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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 15, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. right nouse piecing together knee details behind the deadly amtrak train derailment. amtrak 188 jumped the tracks tuesday night. you can see several of those mangled cars are now gone towed away today and we now know all passengers that were op board when the train crashed are accounted for. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. >> the death toll rose today. they found another body in wreckage this morning bringing the total to eight killed. dozens of people are still in hospitals across the city. and the ntsb now says the train actually sped up moments before hitting the curve in port richmond sending the entire train careening off the tracks. chris o'connell is live at the crash site. chris, what have you learned?
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>> reporter: well, we're getting to get a clear picture of what happened. those seconds before the doomed train ran off the tracks. we've learned tonight that train was going 70 miles an hour. a minute later accelerateed to 100 miles an hour moments before derailment. >> mere seconds into the turn we could see the train tilting approximately 10 degrees to the right. >> reporter: federal investigators revealing details derailment of amtrak 188. clear images from a front facing video camera confirmed a rapid acceleration before the crash but if anyone knows what happened before the derailment, it's the drain's engineer. >> really we want to know his account of what he recalls lead leading into that tragic event. and then we can start asking specific questions. >> reporter: 32-year-old amtrak engineer brandon bostian
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scene here on his linked in page has agreed to be interviewed by investigators. >> what kinds of things are you hoping to get from that interview? >> i think it will be really valuable to get his first-hand recollection of what happened here. i mean he was the person operating the train. that he can provide us with some good information. >> reporter: all but two of the train cars have been taken to amtrak's facility in bear, delaware for inspection. the ntsb says several injured passengers have already been interviewed. investigators are look wrack they were seated and injury patterns. 3d laser scans of the damaged rail carars have also been done. train dispatchers and managers have been interviewed. and so far investigators tell fox 29 they've done brake tests. track inspections and rail signal tests and so far there have been no anomalies found. >> you said you've look at track data. you've look at maintenance date tam you've look at signal date t
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you look at braking data. has anything stood out so far as anomalies? >> other than the speed of the train itself, nothing has stood out. >> reporter: now investigator investigators also tell us they will conduct a site distance test on these very tracks. they'll bring in similar train similar weather conditions and lighting to see how fast that curve came into vision for that engineer. we've also learned that amtrak revealed today that it was just months away from activating a positive train control system. the same system the ntsb says we have prevented this derailment lucy. >> from the ground to the life let's go live to skyfox over the crash site. the first lawsuit filed against amtrak. local attorney tells us his client is an amtrak dispatcher who lives here in philadelphia. but works in new york city. he was sitting in the second to last car. a crowd gathering in new york city tonight which was supposed to be the final destination for amtrak train 188
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this vigil is in honor of the victims some of them called new york home. eight people lost their lives we know now who all the victims are are. fox 29 weekend karen hepp report reports. 47-year-old laura fin more was new york a corporate real estate powerhouse according to her obituary and profoundly missed. guiseppe front page it inly. 41 year was here on business and had just spoken with his father moments before boarding reportedly according to the italian consulate in philadelphia. bob gildersleeve was the last victim to be found his body was pulled from the wreckage of the first car this morning. and who can forget his brave son mark just 13 begging for information about his missing dad yesterday? in addition to mark the 45-year-old sales executive leaves behind a wife and daughter. derrick griffith a 42-year-old father an dean at medgar evers college in brooklyn doctoral candidate set to graduate from the city university of new york in just days. ab bid gaulin knee 55 a
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senior vice-president of wells fargo from california and a married father of two. jim gains from new jersey. a video software architect for the associated press and married father of two. rachel jacobs ceo of an education tech company based right here in philadelphia and a married mother of a two-year-old two-year-old. finally, the youngest victim justin zemser a midshipman at the naval academy a popular student athlete who was traveling home to visit his parents. karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> many of the crash survivors have a tough rolled in front of them. but they are all recovering. the 54 victims rushed to temple university hospital tuesday night, 11 are still there. six remain in critical condition. but doctors say everyone of them is improving by the day. and area hospitals released many of the survivors. majority have broken bones. doctors are stunned that more people did not die in the crash. amtrak has a shelter still ape open for familiar of victims it is open until midnight at the
