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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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ing news amtrak train just derailed in port richmond. reports as many as 50 people hurt. >> we just found out about the man at the center of a chaotic police chase and the woman who was in the car with him. your news starts in less than one minute. ♪ fox 29 news in hd brought to you
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by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now breaking news. amtrak train has derailed in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. scott fox is live over the scene right now. you can see it's extremely active scene. this is on wheat chief lane. we're told there's multiple injuries many as many as 50 injuries right now. this is train number 188 the train coming from washington d.c. head to do new york city. there could have been as many as 240 people on board as i talked to you 50 people injured. >> one of those people on board was former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy he had his phone with him and took this picture. tweeted it a few minutes ago and you can see all of the people inside. you see the rescue crews inside you see that train kind of slipped on its side there. people obviously hurt and what he said on twitter was i am on at amtrak train that just crashed. i'm okay. helping others. he says pray for those in injured. iain was telling you possibly 50 people or so that are injured on
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this. and this train was coming from washington, d.c. it was heading through our area heading on up to new york city, and the front of the train from what we understand started shaking and when it kind of went into a turn. we don't know what happened here but you see all those lights down there obviously these are rescuers. they've got their flashlights out. because it's dark out there. they have -- they can't see. they've got to try and find anybody that may have been thrown if anybody was from the train, and try and help all of these people. you know it's got to be a chaotic scene out there. in fact, an associated press employee on the train says it appears it went off the tracks. >> yeah, we can see that and certainly medics are headed to the scene. we also have crews headed to the scene as well. fox 29's bruce gordon is on his way to the scene. so we hope to have him and maybe 15 20 minutes obviously you can see this is an active scene just happening less than 30 minutes ago as we told you this amtrak train headed from washington d.c. to new york city. according to reports by the associated press, and others that the train was -- front of rain was coming into a turn and
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it shook and then it went off the rails. so again, there are maybe as many as 240 people on that train train. we're hearing reports of up to 50 people may have been injured but as you can see this scene in port richmond this is extremely active scene as lucy is talking buehl those people looking for people this is a rescue -- search rescues operation right now. this is again the picture from twitter on former congressman patrick murphy tweeted this out he was on the train and said he's okay but he's helping others and asked to pray for others. so you can see we've talked about before, this particular car has tilted on its side and people are obviously in there. this is a problem. again we have bruce gordon on the way we hope to have him soon. this is a developing situation and this is just a tragedy that's happened about half hour ago. >> this day and age of social media picture like this goes off i've already seen it on twitter and been retweeted hundreds of times at this point in time, and
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you got to feel for the people inside. let's go back to the scene. i want to see skyfox again and see what's going on here. it's very difficult. it's dark out there. it's even hard for our camera even though it's a very good night vision camera to see what's going on out there. but you can see the train is clear off the tracks and you see all of these people out there. from what we understand, there are police officers and first responders coming in from all over the city to this scene right now it is all hands on deck. if there's somebody injured and bleeding if somebody is hurt and you know there are we've heard probably 50 or so people they have got to get to them asap and if you've been knocked unconscious you can't scream for help. can you? so that's why these people are out there with the flashlights combing it's going to to be a grid search inch by inch by inch looking for anybody and anything and try to help those people immediately. time is of the essence right now. luckily the weather is cooperate cooperating. we could have had some really big thunderstorms and storms in this area because of the
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unsettleed weather new weather coming in tonight. luckily that's not happening. >> at least the weather is good and it's out there visibility is okay but this is clearly a situation that will be evolveing here over the next several hours and we got word of it little over half hour ago and obviously we started to jump nap gear in the newsroom and we sent crews on our way. bruce gordon don is on his way and we understand from officials as well as the associated press that this train was on its way from washington, d.c. to new york city and this is what you're looking at right now sky fox live over this much this is the port richmond area and wheat chief lane and they are continuing to search and rescue for anyone might be still not hurt on that particular train. >> i mean take a look at that right there. we had light on it a second ago. see two cars perpendicular to each other. obviously if you were talking about a tractor trailer this is like jack knifing basically and so when that type thing happens there's a tremendous amount of shock that happens and quite often on these types of derailments it is the front of the train that has the most
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impact. so it is those passengers up there the foes folks up there absorb the greatest brunt of that violent type of effect that happens with it. associated press employee i believe his name is paul chunk is fortunate to be at the back of the train and he is saying from his vantage point the front of it looks pretty bad and certainly from this angle of skyfox it absolutely does. we are obviously hoping for the best. former congressman patrick murphy of course has tweeted out that he's trying to help people, but he says, please pray for all of those who were injured and there are a lot of people from what we understand unfortunately that are injured. you don't have seat belts on the train. i just took a train from, you know penn station up to new york city. you're very mobile. so -- >> absolutely. >> that type of shock it can send you just flying across the train. >> yeah, absolutely. from what we understand now there are reports i mean they're there could be more but right now we're understanding that there are reports of at least 50
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people hurt up to 50 people have been injured. we don't know how serious those injuries. take a look at some of the mangled mess right there. it looks like you can see a car clearly on its side over there and, again, flashlights at the ready as they're trying to find anybody there. but this is quite a jolt when a train does not make a turn and goes off the rails. this is a problem. this train was traveling from washington, d.c. to new york, and from what we understand, there could have been about 240 people on that train up to 50 injured. so this is a scene now as we skyfox is trying to zoom in there on one of those cars. we don't know how many cars there were i'll guesstimate eight to 10 cars thon train. we don't know that. but this is certainly -- what they'll be trying to find out and, um, again about 240 people on that particular train. so again we hope to get bruce gordon he's on his way to the scene, and we got new information i understand. >> very quickly. this is the port richmond area
