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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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er summer, now spring. >> and you know, the first day of summer not until the 21st of june. so even with this weekend, it is still going to be spring technically, but because it feels like it is supposed to feel we're going to gave you a ten out of ten for your wednesday. we've got clear skies in the area right now which means we will get plenty every sunday shine 63 degrees, with 10-mile per hour breeze out of the north-northwest. and the breezes will be picking up throughout the day. 56% relative humidity. remember yesterday at about 93%. that's big difference. 5:42 your sunrise time. other temperatures, 49 in mount pocono, 50's to the north of us, mid to upper 60s to the south of us, and we should get to 73 degrees yesterday was 83, so prepare for 10 degrees cooler, and winds maybe gusting up to 25 miles an hour. still breezy overnight with a low of 52. few changes to the seven day forecast, from what we had yesterday. we'll have details coming up of the rye now, it is bob kelly's time.
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high. >> sue, good morning 5:00 o'clock tick-tock curve check. live look at the schuylkill expressway the conshy curve. no problems or delays at all headlight coming around the curve headed inbound in toward philadelphia. no problems along 422 or 202 again, kind of quiet as you work your way out of the suburbs and in toward king of prussia. same deal for the gang in south jersey. 295, left over work crew, right here, near 42. and keep in mind, as we talk about the holiday weekends upon us here, if you haven't been to the shore since lags summer, and you are headed down along the 42 freeway, and that 295 interchange, there is a lot of changes that are have occurred over the last couple of month with the whole construction, new pattern there. so just pay attention once over the walt whitman bridge and headed south down to the beaches this weekend. we're in good shape on the regional rail lines. trenton transit line little extra crowded yesterday. i think the dust will start to set, even itself out today amtrak asela express, and all of the regionals running up and down the northeast
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corridor without a problem. joshua road shutdown between stenton and flourtown. otherwise the turnpike looking good and spring fling tonight well all there today in media. but later on tonight we will be a part of the dining under the stars event along state street. soap state street will be closed for the evening rush hour. between 5:00 and 11:00 in media. and that will also cause some adjustments to the route 101 trolley. bridges look fine, looking good at the airport chris lauren, back to you. >> bob thanks so much. it was a great night for former city councilman jim ken. >> i he defeated his five competitors to secure the democratic nomination for mayor of philadelphia. steve keeley is live at city hall with more on. >> this hi, steve chrissy hear from the photographers when they drive you to the stories you like certain radio station. which one was that. >> i switch between 93.3, right, but in the mornings it is talk, with preston and steve, god bless them, but i want to rock out. so i usually put on 102.9.
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>> did you listen to that on the way into work? >> , no the drive in typically i listen to news talk 1060, or big daddy graham. >> i wanted to make sure you weren't confused if you listen to 102.9 because the overnight dj, jim kinny jim kinny is the overnight dj. >> now i see where you are going with this, all right. >> long way to get to that by the way, but jim kinny he sounds like jim kinny when he says his name. so jim you missed him playing dance the night away, but jim kinny on the air at classic rock jim kenny on the air and on of mo -- move at city hall after ridiculous win. 57% to 24% over his closest competitor, and so i hesitate to even use the word close. because it was far from close. that's more than two to one margin every victory. among the losers, the philadelphia inquirer editorial board who endorsed
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williams for mayor and only had one of the five council at large candidates, that they endorsed, win the primary election last night. among the winners, st. joe's prep that now has its possible third mayor as a former graduate, they had bill green, the mayor in 1980, michael nutter, another st. joe's prep graduate, and now a third one likely, it looks like jim kenny will make st. joe's prep proud. he thanked them among many people last night. >> we all can have the right attitude about how we treat each other whether that person's homeless, whether that person is a ceo after major company, we are human we all need to show each other that respect, and i will tell you, i've said it on stage i will say it now jesuits got me with this. st. joe's prep and the jesuits, just got me with this, made you truly under stands the true happiness and service to others also taught us no matter what station in life we can all serve other. i'm very proud of learning
