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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  May 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> shooters on the run police found something that could help them at the crime scene. she is eight years old. she didn't deserve it. she didn't. >> a young girl is in the hospital after she was shot in the head. she was just sitting in the back seat after car when it happened. what police think sparked this shooting. >> and, it looks like this guy was on the wrong track. a septa bus struck on the train tracks. with a was this driver doing? >> good day made it to wednesday, may the sixth 2015. >> mike mike, mike. >> it is hump day a wednesday. >> all downhill from here.
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>> all right well, this may not be the best looking day of the week, we will give you seven out of ten, i don't think a wash out either. we just have few showers around mostly this morning so buddy has the umbrella polo shirt today. almost bit of damp start. we will see a little bit of sunshine throughout the day as well. you can see if you look to the north of philadelphia, on this ultimate doppler radar map, that there are some showers up there. because cold front hasn't quite come through yet. have the umbrella for now sun trying to peak through those clouds not too successfully, north-northwest winds at 6 miles an hour, and it is 66 degrees right now we expect high of 74 almost 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 58 degrees tonight as we get rid of that cold front. and it is just a little bit cooler. we will talk about the warm up for mothers day weekend just
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ahead. >> i like bus stop buddy breaking out the spring collection there. short sleeve shirt on, looking good curve check the schuylkill expressway no problems yet this morning but starting to see some volume pop. all of the roads popping rain that we had accident here, this is on i-95 southbound, at to sounded like a motorcycle changing a flat tire. we got a lot of activity though out here, for just somebody to be change ago flat tire. so this is southbound 95, right near columbus boulevard. as you roll through south philly heading down toward broad street. so we first we have that activity right there i just showed in you our camera, then we are getting word after accident, down near broad street. so south 95, if you are headed down toward the airport, couple of things to slow un down. collegeville no problems coming in from south jersey. set of down wires along elwyn
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road at the baltimore pike, use rose tree road. welcome to philadelphia. taking part in the dad vail regatta, all arriving today, practice today, tomorrow, race friday saturday, of course that will set up shop and shutdown our kelly drive over the neck couple of days. so get ready for the mlk drive or the schuylkill as your alternate mike, alec back to you. >> 6:03. breaking news this morning mr. is are trying to piece together what led to up a triple shooting, in north philly overnight. >> yes, at least one person is dead. and police are trying to determine what the surviving victim's might know about evidence that they found at the scene. steve knows ball it over at the round house. >> if bus stop buddy was getting ready to take his bus from north sixth street, sue would have to dress him up in a bulletproof vest. you can feel sorry for the real life little budd that's are getting ready for school over there. because they were woken up out of their little bunk beds overnight. mom and dad probably grabbing them throwing them under the led, away from the windows so much gunfire outside their
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windows, and how do they explain that to little kids? thirty-two shots that they know of, three guys shot that they know of and three guns found so far. they expect to find maybe more bullet casings, there is light out, maybe even that there was more shooters, because they'll try to match all every those casings with the guns found and see if all of the shooting was coming from those three guns and the three guys that they found. one dead two now over at temple. >> we know a lot of shots fired from separate caliber weapons. we found 32 shell casings. we don't believe we are done counting the shell casings. we belief we will find more. this is residential block and homicide detectives will question anyone who heard or saw anything, as witnesses. so right now, an investigation in progress, homicide detective crime scene personnel, are on location, processing the scene. the male pronounced dead at
