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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  May 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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medical in nature, some people chest pain, just fine, most physicians were on the surgical and trauma side. >> anything else about the sick pain end who passed away from, what did they die from? >> chest injuries, massive chest injury. >> anything from -- >> well, counselling for the families, a lot of them are from out of town. i talk to fellow from al dania, visiting here, talked to fellow from india, was planning to go back home on friday. i talk to someone else who was here from spain, lots of people from all around the world, and they just happened to be here and on that train when it went down. >> you're live on fox 29. >> yes, there was sixth victim who died here last night, i can't release the identity or
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the sex of the victim now, because next of kin doesn't know yet. >> are they from this part of the country or different areas of the country? >> yes, can't say. >> (question from the press). >> the level four mass casualty is called by the incident commander on the scene, who makes the calls, usually the emergency department or the trauma team, and then the staff triggers all of the folks coming it from home, because nighttime. daytime folks had gone home. anyone leaving a shift, we stopped and made sure we didn't need them and they stayed and helped out. it work spend didley. we got everything done, and all of the folks triage, all of the right places within a fewer horns, i wonder if there would be more people, expert takes later, cleared out as much as we corks wonder if there would be more folks found later err.
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>> initially told there were 36 victims, then -- did they also have more after the midnight hour? >> no. >> have you been in contact with the ntsb or oem, specking any more patient? >> i am not aware that they are. there were authorities here from variety of agent sits over the night. we were in contact with silt of philadelphia, the police department, the fire department, all of the usual folks overnight. >> you are not aware of any more -- >> not aware of any more coming in at this point. >> (question from the press). >> fifty-four showed up here. we still had 25 in the hospital. the rest were treated and released. there was one person that died. and many of them are still in critical condition. mother of the injuries were to the limbs. >> twenty-five still here? >> uh-huh. >> the person that died, was it upon arriving? >> the person died here. we attempt topped resuscitate the person, couldn't be revived from their injuries.
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>> what's the vibe right now at the hospital? >> critical, three in the operating room currently or overnight? >> they're out now. they're out, yes. >> what is the vibe right now in the snot are things calming down? >> calming down, having normal operating room schedule today. regular cases are getting done. >> so six total, a latest victim had died. >> yes, a victim died here after the five that were reported at the scene. >> okay. >> team edge taking the most patient? >> i don't know, you guys probably know that better than me. i don't know. i've been down in the ed all night. i don't know how the numbers came out. >> what was the last level for trauma that you guys responded to? >> yes, i don't know, do you have look back in the archives to figure that one out. yes, but we're prepared and ready to act when something like this happens.
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>> explain the trauma level. what that means? >> yes, the level four means it is all hands on deck. so staff don't go home. we call in extra staff to make sure that we're having enough people to respond to the emergency. it is not just nurses and doctors, that everybody else in the hospital that makes it work, folks in the laboratory, the blood bank, cafeteria workers, so we can supply food and water to the people responding to the emergency room to the families, interpreters, the whole thing. it takes a village. >> what would patients arriving, what did they tell you their situation, like what happened? >> yes, the patients who were awake and could talk to me were folks in the last two cars. i didn't speak to anyone awake that was in further ahead in the train. so they said it was chaotic, and, yes, they said it was chaotic and difficult. the folks i talked to were injured because people fell on them, or things fell on them
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in the train. >> you said those who were able to talk were in the last few cars? >> yes, all of the people that were awake and talking to me were in the last two cars. >> any burns here? >> not that i'm wear of. we were ready for burn patients, tan didn't happen. >> were you aware, the people with the most severe injuries were in the first two cars? >> i don't know. only all know is the folks in the back were the ones talking. >> the least amount of injuries. >> yes. >> did you ever see pain present other hospitals? >> we get patients from episcopal, one of the sister hospitals. twelve patient showed up there. nine were treated and released at episcopal. three sent here. those three are in the 54 number. >> some perspective, trauma level, the amount --
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>> yes, i don't know the specific incidents in the city of philadelphia. >> hospital doctor there been up all night. >> chief medical officer. >> he had an information there, sixth person has died at the hospital from the sound of it, sounds like the five people that were killed, probably killed instantly in the first car. >> described it as injuries to the chest. >> massive injuries to their chest, the people that died, five probably died instantly at the scene, there then one transport today terrible hospital when they died last night. >> and he also told us that there are about 25 people who were still at the hospital there. this is just at temple hospital. a loot of them still in critical condition. seen a lot of injuries to the limbs, to the arms and ribs. >> this was so one interesting piece of equipment. they are moving in now. apparently i would think it will be used to lift the cars off of the grounds so they can see if there is anybody underneath. the cars might have been thrown from the train. i've never seen that type of equipment before, bob, have you seen one of those? >> looks as if almost like a
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combination bulldozer/crane. >> exactly what it is. >> going up to the carment then that hook will come down, and possibly lift that car up. and then the workers on our side of the lens here. >> got one on each side of the cars. >> yes, they'll try to lift that up. and again, as we mentioned earlier, we're with 2 miles back, using the zoom lens here. because they are trying to look, listen, and search for any possible additional victims here. >> steve, can you see anything? still too far away to see this probably. >> reporter: i can tell you they are bringing more heavy equipment in. that's why we got moved back across the other side of frankford avenue. here is the plan from where we r you see the concrete jersey medians, white things? you can see some bulldozers in the background. though are amtrak officials, now even moving the sign, if gregg pans to the lift, see for sale sign for that land. moving everything out of the way, get the concrete barriers
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out of the way. the the equipment is right where we decided to move. everybody liked our spot and they'll move all of that. these big construction john deer type things, the biggest things they've got. bringing the biggest construction equipment they can probably some kind of crane type device, maybe bull advertiser type devicement that's how they'll move these train cracks off where they are now. you will see a lot of activity right here in this stretch of frankford avenue right at sedgley: i wanted to tell you there is a lot of work begin on here. all amtrak workers of the sadly, ironic little message on those white hard hats you see there. you have the amtrak insignea on the front, and on the side of all of the hard hats, think save zero safety. >> see the front loader? they'll come down there, start
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moving the big heavy concrete barriers. they are in the way. the heavy equipment getting in there. >> all of the media, talking earlier how many media out litz are out there to moving everybody so they can get in this. >> not only local media out litz, bye around the worm. we heard people from spain, albania. >> india. >> and india. yes, just never know. >> with us of the busiest rail lines in the united states. >> for surement people going to up go to other countries, probably go to up jfk to flee out of new york city. >> 7:09. >> let's get over to 30th street station. that's where about 60 people have been taken, red cross set up little about -- >> reception center, yes. >> hey, sabina? >> yes, guys. well, they still have that center that up in fact they've pushed us little further back, back behind these barriers, they have survives ores, from the train derailment there
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with red cross case workers, just trying to go through everything they need to get on their wayment many of them are injured, some still looking for family members. we spoke earlier, you saw, with one woman, still sort in shock. i mean, you can really see the mow motion in her face, the tears in her eyes, still trying to grapple with everything. you saw there she told us her shoes had been blown off of her feet. wearing somebody else's shoes that the red cross volunteers had given her. so she could be able to get around, she told always she didn't have keys, luggage, or photo i.d. more details about her backgrounds. she is from virginia. she was headed to new york to visit her daughter and her two weekends grand daughter when all of this happened. she toll us she was sitting three cars back on the train. she said at first she couldn't see or here anything. then she just realized the horror that was around her. again she is very, very emotional. let's listen to her as she told us about her experience.
