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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  May 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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what authorities say the suspects were looking for in a home invasion in bucks county. back in custody, the teen who escaped, turns himself in overnight. hear what his family has to say about his time on the run, jen? >> we're in allentown, it is spring fling time, we could not be here without coming to the the lehigh valley grand prix, check this out, a guy in
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the white t-shirt and quincy, he is bill anderson, but he is going down. kid and i will both race this guy. i'm at seventh and allentown, i have lehigh valley's finest mascots right here. also, officer finner what do they call allentown. >> the city without limits. >> we will find out why, back to you in the studio. >> i've got good news. >> there is in limits to our spring fling. >> we have jen and quincy, they better of limits. >> there were two police cars with quincy. >> we're invading allentown. fun all day wrong. we will there been this morning and for five and 6:00. you aring to the iron pigs. >> coca cola stadium. beautiful day for it. >> you saw sunshine out there already. >> oh, yeah. >> not the the case every where though. we will give you eight out of ten. we have so much fog around in place these morning. it might be the place where
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your kid are waiting for the bus like bus stop buddy. there are areas of the fog to the south of philadelphia and dense fog advisory is extended until 9:00 a.m. for south jersey and delaware but here, in philadelphia, we have reduced visibility to .3 of a mile, mile and a half in trenton, less than half mile in atlantic city, dover, and wilmington and nothing in wildwood, millville, and wrightstown, new jersey. so, sat the light and radar picture not showing any rain but by monday and tuesday we will get the effects of this storm, ana which we will tell new a moment. we are seeing some sunshine. 56 degrees right the now, and if you spring flinging tonight allentown you will get to 84 degrees by the end of the afternoon. it may be the spring fling bob kelly but sure feels like summer. >> it is feeling and looking like sum inner schuylkill conshohocken camera. 7:02. sun up and over the the tree line with some sun glare coming into downtown. that is causing slow downs
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already, naturally in the city. but in south jersey no sun here. we're sock with the fog. this is 47 and route 40 outside rio grande. depending upon where you begin and end your trip, we have fog delays possible at philly international, jfk running with delays, it will just take, take sometime, domino effect comes into play here in philadelphia. accident southbound on the northeast extension at the lansdale interchange and then temple graduation jam, the the liacouras center, spot to be here on broad street. we will see proud parents and graduates heading in to the temple campus with a lot of unusual delays. kelly drive is close todd vehicle traffic for our morning rush hour. here's a live look from sky fox, ready, time to row your boat, let's go. >> i'm the coxin. >> go, go. >> bob kelly is trying to
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dance. >> this is a real race. the practices are over. are you talking about practice? practice is done. we have got races today and tomorrow and, of course, that is closing traffic here. they are pushing everybody off. you don't want to get stuck going through ball field there. that will throw another half an hour on your trip. stay with the schuylkill, martin luther king drive and that extra volume will slow everybody down coming into town over the weekend, into philadelphia. we continue to follow the investigation. >> armed men forced their way in the chalfont residence and pistol whipped at least one of the people inside. sabina has been on this story all morning. hi, sabina. >> reporter: talk about a quick police response. officers were at the scene of the violent home inn racial in just one minute. that is all it took for suspects to get away. a real terrifying ordeal in central bucks where a group of 20 something roommates.
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police say this violent home invasion was done by two armed men in the middle of the night. we have video to show from you this scene just after it happen. it was quarter after midnight, police say two men armed with hand guns kick in the door of the home along south limekiln pike. four roommates were home at the the time. police say the gun man forced them to the floor and ordered them to give up their valuables. investigators say they demanded to know where a fifth remain, a woman was at the time but she was not home. as you mentioned police say gunman pistol whipped one young man inside of the home but happily his injuries were minor. he didn't even go to the hospital. he came here to the police station and then went right home. police are tracking a cell even if stolen from the home. it was last pinged in montgomery county. ate period that cell phone has been since turn off. police are saying that the victims here were targeted. they say the suspects were
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searching for something specific. they are not saying what that was. here's new britain township police chief telling us what they did getaway with. >> victims had been interviewed. i don't know if we have better descriptions. i believe they were -- their facees were cover. we will go back to the crime scene and search for physical evidence, when they get light. we will be able to find out some more then. >> we have been there for parties, things like that, and minor things. >> reporter: nothing like this. >> nothing like that, no. >> reporter: nothing in mysterious. police chief saying suspects got away with cash and cell phones that we told but earlier. we did speak with the victims leaving the the police station here this morning. they told me they just wanted to go home. they had a very long night but again police saying this home was targeted and that there is in danger to the public. if you are waking up around
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here in central bucks, bucks county, you don't have to worry according to police. the suspects though on the loose, police right now searching for them. i do want to mention back in february there was other high profile home invasion over town line in warrington. fifty-eight year-old woman duct taped inside her home. that guy is still on the loose. so, some very scary things happening out here in bucks county. back to you guys. crews remain in wharton state forest overnight watching for hot spots that they say could flare up as they work to contain the brush fire there. >> evacuations yesterday afternoon it got so bad. about 700 acres of forest quickly burned, according to new jersey state police. steve is on the scene, there he is. >> reporter: well, mike for those viewers who are not farmers i'll dot math, that is a little more than one square mile, 710 acres and wussies tomorrow garber, the guy you saw on tv all day yesterday
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and probably getting way less than his normal eight hours of sleep. would i say two or three. >> pretty close. >> reporter: you got your first daylight and we have fog/smoke combination. i was explaining how fog helps and hurts because you cannot fly anymore. we have no aerial pictures. let's show aerial photos from last night since we can't give new ones. you cannot fly these buckets of water, because you you cannot get in. i was just knocking trees down with my hand not to show how strong i am but how weak and dry everything else is. you cannot get in there but foot you need aerial help. but fog has first moisture in the the air for a while. how is it going now, day two, was it good news overnight or bad news. >> it is good news in the fact that we are gaining some moisture recovery. the atsion area hasn't even rainfall close to three weeks. the it is very dry. we are just beginning to green up, and moisture will
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definitely help. the it hinders our air surveillance which we will continue later on today as this inversion lifts and we are able to get backup in the air and take a look at it. >> reporter: for those people in the city 50 miles away, 50 minutes away, they understand what half containment. are we better than happened contained. >> we are at 75 percent contained which is a significant improvement. the fire is pretty much confine to our barriers, roads, streambed containing the the fire for 75 percent. >> reporter: no homes threatened yesterday and since you are even more contained yesterday, nothing threaten now. >> no homes, we have private exceptions in the forest, camping facilities and all, they were secured and everything is fine, no damage. >> reporter: tom, great work. we will let you get back to work. there is a little news there, alex and mike, we are 3/4 of having this fire contain complete thely and hopefully complete thely out but as time will tell you, as soon as you
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get one fire out, another one pops up. ninety-nine out of every 100 fires out here in new jersey are caused by humans either intentionally or accidentally and because we didn't have any lightening for three weeks, this one was caused by somebody doing something stupid by accident or doing something real stupid on purpose. >> people flying down that highway and flick out those cigarettes. you cannot do it. 7:00 106789 man found shot in an apartment in darby boro. the the unidentified victim as of yet was found just after midnight. building is at fifth and main. briefly evacuated as police searched for a suspect. he or she is still on the run at this hour n word yet on what might have motivated, the the shooter. this time in olney a person is hospitalized, it happened around 11:00, 5300 block of chew avenue. police say the man was shot in the arm and then taken to einstein hospital. they say his injuries are in the the life threatening.