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the hospital where he was found on the sidewalk. at least ten shell casings and very close proximity to his body. some were just inches some were just feet from where we pick him up off the sidewalk. the fact that there were so many shell casings in such close proximity the fact this victim was shot numerous times indication he was targeted. >> while woe do a lot of gunshot stories from police headquarters here, i don't know if i've ever done one with as many as 40 bullet being fired that police expect to learn that was the case just after midnight. so all those people now that it is spring screens up, windows up, wonder if that was a right move. not that the glass will stop ricochet bullet. but tough morning for those people getting up, at least two of them we know of have their cars they parked out shut up as women. they found two of the guns tossed under somebody's van that was parked there another
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toss intoed somebody's recycling bin since recycling day there right now. so this crazy shooting soon, ringing in spring for this now worried block, a real sad reality some of the sad results of living and maybe not one of the nicer neighborhoods, sad for those people. they've got to put one this casino of stuff lucky they weren't shot, too. >> 6:06. >> also breaking this morning, part of home collapsed overnight in south philadelphia. it happened on the 1400 block of bouvier street, and just before 3:00 the home vacant. no one in the neighboring hours cents were hurt. >> and, a eight year old girl will undergo surgery this morning, to remove a 22 caliber bullet, that's been lodge in the her skull since saturday. >> her name is ania curry shot in the head what police say classic case of road rage. victim's family just pull up in front of their home 5400 block of haverford avenue. when they say a car approached, and fired single
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shot where ani a and two other young girls were sitting. >> my daughter, she is making progress. but she is in pain. eight years old she doesn't deserve, didn't deserve it. >> she talking to reporters outside of the hospital urging them to turn themselves into police. >> one of the baltimore officers arrested for the death of freddie gray there he is, has ties to our area. we told you over the last week. the key piece of evidence that this particular officer wants made public. >> child with special needs comes home with bite marks on his body. but it wasn't another student who gave it to him. what a teacher areas aid said just before he allegedly attacked this student.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> ended up on train tracks along columbus boulevard. >> the route 29 bus headed to its final destination witnesses say it made a a u-turn abruptly crossed over the tracks, got stuck few feet away from a trait train. it blocked several intersections, including route along tasker street. passengers were taken to the hospital. >> well baltimore officer arrested for the death of freddie gray is speaking out. and he's from our area from south jersey. the piece of evidence he want
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made public. bob? >> good morning shall everybody 6:00, so getting word of an accident southbound lanes of the northeast extension right near lansdale. also dealing with a couple of situations on i-95. i'll check the jam cams, sue will check the forecast, coming up next, alex back over to you. >> bob, were you fan of the show friends? >> yes. >> eleven years ago today the last episode friendment today counting down the top catch years tv themes. we want to know what your five split apparently number 12 on this list is the simpson's. tell us on facebook, stain gram twitter use the #fox29goodday.
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breaking news 6:14 french investigators say the germanwings co-pilot andries who crashed the plane earlier this march in march killing 150 people on board tried control descent on previous flight. comes as france agency is is expected to release report. it will happen little later this morning, more information still coming into our news room but his same pilot andries lubitz germanwings pilot, now come out i attempted controlled descent on previous flight. we'll make sure to keep you updated as more comes in. all right 6:14, sue? >> it is time to take a look at the unsettled weather day that we have ahead. because the cold front we were telling but yesterday hasn't quite passed through the area just yet. you see the rain to the north
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of us, northern part of the state of pennsylvania, we zoom in little closer there are a few dribs and drabs ahead of the front. just making slow progress so parts of lancaster getting light showers mount pocono showers little heavier at the moment. and here is the future cast we have a lot of cloud cover around this morning. and by 8:00, we should start to see few of these showers march through the philadelphia area. >> clouds persistent up there the day being peak every sunday shine but won't be bright and beautiful like it was on monday. by 5:00, breaking up little bit, our sunset time, by the way, officially 8:00 tonight. as those days get longer and longer. soap it, will start it brighten up just before sunset and then we expect much brighter day tomorrow.