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>> i did not hear any morse, did not see anything. when i started hearing people, i was on the side. someone told me i had been delerious, and they had carried me off. the shoes, my shoes are not my shoes. somewhere i lost my shoes. a lady gave me her shoes. and a policeman walk me from beside the train track to the sidewalk. we were sitting on steps. in the neighborhood. people were very nice, offering water. then i actually road in a police vehicle, to hahnemann. so i've had a cat scan, x-rays, telling me what to do to follow up.
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think justice missed us, and everybody has been so nice. >> the silver lining here if there is any that people really rallying around the survivors and the victims of this train derail: she was your nina cab hopefully to be able to agree group. make it up to see her daughter and grant dowd tear give them tight his this morning. seeing a lot of theme crutches bandages, saw people in wheelchair, one woman had her arm in a sling. injured passengers arrived here at the red cross center at 30th street station on the south side. that's the latest. >> ask the red cross people, so what will happen? like that woman there. she, watts her daughter just had child two weeks snag so she can't find herzl phone. >> doesn't have her wallet, any monday. >> i just remind un, i have two daughters, and i don't know what their phone numbers are any more. >> because you put in your phone, you stave there. you don't have to memorize it.
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>> so how do we get ahold of that woman's daughter to let her know where had he mom is? >> shoe are if she do. have her daughter's birthday in her memory? just remind you, i have to start memorizing my kids numbers. >> also why the red cross, or if you haven't been in touch with someone, snake tour to call the number 285-23-9101. >> just love that up there little bit. >> so people can see it as they tune in. big piece of equipment. >> another crane they brought in here. as we mention, looks as if slowly trying to get a crane into the car so they can lift those cars, just ever so much. >> yes, just in case somebody could be un there. >> in case there is somebody underneath there. you mentioned there is those cars went off the tracks. one went, report of one rolling over several times. >> yes. >> obviously their on their side. so they're ever so gently lift the train cars so the workers can look and peak --
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>> crawl under there. >> maybe see someone, maybe listening. >> no sudden month because you don't want to crush anybody that might be throned. >> that's why they're doing it very carefully, down there also listening for maybe a grown or sound. >> that's why the chopper has to get way back. 2 miles away and zoomed in with our fancy lens there. >> yes, we have to keep up elf miles away. people have been tweeting picture, now to jenn fred. using the hashtag ac tram for this. >> the thing make being this even more awful, maybe even people feeling it here if philadelphia, is that each one of us, likely, has taken the train at some point. and mike bike the way in terms of cell phones, they teach children now to remember two cell phone numbers. require mom's cell phone number and someone else's in case. >> i feed to take that lesson. i don'ti don't know my own kidse numbers. >> here is why, too. because you sometimes you
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don't answer a phone number. heaven forbid that woman is calling her daughter and she doesn't answer the phone because she doesn't recognize it. so many people, so many images al over, because of this incident. we want to show you some of this, from april, as you can see, it looks like she was high above this, maybe in an apartment somewhere, and as you can see, our philly emergency crews were quick to get help to those people. again, we are hearing store business how great the ent sells, a police officers and firefighters were alienia and it wasn't just the emergency crews helping out. check it out. local coffee shop pulling their coffee truck up to the screen giving coffee to the crews working throughout the night, this video coming to us from instagram. rescue and recovery effort, first responders, we also need to take a minute to thank the people who are supporting their heroes. check it out. this is a tweet about how citizens were henning crews
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stay hydrated at the scene. remember, they've been there since just after 9:00 last night. this tweet reads resident handed out water, worth hundreds of first responders were triage the injured. the positive support to police, this person says, was remarkable. >> it just keeps going on and on and on. brian replies with: capitalize on that, several resident invited police and firefighters who might need a bathroom break into their home. we are truly seeing what philadelphia is all about. sit of brotherly love. despite this dabbing tragedy, basically seeing how great people can be, remember say saw, right after 9/11 movement everyone trying to help in every way. if you think you have something you can give. if you are looking for someone, we un courage you to go to the social media site we have. tell us what we did can do for you. we will try and help people like the woman we just saw.
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>> some people have lived here for a long long time. they remember this horrible train wreck knack 1943. i think there are some pictures out of there that. almost 80 people died in that one. >> like i said, mike, one of the things mike, alex, they feel this, you know, heart breaking nightmare real? >> seeing a lot of people saying just two days ago i was on that very train. just three weeks ago. a lot of people quite frankly have someone in new york. they don't know how they'll get back. supposed to go to washington because maybe another baby being born. truly affecting people in and around there. >> steve walker says taking the train along the northeast corridor a way of life. another said i count the number of times. >> i've been burn burning up that route 16 years for at least once week. i know that curve. coming back from new york i always say the left side of
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the train, if you start dozing off you notice when you hit the curve because the train slows down p 55 miles an hour. then it wakes you up. i look out the left, see the skyline, then go by boat house row, see the schuylkill, the skyline of philadelphia. >> mike, so many people take the train because they would rather take the train than get on the turnpike. >> oh, i haven't been on the turnpike in ten years. >> or they don't want to get on a plane. >> yes. >> they just rely on this not only because of the ease, but because they feel safer on the rails. >> right. but again, you don't have seatbelt. >> that he the other thing, talking about these cars, flipped over, can you imagine? being a car in a flipped over,. >> indicate maybe the second car, behind the business class, maybe rolled couple of time of times. >> you don't know what has happened. >> no. >> you know, patrick murphy, talk about there is he was on. that will i don't know if you remember there is but he's i believe, i believe, a gulf war
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veteran. >> he is. >> and he was talking about how he was trying to help people triage, as best he could while still trying to get off the train. those are the casino of stories we're hearing on social media. >> look at the scratches on the side of that car there, bob. you can tell it was on its side for a moment. >> talking to doctor earlier, said one of the patient he treated at aria said she tried to get a ticket on that business class. >> fishes train, full. >> she got sent back to carrefour. we her doctor say cars one, two, three, un considers. >> google here. >> can you use that as a chrome owe me? >> step outside. pop me newspaper there. that's the curve that we are talking b mike said when he takes the train back, from new york -- >> see point which one. >> give those guys a second if they are able to pull that
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back up there. so coming back from new york on the train. here is the curve. >> this curve here is at 5 miles an hour. most likely, some of the trains coming in anywhere from 70 upward of 100 miles an hour. the asela express probably goes buck ten, 110 miles per hour v to slow down. >> this train this morning was coming from philadelphia. this is the area we're seeing the wreckage, freight train tracks, the oil tankers and boxcars. >> the train going approaching the curve almost as if the train went straight. >> seemed like the locomotive went straight, never made the curve and ended up on the other tracks.
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>> looks as if it went straight. and the cars obviously all over the place, mark here, as number car three, again, the first car mangled, wet rag, just running it and twisted it, and this is video from skyfox, as they're to listen and look to see if there are any other passengers unaccounted for here in the wreckage. going to my map, my map computer give you the situation as it stands right now. steve, keeley on the scene, frandford avenue, closed, torresdale to castor. and again, they are bringing more emergency equipment in, so anyone into the neighborhood here obviously be prepared for some local detours. >> here's the latest, service suspended, new york, to philadelphia, no service whatsoever. they are running a modified schedule between philadelphia and washington. and from new york to the north, but no service between new york and philadelphia.
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>> regional rail line indefinately, trenton trains, use the same extra, west trenton line good alternate. added additional train cars this morning, to that line. new jersey transit, they are cross-honoring all of amtrak tickets, the philly to atlantic city line is suspended, and they are using busses to get folks in philadelphia over to cherry hill. your best option, your alternate, from philadelphia, heading north, take the patco high-speed line into new jersey, from there you can pick up the new jersey transit river line, that will connect you with the trenton transportation center, and from there you can take new jersey transit trains going northbound. so no amtrak trains whatsoever, between philly and new york, we will have to use the river line an as well as new jersey transit trains to connect in and out of new york city. more on this tragic accident when we come right back.
