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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. >> right now on fox 29, the threat of severe storms. looking live at market street in old city. it certainly is hot and humid. the temperatures soaring into the 80s today and of course that is fueling the storms. good evening. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. and we could be in for a bumpy evening. let's get on over to fox 29's meteorologist dave warren. you're stacking the storms, dave. >> sure are. they are moving through the area right now. that shot quite a bit different in center city philadelphia within the next hour at least hour and a half here's where the action is right now the western suburbs seeing these storms come together they're trying to get organized even. this is the last hour moving through lancaster county about to move into berks county and one storm across lehigh valley
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just moved through allentown. this is actually severe. the national weather service has a severe thunderstorm warning out for this storm until 6:15 as it moves slowly to the southeast about 20 miles an hour. that is the core of the storm. it is west of allentown. a likely seeing hail with this storm and wind gusts damaging wind gusts close to 50 miles an hour as it moves southeast about 20 miles an hour. so timing of this as these storms push south allentown about 6:07. and then moving through lehigh county into upper montgomery county by about 6:30 or so. the warning only in effect until 6:15 definitely a strong storm here very small as it moves to the southeast. now this is a line developing here. concern with this because of the shape of this. means the bow out could get organize. we could see significant wind damage as this pushes through these western suburbs. there is some lightning these are thunderstorms moving through lancaster county and we'll continue to move into western chester county.
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this is where it is right now. this is the actual picture from ultimate doppler. look at the computer forecast. it picks up this line right at 6:00 o'clock. focused on areas to the east because they are moving about 20 miles an hour and look what happens about 7:00 o'clock. trying to hold together moving through trenton center city philadelphia right along i-95 and it will be pushing through so there will be a brief period of strong to severe weather as it moves through philadelphia and pushes off the coast. could weaken far east went lose that heating there could be a few lingering showers overnight tonight by tomorrow morning may be waking up to shower definitely not a strong thunderstorm. here's what to expect with these severe storms. we have the wind damage and some small hail. that's the big concern here. they are slow moving and very heavy rain muggy out there that could lead to flooding in poor drainage areas where these storms moved through we've seen flash flood watches and warnings in effect so that could be a concern if you're caught in one of these storm. right now in philadelphia all is
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quiet but that will be changing here the neck hour. 84 degrees visibility all clear that dew point is above 60 moisture in the air. continue to track these storms within the next hour. guys? >> all right, thank you, dave. to a developing story now in montgomery county. one person is killed when a car smashes right through a high school this afternoon. as you can see the truck wept completely into the school there there. now, officials are trying to see if that building is structurally sound. fox 29's brad sattin is live outside lower mooreland high school tonight. brad, are officials telling you yet how it happened? >> reporter: well, joyce we know what happened. no one seems to really know why it happened at this point. we don't know if it may have been a medical condition or something else. what we know is the driver of this black pickup truck came whizzing right by us apparently revving the gas as some folks were saying. never hit the brakes and went right through the building. you see the hole. they have since removed his body
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body. he was killed and at this point they're still trying get that pickup truck out of there. you see they are breaking the bricks up to try to get the truck out. we know that truck slammed into some hot water heaters. a couple hundred gallons flooded out the school and crews joyce as you mentioned are also now trying to stabilize this part of the building. chaotic scene around 1:30 this afternoon as lower mooreland high school that witnesses say started with a pickup truck pulling into a parking lot. >> i saw it revving its engine and just smoke coming from it and i heard a gun down the parking lot all the way down until i heard this gigantic flack to the point i knew it wasn't a popped tire. it was gigantic hole in the school. >> reporter: investigators say the driver of the pick up unidentified as of now was killed. the truck went straight through the wall and into the janitor's station missing this man by mere feet. >> it sunned like a bomb. i sawdust come up underneath the
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doorway and my concern was, i was fine, the power went out,. >> thankfully they left a few minutes before that and they're out here right now. thankfully they're fine. >> reporter: next to the janitor's station the cafeteria where workers can preparing food for a fundraiser for the music program tonight now canceled. no one was hurt. the crash knocked out power lines, cut water lines and flooded part of the building and destabilized it. >> engineers responded and we'll make sure we do it correctly. as far as stabilizing the building we may have to remove some stuff to make it more stable. >> reporter: and that's what they've didn't been doing removing thing. in fact, a truck just pulled up backed up into it. the truck that ultimately is going to move that black pickup truck out of there. but as we just talked about the weather could be a factor here soon. it's looking quite iffy right now as far as bad weather coming in they're trying to move quickly. as far as school goes the superintendent says they will make a decision tomorrow as far as school on monday.
