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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 13, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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we're following breaking news this morning a amtrak training head from the washington dc to new york city derailed last night in philadelphia. officials are calling this a mass casualty incident, five people are dead. at least 140 people have gone to hospitals to be treated. good morning everyone, from the national transportation safety board a crew is on the way to the scene right now, in the words of mayor michael nutter, he has never seen anything like this in his life. i know this area pretty well, grew up there in bridesburg, port richmond, it happened right there in what the neighbor would call wayne junction which is an area where the main line for amtrak and septa come together along with a big freight line there in that area, our own steve keeley is live in that area right now to casino of give us the latest from the scene.
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steve, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: bob, i have to be honest, i just got here, so i'm seeing this for the first time with you. we just walk to up this corner 20 seconds ago. you see an army of media here. we are being kept here. i talked beverly with dave schratwieser you can see construction lights make it look like baseball stadium, they wheeled those trailers in because time is critical, when you have got people who could be trapped people who could still be bleeding, people who need their lives saved. so they weren't going to wait for daylight, which is still hours away, they were going to make it like daylight here. they are still cutting metal in there and they are still looking to see if there are people trapped if there are victims. and we are told don't be surprised if the death toll from this accident is higher than it was initially reported of the five confirmed fatalities. bob? >> thanks, steve. obviously looking video from last night skyfox over the scene, you can see one of the
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rail cars upside down the other cars thereon their side. and again there is happened last night i guess at around what 9:30, quarter to 10:00 or so. and you can see the cars, again, this stretch of rail line used by not only amtrak, but also, septa. so if you are waking up or still with us here this morning, even if you don't use amtrak or even if you don't use septa this is going to impact our rush hour. because everyone who typically would use that stretch of the northeast corridor with amtrak or septa are going to have to find additional ways you know another way to get to work there this morning. >> bob, i was reading a ap article, passenger on board the train said he was netflix when quote the train start today decelerate like someone had slammed the brakes sudden endly you could see everything starting to shake, could you people's stuff flying over me. so people were escaping from the back of the car that's when he saw passengers trying to climb out the windows, like
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you said, you could see in the video, many of the cars had tipped over on it side. people were doing anything they could to get out. >> when i first saw how many people were on the train over 230 at 10:00 i was shock. we back-timed it, this train left washington shortly after 8:00. which for folks in washington, you know, probably that later train, after evening rush maybe after dinner heading back, it stopped here if philadelphia, picked up passengers at philadelphia international airport's 30th street station, then headed north up toward new york. and this stretch right here, i know just in listening and reading what has been out there, it happened at a very sharp curve, sharp curve that's known this that area again it is wayne junction, right behind northeast catholic high school, to give you an idea, my alma matter. it all comes into play there. look at the beam from the
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overhead wires puncturing that rail car like a tin can. >> another passenger bob to get aunt standing i think the fact i walk off the train made it even more surreal because a lot of people didn't walk off. i walked off as if i was in a movie, people standing around, people with bloody faces there were people chairs, tables mangled about in the compartment, power cables all buckled down as you stepped off that train. what a frightening and horrifying ordeal for people on that train. you know how it is when you are on amtrak, comfortable headed to your destin as, so a lot of people watching netflix, sleeping, getting paperwork done, and unexpected jolt and then this tragic accident. >> and if you started your trip in washington, at around 8:00 you figure this happened about -- you're two hours into your trip. maybe you stopped in philly, you're right probably settled
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back nestled in, then all the sudden you come to an abrupt halt here. >> let guess right back out to steve keeley live there on the scene. steve, did you learn something new? >> reporter: well, here is the critical next step here, the national transportation safety board's go team. these are the people who are like us in the media here, always have the overnight bag packed with all of the essentials because they go with a minute's notice. and they are only going here from washington. so they will be here, if not here already. and they are going to look at every possible part of this. they have experts on this team. it is a full team. you are talking track experts signal expert, equipment experts, experts in human factors, like fatigue a lot of blood tests those conductors, will look at every possible cause in addition to speed. so they'll look at all of the factors out here along these tracks as women you look at the aerial video we have you can see it is a maze of railroad tracks, that's why we're talking about signals. you see those black tanker