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that almost like a conductor after orchestra everyone has their talent and skills what they play, city council state legislature, business community, labor community conducting the whole group of people together to make beautiful music as opposed to bad noise. i think that really has the person's job. >> so the surprise came in the at large council races, jim kenny of course left his at large council seat. at large seats for those of you who don't know represent the entire city. so you're pick by all the of the voters in philadelphia, not just in a neighborhood or district. so kenny had won six previous city-wide elections, his seat and four other were up for nomination too and that is where the surprise came. incumbent wilson goode jr. who has been elected three times before, holding at large seat since 1999, lost, that's kind after shocker and the newcomb ers allen dumb, helen gym, and derrick green the three top winners with new ones then two incumbent also with them. so, we will see a change on
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council, and boy how about that the democratic party had three nominees. wilson goode and two other and all of the party backed nominees for council lost. how about that? >> so some big news, by the way, chris another, i don't know if you're old enough, mike would know this, another st. joe's graduate, gibb, from laugh in. >> laugh in? >> mike knows who i am talking about. >> that's going back to what 60s erkle i seven's? >> yes. joe and whirly. golden hawn was on it, you know who she is? >> that's how she got her start? >> yes. all right, she was only like 19. lawyer send like what the heck are you guys talking about? i'll never listen to classic rock either, right lauren? >> correct. >> we did educate her on the marshall tucker band and the almond brothers this morning. >> she probably heard them in orlando, they're southern. >> good point. >> remember you can find the results on our website
5:07 am >> all right, switching gears, happening today, preliminary hearing for the brothers charged in the march 5th murder of philadelphia police officer, carlton hips and ramon williams, accused of gunning down robert wilson iii. during a armed robbery at a game stop in north philadelphia. wilson was postumously promote today sergeant. officials say wilson was in the store buying a gift for one of his sons. and developing this morning, philadelphia police have their hands full investigating shot fired all over the city? >> i mean truly all over the city. the over night shootings happened in five different neighborhoods, leaving two men dead. jennifer joyce on this, liver at police headquarters with more jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. like you said, two men dead and total of eight people shot in all in west philadelphia, it was around 5:30, yesterday when a man and a woman were shot. both victims of gunfire on the 1500 block of redfield street. the 36 year old man was shot in the back and transported to the hospital. but later died. a woman shot in the back side is listed in stable condition
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according to police, no arrest haves been made. less than three hours later in port richmond, two more people were shot on frankford avenue near stella street. police say a 22 year old man who took bullet to the back, didn't make it. a second man in his 20's, suffered a graze wounds to the head. he is in stable condition at temple hospital. no one is in custody. just before 8:30 p.m. 24th district police responded to multiple 911 calls report every gunshot, and persons shot on the highway in the 2900 block of north frankford avenue. on police arrival they found two victims, 21 year old male, shot in the head. police rushed him to temple hospital where he's presently in stable condition, and conscious, and talking. a second male, 22 year old male unconscious on the sidewalk. also, in the 2900 block of frankford avenue. he was shot twice. once in the neck, and once in the torso. police took him to temple
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hospital, where was pronounced dead. >> police say they there were cameras in the area that will hopefully help with the investigation. another double shooting, just before 10:30 on the 5400 block of ringwood street, and dispatchers confirm that two men in their 20's were shot in the leg only one was transported, police say this incident was related to a robbery, two additional shootings roughly between 5:30 and 7:30 last night have two more men in critical condition. chris, lauren? >> yes, police very busy. jenny joyce, thank you so much. >> 5:09 is the time. happening now, police in delaware are looking for a man who grabbed a woman in a rittenhouse park in newark, right by the university of delaware. police say it was just after 8:00 a.m. yesterday when a woman ran past a man who then grabbed her from behind, and tried to hold her. she managed to break free, and once home of course called police. >> kind of scary. i mean, it is in the immediate area of the university. so it is a little bit
