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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 12, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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she still wonders why someone would hurl large rock at her schoolbus as it drove down the 4700 block of aspen street. one of those rocks shattering the window where courtney was sitting. >> boy threw a brick threw the window and hurt my daughter. the glass shattered all over and i was upset. >> police say nine students with special needs from the school of the future in west philly were on board with two assistants an driver when the rocks were thrown by at least two males. >> these kids are throw rocks at a schoolbus which is a stupid act. terrible these kids are special needs and probably not realizing what's going on. >> with cuts to her lip and shattered glass in her skin courtney transferred to the
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school three weeks ago because of bullying problems at other schools. now this. >> my daughter is special education. she has a lot of problems. i don't know why anyone would want to hurt her. she don't bother nobody out here. >> it's believed the images of the attackers were caught on surveillance cameras outside a nearby playground. courtney and her mom are hoping video brings whoever did this to justice. >> why do you think someone would do something like that? >> to be stupid. >> reporter: now as police scower that surveillance video courtney well, she won't be going back to school tomorrow. that's because she is coming back here to visit with eye specialist to get the remaining glass shards out of her eye. lucy? >> chris thank you so much. courtney f you're watching off whole lot of friends right here at fox 29 wishing that you get better quick. on your radar heat and a lot of it. scott williams down right hot tomorrow. >> kind of sultry even. we had a lot of heat and humidity today lucy.
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the high made it up to 84 degrees. 12 degrees above average and we're watching what's left from ana pulling out to sea but off to the west we have a cold front and tomorrow out ahead of it winds out of the south that's going to mean high temperatures tomorrow in the mid even upper 80s tomorrow likely the hottest day so far this year. look at ultimate doppler right now. you can see what's left of ana moving out to sea unfortunately all of that rainfall that we need is out to sea as well. thunderstorms toward the western part of the state. this activity will fizzle before it moves toward array area so no rain from that. take a look in sections every north carolina. there was a report of a potential tornado in sections of eastern north carolina. some trees down. so they'll go investigate that. that is what was left from anai packeting sections of east north carolina. potential tornado there. look at the temperatures fours.
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it's still pretty mild. 72 degrees. that's our high temperature for this time of year. look at the humidity pretty oppressive in some locations. at 100% in dover. 90% humidity in lancaster as well as wilmington. so 80s tomorrow. but there is going to be a cool cooling down in that seven day forecast how cool it gets coming up. guys, back to you. >> all right, scott thank you. at least five people are dead and dozens hurt after the latest round of storms hit across the country. one tornado we know of ripped through van texas. a town about 70 miles southeast of dallas tonight overnight. officials just said late tonight they have now accounted for everyone who was missing. the damage to the homes and businesses is extensive with about 30% of the town taking a hit. dozens are injured. authorities say the tornado either damaged or destroyed as many as 100 homes. one survivor says she thought she was going to die. >> we're all rushing in the hallway and then we could hear the tornado coming and it picked up the house and starred ripping
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all the rooms off and we're sitting in the hallway -- hollering and screaming. when we came out everything was destroyed. >> meanwhile homes still underwater tonight. days of storms dumped 11-inches of rain in some areas. trapping homeowners and creating massive sink holes. officials say it could take some time before all the water recedes and people can get back into their homes. philadelphia police are looking for the man they say surveillance cameras caught stealing of all things surveillance cameras. in south philly. fox 29's dave schratwieser is outside of south detectives and dave hopefully police got a very good look at this guy. >> reporter: lucy this is one of those crimes that leaves you scratching your head. a guy caught on camera stealing the very camera that's taking his picture. tonight investigators tell us they're trying to figure out who the guy is and why he did this. >> i mean somebody does that really they deserve to be caught. >> reporter: first he arrived with a folding chair then with a latter. >> i guess the chair wasn't good
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enough. come back with the latter. >> reporter: police admit they're a bit puzzled why this guy decideed to steal surveillance cameras. first he started way folding chair and moved up to a latter. it happened at a new nail salon about to open in south philly. >> the good thing about this the cameras actually rolling they capture him trying to remove video cameras. >> reporter: neighbors were surprised by the low down evident to steal the high-tech equipment. >> stealing a camera on camera isn't very smart. i think it's crazy. to steal someone's cameras on ladder like recording you just got to go. >> investigators say it happened at 2:00 in the morning at 20th and porter in girard estates. suspect approached and began removing surveillance cameras one by one. >> more than likely the fact he's trying to remove the cameras means he's probably come back and commit another crime in the sense of a burglary. >> reporter: neighbors who live on the block where the cameras were stolen were just as puzzled as police as to the motive for this crime.