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so stays little unsettled with the nearby cold front. hasn't come through yet except for mount pocono it, has cooled off to 52 degrees, 67 in the city. sixty-three pottstown, 62 millville, and dover and wilmington delaware, at the shore, we're in the low to mid 60s, as well. starting to see this changing wind direction now with the cold front in our area. instead of southwest winds eight a degrees yesterday, northerly breezes at about 7 miles an hour. visibility not great in lancaster, where it is kind of foggy, less than half mile visibility. wilmington's not too great either. little bit of fog there. it was summer sampler again second day in a row with a high of eight a degrees the warmest temperature we've seen in 2015 so far. we lose about 10 degrees, 74 high today. showers if you see them at all will mostly be in the morning now, tomorrow much bert, warm again friday, back to the
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eight's, mid 80s saturday, make inning into the upper 80s mothers day. and some thunderstorms around, since it will fowl like summer anyway on monday and tuesday of next week. manage to keep the forecast wonderful for mothers day sunday. >> maybe think of the whitman sampler little chocolates good morning 6:17 live look at the schuylkill expressway, little sample of disable here. this is in the left lane, not good spot, left lane, eastbound, on the schuylkill. right near montgomery drive. looks like we got penndot worker here, with a orange vest so hopefully he's behind them as you are coming in toward the city. >> right at abbottsford road, accident being work on, police on the scene there otherwise no problems on the roosevelt boulevard. the northeast extension coming southbound accident near the lansdale interchange. and then, double trouble on 95 we got crash southbound,
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right near columbus boulevard report of another accident further south right near broad street. again all of the roads are wet, from the overnight sprinkle that we had. here we roll through maple shade, mike, guess what that is? >> happy nurse's day. >> yes national nurse's dade to. >> oh national in your's. >> national nurse's day. >> sad or happy? >> either way. i couldn't find a graphic that said national. so happy nurses. and out the door we go. big night tonight media, dining under the stars. sue knows all about that one. right? we pull all of the tables and chairs out on the street. state street, see detours tonight suspend the 101 trolley this evening for the big event. north on 55 starting to see volume. otherwise the bridges looking good. >> if they didn't suspend the trolley? >> other side of the track trolley like the wait kearse have their tables. >> new u.s. attorney general loretta lynch, improve the
6:19 am
city's police department. >> she has been busy over the last couple of weeks. >> been monitoring the unrest and protest that is rocket city in the wake every freddie gray's death. while in baltimore yesterday lynch mother with local religious leader as well as with members of the police department. >> also had the opportunity to meet with gray's family. >> a privilege to do so. and express my condolence to them. for their lost. >> so, of course, our hearts do go out to them. >> want pro cues tears produce the knife for the reason for gray's arrest. operation err edward nero, previously fire fight nerve gloucester county says the knife was an illegal weapon despite previous or not. prosecutors say the knife was legal under maryland law. >> it was not a switch blade apparently all right almost 6:20. >> leaders in ferguson missouri consider removing or moving makeshift shrine to michael brown currently in the middle of the street where the teen was shot and killed by an officer last august.
6:20 am
the mayor says the the location is a safety issue but it could fuel anger. >> federal authority say accused texas gunman elton simpson tweeted asking to except him as a guerrilla fighter, just before the shooting in texas of course, elton simpson was living in phoenix the tweet sent 20 minute before he and another phoenix man opened fire outside a profit muhammad cartoon contest. that was -- the shooting wounded security officer. islamic straight group isis has claimed responsibility for the sunday assault. however the white house has said it is too early to tell if this is true. >> 6:20 gay rights activists gathering mass is her moan. >> i is her moanly not be legal. >> gay marriage is against the law in cuba leading the charge to change that is the president of cuba's own
6:21 am
president of cuba's own daughter marry ella for sex education and member of cuba's national assembly. she said her father sports same sex marriage, legislation yet to be approved of the wed willing occur during gay pride parade. >> she was in philadelphia not long ago. 6:21 also, jet blue just announced it will begin offering flights between new york city and cuba, probably havana starting in july, first us carrier to offer flight to the country since travel restrictions recently eased. the weekly non-stop ride will travel on friday's between jfk international, and havana's international airport. >> that mean you will be going sometime soon? >> new event. let's go. >> all right. let's do it. you. >> sure. >> all right. well then we're going. >> all right well 6:21 local man says he's living in
6:22 am
fear because of. building crumbling right next-door to his home, his repeated calls to the city got him no where. what happened when we got the call. >> did that bruce gordon get involved? >> he's getting results. >> he's the man.