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school is in session monday. they just need to make sure obviously this building, dawn s save. >> all right, brad, thank you. also developing right now the federal railroad administration orders amtrak to take immediate steps to improve safety along the northeast corridor. this comes in the wake of tuesday's deadly derailment in port richmond which killed eight people. the fra ordering amtrak to immediately modify its existing automatic train control system on the northbound tracks where the derailment happened. the system is already in place on the southbound tracks. it alerts train engineers at slower speeds and automatically applies the train's brakes if the engineer doesn't slow the train down. amtrak left also analyze safety ricks all curves and add more speed limit signs. investigators working through the night at the site of that derailment. they cover the train's engine in plastic so it could be moved to bear delaware, where the train will be reassembled and testing
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will be conducted on the brakes. the national transportation safety board says this will take several days. now late yesterday, it was revealed the amtrak train may have been hit by an object just before it deedee rail. inform tsb interviewing the train's engineer. he says he recalls ringing the train's bell as it went through the northeast philadelphia station but he doesn't remember anything after that. it was during an interview with one of the conductors that investigators learned about the possibility of a projectile. conductor on the train recalled hearing radio conversations between the amtrak engineer and a septa engineer and that conversation leads them to believe that something may have hit windshield of the train. the fbi is now investigateing. nine passengers are still being treated at temple university hospital tonight. five of them remain in critical condition. >> bizarre shooting overnight in north philadelphia stepped one man to the hospital. police were called to the 700 block of green street right
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before 1:30 this morning. there they found a man shot four times in his face. once in the right foot and three times in his left foot. medics quickly got him to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. police are searching for the person who opened fire and why they did it. and in camden county investigators are looking into another overnight shooting. this one happened around 3:00 a.m. near the inn of the dove in cherry hill. it's still unclear who was hurt or if anybody was even taken to the hospital. no word yet on any arrests. a former montgomery county republican chairman who pleaded no contest to sex offense designated a sexually violent predator. 67-year-old robert concerns must register his address with state police and/ored to attend counseling sessions. he had been accused of of drugging and raping a woman following a gather tag blue bell restaurant. that was last summer. but a judge dismissed the rape and sexual assault charges.
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he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor indecent assault charges and sentenced to two years probation. early morning accident in the city's logan section sends a woman to the hospital this happening near broad and rockland streets just before 5:00 this morning. officials say the driver of a tan car somehow flipped the vehicle and then hit a utility pole and the pole snapped in two. police are still investigating what caused this all to happen. but the woman driver was taken to einstein medical center and she is expected to be okay. the u.s. government is claiming a victory tonight in the fight against isis. officials of the terror group have been killed a leader they say and his wife captured. fox's john huddy has the very latest now from jerusalem. >> reporter: u.s. military officials say special operations forces conducted a raid in eastern syria to capture an isis senior leader known as abu saef and his wife. he fought back and was killed his wife was captured. some are hailing the kill as a
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victory. >> let's face it this is a statement as well. the us for the first time going in on the ground killing a high value leader the rest of the leadership now is even got to be more wary than they were before. >> white house says president obama authorized the raid with the support from his national security team. no u.s. forces were killed or hurt during the operation. statement from the administration reads in part " "this operation was conducted with the full consent of iraqi authorities and like our existing air strikes against i sill in syria consistent with domestic been international law" law". >> the operation comes at a time when isis is gaining ground in nearby iraq. militants claim victory in ramadi on friday and set off bombs to reach the citi' center. >> the way i would characterize what we're doing is just not enough. not enough advisers. not enough trainers. not enough forward air controller. not enough direct action missions like we just saw executed last night. >> reporter: he was not only a
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top isis military commander but us officials say he commanded the terror organization financial operations. so now the attention will turn to his wife and any information she could provide about his activities. in jerusalem, john huddy fox news. a fallen firefighter is a part of a permanent memorial. this canvass printer honoring lieutenant joyce craig was presented to the members of engine 64 this afternoon. craig is the first female firefighter in the department's history to dye in the line of duty. the 11 year veteran lost her life battling a fire in west oak lane last december. ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 a wild police chase and it's all caught on tape. >> the scary move that cops say the woman behind the wheel pulled off before she sped away. that's neck. >> an local veteran's dying wish is granted. why this military uniform means so much coming up. >> sean?