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>> i can't even imagine why someone would want to do it. >> money. he had nice cameras up there. now i see he's got a cheaper version. for money. people don't now how to work for their money now days. >> in his attempt to remove the video capture it still -- cam rate still captures him. >> reporter: suspect fled down the 1900 block of porter street. investigators believe he could be from the neighborhood. if he's arrest arrested arrested and charged the cameras he was trying to steal will have done nim in. >> george zimmerman making headlines again a shot is fired during a road rage incident an bullet just misses him. to night we've learned this is not the first time zimmerman has had a run in with this accused of gunman. this latest incident playing out this afternoon in lake mary, florida near orlando. police say the bullet hit zimmerman's suv and shattered his windshield and zimmerman was sprayed with glass. as it turns out the dispute is with the same man who police say was involved in a road rage incident with zimmerman last year. guy man reportedly went looking
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for help today after firing at zimmerman. >> guy came pulling up and said please call 911. will you please call 911? i was like, what happened? he's like i shot just george zimmerman. he said george waived a gun at me and he shot him. >> so far no charges have been filed. since he was a quitter of killing trayvon martin he's had a serious run ins with ex-girlfriend, ex-wife an few strangers. >> nasty crash tied up traffic on the northeast extension right during the evening rush. take a look. what you're seeing here is a car that wound up wedged under attract trailer. two people were trapped in that car. firefighters did get both of them out. and we're told amazingly they only have minor injuries. no word tonight on why that crash happened. a man has died and more than a dozen peel are out of their homes tonight. an intense fire at a kensington apartment building had people jumping out of windows to try to escape the smoke and the flames. investigators say someone fire bombed the apartments early this morning.
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it happened just past 6am on kensington avenue. fire officials say the building had no working smoke detectors. firefighters rescued several residents from the building why others jumped. neighbors say 30-year-old matt poet died. >> he was standing up there and i guess either overwhelmed by the smoke or got too hot for him and he just came right down and he landed right next to me. >> supposed to start working today making $7 an hour so he can provide for his children and try to get them a roof over their head again. >> red cross is helping at least nine people. police are on the hunt for the person behind the tragedy. >> a woman accused of of push pushing her 20 month old son off a bridge in allentown and then jumping herself is now charged with murder. it happened on the afternoon of may third. rescuers found 19-year-old jonesha perry along the river bank and pulled the child from the river. the toddler spent six days on life support and then died over the weekend. the district attorney describes what witnesses saw on the bridge
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that left them shocked. >> when ms. perry got to the middle of the bridge she took the child out of the stroller, held him on the railing of the bridge she kissed her son and then pushed him over the edge. >> perry was lee leased from the hospital last week and taken to the lehigh county jail. she's scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. developing to night punishment for the patriots after this winter's deflate-gate and howard the nfl took aim both the team and quarterback tom brady. >> and they should have. direct aim. the nfl came down on tom brady with a four-game suspension. the patriots lost their first round draft pick next year, their fourth round pick in 2017 and the largest fine in nfl history with $1 million fine and the two equipment guys are suspended indefinitely. i feel bad for these guys because they only did what tom brady had asked them to do. now the patriots finally got caught in the afc championship game. it was january 18th with deflateing a 11 of the 12 footballs they used for the game. that is against the rules. it goes right at the integrity
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of the game and that's a big reason that brady got suspended and got the suspension he did. brady's agent said he will appeal that decision. i will have more later in sports sports. and surprising -- a surprising comment by the new york giants quarterback eli manning in support of the nfl. back to you guys. >> all right, howard, thank you. coming up outrage at this woman accused of of celebrating the murder of two mississippi police officers. her post on social media got her fired. what she said that sparked so much anger. >> a shopping mall shocker. no shopper was expecting this. what dropped through the ceiling of a children's store that left crowds gasping. >> a little girl with a long road ahead of her hit by a car just feet from her front door. >> no mom wants to see her kid like that he have. she was just lifeless. struggle they case once little morgan can finally come home. >> and booze, snacks and trips
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to wegman. governor christie spending habits revealed next.
