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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  May 28, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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especially, in north texas. >> and, don't read that text. there is a certain text that's going around, that can crash your iphone. the message you should be on the look-out for. don't call it campaigning, governor christie said he's not come paining. so, what he calls all every these visits to different states, what would you call it if it is not campaigning? speaking of new jersey, how casinos in new jersey could be helping south jersey. >> i'll explain. >> please do. >> so three, 400 people last night, african-american chamber of commerce meeting awards dinner. >> wow. >> really great. >> really good. love the chickens. great to see so many people coming together, and honoring some of our great business
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people. then dawn eastbound else was there, he really dropped great words of wisdom. so bill anderson was interviewing him. did great job. really he has won. >> he really has won. yes, he's renovate ago building a 18th and developed there on the left side of the screen, not me, the other guy sitting down. eighteenth and vine. historically renovating, it will be beautiful. >> have thought about building legacy here in philadelphia. so, it will be great to see. >> so everybody's getting their turn it, seems like. >> rivers, midwest. >> yes, yes. so, we'll look at that in a little while on radar. right now, we talk about what's going to happen around here. day much like yesterday. we're seeing a lot of clouds this morning, a seven out of ten, bus stop buddy, ready for another hot day, it is warm at the bus stop, and he's got the
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umbrella in case, there is a thunderstorm later on, muggy start, 71 degrees, 87% relative humidity, and few areas every fog this morning, we've been watching mostly lancaster, berks counties this morning. and so bit muggy, unsunny, warm, mid 80s by lunch time, high temperature around 89 degrees, we get to 89, it will be third day in a row of 89 degrees. >> when is the pattern going to change? we'll talk about that coming up in the forecast. >> starting to see volume pop along 422 work your way around the curve, saint gabe's curve, head in the toward the king of prussia interchange. fog still with us here. live look at the bypass, out near route 202. a lot better than when we first started out of the gate
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earlier this morning. we head north on route 55, mike, guess what day it is? >> it is hump day. >> that was yesterday. today's national hamburger day. remember whimpy? what was the thing again? >> i'll gladly payings you tuesday for a hamburger today. looking for your best hamburger stop. like shake shack. >> i like five guys. >> good one. north route 38, right at the new jersey turnpike interchange there where 38 goes underneath the turnpike watch for crash. then north on the new jersey turnpike, exit 7a. that is for the great adventure interchange there, watch for an accident. and then the black horse pike, which is route 42, locally here, as you roll through washington township, an accident this morning, at watson drive. and the light out again, the traffic lights 34th and grays ferry avenue. otherwise the bridges look fine, mass transit running with no delays. mike, alex, back over to you. >> let's get back to texas now, boy, the rivers just swollen with water there some
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areas, had have had 20 inches of rain suns sunday fled g out hope those on the ins g list will be found alivement continues to run high. engineers now say a dam they fear would collapse is stable. meantime, evacuation haves been ordered for those closest to the river, under the water, begins until the water begins to subside. >> time to mover the freak away. >> that's just one of many tornados touched down in texas, especially in the panhandle. one hit an oil rig, near the town of canadian, injuring three of the workers working on that well. texas isn't the only state dealing with record rainfall. this is birds eye view of the flooding near lake in oklahoma water flowed over the still
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way for the fourth time since it was built more than 70 years ago. officials were so concerned, that they called us army corps of engineers to monitor dams and also the floodgates. >> that's not texas, that's not oklahoma. that's here. >> heavy rain moved through our area, high winds, thunder, lightning. >> severe thunderstorm lightning for most of the counties in southeastern pennsylvania bat what 5:00 yesterday afternoon. >> yes. >> and, a delaware county dog is lucky to be alive. >> the guy that was walking the dog matter of fact also lucky to be alive. he got caught in a lightning storm, almost hit him, officials say, he wasn't hit directly, but the lightning strike happened so close to him, they didn't want to take any chances and took him to the hospital. neighbors along 300 block every hastings boulevard in broomall, describe the storm as fierce and very fast moving. >> like two seconds. it was just a huge, really,
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really, loud, gigantic boom. it was terrible. >> i locked in my bathroom. i was petrified. >> yes, saw the whole thing take place. she said the unidentified man was walking the dog, was conscious, when he was taken away. >> 7:06. this morning, philadelphia police are looking for two men involved in a overnight shooting. police say an argument outside a bar, in the city mayfair section, led up to the shooting. twenty year old man shot once in the arm, along the 3200 block of cottman avenue. the victim is in stable condition. police say they are familiar with one of the wanted men. they are just trying to look for him. >> firefighters rush into the bedroom after burning home to rescue a resident. it happened just after 2:00 this morning on the 1400 block in ogontz avenue, west nedro avenue. victim being treated at einstein medical center for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire remains under vehicles. police released video now of man who they say through hot cup of tea at restaurant work nerve southwest fill.