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disgruntling. >> you should always do a buddy system in a sense in case something happens to one another. >> well, here is the other thing, too. if you went for a run maybe but your same phone in case you need it call 911. by the way the guy evidently late 20's egger early 30's, bushy beard, wore red plaid shirt and khaki panel. police brought k9 tracking dogs to the park but were unable to locate the suspect. >> new jersey state police asking for the public's help locating a man believed to be involved in a deadly weekend crash on i-295. joseph tightman from burlington new jersey, truck support post, caught fire, registered to him. first responders pronounced another man in the vehicle dead at the scene. he has yet to be identified. >> the engineer of amtrak train 1888 was alone when it derailed on may 12th killing eight people injuring 200 other. railroad unions say amtrak hasn't had a second crew member in its cab in over 30 years. transportation officials say an engineer and additional
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person would serve as check anibal systemment congress ended the requirement for the two train crew, back in 1983. >> the son of vice president joe biden former delaware attorney general beau biden has.hospitalized at walter reed medical center right now officials are not saying what the 46 jerold is being treated for. you'll remember five years ago, beau biden suffered mild stroke in 2013, he had surgery at texas cancer center to remove what was described as small leagues. >> coming up before up hit the road, check your airbags. we've got another massive recall to tell you about. i guess how do you check your airbags, though, right? unless the light goes snob. >> plus the country's second largest city is raising the minimum wage. what workers in l.a. will now be making. >> tonight at 10:00 something for every animal lover, i am talking about older and special needs pets. some abandoned some left by heart broken families. but one group of people is stepping up. and i know these animal store
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stories are beautiful, but what i say is just amazing don't miss it "fox 29 news" at 10:00.
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>> we went from all of your music, to complete silence. >> i would like to hear some hip hop, though. >> what do you want to hear? i'll try to look up a song for you that's pc for the morning. >> lou about the neighbors -- >> we cannot hear that on tv, no. >> ♪ ♪
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>> i want to think about you ♪ ♪ >> judge oh, ja rule. >> on the tip of my tongue. >> no. it was not. >> he's from minneapolis right? >> what makes you think that? >> i don't know, just made it up. >> sue serio? >> you know where we're going for spring fling today? >> going to media pennsylvania. >> you know why it is called media, pennsylvania, well why it is called media? >> because it is halfway between, it's right in the middle of delaware county, the county seat, of delaware county, the courthouse is there. and somebody told me there were more lawyers per capita in media than any other county in the state of pennsylvania. that could be the case. a loft law firms in media. because, well, the courthouse is right there. >> slip and falls are there? >> well, you know, going to the court diner. thus the name. all right, so, little media history there. and now we have the forecast
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for today. for the morning we've got temperatures that will probably be in the upper 50's, if you're headed out this morning. lunchtime, 66 degrees. and then, if you are going to join us in the afternoon or evening, our high temperature 73. that will come at around 5:00 and then see temperatures cool off after that. so not a bad idea to have a sweater, or maybe a jacket, with you ultimate doppler nothing to show you there. because we didn't even get that much precipitation with the cold front. but we are seeing some cooler temperatures had morning, most notably mount pocono. 63 degrees in the city. we have 66 in wildwood. sixty in atlantic city, and the winds are making a difference out there 14 miles an hour, mount pocono. 10 miles an hour in philadelphia, wind are now coming out of the northwest which is where the cooler air comes from. we've got 15-mile per hour winds in wilmington, and no notable wind gusts at the moment but that situation will change. so over the past seven days,
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we certainly saw our temperatures rise, it was 87 degrees monday, 83 yesterday. today, 73 is our high temperature. yes, it does feel like spring again. and little too chilly, i think, for this time of year tomorrow, with the high of 66 degrees. and now we add a stray shower in the afternoon especially, if you're south of the city. you might see a shower on thursday afternoon by friday, 76 degrees, we stay in the 70s through saturday, sunday and then when it starts to get hotter and more humid, 82 on monday. probably pop up thunderstorms bob kelly will come in the afternoon. so the parade, services for the morning for memorial day should be okay. >> well, that's good news. i have good idea, how about 4:00 to 5:00 chris does the dj and pick the songs then 5:00 to 6:00 lauren picks the tunes. >> oh, that's good idea. >> i like that. >> have a little fun here, little dance party. >> i like the way you think. >> good morning, south on 95 headed into philadelphia, disable here, think you're