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♪ >> surveillance video captured an argument turning violent inside a local diner. it happened at daryling diet last week. police are hoping that you recognize the 20-year-old man in the video who hit another man on the headway bottle. that guy took off. the victim was cup but treated and released from the hospital. a brawl on a darby borough street leads to gunfire and police say cell phone video captures the shooter. that fight happened yesterday between a group of men and women on third and greenway streets. police arrested 18-year-old tamir austin for his involve many in the fight. investigators say the shooter was raheem presley. they're now looking for him and his girlfriend tess is a mims. authorities say presley fired six shots. he didn't hit anyone but cops
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say things could have been much worse. >> one of the rounds ended up in the front window of a house on the 100 block of north fourth street which ended up in the stairs going to the second floor. nobody was home at the time but there's an infant and the people at that address are extremely upset that the small child goes up and down the steps if they would have been home that kid could have been hit. >> cops say presley is considered dangerous and does have a criminal record. if you see him call police. scary walk to school for delaware county middle school student. three men in a car drove up to her and she says one of them actually tried to grab her and now school officials are warning parents and their children. fox 29's sean in the wilson is live at the upper dash dash plea police station do you know what happened. >> reporter: parents tell me tonight they are keeping a watchful eye after learning that 13-year-old girl said that thee men approached her while she was walking to school. now some of those parents we talked to say they received an
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auto mated call from the school warning of the incident. 13-year-old girl says she was walk to go to drexel hill middle school when three men yelled out to her. one of the men reached out of the window of the car toward her her. that girl ran across street and later told her parents what happened. this happened on state road near concord of a thursday. >> it's scary and that's broad daylight and on a busy street. >> reporter: three men were in the car which police believe is a white four door sedan. they say it has rust spots on it and back here live police have not made any arrests as of yet. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much shawnette. a crash involveing a schoolbus put two people in the hospital. skyfox flew over the scene on lay field road in upper hanover tonight. police are telling us the bus tangled up with a van. we know one person was taken to lehigh valley hospital. and that person was not a
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student. helicopter took the driver of the van to another hospital. police say it appears none of the children on the bus are hurt hurt. a 23-year-old penn state student feared missing is found safe and unharmed. john stein dorf's family thought he was going to graduate from penn state this weekend but his parents say he disappeared last friday before the ceremony. they say he told him he had finish his studies in the fall semester but was delaying graduation until spring. police have yet to release the details of where stein dorf was found today. in the kensington section of the city, police are looking for a man accused of stealing cash and credit cards from a woman's purse inside a restaurant. it happened inside crabby's cafe on the 1,000 block of hancock street. take a good look here. police say the guy target the women wednesday left through back door. if you know who he is, you know what to do. give police a call. >> could it have been an escape for a new life that ended up fatal for a stow way. much s customs are investigating what happened on a shop ship docked at south philadelphia. it arrived on pier 84 earlier
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today. officials say it was bringing in cocoa beans from the ivory coast in west africa. they're now trying to identify the man found dead on the ship. eric 14's lawyers within drawn their request to move his trial for now. frein is charged in the september 12th ambush shooting outside of pennsylvania state police barracks in blooming grove. one trooper was killed. another was seriously hurt. 14's attorneys asked the judge to move the case from pike county because the da there refers to frein as a murder they are campaign mailer. frein's lawyers have now withdrawn that request but they say they plan to refile it at a later date. we're eight days away from philadelphia's primary elections and candidates have begun their final push for votes. candidates gathering in center city today for a forum hosted by global philadelphia association. list this latest forum focusing on philadelphia's roll as an international city. questions included how globalization is having an effect on our region. the primary elections are on may 19th one week from tomorrow. if you'll be voting with