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marriott on the 1200 block of market street in center city. >> city and state officials are praising the efforts of the first responders and everyone involved in helping victims of the crash and their family over the past few days. >> this team, city state and federal partners, working in coordination made what could have been an even greater tragedy a life-saving miracle here in our city. >> we have worked together to work through this tragedy and i can't say enough about the heroism of the first responders who came to this site right after the accident, risked their lives to save as many people as they possibly could. >> the crash injured more than 200 people in all about 12 city, state and federal agencies have been working together to get everyone through this difficult time. the president also saying thank to you everyone who jumped in to help. >> i want to express my gratitude for the first
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responders who race to do save lives and for the many passengers who despite their own injuries made heroic efforts to get fellow passengers to safety. >> we've told you a major part of this investigation centers on the train's speed. still ahead what happened the second an engineer hits the emergency brake. on your radar tonight rain on the way. scott it is it going to spoilt weekend? >> we are going to have some periods of rain iain and lucy bite upcoming weekend but it doesn't look like a washout right now. ultimate doppler is dry and quiet right now. friday looks pretty good. off to the west you can see that green showing up on the map. that's the system we'll have to watch fort upcoming weekend but it will be another cool and comfortable overnight. low humidity and once again your friday is dry and quiet. clouds will start to roll in friday evening especially overnight and then the weekend we're talking about some scattered showers around. a beautiful evening folks still out and about riding their
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bicycles. 61 degrees. winds out of the south as we look at your friday planner, you can see temperatures in the 50s. cool to start. but a high tomorrow of 76 degrees. when we come back i'll have the timing of that weekend rain. when to expect the highest chance over the weekend and also the updated pollen forecast. lucy, back to you. >> we'll talk to you then scott. investigators are looking into a fire only a mile from where amtrak regional 188 went off the tracks. skyfox is above this three who've story row home on week kell street in port richmond. you can see the firefighters right there on the roof clearing out charred pieces. smoke coming up through the fire broke out shortly before 7:00 tonight. the crew had it under control were in about 30 minutes. one person is at the hospital. we do not know what condition they're inform. scary information tonight about a group of robbers investigateed sauce they pretended to be cops as they tortured some of their victims. fox 29's dave kinchen is our newsroom tonight. how bold were these criminals. >> reporter: so bold they
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allegedly tracked the vick testimony with gps and restrained them with seem ip ties and that's part of their two year violent crime spree. >> these are extremely serious and violent crimes. and the federal system punishes them severely. >> reporter: first assistant u.s. attorney announcing major conspiracy charges against 16 suspects including robberies including platinum jewelers. some of the suspects accused of impersonating law enforcement yelling police. investigators also linked them to this armed robbery in ambler they tied up their victims and side jewelry cash and cocaine. >> the defendants were bold and resourceful in committing these crimes. >> federal prosecutors 11 the suspects tracked victims with gps devices and broke into their homes. and in one case they're accused of of stripping the victims naked and threatening to sexual assault them. one victim was water boarded and
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had boiling water poured on him before grabbing his jewelry. >> all of the defendants in this case face mandatory prison terms of at least five years. and most vast majority of these defendants face at least 32 years of mandatory prison time and all of them face the potential of life in prison. >> reporter: there's still looking for two more suspects. 27-year-old brandon seegers and 26-year-old hassan chan knee. investigators tell thus one of the suspects even shot and killed one of the their victims in a philadelphia robbery in april of last year. iain. >> dave, thank you. six philadelphia drug cops accused of shaking down dealers and stealing cash have been cleared by a jury. it's a surprising acquit cal of the federal government's case. every member of this elite narcotics unit charged with a count of racketeering conspiracy conspiracy. prosecutors say these cops roughed up drug dealers and suspects they're also accused of of planting evidence. pockets drug money and falsifying reports.