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>> i the female victim had to be treated for burns to her face and chest and steve keeley has video of what happened. >> reporter: here at headquarters they investigate high end robberies, called grand larson i. while there is nothing grand about something that is only a dollar. and that's what this dispute is over. a 1 dollar cup of tea. it puts a woman in the hospital, with serious burns, and should likely put the guy that through the hot tea in her face in prison for up to two years. it happened a week ago today. here, in a tiny take out on baltimore avenue, in king zest something, we've got surveillance of the police just put out that yesterday from two different angles. see it wide. then see it close up from her angle through the window, until the bulletproof glass. you can see why they need 2-inch bulletproof glass with people like this walking in. the guy goes in with two friends, who police also would like to talk to, if anybody recognizes them. he orders cup of tea. and he gets enraged when the woman waiting on him says she has no lemon wedges for his tea. and then he demanded his cash
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back. >> jug a horrible situation here, somebody just trying to make few dollars, winds up in the hospital. because simple argument over stuff that really doesn't mean anything. >> we made the tea already. the guy said i want my money back. you should ask to have lemon before you take the tea. the guy didn't do anything. just to pour the tee, give me my money back, and run away. >> well, our rule daily viewers at home say didn't this just happen before? you are right it did. once caught there is guy will face the same stiff sentence 54 year old david best got last spring. he as you remember was also caught on camera throwing hot cup of coffee in a woman's face behind a count nerve another dispute over dispute over a sandwich. also in the month of may, also back in 2012, after he was caught thanks to the viewer tips after seeing this surveillance, he was sentenced to 23 months in prison last
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spring. and then, during the day, he is being released so can he help get a pay and help pay the restitution to help pay some of the expense this is poor woman is still suffering through now. alex, mike, we mentioned this earlier, bears mentioning again. saddest part of the story was when she testified in court, she was embarrased and she said the scars that she has permanently from the burns from that hot cup of coffee have brought shame to her family. she is also an asian immigrant. she said it bridges shame to her family just to face them and have them see the scars. >> that's horrible. 7:09. more surveillance video to show you. >> police hoping someone will recognize this man in the video. they believe he is the one responsible for two sexual assaults in south philadelphia. >> there it is. he is getting into his car there. getting out of the car. drives off. parks in front after fire hydrant by the way. this is after he broke into a woman's home on the little street rosewood street,
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basically, down by south -- no, broad and heflin. woman woke up to find the mask man, wearing red gloves, standing over her bed. police say this guy also broke into another woman's home, just blocks away. but that was back in march, where they really do believe it is the same guy. for now an update on the accident we told you about. police say a man died as 53 year old david titleman. he was passenger in a truck, overturned truck, and his brother was driving. his brother, joseph titleman, took off after this wreck. police found him couple of days later in abandoned home in burlington township. he is still in the hospital. the truck hit the state highway 73 overpass near 295, and caught fire. at this point, no charges have been filed in the wreck. >> and, a philadelphia grandmother wants to know why her granddaughter came home with bites all over her after she got off the school bus. >> girl has autism, can't explain herself what happened. let's get to jenny joyce on
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more on what happened. >> alex, mike, this family slowly getting answers and getting action, after their daughter came home with these bite marks t took couple of weeks to find out exactly what happened. the family says 12 jerold lat tasha came home from hardy middle school may 11 with bite marks on her back, shoulder and chest. the child is awe tis i can, and couldn't tell her family what happened. the child's grandmother who raised her from birth called the school and police for answers, two weeks later, just yesterday, the principal called to say the video from lat tasha's school bus shows another female child with special needs, bit her on the bus ride home. >> take her to the emergency room, which i d when i got to the emergency room, they started examining her, when they live up her shirt i seen a bite mark on her breast, i was like when they went to check her heart, then bend over, she had bite mark on her back, and i was frantic then. >> unfortunately, like like the monitor did not see the