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here again and i don't know the lay of the land exactly where this is, but obviously there are homes and there are neighborhoods in this area. clearly. so people are comeing to the scene because that's what happens i'm sure they probably heard a loud crash, they see all the lights and sirens going by and they wanting to see what's going on. i'm sure there are some very good people who want to help out. however, if you are watching if you're in this area police are asking people to please stay home do not come to the scene. it is chaotic enough right now f what we understand there are people heading to the scene. trying to see what's going on. maybe trying to lend a helping hand and try to help. because they see all of this mayhem occurring. and quite possibly a backyard somewhere. we don't know. i mean, on my trip on the train going right by houses and row homes. we don't know this exact area wheat chief lane in the port richmond area. but we do know police are please asking people to stay home, stay back. they've got all the first responders coming in right now and they've got to try and get control of this area, and make
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some sense of what is going on in the dark of night as those flashlights pierce the darkness looking for the injured and all of those who need help right now now. >> exactly. that's the thing. we know you all have good intentions you want to be safe and this is a disaster seen right now police and officials are asking to you stay away. we know there are maybe up to 50 people hurt. 240 people on that train and it is dark out there. so those flashlights certainly help but there's lot we can't see. we don't know how reasonable this area is. and we don't know if it's commercial or partially a business area. we'll probably try to find that out obviously as the night goes on but this is something you can see there's a little bit more light there. i don't know if that's a actual train car turned over. >> it could have hit something else out there. we don't know what we're looking at but we have been checking amtrak website and called amtrak to get statement. but we've not been able to reach them obviously for them as well this is an emergency situation. this is what we're seeing. they're saying this train train
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188 traveling from washington, d.c. to new york city there's a service disruption. so that's what you're looking at certainly that is an understatement. >> yeah. >> it is more a service disrupt but that is what currently on the amtrak website. if you were to look for your friend or your family that's on this train to see what's going on. that's all you'll find that there's a service disrupt. so we are still awaiting word from amtrak itself to see what happened. but that at this point is the least of amtrak's concern. it's the least of transportation officials concern. first and for most right now on the top of mind how do we find all these survivors in the dark? how do we get them the help they need immediately? and how do we secure this whole situation. >> exactly what they are doing knowledge you can see nash lights just working overdrive there trying to grab all the people see all the people they can. whether people are conscious or not conscious and we saw the picture on twitter from former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy. he was talking about the fact he's okay but he's trig to help others. a little more light there on
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that scene for quick second. again this is picture i was talking about. we have showed it tout it's out on twitter. congressman murphy was on that train and he mentioned that he's okay but asked to pray for these people. you can see this is maybe a different picture but you can see the same kind of thing. there's chaos in there. that train is clearly turned over on its side and people are in need of help and patrick mur feet the former congressman was talking about please pray for these people and i'm helping these people. so there are people helping. this is clearly a difficult situation. i can't see how many people are on that particular car. >> iain, we don't know which car he's in either. >> he may have walked to another one. we good a little wider view as skyfox is zooming out and there's some buildings. that's more like an older building or a fact four or something. it doesn't look like anything residential at least from this vantage point. >> they'll set up this might be what we're looking -- if you see tarps out there, what they do on these types of situations is
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they set up a triage area. >> yeah. >> they're going to put people on various tarps. this person needs help immediately right now. critical whatever the situation is. on this one this person is in this particular condition on this one, you know, they're roughed up but they'll be okay. so they'll go down that line and the first responders will help the individual that is need help the most. kind of depending on the lay out of triage area. it doesn't look like that is what it is right there but you certainly see again all the flashlights going on. looking around and every nook and cranny trying to find whoever it is that needs help right now and again it doesn't help this happened at night. it's dark out there. it's hard to see. but i won't reiterate we are just fortunate we're not in the middle of some type of thunderstorm. >> absolutely. the weather is at least cooperative there. you can see the little more light obviously a big spotlight from something up in the air and we can get a little better view there. does look like an old factory right there in that area. but they continue to look for any survivors and anyone else
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that needs help, of course, this is a situation we'll stay on top of. we got fox 29' bruce gordon on the way. we hope he's there in main maybe 10 minutes or so so we can check with in with him to fine out what kind of area is this. how close is it to residences residences? in case you're just tuning in you're watching washington -- a train was going from washington, d.c. to new york city and we understand there could be as many as 240 people on this train. reports of at least 50 people injured. and again police are telling us if you live in that area and you want to help, don't do that. this is not safe. so they don't want anyone coming out to this area. they'll secure this area. we know you want to help but it's a natural inn tint to help but this is not what they want from you at this time. we get a little closer zoom in here. looks like one of the cars turned over there. >> okay. >> maybe two of them. >> our bruce gordon is right now on the phone. bruce, i know that you've been heading to the scene and you've
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been listening to all of this unfold. what are you seeing and what do you know? >> reporter: it is an incredible scene out here. we are on the 2200 block of east butler street right next to the conrail frankford junction yard the sign ironically enough says, safety is our first priority. it is an incredible scene. the police and firefighters and army of both i'm watching right now a couple of firefighters drag a gurney up to the area where the crash is no doubt occurred. i spoke by phone a couple of minutes ago with former bucks county congressman patrick murphy. he obviously did not want to speculate in terms of the extent of the damage and the injuries and so forth but did he say it does look very bad. the photos we've shared with viewers so far one in particular showing what appeared to be the dining car about 45-degree angle and a number of folks inside that car with blood on their forehead and blood on various parts of their bodies. everywhere you look here on butler street, there are police officers firefighters, vehicles
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of all shapes and sizes descending on this area. fairly large crowd has gathered across the street on butler to see what they can see. which frankly from this vantage point is not a whole heck of a lot. but, again the helicopters are overhead. we've been showing you the skyfox video of this incredible scene multiple cars overturned. i can tell you i have traveled that amtrak run on any number of occasions heading from new york to philadelphia back and forth. and it is something that frankly you don't give a whole lot of thought to the idea of a derail many but something terrible has gone on here tonight. a couple more vehicles passing us right now amtrak pickup truck truck. another police car coming by right now. again, an incredible number of emergency first responders nothing like i've ever seen before at least in this city and they are continueing to flood into the area of the frankford junction yard 2200 block of east butler to see what they can do to help. >> bruce -- go ahead i'm sorry.