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>> 7:00 tax if you need any information, amtrak says go ahead and call them: (800)523-9101. >> it is important do you reach out. a lot of people we have have talk to, gotten off the train, saying, hey, i don't have my cell phone, i don't have my wallet. trying to figure out how to get in touch with people. where to go next. if you know of anyone who might have been on this train please call that number. >> see spray painted the number on the train there. also, put x on a train car, or any emergency situation, so the crews, okay. that x means it has been totally searched. but right now they have two, about three pieces of big equipment out there looks like cranes, attached to this equipment. try to lift some of the cars to up see if anybody is underneath. >> probably going to be more than three in just a bit. try to clear out people in the area, putter in even more equipment to help to lift these trains back upright. >> coming right back.
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>> it is an absolute disastrous mess. >> that's a good way to put it, disastrous mess. mayor michael nutter, hadn't seen anything like that in his whole life. he said he walked the lent of the train.
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and all of that mangled wreckage. and was just deaf stated by it. >> we heard from the chief medical officer at temple hospital, now learned that six people have died, and in this accident. >> yes, well, we heard doctor over at temple, saying, that massive chest injuries, number one culprit. >> i spoke to several of my colleagues and friend, at temple. and basically, what they saw was significant chest trauma. so you can imagine, you are sitting on the train, all the sudden things are turning around, you are flipping over. and you have rib fractures, and you can have bleeding in your chest. called hemo thorax, where you get blood in there. that's serious surgical medical emergency, where these doctors, and i want to say, we are so lucky, even disaster like this, to have such great doctors, nurses, technicians, and these, everyone, mobilized, temple where they got most of these people. they just implemented this amazing machine, and saved lives.
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>> the doctor there saying they were at level four, all hands on deck, nobody could go home. they wanted everybody there. >> how does that work? if you're at home, asleep or something, somebody wakes you up, you get into work. >> they plan for these things. there are mechanisms, and plans, and strategies for any casino every disaster, where there might be mass casualties, whether it be act of terrorism, or train crash. and so, people come in. and it is not just doctors and nurses, you have to remember, there is radio old gentlemen technicians, everybody, everybody as you said, on deck, to save lives. and be there. it is an amazing machine that get put into place. >> so we were talking about some of the injuries that happened with some of the cars in a flipped over. thinking hey, you know, what if they had seatbelt. would that have helped, help limit some of the injuries? >> well, i look into this. from my, what i was able to research, there had been studies showing that seatbelts might actually increase the number of injured on things like trains. so, it is something i'm sure
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that there will be lots of talk about safety on trains, and even things like school buses. >> how were they injuries? just because you're pinned down? >> internal injuries? >> i think so. i don't know the details. >> like a car with airbags, sometimes you get injuries from the airbags even though overall might save your life. >> one of the doctors doctor, over at temple, saying they had a lot of towers. >> rib fractures, pelvic fractures, bleeding and one of the casualties had a lot of blood weld in their abdomen. when you have trauma lick this, and you just look at those cars, you're being tossed all around, and in the midst of that, there is a lot of heavy metal objects all over the place. so, these are the kind of things that injury people. you are rolling around, and just tragic. >> does mean also bringing people in a situation like there is doing all kind of tests in a lot poof em were unconscious, look they only
7:33 am
have cuts and bruises but some people talking cat scans? >> do you have make sure the vital signs are stable, if they're bleeding they need blood. they need support with fluids. all of that. and that's where planning comes n you get the emergency medical people on board, in there right away, get this many to the hospital. >> doctor over at temple was saying that the survivors, most of them, were in the back two, three cars. >> at least the people talking about what happened to them. >> just horrible, doctor mike. >> yes. >> horrible thing. horrible thing. >> you know, i keep promising people we will show pictures from 1943. same area, train wreck, that killed 79 people. but that had 16 cars in it. >> they are saying this is early similarment look at that. >> even looks like the same, you know, overhead girders came crashing down knack 1943, too. i get it was run by electricity back then, snob.
7:34 am
>> definitely the girders carry the overhead power lines, maybe back then, i don't know, steam engines maybe back then? >> 1943? >> i think we were past steam by then. >> yes. >> but those girders obviously carried the power lines, and that's the same curve that the crash occurred. sent to us from jimmy mall, also talking about anyone who want to provide service or help, i talked to friend of mine, finnegan's wake third and spring garden, the buildings vacant, more than welcome. will open up the building, contacted the red cross, get the light on, at least a place for shelter for some of these folks to go. we talked about alternates, like 95, here is a live look at 95, up near the corn well height park and ride, which typically folks park their car, and then jump on the trenton line, to head into center city. so not bad at all traffic wise. >> crowded.
7:35 am
>> i would think it would be more crowded, too, little further south. again, you will have that construction jam, as we always have, between academy and center city, but right here, here is a live look, now, this is northbound. so here's where we are starting to see folks again jumping in their cars headed north. so if the background would be your southbound normal delay, obviously, things are getting little heavy leaving center city, now. headed north up toward north jersey there. so 95, is an option obviously, new jersey turnpike, 295, but if you really need to use mass transit, your best bet, the patco high-speed line out of center city, to the new jersey transit river line, and then the river line will take you up to the trenton transportation station and from there you can pick up new jersey transit. >> we'll get a check of the weather, sunshine today, sue? >> yes. completely different feel out there than what we had yesterday. when we got to 88 greets, and it was quite humid.
7:36 am
the breeze was nice. at least it helped with the humidity. but the humidity is down, and that is why we have a red flag warning in effect, from noon until 6:00 p.m. for the entire state of new jersey. you know, we have had some problems past couple of weeks with wild fires. and with conditions like there is we have the breezes pick up, very dray air that's moved in. weaver kins ripe for wild spiers to spread. this afternoon the greatest danger of that. we have some breezes out there, 10 miles an hour in philadelphia out of the west. 18 miles an hour in mount pocono. 14-mile per hour breeze in wildwood. and couple of wind gusts as high as 22, 29 miles an hour. depending on where you are. so, temperatures, they're cooling down, we're in the mid 50's, instead of the mid 60s, most places this morning. we do have 61 degrees, in the city. but that breeze makes it feel a little cooler, at 63 in wildwood, 56 degrees in lancaster, kids waiting at the bus stop today, might want to have a jacket on, breezy, and little cooler today. feels a lot different from
7:37 am
yesterday. and we only expect high of 70. remember, yesterday, was 88 degrees. and then down into the chillier 40's tonight. guys? >> okay, people still want to know. how do i get in touch with amtrak? here is the number. i don't know if you will get through or not: (800)923-9001. i'll call during the commercial break and see if we can get through. it is busy. all right.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> looking for loved ones, we are getting the busy significant nail, trying to call, see if we can get more information for families trying to find their loved ones, you can imagine, there are a lot of families, a lot of people trying to call, in get some information. so make sure to keep you updated on. that will but, also going to update you on the situation whether it comes to the injuries. last we heard from temple hospital, still about 25 people, jenny joyce, in the hospital, a lot in critical condition? >> alec, eight are in critical condition. and initially, we heard, excuse me for that noise, that 36 were brought here to temple hospital.