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police and family members of the escape prisoner they work together to get him to dot right thing and turn himself in. >> sixteen year-old hasheem single try surrounderd around midnight. >> on wednesday he was on his way to jail when he bolted out the back of the transport car. singletry's family credits the philadelphia police patients and professionalism in making his surrender a peaceful one. >> i'm happy not because of the situation but because this didn't turnout like a baltimore or this didn't turnout like a ferguson. the police department did exactly what they did best. they took him in and i thank god for brother walker. >> police say singletry is wanted in connection with several armed home invasions and burglary. philadelphia police arrested a teen for a hit and run crash that seriously injured a temple student. rayshawn roberts is charged with leaving the scene of the accident. police say he was driving with only a learners permit and in licensed a adult in the the car when he hit senior
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rachel hall on her bike. hall suffered severe head and neck injuries and she is still in the hospital today. she was supposed to walk into graduation today but as we talk about yesterday, her mother is supposed to walk in her place and receive her diploma. >> i think the ceremony starts at 9:00, o'clock bob at graduation. >> the walk starts at 9:00. >> we will try to get a camera over there. >> we are getting our first look at surveillance video inside a septa bus as it crashed on the train tracks in south philadelphia earlier this week. here it is. >> thinks on tuesday on columbus boulevard. so a freight train was blocking tasker street. route 29 bus tried to swerve and go around a it. the driver tried to make a u turn, but lost control. look at that. driver and two passengers thrown from their seat. >> wow. >> accident is under investigation, thankfully no one was seriously injured. >> the driver fell right out of her seat and got stuck on the rails. >> didn't have a seat belt on. >> yeah.
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>> start your engines, ladies and gentlemen, fox 29 spring fling is in allentown at one of my favorite places up there. it is a little grand prix, goat carts. >> yes. >> it looks like so much fun. jen fred and bill anderson are trying to get things started. are we going to have a race. >> here we go. >> okay, good morning, allentown. bill, are you ready to get out on the race track. >> i'm ready. >> these are far from go carts, i was out there for a minute. they go about 45 miles an hour. i will hit it. you tell them what we are doing. >> gas pedal on the right-hand side, gas on the left. >> gas the the right, brake on the left. jen is already on the course. >> here we go. >> there is general general. >> i have to say this these people behind us are professionals, they do in the
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mess around. they already scared the the you know what out of me. kevin is an awesome guy. bill and i will race. he is in the white t-shirt, as i say these racers get around. >> jen has already done this before. >> she is a seasoned veteran out here. >> how big is this track? i don't think he can hear us. >> no, any way. >> the track is a quarter mile long. they aringing about 45 miles an hour. if you can hold your breath for eight minutes this is what you can do in allentown. >> where is this place in allentown. >> here they come. >> it is over on 610, tenth
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street, allah even town, pennsylvania. >> here goes bill, come on, step it up, gas on the right. >> it is hard to get around those curves. >> what age do you have to be, can kid do it? >> oh, yeah we have kids, junior leagues we run on saturday morning and we have adult lesion that we run in the evening and then during the week we have specials, we have monday night madness where you can race all night for $50. it is a great place on a low budget. >> that is fun. >> get over there, and the place is called grand prix in allentown. time for a look at the weather here. we may have on moisture coming up from myrtle beach, we have been dealing with ana. >> it is i don't know, i call it a subtropical storm.
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>> well, that is because it is. >> well, okay. >> how brilliant of you before we get to that we will start off with our mothers day forecast because, i mean priorities are priorities. happy mothers day on sunday with 86 degrees. morning fog like we have right now in many places and afternoon sunshine. right now. we have a dense fog advisory in effect for south jersey, and all of delaware, and despite that, we have a lot of fog at philly international right now. half mile visibility. it is not great in trenton. it is not bad in allentown. our spring fling location today but all over south jersey in, cumberland county, in cape may and atlantic counties, it is nothing, down there, i mean it is hard to get around with that fog. bob will show new a few minutes in his traffic cameras. we are tracking tropics. this is subtropical storm. it is not entirely a tropical storm. it has tropical
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characteristics plus a low pressure system that is sort of the hybrid is what it is called but it is located, 160 miles south/south east of myrtle beach south carolina 45 h this storm. it is supposed to move toward the the northwest meaning inland, direct hit on to myrtle beach with a high wind, heavy rain, rough surf along there for those who are taking springtime vacations down there or those who live there. moving through north carolina, buy tuesday morning, it is here, just off the delaware and new jersey coastline. we will start to get rain from it late on monday, lasting into tuesday. so that is ana's track. here are tropical storm warnings from south of charleston, all the way up to wilmington, north carolina temperatures right now 56 in the city. fifty-eight mount pocono. warmer in the mountains. that is unusual. but it is foggy around here. 58 degrees in wilmington.
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fifty-five in wildwood. we are heading to 84 today. we're heading to 80 tomorrow, we have the the fog repeating itself in the morning and the same story for mothers day, fog in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. so we will recover okay but it will feel like summertime by mothers take with a high of 86 . even warmer on monday with the possibility of the thunderstorms coming through a cold front along with the exit of ana means by wednesday and thursday of next week it is feeling like spring once again, bob kelly, bob kelly. >> 7:18. i-95 northbound just got this fellow pulled off to the shoulder here we have a penndot truck on the way but i-95 southbound we are seeing delays in the city from the betsy ross bridge down through girard. here's an example of the fog, live look at garden state parkway between cape may and stone harbor. we are socked in for the gang down the shore. an update the on the accident on the northeast extension it is southbound between
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quakertown and lansdale. it is down to one lane in the construction zone. so, if you are leaving quakertown, going to go for plan b over to route 309, at least if you can get down to lansdale and jump on lansdale to the south, it is good to go. now down the shore, route 322, an accident involving a pedestrian here right at 322 at franklin boulevard. i told you we were going to have delays at the airport. just talk to philly international. they said average delays of about 27 minutes because of the fog, so check with the airline before you head down to the airport and pack your patients in the extra jelly doughnut you will need it. make sure you have candy in the car for kid this weekend, i-95 north are shutting it town between 202 and naamans road this stretch right here so they can pave over the weekend. so from tomorrow morning into early monday morning if you are coming from the south and heading north you will be push off on to 202. if you want to go into
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wilmington that is okay but coming to the city other air port, 495 would be the way to go, graduation jams on broad street again, the the procession, walk into the liacouras center, will occur between 8:30 and nine. extra volume, prout parents and graduates heading into temple cam puts. dad vail regatta has kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic so expect delays on both mlk and schuylkill expressway, through the weekend. alex, back over to you. 7:20. still ahead terrifying new video of the young girl followed into her home and then attacked. the forced to fight off a total stranger how she managed to escape him. but first while most couples say they do equal housework that changes, when it goes from equal to just women doing most of the work.