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event happen or the incident happen. so we are look to go see how we can improve the situation in there, so if you have a monitor on the bus, and you have an incident happening, we want to make sure that monitor is aware, at least watching the kids. >> somebody has to accountable for. >> this i want to know, check the backgrounds, who are they hiring to be the monitors her to these buses. >> reporter: school dills strict of philadelphia is looking into why the monitor did not see or intervene. lat tasha's grandmother has kept her out of school pending answers, the child has been transferred to new school, given one-on-one aid to not only company the child on the school bus but also throughout the school day. alex, mike? >> my god. 7:12. front page of the philadelphia inquirer, above the fowl, all about this fifa scandal. look at this, world cup of fraud. i feel bad for the soccer players, because it is real
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soccer. great athletes, but the people running fifa, nothing new, going on for 20, 30 years, always accused of fraud, now coming to the forefront. now russian president vladmeere putin, he says he's convinced the united states trying to take away their 2018 world cup. but officials say they won't be re voting on already chosen countries, like russia, and cutter. the swits looking into how russia and cutter, the 2022 site, were chosen, were bribes involved? us indictment alleges $150 million in bribes were taken over the course of 24 years, including bynes that would leave the committee to give certain cities the world cup. among the 14 indicted is another guy now, former fifa vice president, jack warner. i turned himself into trinidad
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yesterday. two of his sons pleaded guilty. meantime fifa presidential election will go on as planned despite calls for a delay. the guy that holds that seat now his name is seth bladder. seeking his fifth term as the head of fifa. >> but he's not been named in any of the investigation? >> no. not as of yet. >> clock 14. next month we're set to hear big news from new jersey governor chris christie. will he run for president? >> but some say he's been spending a lot of timing g like a candidate. making a lot of trips to key primary states. maybe he just likes to travel? but he made a correction about that perception that he's running during his monthly ask the governor segment. love that segment. >> for a guy who hasn't decided yet if he is running for president, seems to be doing an awful lot of campaigning. >> no campaigning. traveling. >> traveling, okay. >> okay. >> freeze old gentlemen.
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>> you seem to be doing a lot of traveling. >> i am. >> were we looking at june announcement? >> yes, listen, i think, you know, as i said all along, you know, it is a difficult deliberation, but also avenue day job. >> yes? >> you know, i have got to get the legislation that we need to get done between now and june, i got to get a budget done, most importantly. i don't want there to be anything that distract from our ability to do that. >> you know what? later on in the conversation, the governor started talking about gambling expansion in new jersey. saying he would support putting a measure on the ballot to allow for a casino in north jersey. but, he said, the expansion could hurt atlantic city, whose gambling industry has been struggling for awhile. he can actually 7:15. >> let's go to sue. >> sounds like great plan, we've been doing that for 19 straight years. >> this is what we are looking at today. we told you, part of kansas, and oklahoma their turn, see
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the area of red, orange, south of oklahoma city. that's where the rain is very heavy. we have a flashflood watch in effect until sunday. because so many streets, creeks, lakes, at the point where they overflow with just little bit of rain. that's what's happening there. flashflood warning for the eastern part of the state. now we come back to our neighborhood, where we have actually seen tiny bit of lightning popping up, on radar, this morning. and, maybe just few areas of green not meaning it is raining just yet, but looks like pop up thunderstorms in long island in new york. now, we are under the risk, at least, slight risk, for thunderstorms, not necessarily severe thunderstorms, like we had yesterday. they could be popping up during the afternoon today. at muggy 71 degrees in philadelphia, in pottstown, in reading, humidity, building up in lancaster where it is 70, it is 707 in millville. little bit cooler.
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just little bit along the shore with 67 degrees, in atlantic city, not much wind, why we're seeing some fog out there this morning, especially west of philadelphia, and north of philadelphia. not too many, lancaster county, berks county, around pottstown, reduced visibility. so, with almost 09 gwen, still haven't reached 90 degrees this year, yet. it is only may, of course, but 89 was our high when the normal high should have been 77. and we expect to get to 89 degrees again today. with seven out of ten just like yesterday. and those pop up thunderstorms this afternoon, little less humid, tomorrow, with clouds, and sunshine, and the phillies come back home, they get day off today, maybe they'll regroup, have better series with the rockies over the weekends. so, that's over the weekend. sunday, looks like a day where we'll have to keep an eye on the sky for the thunderstorms.