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lawyers for the officers argued the case was weak. >> it's been a long journey. a lot of people said a lot of things about us and glad the truth finally came out. >> we knew from the beginning of this case this was going to be a very case to bring. a case that had to be brought and we don't regret that decision in the least. >> the trial lasted several weeks. those six police officers were arrested suspend and later fired. it's unclear if they'll return to the force. local families gave the south jersey lawyer their money expecting him to help them out. instead, he disappeared. >> everybody needs to get every cent back that they gave this man. >> what he had to say when fox 29 investigates found him living in the hills of pennsylvania coming up. and -- nine-year-old tries to stand up to a bully and end up in a schoolbus brawl. what the driver did that landed
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him on desk duty. >> an x-ray you definitely don't see every day. how one pet python dinnertime turned into emergency surgery. >> plus she went in for a simple who are cut but ended up with bald spots on her scalp. it was so bad they refused to show her a mirror. how a trip to the beauty chair went so very wrong. >> another life look right now at the site of tuesday night's deadly amtrak train derailment. the crews, they are working hard still to clear away all that wreckage. ♪♪
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♪ skyfox live over the site of tuesday's deadly train derailment. two of the cars are now at amtrak's facility in wilmington and we now know eight people died in the crash. dozens are still in the hospital hospital. then there's what happened that pittsburgh. another train derailed this morning. but this is a freight train with about a dozen cars toppled over. officials say it was only going 10 miles an hour. but the crash cracked off some of the train's wheels. officials say no one is hurt and nothing hazardous spilled. in bucks county big punish many looming for a group of elementary school students. they were all set to celebrate a special day at their levittown school but teachers and administrators say bad even violent behavior put those plans on hold. >> zahn net wilson tells us the children have one more chance. >> we had these activities that are really fun and we play california kick ball and stuff. >> reporter: 10-year-old girl is concerned that field day end of the year activity day at her
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school pearl buck elementary in levittown may not happen. >> i feel sad because it's been a hard year for us. >> reporter: the principal sent home this letter to parents of third fourth and tim graders about student behavior that is quote of extreme concern. it lists everything from excessive talking to rude behavior to disrespecting adults to the point of physical aggression and vandalism. the letter basically says students don't shape up, field day will be canceled. >> i think she's just -- i don't think she's going to do it. she's just trying to get them to behave better but it won't be fair. >> reporter: stacey's daughter a fourth grader at pearl buck. she doesn't think all students should have to suffer fort actions of others. >> my first reaction was that it was too all encompassing, that it should have been the discipline should be handled on a case by case basis. and it sounded like, um, an attempt had been made. >> reporter: according to the
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letter verbal warnings had been given to students involved and phone calls were made to parents about conduct but hit not improved. we contacted the principal but have not heard back. this parent supports the move. >> i think that it makes sense that parents need to get involved to make sure their children are behaving and doing the right things and kids have to know that there are consequences for inappropriate behaviors. >> reporter: the letter also states the school officials will make a decision on field day on may 27th that's also when parents will be notified. in levittown shawnette wilson fox 29 news. teacher had her elementary students write letters to a convicted cop killer has lost her job. orange school district fired the teacher last night. she had her third grade class in new jersey send get well letters to mew me a abu jamal. he killed a police officer in 1981. the district suspended her last month. she's admitted she made a mistake her lawyer now says she might take legal action to try to get her job back.