7:41 am
that number is up to 54. and of those 54, we do know that one person has died. so that bridges the death toll up to six. again, eight remain in critical condition. three were in surgery overnight for their injuries. twenty-five people remain here at temple university hospital. the doctor, short time ago, talk little bit about their injuries. >> fifty-four showed up here. still have 25 in the hospital. the rest were treated and released. there was one person that died. and many of them are still in critical condition. most of the injuries were to the limbs. patient who were awake and could talk to me were folks that were in the last two cars. i didn't speak to anyone awake further ahead in the train. so they said it was chaotic, and difficult. >> reporter: you heard the doctor say a number of injuries were to the limbs. he also said i know alex you were reiterating, this, too, number of fractures to the body. that was a big part of the injuries that they saw
7:42 am
overnight. in terms of that sixth person, who did succumb to his injuries, the doctor would not comment, would not give us any i.d. or tell us where that person was from. but we do know that that death is confirmed now. alex? >> jenny, know you are talking eight people still in critical condition at temple hospital. there are a lot of other hospitals treating patient. do we have any updates on hahnemann, einstein, jefferson at all? >> no update. still have those initial numbers the as you can see, we just got that press conference, all night long saying 36 patient here, that number rose significantly. so, the number of patient, that were even initially transported to hospitals, is over 200. and we still know that a number of of the people, passengers, unaccounted for. >> thank you, jenny, we know they are releasing some people this morning. those numbers will continue to change. we'll shake sure to bring you another update. we'll take a quick break.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. >> let's get to sabina kuriakose, if he reception center for the red cross. you have come across families trying to call thumb this number and get in touch with their loved ones? >> oh, it is absolutely heart breaking. we spoke with one woman, looking for co-worker this morning, she said she has
7:46 am
called that amtrak hotline several times. mumble times. overnight, and into this morning. so she said she hadn't been able to get much info. she didn't want to talk on line, but you can see the anguish on her face. she said her co-worker lives in new york but works in philadelphia. so she was on that train, train 188 headed up to new york. she has a husband and a two year old toddler, who live in new york. her co-worker is searching all night, been through all of the hospital, she told us, all of the shelter this have been set up. she cannot find her co-worker. now, she says that her co-work her a ten ride pass to ride on amtrak, she said because that far it doesn't appear like her name is on the official manifest. so she is having a really tough time tracking her down. she said her husband is coming down, her co-workers husband coming down from new york to search for her. we saw her leave with amtrak police, a little bit earlier. we're hearing so many stories, similar to this, the red cross told us they have at least two
7:47 am
families that they know of who was looking for their loved ones, overnight, they've come to those shelters and haven't been able to find them at the shelters. we did speak with survivors though who say that they feel very, very lucky, they incredibly were able to survive this derailment. we talk to one man, he had 15 family members in this, on that one train, when it derailed. he said all of them are okay. here are so what he told us, we spoke to him little earlier. >> oh, piling on top of the other, some hit right, see people lying, blood, but we're very lucky. >> very luck. >> i yes, we are very lucky, yes. then trying to get out the windows, a lot of screaming everywhere. >> how did you get out?
7:48 am
>> someone opened the end of the last carriage, we managed to walk through there. >> you walk out? >> we walked out there, yes. >> right now hearing from the woman who is looking for her co-worker. >> she has a ten pass, because of the ten pass, they didn't have her name on the list. a ten pass works that you can get on at any time. and what amtrak thinks may have happened, they didn't get a chance to scan her ticket. and as a result, of not scanning it, she is not on an actual list, which is making it hard for us to find her. >> so you know for sure she was on that train? >> yes. >> did she sends awe text message or something getting on -- >> so we had a work meeting. and she left at 8:46 to get on the 9:00 and her husband she had told she had gotten on the train. >> tell us about her. >> she is wonderful. so she is the ceo of our company, we have a small tech company in philadelphia, she lives in new york, a two year
7:49 am
old son who is great, and her husband, todd, so we are just hoping that we can find her sooner than later. >> what's the name of the company? >> aprina. >> what's going through iron mind? all of the possibility right now? possibility it could end up -- how are you feeling right now. >> i think we're in the just trying to fine her mode without thinking of the worse case scenario right now. try to hold that off as long as possible. and hope that she is, you know, somewhere. there is a bus apparently from what i learned that's headed to new york. that had some of the passengers. and lefty think about an hour ago. but we heard a differing information on that. so we're hoping she's on that bus. there is no way we are able to get in touch with anybody on the bus. >> that's our last hope. >> tell us about your search. tonight and into this morning? >> sure. so we went last night to three
7:50 am
of the five hospitals that were listed, so we went to temple, aria, hahnemann, we called jeff and einstein. and everybody was helpful but it was difficult to get any information. then we routinely called the 800 number to get information, this morning i called all of the hospitals again, and then came here because rachael's husband said that he had talked to amtrak and said maybe that she was here getting on a bus to new york. >> what's the name? >> rachael jacobs. >> what's your name? >> emily foots. >> and you're looking for your co-worker? >> my co-work earth, yes. >> can you tell us about rape snell. >> yes. so she is wonderful. so she works at our area. she actually just started with up couple every month ago, two year old, lives in new york, commute back and forth couple of days a week. she great. >> how is he holding up?
7:51 am
>> he and i are in the same mode, let's just try to find her. >> thank you. can you show us picture? go again you heard there that is the woman she is looking for her co-worker, just told you her story, she came back, still canned fine her co-worker. >> sabina, i think -- >> she has two year olan husband in new york, and they are still trying frantically to pine her. >> looks like maybe she is taking a picture of rape he will out of her bag there. check to see if that's the case. >> let's go back and take a look. >> i think somebody has the picture. is that her? >> looking for this woman. >> yes, it is a friends -- company's name. >> rachael jacobs, started a tech company in philadelphia. couple of month ago, and they can't find her. >> lives in new york. >> yes, couple of days a week comes youths. >> two year old at home, her husband is front took find her now. >> i think it also shows how quickly this happens. they are saying they may not even have time to scan her ticket yet. they are not even sure, or she
7:52 am
believes she is on the train, no evidence that far. >> and you have one of those passes, you know, the ten pass they call it, so you can get on any train i want any time you want. my goodness, sack even, a keep us up to date on that, will you? >> can't imagine what her husband is thinking. >> oh, my god. >> from new york silt. quick break, back in two minute.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> clock 55, this wednesday, apparently we've found some and have been listening to some fire radio calls, happened about 9:35 last night, the derailment what i am talking about. >> let's get to jen. she has the phonecalls. >> i want you guys to know this is just small part of the call. we found this on philly fire feeds. facebook pagement take a listen to this chaotic scene just after the derailment. immediately the caller knows this accident is serious. >> notify amtrak to shut down the entire northeast corridor,
7:56 am
we have major impact here. we have people on the tracks a couple of cars overturned. >> deputy two responding to frankford and wheat chief. classify this as a mass casualty incident. >> mass casualty. they new immediately what they had on those tracks in our area. and, what's amazing is that they new, they had the foresight, so important, to shut down all of those tracks. mike, alex, we've been talking about that little bit. you know, trains are going north and south, all day, all night. this is a very, very busy time. if you are coming from new york sit, to dc. so, can you imagine, if trains could have made this even worse? being on some of the other tracks? because, remember, they had to get out of those cars, that were derailed, so thank goodness the caller on that
7:57 am
call, person, new to shut down the entire northeast. >> and they it, it is still shut down. my goodness. >> tough to hear them say it is a mass casualty situation. >> the guy's voice, he knew. >> i don't want to use the word panic, but you know that he knows, and i remember this, you know, years and years ago, there was a pier collapse, right here in pens landing. >> i their. >> and we got there immediately. and immediately people new this was a big one. it was serious. lives were at steak. so immediately you can tell that that individual has the same reaction upon getting to that scene. and again, this is port richmond. so this is an area where there were many people there. so again these are the types of things that we are going to be listening to, sharing with you all morning long, social media will be key. as i say, we found that on facebook page, philly fire operates. looking through all of this. again, such a heart breaking morning. >> anybody that was first on the scene, if you see that business class car, listed in
7:58 am
it, just mangled, ripped it apart, you new. and by the way that business class car was full. it was completely booked. >> but a lot of people also talking about how fast they were able it get to the scene -- >> well, a lot of fire stations in that area. >> more than 100 firefighters had, more than 200 police officers, they had to bring in 33 pieces of equipment. so a lot of people are saying this is great job as far as response. >> as we've been hearing, everyone dropped everything, and by these people, meaning helping the people injured and victims of the crash. also helping the people who were helping the people. right? >> people from the community. >> i noticed our friends over at coffee, in their coffee truck over, there just gave away coffee. >> hey, guys, women, get in here, use our rest rooms, do what you need to do. i'm sure they were trying it call home make sure everyone was aware who have was safe, where the issues were. >> boy, some amazing interviews from people on the train. they come right off, there is this woman by the name of bet
7:59 am
davids, we spoke to her, again, on the train whether it went off the tracks. >> so looking around for help, i mean, some people looking for exit, other people asking for help. and then some people had phones that could actually -- it was very dark inside, so somebody pop the window at the top, we were able to actually climb out. >> i saw this tweet that she tweeted. thank god i was on the phone and i didn't sit in the quiet car. that will car and other were not looking good. >> and locomotive, and the business class, then the quiet car. might have the cafe car and the coach car the rest of them were coach. my goodness, roll the open. we will do another hour here.
