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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ right now at 6:00 tracking storms. some severe. this is part of a system that has swath of texas and oklahoma underwater and now it's here. most definitely nasty storm packing high winds a lot of rain. next few hours could be rough. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we got a lot to talk about. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> right now iain and lucy, the philadelphia metro area is under a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. right now as we look at ultimate doppler you can see it is lit up. we're looking at that heavy rainfall vivid lightning as well as gusty winds and you can see right now it is on top of the philadelphia area moving on off to the northeast at about 35 miles per hour so once again severe thunderstorm warning for the philadelphia metro area until 6:30. so as we take a look we'll zoom in a little closer. you can see some of that activity is now moving out of sharon hill, upper darby moving in to philadelphia county. so very heavy rainfall will be arriving over the next five to
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10 minutes toward west philadelphia then moving toward center city. we're talking about some very heavy rainfall. rainfall rates one to 2-inches per hour with this system. heavy rainfall and gusty winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. so the rain moving in right now toward the philadelphia international airport. paulsboro looking at very heavy rainfall as this continues once again to move on off to the north and east at about 35 to 40 miles per hour. also, we have some very heavy rainfall i was mound are you moth meeting moving into sections around the warminster area in sections of bucks county be on the look out for downpours that heavier rainfall has moved out of the pocono mountains right now. so you're getting a break. but as we time everything out you can see right now through about 7:00 o'clock impacting the immediate i-95 corridor. then moving into sections of south jersey but it will rapidly dissipate so everyone is not going to see that very heavy rainfall. as we look at future rain through tonight the additional rainfall expected we're looking at about a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch or more of
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rainfall north and west but higher amounts right along i-95. so strong to severe storms. the timing now threw 8:00 o'clock and then once again the main threats wind as well as downpours we'll talk about more who heat and more potential severe weather coming up. back to you. >> scott, thank you. storm system causing problems if traveling about air philadelphia international airport reporting reporting some flight delays. as you can see a lot of fog out there right now. delays right now averaging about 45 minutes. you'll want to check with your airline if you are traveling tonight. and we're also watching the roads. i76 at market street in philadelphia. you can tell going along mighty fine right now but these could get very slick later tonight. be careful. any issues pop up, we'll bring the right to you. to stay on to the top of the weather when you're away from your tv all you have to do is download the fox 29 news app for breaking weather updates. it's free. you'll find it in the apple or google play stores. as the flood waters recede in texas the death toll is
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rising in houston authorities have confirmed two more storm related deaths that brings the death toll in texas and oklahoma to 19. many counties in texas remain under a state of emergency as search and rescue crews look for at least a dozen people still missing. including the group from central texas that disappeared after a vacation home was swept down a river. >> still hopeful and just praying for the volunteers that are out there and all the law ends are many that are helping to look and pray for the other are missing two not just our eight. >> first responders made more than 500 water rescues most involving stranded drivers. officials say about 700 homes in houston have damage from the flooding but texas governor greg abbott is warning tonight waters are still rising in some locations. a story you'll see only on fox. a philadelphia girl's family is looking for answers. they say she hasn't been back to school since coming home with bite marks and she can't tell them what happened. fox 29's dawn timmeney at the
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philadelphia school district headquarters in spring garden. now, dawn, what is the school district doing about all of this? >> reporter: well, lucy, the school district tells me they are taking this very seriously. they are investigating but the girl's grandmother says she was asking questions and wasn't getting anywhere until she contacted us. and we called the school district. >> the bites were so severe it broke her skin. i mean it was like -- i felt the pain. >> reporter: francis kent gets upset even thinking about what happened to her granddaughter latasha who's autistic. 12-year-old coming home from harding middle school back on may 11th with bite marks on her back her shoulder, even her breast. >> i was frantic then. i wanted some answers so i went to the school. then i call the police. >> reporter: for 2.5 weeks kent tried to find out who did this to her granddaughter who she's raised from birth. she says no one could hell her tell her