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let me say, let's play another game. >> this is the mother of
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somebody here at fox, one of our staff members. i am guessing an on air person, but anyway, use the the hash tag fox 29 good day, whose mommy is that? by the the way, while on our web site why don't you throw a picture of your mother too. i would like to sees your mom. >> that is true, we would. >> okay. >> then your mom with like to see herself on our web site. >> it is a gift in itself. new study finds mothers do more than dads around the house, still, to this day. >> a according to researchers while most couples want to do equal housework, it changes after kid, and more of the work falls on the mom. >> all right, lauren, you married a man by the name of mark. >> yes. >> and before you got married, was it established that you would split the chores around the house. >> no, i do the girl chores and he does a boy chore. >> what is a boy chore, taking
7:25 am
out trash. >> yes, putting in light bulbs, you know, we're pretty much gender traditional in hour household but we are both easy going, whatever. >> once you have kid it might change. >> reporter: thinks the problem. i work full-time, he works full-time, baby comes into the the picture. a new study says mom still works her 40 hours, dad works his 40 hours, so when they come home, mom spend a total every week of 37 hearst doing housework and taking care of the kid, 37. >> dad spends, 24 hours doing those things. so mom's working 13 more hours not in her office job, does that mean daddies doing better at work, he will get a raise, a promotion. the his career will get like that. but mom's career is kind of going like this. it is just in some instances. but i think most women will tell you, yeah, we do a lot more than our husband do. dad does a lot. my dad always did a lot.
7:26 am
there are exceptions, but that is what this study suggest. >> my dad did the lawn, you know, trimmed bushes, fixed the the car, did repairs. >> did your mom work? >> no. >> she raised six children. >> were they all like you. >> no, i was the worst, i admit. i was fifth out of six. they had given up by the time i showed up. >> now you're so successful she's probably so proud good she was very proud, my parents were are proud. >> thanks, lauren i will cry. >> is your mom still alive. >> yes. >> where does she live. >> she lives in stat on island. >> and are you going to go see her. >> with my dad who lives with her. >> yes, i think so on sunday. one house saturday, one house sunday. we have to still deside.
7:27 am
>> new jersey. >> you can cover both. >> alex, you are in the from philly. >> no, they are in texas. >> are you going home. >> no, i'm not. she was here a couple weekend ago so we acted like that was mothers day. i will skype her. >> yeah, we have seen her enough. >> our best tour parents, lauren, we will see you monday. >> right back at you. >> you are so mean, my mother is a lovely woman. >> she's watching now. coming up, fall out from the fight of the century continues, why a local attorney who is staring right at me right now in our studio, so folks are suing manny pacquiao. >> some folks from our area. >> they want their 99 bucks back and maybe more.
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big fundraiser in the jetro lot chilling and grilling before the game raising money for great cause. they are keeping the faith, even though, the wins and losses are not where we were like them to be.
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keeping the faith for the the phillies this year. thanks for the the mug. have some fun tonight. hopefully we will have have some good weather. >> who are we playing. >> the met, the the mets are in town. >> we have raised the price of the tolls coming over the bridges. >> good idea. >> lets see what bus stop buddy is wearing. it is very summery this afternoon. we have areas of fog. our number of the day is a, an eight out of ten because of all that dense fog advisory continues until 9:00 o'clock. still half mile visibility at the the airport even less, when you go down to the new jersey shore. socked in with that fog this morning. all of south jersey really. we will talk about ana, subtropical storm coming up, high today will be about 84 degrees. tonight with fog forming again after midnight, bob kelly, 58 degrees. >> boy, sun popping up, burning off the fog. how is your curve. curve check right there
7:32 am
schuylkill expressway a perfect example of the sun glare cutting over tree lines. cars coming towards us heading in to that conshohocken curve and that is where sun glare slows us down. this is down the shore along the garden state parkway right here near stone harbor. fog socking us in and messing up our signal for traffic cameras. the south on the northeast extension an accident approaching lansdale, moved off to the shoulder but backup between q town and lansdale. accident at 322 and franklin boulevard. we are looking at half an hour delays at philly international, again, all because of the fog, mike and alex, back over to you. lets go back to last saturday night, a lot of us are watching mayweather pacquiao fight, but then, you know, couple days after the fight, manny says, you know what, my right arm hurts, in fact, i didn't tell anybody but i have a rotator cuff injury. >> some say he was fighting
7:33 am
with one arm. >> he threw less punches then in previous fights. a lot of fans say that stinks, why didn't you tell us, i wouldn't have paid a hundred bucks to watch you fight against floyd. >> they built it up and they made 300 million off of it. >> it came close to 400 million after everything was counted. >> yes. >> some of these fans are suing manny, and some of these folks are in our area receive we have an attorney who has filed suit for them, steven good to see you. >> good morning how are you based. >> i have offices in marlton and philadelphia. >> you have clients in pennsylvania. >> correct. >> jersey and nevada too. >> yes good they came and said i want to sue over this fight. >> what happened was after it was revealed that manny pacquiao had a torn rotator cuff people call. when they first contacted us i said aim in the sure let me lah into it. when i found out he signed a questionnaire under oath that he was not hurt, the the day before the the fight and then revealed after he had a torn
7:34 am
rotate attar cuff, i like the the case because i think they need to disclose and let people necessity this is different then your normal situation with the sporting event. people paid a hundred dollars to watch it. they should have have been told that he was going to be fighting with one arm. why didn't they tell us people? they wanted to make the money. >> we know why he didn't say anything because they would have had to cancel the fight for a little bit over a year, floyd would not have made his 180 million-dollar, manny would not have made his 120 million-dollar. that is why he didn't say anything. what do your clients want. >> refund, that is basically what they want good get back made whole what they spent. they would not have have bought the fight if they knew it. >> even if this case, you said 25,000 people in new jersey. >> that is from what we read, that is a lowest mate. there is close to 3 million nationally so we are looking to see, we filed in nevada looking to seek a nationwide
7:35 am
class of people and we filed in new jersey, pennsylvania looking to protect, their rights as well. >> do you say to people come on it is 99 bucks, let it go. >> it is all about when you buy something you should know what you are buying. in football, baseball, basketball, they reveal injury reports ahead of time. people aren't even paying for the fight. here people want a fight expect to go see a fight between two healthy boxers, competitive sporting event and it just wasn't. the fact is all they had to do is tell people good what do you say to those people you saw a fight. >> it was till a fight. >> you still got what you paid for. >> it wasn't competitive. with sporting event people expect it is live drama of not knowing who the winner and loser will be n this case there was in way manny pacquiao would win that fight with one arm good we didn't know that. >> he was an under dog, by two to one. >> the point is, tell people let them make a choice if they want to watch it with one arm. >> steven, look at me.
7:36 am
let's preten. manny, why don't you tell everybody that your arm hurts and you'll to have sacrifice 120 million-dollar but come on tell us your arm arts. >> he hud have told people his arm hurts. >> and sacrifice 120 million-dollar if manny pacquiao were tank where you are, i would be like this, before. >> he might get to jail. >> well, nevada boxing commission is not happy that he didn't disclose. what had happened was two hours before the fight he asked to get a painkiller after he disclosed he had no injury. and they are looking at actually perjury and press charges. >> we left a message foreman i pennsylvania pacquiao's attorney and top rank as well as floyd's promoter mayweather promotions, llc, and for comment, and didn't hear from either one. >> it never occurred to me, i said fight was kind have boring. when i saw reports he was injured. it never occurred that i could
7:37 am
sue and get the my money back. >> this is just like case where youe products are miss label, products aren't promised they don't give you what you are promising, this here is an event that people thought they were getting between two healthy boxers, a competitive event and it was not. they should have disclosed it. >> manny started throwing $99 around. >> maybe for sixers and eagles. >> you know when you watch it on tv you don't pay for it. >> i will sue the the phillies, unless they start winning. >> good to see you. >> i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> wow, you have to see this video, send chills down your spine. there is a teenager followed into her home and she has to fight off an attacker inn identify that house. they have cameras all over that house because of the crime in the area. it is all on tape. we will show it the to you.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! that ace alive shot from our fox station in dallas, texas. this is valley view texas. a freight train derail. do you see all of the white cars. they look like tractor trailers on top of the
7:41 am
railcars. even the engine derailed. >> it looks like a big pile up there. this is an hour outside dallas. the mostly north of fort worth good north and west of the metro plex there. it looks like, a piece of the track was washed out there. >> yes. >> we cannot really see. >> but what a mangled mess. it looks like almost every car of the train is off the rails. >> yikes. >> not sure what they are hauling but those are definitely tractor trailer trucks on the railcars. 7:41. california police are hoping social media will help them catch a man who attacked a 13 year-old girl in her home. >> this girl is only 13. victim told policeman approached her and started, asking her, you know, personal questions in, her neighborhood. then he grabbed her and tried to force himself into their house, so 13 years old. she managed to fight him off and made it into the house,
7:42 am
safely. >> i knew he wanted something sexual, so that is when i, i have already unlock the door. i decided to run inside the house. >> my gosh, police say this same man attack another woman earlier this month in the same neighborhood. they hope social media postings of the suspect will lead them to that guy. >> she knew what to do. >> got inside the house and shut the door. >> quincy is live in allentown for spring fling. >> he is right there on hamilton street. >> i have all of the mascots in the lehigh valley. we are at seventh and hamilton having fun. this is the the string ban. i will check with the mayor coming up next.