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>> the phillies on their longest winning streak of the season. tonight they try to make it four in a row. the guys talk about which changed during this stretch. that's later in sports.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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♪ an unexpected wake up call overnight for a familiar until washington township, new jersey. take look. a truck crashing into a condo complex. fox 29 viewer sending us these picture the driver of that truck taken to local hospital. no word on the person's condition. the red cross is assisting three people in the condo who were displaced by the wreck. the cause is under investigation
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investigation. police are searching for two masked men who held up a local gas station. surveillance video here from early tuesday morning showing the suspects entering a philly gas station in tioga. one of the men used a handgun to threaten the clerk who refused to hand over the cash. the other suspect grabbed a cell phone and some keys from the second employee and both robbers ran off. nobody was physically hurt. a local veteran fighting a terminal illness and he had just one dying wish. that he thought was out of reach until today. our sabina kuriakose was there as his wish was granted. >> reporter: a last wish from a dying veteran 57-year-old army corporal brian prevard has a terminal illness.
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liver and kidney failing. >> it's just a matter of time. i'm just dealing with it every day. >> reporter: the only thing this former fort bragg squad leader wants is to be buried in full dress uniform. but his was lost long ago in a house fire. >> it's very emotional. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: care takers at live hospice -- >> for this request they got 9,480 responses. >> reporter: led to dave emmons a vet himself he was moved to action. >> i spent a couple dollars i communicated with his odd unit down at fort bragg. talked to the sergeant majors, talked to generals and everybody jumped on once they heard what was going on. >> reporter: on saturday he donned that uniform. (applause). >> reporter: the whole community from family to current national guard to yeadon's mayor and city council members celebrate his service.
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one last time. >> great. feels great. >> wow! >> reporter: on this day, one of only a handful of doctors say the corporal has left a young soldier lives again. >> it will be my last time i see it report roar his legacy now assured. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> pretty awesome. pennsylvania teenager fulfilling is special promise more than a decade in the making senior ben mozier took his friend mary to the prom last week. they grew up together but lost contact after mary who has down sim drome switched schools. they rekindled their friendship when ben's high school football team played against mary's team in the fall. aft making a promise to her more than 10 years ago ben says he was honored to accompany mary to the prom. >> there's nothing wrong going to a prom with somebody that's not like everybody else. there's nothing wrong with that. just be who you are. keep your word. be you.
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>> how kids can show what love looks like and the youth of this world are exceptionally good at showing what that looks like. >> both teenagers say they a great time at the prom together. mary's mother says she was touched by ben's actions. michigan woman is in serious trouble she's accused of of trying to run over a police officer and leading authorities on a wild chase. fox's randy has dash cam video of the real life drama. >> reporter: this how it all ended. a head on click after a high speed police chase and 26-year-old kelly in bracelets. but it all started here at hunt village apartments where fit fittingly police officers responded to a marijuana use complaint around 4:20 wednesday afternoon. pot is illegal in public housing housing. >> officers at that time made contact with her and were speaking with her and she agreed
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to go back to her apartment with them so that they could talk further about the matter. >> reporter: but lieutenant roger west says the 26-year-old mom with a criminal history changed her mind head to do her car and with a cop right behind it. >> she made eye contact with him through the mirror. and she had the car running. stuck it in reverse and proceeded to rapidly back up as quickly as she can. >> reporter: the officer barely got out of the way in time she through the car in drive and gunned it. >> she was going like 90 and then like three cops chasing after her. >> reporter: u.s. border patrol agents joined the chase that spanned more than 2 miles weaving through red lights and traffic. came to an end after she hit an elderly couple in their vehicle. therapy taken to port huron american hospital. she was arraigned friday is now facing three felonies charges including fleeing police and
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attemptedattempted murder from for nearly running over that officer. >> good news the elderly couple is out of the that suspect could face a live sentence if convicted. >> drivers filling up in new jersey may have to get used to seeing a new sign at the gas station. self service serve. that's right, a new bill being introduced could have drivers pumping their own gas in the garden state. new jersey and oregon are the only states with laws that require attendants to pump gas. the new bill would make it legal for drivers to fill up themselves. critics say having attendants pump gas for drivers is safer. and still ahead a house is dangerously close to collapse. families living on the edge next next. >> special needs students are left out of their high school yearbook. what the school has to say to angry parents why their children aren't includeed.