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much, much cooler on monday. so, bob kelly, big changes in temperature, coming up. >> maybe some thunder boomer delays down at the ballpark, through the weekends series. good morning, everybody, live look at i59. right near the airport. no delays at philadelphia international airport because of the fog. that's good news if you are headed down to get a flight out of town this morning. here is a live look at route 202, right near route 401. disable here, off to the shoulder. not sure if that's -- looks like an accident, got couple every days standing out on to the side of the roadway there, 202, right near 401. checking in with mass transit, patco, they got the new train, what was it, six, eight new cars rolling today. but they are running with a thursday track work schedule, which comes with those 26 minute gaps at times between service. so keep that in mind if you are using patco today. pail old i thorndale line, a problem last night for the gang on the way home. everything fixed. bag to normal on the rails. no problems on the northeast corridor. here is your speedometer reading south on 95, that jam from the betsy into girard
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avenue. schuylkill running slow through city avenue. and east on 422, heavy, collegeville, in through king of prussia. >> speaking of trash, my friends, ron who works on tv in dallas, ron corning in the morning, ya, he said: they had a wild car chase, cops chasing this dude, through the street of arlington. but they weren't going very fast. high speed chase. this was a very slow speed chase. >> more like crawl. look at this. >> oh, my god. >> so this was late yesterday afternoon. drivers stood on overpasses, side of the road to take pictures. >> this the driver eventually sped up, though. and police used a vehicle to ram the car and arrest the driver. >> there goes. >> call it pitman offer. >> police are not saying what started this chase. i mean, he was going what, 15 miles an hour? >> and it went on, gave people enough time to go out, drive over to the overpasses, and watch it kind of like the o.j. simpson days, you know?
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the wrong snow. >> just stand. >> yes. >> boy, they got serious when they pulled him over, though. okay, so, every now and then, you know, we have been learned over the last couple of years, to be careful when you open emails, because it might be, you know, spam or virus or something. now, people are texting. and there are viruses in the text. >> so there is a text message that you don't want to open. it is a combination of characters that can crash your iphone. immediately.
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>> have you heard about this? a text message, if you open it up, your iphone will crash. >> in a e-mail? text? >> text message. >> what's look like, lauren? >> you don't even have to open t your phone just has to receive t we have pictures. basically you see the word
7:24 am
effective, power, english words you can read. then whole bunch of symbols, foreign characters like arabic letters. this is the text message that's going around, either legitimately or by pranksters, to crash people's phones, on purpose, but they're shutting down iphones automatically everywhere. >> so i don't even have to -- oh, god. i don't even have to hit it or open it? if it shows up in my text, it will say i'm already infect in the. >> correct. >> avenue work around. we don't know what cause it is but the thinking it is something in the arabic letters that messes up the iphone. apple is working on official fix. but, meantime, what could you do, this might be a way to pro tech yourself. go to your iphone settings, then go to notifications, then go to messages, then turn offer the message preview feature. the thinking is that prevent the message from actually
7:25 am
coming through if you can't see the words. >> yes. >> or the charger. >> this is what i'll do. >> or prevent it from happening. >> do you have an iphone, lauren? >> i do. i was working with it earlier. >> i'll text you right now, and see -- >> thank you. >> my preview is on on. that will means if i get it, try to delete it without opening it then? >> oh, okay. so -- see you already have that feature disable. if you get it, i'll confuse you now, basically e-mail me. you might want to have the person who sent that you bad text, sends another message to cancel it out. you can also use another device, there are several things that you can do. but basically, we want apple to figure out the official problem. so we don't have to go through all of these, i guess it, means the people who i talk to -- >> just weird story though. >> they must like me. i've been about this but haven't received text yet. >> that's good. so if your phone turns off automatically, if it crashes
7:26 am
your phone, it is not the end of the world because apparently, i mean, i'm saying apparently because it hasn't happened to me yet thank goodness, apparently your phone will automatically turn back on 15 seconds later. >> still. >> don't think you're in the clear. your messages could be messed up for little bit after. that will there are some ways to clean them up. but the thing you can being people hey what's so bad about this text message? was someone trying to be clever? arabic messes up the iphone, so let's have fun with t while prankster trying to get their friends and family opening up these bad texts and turnoff their phones? just weird store. >> i how do they come one this stuff? >> i can't sends it to lauren. >> and it doesn't affect androids, apparently just iphones. >> thank for not sending it tow moo -- to me. i appreciate it. >> we were at event last night, ceremony, guys come up, boy, i really like that woman, lauren, in the morning. ya, he was raving about you.