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having bad start tort morning it, could be worse sitting here on the side of the roadway as gift of life building in the background, giving awe ideament come off 95 into center city, got penndot crew on the way there. sun's beginning to rise, nice pretty sunrise on tap here, live look at the blue route 476, right near route one in delaware county. nice pretty sunrise shot here, over the city skyline. take a look at this, this is a cool shot from the schuylkill expressway right near south street. so kind of quiet on the roadways, for now at least. pennsylvania turnpike, they've been working all night near willow grove and ft. washington. pick up the cones here. ready for morning rush hour. rough day yesterday. the airport, all of the fog that we had and just got started with delays, no delays at the moment on the tote board. so, i think if your area headed out of town today you're in good shape. 422, 202, starting to pick up that normal volume out every collegeville. otherwise all of the bridges look fine. no problems on mass transit. chris, lauren, back to you. >> being that you so much, bob. largest recall in american automotive history. japanese airbag maker takata
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double the number of airbags declaring defective. takata did he significance to add more than 18 millionaire bags to existing recalls, comes following pressure from us safety regulators, airbags installed with popular brands ford, general motors, just to name a few. >> almost 34 million vehicles, that's a monmouth task. it will probably take years to get this completed, to the extent that it will be completed. and, the likelihood is it will never be completed 100%. >> well, that's scary. the chemical that inflates the recalled airbags can explode with way too much force. they're responsible for six of deaths and more than 100 injuries world-wide. city council members in los angeles vote to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2020. it is the biggest city to join the effort so far. but, it is jacky ibanez reports, it is not a done-deal, not yet. >> los angeles is set to become the largest city in the
5:20 am
united states, to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. the city council giving initial approval to a bill that would gradually increase the amount over the next five years, and reach 15 bucks by 2020. >> 9.65 is not enough. fifteen is what we need. and maybe more. >> the ordinance would affect all large employers in the city however businesses with fewer than 25 employees would have an extra year to raise wages. >> wouldn't you be motivated more if you got paid tomorrow, you know, higher than what you are doing right now? so it goes for any kind of position any kind of job. i mean, it is definitely a great incentive. >> council voting in favor of the increase after residents maiden passioned arguments for and against the plan. >> the only way to absorb those costs is to either cut positions, cut hours ought mate, or move, because you simply can't raise your prices to take it in. >> so we say don't leave anybody out.
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don't cut anybody out. a wage raise for all workers? pressure to raise the minimum wage has been building in los angeles and around the country in recent years. other cities such as seattle, san francisco have already passed similar measures. experts say the impact of the increases are still being debated. >> this is an experiment f anyone tells you they know exactly how it is going to go, and exactly where we can do this without any harm, i don't think they will be honest. we are all taking our best shot at this. >> los angeles mayor has been pushing for a wage hike, and says he looks forward to signing the final bill. jacky ibanez, fox news. >> federal minimum wage still at 7.25 an hour. all right police in wako, texas, have figured out a motive for that deadly weekend shooting between rival motorcycle gangs, they say it began with a parking dispute and then someone running over gang member's foot. after about few seconds, 50
5:22 am
weapons were drawn then confiscated, more maybe found once authorities are done analyzing the scene. but officials say the investigation is being hampered by what they're calling quote people not being honest. thousands of passengers bound for boston spent the night stuck aboard norwegian cruise ship run a grounds in bermuda. >> hip a ship, but officials say it is in a stable position they're more than 3700 people, and crew members on board that ship, everyone safe. and the ship does have full power. well, at least you get extended vacation sort of? >> true. refrigerator's cold. that's good. >> still ahead crews are working on cleaning up a massive oil spill off the coast of southern california. what impact it is having on local wildlife.