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absentee ballot tomorrow is your last day to register. head over to mock.we'll show you how to register before the deadline. >> new jersey governor chris christie spent 300 grand on food and booze since he's been in office. >> according to a watch dog group in new jersey that took a very close look at the governor's expense ledger christie administration spent $82,000 on concessions at metlife stadium 76,000 at wegmans food market. nearly 12,000 at shop rite and another 6,500 the shop rite's liquor stores. the money comes from attacks pair funded allowance for expenses. >> caught swiping packages right from people's doorsteps. but he says he's not stealing. what this guy tried to tell an eyewitness when he started pressing for answers and -- lights and sirens blaring but this is no emergency. what local drivers saw that has this department take something heat tonight.
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>> digital billboard hacked. picture that showed up so obscene we can't even show you on tv. >> only imagine if you were with your family you'd ab little shocked if you saw that. >> what was broadcast on this massive screen of few seconds for everyone to see. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. brand new project that started this week along rose tree road in media near painter road. detours and back at it again tonight into early tomorrow morning. i-95 both directions lane restrictions in the area of cottman avenue, plus the off-ramps to cottman are closed till about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow tomorrow. sue says we could have some fog for the morning rush hour. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow at 4:0:0:0:0:0
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♪ >> hey, chief w you going with those? what? >> where you going with those. >> delivering. >> why it picking them up? >> delivering. >> you're not delivering. you went and picked them up. >> wrong house. >> a chicago man breaks out his phone when he cease this guy looking like he's stealing packages right off people's doorsteps. then putting them into an suv. the man records the whole thing and posted it online hoping to captain apparent crook. >> i knew the police couldn't get there in three minutes i knew this was going to happen like that. the moment i saw him trying to conceal the license plate i call the police.
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>> the woman who had her packages taken says they later showed up back on her doorstep. she says one of those packages actually had cancer medicine for her dog. sad day in hattiesburg mississippi the city came together for the memorial service of two police officers killed in the line of duty. benjamin dean and la cory tate were shot during a traffic stop saturday night. more than a thousand people killed the convention center this afternoon to remember the men. >> to officer dean and to officer tate you always be my brothers the men and women who wear the uniform are a beacon of light in a sometimes dark world. >> marvin banks accused of of shooting the officers three others face charges in connection with the murders. >> one woman's social immediate response to the deaths of those two officers cost her job and set off a twitter fire storm. >> the post on instagram and twitter by sierra morning curdy who goes by the name c baby
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created a fire storm online. the subway worker "two police officers shot in hat december burg tonight. got em. followed by several emojis. folks quickly lash out. she was was wearing her subway picture and was fired for it. >> three-year-old struggling with things that used to come natural toll her. a car hit her steps outside her home. why her family needs your help once morgan can finally come home. scott? >> lucy, today was warm and humid. tomorrow a similar scenario. but get ready for a big cool down in the seven day forecast. details next. >> and what is going on here. a presidential campaign. this guy is licking someone's camera. the bizarre encounter dubbed lick gate.q÷aq
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♪ right now at 10:30 the search for two drivers behind two deadly hit-and-runs. two-year-old david alicia and four-year-old latif wilson died in separate incidents just hours apart with no arrests both cases
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are still top of mind but one crash last month you may not have heard about involved a young girl with a long road to recovery. >> fox 29's bruce gordon sat down with this local family taking it one day at a time. >> reporter: three-year-old morgan is lucky to be alive. her mom knows it. only too well. >> morgan got hit by a car. what? what? she did what? >> reporter: melanie haines worth remembers the phone call early evening april 15th. >> i was screaming. they had to sedate me tonight. i was screaming. >> reporter: morgan was struck by a car right in front of her home on the 3900 block of north percy street. a narrow one way stretch. her dad had left her alone on the front steps brief toll get her some juice. by the time melanie could get to the hospital -- >> she was swollen. there was bruises everywhere. she had road rash everywhere on her face, her arms, her legs, everything.