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>> thank you. serious man. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and then you told him she was married? >> , no i didn't mention. that will it was stevie wonder. just kidding. >> that's the type of man that likes me. it must be my voice. he find my voice so pleasant. >> bye, lauren, see you tomorrow. >> see you guys. >> she is a great sport. okay, if you take birth control pills you mant way to watch this next sell many. doctor mike, is this a new form of birth control pill? >> yes, new versions, could increase your risk every getting blood clots. we'll explain the risks here. >> hey, doctor mike. ♪ ♪
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>> barbie the hatchet, invited us, tenth anniversary, they have passes. >> what? >> tenth anniversary pass, season pass, converted is a addition on his house, into an eagles shrine. >> oh, wow. >> they've the green astroturf
7:31 am
from the vet. they have some of the original chairs. >> oh, my goodness? >> a full bar, flat screen tv. >> where is this? >> reading, pennsylvania. we'll take a road trip. thanks to bear and dawn, we're coming, road trip. >> and there are rules? >> oh, the rules, yes. >> you don't want to make him mad. barry the hatchet. >> thanks for the invite. >> barry little scary when he's all in his -- >> oh, all eagled up. >> mark mc moon coming in in a few minutes. talk about the ota's. >> breaking weather news. pop up showers this morning. they decide the not not to wait until this afternoon. let's take a look at radar, show you what we are talking about, just in the last ten minutes, folks, we nothing on radar, in our area. and now we have a shower, kind of heavy downpour in the middle of chester county, and some light showers in philadelphia, as well, you see, little lightning popping up in this loop over the last 15 minutes, as well.
7:32 am
so, again, we decided not to wait here in philadelphia. so, you see some rain across the river, in gloucester, camden counties, as well, and right around caln township chester county pouring right now. but it probably won't last. these are pop up showers, we talk about all the time. bus stop buddy has the umbrella in case. and the t-shirt on, because it is not going to be a jacket kind of day. 71 degrees, already, it is muggy, 87% relative humidity. some fog, north and west of the city, that we are dealing with this morning, and high of 89 degrees. once again, with more pop up showers, and thunderstorms, possible, tonight, we should start cooling off little bit. at least clearing up after midnight tonight. with a low of 68 degrees. so, bob kelly, got any wet roadways? >> you know it. wet roadways, when you say trafficking, bamm, find the traffic cam. route 30, you called it, rolling through chester county to, that's going time pact our commute, depending upon where you begin and end your trip
7:33 am
here this morning. but we are dry as a bone, in king of prussia. just about ten minutes away, a live look at 422 out near 202 moorestown new jersey, and then north on the turnpike accident at exit number 7a. start your engines, nascar weekend, seeing a loft folks had head into the dover speedway beginning today. otherwise the bridges look fine, mass transit, no delays, back to you. >> certain is her seans, synthetic hormones, high risk every blood clots. >> drug makers say they were trying to create safer pills by using the newer synthetic hormones. doctor spike, explain what is a synthetic hormone? >> basically, oral interest contraceptives around since the early 19 60s. basically, they are very, very safe. in the beginning, they had
7:34 am
high levels of estrogen and progestin. and that led to problems, like blood clots. now, there is research out there, that indicates, that there is a slightly increased risk of blood clots with what we call thirds generation, the new err form of birth control. for everyone out there listening the risk is slight. slight, compared to pregnancy, where your risk of blood clots goes up by ten fold. so, this is a minimal risk, and many women, derived tremendous benefit from oral contraceptives. i want to show a picture of what the big problem here is. we are talking about blood clots, or deep venous thrombosis. what happens is probably in women who are obese, whom who smoke, women who have diagnosis that they didn't know about where their blood clots easily, they get clot called deep vein thrombosis.
7:35 am
what happens is that can tread. go to the lungs, and can be lethal, causing what we call a pulmonary embolism. you can die. >> never good to smoke. but is it extra bad if you're on birth control pills? >> you don't want to smoke if you're on birth control. certainly from history of clotting and blood clotting issues in your family, forget p it. you want to use something like an iud. where you have copper, it has no hormones, no problems. >> okay, so, don't worry about it. >> what we also want to up to date on story we've been following about a year now, device that's used to get rid of fibroid tumors or even perform hysterectomies? >> so with surgery we always want to be as minimally invasive as possible. and there is this device made by johnson & johnson. >> my gosh. >> laparoscopic power morselater. >> when women are having hysterectomy it, will get the uterus or fibroid, and slight and dice it. >> with the little tip?