7:43 am
i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first.
7:44 am
jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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you know the anchor woman that does five, six and ten include o'clock. >> lucy noland. >> that is her mother. isn't she pretty. >> she's beautiful. >> we're playing this game, showing you picture and trying to see if you can guess who is the mom that is. >> that is pretty easy. she looks like losey we need to see your mom. >> this is what you do? go to my fox and look at the slide show and try to guess. >> yes. >> a a lot of pictures there. >> while you there are put a
7:46 am
picture of your own mother up. >> send it to us, we will take it, put it on the slide show and click through it and find yourself. >> super. >> sue? >> so when your mother is mad at you, did she your whole name. >> she said michael, i was in trouble. >> i know, susan. >> i still hear that to this day. tracking tropics, this is our first named storm of the 2015 hurricane season that hasn't even started yet but won't until the first of june. subtropical storm ana, kind of tropical, kind of low pressurey, that is why it is subtropical. point is, it is churning off carolina coast with 45 miles an hour winds and expect to make land fall tomorrow and then move along the coast. by tuesday early in the morning let's say late monday night it is here. we expect monday and tuesday rain out of it. we will get a cold front coming through on tuesday, so,
7:47 am
that is timing of. that folks down charleston south caroline, georgetown, merit will beach, wilmington, north carolina they are under a tropical storm warning and it lasts all the way through sunday. this is bothering them throughout the weekend. for us what is bothering us is fog. the it is tough to get around in south jersey and in delaware because dense fog advisory is in effect until 8:00 this morning. things have improved slightly at philly international from half mile to a mile and a half visibility. that is still a problem. 2 miles in trenton. really socked in at jersey shore, atlantic city and wildwood, zero half mile in dover. those are your visibility. it is pretty comfortable. fifty-eight in the city and mount pocono. fifty-seven in reading. allentown our spring fling location 56 degrees, 55 in wildwood. your holiday forecast for what holiday is it? could it becoming up on sunday? right, happy mothers day,
7:48 am
86 degrees on sunday with some fog in the morning. it is a nice day and feeling like summertime, through tuesday, once ana is out, once that cold front is out we are back to springtime temperatures on wednesday and thursday but even if you are socked in with fog right now sunshine is coming and will get you in the mid 80's bob kelly. >> sound good. 7:48. good morning, a live look at an accident on 422, this is eastbound lanes of 422, right here near trooper interchange. then we have the left lane here opened. we're stack upcoming out of the royersford, collegeville, heading toward king of prussia. socked in with some fog. this is garden state parkway down the the shore, closer you get toward it the i and burbs more sunlight pops up. 322 at franklin boulevard just outside atlantic city. temple graduation, jammo on broad street. they are set to have the walk/procession in of the graduate between 8:30 and
7:49 am
9:00. we have extra volume heading in the liacouras center there on broad street. another graduation my niece is graduating from penn state abington today, 10:00 o'clock. we are all invited to the party tomorrow night, let's say. load up news van, tomorrow night, lieutenant of extra volume this weekend as well with the dad vail regot, kelly drive is close todd vehicle traffic through tomorrow night, so some extra jams on that schuylkill expressway, mike and alex, back over to you. >> who wants bagels. >> are you ready to fling. >> i'm flinging right now. >> we will get to quincy, right at the plaza at 17th and hamilton. come on and join him. look at him dance. >> i'm having a little party. mascot, vanessa, how are you doing. >> good. >> what grade. >> fifth grade. >> what school. >> jeff on. >> you want to say hi to who. >> hi mom. >> isn't she beautiful. >> all of the mascot, right here. they are telling me about this, the best bagel will shop
7:50 am
here in allentown is johnny's bagels. even the the married he had pawlowski comes here. how are you doing. >> fantastic. >> allentown is booming. >> we have a billion dollars worth of new development, brand new a reen, million square feet of new office space, lots of new companies, coming back in the city. it is a brand new city. >> is what your favorite thing to get here at johnny's bagels. >> a lot of stuff on that menu. it is a massive menu but, they have great base also. anything here is good. i will not take one favorite. >> okay. i will go back and cook and find johnny. >> when you you say johnny, you ask him what my favorite is. >> okay. >> good seeing you mr. mayor. >> that is the mayor. the lets go find johnny. one thing i like about this, you have a cam why and microphone you can just walk by here. how are you doing johnny. >> how are you. >> you are the number one
7:51 am
bagel shop here in the lehigh valley. >> definitely. >> what makes you guys number one. >> we make everything from scratch, insuring style, we do everything by hand and all of the sandwiches, everything is from scratch. >> so these are the famous bagels. they are made fresh daily right here. >> yes. >> let me put some gloves on, guys, try to hop in here. if you are expanding and doing great things you will need more help. >> definitely, that is why we're spanning, hiring people. we have four shops in the the lehigh valley, first one established 15 years ago, in bethlehem. >> what should i do. i want to jump in and help you guys out. i will take you to the next level. >> sure, we will she you how to make omelette and i will show the panini, gyros. >> lets come over here i'm about to cook.
7:52 am
>> is what your name. >> hector good let me get in here. >> he is the best chef. >> i dent even know what this is right now. >> bacon, egg and cheese. >> no, take it as it. >> bacon, egg and cheese. >> i'm putting it right here. >> we're having fun, johnny's bagels, i have a new passion for cooking here and we're number one. >> johnny's bagels number one. >> johnny's bagels are number one. >> on a bagel, fantastic. >> here's the thing in, philadelphia, right now, we have celebrities. i mean we have a glut of celebrities at the comiccon. >> a glut. >> down the the street here. >> yes. >> adrian paul, allen iverson, ben mckenzie, burt reynolds,
7:53 am
carrie, danny have you seen that commercial where he is biting the candy, real tough looking guy. big tattoo on his belly. d snyder is here, frankie moones. >> malcolm in the middle. >> keisha knight pull ham. michael rooker, michael kendricks. >> all these celebrities are here right now. >> penn badgely, sting. but that is all well and good, ladies and gentlemen with but of all of the people we were asked who would you like to have on your tv show "good day philadelphia", you you know who we chose because i cannot wait to meet her. she played the grand mom, what are we showing this for. she played the grand mom in something about marry. do you remember how tan she was. >> i remember. >> she has a new movie come out insidious chapter three. >> i don't care about that. >> something about mary, she was a very tan grand mom. we will meet her next. >> am i excited.