3:29 am
no mom should see their kid like that ever. she was just lifeless. >> what i need you to do go in -- >> reporter: after two week at saint christopher's morgan was transferred here to the weismann children's rehabilitation hospital in marlton, new jersey. where she undergoes occupational occupational, physical and speech therapy six days a week. >> can you get orange like the square? good job. >> reporter: morgan has made great strides but the traumatic brain injury she suffered may not reveal its full impact for years. >> we won't know until she has to do something and she couldn't do it. >> reporter: until then melanie focuses on the positive like the flower pot her little girl painted for her as a mother's day gift. >> i cry every day. i would give anything to switch places with her. i would give anything to be in her place. anything, that's my baby. >> reporter: the man who struck morgan did the right thing. he raced morgan and her dad to the hospital. melanie haines worth tells me insurance will likely cover the
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bulk of their medical bills but probably not the rehabbing of their home that may be necessary when morgan returns from rehab. the family has set up a good fund me page go to if you'd like to help we'll link to you the site. in the newsroom bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> two philadelphia police officers are lucky to be all right after their police van flipped over in south philadelphia. this happened around 11:30 this morning on the 2,000 block of south newkirk street. officials say the van collided with a nissan and the crash also took out a parked car. people in the nissan are okay and the officers had to go to the hospital just as a precaution. little league base bull sensation mo'ne davis signing autographs for a good cause. >> indeed. mo'ne was signing shoes from the i am a girl collection from the marion anderson rec center. the limited edition shoes sales will go to earthquake relief efforts in nepal. mon nay shot to fame last summer
3:31 am
and won over the nation. she pitched for the taney dragons at the little league world series. that was such a great thing and continues on. look at that. >> a lot of shoes right l it's great. >> cover si-a little chevy commercial. >> big chevy commercial. >> she's out there in south philly it's probably humid signing all those shoes out there. >> i love it. >> it's humid everywhere. >> tonight iain and lucy. >> it was in the studio. >> it feels like summer instead of spring and also not only are we dealing with the humidity we're dealing through with the pollen threw the roof. today it was high. tomorrow it's high. wednesday look at this. 11.5 and really no relief in site because we don't have a lot of rainfall chances in the forecast. get this. we're about an inch below average so far for the month of may. as we look at ultimate doppler looks like there was going to be hope with ana that moisture out to sea off in the to the west a pretty impressive line of
3:32 am
showers and storms this will likely fizzle and run out of gas britt moves into our area. but look at the chem temperatures this morning's low 69 degrees. well above average for this time of year. 84 was the high. the normal this time of year is in the low 70s. so what happened to spring. it will make a come back. temperatures right now 72 degrees. that's our typical high this time of year. yes, it's 10:30 we're looking at our typical high temperature this time of year. humidity 78%. winds right now out of the north northeast at about 3 miles per hour. but it's still pretty mild area wide. mid 70s allentown. 68 right now in wilmington. 69 degrees in millville and 70 in dover. but look at the humidity. 93% in millville. 93% in atlantic city. 100% is the current relative humidity in dover. so it is pretty humid outdoors. visibility pretty good once you move inland. but we're looking at some fog developing in atlantic county as
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well as cape may county so keep that in mind for your tuesday morning rush. likely looking at some fog especially down the shore. so ana what's left of it moving out to sea. those remnants we have a cold front off to the west. this system produceed over 27 tornadoes yesterday in the planes. we're looking at some heavy rainfall right now along the texas and louisiana coasts. and then off to the west we're watching that line of showers and storms that will fizzle out before it arrives in our area tomorrow. so watching what's left of ana pull away that front moves through tomorrow. but out ahead of it temperatures soar into the upper 80s. then behind it, tuesday night into wednesday it's going to turn cooler as well as breezy. 60s to night. patchy fog especially the farther south and east you head look at that temperature tomorrow. out ahead of that front it's going to be pretty breezy and warm. 88 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. >> 88. >> we might as well hit 90 if we're going dobb that hot.
