiter, waitress, bartender, chances are it's
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happened to them. a customer who skips out without paying the check. well now a days those people getting stiffed are using a new weapon to catch those dine and dash crooks. after tending bar in center city for the past 15 years harry kauffman says it's happened more than a few times. >> it happens. it happens quiet a bit. i've chased people out of the restaurant. i've tracked them down the street. >> reporter: when a woman walked out on a $76 check at moriarty's bar on walnut street in center city bartenders were shocked when they say that very same customer walked right back in a week later. this time another bartender snapped the picture and posted it on facebook saying, this lady is a repeat dine and dash cher. you were warned. >> i decideed to put her out there on facebook to blast her. give a warning to the on the bartenders in the area. and it's kind of like a town watch. >> reporter: they believe it's
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the same woman whose been targetingtargeting center city restaurants according to court records the woman has been arrested seven times so far this year including several charges for theft of services. the crime commonly known as dining and dashing. >> there's dependent on income and they're dependent on the tips you're out of loss. >> reporter: this man owns tailgators bar and grill. he didn't need the cops. he used facebook to post surveillance individual photos of a woman who left without paying her $50 tab of crab legs last month. the post was shared, hundreds of times and low and behold, anonymous money order came in the male the very next day paying for the bill. many times it's the workers who get stiffed who are required to pay the bill out of their own pocket. but now a camera and some social media shaming can lead to quick justice. >> police have a lot of more important things to do.
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i'm not going to bother them for something like that. they didn't hurt anybody. they just walk out. if i can take the initiative and maybe try and solve it myself, why not? >> reporter: the one suspect in that rash of center city dine and dash thefts was arrested and is awaiting trial after five separate arrests all of them in the month of april. iain. >> chris, thank you. >> update now to a story you saw first on fox 29 last night. a man running for a spot on the methacton school board has lost the endorsement of his party after our story aired. scott my suss wants to be on the school board but several concerned parents contacted us after they say misus posted racist homophobic and anti semitic online. the chairman revoke his endorsement. he tells fox 29 yesterday the postings quote didn't sound like something i would say. the republican party says the ballots are already printed and they're working on getting a write in candidate.
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local man says he's been living in fear worried crumbling row home next door is going to bring down his home with it. he says it's so dangerous he can't even go into his own backyard. repeated calls to the city got him nowhere he turned to fox 29. our bruce gordon went right to work. report. >> about 2:00 o'clock in the morning, i hear a tremendous crash, boom, bam bam. glass breaking whatever. >> reporter: it was about two week ago during a heavy wind and rainstorm that the long vacant home next to bill magill's place finally gave way. most of the rubble tr from the partial collapse landed on the ground but two large wooden beams acted like missiles with bill's home as the target. >> you got two joist right come through your windows. >> right, through my windows. >> reporter: backyard tree knocked down several years ago during hurricane sandy further damaged what was already a dangerously deteriorating structure. each new storm brought new concerns. culminating with that april collapse. magill says he called the city's dement of licenses and
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inspections repeated to report the danger. >> okay. bye, sir click no response. absolutely no response. >> reporter: in fact back on april 13th l and i had posted the neighboring property as quote unsafe. problem is that designation does little to get prompt action. so i got involved. i snapped a photo of the collapsed scene and sent it to l and i top brass. within an hour, an inspector was on the scene to take a fresh look. he reposted the property this time designateing it eminently dangerous. that pushing the property to the top of the list of demolition jobs. magill's reaction -- >> once it's down we'll sleep fine, thank you. yes, sir. once again channel 29 has come to the rescue. >> reporter: license and i commissioner williams tells me a fuller more complete reinspection of that partially collapsed home will take place in 10 days. the extent of the damage will quickly determine how quickly demolition takes place. if things are bad enough the house could come down almost
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heed immediately in the newsroom getting results i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> if you'd like fox 29 to help you get results. head to our website you'll fine the bottom on the of our home page. >> philadelphia police arrest add man for stealing a shrub right out of a woman' beyond a reasonable doubt in northeast philadelphia. police say 40-year-old joseph, doug up the plant at the home on the 8,000 block of augusta street. he returned -- returned -- turned himself in after he saw the video of the crime shared on where else social media. motorcyclist trapped pinned under a talk but alive. other drivers rushing in to help help. >> don't move. don't move, sir. don't move. >> you all right man. you got some help coming. >> don't move, don't move. >> how he wound up under that truck in the middle of a busy road. >> a playground packed with children when a massive tree crashes down. two young boys are hurt. what witnesses heard seconds before that tree came down. plus, the price is right winner going viral tonight.
