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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 13, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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he door neck to the win do that was busted out was actually open i took that to exit the car and there was downed wires as well that were, wreck i was told live. >> reporter: again thank you so much for your time and your insights into what happened. thank you both gentlemen. that's the situation right here at frankford and sedgley. a couple of passengers again sharing their experiences in a couple of different cases. the rear car and one of the cars toward the rear and you heard their description of what happened from their own vantage point. they were in pretty good shape physically. a gulf wrenching scenario that played out in front of them. we appreciate their time and insight,. >> thank you very much, bruce gordon. >> 120 firefighters responded to this thing. more than 200 police officers. what do you suppose the ill pact was when they saw all of this? they've been talking about it. >> i never seen anything so devastating. they're in pretty bad shape.
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they've completely derailed from the tracks. they've been destroyed complete completely. aluminum she will has been destroyed and over turned meetly i don't want to speculate the cause but it is a devastating scene down there. >> again that was the fire official talking about the devastation mayor michael nutter said he'd never seen anything like this in his life tom recap for you fire official mention to do us there were six critical injured that was confirmed. 53 transported. walking wounded. all taken to area hospitals including aria torresdale, hahnemann and temple and also of course preliminary at least five people have been killed so far. that's what mayor michael nutter told us a different view now as we're looking life. >> now we got these overhead lights. you can see the just complete devastation here of these cars. one of cars just shredded. >> you can see downed wires as well iain. >> which are dangerous. we heard -- we've been talking
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about it all night. you heard bruce talk with those two eyewitnesses who didn't want to be on camera. the one gentleman who mentioned that he was in the car and he said how did you get out? i don't remember if i got through the back or the front because the car was upside down. he didn't know where he was. and then the car is turned upside down he's thinking he's up right but he's upside down. you can see now part of that -- we can't see as well now it look like eat the back or the frontal of that one car was sheared off. and just tells you kind of what happened and then there's the car you're looking at the number two on -- red two on it is tilted on its side, and again we've got lights up now it look better. we can see it more clearly but the devastation is hard to imagine when you have a couple of officials who say they have never seen anything like this in their life. they had to use hydraulic tools to get some people out. as this eyewitness us what telling you some of the doors wouldn't open. they couldn't get a window up. they didn't know if they were right side up or upside down. they're doing secondary searches trying to make sure they've got everyone out.
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but this is what they call a level three mass casualty event. >> it is. department of homeland security is already talked talked to governor wolf about what happened here. we have no idea what happened. there's been a lot of speculation. one of the passengers that has been writing about this an associated press manager had was actually on the train one of the back cars said it felt like somebody had slammed on the brakes and it kind of came to a screeching halt and then all heck broke loose and everything was ripped apart completely overturned. things on their side and it happened in a heartbeat. it happened incredibly quickly. to just kind of bring up to speed if you're joining us because it is now 12:33 in the morning, shortly after nine tonight 9:00, 9:30 or so this amtrak 188 regional train had left washington, d.c. coming through the philadelphia area on to new york city. it derailed. tipped over broke apart and
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everybody is stuck in there. off of that what we saw a whole bunch of flashlights at this scene because first responders that's what they had. they had to get to the people rescue them as quickly as possible trough app the area get people who were hur the worst stable if they can. before they could transport them and now the scene is much brighter because all of these overhead lights have come in. they can continue their sevenning and try to and figure out if the ntsb arrives what happened. >> exactly. you can zero now we can clearly see one car sheared off and then two, three it look like there are about five cars here that have been -- one sheared off. the other ones are off obviously the rail and twisted and turned just -- >> seven total with the engine included. >> just incredible to see now that we can get a better advantage point of it and see it and imagine the fear and the panic of those people that were on -- that were on that particular train look as skyfox zooms into that particular car you can see it's tollly tollly on its
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side. if you can imagine you were in there trying to get out of that particular car. that's why a lot of fire officials telling us they had to use hydraulic tools to get some of the people out. some people were able to get out. as you take look at this mangled train, you can see why this such a devastating situation. we know at least five are dead wolf 38 passengers and five crew members from what we understand. we still don't have the official manifest that's a pretty good estimate who was on his train heading from washington d.c. to new york city. this happen in the port richmond area of philadelphia. so again other things you want to keep in mind, we mentioned it to you because of the situation there will be no trenton line tomorrow. certainly not for the morning commute and probably not all -- at all tomorrow. because septa does share a track with amtrak. no trenton line tomorrow. that will affect the morning commute. and again if you have anyone on that train maybe family members
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there is a number for to you call hotline 800-52-9101 we've got the information on our website. we'll have the number kind of on the bottom of our screen periodically as well. so that number 800-523-nip 101 if you want information on family or loved one on that train. >> before i go back to bruce gordon we talked about how the department of homeland security talked to governor wolf. governor wolf released statement now and we have it here. he says "my thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted by tonight's train derailment for those who lost their lives those who where injured and the families of all involved this situation is devastating. i want to sincerely thank our first responders for their brave and quick action. i'm closely monitoring the situation and i am in contact with state and local authorities ". so there you have statement from governor wolf that just came in tonight about what happened here in the port richmond area much bruce gordon live at the scene right now. bruce?