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♪ tragedy in north central china after a bus falls from a cliff killing 35 people on board. video showing where that bus finally came to rest. 25 people were killed instantly. 10 others later died at a nearby hospital. only 11 passengers survived. there's no word on the cause of the crash. authorities are still investigating but they say accidents are far too common on this region's winding mountainous road.
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>> a arrested for shooting at george zimmerman on the highway in florida is out on bond tonight. matthew app per some came before a judge this morning day after turning himself in. police say he fired his gun into zimmerman's truck on monday. zimmerman went to the hospital but he wasn't hurt. he's facing multiple charges of assault with a deadly weapon residents not the first time these two have crossed paths. both men were involved in a road rage incident last september. living on the edge. a family's home in texas now very close to falling in to arising river. chunks of mud are eroding away around sean burton's patio and front yard. the river rising right up to the home in couldn't row texas. burton says she was aware of the erosion before she moved in last year but recent flooding and thunderstorms now have the house dangerously close to collapseing. >> i'm sure eventually over time everything with erosion
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everything changes. so eventually, yes this will probably no longer be here. and i won't be here when that comes. >> authorities say they expect the river to begin recedeing. burton says there's plenty of filler material to keep erosion from claiming the home for years to come. still ahead on fox 29, a reunion six decades in the make making. how a father and son managed to meet for the first time after 60 years. and a local medical team in nepal when a second devastating earthquake strike. how close they came to disaster. >> i'm door dave warren. if you have evening plans you'll have to deal with rain out there. these are strong showers and storms moving through the area. i'll help you plan around them let you know what to expect not only tonight but the rest of the weekend coming up in the forecast. ♪
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♪ >> humanitarian crisis is developing in nepal as earthquake victims refuse to return to their home. two devastating earthquakes in less than three weeks have left residents of kathmandu terrified to go back indoors. 8,000 people were killed when the first one hit late last
6:29 pm
month. just as recovery efforts were getting underway another quake hit on tuesday. hundreds of thousands of people are now homeless. and in the middle of all that devastation a volunteer medical team from wilmington, delaware, they were on the ground there, dawning when the second quake hit. >> right. fox 29's chris o'connell talking to the co-founder of that group who just returned from nepal. report floor a small doctor's office in north wilmington, volunteers monitor laptops and smart phones for any latest news coordinating a relief effort 10,000 miles away. >> a lot of yelling and scream screaming and i saw a building collapse. >> reporter: this doctor was a co-founder of the delaware medical relief team. all volunteer medical group based out of wilmington. he just returned from nepal leading the first team of doctors and medical professional professionals to the worst hit areas near kathmandu. and just hours after he got back a second quake hit. nine of his fellow members were
6:30 pm
40 miles from the epicenter. >> he says, you know what's going on, right? i said what? >> he said we're in the streets. there's been another earthquake. >> reporter: the team has been doling out medications and health camps and giving basic first aid in the most horrible conditions. but they learned what's needed most isn't just medication but the basics, food and water. >> we did not go with any mind set or expectations that this is what we are going to do. we went witness mine set we are going to do whatever it take. >> reporter: the team started their mission after the earthquakes in haiti in 2010. they said within hours of the first quake in nepal they mobilized again and were on the ground within a few days. each volunteer pays their own way and stays for a we can to 10 days. the mission to nepal could go on for several months. depending on donations. >> nothing like the help. i think you get a dick to do that. it's what it is. it makes you feel good. feel good about yourself.
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>> you can find information about the relief team and how you can volunteer at now to your fox 29 weather authority. well if you had something out there hopefully people have done it by now. they're getting wet. >> these storms are moving through. not quite at that threat threshold for severe. no warnings out there but you'll certainly know when they move through. >> steamy. >> wind will pick up much the heavy rain. it's needed rain but coming right down saturday night. we'll take the rain at least but here's what we have on the radar radar. this is not a solid line. it is moving through. it's starting to pick up a little speed. one or two severe storms one around allentown no longer severe. talked about that earlier. but as the line continues to push southeast you'll certainly see the wind pick up, the rain come down, maybe even some small hail it's all slowly pushing to the southeast f you're ahead of this you'll be dealing with very heavy rain and gusty winds within the next hour he is special physical you live near i-95. now, warning just came out from
6:32 pm
the national weather service. i think it's from this storm just came down little bit of purple indicates there's some hail as soon as you get hail certain size that could be an indication that it's very strong storm. most likely this warning which was just issued is for this storm here just west of pottstown. it is slowly pushing to the east. so likely seeing some hail and wind gusts close to 60 miles an hour little bit of purple right there indicates a storm is really intensified a bit. it will continue to move into upper montgomery county and this whole line is pushing east. there's one or two strong storms within that line and if you time this moving about 30 miles an hour pottstown right about now moving through now with that severe storm. norristown about 6:56 just before 7:00 o'clock if you're out in wilmington or philadelphia you have to wait until little after 7:00 and these showers and storms move through. maybe not severe as it pushes that was but certainly the potential is there. these storms do contain strong winds as they move through.
