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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 22, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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bakery in northeast philadelphia. thank you, guys, for end ising the cake here by the the way. >> look a at that as we zoom out this is a pack man cake. >> yes good do you see it, maybe. >> there we go. >> there is the pack man. >> hey. >> he looks mighty yummy right now. i guess this is karma, he is always eating everybody in the game and new we should eat him. >> take this pack man. >> there we go. >> these are big slices. >> hello. >> where willie put it in in your mouth. >> thank you. >> thinks where we say good day, it is friday, may between the second, 2015. so list of best beaches in the the country is out florida is on the list but you may be surprised to hear what beach ranks better than florida. speaking of movies... george clooney's new movie tomorrow land hits theaters this weekend. oterry's, this is good cake. what does our movie guy think
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about the movie. we will check with kevin mccarthey. jen, good morning to you. you are already down the shore. >> i love this guy. he is a friend of bus stop buddy, we have been looking for him. we cannot fine him. you know quincy loves a ride. we will go into wonder land and speaking of which quincy and i have something we want to tell but in a few minutes. we're both afraid of something. if you see buddy tell him we're looking for him. >> in need of something. >> that can be so many things. >> all right. 9:01 is the time. how about this, claim ago rest maggie gyllenhaal is calling out hollywood on ageism. >> she was told she's too old to play love interest opposite a five five-year old actor in the movie. >> what is that 18 year difference, 37 and 55. >> yes. >> career rejection and social pressures might be a reason another celebrity has been guarded about her real age. australian reporter revealed
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pitch perfect star rebel wilson is lying about being in her 20's. she's claim she is 29, in past interview but they went and found official documents that she she was born in the 1980 making her 35 years old. >> there has got to be a double standard here. george clooney gets better looking every year, he's this his 50's. >> he gets young women. >> he married a model in her 30's. >> let's bring in jen fred. is it ever okay to lie burr age, jen. >> yes, it is okay to lie about your age every single day. you know why it is okay because people ask you about your age. if people would quit asking, people wouldn't have to havely about their age. i love rebel wilson story. i heard you talking about mackey gyllenhaal but rebel wilson has been lying saying she has been in her 20's. she's lying about her name. guys, i will tell you this, brody fredrick is at school, people ask brody fred being how old his mom was, all the
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time, all the time. i get sick of having to answer that question. i told brody when he was born i was 20 years old which makes me nine years old. so, you know, yeah, laugh all you want, okay. so when he goes to school on moth ers day and he writes in nice thing about my mom writes in that she's 29. >> but i think it is double standard they are talking about too where it is men verse women especially in the public eye. >> yeah. >> it really is. bay jawz famously lied about his age. >> really. >> yeah. >> men do it too. >> i think in this situation again, in one asked what your weight is. in one asks about your height. in one is saying is what your bra size. there are very very personal things, you know, no one says what is your address. i feel like let's get the age thing out of there because as you know there are people that are 19 years old that act as
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though they are 85 and there are 85 years old that act as though they are 17. >> it is important you mention that had when it comes to 18 years old acting older because it goes both ways. whether you are trying to look, or say you are younger or saying you are older. i get asked a lot how old are you. i was afraid, never ask someone how old they are. that is considered rude. they always want to know. >> lauren dawn johnson she reads to some kid in north philadelphia once a week and the question that she gets from the kid at least when she first started doing this all at once they asked how old are you. she said her age. she makes no secret the fact that she's in her 30's. then she says why aren't you married. then how much money do you make. all at ones, age spousal situation, a and money. >> but to me it is when adults. i'm talking about adults. they come right out and say how old are you. >> little kid ask questions that are crazy awesome but when my children are are at a