8:00 am
>> i've never seen anything so devastating. >> absolutely disastrous mess. >> then it was just dark, just dusty, and just a lot of blood. >> huge red suitcase just came flying at me. our train was actually on its side. >> humans, tragedy, the devestation, i just can't imagine. >> this is a nightmare. it can't be happening. >> oh, about it -- but it did happen about 9:30 last night, train 188 makes the same trip every night from dc, stopped at 30th street station, heads up to new york city just left 30th street station, just ten minutes into the trip, goes around that curve in port richmond, went off the tracks. six people have been killed. >> and injuring more than 200 others. six of them critically. so this is another look now that the sun heist been up. you can see they had to spray paint the numbers on the car, going through, make sure
8:01 am
everyone has been accounted for. >> not quite sure yet. they have huge cranes out there right now trying to lift these cars to up see if anybody is trapped underneath. about six of these cars, there was locomotive. i think six passenger cars behind it, right? so again, it was 188. amtrak's train 188, left dc headed into new york city. some people got off. 243, including the crew, on board. and like alex just said, over 200 of them were treated for injuries. all but about 40 people were not, about 40 people, were not hurt. >> taken to hospital over the area. one of the main hospitals, was temple hospital. but they were going to jefferson, einstein, hahnemann, torresdale. >> in fact, jenny's been over at temple university hospital. sabina, is still there at 30th street station. and steve keeley, pretty close, couple of blocks away from the scene. steve, what are you seeing
8:02 am
now? >> reporter: mike, we're on frankford avenue. the saddest thing i saw all day just passed here 15 minutes ago, that was a medical examiner van just driving by us from the crash scene off the tracks. and then down frankford avenue. one police commander who was here on the three to 11:00 shift last night, one of the first officers here, still here now, told me that a passenger car that we were showing you, the one visible from our vantage point, was the last of the six passenger cars behind that locomotive. and despite the most hurt and killed in those first two cars, two of the at least six dead were found one each in the last car, and the fifth car, the next to last car, so the deaths from this train accident, so traumatic, were in the first to the last passenger rail cars, according to this police supervisor, whose been like hundreds of the first responders here going non-stop. one other thing, he told me, as we see the staff to the left of us, as we're in our live picture out of the video,
8:03 am
you see lot of philadelphia police officers, firefighters, all here, doing everything here. they all went into top gear. he said, the philly hospitals also did, and they all left home and rushed in, as we told you all morning, one new thing we learned from this police supervisor, they didn't stand around in their scrubs at the emergency room entrance doors waiting for the wounded for the burglar care. came here to the scene knowing immediate aid on scene is the difference between surviving or dying. he said it was like a real life mash scene on frankford avenue where the media gathered now. they were treating the worse hurt. as somebody came out, even worse, they became first in line. so they saved lives because they were here on scene and they new those precious seconds really made the difference, that's why we're hearing people still critical, not more people dead right nowment philadelphia's first responders, the nurses, the doctors, the firefighters, the police officers, they put the
8:04 am
first in first responders, showing their number one. but all hearing from them going up and approaching them is that there is just immediate sadness that they couldn't save everybody out here. last night. so, here we are now in the 8:00 hour. that means we are beyond turn hours since this happened. there is still a lot of work going on, as they bring the big equipment in here, moving these passenger rail cars, as they continue to try to do all they can to either get to the wounded, to the dead, or to the answer as to how this happened. alex, mike? >> my god. >> all right, steve. let's get over to the hospital then. >> temple hospital, main hospital, where a lot of people were transported. at this point we know 25th people are still in the hospital. eight are in critical condition. >> and that's just at tell job still some at einstein, ten transported there, jefferson, 26, and man, 25 people taken that. >> jenny, what are you hearing over at tell be? >> reporter: well, just to update you guys, i know all
8:05 am
morning long saying that 36 people were brought here, and in a press conference short time ago that number increased to 54. we also found ought of the 541 of the patients had died. bringing the death toll to six. alex as you mention, eight remain in critical condition. some were in the or overnight undergoing surgery for their injuries. twenty-five people remain in the hospital now. the doctor talked a little bit about the injuries. mostly to limbs. a lot of fractures. this was a level four all hands on deck response, and the chief medical officer says it was busy but it was not chaotic. everyone got to work and did what they needed to do to help these patients. >> entire team responded wonderfully. most of the injuries were musculo-skeletal, legs, ribs, scream, all of the folks at temple hospital, a lot of the folks were from out of town. so we have special arrangements with our patient engagement folks to make sure
8:06 am
they're taken care of, and amtrak i know help out last night, helped with transportation and housing. >> reporter: many of the patient have been released. we know 25 remain here at temple university hospital. doctor also said that many of the patient who were actually conscious and able to talk with him, they were in the last two cars out of the seven that de hailed. -- railed. they either fell over or had seen things fall on top of them. so they were left severely injured. in terms of the sixth victim that was pronounced dead, no word on who that person is, or where that person is from. at this point, the spot temple university hospital not lee cents any of the information. >> they wouldn't even let you know if it is mail or female? >> they would not confirm. >> somebody died in the last car? and the second to last car, so nobody was safe on that train.
8:07 am
over to 30th street station. they set up a reception area. >> i want, we zoom in on this picture here, this is 39 year old rachael jacobs, just heard from her co-worker short time ago, rachael missing. they believe that she was on train 188 when it derailed. she is the ceo of an e-learning company. based at 34th and market. she lives in new york, so her co-worker says that she was on that train heading home to new york when the derailment happened. she has a two year old, and her husband is headed down here to help search for her. her co-worker said she has called and visited every hospital that she can think of, but she cannot find rachael, this morning. we have tweeted out her picture, we have put out information, so if you see
8:08 am
her, if you recognize her, if you are in any of the hospitals, reach out to fine her, again, we are hearing from so many people who are looking for loved one, red cross tells us, two families have at least overnight been at their centers, centers like this one at 30th street station looking for their loved ones who right now are not accounted for. we are also hearing from survivors still in utter shock, at what happened, we heard from one woman, she said, the shoes were blown right up off of her feet. let's listen to what she told us when we spoke with her. >> i did not hear any noise, could not see anything. when i started hearing people i was on the side. someone told me i had been delerious, and that they carried me off. the shoes, my shoes, are not my shoes. somewhere i lost my shoes. the lady gave me her shoes.