7:36 am
>> the little tip t slices and dice. so that you can then extract it without having a big, big surgery. that's good. what's bad is that in tumors like fibroids, you sometimes don't know that you are harboring a cancer known as uterine sarcoma. >> oh, no, what are you saying? the device, if you go in, there you might be spreading cancer? >> you slice and dice it, it goes all over the place. >> oh, no. >> so there is a big push to get this off the market. certainly, if you're out, there and you are anything having a hysterectomy, and they are talking about using this device, you better have a long discussion with your doctor. >> wow. >> is there a certain company that makes that? >> johnson & johnson. >> doctor, thanks. love you. >> you need hang around and meet this young man. he is 26 years old. the power of a simple logo. what is with this logo has all of these celebrities wearing this shirt for this young man, from our area.
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meet this temple grad in about two minute.
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>> tomorrow jen and sue are going down to ocean sit. >> i stop by to say hi. >> as for jen, she will start the morning, at mary ann pastry shop 44th street, she will head to uncle mike's arcade at 35th and boardwalk. and at 9:00 a.m. jen will meet one sue on the beach, at 37th street, for some surfing lessons with some pro surfers. >> sam bradford, you know him? >> we know him. >> quarterback, sam bradford's in, nick foles. >> out. >> is he practicing? mike? >> he is practicing now. will he be healthy to play? how are eagles shaping up for next season? ota's underway, we decided to have former eagle mike mcmillan come in, take a look
7:41 am
at the team, are we better now than we were before these trades? national ham burger day. where is the best place to get a buryinger? >> burger fi. >> hey, barbara, where is it? let us know. >> michael says the best i've had, oaklane diner. lettuce, tomatoes, catsup, hot saws. >> that's a good one, michael.
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>> a lot of moisture in the air, look at the pocono mountains, sky top lodge, a lot of fog, with all of the moisture it, increases the instability in the atmosphere, so, our pop up showers decided not to wait for this afternoon. >> long island new york, delays at jfk because of those pop un thunderstorms, now we zoom in our area, here is caln township with heavy downpour, starting to move toward west goshen, in chester county.
7:45 am
>> very, very light, area evergreen, down around millville, new jersey, in cumberland county. we do have risk of thunderstorms, today, as well. maybe not strange to severe like yesterday, but the possible isn't there. it is muggy, 71 degrees, in the city. and, in pottstown, 72, in reading, very, very humid out there there is morning. the thunderstorms are yesterday. didn't really help with the humidity. 70 degrees in wildwood right now. wind is not, well, not much wind, which is why we're seeing some fog out there this morning. watching that on the traffic cameras all morning long. reduced visibility specially west, and north of philadelphia today. >> almost 09, 89 degrees the high temperature for today. tomorrow slightly less humid.
7:46 am
>> still warm saturday, and breezy, by sunday, though shall here comes the strong cold front, bring in cooler air, much cooler by the first day of june on monday where we may not even make it to 70 degrees. so, big changes in that seven day forecast, but today, bob kelly, get ready to sweat. >> rain popping through the area, accident north on i95. we go on a ride 95 northbound at cottman avenue. in that construction zone. >> allegheny in through the vine street expressway. and here's the pop up showers, that are not waiting to this afternoon, live look, at the 30 bypass, for the gang leaving downingtown, heading eastbound, in toward king of prussia. only 2 miles away, dry as a bone, headed into kop. so the real contained there,
7:47 am
specially, in caln, chester county, west chester downtown, still dry here. looks like it could rain any second here on the schuylkill with 30th street there in the back gown. thunder boomers, though, causing delays. at jfk. thirty minute delays at the airport. when they have delays at jfk, i'm going to bet awe jelly donut things will start to roll downhill, to us here, in philadelphia. sometime before the morning is out. crash in south jersey route 38 right near the new jersey turnpike. mass transit looking good. no problems on the buses, trains or trolleys. mike, alex, back to you. >> well the eagles continue oca's today in south philly. but today is the first time the cameras will be allowed in to see the birds practice this off season. >> he will speak? >> he will speak. >> high, mark. >> appreciate you having me on. >> young laidy? >> yes, ota, why don't they
7:48 am
just call it practice, seriously, organized team activities? football time here. but you don't have to go. do you have to go today? >> you have to go today. a lot of guys are under contract to participate if they have that in their contract, some guys won't come. you know, they will de it at home. but for the most part good to be here, you know, get around, run around with the guys. >> so let's play a game. >> let's get it. are we better than we were last year? so by the way, headline here, sam bradford over here, sam bradford is not going to be taking part in the bradford, not part of this week's drill. >> still injured. >> yes. >> he's always been injured. >> yes. >> not his first year. let's hope he goes back and stays healthy. say he stays healthy. in st. louis, as nick foles now, right? we had sam from st. louis. if sam stays healthy.