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how or where it happened. video from her schoolbus shows another special need student a girl bit her on the bus on the way home. >> where is the monitor? this child supposed to be monitored. she's autistic. she can't tell me anything. she can't talk. >> reporter: philadelphia school district spokesperson fernando guy yard says they are investigating why the bus monitor did not appear to see the incident or intervene. >> this is a bus with students that have specific needs and it is the monitor's duty to make sure those kids needs are actually watched over. >> reporter: latasha has burlington-bristol transferred to a new school license now ride a different bus. >> it's going to have five adults on the bus and we are actually offering an adult to sit next to her as she travels on the bus. >> reporter: that is exactly what latasha's grandmother wanted after such a traumatic ordeal much the 12-year-old hasn't been back to school since this happened. her grandmother can finally rest easy she'll have her personal
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bus monitor to keep her safe and son. >> only on fox tonight accuseed peeper tries his best to hide from the camera this morning but fox 29 was there as left district court in montgomery county this morning. he used a tiny camera on a ball point pen to spy on women in dressing rooms at a local target store. investigators believe the 32-year-old may have been doing it for months. he says he never actually up loaded those pictures to the internet. he faces several charges including april vision of privacy. developing right now a south philadelphia neighborhood is on alert. early monday a woman became a victim in her own home a masked man sexually assaulted her and robbed her after waking her up and then there's what happened to this morning. police back thon street today investigating reports of another home invasion. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in south philadelphia neighborhood. dave? >> reporter: lucy, those reports this morning turned out not to be true. but this -- thee sexual attacks down here have caught the attention of all of south
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philadelphia, police patrols have been stepped up, neighbors are locking doors and windows and watching out for each other. >> we have two and we have them both lock. >> reporter: robin doyle was out walk herring dog newer rosewood as crime scene investigators returned searching for leads in the latest sexual assault on a 35-year-old woman inside her own home. neighbors are nervous. >> i'm praying for her. i mean she's great girl. say hello to her every day. we went to the coffee shop and had coffee. she's a great person. >> i would have a gun ready. really. you come in my house and you're going oh get it. >> reporter: police released this surveillance video of the man who attack the 35-year-old victim inside her home on memorial day morning and took off with her car. he dropped that car a few blocks away and was caught on tape leaving the area. >> i'm on south philly taking our streets back and they always ask, if anybody has any video please, you know, show it. >> it's sickening.
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i would like catch that person. i mean i would love to catch that person. >> reporter: police came back to rosewood street early wednesday morning after a 911 call saying a man was trying to break into a house on the same block where the attack took place monday. neighbors are rattled and locking their doors and windows. >> i lock my doors. i got dead bolts on them. but i also have a firearm. so -- >> last night we did at 10:00 o'clock went to every neighbor, made sure the doors and windows are lock. we did that. >> reporter: police say the a masked attacker could be from the neighbor. they believe he's the same guy in this sketch from another sexual assault back in march on the 1700 block of chadwick. folks here are anxious for an arrest. >> put him away. put him away. >> reporter: now if you want to get another look at that surveillance video, you can go to our website at if you recognize this guy we you were to you call the special victims unit. guys, back to you. >> all right. dave, thank you. take a good look at this guy police say he broke into the china house restaurant on the
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3100 block of g street sunday. he did by pushing the window air-conditioner unit on to the second floor. once he got inside surveillance video shows the guy taking cash from the register and cigarette cartons from behind the counter. >> police are after these guys behind a string of scooter thefts in south philadelphia. 17 since april. cops say they're cutting right through the locks and chains loading the vehicles up into stolen van. those scooters ended up in camden and getting sold right off the street. bad weather force addle at a airlines flight from philadelphia to make a stop in knoxville tennessee yesterday. >> while those on the plane waited to get to their destination of atlanta they were treated to a surprise by the plane's pilot. the pilot ordered in a pizza party. the flight attendants dished out slices to everyone all the pizza was actually delivered by a baggage cart and the weather finally cleared and all the pizza was eaten and the plane landed in atlanta after that two and and a half hour lay over. >> over fireworks an pair of
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local communities the skies that will go dark over a part of south jersey this july 4th. the power keep those fireworks flying and why this is so important. >> don't walk this way or end up crying. aerosmith my friends. new jersey township's big warning about front man steven tyler. >> hey howard. >> hi lucy. new york is a fun place but it wasn't fun for the phillies ace today. in the american league that was accomplish by a cheater. that and amazing catch in football that's coming up in sports.