8:09 am
and a policeman walk me beside the train tracks to the sidewalk. hahnemann, so i've had cat scan, and the x-rays, and telling me what to do to follow up. and they justice missed us, and everybody has been so nice. >> now, so many of these people, who have regrouped at the shelter, have already headed out on their way. either been put on buses that have been -- are running by amtrak, heading back to new york, or they're being put in
8:10 am
cabs. their families are coming to pick them up here at the center. so, still, a lot of confusion, people still trying to figure out exactly what's going on. but they are moving slowly out of the center. again, 39 year old rachael jacobs, we have confirmed, she is missing, believed to have been on that train. back to you. >> also international passengers, somebody from albania, spain, india, on the 188. quit break, coming right back.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! 813:67:89 we have a great guy on the phone, his name is doctor rob danoff. can you hear us all right? >> yep. hi, good morning. >> okay, where were you bat 9:30 last night? >> last night i was in the city. and i heard on the news that there was an accident. so i called our hospital, our chief emergency medicine, see if they needed help. and they did. so a bunch of us came in to volunteer to help out. >> so you went to the hospital, not to the scene? >> yes, went right to the hospital. i went to the aria frankford campus along with some other physicians, a couple others went to aria torresdale, because of the amount of coming in who needed an
8:14 am
attention. >> what kind of injuries were you seeing coming into the hospital? >> couple, about three, pretty critical, they're in the front cars, first car, second car, one of the third, for those it was a lot of broken bones, pelvis, fractures, some internal injuries. one pretty much not conscious. so, they were critical. other injuries that we saw further along the train, but concussions, a lot of dirty wounds, people came in, i know one of the guys in the cafe car, he said, and this is come on, most just heard the sound of screaching, and then the next thing they knew it was dark. he remembered the sound of screaching, and he thought it was going normal speed. next thing he knew it was on the side and a lot of dirty. so a lot of dirty wind, a lot of cut, scrapes, abrasions, a lot of muscular injuries, like
8:15 am
i said, some broken bones. >> did it sound like some were thrown from the train? >> no. they didn't -- i mean, we don't know if people were thrown from the train. we got them in there. the critical ones, first few cars, those are the once who were the most critical. but, a common theme was few people asking how the conductors, because people just walking. they were like projectiles. they just flew. >> oh, my gosh. >> it sakes six people are dead, doctor, i think you know that by now, and they said most of them had really severe chest wounds. >> yes, i mean, so picture yourself running at a had i speed, right into a brick wall. that's casino of like this. they were projectiles. because all the sudden just abrupt stop. and that's, you know, some of the injuries -- people sometimes they don't even remember, this was kind of what happened. they remember a noise, and all of a sudden some of them just
8:16 am
remember walking on the train tracks, some of them don't remember, you know, what happened during that time. >> we talked to woman, she doesn't remember any of it. >> do you think it is shock? >> yes, shock, also concussions, one person i remember the only thing she remembered, philadelphia emergency ems squad was there, and then she remembered them asking do you need help. one other person just she said from the time she heard the screaching, she doesn't remember anything until she was walking on the train tracks. >> oh, my gosh. >> and this other gentleman who is in the cafe car, the thing that he remembered is the philadelphia police asking sir we're going to help you, let us help you. yes, there was time periods from what when it happened to when they remembered. >> oh, man, can you imagine being in the cafe car, you sit in those with those tables in front of you? doctor, danoff, thank you so much. great work. >> thank you. >> one of those things that you wish -- you're kind of happy you don't remember going through it, you know what i mean?
8:17 am
>> that shock, you know? here's bob. >> good morning, everybody, 8:17. one of obviously with the northeast corridor in shutdown mode. i was going to put a lot of extra volume on the roadways. here is live look at i-95, southbound, expect to have extra volume between that northeast corridors park and ride, con wells heights and center city, north on i-95, extra volume between center city up toward new york and that trenton area, again, service suspended on amtrak between new york and philadelphia. that will includes the asela express, so no service at all. new york to philly, they are running a modified schedule, from philly on south. and then, from new york up to boston, a modified schedule. service suspended on septa's trenton line, the trenton line carries 11,000 commuters, a day. and that trenton line runs parallel there, to that i-95 stretch. so, this most likely is going to be with us for the rest of
8:18 am
the week here as far as the alternate. mike, alex, back to you. >> okay, we are trying to get, you know, perianal experiences from people that have been on this train, that were on the train last night. we have. local music producer whose name is yamin from the philly area head today new york. >> we'll show you some pictures. this is from his stain gram. very known, notable celebrity, life dave shappell, kerry washington, last night, yes, there is kerry washington, he was on the train, and he up load add video to instagram while he was trapped. here it is. >> keep calling, okay? call. >> crawl forward, sir. crawl forward. come on, man. >> i got you. okay? keep crawling, okay? >> where? >> crawl. >> now, thanks for joining us here on "good day" philadelphia. which car were you? >> your welcome. i was towelly in the fourth car.
8:19 am
i was in the car directly behind the cafe car. >> what were you thinking? >> actually i was thinking i need to get people to safety and help people that need help and get a light on the subject so that we can all see. >> yes, yes. so being -- so okay, it is about 9:30, take us through what happened about 9:30 as you go around that cur in. >> we're going around the curve, you know, like regular curve. and it just seemed like it wasn't actually surging any more, we seem to be going straight now. and then floating, and i was out of my seat. and then i started -- i would end up about three rose ahead of where i was, and it just seemed all slow motion. >> did it roll? no. my car didn't roll over, no, not at all. our car just -- >> go ahead. >> no, i was saying, our car just kind of went forward.
8:20 am
and the car, like, the car in front of us, tilted on it side little bit. it was definitely at an angle. >> yes. we've seen that car from our helicopter shot. we also see the injuries. where are you injured, on your legs? >> yes, on my shins. >> really scraped up. so did you fly in three seats away from your seat? >> i flew, i would at least say, i flew about five to 6 feet away from my seat. >> oh, my gosh. >> in the air. >> by the way, yamim. i understand it is your birthday? >> it is my birthday, yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> you'll never forget this one. >> oh, you can't, can't, can't at all. >> what about some of the other passengers who were on the train? what were they doing? >> everyone in our car, everyone in my car would pretty much just have scrapes,
8:21 am
bruises, bump their heads and such. no one was really tragically injured that i knew of. >> in your car. >> we got everyone out of our car, everyone was out, we got them all out of our car. >> so your first thought, once you realize were you okay, immediately start helping others? >> yes. the lady behind me, she was stuck inbetween the seat. so another guy and i, helped to move her, move the chair, and then we just decide to shine our lights so people could actually see and get out. so as we got out, we just started helping people down and out of the cars. >> where did you get that light? is that light on your phone? >> yes. >> what was it like when you got out? >> it was dark. in the beginning we kind of didn't know like where we were. so, you know, we didn't know if there was water or electric lines were down, like, you know, luckily we just passed the schuylkill. you know?