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. >> phillies rolled out new line up last night ryan howard back in the line up. real news is ryan sandberg not only fence chase utley said giving him three day mental break utley won't play until friday. nothing helped. let's go to atlanta this was the fourth inning. that's kelly johnson. the phillies already down three-nothing, chad billingsly on the mound for the first time. kelly johnson three run homer phillies lose to atlanta nine to nothingment stanley cup hockey chicago and minnisota to minnesota first period one goal in the game chicago in white. that's patrick cane scores on the power play one-nothing chicago wins it, they led this series three games to zero. nba playoffs, atlanta and washington. all right atlanta loses they're in role trouble. did not play for the washington wizards four-three one right there, atlanta wins it 106 to 90. that's sports in a minute. guess what? i'm still howard eskin. you will always be howard
6:26 am
eskin. >> true. >> some people who paid to watch the mayweather fight doing more than just being mad about what went down. >> oh, man when money is involved couple of fans now have filed a lawsuit seeking class action status against manny, they say they were defrauded into paying to watch the fight because he did not disclose his rotate or cuff injury. the shoulder injury is so serious, that manny will have to have surgery probably today. meanwhile may weather floyd says he would consider a rematch because of this injury. oh even more money? >> two thing, i didn't know as a fancy could sue because i didn't like the way things turned out then two don't you think this might and employ so they can fight again, do all of this again and get mormony? >> floyd said woe retire in september, flight. >> he's not going to retire at like 49. >> another fight in september.
6:27 am
there is no way. how could you end it at 49? up might as well do one more to ooh. >> he would tie the all time record 49. so one more you would be the best fighterrer. >> no way he will retire at 49. >> that weight class i think. >> yes. >> 6:27. local mother shocked to see her son with special needs come home with bite marks on his arm. but it wasn't another student hasn't bit him. no it was a teacher's aid. we'll tell you why.
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>> shooting in north philadelphia, what police say the gunman left at the scene. he has to go. there is no way any man who bit my child, or any child can remain in that school working with kids, period. >> yes, young boy with autism comes back with bite marks on his arm teachers aid who allegedly bit him. what happened to him that got the teachers aid so upset. >> and, good day everybody it is wednesday, may the sixth 2015. now, listen to this. this will be different for us. >> okay. >> quincy harris is climbing into the basket of a hot air
6:31 am
balloon, up in bensalem, bucks county. as you know, hot air balloons can't go up if you get over 10 miles an hour. what's the winds right now knew. >> currently, you're whispering, so i was too. wind speeds currently bensalem coming from the north at 6 miles an hour. >> our weather let's go. we need some fifth dimension. do you remember the group from the 60s? >> up up and away in my beautiful balloon. >> yes. >> 6-mile an hour, seven is the number of the day bus stop buddy has the just in case umbrella not seeing whole lot of showers out there but a few and there they are on ultimate doppler radar not truck most of us, but the cold front coming through, not all of this is expected to hold together as it comes through
6:32 am
the area, having said that dribs and drabs around, mostly in the morning. 67 degrees mostly cloudy, 79% relative humidity. and the foxcast says high today of 74 degrees. not the eight a showers around mostly in the morning 58 tonight with clouds, that takes care of hump day bob kelly. >> 6:32 eastbound on the schuylkill very way blogging the left lane, near montgomery drive. we got the tow truck on the scene, here, but traffic backed up already from pretty much city line avenue on in to the scene. >> northeast extention accident near the lansdale interchange, it is actually south of lansdale, on at lansdale trying to head down to mid-county. hit the back up, and then double trouble on 95,
6:33 am
motorcycle accident here, southbound right at columbus boulevard. down need broad street stadium area. dad vail regatta rose into town today. practice today tomorrow. race run on friday, saturday, all of the volume extra activity stepped up on the kelly drive. i went through there yesterday, putting all of the tent up. push everybody off into through the ballfield, there so for the next couple of days, if you're just used to kelly drive in and out every town flip over to the mlk drive, and then later tonight closing route 363 right where it goes under the turnpike here. all part of the turnpike ex tan sean. otherwise good shape on the schuylkill no problems on mass transit. mike alex, back over to you. >> 6:33, breaking news this morning, police trying to piece together what led up to triple shooting.