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pool and another woman walks up to my child and says how oldies your mom. i'm right here, come ask me. you want to know. i will lie. but at least come up and ask me. >> jen, do you think kids at the the school were prompted by their parents at the pool, classic. >> it wasn't a mom it was a mom. >> a mom. >> i thought it was a kid. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> i kind of feel for actresses. you feel you are discriminated against because of your age and you have to do what you have to do. >> you know, the other thing is we lie about everything, okay. my hair is not this color blon. i put stuff in it. we are bleaching our teeth. we are putting on fake eye lashes. everything is fake. >> oh, my gosh i don't know about everything being fake now. >> you put on a mask, really. >> jen, thank you. >> people will be weighing in. i'm trying to check in with
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twitter to see. >> on twitter guess how old alex is on twitter. >> no, let's not do that. >> i see it as are you assuming i am looking young. i look like a kid to a lot of people to me it implies i'm in the qualified or i can't do it. that is is the the part i have an issue f someone is qualified and they are doing the job and they are handling their business, then let them handle their business. it shouldn't affect how old a person is. >> i think you just moisturized well. >> i dip from the fountain of youth. >> i found it, i will not tell you where it is. >> there is some new words that can be popping up on the scrabble board. >> 6500 new word to be exact chris. >> how do they come up with that many new word. >> these are word that people are already using so let's just put it in the game. >> board game is trying to stay hip. you can now use word like, sizzle new that will get you you, 18 points because of the
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second z is a blank. >> the the first deal gets you ten. eighteen points totallal. how about twerking, twerking is accepted. >> really. >> along with radick, truncated from ridiculous and obs. >> is totes in there. >> totally. >> and hash tag new has a place in the game too. so fox 29 weekend will be excited when they play scrabble now. so face time also sexting and emoji. >> is there a j in emoji so another ten points just for the j. >> you are the scrap will he will expert. >> i'm learning. >> you better spell emoji next time. well decision to breast feed is very personal. >> new moms do not enter into this lightly. it is something they need to consider. >> one super model is holding her cover on the cover of the el le australia but another cover she wishes she could see showing her bless feeding her child during the photo shoot. that version is only available
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to subscriber. she posted it on instagram that it is something she calls so beautiful natural would be viewed as controversial. >> so karen, you have three young ones. what do you think about this. >> i think it is great. i breast federal all of my kid. i mad boys for a long time for about a year and a half. they are pretty big little people. but speaking of hash tag being enter into scrabble there is a whole hash tag about normal icing breast-feeding. this is something had only 40 percent of women do. the just trying to get that image out there other celebrities have done this. remember when gi set bundchen was doing that and everybody is pampering and she had a picture with her baby. it is something that breast-feeding is one of those odd things when you are doing it, you think it is normal and natural but to watch it, it can be odd. i think seeing it regularly yeah. go ahead. >> i think that is part of it. it is generational. we have two kid. my wife also breast fed i
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remember my mom handing her a blanket, or a coat i think off of her back it was saying hey, through go. well, it is interesting because i think my mom's generation a lot of them didn't breast feedback in the 60's and 70's. now so many woman choose to do it and it has a generational divide. what are your thoughts on that. >> completely. back in our moms, they are about the the same age, they told them not to breast feed. they told them they should be bottle feeding that was best nutrition. they were heavily discourage. we have come full circle that it prevents asthma, and boost iq's and oning. they want to make sure everyone is brought to the table, if you can. not every person can do this. there is many reasons why women don't. don't be all judgey if they can or they have important reasons for not doing it. that is their choice. for people that want to they should be encourage and supported. i did view those baby olay or
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whatever to cover up, if you are modest. not everyone is, you know, um, um, you don't want it all out there. >> it gets awkward for the guy, i mean, more and more is accept. it happened the other day at the gym, in the lobby area. women is getting ready to do this. a as a gentlemen you just turn your body and reposition because, you don't want to, you want to give her some space. i respect the fact that she needs to feed her baby but at the same time, you have to avert your eyes, reposition yourself. >> well, thank you karen. >> to not be totally creepy. >> also breaking news, it is getting beautifully amazingly warm outside. it was cool but that has all change. i have delayered. >> delayered. >> don't delayer too much because we're just talking about breast-feeding, thank you. >> oh, chris. >> viewers of last night's