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>> that's right. >> look at what happens for wednesday. breezy cooler, high temperatures in the upper 60s. so ah, spring is going to make a come back for the middle and latter part of the week. next best real chance of rainfall looks like the first part of the upcoming weekend. but temperatures creep right back up to around 80 degrees. >> a couple weeks ago it was in the 50's. we were look where is spring. >> exactly. it will be 88. we're like where is spring. >> we launched straight no summer. >> so tomorrow you'll see scott and iain in their sleeve less suits. it will be so hot. on fire tomorrow. >> i love it. >> speak of on fire check out something. you're looking at the most expensive piece of art ever sold sold. it was on fire. it went this morning for a cool 179 million bucks. it's a picasso called women of algiers version o. picasso painted it as part of a 15 painting series. lights and sirens blaring but this is no emergency.
3:35 am
what local drivers saw that has this department taking heat tonight. >> one sailor's surprise waking up with this guy sleeping next to him. really what he did next with his phone's camera recording the entire time. >> plus get ready the empire premier just months away and now we can tell you some of the music's biggest names who have agreed to guest star.
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♪ morning surprise for one sailor when he wakes up to see this guy sleeping next to him on his boat. california man quickly grabbed his cell phone saying no one would believe him otherwise so he thinks it snuck on to his boat in the middle of the night and got comfortable. he says it did quite a bit of coaxing but the animal did finally make its way off the boat. >> like goldy locks found the perfect box. uber for kids up start car ride
3:39 am
service targeting busy parents with busy children it's called shuttle with ds instead of ts. the pair area company has 200 drivers it says has pass add deep set of background checks. parents can monitor their child's scheduled rides through an app gps tracking the whole way. investment firms have jumped on board. it's looking to launch nationally. soon to be moms you soon will be able to rent maternity loaves. a fashion rental subscription service that will start carrying clothes for pregnant women this fall. for 59 bucks a month you can bore borough three items of clothing and three accessory when you're fired of wearing it you send it back and order five more things. >> billboards they're supposed to grab your attention right? >> it wasn't an ad that has one talk about one atlanta bill bore. somebody hacked into the system of a billboard company and add add photo to the cycle images that display on the digital billboard the picture was of a
3:40 am
naked man. drivers got an eye full every couple of seconds when the picture would pop up. cops they don't think it's funny funny. >> i can only imagine if you were out there with your family a little shocked if you saw that. we want to find out who is responsible. >> the billboard company took down the photo. they're not sure how the hackers got into their system. and cops say they're not sure yet what exact charges the hacker could face. a shopping mall shocker no shopper was expecting this. what dropped through the ceiling of a children's store that left people going what? >> and just what going on here? a presidential campaign event a guy licked somebody's camera. the e
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3:43 am
>> look what caught shoppers attention at a mall in hong kong kong. a wild bore crash through the ceiling. in children's clothing store. the animal lands on display case with a crowd watching in awe. boar wandering around the store making a mess thing. they eventually captured her after tranquilizeing hershey's at a animal rehab center. >> fire truck goes down a local street sirens blaring. but it's not on the way to a burning building. firefighters are in fact
3:44 am
celebrateing and now one delaware county fire department is taking a lot of heat online. >> fox 29 weekend's bill sanderson took to trip to the town the department serves. ♪ >> reporter: we got tip about a video that some say shows firefighters behaving badly. the video showed firefighters from this volunteer fire company in darby township riding on the front of a fire truck sirens blazing and apparently celebrate celebrating some award they just wouldn't. video is now on facebook, youtube and a variety of firefighter blogs with the overwhelmingly majority of the comments criticizing the firefighters for driving too fast using sirens for no reason and basically acting inappropriately. >> i came to the neighborhood and although social media is highly critical, most of the residents thought the fire company is just getting a bad wrap. >> they gotta an award for whatever it was and then they're proud of what they're doing. so why not um, you know, why not boast a little bit and say