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>> this woman went for a haircut just ahead of mother's day at a student salon and came home half scalped. how bad was it? our bruce gordon maiden bra frasier a visit at her southwest philly home on a warm humid night she answered the door wearing a head scarf. >> it took all my powers of persuasion to couldn't debra frazier to remove her scarf. >> that's short. >> this is not the full magnitude. this is no type of -- is this a style? >> she looked more or less like this when they went to the empire beauty school in center city last friday morning. mother' days weekend cut and style. she had been to go to empire for years without a problem she understood the trade off the price was right just 12 buck but it was a student doing the work. debra was looking for a pixie cut short but tapered. about midway through the process it became clear something was wrong. very very wrong. >> i asked for a mirror which i was refused.
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they told me i did not want to see it. >> that's not a good sign at a beauty salon. >> exactly. you don't want to see it. >> she says there were bear spots on her scalp. she says a supervisor rushed over with a container of die. >> she's trying to die in the holes. with the die. >> reporter: debra says two other students attempted to fix the damage with their clippers while other customers stopped and stared. >> people coming up saying, wow! whoa! look at that. what the -- >> reporter: what was the student's stylist reaction to what had happened here? >> she started to cry eventual eventually. >> reporter: needless to say the folks in charge of the school did not charge debra for the haircut. and they offered to give her a free cut next time in. >> no. >> reporter: not willing to take that chance? >> no. >> reporter: i know what you're thinking you get what you pay for. debra says that's not the point.
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>> okay. it's a student. i can accept that. i can accept the mistake but what's hard for me accept the way it was handled. >> reporter: empire corporate spokeswoman admits the student stylist did quote remove a chunk of debra's hair. she says empire deeply regrets what happened. but says company policy does not allow for restitution in the form of free hair care products as debra had requested. but best they could offer was that second free cut and style which debra rejected. as for the student well the spokeswoman says quote obviously she did not pass that part of the scam. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> yeah. kind of a fail. the fight to keep johnny depp's dogs alive. one thing the country says that actor must do to save his pups. >> watch as this guy bashes his way into a convenient store. his target the entire atm. he's got a chain ready to tow it right out thereof. what he didn't expect to foil
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his big plan. >> maybe you caught terrence howard on wayward pines. one of his co-stars getting hitched now. who just revealed they are engaged. ♪ >> now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening everybody. game plan for tomorrow pretty much the same as today. septa will have shuttle buses from the trenton station over to the west trenton line and then extra trains in service on the west trenton regional rail line to get you into downtown you can drive to the knife park and ride right by the corn wells heights station. septa will provide shuttle buses over to the frankford line. the only train service into and out of north jersey and new jersey will be from trenton via new jersey transit you can use the new jersey transit riff line and patco high speed line and keep in mind for the friday morning rush kelly drive will be closed as we host.stotesbury
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regatta in town. friday forecast a check of the traffic tomorrow w w
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in maryland cell phone video catching a little girl standing her ground moments before another girl attacks her on a schoolbus. you can hear nine-year-old girl say she doesn't want to fight. that doesn't stop the other girl
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for punching her. the beating lasts almost a minute with the bus still rolling along. >> i was really scared. i couldn't really breathe because i was hiding under my jacket. >> because it's like you don't want your child to go to school and have to go that was that. >> it's not even the first time something like this happened on that same bus. another mother says her girl was assaulted three weeks earlier seating two seats behind the driver. the driver didn't even report either attack and he's now facing a review by transportation officials. whether dzhokar tsarnaev lives or dice rests on the shoulders of the jury. they wrapped up their first full day of the sentencing phase of his trial. the 2013 attack killed three people and injured 260 others. the jurors asked the judge twice for legal guidance. 17 of the counts carry the possibility of death but it has to be unanimous vote. it would take one juror to hold out on one of those counts to
3:25 am