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tonight show took a trip back in time to 1989, jimmy fall on and dwayne johnson donned their caps and gowns and they took the stage and gave parting word about their future. here's some of it. >> it is time for us to say good bye. once we leave a lot of us will never see each other again. one day we are all keep magical bullet with a bunch of faces in it. what would you even call that. >> i know what i would call it, i call it a big stack of never going to happen. >> you disagree, too bad. that is my prerogative. >> so how do you even an 80's graduation speech, by performing bon jovi's living on the prayer. >> and john bon jovi he was just here at rutgers/camden giving the graduation speech, the the commencement speech and he received an honorary doctorate for his humanitarian
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work. then he breaks out not living on a prayer but his new song reunion and he did it live. >> it sounded so great. >> fun to be here. sue, we have to find out bus stop buddy is he there with you did he make it. >> we will go to the seven day forecast, you know what to expect for holiday weekend and hope begins hope we will see him soon. high of 75 today. seventy-two tomorrow. closer to 80 by sunday. lots of sunshine those three days. even on monday but then we have a chance of thunder wait wait, can you come back to me on the boardwalk in ocean city. i'm looking down the boardwalk abe what do i say could it be a miata5, with your buddy quincy, do you see who is here. >> let's go greet him, okay, all right. >> he is here, he is here. >> i hope he is not too mad at
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me. >> they is, bus stop buddy, look at that vehicle. wow. that is an amazing car. >> buddy buddy buddy buddy. >> buddy. >> buddy, are you mad at me. >> he is upset with me. >> please, i beg you, forgive me, i forget, i was so excited about being at the the shore. >> hug me out. >> he put his seat belt on. buddy always wearing his seat belt and he always wears his sun screen on his bald head, right? right. we cannot forget our sun screen on a beautiful day like that. high five it for me. we are ready for a fabulous holiday weekend now that buddy is here. now i think we're ready to
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have some fun. we're going to find some fun on the ocean city boardwalk and we will be back in a few minutes but alex and chris, he is back he made it. i'm so happy. >> so glad he made it. >> he forgave me. >> that is important. >> forgiveness is so important. >> what a nice less than today from bus stop buddy fine acting job by sue serio all morning long. >> now they can run down the beach. >> it will be beautiful this weekend. however, you may want to take a break and catch a new movie or two. maybe staying in town. you need something to to with the the kid. >> there are two movies hitting theaters to day, remake of the thriller poltergeist and tomorrow land disney's action adventure film >> i saw this place this place
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is amazing. it felt like anything was possible. and then it was gone. >> what do you want. >> i want to you take me to the place i saw when i touch this. >> where did you get that. >> i know that you were there. >> who are you kid. >> that does look good. >> kevin mccarthey, what is up with tomorrow land and is it modeled after that ride at disney world. >> yes, good morning alex and chris good to see you as always. movie tomorrow land is by brad byrd, he direct the incredibles, mission impossible, gross protocol which was incredible film with tom cruise actually hanging off the side of the building and crawling along with his hand on the glass incredible. tomorrow land you are dealing with this idea of the
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mysterious world and the lead star rick robert son find ape pin that transports her to tomorrow land and while there she essentially realizes that it is somehow affecting the real world real world we're living in. she team up with george clune toy save the day. very convoluted plot, very hard to explain on the air but knowing less is better about going in. it is very under whelming in the sense you look at films lining incredibles and mission ill possible they were so incredibly great. this feels like a major step down. i love him as a film maker. i admire his originality as a director. i felt like movie never had emotional pay off that i wanted in the even. for me it is a kid movie family film pg, but way too over the top for kid in my personal opinion. very highly interesting film just from the sense of there is a lot going on and the writer of the movie also wrote lost. it is very confusing. i gave i had two and a half