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>> you've pulled up to the scene. you see all of this unfolding in front of you. are there ambulances whizzing by by? what is the status of getting these people out ton hospitals? >> reporter: we have not seen in our particular area a whole lot of ambulances per se. mostly fire equipment fire apparatus and individual police cars transit police cars. another police van heading by at a high rate of speed just now and another police van. yet another police van. more of them heading down here. these are all police vehicles heading down the -- down butler street here. one right after another. again an incredible number of these vehicles appears that everybody who is available is heading to this area quite a traffic jam as you might imagine just getting to this scene but an incredible number of emergency first responders are here root now but in in our particular area we don't see ambulances per se. we saw a couple of moments ago a young man with a white shirt on untouched flapping in the breeze as he walked.
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he appeared to be somewhat distraught from what may have been a passenger. not clear. we also saw a woman being he is cored an older woman who also appeared to be somewhat shaken up being he is cored by a couple of police officers also may have been a passenger but not abundantly clear. >> bruce, i don't know if you're familiar with this part of the city. the shot we're looking at right now from skyfox it looks like there's an old factory there. are there homes or residences around this particular area that you know of? >> reporter: this immediate area appears to be mostly industrial. at least formerly industrial let's put that it way. >> right. >> but not as much reasonable in this immediate area. i can tell you that as you come in on this amtrak run the northeast corridor from new york, for example much of what you see as you come in to 30th street station is sort of industrial and post industrial areas of the city in this area
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thirty nine north philadelphia and so forth. frankly, it is a rather depressing site as you come into the city. many factories that have been abandoned, vacant for many many years and this is a similar scenario here in terms of industrial commercial, not as much reasonable, not a neighborhood per se in the immediate vicinity. at least from what we can see. >> this is definitely a tragic any way -- tragedy any way you cut it, bruce but i guess at least there's no row homes being taken out and people taken out. i don't know how close you can get to the scene. i know that you don't want to get in the way of first responders saving people's lives lives. however, what we're looking at from skyfox let me just tell you, i mean one of these things that we had just zoomed in and now we're pulling out a little bit it is a complete mangled mess of metal. i mean it's twisted to the point you cannot even recognize it. and i'm wondering whether that was in fact a train car or whether it is some other, you
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know vehicle or thing that this, you know train slid into, because there's a lot of action going around there with flashlights. >> reporter: it is an understandable question actually lucy because there are a lot of areas of wrecked cars and abandoned vehicles almost looking like a scrap yard of sorts as i say i've traveled that route on many occasions on the northeast corridor and so it is understandable that you wouldn't be able to tell whether it was necessarily part of the accident scene or just wrecked vehicles that have been there you know, for weeks months, even years. i can tell you that theoretically if this is in fact what we think in terms of the amtrak run that we've been coming from the direction of new york theoretically the train should not have been train at all that high rate of speed because now there are multiple stops there as you head into 30th street station. i don't want to get too far ahead of myself in terms of speculating on speed and so forth. in theory this was toward the
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end of the run when the train would be coming in approaching 30th street station before long and if not a particularly high speed run but again don't want to speculate there. >> exactly. bruce, we do know the train was going from d.c. to new york city and reports we got was that the front of the train actually start to do shake and obviously maybe it missed a turn and then went off the rails. so we don't know what rate of speed it was traveling but we can certainly see now there is a bit of a mangled mess. we're getting a better look from skyfox over this particular area and just flashlights everywhere as these first responders are looking for anybody that might be, v survived this particular accident. >> reporter: just interesting the former congressman patrick murphy was on this train. >> yes. >> reporter: and took some incredible photos. again, the one that struck me was in the dining car which appeared to be about 45-degree
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angle, and that gave you some sense of the desperation as people were trying to get out. the window was clearly broken to the right of the frame in that photo and folks were obviously trying to climb out and help each other. another couple of philadelphia fire department vehicles have now come through special weapons and tactic team struck from the philadelphia police department has just entered the scene as well. again, police and firefighters in numbers that i have frankly never seen before in this city in 20 plus years of reporting here. this is an incredible scene. we actually see a train to our right coming across an overpass some sort of it looks like a freight train some sort. sort of an interesting bizarre sight in the midst of all of this. i'm not sure whether you're seeing our pictures or whether we are still seeing skyfox at this point. isn't we've got skyfox up right now, bruce. >> reporter: we're trying to shoot some pictures via our live view equipment to get a sense of what's going on the ground on butler street. >> bruce, we appreciate that.