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a woman in a wheelchair told to come on down. she was playing for that set you have an internet fire storm. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. road crews out bound newtown road shut down through the midday sugar town over to waterloo. watch for delays tomorrow and then they're going to be working on the overnight into early tomorrow morning. here on the pennsylvania turnpike. between philly bensalem and willow grove. same deal in northeast philadelphia work crews active out at cottman avenue. some rain on the way. sue and i will have traffic and weather when we see you
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♪ 56 years on the run but tonight no more. former akron ohio resident frank fresh water social security now 79 years old after all these years police finally found him in orlando and he admitted his true identity. a jury convicted him of fatally strikeing a pedestrian in 1957. but he escaped from prison two years later. it took almost two decades but police finally caught him in 1975 but again he got away. police never did give up finally tracked him to orlando this week week. >> a chaotic scene unfolds after a biker got pinned under a truck in california. >> he's breathing. he's breathing much he's getting good breaths. >> dozens of witnesses rushing in to keep him calm and keep him from moving. others tried to jack up the truck while they waited for help
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to get there. police say the biker sideswiped a vehicle fell off his ride and landed on the road. the driver of the pick up could not stop in time and ran over the man. tonight he is in the hospital. you decide tonight. preacher turned politician once again a presidential hopeful. former arkansas governor mike hug good bee the latest to announce he'll make a run for the white house much it is his second bid for the presidency he came up short in 2008 despite winning the iowa caucuses. sixth republican announce his candidacy. a witness seasoned exactly like a war movie when a gunman opened fire inside a packed colorado movie theater. >> james holmes is on trial for the rampage and 12 people were killed, 70 others hurt in that attack and today one of the women inside that theater took the stand. denise axelrod toll the court that she and her husband had just returned from their honeymoon when they decided to see the batman movie on july 20th 2012. axelrod described the gunfire and chaos that erupted at one point she told the court she let
3:25 am
her husband know how much she loved him fearing they wouldn't make it out alive. >> it was obviously -- i was obviously very frightened but i didn't scream. i don't remember saying anything except i love you and please make it stop. um, there was just so much screaming and so much gunfire. >> both axelrod and her husband were shot. but survived. attorneys for the accused gunman acknowledged he was the shooter but they say he's not guilty by reason of insanity. >> man just waiting for the train when he's attack. punched and shoved right on to the tracks. the two things police say the robbers wanted. plus it's hottest new app to help you avoid potholes traffic jams even police why cops say it could possibly put officers lives at risk. scott? >> iain little bit of a cool down on tap for tomorrow but what about rainfall chances? will we have any more this week? details next. >> and unexpected visitor inside an australian hospital.
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what this koala does after walk into the er. ♪
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right now at 10 cot 30 the search for a deadly hit-and-run driver almost one month after a crash that killed a man in camden county his grieving family joining police looking for clues. >> they're hoping somebody knows something about the driver who took off. someone hit their arthritic-year-old christopher dean left him lying on the side of the road in audubon in early april. today family members joined authorities handing out flyers to people who live and drive through the area. they're hoping someone may have seen what happened. dean's family has a message for whoever was behind that wheel. >> it would be nice if the person could say i'm sorry because we would -- we would forgive him or her and we would like that opportunity to be able to forgive them. >> medics rushed dean to the hospital where he died a short time later. if you have any information about what happened, call
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audubon police. the new u.s. attorney general paid a visit to police officers in baltimore. calling them the hardest working police officers in america today today. lynch told the police the u.s. justice department will help work their struggles she accept a thank you to those on the front lines with the baltimore community one of six baltimore officers charged in the death of freddie gray wants a key piece of evidence to be made public. officer howard nero who was previously a firefighter in gloucester county says prosecutors are claiming claiming that the knife gray was carrying was legal under maryland law. two of the six officers face misdemeanor charges. the other four are chargeed with felonies including second degree murder. the knife was illegal therefore the arrest was legal. the prosecutors office declined to comment on the pending case. special honor for nearly two dozen residents in radnor township tonight. >> let's take a look these are the first graduates of the radnor citizens police academy.