7:54 am
>> i am excited too. very excited. >> oh, for the love. well, i know this. i have found a set of twins, twins they have separate fathers. how does that work. i will need some kind of demo
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
mother was trying to get child support from a man she believed father her twin girls. they found out the the girls have two different dads. >> you have to explain this. we need graphics or something. >> so, here's how it happens. the mom, has relations with one man, and then she gets pregnant.
7:58 am
if she has relations with another man, within four or five taste, it is possible that you can get twins with two fathers. >> now hold on. >> all with the same egg. >> two different eggs but sperm can hang around for five days. >> five days. >> the sperm was with two different men. >> right. >> but it is both president for five days. >> she ovulates one egg, has sex with two different men within a fivetive rent period. >> two eggs. >> two eggs, get fertilized from two different men. she gets pregnant and has twins. now they are not identical twins. they can be, different in every way, but they are the product of, one father, for the one and another father for the other. >> i wouldn't even call them twins then, she had two kids.
7:59 am
>> they are twins because they are been at the same time good i thought with twins the eggs were connected in some way. >> no, no, no. these are not identical twins. they are not from the same egg. so two different eggs, two different sperm, and that is it. >> just call them fraternal twins then. >> yes. >> lawyers will to have get a hold of this and the why. >> well, the case is that the father is now responsible for child support for one of the two. >> not one, but both. >> they have to go after the other person. >> does that happened often. >> sure, remember. >> it does not. >> what? >> it does. >> what? >> i have been in practice 21 years i have her and seen everything. >> i have seen this. >> yes, i have seen this. >> you have seen it all. >> i have. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> you always bring out the best in me, i love you.
8:00 am
i love you alex. >> what do i bring out of you. >> well... >> a rash. >> straight up 8:00 o'clock it is friday, may eighth. that is all you need to know. we are live in the wood where new jersey forest fire is burning and you are wondering how dry is it in this for snows let me show you how dry all these trees are. you can pull them down by hand. these trees have in the had anything burn them down, in 40, 50, 60 years in spots. there is a good demonstration. almost as strong as that great light where you are reporting, lauren. >> from fire to water meet a massive great white shark swimming up the coast and into local waters. where he was just spotted this morning. jen and bill, what is going on. >> we're having so much fun. you cannot come to allentown without coming to central. we have joe who plays the
8:01 am
guitar but it is all girl power, what? >> yeah. you you cannot come to allentown without hanging out with melvin the phantom from the phantoms hockey team. guess what, i found bus stop buddy, in in allentown. >> wow. >> bus stop buddy. >> my goodness. >> lets get to weather and traffic what do you say. >> lets take a look at buddy, before he left the house, wearing that and now, we found his way through the the fog to allentown. south of the city is socked in. it is a dense fog advisory until 9:00 o'clock this morning for areas, philadelphia included, actually, not an advisory but a fog, mile and a half visibility there and it is
8:02 am
really bad, to the south of there. 58 degrees is our current temperature. relative humidity 93 percent. we had a break for a while, but not today. eighty-four. warm and humid. normal high is 71. we are well above average today. 58 degrees with fog forming again after midnight tonight, bob kelly. we have an accident on 422 eastbound right here near trooper road interchange. no fog here. we are dealing with sun glare and some fog down the shore, here's a live look at route 47 and route 40. take a look at this shot, that the new york city aviation folks put seven on their twitter page. this is from an era plane coming into new york. the this is the fog that is, mike, what bridge do you think that would be there, gw. >> veran o. >> that is what it looks like. >> staton island to brooklyn. >> there you go. >> so, an example of the fog, up in new york, that is also causing delays here in
8:03 am
philadelphia, of just under a half april hour coming into philadelphia so do check with your airline before you head down to the airport. back to you. lets get to bucks county. police are hoping, stolen cell fence will lead them to the man who forced their way in the home and pistol whipped a resident. two men targeted a a home on south limekiln pike and new jersey avenue in chalfont just after midnight. suspects ransacked the home and got away with cash and electronics. >> but they heard pings from the cell phone stolen. this was the scene of the wharton state wild fire last night. crews, were up against bone dry conditions and stiff wind trying to get flames under control. fire officialness new jersey say a lot of people, have burn in decade. making it harder to contain. steve keeley has been out there all morning. what do you see right now. >> we are seeing the sun for the first time peeking through all of the smoke and fog. that is a good sign in one
8:04 am
way. visibility will be up and they will get their aircraft backup, maybe by late this morning and put out last of this fire. we have got some news an hour ago if you weren't watching us. this fire majority contained, 3/4 of it, 75 percent is where it is at but because we are expecting hottest mothers day in 25 years and more hot dry weather over weekend that is you why see smokey and the the bandit, or smokey the bear sign, fire danger high today. what greg is showing you now is the thick brush here. instant there hasn't been a fire since the 20's and 30's in this area. you can see all of the fall leaves on top of last falls leaves on top of the fall before that and so and so on. plus all those dry trees, can blow down definitely push down and that is why fire is so, at high risk right here. here is, tom learner from the new jersey fire, service, telling us, how bad conditions are and how good this fog was overnight and providing a lot
8:05 am
of moisture in the air and 100 t time in weeks. >> we're 75 percent contain which is a significant improvement, the the fire is pretty much confined to our barriers, roads, streambeds , containing the fire for 75 percent. >> reporter: no homes threatened yesterday and since you are even mercontained yesterday nothing threatened now. >> in homes you know, we have private exceptions in the the forest, camping facilities and all, they were secured and everything is fine, no dam age. >> reporter: so, good news, but even though this fire will be out there is possibility of further fires and now here in new jersey it is a forest fire season 12 months year round but worst months still ahead and that is summer months. i will work on that log cabin to camp in by hand this summer
8:06 am
>> yes. >> do another tree. >> what was that again. >> push over a tree. >> reporter: we're going to get criticized but you can income down everything in your pass out here. it is just dry, it is all dry. >> alex, you can knock this down. >> it is tinder. >> thanks, from bone dry to wet. we need a bigger boat.