3:45 am
hey, you know, this is what we do. we're here for you people. >> facebook everything is going to be get blown out of proportion. there's only so many eyes that are actually seeing it. you know what i mean? as far as for me, my personal opinion see them like they contribute to the community tremendously. >> reporter: i came here to the goodwill fire company. it's a volunteer company so nobody was here. they also didn't return phone calls and i reach out to the person who posterior the video. he had no comment. but the title fire truck side did the pretty much tells us what he thinks about this. >> i also went to go speak to the township manager. he told me that he hadn't heard or seen the video and would have no comment until he had a chance to look into it. >> it's interesting because online, these firefighters are being criticized being called stupid and extremely dangerous. but when you talk to residents they really didn't have much to say. likely because they know most of the people there. it's such a small town. but we still want to know what our fox 29 viewers think. you can leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page or
3:46 am
tweet us at fox 29 philly. i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> one woman is in jail tonight accused of of selling dozens of tickets to concert that didn't exist. according to prosecutors it all started unraveling for kelly bryant of burlington township earlier this month. that's when authorities learned about a cheryl crow concerta medford township venue. authorities couldn't tacked the venue representative to discuss security plans and that's when they figured out crow wasn't booked to perform at all. police in new york city are trying to track down a group of teens who are actually hopping on moving subway cars and taking over the controls. fox's linda schmidt shows us what's happening and what police are doing about it. >> reporter: they are tampering with subway doors and takeing control of parts of the train. a group of teenagers calling themselves the subway conquests have been video taping
3:47 am
themselves trespassing in areas of the subway system that are off limits. they have changed the train lines on trains that are in service and they also somehow have a key that enabled them to turn off the interior lights of a moving train. train enthusiast saw some of these videos on facebook and posted them on youtube so authorities can catch the culprits. >> the activities they start to do engage in were he can treatmently dangerous and could lead to serious injuries or fatalities on the subway system. >> reporter: the nta says the nypd is investigateing and that what she's teenagers are doing is illegal. they're stupid to have done it license feel even more stupid once police track them down from this video. >> one thing that really hasn't been recognized yet is these kids have capabilities to control any aspect of the subway system on the train that a normal employee can because they've stolen off the of the
3:48 am
keys and tools required to operate the train. >> we asked the mta how the teens could have gotten their hands on the keys. the agency says, it's under investigation. >> so in the meantime the they're asking folks if they see something suspicious call police bizarre encounter at a campaign event for rand paul. this is from a photographer at paul's event in new hampshire. watch as the guy gets right in front of his camera and licks it. according to the national journal that man is paul's political director the photographer work for a democratic research firm that follows reason kansas dates across the country. the video -- some dubbing it lick gate. paul's camp has not addressed. are you ready for this. star buck is offering a mini frapuccino to help justify your indulgence. it's called the baby frap. it's a mini 10-ounce option for comparison sake a tall is 12-ounces. a regular baby frap by the way