7:49 am
>> i don't think so. >> i say yes. >> i'm a nick foles fan. i've been in nick's corner all along, he has won a lot of games for us, well, for us, but bradford hurt since college, hasn't complete add season. >> i said the caveat is lit's say he stay healthy. >> you're hypothetically thinking right now. >> yes, i am. >> even if i doesn't make ota's, five weeks to get ready for the new offense, should we assume it is sanchez? >> please, if it is sanchez, we're done. >> oh? >> well now. >> then we're done. >> that's what i like about chip kelly. man, he has put all of his chips n because if this doesn't work, getting rid of shady and all of these different players. >> under the microscope. give him maybe two years. you know, little lease, gave
7:50 am
him all of the power, eggs the man in charge. >> good players, it will be tough. >> back to the game. you mention mccoyment so it's do murray versus mccoy. >> another guy injured a lot. obviously shady done a lot of good things here in philadelphia, you know, murray coming offer great season, with the dallas cowboys. >> the best when he was healthy. >> so you're going shady and foles, so first two categories in the game you say were not better off? >> no, not better off. >> oh, my gosh. >> what about this one? they say this guy, the new maclin, right? maclin versus agholor? >> also a maclin fan, missouri, he's done a lot for the organization over the last couple of years, coming off of
7:51 am
injuries. and we got to downgrade. >> saying agholor just new err, younger version? >> well, if you're looking at it money wise, yes, got better deal. maclin was going to break the bank with his contract. >> i don't care about the money. >> as far as a player, i'm taking maclin, proven veteran in the game. >> one more cat girl. cary williams played on defense. he's gone. >> we pick up byron maxwell. >> upgrade. >> yeah. >> finally got beyonce, upgrade? >> yes, let me upgrade. >> back page of the paper, our coach, not much on talking to the media. what do you think he needs to be saying at this point?
7:52 am
>> be patient. i don't think that will work here in philadelphia. we've been patient enough, with all of the moves that he's made, everybody's looking for result now. >> have you noticed walking around philly, big thick men walking around philadelphia? >> thick men? >> i don't look at men like that. >> you don't? >> these guys. oh, my goodness. >> look back at it. all every these rug bee players in town? >> i like rug bee. alabama actually in the finals. >> have we heard about -- >> i'm going to try to go to the rugby game. if you have access to the tickets, i can get there. >> this is my rsvp. >> here you go. >> what are you in town to do? >> in here for couple every event today, golfing for clarity for autism, and. >> in wilmington, delaware being hoping for good weather.
7:53 am
so, for a good cause. close to me, both of my sisters work with kids with special needs and autism. doing friendship bench, dedicated by the elementary schools from the griffin gibbs foundation, place where kids can go, that's getting bullied or new kid, that's been from a different town or something, and you kind of feeling like you're the out cast, a place that you can go and kids can kind of rally around you. >> whether is it? >> salt die, is up -- saturday, sunday, i hope you have your big pockets and purchase one of those hot wheels. >> he is talking to you, mike. >> oh, you can go in there just with your little smile. >> oh, my goodness, you will be busy. >> i'm going to be very busy. always good to come back to philly and specially when you can give back to the city that's giving me so much. >> great to see you. >> appreciate you guys having me on. >> any time. all right let's get out to jenn fred.