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♪ we are keeping an eye on severe weather for you tonight. look at that old city. it is pouring right now. skies have opened up and you can see the ultimate doppler radar the storms are sweeping across our area. scott will have the latest for you coming up in a few minutes. >> truly inspirational video tonight of a college graduation ceremony. this is chris norton. he was paralyzed in 2010 while playing football for luther college in i watch doctors told
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him he'd probably never walk again. as you can see chris is proving them wrong. he did walk across that stage this weekend with the help of his girlfriend to get his college diploma. that wasn't the only surprise this past weekend. chris also proposed to his girlfriend and you know what she said yes! >> a message from police for fans hoping to see steven tyler perform in mercer county this weekend that message dream on. several web sites have been reporting that aerosmith front man would be performing saturday at windsor farms in princeton junction but authorities have been all over the rumor more are letting everyone know there's no concert. more than half a century tradition is about to go dark in a pair of camden county communities. >> berlin borough and berlin township have canceled fourth of july fireworks and those decisions have created some fireworks of their own as our bruce gordon learned today. just back from berlin and life in our newsroom. bruce. >> reporter: communities all over our region have over the past few years scaled back or simply shut down their firework displays. cost was the most common reason
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kreider. but in berlin there's a different problem. the show' just too popular. >> this 2012 youtube video gives you an idea of why the berlin borough and township fourth of july fireworks show is so popular. well, get a good look. the show may be gone for good. and long time residents like michelle, are sick about it. >> i want a fireworks back. you know, i feel like it's a part of both communities berlin township and berlin borrow where we can come together and celebrate. >> reporter: in a letter to residents last week, borough and township officials said as a result of the cancellation of nearby shows over the years the berlin display has grown in size and popularity. grown so large it can no longer be staged safely. and so this year's show will not be held. >> we've actually, um, barricade barricaded these streets off right here at months avenue.
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>> reporter: berlin borough mayor says crowds at last year's firework show at the ball fields at berlin park easily topped 10,000 people. >> we can't handle that type of crowd in that small of a venue. >> reporter: he says those crowds spill over causing gridlock on side streets neighbors lawns are overrun. the mayor was born and raised in berlin borough. >> we want to try to keep all the traditions that we have but the safety of our residents comes first. not the -- not a tradition. >> if a problem arises we have to take care of the situation and i believe that, you know our police, are very capable of handling that. >> reporter: michelle, is helping lead a facebook campaign aimed at saving the fireworks show. she's designed yard signs to spread the word. at least 100 will begin popping up on local lawns in the days ahead. >> the town wants our fireworks. they care about our firework. they care about the celebration. >> reporter: you'll do
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everything in your power to get it back? >> i am. >> reporter: efforts are underway find an alternate venue for the show but one option is out. the mayor tells me tells me he's learned nearby atco raceway has declined to host the event. lucy, could be the end of the line for a great holiday treat. >> all right. thank you very much, bruce. back to your fox 29 weather authority. things are hopping. >> absolutely. here's cot williams. >> in particular right over our studios we're looking at very heavy rainfall and gusty winds. a little bit of lightning as well but you can see right now we're watching that cluster of showers and storms right over the philadelphia metro area. so it's going to be a brief shot of some very heavy rainfall, but folks outside our studio are kind of running to get where they need to get without getting too wet. umbrellas are up and you can see those folks are standing under the bus shelter there trying to wait for the bus. 77 degrees right now. humidity up at 74%. take look at this cluster right now. impacting center city.