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cars here, one thing that this did not have was any casino of fire. we're seen freight train crashes with fire, we've seen hazardous materials go up. so it is amazing that anybody could even computerize all these tracks, but that's what they have to look at as well. computer malfunction signal malfunction, anything. so the national transportation safety team will get here and if you followed plane crashes train crashes before, even road crashes that they handle, they have an instant update when they get here, because they are finding out information the moment these crashes happen and they are trying to get information out to the public as soon as possible even if it takes months sometimes even over a year to get to the bottom line and the cause after crash like this, so while you've got the life saving, the recovery effort going on right now you have also got the investigation already underway right now as well. one interesting interview i read was a doctor, not just us folks in the media bills
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who stay late, come in early like the police department you heard commissioner ramsey say the night duty officers were all told to stay on duty, the midnight crew that comes in at midnight, told to come in as soon as possible, while you had the doctors and nurses over at area torresdale, one of the closest hospitals here, they took in 25 people, all volunteering. as soon as they're hoping watching the news, they hear about this, they know not to get called in they know they're essentially needed. when you have dozen of people come to a hospital they need dozens of doctors if they can get that many. and one of the doctors was a doctor robert dan off. and he talked to some of the patient that were coming in, and one of the things everybody's asking is did you have any indication, anything was wrong and the patients all told similar tails about how they heard a screaching noise. one of the key witnesses, one of the key passengers, is an amtrak conductor who was a passenger. he wasn't working. he was on this train riding to up new york to get his train and begin his shift.
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and he said, now, this is a person that's very familiar with this route and very familiar with being on a train. he says he hears a screaching noise, he tells doctor danoff, then hears what sounds like crashing noise like a slamming noise, something slamming down, the next thing he knows he must have blacked out, got knocked out. face and mouthful of dirt and outside the train. and they heard that tail from a lot of people, how people lost conscious less temporarily, woke up outside all of them spitting out dirt or spitting out blood. and doctor danoff said the range of injuries were everything from internal bleeding and real good trauma abdominal injuries, to your normal cuts and scrapes because lot of concussions as well. he says the people that maybe not as hurting so bad tonight will be hurt ago lot worse in the morning from the bumps from just being thrown around like going down a hill in a metal trash can and just going bouncing around and just getting hit on every side of your body. so a lot of trouble out here
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still. a lot of hard work going out here still. and we are here on frankford avenue, bob this is the main stretch through town, and you don't even have to begin to talk about the traffic tie ups, in addition to the train tracks being shutdown. it is not just, remember not just amtrak that uses tees trains, septa trains run on here, and the freight trains, and even new jersey transit uses these tracks. so these tracks are shared by so many trains, and it is just amaze that somebody has figured out how to guide all of tees trains through computerized signalling, and that's what they will look at. bob, lauren? >> all right steve keeley, thanks so much. we do know pennsylvania governor tom wolf was at the scene last night of this tragic accident. here he is with mayor nutter. he called the situation devastating. thanked the first responders for brave and quick action. he said the state will help philadelphia in whatever way they k he also released a statement saying in part for those who lost their lives those who were injured and the families of all involved, this situation is devastating.
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>> former bucks county congressman, patrick murphy, was on the train. he's okay and was helping those injured. but he tweeted these photos from inside one of the rail cars. if you can look closely there looks like the cars actually on its side. we also spoke with him at the scene late last night. take a listen. >> it felt like a bang, then we you know, i was stationed south, going northbound, i was facing southbound, cafe car, like table area, and i felt like woe went that way then the other way then once we went this side we just flipped over. and then it was just dark, and just dusty and just a lot of blood. >> wow. he bridges up an interesting point. he said he was sitting in a cafe style where maybe looking at each other. his back is going north. folks are eating, coffee, drinks and all of that flips over on that car last night.