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>> after nine weeks of training, these 21 graduates took center stage along with the radnor color guard taking home certificate of completion and this is key a much better understanding of what police do every single day. facebook chief operateing officer cheryl sandberg posting an emotional tribute to her late husband dave goldberg passed away last week man behind survey died after falling on a treadmill over the weekend. sandberg used facebook today to thank friends and family for their love and support. she closed the tribute by saying things will never be the same but the world is better for the years her husband lived. the daughter of an nnfl player is back in the hospital. >> but all for a planned procedure doctors hope will destroy any remaining cancer cells. we've been following little lea's battle with cancer. she is the daughter of cincinnati bengals player devon still. he posted a picture of lea to his instagram page today. lea is receiving a stem cell transplant. it's a four to six week
3:32 am
procedure of high doses of chemo in aims to kill off any remaining cancer cells that might be in her body. still says it is a serious procedure but lea's spirits are high and i know that a lot of people are praying for her. >> absolutely. let's get a check what's on your radar tonight. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> iain and lucy it's been warm warm. passed two days the high of 85 degrees. we did it today. 85 the normal though for this time of year is 71. so temperatures well above where we should be for this time of year. in fact look at the numbers right now. it's still 78 degrees in philadelphia. you have the concrete the urban heat island effect on going. 66 wildwood. 68 right now in pottstown and 71 in allentown. off to the north and west there is some slightly cooler air. we have 47 degrees in traverse city. low 50s in detroit. 67 right now in pittsburgh. it's not that chilly but we're looking at a cooler day tomorrow tomorrow. what about the allergy report? the pollen levels have been high high. a little reprieve for wednesday.
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due to clouds maybe a few spotty showers. but then thursday, friday, it goes back into the high category. so we have this front that's going to be sagging through overnight and during the day tomorrow. it's been sparking off a few pop up showers and even some thunderstorms across the area. off to the far north and west you can see around harrisburg, watching some activity that's trying to move into lancaster county and then into sections of south jersey. pretty moderate downpours right now moving out of cumberland into atlantic county eventually moving into cape may county as well so just keep that in mind that you will hear rumbles thunder there. so as we roll the clock ahead you can see watching a few pockets of showers. south jersey, sections of delaware overnight then tomorrow we're stuck with clouds p most of the day and temperatures only upper 60s and low 70s. that seven day forecast showing you high temperatures tomorrow low 70s. so a little reprieve from the mid 80s. but then enjoy that break
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because thursday, 80. 84 on friday. look at mother's day weekend. 86 saturday. 87 degrees on mother's day. and then next best chance for rain not until early next week. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. who doesn't love koalas. check who strolled through the doors of an australian hospital. moseyed past the tree an courage station. leaded into the waiting room. turned around and headed out the way he came in and that was it that was that. >> explosion rocks a subway inch from workers on the track. they are okay. what one worker was trying to pry out from under that train that blue up in his face. >> parents try to bust down that bus door when the driver takes off.
3:35 am
what he toll the children inside when they begged to get off. plus the price is right winner going viral tonight. a woman in a wheelchair told to come and down. what she was playing for that set off an internet fire storm. >> a new twist in the hit show royals. >> blast from the past is joan collins joins the crew. >> and she tells us the royals will become cat fight central. >> and obedience school that abuseabuses
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♪ >> wild scene on the subway tracks in new york. mta worker hospital hopped on the tracks to remove a garbage can and poke it with stick. you can see it right there then you see what happens next. bad explosion. sparks showering the worker. burt an mta spokesperson says he's not hurt. new york city police think a gang known to cause trouble in the subway system put the garbage can on the track. in your money big changes coming to the menu at panera bread. they're joining a string of
3:39 am
other fast casual restaurants pulling all artificial ingredients from its men use. the chain will drop or change a third of its ingredients bite end of next we're year. the company is the latest to jump on the trend of putting items with natural ingredients on the menu. >> jet blue spreading wings airline is add adding second flight to cuba. you'll have to get to yours to jfk international airport first. opening of relations to the island nation jet blue now flying south twice a week. in case you're wondering the flights three hours 20 minutes long. a woman's dream comes true when she gets called, come oh down. >> the prize she won on the price is right has everyone talking tonight. the show was posted on the cbs website. daniel perez who uses a wheelchair to get around got called to come on down then closest bid without going over and she made it on stage. everyone's dream right? >> right. >> what daniel wouldn't has gone viral. >> george, what do we got for her. >> couple of prices danielle.