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>> reporter: we've got updated information for the morning commute here. i'm just going to flat out read this much this is from septa now. due to the derailment of the regional rail train 188 septa's trenton and chestnut hill west lines are suspended. it's anticipated that trenton line will be suspended throughout the service day tomorrow and this is important and possibly through the remainder of the work week. so that trenton line is going to be down for awhile. information may be available in the morning regarding when service on the chestnut hill west line will be restored. but for now we can tell you that the trenton line will be shut down tomorrow morning almost certainly tomorrow evening for the rush hour and perhaps through the end of of the work week and that is big news for the commuters who come in from that trenton area come in from bucks county into the city. i-95 always a problem in the morning commute and as it has gotten torn up by construction, that train line that trenton line has become even more
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important forgetting folks into the city each morning and out of the city each evening. that is going to be a major commuters story for the rest of this week. i just talk to frankelly from septa he said the area out there, the track damage is significant. remember amtrak and septa share track lines throughout this area. he says that area there of the track where the accident occurred has been chewed up badly. they can't even get at it until some of the investigative work is done and search and rescue work is complete. so they will obviously be working throughout the night but they've got lot of repair work to get to. i also understand from mr. kelly that governor wolf may well be on his way here and we may hear from governor wolf and update from mayor nutter and that may be down in the area where dave schratwieser has been patrolling throughout the evening. so i've alerted hill and we expect governor wolf may be on his way here and may have some sort of an update to augment the statement lucy that you just read a couple of minutes ago.
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>> thank you so much, bruce. stay with us. if exactly. we just continue to follow this breaking news and of course we've been showing all night pictures from former congressman of pennsylvania patrick murphy who tweeted some pictures. he was on that train that was headed from washington, d.c. to new york. let's listen to what he talk bow this former iraq war veteran about what it was like when all of this happen. >> it felt like a bank but then we just -- we, you know, i was facing south. we were going northbound. i was facing southbound. cafe car with a little table area and i felt like we went that way then the other way and once we went we just flipped over. then it was just dark and just dusty and um, just a lot of blood. >> that iraq war veteran's training kicked in and he helped all of these people off that car. amazing. he was also tweeting out these pictures after he had made sure
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everybody else was safe. it tilted and it suede. it flipped over and this is what they were left with trying to get out of it. that is one of a few pictures that he tweeted and we've got another one coming up here. it's just remarkable what he went through. he was lecked to congress after he came back from the iraq war. this picture right here shows the exterior of the train car. again, mayor nutter and top brass of the fire and police departments, you know, they've seen so much in their careers and for them to say we have never ever seen anything so devastating it's destroyed. that car right there you can see it's hanging own an embankment you can see is a light shining this 11 of the first responders on scene before these big powerful lights came on to be able to help put everything else together. sorry we had a little bit of technical difficulty right there. this is mayor nutter. are we going going to toss to the sound right there. no we are not. right now we've got the skyfox
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over the scene and it is upside down that train car. another one right on its side seven cars total involved. we're talking the engine. what happened? that is an excellent question. we don't know. there are two recorders on this train. and hopefully they are not impacted too badly. impact resistant containers and hopefully it was resistant to the sheer force and magnitude of what you see in front of you right that. >> just incredible. devastation that now we have these overhead lights on that we can actually see and sort of try to comprehend the magnitude of this situation. we talk about that car is upside down. that's one car. we saw another car that had twisted metal and was sheared off. and so you can only imagine what a lot of these passengers are trying to get off that train and that's why the fire officials who responded here said they had to get some people out with hydraulic tools as you're looking at this twisted mass of
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metal that happened about 9:45 tonight. it is just skyfox pulls out here just to give you a kind of an idea of the magnitude of this situation. so again what we do know right now you're looking at this at least five people are dead. that's what we heard from mayor nutter earlier. that's a preliminary information. sick people were critically injured. 53 were transported and of course there was walking wounded as well. 200 police officers responding and about 120 firefighter and they are calling this level three mass casualty event. >> i want to point out there is another train right here. we don know what happened. but there is -- it's obviously you know, a lot of train tracks. a lot of traffic going on here but there is another train on the track. does this figure into what happened? we do not know. within the coming days we will fine out more. very quickly, you know, you were talking about what it must have been like inside we've got video from inside the train.