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out of five. major step down, but i did speak to brit robinson but she has been in the half movie call the lodgees yard with scott east wood but earlier she when as brittany robert son until a director told her that name might in the work in hollywood. listen to this. >> i was 15, just done a movie and i think director told my manager at the time, i don't know if brittany is a great name. brittany is very popular. so they were like why don't we just go with brit. i was just going with the flow at the time. it was just easier for people to attach themselves to the brit instead of brittany. i like it now. >> yeah. >> that is brit robert son the star of tomorrow land. it is fascinating how a name can mack a difference in the sense of the star. i know it happens in tv but i find that to be really strange. >> yes. >> interesting, as they change their names so many times in
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hollywood. >> in hollywood these days they are going back to the future. redoing movies like psycho poltergeist, i am old enough remember seeing this for the first time in the theater, i believe what in the early 80's 81, come to the light. when you compare the two trailers the the way the the show tomorrow land verse old poltergeist, it is unfair when they do sci-fi type films because they can do so much more with computers. >> yes, it is interesting you say that because with the original poltergeist that came out in 82 the effect is still hold up in some ways because a a lot of them were practical. a lot of the things that were moving they really did that stuff. with the new film, it is just a pointless remake in the sense of it is not a bad movie, it is well made from a production actors, sam rockwell similar story, they are in the house young girl
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deaths abduct. watch original over weekend instead, why waste ten 12, $15 to see it when you can watch original by speilberg who wrote and produced the movie and so much better and scarier and still holds up today as a movie that works. i gave this two and a half out of five just like tomorrow land. skip both of these in theaters. i got to say one thing because i didn't review this last week on the show, go see mad max: fury road. i have seen it three times. one of the best action movies i have ever seen in my life. >> that is another remake. >> no, no mad max is not a remake. it is think of it like james bond just continue the character not a remake. >> yes. >> different plot. >> new actor. >> five stars. >> my first five out of the five of the year, absolutely mind blowing, so go see it, it is a movie that is a game changer in the action world incredible. >> but not necessarily for the
9:20 am
kid, it gets violent. >> not for the kids. looking for movie for kid this weekend, represent paddington, that movie was inn chris be. i loved paddington so much. >> we love you. >> kevin mccarthey thanks. >> bye alex. coming up just in time for summer, list of the the best beaches in the country is out are you heading to one of these this weekend? now, rehoboth is on this list. we will see fit is on it again this year.
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all right. mark your calendars for july, 21st king of prussia mall because at fourth inn market just outside our studios they are giving away a screening pass to two people the two movie pixels. >> pack man. >> it is a great day for pack man because it is his birthday today. >> yes. >> here is the the deal, oterry's italian bakery right off the boulevard in northeast philadelphia sent this delicious cake in.
9:24 am
earlier we did a pay back to pack man. >> we are returning the favor. >> so, over there where we have our weather computers our new intern jayson michael is salivating. so get over here man. welcome. where are you from. >> mississippi. >> welshing welcome to fox 29. >> all right. >> there you go. >> try not to touch it with my hand. >> this is fantastic. >> enjoy. >> do you like playing pack man. >> yes. >> so much fun. >> so dick to it it is great. >> good to have you here. >> welcome. >> welcome. >> lets talk about the best beaches, because a lot of people are trying to go to the beach this weekend. >> yes, so the doctor, or i should say director for the the international university, we will get to that in a minute. will we look the the at the list of beaches. >> he is the one who put together this research. >> coastal research for the top three. doctor beach. >> that is what it is. >> so coming in, third place is saint george, island state park in florida. beach is known foyer powdery
9:25 am
super white san. >> florida beach snagged second beach it is barefoot beach in boneita springs. it is perfect for swimming because of the gentle waves which are measured in inches. >> um-hmm. >> and how about this one this is, bay beach, of course, in hawaii, and it is, the white carol san covered by tur companies blue waters that help catapult this beach to the top of the list. >> isn't a that nice. >> where is rehoboth. >> yes. >> we have to look at the list and see. >> we have to talk to doctor beach, i need to see his research. >> i have to find out what his title is next as well. >> lets get to karen because you are at the river rink, karen. >> here's the the thing i thought it was just skating at river rink just like people that don't like to ski and hang out in the lodge. is there a lodge here. we have garses food, beer and we have the hand crafted
9:26 am
candice from shane. we will try some of this the even if you don't like skating we have tons to do. we will show it to you all after the break.