6:34 am
>> maybe as many as 50 bullets, police trying to determine what the surviving victims might know, because of all of the evidence they found at the scene. this neighborhood in north philly could be nickname point blank. simply because of the violence they've got there this case, demonstrate t guy killed got shot ten times all the bullet casings, just inches or foot most away from his body. somebody stood over this guy wanted him dead, wanted to make sure he was dead. firing ten bullet at him. that was less than one third of all of the bullet fired because by the other two guys, they found about two dozen more bullet casings and they expected to find more with the crime scene unit as the sun came up, and they go back out there today. woof three gust found, 32 shots fired, that we know of. all past midnight here on north sixth street. the question, were these three guys shooting at each other or
6:35 am
even more guys with more guns shooting at them, and then got away. until that is figured out until matching the guns with the bullet shells found scattered on the street two, wounded guys at the hospital are not just gunshot victims but police calling them gun shooting suspect too. >> based on balistic evidence, shots were fired. we found 32 spent shell casings on height way. intersection sixth and clearfield sidewalk and the street in the 3100 block of north sixth street. of these 32 shell casings we know at least two separate caliber. the shell casings with two separate calibers we know they came from two separate size handguns, also, found on the scene three semiautomatic weapons today. we found two guns under a mini-van on sixth street, and we found a third gun in a recycling trash bucket when on one of the porches in the 3100 block of north sixth street.
6:36 am
>> we also have three weapons recovered. >> fortunately, at the intersection of sixth and clearfield we found two businesses that do have exterior surveillance cameras. so hopefully these cameras recorded something that can help with us this triple shooting homicide investigation. >> so imagine going to bed tuesday night school night. everybody in the family in the house. then all of your neighbors all getting woken up, like the screens down for the nice weather with all of those bullet flying around your house ricocheting off the walls, and out of the street out front and mike alex imagine having to call allstate this morning and say hi i wasn't in a accident, but my car has bullet holes in it how do i get that fixed? how do i report that? >> 6:36. also this morning, part of home collapsed overnight in south philly. it happened on the 1400 block of revere -- bouvier street
6:37 am
just before 3:00. the home vacant, thank goodness. no one in the neighborhood apparently was hurt at all. exterminator accused of murdering children's hospital of philadelphia, physician, melissa. police say smith strangled her, set the body on fire following argument over work at her home in january of 2013. the defense is challenging the police search of his levittown home and his alleged confession. >> 6:37. >> month after the crash that killed a man in camden county his grieving family joins police looking for clues. >> they are trying to find somebody who knows something about the driver who took off in that case. there it is right there. someone hit 36 year old christopher dean. and left him lying on the side of the road in audubon in early april. yesterday family members joined authority manning out flyers to help people who live and drive-thru the area, try to figure out who did this.
6:38 am
they hope someone saw what happened. christopher's family has a message for whom ever was behind that wheel. >> we would forgive him or her, and we would like that opportunity to be able to forgive them. >> returned christopher to the hospital where he died short time later. up from have any information on what happened call audubon police. >> and, coming up friday, friday is graduation day, for temple student rachael hall who was critically injured in a hit-and-run accident, last week. and the university is working with her mom so that they, the mom can stand in for rachael at the ceremony spokesperson tells the courier post on line hall's mother is welcome at a series of graduate events that rachael would have been eligible to attend. and still working on whether
6:39 am
the mother will take the graduation stage to except rachael's diploma. >> rachael was struck last wednesday, while riding her bike near campus. and 18 year old driver turned himself in the very next day. >> 6:39. only on fox a philadelphia mother says her special needs child was bit in a school. >> yes she claims it was a staffer, not a student who did the biting. jenny joyce what happened, where did it happen? >> yes well, this mom now want the teaching assistant fired. so far that hasn't happened. school district of philadelphia says it is investigating these allegations the boy's mother, stephanie dixon says the biting incident happened monday afternoon. she was not notified by school officials, but, instead happened to notice a bite mark on her son's shoulder. she took pictures of the injury, and called police, furious, that her son who has autism told her the bite mark came from his teaching assistant, a person who is supposed to provide support to her son, with special needs.
6:40 am
it happened at lowell elementary in olney. school district of philadelphia confirmed it is investigating, apparently all stemmed from fight in the school yard between dixon's son and another child. dixon's son claims the staffer got involved, tried restrain him. child asked to be let go, threatened to bite the teacher. the ta said okay, i'll by the by you back, and followed through. decks on said the man should be fired instead her son who was removed from the classroom. >> i called the police. i made the report, and i went to the school this morning. school proceed today tell me they could not remove the man from the classroom because they have -- he has right to due process. but does my child not have a right to be in his classroom? they removed my child from his classroom and put him in a different classroom so the man could remain in the classroom. has to go. no way any man who bit my child or any child can remain working with kids, he has his job, his certification whatever it is, it has to go.