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want to give you some time to to get in front of the camera. we'll check back in with you in a few minutes we hope. now we're looking at some ground video here back to sky fox now we also have a camera on the ground giving us good ground video. we saw a lot of fire and emergency vehicles coming in and out but now we're back on sky fox over this it looks like one car on its side and luce cease talk about something else inside inside -- i don't know if that's another train car or another vehicle. >> it's just hard to tell in the dark of night. >> right. difficult to tell whether that's actually a train car or another vehicle or something else that was on those tracks that was hit. but again just to recap quickly this was an amtrak train 188 on its way from washington d.c. to new york when it derailed. we've got reports that there could have been up to toe twenty four on board and... 240 people on board. up to 50 people have been injured. >> it's rather amazing amazing. whenever there's a train derailment that involves a
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passenger train and it is loaded with people as this one was, we're thinking possibly 240 passengers it is going to be a bad out come. people do not have seat bets on. there aren't seat belts and these things can go just the violent impact as you can see is horrific for anybody. and if you're in the front of the cars and that is the one that derailed everything pushes up against you. think about that. you'll have the impact from whatever happens from the front and then the back of the train i mean there's inertia going. it will keep plowing forward. so things are going to happen accordion and i mean i'm using a tractor trailer jack knifing and this is the end result of it all right there. bruce gordon who has been covering, you know, news in this area for many, many years saying again that in all of his time here he is -- look at that. i want to you see this. see the spotlight right there? do you see all those first responders? it is legions. an army of first responders out
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there. and all of this time covering news in the philadelphia area, he has never seen a response like this at a site like this in our city. port richmond is the area right here. >> speaks volumes and understand the magnitude of this situation right now. because bruce as many of you know has been around here for over 20 years and again dave schratwieser another veteran reporter and again to get his insight i'm sure we will a little bit later. the fact that bruce has never seen a response like this in over 20 years speaks volumes as to the magnitude this zig. speaking of date schratwieser i think we got dave on the phone. dave, can you hear me. >> reporter: i can iain. all hands on deck here. i want to let you know we're at einstein hospital where those four officers were injured recent leased earlier tonight but ambulances were leaving einstein hospital with their sirens and lights on headed to the scene all available police personnel up in this area 35th district, 39th district
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several 15th district all headed in that direction as we speak. i did speak to somebody who was on their way to the scene who told me that no ambulances have left the scene yet because they're still up in the train trying to treat people on seen and to stabilize them before they move them off the area into ambulances and sent to the hospital. we did not see one ambulance enter the trauma unit section of einstein hospital while we were there but you can clearly see they'll have to be ready for that. it's about 5 miles from this crash scene. we're on our way to the scene right now. but, again, most of the ambulances we saw were leaving einstein with their lights and sirens on. obviously headed in this direction. lots of folks going this way police cars left and right. a couple going by me right now as a matter of fact headed headed to the lights and sirens going through red lights here very carefully trying to get to that scene and help all the folks on board that train. >> dave with something of this magnitude happening there's obviously a triage area as you well know where they, you know
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kind of set up the people who are the worst to the people who are fairing better than others. first responders know who just really help out. and who can just wait a little bit longer. >> reporter: no doubt about that. you can probably see lucy a lot of folk being treat the right there at the scene until they can stabilize them. move them off the rail bed there and down to ambulances in that area. as bruce said difficult to see what's going on. you probably have a better view from sky fox than you will from the ground in that area. i'm a little bit familiar with that area. i take the train back and forth to new york on amtrak. you know that area right there. it's kind of did he say sole late threw that zone in there and probably a tough area to get to but again i was told by somebody headed to the scene and getting reports from the scene that no ambulances had yet left the scene. they were still trying to stabilize and get the victims on the train so they could obviously triage them decide who to move first and more serious injuries to move first get them in ambulances and quickly move them away. i'm sure every ambulance
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available in philadelphia is headed that way i would imagine private ambulances as well have been contacted. numerous police cars, police vans suv's headed to the scene racing past us on broad street headed to the scene in this area we're going towards port richmond as we speak. this is all hands on deck situation. something they planned for. something they train for. we haven't had something like this in the philadelphia area in quite a bit of time. >> something they hope never happens. you have to train all the time. one of the things we can see here if the spotlight hits it again is a ladder you see to the right of your your screen. there's a ladder on the train car. you see it right there? it actually goes into one of the windows so they can get into the car itself. >> exactly. >> logistic klee this is a nightmare to try and find people not only mangled metal but the force of the impact can throw people through windows. if the car rips open. you've got people everywhere. they've got to find all of them and, again f you're unconscious you're not talking. so you can't yell for help.