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here is another shot here from skyfox from last night of the scene. and iand i'll step over to the green screen here if i k pull up the maps. i want to be able to show folks exactly where this accident occurred. and it occurred in the neighborhood in port richmond right here, frandford avenue, between torresdale and castor. as we heard steve mention he's right there on frankford avenue. frankford avenue, the main drag here true port richmond t occurred right behind northeast catholic high school which is my alma matter there. i'm going to show you here if we can on the google map exactly the location and gave you a idea. so the train leaves 30th street station you follow these tracks with me here see this curve? that is the sharp curve that is in question right now. we saw the rail cars that tanker car these fine lines that's the freight yard, and
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here's wheat chief lane, that comes in, north catholic high school would be right here, here's the frankford creek runs through the neighborhoods. so again that train left 30th street station heading north this is the curve that is in question. when we saw the front the engine seemed to be off into the rail yard right here. and then of course that main line would continue further north. now, in addition to amtrak service suspended between new york and philadelphia's 30th street station, this is the main line that's used by the septa regional rail lines the trenton line, and the chestnut hill west line. mainly the trend at any line. so the trenton line, which connect 30th street station through all of the neighborhoods, frandford, bridesburg mayfair northeast philly the corn wells height park and ride, all the way up into trenton new jersey, now here's 95 i'm just trying to give you an idea exactly the area neighborhood we are talking about here. here is 95 the betsy ross
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bridge interchange. anyone that would be leaving 30th street station trying to get to up new york this morning, obviously amtrak and you saw the tracks, just totally destroyed there this is going to be shutdown for quite some time. so we will take a quick break come back with more stay with us.
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i've been down on the tracks on the scene with my staff. it is an absolute disaster us mess. never seen anything like this in my life. and most personnel will say that, as well. >> that was mayor michael
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nutter describing the scene of the deadly train derailment at least five people dead dozens more injured. >> our live coverage now continues with stove keeley, steve is out on the scene, in a area, the neighbors would know as wayne junction there in the port richmond section of the city. steve, do you have any more info from the scene there? >> not getting any new information, just trying to research on the phone as much as we can. no new news conference, we'll car that i live, but don't expect one probably almost until daylight. they are working hard here. authority probably at home right now or at headquarters, so there is nobody giving us updates out here, and it is likely in the middle of the night, they're figuring let's regroup and come up at sunrise so what you are hearing from me research i'm gathering on the scene media pen growing in numbers every five minute right now and gregg is giving you a shot. i'm hearing a lot of for
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inning language media, as well. i drove over the betsy ross bridge four news trucks from new york city were in a caravan not altogether, but that just tells us what is going on. here are some firemen coming. my guess is these firemen probably working four, five hours of over time, and maybe just getting relieved right now. so you can see still very, very active scene here. and they still think they have people in there that could be needing to be saved or bod that's need to be recovered right now. >> with the light see all of the overhead wires in these train tracks bob growing up around here you new that, when were you a little kid sometimes do stupid things like throwing a rock at these wires. you want it hear the shocking noise when you hit a wire from that with a rock. 12,000-volt on those over head wires. that is what powers these trains. and if those lines are down, they're going need repairs, have to shut it all down, these tracks are electrified then. very tough scene to help
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people out when you don't know whether you could get hurt yourself. so they had to shut the electric down. that's probably why you're going hear about no train service for awhile through here. so both the remaining search for victims and the key for looking for a cause as bad as that wreckage looks either under spotlights or from the helicopter at night when it comes to being daylight, you will be able to really vividly see how bad this is look for any track defect, not just here at the scene of the tracks 100 yards, 200 yards back it takes at least third to half mile to stop an amtrak train. this is not the higher speed asela train but even the regular amtrak trains consideration get up to pretty good speed and they're not even estimating how fast this train was going through here, but when you ride along 95, and you ride side by side, with the amtrak tracks, close up there and you are going 60 six a a loft times those trains are passing by you.