spare him the death penalty. after johnny depp has to make quick travel plans for his pets if he's going to save their lives. >> he's in trouble foreheading smuggling two dogs into australia on a private jet. they were spotted getting groomed too salon. australia laws do require a permit and 10 day quarantine for foreign animals enteringly country he don do any of that the government is threatening to euthanize pistol and boo if he doesn't get them out of the country fast. he's in australia filming his fifth installly. pirates of caribbean. >> the deadly train derailment in port richmond another focus is on the safety system that could have prevented this disaster. >> local family gave his south jersey lawyer their money expecting him to help them out. instead he disappeared. see what he had to say when fox 29 investigates tracked him down. >> scott? >> iain, there is some rainfall onon
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>> right now at the national
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transportation safety board is learning more about what went wrong tuesday night when amtrak regional 188 derailed in port richmond. camera on the train has shed new light. >> 16 seconds before the end of the recording the train speed was going through 100 miles per hour. seconds mere seconds into the turn we could see the train tilting approximately 10 degrees to the right and then the recording went blank. >> the engineer of the train brandon bostian is now agreeing to talk to the ntsb. that will happen sometime over the next few days. and the national transportation safety board says it could be at the crash site for a week as it begins to figure out why this wreck happened. and investigators are going to use that information to recommend improve torments prevent future tragedies. investigators already said the train was going too fast for
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the posted limit on that curve and that track improvements have already been scheduled that would help slow down that train. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson explains how some of these safety features would work. ♪ >> reporter: people continue to try to recover from the tragic amtrak derailment much of the discussion is now turning to what steps you have to take to make sure our tragedy like this never happens again. the major focus of discussion is positive train control that automatically slows trains down. today in a press conference amtrak's shared positive train control is already scheduled to be install. >> but we will complete this by the end of the year. i believe we will probably be the only railroad in the united states and in the western hemisphere that will have positive train control. >> reporter: along that safety measure experts and elected officials have begun to discuss the need for see belts on trains trains. opinions vary on seat belts for trains but an attorney who specializes in railroad lawsuits
3:31 am
told me that people who are focused on crash safety measures are really missing the point. >> you want to prevent the crash in the first place. as with airplanes although airplanes do have seat belts and passenger attendants the real focus of airplane safety is that the airplanes never ever crash. >> mr. myers also told me that seat belts perhaps could help some but they aren't the overall solution. >> seat belts weren't going to help the people who were the most badly injured or killed in the rail cars that completely toppled over and in the one rail car that was completely shredded shredded. >> reporter: there are many people who say that seat belts on trains will cause more injuries as there are people who support them. but after a tragedy like this we can expect the discussion and the search for safety solutions to continue. even though people are looking for information immediately the attorneys i talk to said that the ntsb investigation could take as long as a year before we get all of the details.
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so hopefully safety protocols come out sooner than that. >> i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> septa showed how long it takes for one of their regional rail trains to stop. once an engineer hits the emergency brake. we understand the physics are different but it does show the trains just cannot stop on a dime. this train in fact is going 70 miles an hour the engineer hits the brake the second the train reaches the platform. you can see that train does not even slow down simi blows right by in fact it takes a full 1500 feet for that train to stop that's five football fields so again the physics are different between septa and amtrak trains but you can see it's not hitting the brake on your car. >> of course our coverage continues on you'll find images from the very beginning when the train derailed tuesday night and of course breaking details all right there on our home page. all right. let's get a check of what's on your radar tonight. scott williams is here. >> it's dry and quiet, owe and lucy. high pressure has been in full control. it was a cool start to the day and really a pleasant spring
3:33 am