8:07 am
we're going to need a bigger companies, great white shark off the new jersey coast. jaws was made in 1975 and set off of cape cod in massachusetts. that is where they originally tagged, this giant shark three years ago this giant shark, whose name is mary, mary lee. >> and she's off the the new jersey coast right now. >> right now. >> she's here. >> lauren johnson, in the three years since this shark was tag where has it been. >> what about as far as ber mood, down by miami, my goodness, all over. more than 11,000 miles. mary lee is her name. you never ask a woman her name, but she's mature. 16 feet long, almost 3500-pound. she's tagged in cape cod back in 2012. look at that picture. she's in our area now. this morning she has been
8:08 am
pinging all morning long. >> pinging. >> i will tell but that in a second. they keep tabs on her. they are tracking her weight, her health. since they track her in 202 she has been down near miami, out in the ocean. that was march of 2013. >> is that her track. >> that is her track. >> can you believe that. >> she's every where. >> so pingss are recorded every time a dorsal fin comes up long enough to record it. so last night she was spotted by cape may and sea isle but mary last pings at brigantine. she's making her way toward long beach island now. you can see her passage on the the o search's web site up and down the east coast. >> very close to shore. >> she has a twitter handle mike and alex, at the mary lee shark. so just before midnight she thank her 12,000 followers. people are keeping track. researchers thought the she was pregnant and she was moving closer to give birth to
8:09 am
her pup. in her last tweet the at the top one said do you have any babies? how do you spend mothers day. >> well, she said i left them down south while i helped north in search of the suitable mate. >> she's on the prowl. >> yes, she's looking for a new baby daddy. so o search tells us. >> these are folks tracking her. >> we used pictures and we have to tell you what they said. they said she's an ambassador for her species. her visit the to the new jersey shore is another step forward in o search mission establish by founding german chris fischer. she's replacing fear with fascination. the even quote. we don't have any scares like when we saw jaws, mary lee is looking for a mate, that is all. >> we can be fascinated. she's searching all over. >> i have come down south and north for a man. you left myrtle will beach down south, came to philadelphia a, where is the the man? >> i didn't come to philly for a man. >> this is for a job. >> for an opportunity. >> a shark constantly you are
8:10 am
eating, as they move they are constantly eating. >> it is nice to have mary in our area. >> yes. >> there is something about mary. >> um-hmm. >> speaking of that, we have probably 50 celebrities in our town and the one we asked to meet is the tan grand mom from something about mary. what an iconic scene this is. >> she's here in the studio. >> you'll meet her this weekend. >> her real name is lynn. >> yes. >> but first, 25 years have of race for the cure. >> we have three generations of participants in our studio this morning, you have to hear their incredible stories of survival. >> cool. we are counting down the top tv moms. >> okay good the moms you saw in the tv shows and thinking that was my mom. >> sure? number ten, little house on the prairie, caroline engel. >> yeah. >> who would be number one, can you guess. >> number one tv mom?
8:11 am
i might go, happy days, mrs. c. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to grow up without a whole lot of money. and how much it matters to save. i try to teach that to my daughter. i'm saving for a house and i don't want my money to go to bank fees. i'm sure you don't either. so ask me about one deposit checking. next time you have a question about avoiding fees, ask me. sincerely, samantha parke, fellow mom and fellow citizen.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
we have sunshine and dense fog in a lot of places. the ad risery in east affect until 9:00 this morning. one and a half miles visibility at the airport. not too far from here. further south the you go, worst it the is, zero in wildwood. half mile in atlantic city. millville .3 of a mile. same in dover, delaware. we have a subtropical storm we are watching for arrival in our area early next week. it is called ana, subtropical storm with 45 miles an hour wind off the coast of south carolina right now expect. monday night into tuesday is when we expect rain from this storm. they are under a tropical storm warning through sunday at carolina coast. we have 58 degrees in philadelphia right now, some places edging in the 60's, on sunday for mothers day expect a high of 86 degrees after some fog in the morning. we will stay with summertime temperatures through monday and tuesday, cools down by middle of the week. alex. >> thank you, sue.
8:15 am
komen race for the cure is celebrating its 25th year. it is largest run/walk event in the city and leader in the breast cancer movement contributing millions of dollars to cancer research. this year, it is looking at race's unique story of up expiring three generations of survival. we have three generations right here in our studio. first we have cheryl goldberg, matriarch. then we have the middle child, right, right here. and then we have jeaninne donahue, the the next generation, good morning. >> good morning. >> twenty-five years. >> yes. >> so we have to start with the matriarch, you were there for first run/walk in philly. >> i was. >> how many women came out. >> not many, it was a small group of women. it was a beautiful day. and, we started walking, i started with the surgeon that i used and he had asked me to come out and support the women and that is what i did and we
8:16 am
started walking and there wasn't many young women. i was young. i was 32 years old. >> when were you diagnosed. >> i was diagnosis in 1978, my youngest child was three years old. >> back then they didn't have specialists back then. >> they did not. i went to my gynecologist who found a lump and a i had a mammogram and the mammogram came back negative. he told me it was nothing to leave it alone. the once i fun out i had lump, i didn't want to leave it alone. >> you got a second opinion. >> well, i had a biopsy done and biopsy came back positive. >> how did you know, most women within like negative i'm in the clear. >> once i found a lump, i was my own advocate and said i have to have this out. the by biopsy came back positive. i said is there a specialist i could go to? he said oh, no, any surgeon
8:17 am
can do it. aid no, i have to find a specialist. i persued it and i found a specialist and. >> how are you today. >> i'm fine. it has been a long time. i'm cancer free. >> how many years. >> it has been 38 years. >> wow, that is amazing. >> so lets go to the middle child then. are you okay were being call the middle child. >> when were you diagnosis then. >> on january 22nd, 2005. >> you remember the day. >> i don't think any survivor will forget that day. >> you are one of the top fundraisers for this run/walk. >> i think my team has raised almost $27,000. >> you came in at a great transition time. at first it was about awareness just having people know bit. you have had services for women now. >> we do, back then they didn't talk bit. now everyone who has been
8:18 am
diagnosed, wanted to show everybody that there is something you can do bit. komen has a lot of grant programs to help women in this area that don't have insurance or, you know, for me, i had a great company. they paid for all of my treatments, so when you need money, this is for women who don't that have. >> how many women have you help now. >> my god, so many. >> just too many to count. i have been fun raising for over eight years. we have raised over hundred thousand dollars. >> lets go to jeaninne, you are the the future, the the the next generation. >> yes. >> you are trying to help people, a lot of people say this may be just older woman or it wouldn't happen to me. >> i was diagnosed at 26, i had a very rare aggressive form, inflammatory breast cancer. i had your rash. >> in the like a lump. >> correct. >> and i was misdiagnosed at first and thankfully i got a second opinion that saved my life.
8:19 am
but a lot of women are told you are too young and that is the main issue. early detection is what saves lives. that is the important thing. my generation is the next generation. we need to step up. there is so many things that have been accomplish by komen in the 30 years but now we need to finish the fight and we need this generation and generation behind me to step it up and finish it. >> it is something to see these three generations all working together. you guys pushed for help here. >> alex, can i just say from the beginning when i first started out i said there was a small amount a of women that came out for race for the cure. the since i have been coming out for the 25 years, there have been such a large amount of women that have have come out and i have said when you come out and see the race for the cure it is like river of survivors. when you come out and see pink shirts that we are wearing.
8:20 am
>> thaw are wearing right now. >> come out and see river of survivors because there are so many young, young survivors today, that you will be so amazed. so come out to support us, and, the survivors that you see today. >> we are so happy for you. >> you are so strong. >> thank you. >> very powerful. >> when is it. >> it is so people can go out and see for the walk. >> 6:00 a.m. >> okay. all survivors, yes. >> group hug. >> do you know first year there were under 2,000 people that showed up, and sunday there will be over a hundred thousand, can you believe it. >> yes. >> nothing wrong with crying. >> 8:20. we are continuing the count down of the best tr moms,
8:21 am
number nine, jill take already from home improvement. >> i loved her. so who will be number one. but first trying to find a place to take your mom, grab a bite. olde city hot spot is one of the best burgers in the country. where you can book that because you can do it now because mothers day will be busy. will we will tell you next.
8:22 am
becomes severe, or if you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache.
8:23 am
woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ]
8:24 am
i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] alex, is that your mother. >> i cannot tell you that is a mother of one of our staff members here at fox, on air person, of course. >> you need to guess. you need to guess who. >> i will guess, all right. >> what is your guess, put it out there now. >> karen hepp, that is karen hepp's mother. >> we will see. we want to see if other people have guests. >> just tell me if i'm right or wrong. >> you can go if you want to find out right new go to my fox philly and you can find out. >> okay, all right fish face, listen to this. >> why do i have to be a fish face. >> okay, darling. >> much better.