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listen. >> i got you okay? keep crawling, okay? >> crawl forward sir. >> keep crawling. >> come on, man. >> i got you okay. >> keep crawling. okay? >> this is actually what you see here you got to tilt your head to the right and this gentleman in the right shirt is trying to crawl through a door there and another passenger telling him to keep crawling and crawl that was had door. it's going to be okay. devastating scene as this car is turned upside down and to the right. they're trying to get this gentleman out. one of the many scenes that played out few hours ago when this happen. now, mayor michael nutter has been a busy day for him and has seen a lot of listen to him describe what he saw when he saw the scene. >> i've been down on the tracks on the scene with my staff. it is an absolute disastrous mess.
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never seen anything like this in my life and most personnel will say that as well. >> mayor michael nutter saying he's never seen anything like this. dave schratwieser has covered many many scenes. many many tragedies throughout our see city. dave has been at the scene now for hours. dave? >> reporter: lucy we talk about that lighting that was brought in here awhile ago. emergency lighting. ing now see down wheatchief lane off of frankford how it look like daylight down there at this point. giving investigator as better look at exactly what the situation is there as they check and recheck the train for any further casualties or individuals who may not have been accounted for. again two thought passengers five crew members on board. you heard the mayor talk about five fatalities, six people critically injured. 53 people transported to local area hospitals. we saw lot of those folks who self evacuateed on septa buses as
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they were taken to those hospitals just to get check out and give police statements. you played some of the that interview with former congressman murphy. some tales from on board the train right after this helped about people banning together and trying to help people out. knockingknocking out emergency window to help evacuate the train and staying on bore the train to treat people as they were injured cut bleeding, some of them with serious trauma when the train flipped own on the side. six cars i believe the mayor said are completely derailed. either on their side or turned upside down. the front car is perpendicular i'm told i've not seen skyfox shots you guys have. down at the end of the block on wheatchief lane you can see 2,000 block i believe all lit up like daylight. those lighting emergency lighting fixtures brought in from the philadelphia international airport. the streets department amtrak others they do night work on the
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rail sometimes and they are going to need that light power tonight to make sure they start the investigation the right way. we her about the ntsb go team headed here to philadelphia. they're the experts on getting getting to the bottom of exactly how this happen. what caused this to happen. and retrieving all the pertinent data equipment and tracking mechanisms on board those trains to tell them exactly what happened. that go team we're told will have some type of media briefing probably a preliminary one early in the morning tomorrow. then throughout the day from what we've been told at this pope again the mayor saying he would not speculate on what caused this. they have no idea. at this point what caused the situation to occur. he would not say everyone was accounted for at this point because he said he just couldn't say that. they are continuing to check the area we see lots of firefighters and especially trained police officers and firefighters walking out of the scene right now. they've been up in that area
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for, oh, well over 3.5 hours at this point. dealing with the situation here. but things have calmed down here in the neighbor. in pourtray pond news crews emergency personnel and again the end of the street down there all lit up so investigator which is kind of get better look at the train and the cars that have been derailed. we have not seen any medic units leave here with anybody on board in a good hour now. bruce gordon my colleague was over near the triage area near sedgley and frankford. got a good look at some of the people that came off off the train injury but i was really moved by former congressman murphy's talking about how folks that were on the train that were okay even after it tipped over stayed on the train to help those who were not. he talk about some real valiant et cetera by folks to try and help out their fellow passengers on board the train who were more seriously injured than they were guys. incredible story to hear that. >> it really is.