8:22 am
we figure we realize we were on ground and it was safe to come down out of the cars. >> you got on at 30th street station? >> yes. >> you work with quest love? >> dow. >> he was worried about you last night. >> he was tweet being it. >> he was, yes, he was. i appreciate that. was actually on our way to do a benefit for paul mccartney last night, so we were doing paul mccartney's after party. >> he was working for the robinhood foundation up there. i was supposed to go up there. >> we're glad to hear that you're okay. >> i'm glad you guys -- thank you for your time. let me share my store. >> i of course. and try to have a good birthday. >> yes. >> wow. >> ill i will, i will, i will have a great birthday, the only way to do it. >> your health is precious. and we'll take a break.
8:23 am
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
8:26 am
>> they're called sidewinders, usually brought out for train wrecks. it almost car number two, that's there, and almost looks white because of the reflection of the sun. you can tell that's the car they're focusing on right now. they have the equipment there trying to lift it upside. we can see, a better look, how long this train was, in other words, six cars were involved, including locomotive. than is over on the far right. you can see how far away it is from all of the other cars. so you have the locomotive there. then talking about car number one, that's one that's bank mangled, crumpled up little bit. car two, on its side, they have the equipment there, we have the skyfox zooming out, hopefully we will zoom back in in a moment. have to say about 2 miles away because trying to make sure they have everyone accounted for, and asking all helicopters to stay at least 2 miles away from the scene.
8:27 am
>> an update after this break.
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exactly 8:30 this wednesday morning, a lot of lust never forget. >> we've been talking about this amtrak train 188, the train derailment, six people have died. there has been couple hundred people injured, and eight people are in critical condition, at temple hospital. now, i just got tweet. people are saying do we know the reasonable why, the train derailed. they don't know that for awhile. do know the national trans statement board, railroad team has investigators. probably something little while before we find out what might have caused it. >> probably takes weeks. but there are black boxes on trains like they have on airplanes. they are actually orange in color. so easy to spot. >> i think at this point the main focus right now making sure everyone is accounted for, making sure they know wherever one; a lot of families trying to reach out to family members, still looking, talking about the
8:31 am
story of rachael jacobs. >> i think we have a picture of her. she lives in new york city, has a two year old, and her husband lives up in new york sit, twice a week, at least, about two months ago, she joined a tech company that and goes to work at 34th and market. so pretty easy commute. comes down to 30th street station, walks four blocks to her job. but they can't find her. her co-workers are at 30th street station now trying to find her. >> they checked with the hospitals, they say that at the point this happened, on the train, they hadn't scanned her ticket yet. so she's not exactly on the list, so they don't know, and they can't find her. >> we'll put her picture up there in just a little bit. say that again, jen? okay. so, lauren johnson has made it up to trenton. would you drive up there? >> reporter: we did drive up here, mike. and i can tell you it is pretty quiet here, too. everything inside is going pretty well. so i went inside to check the board. everything's going to new york on time. few trains have already left. but just in case you're headed up here, little confused about
8:32 am
what happened, once you go inside, there are some workers there at the new jersey transit authority that have on yellow vests, handing out maps, and schedules, to let everybody know where they are headed, where think can go, what the alternate routes r also inside mike and alex, kind of notable, couple of new jersey transit police officers gathered near the front, i'm sure, talking about everything that's happened, and people they know responding to this crisis. so everything here is a go. looks like everybody knows where they are going, what they are doing. >> now, i don't want to get confused here. amtrak is still not running trenton no new york, though, right? >> absolutely. it is just the new jersey transit authority. running trains up to new york. so no amtrak trains running up there. people are taking the river line, hopping on the patco to get down there. that's the way kind of right in the middle of all of that. >> let's get out to chris murphy with a special guest. chris? >> we do. we have former us congressman, patrick murphy, who was on the
8:33 am
train last night, thank you for your time. you got emotional few minutes ago talking with other media. thinking of your family, you're on this train, can you explain what happened last night? >> i was on the train, at veteran event down in washington yesterday. coming back from washington, i enough bucks county, so right over the trenton train station, going to that one. so just departed philadelphia. senator tom carper us senator was next to me on the cafe car train. he got off in wilmington. and it was relatively normal. i was at this cafe table, doing work, i had my ear buds in. and whether all the sudden just felt something happen. and felt vibrations, and then the train went went hard to the left, immediately to the right, and everyone on my side of the train left side of the train flew over to the right side. >> were you thrown forward? >> yes, yes.
8:34 am
flown right overhead first into the other window area, and then -- >> by the way, think of your other passengers, you are the first iraq war veteran elect today congress, your military kicks in. >> yes, i was blessed. i just check my extremity, arms, legs, that was -- they're okay, i just turned around me, a lot of dust, briere, very, very dark. so i kinds of pulled them up, just wake up, brother, wake up. and then i pulled myself up on to the bench, and the sealing was a side window. so i just went up and emergency exit, kind of hit it, pushed it out as hard as i k all the you had sudden folks in the cafe car that could move were all rushed, helped them get out, just tried to -- >> how did you get out?
8:35 am
>> i didn't get outright away. there was people that couldn't move. so i was trying to put pressure on their wounds, so they won't bleed out. and then i climbed over to the other cafe car, because i heard some screaming, you know, a lot of people crying and screaming, just trying to get them to calm down. that the point, by the time i climbed over, i could hear the sirens and first responders coming. so telling people keep calm, it will be all right. and, you know, there were people freaking out. so i just had one guy sit the one guy down and put a bandage over his head, and then the next i knew all i could see the fire captain come through the window, he knew me, hey, congressman, hey, murfh, and i said i'm all right, two here real bad, get them help right away. so firefighters climb through the window, saw highway patrol officer get this there, too, a cup, you know, those are the heroes of this. there is no doubt in my mind
8:36 am
the philly police department and the fire department saved lives last night. >> this happened almost 12 hours ago. you kind of still in shock? >> no, listen, you know, a lot of adrenyline kicked in, you know, i think about my wife and kids i get emotional. >> you have a few children. >> yes, i gave, you know, you know, i was able to kiss my wife, so i am a lucky dude, lucky man. you know, my prayers go out, chris, to the family of the six people that were killed. and the dozens and dozens that were wounded. you know, are still in the hospital, some serious, and i just pray for them and their families. >> you have young kids. that probably raised through your minds, with six people dead on the same train. they may have lost their dad. you feel bless that they have their dad. >> yes, i was blessed. they were real cute. i kissed them this morning. before i came back here on site. but, you know, they don't know any better. i was showing them my legs all
8:37 am
bloodied, they want the to see the booboo i was trying to make light of t you know, my daughter, dade is that correct really you? is that you? that's your picture? so but at least prayers to baby jesus thank to you bring daddy home. >> congressman, it is a hard time. we really appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. >> i appreciate t thank you. >> mike, alex, we send it back to you. >> your life can change in a second. my god. >> so hard to hear these stories. >> do you have think about what some of the families are going through, too, who haven't heard from people on the train. >> just so many people still missing. so we'll take a quick break.
8:38 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to grow up without a whole lot of money. and how much it matters to save. i try to teach that to my daughter. i'm saving for a house and i don't want my money to go to bank fees. i'm sure you don't either. so ask me about one deposit checking. next time you have a question about avoiding fees, ask me. sincerely, samantha parke, fellow mom and fellow citizen.