8:25 am
>> do you know just down the street here, on market street. >> yes. >> between second and front is a joint called gaslight. >> yes i have been there quite a few times. >> do you know why i go there. >> why do you go. >> for their hamburger, it business this high and it was name in one of the top five best hamburgers in the united states of america. >> my goodness. >> one of the top ten. >> no, top five. >> top five. >> yes. >> so it came in third place. >> what is the name of the burger. >> gsldouble stack burger. gaslight is the name of the place right there in olde city. how about that. >> look at how tall. >> it has house sloped pickles. >> you are struggling there. >> it has a spicy cream sauce. >> did you you suburb it. >> every time you eat it the
8:26 am
you like to compress it and smash witt your hand. >> these are other items on the menu. >> but the the burger is what we're talking about. they have a martin's potato roll. >> powe tait the owe roll good and who ranked this survey. >> zagot. >> the last time they tweeted us and said it rimes with the cat, so zathe georgia. >> yes, zagat family. >> lets get back to allentown what do you say. >> let get to bill anderson. they were racing the last time. >> my goodness. >> look at all of those kids. >> look at this. we're here outside of allentown central catholic high school. we've got high school students, we have got elementary school students, we're having a great time, a block party taking place here, everybody is enjoying what is going on. there is the the mascot. we will be back in a moment to tell you about everything here, having a great time in allentown, fox 29 spring
8:27 am
fling, we will be right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
count down of the best tv moms, marge simpson, number eight. >> we found and vastly different. there were two surveys we found listing the top second zero tv moms. which one is this one,. >> we did one, it was a top theme songs for tv show. >> we went back to rank her and that was number eight marge simpson. sue, is what your favorite. >> i don't know fit myself i favorite but i came across the old episode of leave to it
8:31 am
beaver, do you remember june cleaver good with her pearls. >> yes. >> areas of fog to the south of us, bus stop buddy, polo shirt because it will be warm out there. dense fog advisory continues until 9:00 a.m. south jersey, and all of the delaware, visibility, it is better in philadelphia, at the international the airport. 2.5 miles now. it is better in atlantic city. sunshine is, a mildly successful and improving the fog. we are at 60 degrees with calm wind and relative humidity of 86 percent. eulogy to a high later on of 84, cloud, sun, warm and more humid today. tonight the fog will farm again, after midnight, so if you find yourself up early bob kelly will not but if you find yourself up early tomorrow you will encounter some fog again. >> how about, al bundy's wife, peg bundy. >> she might be in the top
8:32 am
seven. >> do you think. >> peg, was that her name. >> piece of work. >> good morning. mike, you are right, thinks the the bridge here, a shot from the airplane, that so many planes have been circling here. they have departure holds at airports across the the country. any flights to laguardia were held at airports until 8:30. the just a release there any flights to jfk are being held at their original point until 9:15. we have delays here in fill a of 27 minutes, d.c., also seeing delay of a half an hour. fog that we have been talking about all morning causing big jams in the skies. we have fire location here in the city at 29th and girard with local detours and a accident north at new jersey turnpike and exit number two. >> i have a question for the control room now here at fox 29. kit cat kline is the the name of the producer. next time we throw to allentown let's play billy
8:33 am
joel's allentown because it is a negative portrayal of the town, isn't it. i would like to know what the citizens of allentown think of that song do they dislike it? are you bringing it up now. >> let's hear it. >> oh , it was written about bethlehem, you know, struggle in bethlehem, pennsylvania but it didn't rhyme very well. so he went allentown instead. >> they with like to know what the citizens of allentown will think. >> crank it up. >> ♪ >> what do you think people of
8:34 am
the allentown should think about that song. maybe we will ask the kid. >> what school is this? >> okay. we're going to find out what people think about that, the song allah even town, we will get to that in just a second. but we are here at central catholic high school. we are going to talk to the principal. this place has tremendous history. so much going on. but we also wanted to do is give a quick shout out because this young man, over here, just look at the the crowd this young man, right here, actually came in to be the vikings on the the day of his prom. so quick shout out to everybody and thank you. >> quick shout out to my family and friend and people out there in our stay at home. >> what do you think of the song allentown. >> amazing. >> there is your answer, mike, we have the principal, dennis here. i was walking through the school and this is impressive. hundred percent graduation rates, tell us all of the
8:35 am
great things you guys are doing at central catholic. >> good morning from central catholic and sacred heart elementary. we have a greater partnership. we all work together. we have the hospital taking our kid for internships. we have little brothers and sisters in the elementary school. we have a great ethnic diversity. we have great college, 100 percent go to college from central. >> lets toss to it jen. jen found some people. >> i was found some people i was taller then. guys, you look fantastic. happy prom day. one of them is going to villanova. what do you want to be when you grew up. >> a news lady. >> a news lady. >> high five. >> what do you want to be. >> a doctor. >> and you want be to. >> a teacher. >> a veterinarian. >> my man mike just wants to be, a hairdresser. >> mike, this is the the look.
8:36 am
get your booty to allentown, look good. high five up top. >> yes. >> i'm not coming home. >> he does his own hair. >> yes. >> turnaround so they can see it. >> i do my own hair too. >> they look good, whatever. >> yes. >> hundred percent go off to college. my goodness. 8:36. we are counting down best tr moms because mothers day is this unday. >> meet fl intstones. >> i always had a thing for betty. >> you like betty. >> who do you think is number one, mike. >> i will go mrs. c, happy days, that is my guess. >> okay. >> a few minutes ago we showed you a picture, there it is, try to guess whose mother it is, should have guessed it, chris murphy. >> look at that. >> yeah, we share the same birthday. >> while you are going through the list do you see pictures
8:37 am
at the bottom of the little bug there, those are bunch of pictures that have been sent in. see if you can see your moms picture in there. start guessing others fox 29 people. >> see if if you can guess our mothers. >> hoist your momma.
8:38 am
as teachers, we're on the front lines fighting to give every child the education they deserve. every child in every kind of school. jim kenney is the one we trust to be a mayor for all our kids.
8:39 am
jim kenney. he's committed to providing pre-k in philadelphia and he'll work with communities and parents to turn around poor-performing schools. i trust jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. he'll be a mayor for all of philadelphia. your baby is getting ieven more than clean.t, the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles of a johnson's® bath are helping to enhance the experience. the touch of your hands is stimulating her senses. nurturing her mind. and helping her development. so why just clean your baby when you can give her... so much more™? johnson's®. so much more™.
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welcome back. fbi says it is easy for americans to be recruit by terrorist on line. groups like isis and other extremist are using social media to share their violent propaganda. home land security officials say it is very, it is a very hard has took identify and stop assaults in the united states. that is what happened in garland texas over the weekend? apparently fbi a had been monitoring one of the gunman that guy right there elton simpson living in phoenix, arizona they have been following him in 2006. they back off. but they did know he was
8:41 am
really interested in that cartoon contest that was happening, in that dallas suburb, over the weekend. of course, police officer killed the two gunman who came to shoot up the place. chris wallace, hoist your guest, will you be talking bit sunday. >> we are indeed mike, good morning. we will talk to the chairman of the house home land security committee mike mccall, even more troubling what the fbi director said yesterday. he said there are hundreds of these self radicalized over the internet reading, you know, various jihad web sites, in contact from a a social media with jihad i overseas and they develop these radical beliefs. it is easier if they go over to the middle east and then they come back. you have a record. you know that they have done that. how do you know what people are reading or watching, on the internet, and that is the danger. that is of course the threat. we will talk about that with mike mccall on sunday.