3:40 am
we've got treadmill and a new sauna. >> one two three couldn't garage layings. >> good for you. >> you win! >> perez is having good laugh about the whole thing she's been tweeting all day. one tweet says i won the treadmill if winning it was wrong i don't want to be right. i'm still cracking up. drew cary the host of the price is right responding to her tweets as well. perez tweeted i won the treadmill and i've been popping wheel lease all morning. cary replied love you. >> that's great. it's a hottest new app to help you avoid potholes traffic jams and police? it could actual pot officers lives at risk. >> teenager in the fight her life battling a rare disease forceed to make choice most teens have never even considered
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>> scary moments in a massachusetts park. several kids playing outside a boston went massive tree just comes crashing down. witnesses say they heard cracking sound before the tree fell. officers say a two and eight-year-old boy were hurt. one being treated for a possible
3:44 am
fractured skull. the park is now closed as a precaution until other trees in the area are deemed safe. new video tonight shows the chaos on a schoolbus pack with children when the driver refused to let them out. we told you about this guy last week. >> parents even tried to bust down the door to get their kids when the driver took off. fox's mark martinez takes us inside the bus. >> reporter: it all star the last tuesday afternoon when a bus driver says a group of kids from elementary school were being unruly on his bus and he wouldn't let them out at the bus stop until they behaved. some parents waiting at the stop became upset and started knocking on the door. one dad tried to pry it open to get his kids.
3:45 am
some of the kids especially the little ones started to get upset crying and asking for their parents. as the situation escalator the driver decided to take off and head back to the school and the bus went into sheer chaos. >> parents called 911. officers met the bus at the the school where the kids were finally releaseed. >> school district is not saying much tonight but officials say they are investigating the bus company says the driver was placed on administrative leave. surveillance cameras roll as a group of people attack a man on a light rail platform in arizona. in march three people walked up
3:46 am
to that guy on the platform near downtown phoenix one man you saw what just happened. one man punched him until he tumbled on the track. three also stole his bike and his backpack. >> new app has been praised for keeping drivers away from traffic jams and tight spots but now causing problems for police departments and drivers. fox 29's dave kinchen reports on the waz worries. >> you can call it the intersection between navigation and social media. >> i would say similar to facebook on gps. that's why i like it. >> reporter: another set of eyes on your phone while your eyes are on the road. >> when you know something is going on ahead you can look at the nat ways to basically get where you are report roar since the creation of waz a tool drivers are using to plan their journey minimizing or eliminating hassles or delays. >> i think it's helpful knowing when there's construction or accident. the other day i noticed there was an accident on 295. it was helpful for that.