like afternoon across our area but as we look at ultimate doppler you can see we're dry and quiet. but off to the west we're looking at rainfall around chicago toward minneapolis as well as st. louis and this is the moisture we'll have to watch by the upcoming weekend. but 50 degrees was the low this morning. the afternoon high pretty seasonal for this time of year. 72 degrees. right now, it's comfortably cool cool. we have low 60s here in philadelphia. winds out of the south at 11 miles per hour and visibility is good. mid 50s in atlantic city. low 50's in millville. 46 degrees currently in the pocono mountains and low 50s right now in pottstown. so as we roll the clock ahead you can see it's dry. not really a cloud in the sky tonight. tomorrow we're looking at sunshine mixing in with a few clouds during the afternoon and evening. but it should be a dry day. by 10:00 o'clock on your friday maybe a few sprinkles or showers toward the central part of the state. then friday morning watch the clock. we're looking at some clouds that might be an early shower or
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two but it's not going to be a heavy rain or wash out. then again saturday afternoon north and west we're looking at pockets of some showers maybe a rumble of thunder. we'll watch some moisture kind of move in from the west throughout the day. here's 8:00 o'clock. we're looking at scattered showers across the area. then we'll do that again on sunday. sunday morning some showers passing by and then again in the afternoon and evening. so how much rainfall to expect as we roll the clock you can see through sunday afternoon and evening we could see anywhere from about a tenth to a quarter of an inch in cape may. a quarter of an inch to half an inch along the i-95 corridor. and then higher amounts once you move a little farther north and west. but temperatures tonight cool we're looking at a low of 52 in the city. 40s north and west. then 76 degrees for the high tomorrow. warmer more humid with those scattered showers around for the upcoming weekend and then temperatures next week back into the 70s. iain and lucy. >> thank you very much, scott.
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watch as this guy bashes his way into a convenience store. his target an entire atm. he's even got a chain ready to tow it out. what he did not expect to spoil his big plan. >> an x-ray that made us do a double take. that's a pet python. how dinnertime turned into emergency surgery for the snake isn't off the market. the empire star that just got
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3:37 am
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♪ check this guy out runs into a little trouble at a convenience store in australia. he's got a grand plan. break in overnight get away witness and tire atm but check out video shows he's got a chain ready to wrap around that big machine but it breaks before he even gets into the store. so don't worry he comes back tries to reattach the chain but he didn't think it out too well because he realizes he's parked too far away in the end he's like i'm out of here doesn't even get a thing. >> he got no money. in your money u.s. airways flying off into the sunset of course philadelphia major hub for the 75-year-old airline much as of this fall the iconic brand will fit fade away. they'll fold into american airlines as of july flights under the u.s. airways banner will start to fade out and be
3:39 am
completely gone in around 90 days. >> are you ready for the most american burger everything. split hotdog and poe pay tow chips on top of angus beef patti patti. most american thick burger is coming to carl's injury and hardy's big beginning may 20th 20thth. it will cost you 5.79 cents. it has just over a thousand calories and 64 grams of fat. >> how about i skip the burger and go for a good old american apple pie. >> have that for dessert. >> it's not unusual speaking of eating for snakes to eat mice, frogs open small insects. >> they do. a tool for your backyard barbecue is usually not on the menu. take a look at this. you're looking at an x-ray of poor winston. pet python has a pair of barbecue tongues in his tummy. his own are in says i was just feeding him a dead rat but winston bit down and swallowed the whole lot more than that wrap. really hungry. he ended up in emergency surgery
3:40 am
doctors say pretty easy to get the tongues out. winston is now back home and recuperateing. >> this mother of three was looking for help after her driver's license was pulled. >> i had to get rides to work. rides to take my kids to their sports activities after school. ride to go get a gallon of milk. >> but did the local attorney she paid help her out? she says no. fox 29 i
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
♪ she said yes. caitlin double day married to lucius lions oldest son on the fox mega hit empire. in real life she's marry deaf sop lucien who popped the big question. they shared the good news via social media. double day posting cheers to the post memorable night of my life thus far. they got epp gauged in paris by the way and bag here in the states, double day's empire husband trai byers posted this is epic. love ya'll. >> local families were in deep financial trouble when they paid a local attorney to file bankruptcy for them but they claim he kicked them when they were down by taking the money and hitting the road.