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it will be moving on off to the northeast about 40 miles per hour so moving over top of cherry hill, bensalem will get hit again. bristol as well trenton about 6:00 35 with this cluster. we'll zoom in. you can see the yellows the orange as well as the red so right now moving toward old city it's going to cross over into camden and gloucester countyies with very very heavy rainfall. be on the look out around the cherry hill area moving back toward haddonfield it is headed in your direction. right now as we move around the paulsboro area looking at very heavy rainfall as well as some lightning that will be moving toward the deptford area. west deptford as well. be on the look out. right now, over the neck hour you can see still impacting the i-95 corridor. by 8:00 o'clock it really starts to fizzle and lose some steam. so some locations aren't even going to see the rainfall and we desperately need the rain area wide. so strong to severe thunderstorms. the timing still now through about 8:00 o'clock. wind in excess of 45 miles per hour as well as those brief
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downpours for about 15 to 20 minutes then it will be moving on. 77 degrees right now in millville. rain cooled north and west, 70 in pottstown. 66 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. so 70 degrees in the city tonight. muggy overnight. the areas that receive the heavy rainfall watch out for some patchy fog. then tomorrow, it's another hot and humid day. 88 degrees for the high temperature with a few pop-up showers and storms during the heat of the day. you can see 86 degrees on friday friday. a pop-up thunderstorm can't be ruled out. it looks like a dry but warm saturday. then cooler with showers moving in for sunday. 77 degrees. then much cooler 66 degrees on monday. so going back below the average high this time of year 77 degrees. 70 on tuesday. and upper 70s as we move into wednesday of next week. with showers hitting thunderstorms don't forget to download our news and weather apps and you can stay on top of the storms right along with the weather authority. >> all right. good advice, thank you scott.
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>> howard eskin? >> they played today. the phillies are on a role. but they're rolling down the wrong hill. you've all heard the saying in sports if you're not cheating you're not trying much this picture appears next to cheater in the dictionary. that will be coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ remember that phillies six
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game winning streak? it seems like a long long time ago doesn't it? after the series with the mets it seems like a longer time. they were thoughts by fans maybe this team is not as bad as they thought we were but we were right the first time. phillies scored only, get this three in three of the 28 ups they played against the mets this series. let's go to new york. it started early. lucas duda against sean o'sullivan another minor league pitcher on the major league club. dud had two homeruns on the day. the mets go up one to nothing. >> ryan struck out four straight times last night this is the fifth strike out in a row for ryan howard. he's struggling now. that was the second inning. third inning michael kadire another homerun on a bad breaking pitch. two-one homer. now four to nothing mets and this really adds insult. opposing pitcher had thee hits today. one of those a 420-foot homerun. unbelievable. the mets win it, seven to nothing. all right.
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both new york teams won today to yapping key stadium. he is a cheater. a-rod rodriguez had a three run homer with this homerun he passes lou gehrig all time in the american league for rbi's. had would you like a fine citizen like lou gehrig or cheater like alex rodriguez. >> i wouldn't run it but my producer told me high to. the pittsburgh pirates are on a role. the pirates are hot. i mean really hot. they've won six in a row star starring drives a homerun. marlins can't win. pirates win it five-two. once in awhile there's another producer mini camps around the nfl going on with all the team one of the player not reported adrian peterson. ota's are voluntary but almost every player reports. he wants to be traded license not play for the vikings. it wasn't their fault that you were suspended big guy. the minnesota head coach has said he's going nowhere. we have seen acrobatic catches in the last season. look at this. this one posted on instagram.
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of course it is tyreke cohen of north carolina a and t. i didn't know a and t in north carolina existed. two catches both hands. while doing a flip. >> impressive. >> i wonder if it's true? >> it sure looked like it is. >> that's amazing to watch. >> speaking of amazing to watch outside right now because the skies have just opened up. let's take look real quick if we can. >> ominous across the area. that rainfall is still occurring outside of our studios. very heavy rainfall but some of the clouds pushing into sections of south jersey have just been pretty ominous ominous outdoors. heavy rainfall is moving toward the camden area as well as cherry hill. be on the look out for some downpours for about 15 minutes or so. rainfall rates with some of those cells moving toward merchantville as well as pennsauken dropping up to an inch of rain or more per hour. >> wow! that does it for us here at 6:00.
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>> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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international scandal. >> accusations of widespread corruption and bribery. >> busted by the fbi. >> rack steering, wire fraud. then, the summer blockbuster starring the rock. could it really happen? >> the earthquake that begins here and ruptures up the fault. and you think you're safe in the backseat. but not always. it happened to this nobel prize- winning genius, to bob simon and comic tracy morgan. >> oh my god. >> backseat dangers. >> the car stopped suddenly. you either smash into the partition or maybe you smash into the driver's head. plus, tv's


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