6:33 pm
not everywhere. but it's a line trying to get a little organized there. not quite able to do it. but it does move through win the next hour. here it is at 7:30. right through montgomery county, right into delaware county about to push into philadelphia. doesn't quite hold together that well and it starts to break up a bit by 8:30 but it's through philadelphia, moving to mercer county trenton seeing that heavy rain. maybe even a strong storm there a little bit of purple was indicated to could see hail as it moves through parts of new jersey. by 10, 11:00 o'clock tonight it is off the coast and clearing out. and looks like we're quiet for awhile there could be a lingering shower or overnight tonight but certainly not a strong or severe storm. cooler air coming in where the rain moved through the temperatures dropped bit. drop into the upper 60s but stay there. not getting much cooler than that. you could see patchy fog developing by tomorrow morning. more showers in the forecast tomorrow with temperature of 85. maybe not as widespread or severe. but these are pop-up showers by about 2:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
6:34 pm
not everywhere. certainly not that line that's trying to develop now. can't rule out rumble of thunder and certainly they are ice later everywhere we could see rain developing. things will start to change on monday we do have showers in the forecast by monday. but this is all from a front moving through and it actually comes back call this back door cold front. that cold air will return on monday. look at monday morning. you wake up you step outside it's nice and mild about 80 in philadelphia but here's comes the cool air dropping into the upper 60s by 5:00 o'clock temperatures will be dropping throughout the day on monday and this will have a few showers with it. but this is only the start of the week, because we're looking at cooler dry air coming in like we had last week on wednesday. into the 80s then dropping a little bit on monday. still about 80 on tuesday much here comes in dry sunny weather wednesday, thursday and friday. lower humidity and a clear sky means a cool start especially thursday. warms up just a little bit on friday and a few clouds try to
6:35 pm
come back but sunny and dry weather fort end of the weekend that's the start of memorial day weekend. we'll watch that. >> all righty. >> thank you dave. beautiful weather day earlier today at least perfect for watching rowers on the schuylkill river. more than 5,000 rowers from more than 180 high schools taking part in the 89th annual stokesbury cup regatta. thousands line the banks of the schuylkill to cheer on the race the races started yesterday with the final competitions taking place today. and still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, the state of the art test drive. >> google puts its driver less car on the road. what the car has to offer and what you'll have to give up to own one. look at that thing. and this little baby boy is making history. doctors weren't sure if they could save his life. how everything fell into place to make it all happen. >> aww!
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about 200 people. toys r us which bought the store back in 2009 says it will be searching for a new location in midtown manhattan. one that is more affordable. it's been a record-breaking week at christie's auction house in new york city. wait until you hear this. christie's reached a milestone raking in more than $1.7 billion in fine art sales in just one week. officials for the auction house say they also received dozens of huge bids. there were 40 bids above $100 million for picasso on monday night and over 45 bids for a rockwell which sold for $82 million on wednesday. >> google's new self driving car goes for a spin in california this week. this tiny two cedar is more like a pod than car. doesn't have a steering wheel or gas pedal. the car can brake drive on its own and even recognize hazards on the road without any help from humans. google is working toward driver less cars within the next five
6:40 pm
years, but not -- it isn't giving up any details about the possible release date. >> when the technology be ready for people to use it more broadly? well we are not going to rush that and set an arbitrary date. when we're confident in the safety and when people are ready to use them. >> if you kneel the need for speed this self driving car may not be for you. not only does it have to be charged every 80 miles but because it doesn't have any air bags or other safety features, the vehicle can't go any more than 25 miles an hour. >> it look like a toy. >> where would you put your your groceries. >> still ahead on fox 29 news at six could a union 60 years in the making a father and son meeting that you just have to see. >> plus several students are cut from their high school's yearbook. parents are furious. why the school says they were left out next.