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>> what miss in southern california crude oil spilled along the coastline after pipeline owned by planes all american broke right there off the coast of santa barbara. residents now, they've been trying to deal with this, right when it happened they called 911 reporting smell of gas in the area. crews dispatched the area, made the discovery took hours to stop it, then, the problem is containing it, then the clean up will begin. >> any oil spill is devastating to the environment. but not something that we can't recover from. for the entirety of this response, our focus is on safety of the responders, and safety of the public. but also, to limit the impact
5:26 am
of the oil to the beach and to the waterways. >> the timing is horrible, right, with memorial day week coming, beaches have now been shutdown, while they tried to clean this up. and no estimate at this point how long it will take to clean up the coast of santa barbara. >> meantime, the city of texas violently rotating winds causing major destruction all over the midwest right now. >> yes, the national weather service in fort worth urging people who live thereto take cover after two tornados rip through the city yesterday. officials say thousands of dollars worth of destruction was left in its wake. but people who live around there, say they're pretty thankful the storm touched down later in the day. >> very thankful that this didn't occur earlier in the evening, because it would have been rush hour, and there could have been four, 500 cars here just getting off of work. >> emergency crews are still assessing the situation, so far no injuries have been reported. that's good news. coming up: what's a sealing doing in south jersey, and he's not at the shore.
5:27 am
how he wound up hundreds of miles from home. >> and later bill takes the cake. bill murray's sweet farewell to david letterman.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> jim kenny the winner. what's next?
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>> cool and comfortable morning for you, will it stay that way? sue has your full forecast. >> what's a seal doing in south jersey? he's not at the shore. in fact, he hundreds of miles from home. but he could be in danger. we'll talk about it, good day everybody, it is wednesday may 20th, 2015. >> should we get right to bus stop buddy see what he's snaring. >> i always love it. >> yes, we put the sweatshirt on this morning, it is breezy out there. it will make it feel even cooler than it is. and temperatures are few degrees cooler than they were yesterday at this time. you really can feel the difference, because the humidity is lower, as well. and we are going with a ten today. because it is right around where we're supposed to be. because it is still spring time. we're getting near the end of may, but still the average high is 75 for this date. we're at 63 already. we have north-northwest breeze at 10 miles an hour, haven't cleared all of the clouds out just yet. but, 56% relative humidity, sound whole lot better than the 09% we had yesterday.
5:31 am
5:42 is our sunrise time, coming up moments from now already, you can see us getting light out. so we've got the clear skies it is dry this morning we're in the lower 60s in the city. fifty's in some of the northern suburbs. then breezes pick up, gusting to about 25 miles an hour, at times, 66 degrees by lunch time high of 73, about 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. and your sunset time, if you are dining under the stars, we won't see stars for awhile, because the sunset is at 8:14, but we hope you'll join just media, for our final spring fling, and then we start the summer stuff on friday when we go to the shore. so much going on bob kelly. >> we don't get a break. spring fling on wednesday, going to the shore on friday? i love it here. good morning everybody on a wednesday, a live look at the intersection of 309 and 202 casino of quiet. i think all hitting the snooze button. got a lot of spring flinging to do later today. south on the roosevelt boulevard, no problems or delays at all coming out of northeast philly headed down toward the schuylkill
5:32 am
expressway. starting to see some volume on the schuylkill inbound, near conshohocken. if you are watching us down the shore where the entire world will be hitting this weekends, no problems on the expressway, the parkway even coming in toward the city on the freeway we're in good shape. new project that began yesterday, this is going to tie us up, joshua road closed between stenton and flourtown road. keep that in mind during the morning rush hour. good to go all aboard the trains here, septa's trenton regional rail line, regular service so far everybody's out of the gaeton time, no problems on amtrak, asela express, and we're in good shape at the airport. i know we had fog delays yesterday. today looks like it will be a good day to fly out of philadelphia international airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> always love when you have good news. bob, six way race, but former city councilman jim ken howe secured the democratic nomination for mayor of philadelphia. >> secured it handily too. city hasn't had republican mayor, since 1952. so this is what, a for gone conclusion, that kenny is our next mayor steve?