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>> exactly. we understand bruce gordon is ready to get in front of the camera and update us. bruce, are you there. >> reporter: i am iain, yes we are here on butler street just tried a couple of minutes ago to chat very briefly with a young man who said he was in fact on the train. he understandably was shaken up. did not want to talk to us. he indicated that he was okay. clearly looked very shaken up. let me step out of the way for a moment and give you a sense of the kind of chaos and mayhem going on around here. everywhere you look police and fire vehicles heading up and down the street. a crowd has gathered to see what they can see which frankly from this area is not a whole lot. we are right now on the 2200 block of butler street. the frankford junction yard for conrail, and it is a scene of great chaos and has been ever since we arrived through a major traffic jam roughly 20, 25 minutes ago. take some skyfox video i assume we're seeing some of what you've been describing. firefighters now pushing some of
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the crowds back obviously interested in what's going on here. no one has seen anything like this in a very long time if ever ever. sky fox again showing you this crash scene. multiple cars overturned. spoke a little while ago with congressman from -- former congressman from buck county patrick murphy who again was on board that train when it wept over. some of those amazing photos that he has tweeted out really give you a sense of how bad this thing was. at least a slight sense of it. cars overturned. folks trying to get out through the windows and some of those passengers bloodied. it is an incredible scene here. another vehicle racing by us now. firefighters and police officers racing up and down the street just something like we've never seen before frankly. >> it is amazeing. bruce, i mean, this is probably last thing anybody is thinking about but the ntsb will be investigating what went wrong because as you know, when it's going through this area, it usual system not going at a
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terribly high rate of speed but the question of course is what went wrong? and you know for a fact that all of the amtrak service in this area will be disrupted for awhile. so that's going to impact a lot of folk as well. bruce, have you seen -- dave stratt wise sr. said no ambulance have been coming back. he saw a whole lot of ambulances leaving einstein one of many many hospitals sending enforcement out to help out here. but have you seen any ambulances leaving at this point in time? >> reporter: i have not lucy. again it may just ab -- yes if you can hear me it may be a function of where we are. but i have to tell you i have not seen ambulances here. i've seen every other kind of police and fire and first responder vehicle that you could possibly describe but i have not seen ambulances per se. we've seen a couple of people who pretty clearly appeared to be pass injuries. the young man i attempt to do talk to couple of minutes ago who was shaken up. did not appear to be in terribly bad shape but was clearly sort
10:31 pm
of that state of shock sports jacket was on, shirt was untucked. his pants seemed to be somewhat torn and stained. police van racing by us now as we speak. there was a woman we saw earlier who was appeared to be escorted by a couple of police officers. again, seemed to be shaken, daysed today ised but not terribly injured. that's got news there. we have not seen ambulances at least at this location. >> all right. bruce, thank you we want to take a shout out. a shot of the triage scene we've been talking about lucy has been mentioning this. you can see there there are some workers trying to get some of those people who are injured get them out get them to a hospital try to determine who is, you know, injured more severely than others. but you can see there clearly some firefighters and other emergency workers are taking someone there on a stretcher. so they've got a triage area set up and they will try to determine who is injured and how seriously they'll to get them the help they need and get them to hospitals as soon as they
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can. just want to remind everyone the philadelphia police are telling everyone again do not go to the scene. we know you want to help but don't go to the scene. let the first responders do their work. so this is a situation with triage and search and rescue. they're going to have to do their work and so you can't help them by going out there. they just want to reiterate don't go to the scene let the first responders do their work. as we continue to look at the triage situation now sky fox again pulls out and you can still see the many flashlights they're still looking for people who are on that train. whether they're unconscious are they hurt? how seriously are they hurt? and we can see one of the trains there clearly on its side better it will now and this is an amtrak train coming from washington, d.c. to new york right now we understand 50 people injured. that of course may change unfortunately may go upwards. and up to 240 people were on this train. we've heard from dave schratwieser that there's a lot of emergency vehicle on the way. bruce gordon has been reporting
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news forever 20 years has never seen any kind of response like this. this will give you an idea of magnitude of the situation that you're looking at right now. >> this is in the dark of night when this happened. go on a grid. they've got to do one little bit, knock that off. go to the next little bit. knock that off. why? because it's dark. they can't see and they don't know where everybody. they want to make sure they don't miss anyone if there's -- god for bid any small children on this. right? if there are you don't want to miss anyone. this is what they're doing here there. that's sky fox. we still got the flashlights out they need to make sure they've got everybody. i'm sure there's a passenger manifest amtrak has shared with the first responders. so they know how many people are we looking for? they'll do a headcount out there to make sure they've got everybody and so that's why they have to, you know when you're given your tickets this is one of the reasons they keep good track of all of this in case something
10:34 pm
horrible like this happens they know who they have to look for and who is still missing that's one of things going on that. triage area, though is just completely key to making sure people get the treatment they needly and the type of treatment they need. dave schratwieser talking about of course, you've got to stabilize folks before you can transport them. exactly. >> that's why the triage area is very very coordinated. there's usually red tarps for people who are critical critical critical. yellow tarps people who are moderate. green tarps for people who are hurt but can wait a little bit. usually this is how they try and do things because they have to have in the middle of chaos some assemblance of order. >> exactly. this is again happened maybe about an hour or so ago now. plenty of flashlights. at least it's not raining out there. it is dark but plenty of flashlights as they are doing their best to try and search and rescue and find anybody who needs any help and we just saw the triage area where people obviously some people were being taken off a stretcher. dave schratwieser telling us it's about 5 miles from einstein
10:35 pm
hospital. of course dave was there. he's now on his way to the scene. you see on your screen as skyfox is staying live over the scene here as you can see those couple of cars overturned. this was amtrak train 188 headed from washington, d.c. to new york city. we don't know why the train derailed obviously that's something that will be coming out in the next few days, but from what we understand from reports. the front of the train was heading into a turn and started shaking and obviously it did not make the turn. it derailed and that's the zig you're looking at right now. >> take look right here. you see mayor nutter in the background there talking to all the first responders. i have to tell you very quickly from a city standpoint this has been a very very busy day. unrelated story earlier today we had somebody that hit four officers with a car which is very unusual. and they all ended up at einstein. they're all out now. that gentleman that hit the officers though is from what we understand still in the