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>> how many times have we seen trains somebody killed, being hit by these trains, because they do fly and sometimes people underestimate the speed after train and they try to run or out run a track trying to cross right there. so that's the scene out here right now it looks like daylight over there because that's how great they were, about getting all every those construction light in here, and really blazing this thing so everybody can see what they're doing because it is mangled metanil there and you don't want to get hurt as you're trying to help the people who are already hurt. lauren bob? >> steve keeley, thanks so much. as you just said, of course, as daylight comes as they shine light on, that might find more people trapped or stuck underneath. dozen of people being treated at hospitals right nowment jennifer joyce at temple hospital where so many people were taken. jenny, what do you know right now? >> reporter: good morning chris lauren, we know 36 people according to spokesperson were brought here to temple university. we were around back, i just talk with a couple. they had driven up here from
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virginia some woman told me her daughter and son-in-law are being treated here at temple for broken pelvis, among other injuries. we do know number of people brought not only to temple but number of hospitals. people brought to tell until varying conditions, area health reporting 26 patient at frankford, 50 patients at torresdale hahnemann has as many as 25 patients, albert einstein got about ten. earlier our dave kinchen was over at jefferson hospital where he reported that 26 people were treated therefore most lie minor injuries. according to a source he spoke with one of the injured passengers live on air. but she did talk a little bit about being scared for her life on this amtrak train train 188 traveling from dc to new york, all seven cars on the train came off the tracks, and we did talk to an emergency management official
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who just explained what family members can do if they had a loved one on the train how they can connect with that person. >> working with hospitals with all of our human services agencies so again the public is looking for someone loved one, start that process by calling amtrak's number. that's 1800-523-9101. again, one-800-523-9101. we are working out of the city's operations center to match all of that information, against what we have with hospital records amtrak, manifest information and again, call that number and it will start to process. >> hectic process 238 passengers, five crew members on board that train we know at least 140 people have been transported to these area hospitals so, a lot of family
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members trying to reach loved ones again 36 patients here, that we know at temple hospital with varying conditions chris lauren? >> jennifer joyce thanks so much. of course, you know, with this being such huge medical center it is great that we have so many hospitals and resources here that people can go to. >> not that far obviously generally at temple, aria health frandford section in a lot of the hospitals on stand by all night long, and again there is will develop as we roll through the morning. but again amtrak service suspended between new york and philadelphia. septa service shutdown, all of the updates live on the scene when we come right back.
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3:00 there is live look at pictures from the amtrak train derailment train 188 it left dc came here to philadelphia, to 30th street station was headed to up new york city, bob kelly has been tracking this. >> lauren there is happened right before 10:00. it was right before we went on the air last night for our fox 29:10 o'clock news when the accident occurred. the train originating in washington left dc, around 8:00. stopped at philadelphia's 30th street station, en route to new york. picked up passengers in philadelphia. then as it rolled through the neighborhood wayne junction, saw in the camera shot there
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that petted overpass, to gave you a idea of anyone in the neighborhood. you know what i am talking about, frandford avenue between torresdale and castor is the scene of where our -- the emergency crews have respond dollars. i'm going to go to one of the maps we pulled up here on google just to given you an idea exactly with a we're looking at here. so the train left amtrak's 30th street station right here is the curve that is in question. now sue serio just tweeted out, an interesting point, 72 years ago, in 1943 an accident same scenario happened in the same spot in which sue how many people were killed? >> an accident where 79 people were killed. >> seventy-nine people lost their lives. >> one of the worse train disasters in united states history, injured 117, it was labor day weekend of 1943, and it was very crowded train car. but happened at the same curve
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as you said, that same frankford junction. >> exactly. so here is the frankford junction, right here, you got the frankford quick that rolls through. again it happened right on this curve here. that's the main drag northeast corridor, which all trains between new york and philadelphia travel. so it is going to basically shutdown rail service indefinately right now between new york and philadelphia also, service amtrak rain, as well as chestnut hill west line, from the shots we saw from skyfox, the rales mangled the overhead wires pulled down septa's regional rail trains use those overhead wires for power. some of amtrak trains run diesel other run also with the overhead wires. we will go back this is video you can see, one of the rail carson it side, upside down off the tracks, and into the wooded area that runts
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alongside that main line there between philadelphia and new york. our coverage will continue throughout this morning on the amtrak derailment in port richmond. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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3:30 following breaking news, investigators searching for answer he is after deadly train derailment. five people were killed, dozens others injured after amtrak train headed from washington d.c., to new york, tipped off the track around 9:30 last night in port richmond. sources say 26 people were taken by septa bus to jefferson university hospital with minor injuries. along with other area hospitals. mayor michael nutter called the mass casualty an absolute mess. rescue crews told us they've never seen anything like this before. we continue our story this morning, with steve keeley live there on the scene hi, steve. >> you do the math, 3:30 there is happened about 9:30, so six