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>> it is 9:30 this friday, looks the sun is out, there is a slight breeze. >> and we're showing the american flag, because it is memorial day remembering the great men and women who defended our country, and ensured our freedom. thank you for your service. you're probably familiar of course with the river rink that opens up every winter right there at the waterfront. >> but last year it was really transformed during the win near winter fest, so besides ice skating there was a lodge with games being and food, they had fire pits, could you make smors their family went there couple of times with my family. well now the river rink that
9:30 am
is been thawing out now time for summer fest. looks like the summer version. >> oh, look at that. karen hepp skating backyard. >> oh, yes looking -- rocking it old school. straight out every junior hi, holding hands like skating all around, you like the boy or the girl. >> with the disco ball. >> is dj jazzy jeff still there? heard he was last night. >> i think he's coming tonight. they're having huge party. still putting all of the finish touches on, you know, the whole ring right now drying it o we got these guys out here working so hard. so come out here, and skate. this is amazing, to be right on the war, take a look, right here next to the ship. so here is the ship. you got joggers going by. we have amazing food options here as well. we've got whole they don't call it beer garden but basically grownups, beer garden even if you don't like to skate come down with the kids plenty of places for you to get a snack.
9:31 am
jody, back over here, milk man the person that create all of these wonderful events, and publicize z them. for people, i thought roller skating, i don't know, maybe i wouldn't come down, this is over the top awesome. what kind of stuff happening down smear. >> tonight we will have dj jazzy jeff watch better to skate, roller skate to your favorite tunes, specking hundreds of people to come out today, enjoy, so much to do. eat, drink, you can go down to the park, boardwalk, come back weaver games. we have play skates. we have a lodge. it is awesome. >> i love because right over hereby the see port museum being all of the action aquarium across the river, so much fun wet choir not be more beautiful. the price is right. how much does it cost for me if i want to go skating? >> if you are indeed dependence blue cross holder, it is free, all season long, summer and winter, but only $3 to skate if you have your own skate, great, if not rent skates down here too. it is a really easy affordable family experience. favorite candy shops
9:32 am
hopefully i won't -- i'm not jenn fred with the nice, you know, ya. who hi, how are you good to see you? >> what do you have for us? >> what do you have for us? >> this is raspberry cotton can't i whirly burley fudge salted carmel. >> first time that you'll be down here at the ring? >> it is yes. so america's oldest candy store, right up on 110 market. our first time down at the river rink, super excited. >> so great option, so you don't need to go down the shore, you don't need to go down the mountains don't even need to go to your backyard, have a great time with your friends, family, for all ages as they say there is time, you love the skate. what the what the. there go alec, i'll see you out here. >> yes, you will. >> bringing the kids down, chris murphy. >> with dj jazzy jeff, that will be rocking. all we weed now is the fresh prince. bring will smith job that would be a reunion. >> a lot of fun. disneyland celebrating 606 -- 60 anniversary as the party
9:33 am
kicks off there. >> ♪ ♪
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>> skyfox live over a cow yes, found on 295 hamilton, new jersey, mercer county. now they're trying to figure out how to get continue side this truck here. >> i just googled how much a cow waist, they weigh anywhere between a thousand and 1800 pounds. >> geez, so they have to tranquilize it. >> exactly, got it off the side of the road evidently now they have to get it over that barrier and into the back of this truck. >> hum. >> this is such good live shot, i think we'll milk it for all it is worth.