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>> see those videos you've been playing. no doubt about it. >> dave, again just kind of recap for me if you can we played a small short snippet from the congressman. but if you can tell me again what did he do the moment it just broke loose on that train? what happened at that point? walk us threw it. >> reporter: well i asked him if he noticed anything before the train derailed, and he said he didn't really notice anything. he felt a hard shift one way and then back the other way and he got tossed from one side of the cafe car to the other. and then the car just went over. he took a headcount on board the car he was on said there were 11 people on board when the fire personnel got on board the train he reported there were 11 people on there. he said he punched out or kick out an emergency window and helped people goat oat out. some people self vac weighed. some individuals stayed on the train to deal with folk who had serious cuts, bruises and
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trauma. he said there was a lot of bleeding. he said he's never seen a scene like that. obviously he's iraq war veteran so i'm sure he means non-war relateed scene like that. but, upping, he talk about -- i asked him exactly what did you do at first? he said i just kind of looked around to see if there was somebody i can help, gathered myself quick toll make sure i was okay. he counseled all this body parts i think he said. >> oh yeah. >> make sure he was fully in tack there. he did call his family and let them know he was okay. you saw him tweeting out photos. i think he was actually texting back and forthwith bruce gordon at some point tonight giving him information on what was going on on board the train. when he was here with me a few minutes ago, he was actually on his way to be debriefed i think by fbi agents who are in the emergency command post down at sedgley and frankford. i'm sure they're interviewing everybody on board. >> they are. >> report roar checking,. >> i've got to interrupt you for just a second and i apologize
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for minute but i'm told i need to get to bruce gore didn't right now he's got something to tell us. bruce gordon. >> reporter: i just wanted to let you know that we saw michael nutter mayor nutter just a couple of minutes ago reached his hasn't out shook the hand of governor tom wolf who is now here. the governor has been obviously monitoring the situation from a far is now in philadelphia. on the scene. the two of them headed up the street just a second ago. we expect them to be at dave schratwieser's locate any minute how. the governor will get briefed and he'll have something to say about this in a more formal way. governor wolf is on scene now. we saw some state police vehicles just a couple of minutes ago. he and the mayor are had brief conversation here on frankford just about 30 seconds ago. they began walking up the street we expect them to at dave's location any minute now and we'll hear from governor wolf within the next few minutes we
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expect. >> bruce, thank you. great information there. we'll wait to sea what governor wolf has to say. if we can go back to dave stratt wise sr. now. dave, can you hear me. >> reporter: i can iain. i'm listen to what bruce is saying. governor wolf is here. he's expected to make some kind of statement with the mayor at wheatchief and frankford we're still looking down the block here at wheatchief all lit up. again we talk numbers before. 243 people total on board the train. 238 passengers. five crew members. the mayor could not tell us if they've accounted for everybody he did want to check manifests and things hike that to make sure the headcount that they had
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that was supposed to be on board the train is kind of matches up with what they have on the scene here. also would not peck speculate on what caused this much the mayor saying that he just we're not going to do that. they had no idea what caused it. no idea what might have touched this off. what caused the train to derail. i asked congressman -- former congressman murphy about that as well. he did not notice anything he said right before the derailment derailment. anything unusual. in a couple of seconds before it actually all happened and the train car he was in tipped, he did feel a serious shift one way and then the other way and kind of a loud bang but could not say specificspecifically anything had happened prior to that on board the train but he's being interviewed just like everybody else on board the train to determine exactly you know, what happened there on board this amtrak train 188 with 243 people on board this afternoon when it
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derailed here in port richmond near wheatchief and frankford avenue. it's on the 2,000 block of wheatchief. fire personnel police personnel here on the scene. here on the ground. still moving in and out of the area. we saw a lot of fire department personnel with heavy cutting equipment things like that exiting the area a short time ago. they've been out here for hours now. they did have to cut into some of the trains to remove people trapped on board the train. they did that successful but again mayor nutter a announcing at least five fatalityies. six people critically injured. 53 others transport to do area hospitals. you heard from dave kinchen at one of the hospitals folks come coming going there einstein, temple frankford torresdale some of the others involved in the situation. i think he called this a level three disaster. >> he did. report roar the gentleman from the fire department who was talking about how they handled this whole situation. >> dave, you have been on many a tragic scene sadly as part of
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what we unfortunately have to do as we look at a piece of metal shooting out of that train. do you see that iain. >> i'm sorry dave, just caught my eye. there is a beam of metal it look like that has pierced the train car and -- >> reporter: yeah. >> remarkable to see that. it's unbelievable actually. my good goodness. the force of this impact mut have been horrific for these people. >> oh and that note, dave in all the time you've seen things like this i know you've talk to lot of first responders in your career. today watching them do what they do what have you noticed washington have you heard? >> reporter: well, you know, it's like the congressman said to me, you don't think about yourself in a situation you think about others, and you think about doing whatever it you can do to help people who are in distress. and obviously that's exactly what happened here. i mean 130 some old