3:47 am
>> i took waze for a spin up 295 in esther h i can see the road has narrowed a bit. one of the lanes shut down. and that will pop up on waze. >> there it is. the blue arrow shows road position and the construction ahead indicates the problem we're in. click on it and a box said road construction. one lane closed in chester township. >> it's great. i love it. >> in terms its usefulness i think it's great. >> you click the tab in the lower right hand corner. press accident and tell other if's it's minor or major. his hey hazard if you see one. describe it or take a picture of it to share. >> pretty accurate. informative. it gives you an alert. if the police are sitting up there waiting on you. but that's the part that worries some cops. you can post whether a police officer is hidden orvis cybill and take a picture of them. in today's police climate chiefs around the country worry their
3:48 am
officers could be tar the get. >> the concern is we have police in an area and someone that meant harm to the police officers would using the app something torn its intended purpose. >> lap top cop is lobbying google to make change. >> total information is not good. all of us are becoming increasingly aware of that as technology increases. >> police point to the man who ex queued 2nypd officers last december. at the time they said the shooter used waze to track cops. apartment's maker disputes that. the possibility does put police on edge. >> i couldld see their perspective on that. drives we talked with have their own concerns. >> i don't know how people can report information when they're driving. that's what i wonder because something pops up i'm like okay how do you -- who you do people put that in there? >> i guess if you're a driver don't use it. >> reporter: right. >> but if off passenger yeah, i mean turn your voice things on and maybe you'll get update that
3:49 am
way. >> reporter: the creators of waze tell us it has never been used to law enforcement and there are many ways feature support officers safety in the overall goals of law enforcement enforcement. >> police actually welcome it publishing speed trap information and helping let motorists know to move over a lane because there's police activity ahead. in the newsroom dave kin help fox 29 news. >> it's a decision not even op the radar for teenaged girls. >> but a 17-year-old from texas facing a life-threatening illness to make really tough choice. doctors diagnosed morning ken tree patton with a rare form of some type bone marrow failure. she needed a transplant and chemotherapy. but she also found out the treatment could make her infertile. a non-profit group stepped in to make with a procedure to store her eggs angels mommas turned to facebook for help. and raised more than $5,000 in three days. >> knowing that her eggs were
3:50 am
stored n the potentially as an adult she has a choice she can use those eggs and have family brings a lot of peace. a lot of peace. and it gives her hope for the future. >> morning ken tree is feeling better and has plans to go to the prom this weekend with a friend that has also had a bone marrow transplant. how about? good for her. >> all right. here's howard with what's up in sports. >> i've got a competition that tolls you without any question many people are just flat out nuts. and the phillies had a pitcher starring for the first time in phillies uniform. and for the first time back in the big leagues since 2013 and chase it utley will not be playing for awhile. that's coming up in sports.
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i don't think it really mattered. in the fourth inning chad billingly throws that pitch to johnson much that's a three run homer. five innings, six runs and shelby miller the pitcher for the atlanta braves went the distance. nine innings his last out ryan howard the strike out he went one for four. still hitting under 200 phillies lose it nine to nothing.
3:55 am
all right. stanley cup playoffs. one of the favorite chicago blackhawks playing minnesota. let's go to minnesota. they're already up in the series two games to nothing. first period, chicago in white. on the power play, patrick cane he is just incredible. chicago wins it one to nothing. that was the only goal. they lead in the series three games to none. nba playoffs washington in atlanta. to atlanta. john wall not playing for the wizards. already one game to nothing in the series. at land in white. kyle korver remember him hits the three. he had four, three pointers to night. he was four for four from three. he had 12 points. his only 12 points. he'll hit another when it got a little touchy at the end and atlanta wins it 106-90 much that series tied up at one-one. >> i've seen wild and crazy competition for many things. but not what you are about to see. it's called the car jumping by pee people that are just flat out nuts. let's go to the uk. where else? you try to jump over cars and if you look at these cars.
3:56 am
it looks like it's not the only time that they compete. look at that. but the best is coming. this is england. what you don't remove the trailer. the next dope comes driving over he'll try to make it over. >> he did it. >> he did it. he made it. >> he made it over. this is a great competition for the royally family and little baby charlotte should come over to see it. she's doing everything else. >> for some reason i thought baby car seat would be involved. you were saying spectators. >> little kid enjoy live by starting off right. >> i just don't see them there. maybe it's just knee. >> why not? >> probable the just me. >> harry would probable dollar that. >> i can see harry driving one those. >> tmz is up next. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news. and of course "good day philadelphia". >> morning and traffic
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4:00 am
>> gunfire erupts overnight in north philadelphia. at least one person is deadment we'll tell you what police found at the scene. plus police say road rage may be to blame for a shoot that sent a young girl to the hospital. hear from her family as police search for the gunman. >> after nice warm weather for the last two days, hey we'll get a one day cool down. sue tracking all of this in her forecast. >> only on fox this morning serious accusation frost lola mom. she says someone bit her son and the person who did it was supposed to be taking care of him. good day everybody it is wednesday, may six 2015. >> how was your walk through center city and philadelphia and all parts in the i guess along the river yesterday? >> along the river. so the weather was perfe


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