9:37 am
if mike jerrick was here, woe say it is utterly ridiculous. >> why don't they just tell it to margorie margoles-mezvinski mmve over. >> let's steer clear that far. >> oh, still going. >> still going. >> i don't think i have any more. wait no, no more. >> nothing? >> i got nothing. >> all right academy award winner receipt whitherspoon things it is time someone pay attention to tinker bail. will be the fairy in the upcoming movie pink. script still being written but, tinkerbell now has her own movie. she a star. >> i'm sure i'll be forced to see continuing, having i have a seven year old daughter, so let's hope it don't sting. >> making dreams come through for nearly six decades now. >> today disney lands kicks offer big 60 anniversary celebration. we have a look what visitors can expect. >> so guests of the theme park will get fully i am messed experience and reflection of disney pales. the park's spans eight an acres consisting of eight theme lands, 55 attractions
9:38 am
updated fireworks show, electrical light parade, water color show, new cast member, who is joining in to help narrate the wonderful world of walt disney. >> exciting before it is part of the park, and to know that every night i get to rep event. >> disney fanned celebrating its diamond anniversary with actors you just saw, neil patrick harris, since opening in 1955, more than 700 million guests have visited the king of theme parks. when was a young man in, see 1977 we moved to southern california. so the park at that point was what 22 years old? every summer we would have people come visit us judging to go see disney lands. so i went to disneyland like 06 times as a kid. every time they came to visit i would go with them. cheap back then. >> i can't imagine disney lands being cheap.
9:39 am
>> now, a lot more than that. >> it is really great. >> another thing that struck me always so clean. >> yes. >> whether you go it disney world or disneyland. jenn fred, you have had the kids down to disney worlds few times, i'm guessing? >> no. one time, three hours. i believe in real florida i can hear you. we are having so much fun. we go to wonder lands. >> i feel like we're in the parade. i feel like we're in a parade. we want to thank our sponsor mazda, check out this 2015 mazda. can jen drive? i think she can. we'll be back, going to wonderland. hey, buddy!
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>> welcome back at 9:42, popular south philly restaurant wants to wish drivers a hey start to the memorial day weekend watch are they doing? if you're headed east on the a.c. expressway, chickie's and pete's will pick up your 3-dollar tab at the egg harbor toll. part of promotional event coinciding with the rush of holiday travel. remember, it is free today right in the heart of the rush from 5:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. for one hour there. that is not the time, however you want to be in that traffic. so, at least the three bucks will make you feel little better. >> true. at least you have little more money in your pocket. >> yes. >> chances are if you've been to atlantic city you've ridden a jitney. been around for 100 years now. in honor of their anniversary riders will only be charged 5 cents. and that's the original cost
9:43 am
of the ride. now, if they travel between one and 6:00 p.m. today only, 5 cents. with the crew down at the shore, going to wonderland? >> i just remember i hate roller coaster. >> you love this. >> but he's cheering me on. >> yes. >> he for gave me. all is well. >> larger than life, worried about how tallest. >> he's so big. >> okay, so we're okay with this, sue little afraid. as we get ready to do this. quincy and i both of us, were given the same assignment from the assignment desk. >> on tuesday. >> on tuesday. and we both said no. >> about massive roller coasters. >> you're not supposed to say what it is. you're not supposed to. quincey? we're trying to get people to go on the fox 29 app to see what we're talking about. >> oh, okay. >> listen go on the fox 29 app. that is massive thing. are you ready for this? called the wonder worm.
9:44 am
>> we did do this. >> wacky worm? >> the wacky worm. >> wacky worm roller coaster. >> can you handle it? >> are you ready sue? can we hole onto our mike's? look at the sales guys here for fieldtrip. hi sales guys. let's do this. thanks for being by link all today. >> (speaking spanish). >> adios. >> very expensive. no, it is not that expensive. here we go. >> you never will again. >> how is sue holding up? sue, are you okay? >> sue how are you? (view crying).