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firefighters sonned to the scene. 200 firefighters -- 200 police officers responded to the scene. i mean it was one of those situations where it's all hands on deck and everybody pitched in and did what they had to do. we have not gotten a chance to talk to any first responders. i was on a train crash like this in alabama probably 25 years ago when i was at another network and it was a similar situation. we were allowed to get a lot closer at that point that was 10 or 12 cars derailed and on their side upside down multiple injuries fatalityies. thing like that. so this is not my first derail many zig here but you her the mayor said this is the worst thing he's ever seen. i'm sure it is. again, somebody asked me to like ken the response to this. the on thing i can compare it to recently the building collapse at 22nd and market a couple of year ago in which six people perish and firefighters and
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police officers on their hands and knees trying to dig people out. it's a similar response to what happened there. happened here tonight and again i'm sure we'll hear these stories of heroism and bravery later on. people trying to save their fellow passengers and firefighters and emergency personnel police officers again doing everything they could to get on board that train and help out as much as they can just what people do. what first responders do when they arrive on a scene like this. no doubt about it. >> dave, you're right. you talk about that scene at 22nd and market and of course i was on the air with you for several hours that afternoon when it happened and then of course that first night when you mentioned those first responders and everyone was digging on that pile and eerily similar tonight given the fact this is derail many we're looking at sky fox video and we're looking at of these first responders climbing over twisted metal and, you know, cars that have been sheared off and beams that are through cars -- >> reporter: yeah. >> eighths very similar situation. you just -- just devastating to
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look at. >> reporter: yes sometimes almost a disregard for their own personal safety. just interested in get to go as many people as they can and helping as many people as they can. these are trained professionals they know how to deal with zigs like this. they know exactly what they need to do, and clearly in this situation, they did. we did not hear of any injuries to any spurs responders this evening from the mayor the fire department or the police depth. so i got to believe everybody who went in there to help out got in and out got out safely. still lit up like daylight down there now as they continue the investigation. continue to try and do the things that they need to do to make this
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seen secure. >> i was at i'm stein hospital and the police officers being injured earlier today and we saw ambulances and police personnel raceing by the dozens. so everybody in the entire area responding again we're awaiting to see if governor wolf and the mayor may arrive here where i am at wheatchief lane and frankford and make some comments to us about exactly their assessment of the situation at this point. you heard from the mayor earlier we do expect to hear from the governor at bruce's location or at my location but i have not seen the governor yet at this point. >> all right. well i know that he's on the scene thanking first sons right now trying to survey the situation. dave schratwieser also, you know, you had mentioned the septa service. i'll go ahead and while you're listening in here go over this
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for the folk. because we are now approaching 1am and not that people are waking up to go to work quiet neck. in the next few hours people will be doing so. if you do so you have to understand trenton and chestnut hill west line both did you say spented tomorrow morning and possibly the rest of the week. you'll have to make alternate decisions as far as roots and how you'll get that alternate transportation you'll have to figure that one out right now. governor wolf is on the scene i'm going through real quickly this release he hasn'ted out about half hour or so ago. saying i'll quote here my thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by tonight's train derailment for those who lost their lives, those injured and the families of all involved the situation is devastating. i want to sincerely thank tower first responders for their brave and quick action. i'm closely monitoring the situation and i am in contact with the state and local authority. >> we want to check in with shawnette wilson now she's at the webster elementary school.
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shawnette? >> reporter: ian eighty five been here for a little bit just moments ago there were about two or three septa buses in the parking lot of the school behind me. they've just pulled out. we're told that for the past hour or so they have have been bringing people here some of the people involved in that amtrak crash here who were not seriously hurt. using this area of the school as a stageing staging area for people who need to make phone calls get a ride or looking for mace to stay overnight. behind me there was police officer blocking off the parking lot with septa buses are staged. an ambulance inside. unique thing also here people from around the community have been showing up desperate to help any any way they can. behind me a group of young ladies out here tonight hearing about this tragedy and they showed up just to help out. come talk to us for a second. what's your name. >> felicia. >> felicia, what brought you out here tonight? >> i came home around 11:30 and i seen it on the news and i was just


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