6:41 am
you don't bite a child. >> dixon said her son wears a bracelet that says please don't touch me, the symbol for autism and her phone number in the event after emergency. dixon, that school professionals to work with student went special needs should know how to handle these situations, the school district says while the case is being investigated, the teaching aid was told to keep his distance from the student. mike al next. >> okay 6:41. now, let's go from radio to tv watch do you say? we've been dose describing quincy hot air balloon who knows where he is going. can't control a hot air balloon. >> we have to see this for ourselves. hey, quincy. >> reporter: we're close to doylestown. in a minute i'll be in this hot air balloon with the hot air balloon team. i am pretty excited. he's going to -- this is stand right here. he'll river up the heat right here. >> right here? >> yes, rev up the heat. >> we will go up. live on tv in one second watch
6:42 am
we need, sue serio how are the weather conditions? we need to know. >> what's the direction of the winds and how high? >> winds are coming out of the north averaging about 6 miles an hour. >> will end up in jersey then. >> bye bye quincy. >> headed southbound. >> that's right. so, just keep an eye out on the sky for couple of showers they're around, as well. rest of the forecast is coming right up. >> also too if you see him out there take a picture of it tweet it to us, okay? >> why not use the #fox29goodday. >> also counting down the top catch yes, sir tv theme songs every all time. >> okay. >> so what's urinate rid? tweet us. let us know. you know what? number 11, doing countdown from 12 down to 11, the muppets show. let us know on facebook instagram, twitter use the #fox29goodday.
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6:45 am
>> quincy now climbing up into the basket, in bucks county, sue? >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. so the winds are from the north at about six so he will drift probably over the delaware river who is our cameraman out there? is that jar ?ed. >> get your cell phones out if you see there is it is hard
6:46 am
to miss gigantic red balloon over bensalem basically in bucks county. drifting south and to the east probably little bit. take a picture, if you can sends it to us at twitter at mike at fox 29. >> or use the #fox29goodday. >> that's probably the best thing rid there. are you going to go now or wait? all right let's check the wind speed again. as jared climbs into the basket. >> i guess i got the red memo today, too. because the balloon is red quincy wearing red flags are red here. why are we going to show you the names for 2015 tropical storms and hurricanes. >> i know judge. >> why? >> heir cane season starts june 1st. >> but may get a storm ahead of hurricane season this that's un heard of it. >> that's right. we may have an ana before the week is through. >> what about --
6:47 am
>> one at a time. here is the low pressure system talking about developing tomorrow. into friday, rain rough surf rip current affecting mostly north and south carolina. what this storm will do after that. but it looks like it may develop some subtropical charge is innings may get a name. it will be called ana. not organized yet if it gets that i in the in the middle we always talk about during tropical storm season which does start mike was right i can't believe i have to say that so zoom into chester county see little bit of rain the state of maryland, mount pocono, have been seeing some rain all morning and now starting to seep into the northern parts every bucks county making little nervous about that balloon ride. cold front singing southward. there will be about 10 degrees difference in temperature
6:48 am
between today and yesterday. seventy-four the high today. seventy-four tomorrow. and by friday we are back into the mid 80s once again. >> extend through mother day things get little unsettled after that. so lots to look forward to. in that seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> 6:48 sue good morning, everybody, jammo on the schuylkill expressway. we had the earlier disable taking out the left lane. bumper to bumper approaching city all the way in through montgomery. same deal on the flip side. bumper to bumper through belmont avenue. everything damp and wet maybe once or twice on the wipe theirs to it get the raindrops off the windshield. then south on the northeast extension, tractor-trailer smashed into the concrete barrier south of the lansdale interchange in the construction zone, also an accident northeast
6:49 am
philadelphia, the roosevelt boulevard at grant avenue. and then as we get ready to roll south on i95 start to see delays at around cottman avenue. and heads up kids. it is one of my favorite days. national no homework day. >> that was every day for me, national no homework day. dad vail regatta rose into town today practicing today and tomorrow. biggs race friday, saturday, that means obviously the kelly drive setting up shop there. get used to the martin luther king drive all of the extra volume using the schuylkill expressway as well today through the weekend. >> something quincely do today, traveling by air river, and land.