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hours into this. and it is still a very busy scene here, still, a rescue going on, so those numbers you gave of the victims may likely change. we are told, we were also told don't expect another official update until 11:00 a.m. so it could be as late as that. my guess is doing this for a long time, we may hear something, probably before that not too long after daylight just because they'll have a lot more answers by then and they know the public has that want to know and need to know casino of look. >> you don't know if you mentioned it at the air trains sim floor airplanes, they have what are commonly called black boxes on airplanes, blaze orange boxes finds them at the bottom of the sea or in burned out wreckage, but on train they're called event recorders. and they record everything that the train was doing beforehand like the speed. and we keep mentioning this curve here. and we don't know if speed was a cause or a contributing
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factor. but it is definitely a factor in that wreckage, because if this train was going five, 10 miles an hour, you wouldn't see that casino of devastating wreckage. so what we hear, from the people who live around here, and watch these trains, that there is a 70-mile per hour speed limit on the straight away leading to the curve. then it is supposed to slow to 50 miles an hour. soap, a curve at 50, still sounds pretty fast, to us layman not in the locomotive bills. those event recorders will be able to record and let people know for who are going to investigate this how fast that train was going. and then the question s. you have the experts on the tracks, and you have the experts on the locomotive itself the brakes, all of the other things that they are going to look at right here so, there is a local resident who lives nearby here, who is awake at the time. this happened during prime time his name's david hernandez, and he said it sounded like a bunch of shopping cart at the local shoprite crashing into each other on windy day out in the
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parking lot. so he hears that crashing sound, then he hears the screams coming from the scene and he ran to see if he could help just like so many other people did and couldn't believe what they saw. and they live with these trains all the time. but again nothing like this. one of the things you will see, when we show these aerial pictures and probably people around the country wondering this was there neighborhood access to this? this train running through neighborhood. see all of the graffiti on the walls, another thought, another certain part of this investigation will be did anybody tamper with the tracks? did anybody lever anything on the tracks? they'll look at that as well. if people are spray painting on the walls around there you will also look to see was anybody doing anything they shouldn't have been doing around the time just before this crash. let's come back to the live picture and you see lieutenant john walker there is guy on the news, almost every morning as well, along with scott small. he is the guy in charge of southwest detective. so normally we would get information from people like that.
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if we're going to get information today from local people it will be off the record kind of information and they'll probably just tell us just as a friendly basis. but this is an investigation that's going to be federal for sure with the national transportation safety board coming. so that's probably by we won't have any casino of local philadelphia official update for awhile. because they'll defer to the people in charge of this investigation that will be people out of wash juan and the local government. >> thanks for the update. we want to remind people if you are looking for someone you now is traveling on amtrak train 188 from washington, d.c. stopped here in philadelphia 30th street station, was headed to new york you're asked to call 1800 number. that phone number for you: 800923-9101. the best number to call if you have any questions. we understanded all seven cars that far amtrak train did derail in philadelphia. came off the tracks completely. 243 people were on board that train.
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so far 140 people transport today area hospitals. the fire department spokesperson said the train had six passenger cars, and the engine. so of course that's all seven cars that did come off the tracks. mayor michael nutter says at least five people were killed, 65 people injured there on the scene, taken to local hospitals. nutter says everyone -- not everyone on the train has been accounted forment trying to bring in light before daylight to see if they can rescue anyone from the train wreckage situation, of doors we'll stay on top of. >> this right now we toss to sue to get a check on the weather. >> as go out the door this morning, you are going to notice big difference from yesterday. the humidity is gone. not going to be nearly as warm as it was yesterday. the renmant of ana moved to up nova social, a look at radar and satellite see quite a few clouds around. but those will be clearing throughout the day. this is a look, we did have fire weather watch in effect
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like zero looks like now lifted but we do have some wind gusts impress they have morning. that's another thing that you will notice. it is different 30-mile per hour wind gusts recorded this hour in philadelphia. 24-mile per hour wind out of the northwest as these cooler temperatures filter in. we do have 65 degrees in philadelphia. because of the cloud cover that we had overnight. but relative humidity has dropped dramatically since yesterday. 36% and expect high later today to stay in the upper 60s, maybe hitting 7 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds, so lauren, a lot cooler today than it was yesterday. >> back to the scene, liver pictures from steve keeley's pictures on the ground at the train derailment. perspective of people on the train what they experienced, associated press manager was on the train said he was watching netflix when the train start today decelerate like someone had slammed the brakes and then suddenly could
3:37 am
you see everything starting to shake. he said you could see people's stuff flying all over the train, another passenger said that he was told to get to the back of the car which he did but he saw some other passengers trying to escape through windows because the cars had tipped over on their side. >> completely mangled, the whole thing there just pile of metal. so mayor nutter did tell us hundreds every people transport today local hospital here in recalled if, but now there is a rescue search effort underway, so they can find anyone who may be stuck or pinned underneath the metal there we of course will stay on top of this. and we'll have another update for you after the break.