9:45 am
>> guys! >> is she crying? >> sue is crying. >> she's been acting all morning. >> say hello to everyone that we met on the boardwalk. there are so many -- look, hey, it is great. >> party. >> oh, look at this! >> ahh! >> and down we go! ahh. >> oh, sue, come on, sue! can they make it go faster? >> it is a caterpillar chris. >> yes. >> exactly, it is that's a great point. that's as slow as they comement caterpillar. >> sue, did you okay. >> that's a kitty ride. >> i'm going for the acting award this morning. you know, just roll with it. >> give her an emmy. >> so who is behind you? >> wonder the mascot of wonderland. >> oh. when you come by tonight, i bet you will have a big crowd tonight? >> oh, yes very, very busy night tonight. >> all right we look forward to it. >> i want to be clear about something. >> okay. >> quincy, try not to mess it up this time. okay? >> we have something enormous
9:46 am
that we have to do on tuesday. what is it? >> go to the fox 29 app and you can figure it out. you can tweet us, because you guys don't know what it is, right? >> no. alec chris? >> no identify glee something gigantic. >> it is a thing that neither one of us wanted to do. >> blah blah blah. that's what did you to me. >> but ya, we had so much -- it is scary, it is so -- we didn't want to do it because it is scary. >> scarier than this? >> yes. >> yes sue yes. if you can believe it. >> serious, you know how quincy and i both do some stunts? >> crazy stuff. >> we stunt. >> we stunt. so they came to me, they said do you want to do this? i said heck no. ask quincy. quincy, he already said no, so something so big and remember we both climbed off a billing. >> yes. >> battle boarded. >> oh, yes. >> hot air balloon. >> hot air balloon. >> i got on a bull. >> quincy, quit bat being practice if he -- >> oh, that was awful.
9:47 am
>> so again it has got to be scarier than that. we'll do it on tuesday. >> okay. >> sue, anything else for the wet their you want to tell us? >> it will be beautiful weekends. little cooler at the shore and that's the way we like it, right? right, right but sunshine, all three days, just remember that sunscreen, and have a good time. >> sue, when we drove that mazda, who was actually better at driving the car? >> that was jen. >> ya, he's like i can drive a standard. >> ya, i was in the wrong -- i was in the wrong gear. >> if you have children and you want him to pick you up? >> my uncle charles lives here, i want to say hello to the henry family, harmon family, my whole family lives here. >> i drove a formula one race car that was -- >> it doesn't mean -- >> okay, they need to hash this out. they do go on forever with this. so something big has to do with the "fox 29 news" app.
9:48 am
got it. >> do you have get the app to figure out what we are doing. >> so if we get it now we can be ready for tuesday? >> that's right. >> we got t thank up, guys. >> happy everything. >> three, two, no excuses. >> yes. >> "fox 29 news" app. who wouldn't want to have it? touches out for this weekend you don't have to travel to find great family fun. >> that's all kind of stuff going on in the city of course, in honor of memorial day. >> so it is superhero weekends at the please touch museum. kids encourage today dress as their favorite good guy or girl, favorite hero, captain america, and spiderman will be on hand for pictures tomorrow, festivities planned to get your spidy senses continuing lick. >> not done there. 2015ncaa men's lacrosse championships head at the home of the eagles, that will be saturday sunday, monday tickets by the way still available for that. how about the devon horse show? this is huge each and every year. still going on. >> it is the oldest and largest event of its kinds the ten day event it, will ends on sunday, so probably
9:49 am
going to have big finale. you don't have to necessarily go down the shore. >> no have a lot of fun here, talking about that, that's open i'll be here this weekend? it will be warmer here, inland, as well, good 20 degrees warmer. >> true, if that's not incentive. 9:49. coming up: you know taylor swift's new video. bad blood. well apparently sex shop? what? rent interested for this music video, oh, that's all bad. >> really. >> ♪ ♪ (music playing)
9:50 am
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judge perfect music for going down the
9:53 am