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out whipped cream got 120 calories and 24 grams of sugar. you better hurry only available until july 6th. >> baby frap. tasty. you ready for season two of empire? who is not? some big names signed on to fox's mega hit including chris rock, lenny krav sits and alicia keys. rapper common and one and only oprah. fox's planning a longer second season with 18 episodes over last season's 12. you'll see it right on here on fox 29 wednesdays starting this fall. it's a rap. >> up coming season of american idol will be the show's last. after 14 years america's once top singing competition is come coming to an end. american idol hit the air waves back in 2002. but after more than a decade fox officials say it's the right time to end this chapter. season 15 will see the return of judges jennifer lopez, keith urban and harry connick, jr. as well as host ryan seacrest the final season kicks off this
3:50 am
january. of course you can watch the two-part season finale of season 141st tomorrow and continuing wednesday night right here on fox 29. right here right now the one, the only howard eskin. >> can i pass on the 24 grams of sugar in that frapuccino? >> i'll pass on that. the phillies sent a player to the minor leagues tonight. that was after the game. wait until you hear the name. nfl come down on tom brady and the patriots and eli manning had some strong comments about brady. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ we expect hard facts as opposed to circumstantial leaked evidence to draw the conclusion
3:54 am
of this investigation. >> he call it out the commissioner wanted an apology that was the are you which is owner of the new england patriots robert craft c. the nfl game down on tom brady. four game suspension. they lost their first round draft pick next year. fourth round pick in 2017 and the largest fine in nfl history $1 million fine. take bob craft c. and the two equipment guys are suspended indefinitely. feel bad for those guys. they only did what tom brady asked them to do. the patriots got caught on january 18 deflateing 11 of the 12 footballs of the game. that is against the rules. that's the big ren got the suspension much brady also did not cooperate with the investigation. nfl does not like that. brady will lose close to $1.9 million $1.9 million. he's making over 20 million in salary. don't feel bad. really.
3:55 am
brady's agent will appeal the decision. but keep in mind it's not like a court of law. the evidence is similar to what you would have a civil case. nfl vice-president troy vincent said it was unlikely that was done without tom brady's knowledge. new york giants quarterback eli man hemoglobin strong comments tonight himself. >> obviously if he's accused of and obviously yeah, on the football i think it is about integrity and you have to follow the rules and so if someone breaking rules, i understand, you know, you'll get punished for it. >> cheater! so what games does brady miss? he's a cheater. opening is the first game of the season on the inform fl thursday night game at home against pittsburgh. inform bc can't be too happy. get over it guys you get him when he comes back. they're game at buffalo home against jacksonville and 4:00 o'clock game against dallas. phillies made a player move after tonight' game phillies sent cody asche to the minor leagues to play and learn left
3:56 am
field. he has to be there at least 10 days and don't expect to see dom brown back any time soon. hitting point to 24 at aaa lee hay valleyly. >> tonight another loose at citizens bank park. the phillies up one to-zero. three run homer against jerome williams in the third inning. herrera what with the score four-two. first major league homerun phillies lose it four-three. what else is new? >> real quick so the cowboys will play the patriots without brady. when we play the patriots they got brady? >> that's all right. >> the rules are the rules. you got to follow the rules. >> you got to follow the rules. do you. >> come on. >> tmz is next. don't f
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♪ ♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ ♪ if you see something say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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good morning at 4:00 o'clock, new on the the fox 29 morning news a search is underway for suspect who threw bricks in the crowded school bus. had hear from one of the students that was hurt. plus concerned parents speak out as police search foreman who tried to kidnap a young girl on the way home from school. another real warm day on the the way and then cool air sue serio's forecast straight a ahead. it is tuesday may 12th 2015. you had perfect golfing weather. >> it was fantastic. went to the country club in ambler pennsylvania and i had such a great time, raised money for saving lives foundation. of course sue, when i got the in my golf outfit yesterday afternoon and paraded through news room what are you doing today? i'm going to


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