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8:40 am
>> i was going to mention people still trying to call amtrak. it is a worthless cause. because we've tried calling it, and their hotline there, number for three hours, and
8:41 am
just busy. constantly. so i think we might get more information out of the red cross. >> working for more information from them. they have reception center at the 30th street station. we're going to anthony, last we check in with you, anthony, you helped 50 people. what's the number snow. >> climbed to approximately 75 people, at both locations, total. >> morning time pick up little bit. saw influx of people, who were impacted by by the dilemma last night, coming to the reception center, check in, get some food, get some warm coffee. talk with red cross, sorry, so spiritual and emotional care, workers, really just try to gather their thoughts before they move on to the next
8:42 am
destination. >> you mentioned two locations, you're at 30th station. >> yes, last night we opened reception center down on frankford avenue, at webster, webster elementary school. >> i got you. right by the scene. >> we've been talking all morning the hotline is busy. very seen people coming through trying to reach their loved ones? >> on amtrak hotline? >> have been struggling, not on the train, looking for loved ones, we put them in contact with the appropriate party to make sure they got that information. >> okay, and i think -- anthony, keep us updated there. >> few people that have been able to get on buses and go up to new york. and back down to dc or where ever they were going. >> yes. >> okay. quick break, coming back in two minutes. when we take these tests,
8:43 am
8:44 am
we don't actually do anything. we use the tutorials. one of the tutorials showed things like how to change the background color in an online test environment and it takes time away from learning math and science and english and all the things that i really enjoy learning. they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test.
8:45 am
thstudents intwo hphiladelphia.nd jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse, i'll take them to federal court. as mayor, i'll do what's right for them. our chopper back up. that is a live shot. they are still trying, see the big while crane there, al next. >> yes, it is called a sidewinder, bring it in for train wrecks, see it is lifted up at an angle. >> i think you're right. i think the mangled car is off, well, up there on the top of the screen.
8:46 am
then that would be, see -- >> looks like car number three? >> three is right in the middle of the screen. >> then to the right is car number two. >> that's what they normally call the quiet car. business class is the one that's totally mangled up in the middle of the dirt there. so they got the little yellow piece of equipment there. and the white crane. looks like they have lifted it up little bit. just trying to look underneath it, to see if there is anybody under there. i guess they'll do that with each one of the cars. >> yes. >> you know, i notice, too, on the wider shot, two, looks like, the last two cars, stayed pretty much on the track. >> they did. >> that they were on. but we had a report that somebody even died in the last car. so -- >> so whether it comes to injuries and deaths, they're spread out throughout all six of the cars. >> well, as you know, there is no amtrak service between philadelphia and new york. probably won't be for a long, long time. and you know what? it is not very crowded at 30th street station. bob, train still running from
8:47 am
fill toy dc, aren't they? >> mothed philadelphia international airport schedule between philadelphia and washington, and then also a modified schedule between new york north up to boston. >> yes. >> the other thing there is happened last night, obviously, we were in bed, because we go to bed early for the morning show, a lot of folks maybe had chance last night to make some alternate plans. >> yes, how is it affecting traffic down there in washington dc, our doug luzader was down there. affecting travel up and down the busiest corridor of amtrak, in the northeast. >> interesting, i guess i'll echo the comment. i walk through union station. behind me here on our way to work this morning. bad side of union station where the buses, are i expect that area to be packed, people looking for some alternative to not just get to philly potentially new york, as w wasn't all that crowded. saw that even this morning, at around 3:00 in the morning or so, still some trains that were operating. there are still some concellations, obviously,
8:48 am
going all the way from washington up to new york. you're going to run into some trouble. but, trains are still operating, it wasn't nearly as busy as i expected it to be, early this morning, of course, now we will see how this goes as the day pros regular here. you guys know how critically important from that corridor from washington to philly to new york to boss done. >> most, 09% of their money is made on that northeast corridor. >> your alternatives are not that enticing sitting for hours on i959. trains a lot more comfortable, people willing to pay for, that lets them pay for that. >> mayor came out saying he doesn't think it will be back up and running for at least a week. >> as damaged as those tracks are in port richmond, no way.
8:49 am
>> completely warped that track. that will will take a long time not just to remove the tracks but get the tracks operational beneath them. >> the locomotive, the track it was supposed to be on, when it crossed quite a bit of dirt and grass, and then slammed into another rail. >> obliterated it. >> it will be interesting to see what cause they come up with here. you guys know, sometimes when it is really hot, they'll suspend certain train services, because of, you know, concern that warping, the rales, the heat. didn't seem as though it would be the case yesterday. wasn't warm enough. >> eighty-eight. >> we'll see. but not the kind of thing where they would actually shut down the tracks for that. exactly. >> certainly, cooled down by 9:30. well, at least trains inbetween where you are and where we are in philadelphia. >> yes. >> but certainly knotter bound. doug, thanks so much. all right, it is almost
8:50 am
ten minute until 9:00. now, we are going to stay on here, as we do every day, until 10:00 o'clock. then we will take little break. then 11:00 that's where we are expecting the next news conference about. >> this i think the mayor said that he's going to try to speak straight up 11: we'll come back on for that for sure. hang us, we're with you for another hour and ten minute, that's another live look from skyfox. it is a mess.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> left car number three, more information about what's going on there. bob, you are saying those are side wreakers. >> exactly, side rec ers what the folks in the business there call that. and they're used for exactly this type of situation. >> slowly work aside the cars, and like a crane, lift the cars slowly up, just enough, for the investigators, and the rescue crews, to look
8:54 am
underneath. they're looking, and making sure that there are no other trapped passengers underneath those cars there along the tracks. bark to the studio, shot of google to give you an idea of the frankford junction. this is the curve that everyone has been talking about here, where speed obviously is going to be a question. so the train was traveling northbound, left 30th street station, and rate here, the speeds could be anywhere from 70 to 100 miles an hour. right here on the curve, the speed is 55 miles an hour. and here is exactly where the accident occurred. the curve would have taken the train to the left, what we're watching from skyfox here is the wreckage right here to the right side of that track tonight my map computer here to gave you a idea, first, i95, we expect a lot of extra volume up and down i-95, this is a live look at i-95, right near the betsy ross bridge
8:55 am
interchange. again, up and down 95, we will have the extra volume throughout the day, and obviously throughout the rest of the week. live look, this is 95, up near the scutters falls bridge. where there was an accident that had all traffic stopped for about 20 minute. this is live look at route one through bucks county, another alternate. and here is a live look at the new jersey turnpike. so, again, all alternates for folks, in their vehicles, as far as mass transit, amtrak, service suspended, new york to philadelphia, indefinately. septa has suspended service on the trenton regional rail line. >> septa added extra trains to the cars this morning. good news, new jersey trans sit cross honoring system-wide and patco is cross honoring and using the amtrak tickets, a well. more on this coverage when we come right back.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:59 am
a night of terror. >> with my staff, it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. and most personnel will say that, as well. >> a deadly derailment in port richmond, amtrak train 188 left from washington, d.c., at 7:00 last night, bound for new york city. but only made it about halfway before the unthinkable happened. >> boy, look at the comparison from last night. the scene from last night, of course, on the right-hand side. look, my gosh, there is patrick murphy, who is in the cafe car. he told us about the horrific derailment. i think he helped save some lives, though, in that cafe
9:00 am
car. of course you saw the chopper shot the way it looks right now, trying to lift some of the cars to up see if anybody is trapped underneath. my goodness. >> here's what we know if you were just joining us, the amtrak train 188, derailed in port richmond last night. killing six people, and injuring more than 100 others, we know eight of them are still in critical condition. but we still know there are at least 20 people that are still in the hospital being treated right now. >> yes, if you include the five crew members, there were 243 people on this train that left washington, d.c., of course, does it every night. train 188 goes from dc, up to new york city, derailed after about ten minute after leaving 30th street station, around 9:35. so, fellow investigators, right now, working to determine what caused this on that curve. if you are looking for somebody traveling, this was on 188, they say amtrak has a hotline. called it


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