5:33 am
is that what the numbers show? >> i would say no way. because the only news that came out since last night's speeches and celebrations and stunning slam-dunk win by jim kenny is that there could be an independence entering this race. and that is another at large cows ill man bill green who will decide real soon whether to run as an independent. so that's why i tell you don't count on anything being anything for gone at this point. of course, if you don't know this already bill green left his council seat, now on the school reform commission, gives him real good working knowledge whatever jim kenny says, is the top issue right now. and that's public education. and as we play a little bit of gem kenny's speech last night as he reads that, look over his left shoulder, you will notice philly future's aoun president jerry jordan with him. >> the challenge that are facing our great city, are under funded public schools
5:34 am
poverty, and a strained relationship between the community and our police. we are also facing tremendous opportunities, all eyes will be on philadelphia with next year's democratic national convention. >> if i'm elect in the november, i need this to help tackle both off our challenges, meet our great poe ten sean. remember, we all must work together if we expect all of philadelphia to move forward together. >> well, jim kenny at large council seat, won't six times was among five up for election on primary night and that's where last night's biggest surprise came. wilson goode jr. another long time council member. three-time council at large seat winner, and another son after former mayor lost. three newcomb ers not backed by the philadelphia inquirer, not backed by the democratic party machine derrick green allen dom, helen gym, all won
5:35 am
proving the power of the people is the most powerful thing every all in a election. lauren chris? >> steve keeley, thanks, remember you you can find all of the rut on our website >> one new jersey lawmaker says proposal to let drivers in his state to let them pump gas running empty in the senate. >> running on tell at this. >> like that. >> yes. >> steve sweeney said recently introduced legislation not going anywhere, as long as necessary charge. he says he sees nothing wrong with the currencies tell, and it is a matter of convenience not safety. new jersey and oregon are the only two states that bar drivers from pumping their own gas. >> you know, i lived in oregon. it is great. it rains all the time there. you never have to get out of the car. >> and coal here. >> how about let's stay in jersey, jersey shore is ready for beach season. so say the experts. massive sands replentishment projects relatively calm
5:36 am
winter, turns into not much errosion this winter, in fact, more beach. so, new jersey's beaches are in great shape for the start of the summer season, and experts say the forecast for tropical storms this summer is mild. in the meantime, us army corps of engineers is widening beaches along much of the state's 127-mile coastline. >> all right the picturesque dock along the rancocas creek how, i should say hoses an unusual wildlife creature, hundreds of miles from home. we're talking about this seal. >> a harbor seal snapped hanging out on the dock for couple of hours came back the same night. seals like this usually live in oceans, so finding them from a fresh water creek is considered to be extremely rare. biologists tell us it is specially rare this far away from salt water. >> from actual ocean, a hundred miles. we're a long way away. that's a lot of swimming for a seal. >> that's a lot of swimming. the food must have been good. >> most likely herring fish
5:37 am
lured the seal so far away from home, and expert say it must have been traveling for at least three weeks. >> that must have been tasty fish, that herring. >> man! >> to go that far? >> 5:37. coming up: warning for the next time go shopping to get a new outfit. the first thing you better do when you get those clothes home in your closet. >> and, where dot sixers end up in the nba lottery? we'll finds out next in sports.
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>> oh, the phillies string ended last night their winning streak. >> good morning i'm howard eskin, owners meeting taking place in san francisco. one of the reasons the own remembers thereto look at possible new rules. one new rule did pass. the kick for the extra point will now no longer be from the 2-yard line. the team chooses to kick for the extra point. they will move it back to the 15. if they choose to go for two points, it will still be at the two. but the defense can now score if they return it. new england patriots owner robert kraft very unhappy with the penalties from deflate gate. threatened appeals maybe legal action, but after talking to the commissioner, he realized he had no chance, so yesterday he surrendered. he will now except the league
5:41 am
penalties. but tom brady still has his appeal. nba draft lottery, sixers had the thirds worse records and they got the thirds pick in the draft lottery. the surprise, the lakers, will get number two and the new york nicks will get number four. that's not the way sam hinge i planned it. because he thought the sixers could have gotten three in the first round. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> so much like last year, we will get the third pick. >> coming up: another popular destination, cracking down on the selfie sticks. >> and bill murray says good-bye to david letterman the stunt only he could get away with.