3:44 am
>> investigative reporter jeff cole found him much here's his report. >> reporter: playful three-year-old daughters aren't the only thing she's two south jersey moms have in common. both hired attorney philip f. drink water the third to handle bankruptcyies. they paid him but they say their cases were never filed and he's vanished. >> everybody needs to get every cent back that they gave this man. >> reporter: mr. drink water they claim that you took their money. these are people who didn't have anything. you took their money for bankruptcy filings and made no filing at all. >> no. it wasn't -- it was purposeful. >> when atco mother three katie crashed her fiance''s car his insurance didn't cover her schenn got sued. she hoped bankruptcy payment plan would help her regain her driver's license. >> i have to get rides to work. rides to take my kids to their sports activities after school. riding to get a gallon of milk. >> reporter: she paid drink
3:45 am
water $700 to start. sending more when she could. after paying more than 2300, little progress came the next two months. then she received a letter that drink watery tired. a trustee referred her to a new lawyer but there was trouble. >> so he got all these files from mr. drink water's clients but he had no money to do the work. >> kelly dayton spent nine years in the army national guard including one in iraq before staying home with her young daughter. a work mace injury to her husband left them seeking bankruptcy protection. after they paid 2,900-dollar over nine months, they learned drink water wouldn't represent them either. now her marriage has fallen apart. they're williamstown home is in foreclosure. kelly is living in an apartment with her toddler and an older daughter moved away. >> what do you do at that point? >> i don't hire a new lawyer and try to get my money back from
3:46 am
this guy. >> reporter: how? >> by the word. >> these two indignant clients chased their lawyer online. they met each other along the way. found a couple dozen others with similar complaints and formed a facebook group which they called duped by drippingwater. one member asked us not to show his face due to his line of work. he said money got tight for his family when this overtime dried up. upon hiring drinkwater, they say the lawyer suggested borrowing more if necessary to cover his fees. and this was his mortgage advice. >> he said we didn't have to pate because we were claiming bankruptcy. next lawyer says that's crazy. you can't stop paying your mortgage. you lose your house now. >> so far police say five theft complaints have been filed and they'd like to talk with drink drinkwater but he's moved out of pitman where he had a home and office. >> my name is jeff cole. i'm with fox tv in philadelphia. >> yes.
3:47 am
>> how are you? >> how can i help you. >> we were able to locate the 56-year-old his wife sally. they turned up living in the rolling hills of schuylkill haven, pennsylvania. >> we've heard from a number of your clients in your legal bankruptcy business who say that you have left them high and dry sir. >> yeah. >> i was hospitalized. >> did you take their money and not do work for them? >> no. actually my firm was insolvent at the time i was hospitalized. >> in a letter to new jersey superior court last fall, drink drinkwater wrote they experienced a serious mental break down, that plus on-going health and financial strains led him to the unavoidable decision to close his practice. his apologetic november 3rd letter asked the court to mark him up active, disabled. next week a trustee was app pointed to take control of the law firm, its accounts and to inventory its findings. >> did you have any no idea that you were physically sick before you took these people's money?