6:50 am
>> let's get back to the hot air balloon there is will be visible all over the delaware val. >> i is it time to go up quincey? >> yes. can we go up snow. >> we can leave right now. we're out of here. >> this is really hot. >> going up in the hot air balloon. >> never done. >> this i'm so scared. >> it can be little frightening. >> hot air balloon team. >> yes, united states hot air balloon team headquartered near southeastern p: we do flights every day. >> what am i doing? so people can do this every day. every day that the weather permitting we have have nice weather just like today. >> now how high in the air will we go? >> take a look, say tree top height right now. what do you think that far? >> oh, i'm so scared right now. >> stop. look at this. >> oh stop. you stop.
6:51 am
okay so say they get married -- >> we do weddings here, fly away from here, you can arrange a flight any time. morning or afternoon right here in bucks count. >> i okay. >> how many times do you have to put the hot air in the hot air balloon? >> need to keep the temperature up in the balloon in order to keep the balloon afloat. >> people do this for fun. >> yep for fun. >> al next. >> i was just wondering, are you really afraid of heights? >> this is like, ya, i like it fly but this is really, this is really, this is really -- this is really -- this is pretty cool. i'm very scared. >> i can tell. >> one of those things like i'm overcoming one of my fears. okay?
6:52 am
i struck out yesterday. i've flying over bucks county,. >> what's the website people -- >> us hot air balloon. com. >> okay. >> thank you. >> did you see the skyline yet? >> yes, we're flying over the teams. flying over the trees right now, guys. oh boy. >> no we won't do. that will well guys, check back check back in with me. i'm be withstand and jared and we will be fly, like a helicopter. >> ask stand which way you're going, are you headed southbound? >> which way are we going? >> we are headed west. >> westerly direction. >> we're not going down?
6:53 am
>> westerly? >> going west. >> going west. the casino of view you get from a balloon that you can't get in a from an airplane. >> good day philadelphia. coming after the break. >> sure looks like a lot of fun. >> i've never been in one. >> have you? >> lots of times. >> one time doing it in mexico guy takes the basket down, and just kisses a lake. and takes back off. you can control those things pretty well. you want to kiss some trees? only my laundry men knew how scared i was. >> wow tmi. >> coming back, let's look for him, alex.
6:54 am
6:55 am
there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them
6:56 am
to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. >> look at that. >> view of all of the greenery. >> apparently took off close to bensalem bucks count. >> i now the winds have changed. >> out of the northeast, headed probably -- >> look at quince. >> i to the west and south a little bit. >> very peaceful, normally wine cheese, crackers, but i don't think co-down anything right now. >> i don't think so. i think he is saying a prayer right now. >> best idea to look out at the scenery. but you can't with your eyes
6:57 am
closed. >> better not drop the mike. >> drop the mike? >> that would be a drop, wouldn't it? >> sure would. >> three minute before 7:00. boy, this is sad news over the weaken, you know the story. we have new details. >> the husband of facebook coo died over the weekend after falling on treadmill how common is this? more common than you think. we'll give you tips on how you can help keep yourself safe. >> i was surprised how many people fall off treadmills every year. big problem for local restaurants, people who eat and drink then skip out on the check. what's it called, alex? >> dine and dash. >> thank you. now, waitresses anbar tenders have a new trick to catch those trying to do just that. the weapon they say is working. past
6:58 am
6:59 am
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treated skin. now you could pay no more than $10 for aczone® gel. get your coupon and learn more at aczone® gel. prescription treatment. proven results. >> three people shot in north philadelphia. one of them dead watch police found at the scene that could help them find the shooter. >> i thought that i me would collide and cause big explosion, big accident. >> well fortunately that did not happen. but it certainly made a mess for people trying to get around south philly. how a septa bus got stuck on these train tracks. >> bartender's dilemma. the dine and dasher. but now they are getting even. how some restaurant workers are


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