shore, the winds out there. >> that's true. >> but, just enough. you need that breeze, you know, to have your hair blowing back. well doctor oz proves once again, he's more than just a tv host. >> so he returned to the aid after woman who collapsed during a speaking engagement yesterday. >> and he's been touring in support of his show, hug magazine, doctor oz the good life. while at an event in jacksonville, noticed group of people around a woman who was on dollars ground. so he returned over, quickly evaluated her quickly staying until the paramedics arrived. she changed medications, okay now, just little embarrased but thank goodness doctor oz was there. this isn't the first time he has jumped into action. starting to think he might and superhero. earlier this month he rushed to the aid of two people involved in a car crash. >> so for the record doctor oz, a heart surgeon affiliated with the new york presbyterian hospital, who teaches at columbia university, in manhattan. we had him in the studio, because we know his philadelphia ties. >> yes. >> he and his wife both from this area. he told a story back then, i
9:54 am
will say two christmasses ago where he rescued someone in a car crash. and saved the person's life, i believe it was a woman. >> wow. >> yes. so again that's the thirds incident we know of. david letterman's last late show has been everything everyone could possibly have wanted and imagined. what real the talk of the town. >> it has been trending. how did the finale measure up when it comes to rating? how many people were watching. >> way up. more than 13 million tuned in from home, his highest numbers, in 21 years fell short of rival jay leno's 16 million plus, machine day's episode of dancing with the stars scored better than dave, as well. but just slightly less than lenno. but, huge success. a lot of people like the fact it was a a good good-bye show. >> true. plus people are still watching the clings, still talking about it, so had real big impact. as they say ends of an era. so let's talk about taylor swift bad blood, new video. well, you know, now she is trying to be little sex. >> i is she getting casino of
9:55 am
edgey? >> i think so. but, she reportedly borrowed $13,000 worth of clothes from a los angeles sex shop, for this video bad blood. so more than 20 million people and just 24 hours watched bad blood on tivo making it a record breaker and a knock down nicky minaj over your favorite. in her video anna con did a out of the top spot. how many times have you watched anaconda? >> not once. >> i'm sure. >> her whole look is different from the shake off innocent thing. >> shaking off the innocence. now she's all edgey. >> look at you. >> ya. >> okay, harry potter star is mill hinge kiss hecks sill bomb status. the movie creator something to say about it, someone you probably wouldn't think of as sex any some of the harry potter mover us. >> matthew lewis wish my stomach looked like that. >> and i think he played neville long bottom, right. >> wish my hair looked like that. >> oh, my gosh. this is shoot for attitude magazine. twenty-five. >> well, no wonder, i'm 21
9:56 am
years older than this guy. he plays -- alcohol chris can you do that? >> no. >> in the new film best known yes, neville long bottom in the potter -- i wish we had a picture whatever neville looked like. >> that's what i am getting long bottom. >> can we pull a picture in maybe not. harry potter, jk rawling, took to twitter she said not as bad as watching the play radcliff was nude in, but close. warn me next time for goodness sake. >> that, so radcliff went fully, full frontal on that play remember that. >> true. daniel radcliff, everyone oh daniel, but necessary he will long bottom? oh, we have a picture. let's see what he looked like, long bottom, look at that. so talk about a difference. >> wow. >> yes. looks good. >> there? >> no, i mean, now. >> now. >> from there -- >> completely different look. >> now look at that. he's here. all right, how much time do we have? time for this next one? >> we always have time for
9:57 am
flavor flv. >> true. arrested in las vegas early thursday on allegations of driving under the influence speeding, and possessing less than ounce of march juan, a open container of alcohol. the 56 year old entertainer pulled over for going 73-mile miles per hour in 45. also had suspended drivers license, and registration, and he was arrested on six charges, all miss demeans records under kate dollars did he post bail. so -- >> his legal name is will jam jonathan drayton junior. >> all right. well look, he was never a choir boy, right? >> that's true. >> but still that's pretty unsafe. >> having little too much fun in vegas i guess. that said be safe this holiday weekend of course. >> yes, had great time down the shore. we will do it also next week. but enjoy the holiday weekends. >> you'll be back monday. >> i'll be back monday. >> and of course watch fox 29 weekend tomorrow morning starting at 8:00. and of course lucy and ian
9:58 am
will see you tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
9:59 am
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