10:36 pm
hospital. he was shot twice. and so mayor nutter and commissioner ramsay had a news conference earlier to address what was going on there. you want all hands on deck. all hands on deck to try and figure out what what happened. then tonight this happens completely out of the blew this train coming in from washington d.c. is passengers from washington d.c. to new york city. twain 188 goes off the tracks the front of that train shook as it was taking a curve and one of the people on the train was an associated press employee saying i was in the back of the train but in the front of the train it looks pretty bad. you have seen the shots. pretty bad again much that's probably an understatement because it looks horrific. there's mangled metal we don't know whether the mangled metal is actually part of the train or it hit a shed abandoned car there. first responders were trying to search for victims. rye now see them tenderly helping these people who have
10:37 pm
been shaken up beyond belief and she's got oxygen going there. we saw a lady on a journey with a neck brace being wheeled off. >> amtrak website has a service disrupt. a lot of people here trying find out what happened to their family or friend who may be on this train. just remind that philadelphia police are asking you do not go to the scene. instead let the first responders do their work as they are trying to search and trying to find everyone as lucy talked about grid by grid on that train you're getting a look now at that area where some of the triage has been set up and first responders and vehicles as they try to get everyone who needs medical attention get to medical attention they need. mayor nutter is now on the scene
10:38 pm
and has been a long day here in philadelphia. but this happened about an hour ago. this train was on its way amtrak train 188 headed from washington, d.c. to new york city and about 240 people were on board. we have reports about at least 50 people injured that of course may be revised. we got a couple of crews there. we've got dave schratwieser on his way to the scene. we've already heard from bruce gordon who was on his way and he's right at the scene and again bruce telling us that he has never seen this type of response by first responders in over 20 years he's been covering news in the philadelphia area. so the magnitude of this situation just hard to -- >> it's hard to wrap your mind around. >> this is going to be long night. >> i think that you can probably from the pictures from sky fox understand that the gravity of of the situation confronting first responders right now and certainly the horror of the
10:39 pm
passenger that is were on board that train. one minute they're kind of sitting back probably reading a magazine or chatting. heading off to new york city on nice evening train ride. next moment, boom they're off the tracks and this type of thing happens and all heck has broken loose. former congressman patrick murphy was on the train and he's saying pray for all of those injured. our prayers go out to them. another amtrak track crashed on sunday bound for new orleans it the truck's driver was killed that injured two people on the train ntsb has its hands full looking into that. looking what's going on here. they're sending people to the scene right now because at this point in time they've got to comb through all of this and see what went wrong. obviously something bad happened happened. we just don't know what it is at this point. we do know about 240 people were on board this train. we have dozens of people injured injured. we have ambulances being sent from all over the place and dave stratt wise sr. was telling us about. >> speaking of dave i think he's
10:40 pm
gotten to the scene now i think we can go to him life if you can hear me, dave. can you hear us? >> reporter: i can iain this is a kay yacht scene. i'm at wheat chief and frankford frankford. we have doctors, medical personnel, police personnel at this intersection on septa buses buses. numerous ambulances here. we passed at least at least 60 police cars parked up and down this street as we came up the block right here. again, we're at wheat chief and frankford near the scene. we see gurneys and police personnel, fire personnel heading up the block here. we are about a block and a half from the actual scene. but this is exactly what's going on right here. as you can tell we have lots of police personnel. lots of fire personnel on scene here. again this is at wheat chief and frankford. helicopters overhead. police up and down this entire area here. police people come to go seen here and being told to move away from the scene but we do have septa buses here now loaded with emergency personnel.
10:41 pm
i'm assuming that will be taken up into that area. several ambulances and buses with police personnel on board passed us on the way into the scene here as they bring as much police and fire personnel here as they can to help out with this situation. dozens of police officers here trying to move vehicles into that area right now. again, wheat chief and frankford right here. this happened in the 2,000 block of wheatchief from what we're told originally on this and this is amtrak train we believe 188 again lots of police activity here. lots of fire department and police activity right here on the corner. >> one of things we're seeing there, dave, you may have touched on it i'm listen to my producer here and there that septa bus. septa also helping out with all of this and bringing in first responders? >> reporter: no doubt about it. they're bringing first responders into the scene here on buses. septa buses. you can see emergency services across the front. there are police officers on there. other police and fire personnel
10:42 pm
several buss were headed to the scene here as we came up again with police officers officers on board with septa personnel. everybody trying to help out here on the scene and lend whatever hand they can again we're about a block and a half from the actual derailment scene. can't see much past the police line right here. lots of personnel. lots of heavy equipment. lots of fire fighting equipment up and down this entire block here at wheatchief and frankford frankford. >> dave, bruce has been on the phone and even on the scene there not far from you and he's mentioned he's never seen anything like this response in all of his years in philadelphia philadelphia. you've been around for a long time, and can you give us your insight as to, you know, the magnitude of what you're seeing out there? >> reporter: well, iain, let me say this. the closest thing to this recently was the building collapse on market street at 22nd and market a couple of years ago. in which six people died. that brought a massive amount of police and fire personnel to that area. people on their hands and knees
10:43 pm
digging trying to do that. rescue the victims and people trapped in that rubble that's the only recent thing i could compare this to at this point but there are hundreds of police and fire personnel here. gathering at this intersection. this is kind of an up official command post i would assume right here and again trying to do everything they can but i've not seen an ambulance leave this area yet. they're at least five park right here. lights glaring, you know, personnel waiting to remove folks from the train i'm assuming once they stabilize them and get them out of the area there. >> all right. certainly we just understand that philly fire commissioner derek sawyer is calling a mass casualty incident. the magnitude of this i'm sure will keep unfolding throughout the night. dave we've been telling people, hey, philly police have been saying do not go to the scene let the first responders do their work. and we have seen that triage area. we understand they've begun been getting a lot people from the triage area on to ambulances and out of there towards the