3:48 am
>> no, i didn't. >> they don't believe that, sir. >> no. >> they believe you've hurt them. >> no, i didn't purposely hurt them. i do agree they were hurt. >> hold on. one client says a $1,000 check was mailed on november 12th and put if the firm's bank account on the 18th. that's 15 day after drinkwater asked the court to intervene. >> did you do that? >> i don't recall. >> you don't recall if did you or not? >> no. >> would that have been improper if you did do that? >> i don't have any comment. i think i've given you enough of my time it. >> one of his employees told fox 29 they were operating if as he returned. it was the trustee who said to close down. we pressed for more answers. >> why did you tell people to stop paying their mortgages? significantly hurt them. >> it was -- i -- >> you've said enough. >> i can't answer all your questions. >> i don't need a court in
3:49 am
bankruptcy. how much money did you take, sir sir. >> i don't have any further comment. >> no charges have been filed nor is there a publicly acknowledged complaint before the state' attorney disciplinary review board. its investigators must main mape confidentiality. but his clients talked to them and sent documents. some clients reached out to new jersey's lawyers fund for client protection but there's a big problem. there's no reimbursement unless the attorney has been disciplined. others were steered into fee arbitration. >> do you have an apology you can say to them or anything? >> yes, i can. >> what would it be? >> i would say i'm very sorry for the circumstances that led to the loss. it was not up tension al on my part. i was hospitalized and i'm disable. i haven't made dime since then and i've lost more -- high a 23 year career. >> he says he's never before been accused of malpractice. >> they believed that you should
3:50 am
be arrested that you have committed a crime. >> going through the legal process and the legal process will have to take this course. >> are you going to make any of these people whole. >> okay go. >> sick months later his former clients are still trying to get their money back. >> are you concerned that the authorities have not moved quickly enough? >> they haven't moved at all. not quickly enough, not at all. getting the run around. >> drink water claims some money was stolen from him but police say they aren't aware of that. meanwhile, former clients are moving ahead katie brown's new attorney filed her bankruptcy the first time they met. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> let's see what's going on in the world of sports. here's howard. >> tom brady couldn't have mommy or daddy speak for him any longer to defend his cheating so he went neck level. and the phillies did something today they have not done all
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ the phillies have won for the first time on a thursday this season.
3:54 am
not that the other days of the week can have been that good either it helped the pirates the gave the phillies two unearned runs. harang eight innings scoreless innings. strike out right here. his catcher is the backup catcher for the phillies cameron ruff he had a pretty good day. two hits but throughout two pittsburgh pirates trying to steal. all right. in the fifth inning. phillies were up three to nothing and ryan howard, yup it's a little high. it's a homerun. phillies up four-zero. they win it four-two. the best starter on the staff is aaron harang. >> this isn't his first rodeo. so i mean he and ruff got together and they've had plan and were able to go out there and he can cute the plan. >> i never heard that one before. the mets didn't have a lot of fun in chicago. he's wearing 59. water the guy. give him some water.
3:55 am
the mets lost the game. lost all four to the cubs this week. a pass ball cubs sweep the series. tom brady and the patriots are embarrassing to brady he didn't get enough of daddy defending him now he has the nfl players association appealing his four game suspension on the premise that the ted wells investigation conclusions are up correct. why doesn't brady give up his text messages to the equipment guys? but the patriots attorneys have a real beauty in their attorney rebuttals to the nfl as well. on the equipment guys text where he called himself the deflater the attorneys said he called himself that because he was trying to lose weight. >> oh. >> word -- are you kidding? what do you think we're all dumb? the word tonight roger goodell will oversee the appeal. nba playoffs in chicago. cleveland cavaliers in the dark uniforms. that is unbelievable. tristan thompson 22-two run before the end of the half up by
3:56 am
14. and lebron he had 15. cleveland wins it 94-73 they within the series four games to two. the event where you truly get down and dirty. it's the annual mud day challenge. just outside of paris france. they eat in the afternoons vladimir putin a little wine but the men and women there they just get down and dirty in paris and that's what they're doing in the annual mud day run. >> washing off at least. >> yeah. >> they're washing off. >> i love the fact that the deflater was just trying to lose weight. >> how many people try to lose weight i'm just trying to deflate? (laughter). >> we're all dumb. >> the deflation diet, howard. >> it's a new one. >> a new one. >> tmz is up next. (laughter). >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for
3:57 am
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4:00 am
and we're waking up to add news at 4:00 o'clock where we have learned now eight people are confirmed dead and amtrak train tea rail. and everyone else is now accounted for. we're live in port richmond with the latest on what inn rest gate oz discovered at the scene. plus... >> ♪ >> the thrill is gone, heart breaking news from the music world legendary blues singer bb king has died. and, not guilty charges against these three philadelphia police officers led to scores of overturn convictions how these officers eventually won in court. lets look live outside right now, it is a friday, another cool


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