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dead will he train derailment will likely affect train service for the rest of the week. >> those on board well enough to travel are being brought to 30th street station before we go out to sack even a i just talked to septa. they said 11,000 people use that trenton line a day. so locally 11,000 commuters this morning are going to have to find another way to get where they're going. i know sabina is live down there now at 30th street station. sack even, a good morning
3:41 am
what's it like there at 30th street station? >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. take a look right behind me. you can see that board there. completely canceled all trains between philadelphia and new york. just canceled, cancelled canceled. inside hereof course we have about a hands full of people here who seem to be waiting don't know what their next move is, as their train overnight here was cancelled as you mentioned back behind us just little bit red cross has set up family assistance center for passengers who were on the derailed train they say they have people here who they're assisting with blanket, food and whatever information they're able to provide of course just little bit behind us here to afford those passengers some privacy. also the center set up for any family members who may be rushing here, don't know where to go, need information, need to try to reach their loved ones. so we're told the red cross also assisted about 15 people, this morning. they have this center set up, also one september up at webster elementary school.
3:42 am
now, again this is such a confusing situation and so complicated, we talked to actually the supervisor for the law enforcement here, he just got here from the scene of the derailment. so he was telling us, you know everybody here stretched to the limit, red cross working overnight. so, a lot of confusion people just waiting to see what the next step s a lot of people looking for information on their loved ones out here this morning. lauren bob, back to you. >> i want it repeat it, i know so many people are worried lover ones on the train that phone number: 1800-523-9101. if you have anyone you know that was on that train you think was on the train any questions if they are in area hospital where to find them, that's the the phone number. we'll post it on our website so everyone can get that information. we'll have more when we come right back.
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3:45, we continue to follow our breaking news this morning, live pictures of the scene there. officials say seven cars of an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia came completely off the tracks, the train caring 243 people from
3:46 am
washington, d.c. to new york sit tuesday night. this all happening in the port richmond neighborhood of philadelphia. all seven of the cars came completely off the tracks. 140 people have gone to area hospitals to be evaluated or treated. so of course, we're still searching for passengers who could be trapped there at that scene. steve keeley telling us they're brinking in lots of lights to shine there in that area before daylight, hoping that they can see better, and that rescue effort is underway. >> fox 29 has you covered we went off the air at 1:30 this morning, back on since 3:00 a.m. bob kelly has been following this and what this means for this morning. >> good morning everyone. at 3:46 looking live from steve's camera there, right in the port richmond section of the neighborhood, frandford avenue between torresdale and castor is that main staging area and kind of set the scene. >> this happened in wayne junction which is right there in the neighborhood, that busy
3:47 am
stretch of the northeast corridor that not only uses, used by all of the amtrak trains, but also septa's regional rail lines used this stretch. it carries the commuter trains and there is also the freight yard, which is right next-door, adjacent to that main line. some of the video that we showed you from the chopper you see some freight lines and thank goodness that the trains did not collide or puncture any of those tanker cars that were sitting in the freight yard, as you can see here this is from skyfox upper right, one of the cars upside down, still connected and as they're off into the brush there the carson their side and then that one totally across the line some of the other footage you see the rales actually just bent like pieces of thin wire, so this is going to shut down service on the northeast corridor indefinately between new york and
3:48 am
philadelphia. this is going to be more tan just a morning rush hour situation. obviously we said we see the bright lights out there illuminating the area. so that the work crews can get in there. when they first arrived because of the overhead wires see how the rales are bent to the side, off to the right that one tanker carry was telling you a few moment ago. off to the left see again the freight yard known as wayne junction, and off to your far right, would be that main line. let's go to the maps. because this is going to impact again rail service not only up and down the northeast corridor, but for thousands of folks locally that use the northeast corridor for septa's trenton line. there is the engine of the amtrak train totally off the main line, and into the freight yard. and again, as steve mentioned there is happened on that sharp curve where the speed on the main line is 70 miles an
3:49 am
hour it goes down to 50, when you go into that curve at wayne junction. so again with all of the cars off of the track there there is damage to the rales. i was talking about the overhead wires. those overhead wires are juiced. they're live, they're used to supply the power to the trains. so when the first crews arrived one of the concerns they had was with the wires pulled down, those overhead wires were hot. were they live. they had to shut power off. there is another dramatic picture of the overhead beam puncturing one of the amtrak cars like a tin can there as it lays on its side in wayne junction. if we can go to my maps for a second, from my map computer there septa's trenton regional rail actually, we use amtrak first so the asela, all amtrak service suspended between new york and philadelphia indefinately right now so service on