10:44 pm
hospital. >> reporter: iain i'm having trouble hearing you. if you're asking me about triage units and things like that, again, i was at einstein hospital before i came over here here. there were ambulances leaving the hospital with their lights and sirens on headed to this scene. i did not see any ambulances coming into the scene. again, we saw lots of fire and police personnel headed here. we passed and they passed us on the way in here and again this is sort of a chaotic scene a lot of police personnel on the ground right here right now directing, you know, emergency personnel up towards the crash site. so they can begin removing people and things like that. lots of police here. some spectators here gathered on the street corners as well. police are doing everything they can to keep them back. just basically trying to keep this area clear so that when they do try to move people out of here, the injured from this train that they may be able to get them out of here that much more quickly again though at einstein still had not seen any ambulances arrive at their trauma unit trying to get them medical attention i'm assuming assuming
10:45 pm
their administering medical attention here on the scene. >> absolutely. >> in triage situations and things like that trying to give everybody the best care they can in a situation like this. >> they just got to stabilize them. i know it's really loud where you are. you've got fire engines choppers overhead and you've got all kinds of noise from just the people doing their jobs right there. but have you been able at all to talk to any first responders that have been at the scene? >> reporter: well, i attempted to do that and was quickly rebuffed by police officers who are manning the police lines here. do not want anyone in the street at this point. they are massing police officers here i'm assuming to go in and help with the rescue efforts and they don't want anybody interfering including the media including police officers by the way i know telling me to step back into this area here. so it's a situation right now where they're doing the best they can to get folks into this area and moving in this area so they can do the best job they can to help the folk on board that train. >> dave, i don't know how close
10:46 pm
you are to see the actual trains. we've been seeing stuff from skyfox. we've seen one maybe two cars overturn. can you see how many cars are on their side or how many cars were on this train? >> reporter: iain, i am not close enough to be able to give you that perspective at all. i'm on the street about probably a block and a half from the railroad line right there. we are back quite a bit a ways here police are keeping us right now as they keep the media in this section right here. not wanting us obviously to get in the way of what's going down there. i have not been able to get a clear look on to the track. i can see the overhead lines from where i am so i'm not that far from what we're talking about. i've not seen any other officials the mayor or police commissioner or the fire commissioner yet but i'm sure we'll hear from them and get some info. >> i'll tell you park when you were getting set up because i know you had just arrived there had to get set up to be able to talk to us about what's going on
10:47 pm
we did see mayor nutter there. i think i saw commissioner ramsay off in the background as well. it's been a very busy day for them as well. as you well know you covered the four officers hit by a car earlier today. >> reporter: yup. >> they did the news conference there. a few hours later this happens. it's just unbelievable in philadelphia. >> reporter: no doubt about it. the only thing i can compare this response to is the response at 22nd and market when that building collapsed a couple of years ago. now again you'll see another septa bus another septa bus to our right here being backed in with police personnel on the -- in the area right here. again, trying to get as many folks. we have another ambulance arriving here to our right. headed into the scene getting as many philadelphia fire department emergency medical services folks here on the scene as they can trying to keep these streets open here to let lances get in here. so they can remove folks once they get them off the railroad crossing and down here to this area. >> just incredible scene dave
10:48 pm
we're seeing a lot of ground video i think you're seeing as well. we've had skyfox -- dave, i'll get back to you in just a minute. i understand we have a railroad accident reconstruction on the phone robert hailstone. rob, thanks for joining us. i hope you can hear me. i'm sure it's speculation but any idea what might have happened here? >> well, i've heard reports there may have been an impact with a csx freight train of some type. we don't know any details on that. but we have reports of significant damage to the front end of the passenger train. and one of the only things that would be likely to cause that would be impact with something very substantial. most likely another train. >> robert, something like that happens. i understand you're just hearing these things so we don't know if it's actually factual as of yet if an impact like that, what kind of force are we talking about?
10:49 pm
>> we're talking enough force to derail an eight to 10 car train possibly the entire train. a great deal more force than you would have if you collided two automobiles, for instance. the am of weight and momentum is unbelievable. >> this is exactly what you're seeing. i'm not sure robert and again i just -- for people who are joining us railroad accident reconstruction any of the. if you've seen or video from sky fox, have you seen it at all? >> yes. >> then you've seen, you know, what we've all been looking at which looks like a whole bunch of twisted metal and wreckage. now we don't know whether some of it is the train whether it's something the train ran into. but when you see that, knowing your background and what you do to try and figure out what happened what does that scene tell you? >> one of the critical things they're going to be doing first is determining if there's any overhead lines out. the trains are powered by an overhead wire that carries
10:50 pm
12,000 volts ac. if any of that is down, it may be wrapped around portions of the wreckage. it will be very important to get that de-energized first thing. so railroad forces are going to identifying where the power is fed from that feeds that area and they're going to be cut the power in order to facilitate the rescue operation. after that, i would expect that rescue of the people inside is probably going to take most of the rest of the night. so i doubt that you'll have any substantive forensic investigation begin until daylight. more than likely. >> robert, how would you go about trying to reconstruct this accident? what would you go through and walk us through that if you can. >> well, you know, something like this, knowing what we know right now which isn't much. you'll have to look at pretty much all areas. you're going to look at track to determine whether any defect in track may have played a role.
10:51 pm
you're going to want to look at the locomotive and the rolling stock to see if any defect may have caused derailment from there. you're going to want to look at the signal system to determine what signals each train crew were given prior to the impact. and you're going to look at human factors. whether you had any fatigue or anything of that nature. >> robert, i hate to interrupt you but i just want to point out to our viewers what they're seeing. you see the gentleman in the septa truck white shirt splattered with blood as this septa bus heads off into the distance. one would suspect to take people off to various hospitals to get more care. but he seemed like he was all right because he was taking a sip of water or something. but obviously there's a man who is blooded up on a septa bus now says emergency services it doesn't have line on there emergency services and it's heading off to get these people help. i apologize for interrupting. >> yes. no problem.