6:41 pm
>> coming up tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend with bill anderson and myself something really neat is happening in the poconos. there's a new water park it's actually phenomenal. we're life. >> we've got new research. parents giving their kids apps to teach them or just to get them to shut up? >> you may be surprised. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 8am.
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♪ a 30-year-old woman from washington state getting set for her long ocean voyage. sonya bon steen is hoping to become the first woman to cross the pacific alone. she's been busy loading up her carbon fiber row boat that will make the journey from japan to san francisco. bon steen won't have a sale, won't have a motor she won't even have any other boats following her. weather in the pacific this time of year is also posing very serious threats. >> there's always been seven typhoons so far. it's a little bit concerning but also may be good. i need higher winds to get across faster, and that might -- >> good luck to her. bon steen will hit the water on monday. she plans on using a satellite phone to stay in touch with a team on land and they'll also be tracking her with a gps system.
6:45 pm
a meeting 60 years in the making. >> that's right. an 80-year-old veteran in utah gets the chance to meet his long lost son for the first time in six decades. we're there for the heart warming reunion. >> dennis missed most of his son's life. >> i'm meeting my 60-year-old son for the first time in 60 years. >> after 60 years the minutes crawl. >> i'm sweating like a pig. >> i was just a lone mal recent corporal in core. >> he return from war. 20 years old. >> i did a lot of running around when i was young. >> he said it was like happy days after the war he and his friends cruised from drive in to drive in. >> she happened to be one of the car hospitals at one of -- hospitals at one of them in notice days if you were dating a car hop you were pretty much because they had their pick of men and i dated her.
6:46 pm
>> he didn't know what happened when she moved away. didn't know she was pregnant. >> one thing led to another and i never really saw her and i guess she put that baby up for adoption as soon as she had it. so he has been looking ever since he was 12 years old for his birth father. and that's me. >> you can still see some of the rebellious young marine but at 80 years old dennis fay is a family man. >> with him i have eight sons and two daughters. so i'm very happy man with that big of a family. >> his oldest child had a very different life. >> i was raised as an only child by a very loving family. >> michael went to the naval academy. married, had two kids. looked for his father but only found him with modern technology technology. >> i found his cousin online at -- through a dna site, and she took me off on who -- who my father may be. >> i'm very excited about him
6:47 pm
being here. something out of movies but i'm concerned. >> now five months and 60 years of waiting are over. >> right there. >> right there with the red shirt on. >> it's so much at once. >> trying to keep myself together right now. >> i know the feeling. >> overwhelmed yes. reluctant no. they know there's no time to waste. >> this is probably the most important day of my life. to meet him. i'm proud of him. not many people that would go through what he went through to find me. >> the father request is, you know it's all over myths and legends and stories, you know, from star wars to ancient
6:48 pm
mythology and -- my request is over. >> wow! a mother in utah is heart broken after her special needs daughter is cut from her school yearbook. according to the mom no one in blue peek high school told authorities their children would be included. the school says they told there were not just pages to include the special needs students. the school told local media however, the students were cut from the yearbook because they are in their post graduate years years. >> i love her and i want the best for her. but it bothers me because it seems they've gone back in time to where we're not including them and we're going to tuck them away and say no, they don't
6:49 pm
exist. >> 17 special needs students were not included in the school's yearbook. the school admitting it should have done a better job letting parents know about the change. a baby in san diego is making history becoming the youngest person to receive a heart transplant. >> fox's sharon chen in checks in the incredible young boy and his family during his recovery. >> reporter: six months old santiago arenas bears the scars of a tough life. >> when he was first born he was very very sick. >> he was born with dilated cardiomyopathy. >> his heart muscle was very weak. and with having a lot of trouble squeezeing. >> for his parents it was particularly hard news to take. >> at first i was very in denial. i didn't want to know anything about it. i was just like, i have to go through this again? >> you see the couple had lost their first child to the same disease. but santiago would have a second chance at life.