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>> good morning, welcome back, live look at the pocono mountains, clear up there like it is clear down here, sue serio? >> yes, in fact it, got chilly there first cool air moving in from the northwest, they get it before we do. >> we'll get your full forecast in just a minute. first, we have to passalong a programming note. in fact, spring flinging today in media. i think alex holley called it flinging fun? >> all over the place yes everywhere. >> so in the 7:00 hour of good day, we will be at court diner, baltimore avenue. fast forward to 8:00, we will be at the coffee corner on jackson street, and then, at 9:00 we will be live from the rose tree park. >> lauren johnson, not done
5:45 am
there. from 5:00 to 6:30 at night live from dining under the stars at state street, also at pinocchio pizza on baltimore avenue. come on down, say hello. >> i like took around food establishments. >> or beer? >> exotic beers. >> over craft beers? >> yes. >> so you'll like it there. and they're celebrating, i believe, their 06 ' anniversary. >> yahoo. >> nothing to show you on radar, but going back to yesterday, to see the one little stray storm that came across chester and delaware counties, little lightning, to the south of us, we really didn't have allowed time of it. >> this is thursday, 1:00 p.m., see southern storm casino of sneaking through virginia but, will be on the northern part of that storm so, in the afternoon you
5:46 am
could see stray shower or two and we may not get anything in philadelphia, but we'll see some clouds. but if you you're down in delaware, maybe at the jersey shore, little bit after shower especially in southern delaware you're most vulnerable to. that will should be gone by 8:00, 9:00 at night, then ready for more sunshine on friday. so there is your 49 degrees in mount pocono. it did get cooler there. fifty-five allentown, 57 in pottstown, and 63 here in the city. so cooler air from the northwest, starting to filter in. we've got 10-mile per hour breeze in the city, but 15 miles an hour in wilmington and 14 miles an hour in mount pocono. so the winds will factor in to how it feels outside today. i think for many of us, it will be sweater weather. specially this evening. >> yesterday, 83 today 73, cooler tomorrow, with the chance of the stray shower in the afternoon. you will probably need that
5:47 am
sweater or jacket on thursday. then we are back in the 70s on friday, if that's the day you're starting your holiday weekend. seventy-two on saturday, 78 sunday, memorial day i think it will be fine. except for late afternoon and evening, maybe pop up thunderstorm or two after we get to 82 degrees. all-in-all not the hottest holiday weekends, bob kelly but should be very prep. >> i holiday weekends nonetheless. 5:47. good morning, here, in west chester, this is a live look, this tractor-trailer went off the roadway, southbound lanes at 202, just past high street. right therefore the campus of west chester university. so as you are headed south on 202, it is that sharp curve where 202 and 322 kind of come together. obviously, didn't handle the sharp curve very well off into the woods here. traffic still getting through so we will keep an eye on, that see if it ties us up
5:48 am
through the rest of our morning rush hour there. here is a live look at disabling, when you come off 95 into center city, philadelphia right here kind of sitting on to the shoulder there. and then checking the rest of the major roadways, looking live at 422, starting to see some volume pop here from collegeville, in toward royersford, as the sun begins to rise there in the background, good morning to delaware, no problems up and down 495 this is right near route 13 lower end every route 13, down near wilmington. and then the eastbound schuylkill expressway, right before you get to the walt whitman bridge, disable, they have all lanes temporarily block right now, right there by broad street. so, give them another minute or two. and i think we will be in good shape headed into new jersey, if the sirens are waking you up here this morning, and the spring garden section of the city, fire location, along hamilton between ninth and tenth streets, so use spring garden, as the alternate. looking good on mass transit. septa's trenton regional rail line, first trains out of the
5:49 am
gate looking good. no problems on amtrak's northeast corridor. chris, lauren, back to you. >> all right bob thanks so much. 5:48 this morning, warning for shoppers, if you would like to just rip off the tag jump into the outfit that you just bought, think about again. >> health experts say there is something you need to do before you put it actually on. so here's more on this from. >> just because you're clothes may still have the tags on them, doesn't mean they're fit to wear. determine tomorrow gist cents say even adults should wash their new clothes before wearing them. see patients come in all the time that say they went to new store, tried something on, even actually in the dressing room and you know, came out and a couple of days hand a ring. >> dermatologist doctor angela lamb with mount sinai hospital says the reaction can often be a bumpy red itchy rash. she says there are number of culprits when it comes to new clothing allergens. >> so the most common thing that would gave you a reaction from new clothes are actually things called for mailed high releasers that they coat