10:52 pm
the rescue operations are going to be on-going throughout the night. they'll be identifying possible rescue areas that they can pull people through be it windows be it doors. cutting holes in the sides or the roofs of cars as necessary to try and get people out. trying to make sure there's no fire or any -- anything like that that occurs during this operation. everything of course as you know is made. more difficult by darkness. hopefully an hour or so we'll have overhead lighting set up that should head help speed things along significantly. >> go ahead iain. >> sorry any way to tell, robert, i know it's still early and there's a lot of speculation. any way to tell, at least make a guess as to whether speed could have been a factor in this crash crash? >> i understand that the train was proceeding around curve at or near the time of the
10:53 pm
derailment. so certainly that's going to be looked at. this train will have at least one and possibly two event recorders on board. if in fact it collided with another train that train would likely have a recorder also. so one of the first forensic tasks to be done after the rescue operations are complete is to search for and download the event recorders all of them that are available and still operational and put that data together and start to work backwards from the time of impact to try and get idea, you know what may have occurred in that regard. >> again robert, you had heard that this is a possible collision with a freight train? >> yes. i believe that came over the fire department radio frequency. >> okay. >> that's not officially confirmed yet.
10:54 pm
>> stuff all over the scan is never official until they make it official. but so these are the type of things you've heard. but from what you've seen, certainly it looks like something like that might have happened. >> that is certainly possible. if that's the case, you know, that will be pretty easy to identify by those people on the ground because they'll observe you know, 48 train equipment you know laying around in close proximity to the passenger equipment. >> is the engineer on the front of these passenger trains? yes. the engineer is always at the leading end so he can control the train and observe the signals. >> if you were to see something that was in the tracks and you want to stop and you throw that emergency brake obviously there's a lot of inertia going when you're moving down these tracks no matter what the speed especially when you've got that much weight behind you. how long does it take to stop? >> passenger train brakes are
10:55 pm
much more powerful than freight train brake. they're able to stop a train more quickly with that said a typical passenger train traveling 50 to 60 miles per hour would probably take a third of a mile to half of a mile to come to a complete stop in full emergency braking. >> all right. robert i want to thank you so much. thank on. stand by if you can. we appreciate the insight. it's been very helpful to our viewers. we want to get back out to dave schratwieser. dave? >> reporter: iain, we have police commissioner charles ramsay depth pew tie richard ross give us a quick update right here. >> all right. stand by. stand by one second. commissioner just called away for second. hold and he will be right back with to us give us an update. stay with the commissioner. stand by. i think we're waiting for the mayor right now iain. we just -- let me update you while we wait. two septa buses loaded with about i would say 50 passengers from the train. 25 on each you saw the one gentleman at the back of that
10:56 pm
bus covered in blood on a white shirt. appeared to be okay. everybody on board was drinking water. i saw folks making cell phone calls texting people things like that i'm sure to tell their loved ones they're okay. >> right. >> that kind of situation. we're waiting for the mayor to get here right now. but we have again commissioner ramsay deputy commissioner ross and the mayor expected to talk to us any second now. again work septa bus loads full of passengers from the train who obviously were able to move get off the train with the help of emergency personnel and be placed on buses they're being taken to a local hospital i'm sure being taken to places where they're being taken places where they can give statements and things like that to police and investigators on the scene. so that's what's going on here right now. helicopters still overhead again police personnel fire personnel i'm sure rescue one some of the fire department's heavy equipment is down near the tracks trying to work their way on to the train and get as many people off there as possible but again at least two septa bus
10:57 pm
loads of people have left here i believe headed to a hospital headed to areas where they can take statements from them and fine out exactly what happened. we have not heard by the way that report about a freight train being involved here. hope you can hear me over the ambulances and things going on here right now. >> we can. >> reporter: stand by hi because you see commissioner ramsay more police personnel being brought in here. commissioner ramsay about to speak i believe he's waiting for the mayor. so we should have live update from the mayor and the police commissioner any second now as they work their way over here. again, a busy day for the police depth. four of their officers struck by a car earlier today involved in a shooting, also, with the suspect in that particular situation. so they've been on the go all day long here. they are on the scene right here right now waiting for the mayor and we should have update. i'll go back to you guys for a second or two if i can. >> you got it. >> reporter: we try to get this together. hear from the mayor and the police commissioner on exactly what happened here. >> all right. we'll give you a quick run down very quickly here about what
10:58 pm
happened. amtrak train headed to new york city from washington, d.c. derailed. there are multiple cars off the tracks. there's mangled metal everywhere everywhere. you were looking at sky fox right there. 240 people we believe are on the train. about 50 or so people injured. maybe more. maybe less. all these numbers are fluid, of course. there is all hands on deck that you're seeing. first responders with flashlights out there looking for anybody that they can that might have been thrown, you know somewhere in that train and they've got to get them out of there triaged and off to hospital. so there are first responders of all manner and all kinds basically an army of people trying to help all those passengers on board that amtrak train number 188. >> and we are continuing to follow breaking news of course in case you're just joining us we've been telling us this is amtrak train 188 was on its way from washington, d.c. to new york city. there have been -- >> a lot of accidents out there. so this is -- you're watching
10:59 pm
our breaking news covering an amtrak train derailment in port richmond. ♪ >> amtrak train 188 on its way from washington, d.c. to new york city has derailed in the port richmond area of the city. we understand there are up to 240 people on that train and there are multiple injuries. we're hearing as many as 50. that could be revised upwards. we understand that from dave schratwieser and bruce gordon who have been on the ground that they have set up a triage area. we showed you some of that before. so they are trying to take also some people on septa buses who are not maybe not as hurt as severely. taking them to get help as well. we understand that mayor nutter and police chief charles ramsay could update here at this
11:00 pm
minute minute. >> there have been unconfirmed reports this train might have collided with a cxs freight train f that did happen robert was telling us that obviously the impact would be enough to derail eight to 10 car passenger train which is what happened here. >> or if something happened on the curve. we don't know. bottom line is this right now we've got to get all these people found and we've got to get them to the hospitals and that's what these first responders are doing. this is port richmond area. a lot of folks come to the scene to see what's going on. hearing all kinds of sirens


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