6:50 pm
>> right after he was born, dr. rocky came in and told us you know what we have a heart that we can help out. >> the problem was finding a heart. >> infants waiting for hearts wait the longest. >> call eight miracle a match was found within months. >> we did get that call in the middle of the night. >> i'm a donor that was the perfect size match for santiago. >> nora thought it too good to be true. >> is this the heart? is this the heart? >> it was. not only perfect in size but even blood type. then it was time to place the heart into santiago. at just three months old not an easy task. >> if you can imagine an infant heart is the size of about a plum. >> as you can tell the surgery a success and the heartbeating strong and giving little santiago and his family new life. >> the people that donated, they have a piece of my heart.
6:51 pm
hopefully in the future shell meet this beautiful baby she made possible for him to live. >> the doctors say with regular checkups baby santiago should be just fine and have a long life ahead of him. sean? >> the phillies giving the city some hope with a three game winning streak. players talk about what is so different these last few games and nhl playoffs reach the conference finals. rangers played a tight game. today was another one. late game action next in sports. ♪
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thanks for coming. we want a spirited performance. who offers the most horsepower? lincoln mkc. we also want clever thinking in a tight spot. anyone offer hands-free in and out park assist? lincoln mkc. bra-vo. the lincoln luxury uncovered event is on. lease the mkc for $329 a month. and for a limited time competitive owners and lessees get one-thousand dollars bonus cash. ♪ the phillies giving us a little hope. football is a long ways away, so this is all we got. what we got right now is a three-game winning streak. the longest streak so far this season. during this stretch this team has been in good position and
6:54 pm
timely hitting. ryan howard struggled big time. during this streak he has reached basis in each game. the guys talk about what they've done over the last few games. >> guys had big hits in the seventh inning. freddie and frenchy got us the lead there and two inning safe. that was pretty awesome what he did out there and those -- overall really good team effort late in the game. >> it's been key for these wins bouncing back and regaining the lead that's good to see those at bats and come in the middle of the game late in the game with clutch hitting. that's good for us. >> final time in the nhl playoffs. rangers were dead to right in the semies but fought back from three-one deficit to beat the capitals. now they're looking like a team of destiny. riding hot streak taking on the tampa bay lightning.
6:55 pm
rangers strike first. 16 seconds left in the second period a couple of shots on goal deflected. derek is there to stick it right back. rangers up one to nothing much in the third the lightning have a power play. andre takes advantage. game tied at one. rangers are used to close games. every play off game they've been has decided by one goal this game no different. dominic moore deflects the shot into the net. the rangers take game one two-one. >> the young guys are starting to take over the pga tour. 21-year-old jordan seats dominated the masters. but the best of the young gun social security clearly rory mcilroy and he went bonkers today. wells fargo championship in charlotte. rory had the best round of his professional career. post add record four.
6:56 pm
he shot a 6111 under par that's just ridiculous. at one point he had five birdies in a row. had 11 on the day. no bow geese. 18 under already. if he's not the best in the world, man, i don't know who is. >> you never think you're going to go under something like that. my seven i were on 17 -- 59, i feel like the best player in the world right now and i wanted to prove that. great move in the at the match plan it trying to keep it going. >> it's been 37 years sips there's been a triple crown winner in horse racing. several times horses have come close. american ballot won the first leg. kentucky derby trying to win part two. rainy and muddy track it was no doubt from the get go. american farrow jumped out to an early lead you'll see it in a minute. winning a big margin.
6:57 pm
35 horses before him won kentucky derby and the preakness. the final leg but the belmont well, that's coming up june 6th and he'll have a chance and american chrome got it done and lost last year. yesterday's pirates/cubs game reminding athletes are human and just as clumsy as the rest of us us. extra innings were in the 12th bases load a pop fly right here. easy play, right. polanco trying to get the ball and his knees just buckle. what happened there guy? his knees go out on him. he falls on his own. look at this 1mo -- look at this this. >> try to stay on his feet. >> what did he trip over? was there a banana peel? i missed it. >> oh, man. let me -- that was an embarrassing play. come on. makes me feel better about myself. >> me, too. >> thanks so much. that's our news for this saturday night at 6:00. >> tmz is next.
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: the game is going to help ferguson heal with the help of mickey d.. >> he bought 100 happy meals for the people there plus he helped plaque the food. >> jennifer lopez. we got her out in l.a. >> did you hear about mar eye rave? she called in sick. >> is there competitiveness there? >> jennifer lopez is better than plarke maker. everyone rah degree in >> in terms of a singer, no contest. >> she acts, sings dances and she's a really nice person. >> gigi had id might have a new boyfriend. looks like joe jonas


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