5:50 am
clothing in. and that's what really react with your skin. it is usually bad or sometimes also the dyes. >> not just chemicals dermatologists are worried about, either there. have been instances where new clothes have transmitted lies. >> i work in a hospital. so a lot of times i wash my clothe before. brand new clothes. >> brand new clothes. >> lori and jude have i also been washing their new clothes for as long as they can remember. >> just in a store, and i don't think it is that good, you know, like clean. >> right? how about you? >> yes. >> get the chemical smell out of them, yes. >> how much there is expect and the mom said she knows you're supposed to wash baby clothe. brand new clothes, you should wash them. did you know that? >> new york i didn't know that. i am not aware that far. >> you are a doctor yourself. >> yes. >> doctors say run through one cycle may not even be enough. so make sure to rinse twice. >> comedian bill murray sets a
5:51 am
new record on the late show. >> all right, hopping out after cake last night bill murray paid his 45th visit to david letterman, while caring good-bye dave sign, covering in frost being, gave the long time hossa bearhug. >> letterman saying good-bye after 22 years. twenty-two years at cbs. tonight steven cobair will take over in september. >> colbert? >> but he says it as cobair. >> kanye west said abc went overboard in sensoring. released statement yesterday apologizing to viewers for being unable to enjoy his performance. you know behind all of the flames and the smoke remember that? he says he was quote grossly over sensored, he says, some of his lyrics were muted for 30 seconds which
5:52 am
misrepresented his voice. well, that song has a lot of bad words, i think. so far abc hasn't commented on west's statement. >> singer sam smith is recovering from vocal cord surgery in boston. surgery was needed to stop a recurring problem vocal cord bleeding yes he filled out no cards for his except tan speech sunday at the billboard music awards. his doctor apparently pioneered these types of procedures says the soul full singler make a full recovery t also celebrating his 23rd birthday yesterday, by the way so he is so young to have these kind of problems. >> see that's a guy hughes music we could play here on the show, no bad words. so soul full. >> ♪ ♪ say you love me ♪ ♪ >> that the song? >> something like. that will still ahead: it is called the happiest place on earth. >> fox 29 morning show. >> there is a new rule that could make visitors frown in theirself eels. what you cannot do any more at some part of disney world.
5:53 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. cause i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom fellow saver i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. if you have a question about money, ask me. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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5:55 am
>> ebola put sunrise there over the ben franklin bridge in the background, all right disney says, mo more selfie sticks. most magical place on earth is
5:56 am
the latest venue to ban selfie sticks, parks officials say the sticks pose a threat to rider safety. here's why. the apparently number of incidents where this was a problem. disney says, greeter at ride entrances will be asking folks to hey put them away. coming up: jim kenny wins the democratic nomination for mayor of philadelphia in a landslide. we'll have a live report from steve keeley on his victory. and a massive airbag recall, takata doubles the number of airbags it is calling defective. we'll tell you which cars are affect the is it one of them yours? ken a
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
jim kenny wins the primary in a landslide and will be the democrat running for philadelphia mayor of course republicans won but we don't mention t what he wants to do away with in this sit of philadelphia. >> one of the usual you you'll have to take on violence in the city teamly violent night if philadelphia, leaves two people dead, number of other shot. the investigation into all every those. >> and that massive airbag recall just got bigger.
6:00 am
takata, doubles the number of airbags, they're calling defective. like 35 million vehicles, my goodness, how long it could take to replace millions of airbags. >> millions. >> speaking of airbags i'm mike jerrick. >> good morning mike. >> good to see you. >> i'm declaring this a holiday. >> why? >> i don't glow. >> because you wanted to wear a sweater today? >> because you said it would be sweater weather today. i'll pull it out one more time. >> i like the way you imitate me. >> it is going to be sweater weather. >> it is spring fling day. >> by the way spring fling day in media, delaware county (is it called media? whether i first came here with 62 years ago media what's that? we are part of the media. >> right. >> so that's the name after town. >> why do they call it media? >> i explain about an hour and a half ago. but we have new people now. >> do you think i was up an hour and a half ago? please. >> this is


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