8:42 am
>> two guys that went from phoenix to gar land texas, they had in the been overseas, had they. >> no. one i think had been arrested for attempting to go overseas but no, they have not. one of them had been, as you say, on the fbi's, radar screen, the the other one hasn't at all. it the just shows how tough it is of a a land will of these people back one of the things isis has turn the page or is effectiveness of the videos and outreach, its recruitment for social media. we will talk about that on sunday. we will also talk to ben carson, the world famous pediatric neurosurgeon, just retired as head of the pediatric neurosurgeonry at johns-hopkins and he is running for president. we will talk to him on sunday. >> thanks, chris. >> you bet, thanks mike. >> now back to allentown with quincy. >> quincy, what are you up to
8:43 am
right now. >> guess what, i love lucy, lucy noland has arrived in allentown, we are having fun. >> aim he so excited. >> where all of the mascots are. >> yes. >> we will have some food
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00 o'clock. we are seeing poor visibility. it improved in trenton two. .5 miles at philly international. still pretty bad that fog in dover, delaware and wildwood but we are up to 4-mile visibility in atlantic city. things are slowly improving with that. we have got 60 degrees here at philadelphia airport. sixty-four in mount pocono. fifty-seven in atlantic city. wildwood 62 degrees. nothing mom likes better then original artwork to put on the fridge. i miss these days so much, but, what do we also have? well, original artwork along with our forecast, for mothers day. a lot of love of course, morning fog but lots of sunshine for my mom and a high temperature of 86 degrees. summery temperatures will be
8:47 am
all and things will get cooler, alex, by middle of next week. feeling like springtime. >> remember bringing artwork home for my mom. let's talk about spring fling. we are part anything allentown. the it is all about allentown. weather is beautiful . come down. is there still time to come to seventh and hamilton. lucy noland and quincy harris is having a party, hi, lucy. >> owe nice. >> i want to say thank to you sue serio for my mothers day forecast. >> happy mothers day. >> and happy mothers day to all of the moms in the crowd here. >> yes, my goodness. >> we are having so much fun. >> we have to say hi to our friend matt and jen. they on tv right now. they want to say hi to mike and alex. >> and let's start right here. guys, from the dime, how are you doing today. >> great. >> who are you. >> ryan. >> i'm jr. >> what have have you brought for us. >> pastry chef from the dime
8:48 am
and renaissance hotel. i have a lemon pie. >> do you see quincy is already salivating over there. >> we honey lavender strawberry and homemade crust. >> from our new deearth is menu we will be premiering in over a week. >> quincy, i know you have a mutt full. >> pretty good good ryan is mix master plus here. >> yes, i have a drink called springtime in the alps inspired by a new herb that we got from liberty farms. it is cross between mint and oregano. >> swing the camera over this way. >> i have made two for both of you. >> or for whom ever. >> wow. >> we will shake it up a little bit. i have to mix, the syrup and wine and we will shake that up, strain it. we don't want any of the mint into your cocktail. >> thinks like art going on here. >> there is really a system.
8:49 am
>> in the only that but we will, garnish it. >> we have another. >> do you that real quick, i will get talk to this guy. >> are you. >> danny mayer. >> so what do you have here for us. >> we brought a mad hatter a drink we created, bourbon cocktail with simple seer up and a lit built of sherry. >> does it make you a will the loco. >> a little bit. >> quincy is doing that real quick. real quickly, the hamilton. >> i'm executive chef at hamilton. two dishes, one is a stapel, the shrimp and grits, and, the slaw, and then we have a new dish on the menu, a compressed strawberries and biscuit syrup, some spices pecans and goat cheese. >> quincy loves it so much he cannot talk right now. >> i will dig in. >> back to you in the studio
8:50 am
he. >> lemon pie. >> is that your favorite. >> here's a show and tell about allentown. who is allentown name after? former mayor of philadelphia. >> he was also the chief justice of colonial pennsylvania, supreme court, so this goes back prerevolutionary war, his name was william allen and for years they just called et al. even's town because he was -- good but there there bill town. >> yes, williamstown. >> okay. 8:50. cleveland cavilers have put up a big promotional announcement at half time of the game, right. >> yes. >> it didn't go over very well. >> they are playing chicago bulls in the playoffs. they only ran it once because of backlash. we will will see if you are offender by it. and then this. >> we sent him a movie, we
8:51 am
work real hard. >> these kid at pennel elementary school, aston, pennsylvania, they want jimmy fallon to come to their school. we're going to help them all. all these kid will be in our studio in a bit. >> they have the blues right here but they are excited about coming in. >> are they. >> they are on a bus right now heading towards us, they are on the bus heading information oust.
8:52 am
as teachers, we're on the front lines fighting to give every child the education they deserve. every child in every kind of school. jim kenney is the one we trust to be a mayor for all our kids. jim kenney. he's committed to providing pre-k in philadelphia and he'll work with communities and parents to turn around poor-performing schools. i trust jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. he'll be a mayor for all of philadelphia. and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk, all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at welcome back 8:54. live look at i-95 southbound still heavy from cottman through the construction zone here at girard avenue. they have lifted all of the holds at the airport. here are current delays on the tote board. philly just under a half an hour. laguardia 51. reagan in d.c. 33. so delays at philly international and other airports too, through the second half of our morning rush hour. take a look at this shot
8:55 am
somebody tweeted out from the liacouras sent iser. they are all set for graduation. they have chairs lined up with the big temple logo there and, of course, jam in the broad street. they are getting walk underway here, down at the liacouras center, in philadelphia. and of course penn state graduating ago a ton has their graduation at 10:00 o'clock. getting every where this morning, a little slower than normal and coming in the city will be tough. god bless you. with the kelly drive close todd vehicle traffic because of the dad vail regatta, mike and alex, back over to you. >> i will make my mothers day gift. i will not go to the store and buy it. >> you will make it. >> yes. >> i'm very much into the diy, do it yourself, and i have very cool tips. you can make something for your mom with just a few days left. >> really from the heart. >> it is.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
no idea mascots hunk out
8:59 am
together when they weren't working. >> it is a tight group. >> like chefs, all hang out after the the restaurant close. >> it is a fraternity. >> yeah. >> look at big red there. >> maybe they went to school together. >> there is mascot from the crayola factory, the blue one. >> what is his name. >> he was the only one there at first and when the the other mascots heard the the tip was going to be there they all showed up too. >> wonderful. >> hi girls. >> hello. >> good day, it is friday, may the eighth, 2015. by the way, can we go to a live shot quickly darren johnson, dj, because i have to announce that the mighty "good day philadelphia" players will be at it again today. >> is that a cot. >> this is a bed. >> this particular scene. >> my lunch over here. >> this scene will a bed. >> um-hmm. >> that is a small bed though. >> well... it is not the size
9:00 am
of the bed. >> i walked into that. >> so. >> good day players are coming in, yeah. >> what was one of the most successful films this year. >> i don't know, fast and furious. >> fifty shades of gray. >> yes, true. >> anyway, it involves a mothers day skit by the mighty "good day philadelphia" players. >> you mentioned a bed, 50 shade of gray and mothers. >> it will all come together in just a little bit. we have so much to get to here. we're counting down the best tv moms. >> number six this is who i would pick claire huxable. >> i loved me claire. >> it is top ten. this is number six. this should be number one offer two. >> to me it is number one. >> okay. >> top five, coming up. >> all right. plus you know her from there is something about mary. she's an iconic character. it is the


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