3:50 am
amtrak gone service suspend in the morning on the trenton line, as well as the chestnut hill west line. i just talk to septa, they said 11,000 commuters use the trenton line alone. so 11,000 commuters this morning locally here in our philadelphia area going to need to find alternate means of transportation. and of course, i don't know what the numbers are on that amtrak northeast corridor service, but obviously between philly and new york there is a lot of folks like last night that train originate in the washington, that late night train after the evening rush hour, as we heard from former congressman murphy there and the dining section headed back through philadelphia heading back toward new york. so again service on the northeast corridor suspended for amtrak as well as trenton, and the chestnut hill west regional rail line. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, let's go right out to steve keeley live at the scene this morning steve what can
3:51 am
you tell us? >> we are get being pushed back so if you hear commotion i i gregg we're on right now so he's getting moved around, he's getting jostled. they need frankford avenue. they need to get a lot of equipment in, a loft big trucks in, there so looking out for us and we want to stay out of the way as much as possible. but i can tell you the number of media i got here just before 3:00ment the number of media has doubled. i'm sure people are still on way, not the important part of the story just want to mention why you don't see why you are seeing probably a loft logan a lot of light and tripods and stuff. you really doesn't want to seement bob we found out that the speed limit here, and again this is something from an official trains are allowed to go as fast as 55 miles an hour. so we don't know how fast this train was going. we don't know if the curve or the speed or any of that has anything do with t starting to see the helicopters over
3:52 am
overhead still dark, even if we get aerial picture to you you won't see as much as you see in the daylight. almost likes like daylight. almost like a night phillies game with so much light on there, than is good. because if there is anybody in that wreckage still they are going to find them and if i know the philly fire department like i know them, they will find everybody long before the sun comes up for sure. it is really am track's biggest money maker with the washington to boston service and essentially profit from this amtrak makes no secret support. the rest of the system around the country and one government off i shall hearsays expect this service to be down around here for at least a week. because of the repairs that are going to be needed because those tracks are shredded so bad, not just one track but a lot of damage to a lot of the tracks in the overhead wires that we talked about that carried 12,000 volts. soap tom carper, this is a
3:53 am
line where a lot of government officials take, from washington, did. c joe biden the vice president, he was a regular on here. but tom carper the us send floor delaware, former governor he was on this very train, got off in wilmington in his home state just before this crash scene and he sends out his thoughts to everybody. but this is definitely the deadliest in the northeast corridor since 16 people killed in a bad accident in baltimore back in 1987. guys? >> five confirmed death with this. we understand that there are several others that are critically injured of course many many people in the hospital right now as many as 130 people taken to the hospital. >> we understand amtrak updated on their blog site 238 passengers we've been hearing 243, 238 passengers five crew members. i think that's where we get the 243. >> right. >> so of course that phone number if you have any questions about anyone who could have possibly been on that train: (800)523-9101.
3:54 am
amtrak also established a family assistance center. sabina talked about that is correct i think that's set up at 30th street station to work closely with family and friend of people who may have been on that train. as far as what's going to happen today there will be no amtrak service as we've been hearing between new york and philadelphia but, new jersey transit, will honor amtrak tickets, between new york city and trenton. >> people still have to get around, so now they're scrambling to find ways to get people along the eastern corridor, much more on our extended coverage from fox 29 on this deadly amtrak crash from last night straight ahead.
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3:57. we continue to follow breaking news we're covering this morning amtrak derailment train crash, a time confirmed dead 243 were on that board. we understanded 238 passengers, five crew members. this happened shortly after 9:30 in that port richmond neighborhood. we've been seeing shots around the grounds of course now search and rescue effort are underway. trying to find the rest of the passengers because right now we only know about 140 people were transported to local hospitalization. >> steve keeley live at the scene in port richmond, our extended coverage of this train derailment continues. but lauren was talking numbers very quickly these numbers could get worse as many as 130 people are in the hospital right now. we understand as many as six of them are in critical
3:58 am
condition. that would be on top of the five people confirmed dead from this train derailment last night. much more straight ahead.
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