7:54 am
hey, jen? >> guys, he is so cute. but remember when the babies would say wasn't a minute, an app that will help you remember the most adorable things your adorable kids say in the most adorable way possible. living with chronic migraine
7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
>> when my granddaughter turned three years old she started this: actually, actually. anyway, sometimes hard to remember all of the funny little lines your kids say. you start to forget them over the years. >> app for that, mike. and then, what that app s are you using this app, jen? >> i am not using it. i have four apps like this on my phone right now. called little hoots, allows mom and dad to keep track of all of the fun remarks, little more style eyes.
7:58 am
some of the shutter fly and things have it where you put it with the picture. this is basically colorful, templets, they allow to you design your own, keepsakes you can share. that way you won't forget what your cute little guy or girl had to say. it is designed it make it little easier, for parent, put your child's quote in, and you casino of go from there. so you want to see what it looks lick? closer look at some of the designs the par event done. check this out. this is from graceon age two, looks at president lincoln on 5-dollar bill: is that gee gee? probably talking about grandma? check it out. henry: i was born excited. i ride the train. so that's pretty cutement look at this: no, i don't need a bath. the pool is my bath. is that okay? ps. i have a nine year old, and i get that quote every single night. >> sixteen, seven years old,
7:59 am
kind of stop saying the funny thing. you want memories, things to remember. so parent magazine says this is the time to start some traditions, they say, summer the perfect time. these are some of the things you can do. and i road tested these with some of the guys in the news room. they like all of them. enjoy backyard campout. right? for a week, no, do it in one night. something we all talk about, sue serio, be tourist in your own town, i know take tell that you brody frederick remembers last year going to the constitution center. and finally we did this last rower why laundry. a family olympics. yes. boys versus girl, grownups versus kids. whatever it is, you can do all kind of crazy stuff right in your backyard. you will remember that, they remember those things. again put that on urine is that gram. >> i remember every friday was family gay night. take out all every these board games, play pick sean area, monopoly. >> pretty cool. >> say the snake of the app?
8:00 am
>> little hoots. and instagram page for it, see how other people are using it, it is very similar to one of the ones by shutter fly and tiny prints. >> thanks, jen. good day to you, it is thursday, may the 28th, 2015. >> little girl comes home with bite marks on her body. what the school district is doing for this little girl coming up. >> disable the brand. local man refusing to be defined by his disability, how he's making it his life goal to prove people wrong. >> amazing store. >> i hello, mike, alec there is summer body you need, right? just 30 days away the official start of summer. even quicker than. that will new diet trends is taking over your stain gram. the whole 30 diet. what this is all about, mike, straight ahead. >> i need it desperately. >> so do i. >> and boy the legal battle, decades in the making.
8:01 am
what audrey hepburn's sons are battling over 22 years after she died. >> real quick shout out. >> this man's name is greg, he has offices in king of prussia, and in chester, he sells these digital color copiers being and stuff like that, a challenge toy give me a shot out. i thought for sure i would forget t the reason why i remember him, he says he bought the city hall building in chester. for his business. >> get out. >> well, wait a minute. that sound like, you know, some casino of -- >> right. >> government graft or something. no, actually bought the building. >> cool. >> do they pay rent? the city pays him rent? >> probably so. >> so did i it. >> all right. >> look at that. >> i forgot his wife's name. >> debbie? >> she's very sweet. both very sweet.
8:02 am
>> yes. >> if you're wrong, you'll hear about it. >> no question. >> quick look at ultimate doppler radar, as quickly as both pop up showers pop up, that's how quickly they go away. so, what we've had popping up this morning, is in the process every dissipating specially that area of heavy rain in chester county. and what we saw in philadelphia, very brief, but the rain was heavy for a time. there is a little closer look. millville, maybe some light showers winslow township, light shower, as well as west white lands, those showers tapering offer it appears. bus stop buddy still has the umbrella. off to muggy start no matter where this morning. 73 degrees, and 87% relative humidity, with some problems with fog, mostly west and north of philadelphia this morning. foxcast has a high of 89 degrees, if we get that sunshine back again. and it will be humid all day. don't really see change until after the thunderstorms
8:03 am
dissipate this evening. and maybe less humidity for tomorrow. we'll check it out coming up in just a few minute. bob kelly? >> sue, 8:03, exactly, checking out the schuylkill expressway. live look right near city avenue on the right, bumper to bumper from the boulevard out of town inbound on the left, coming from city line all the way in to downtown, north along i-95, an accident at the cottman avenue construction zone. so backed up, from the betsy again headed north up through cottman, this is out bound side. we got normal delay from academy in through girard avenue. those pop up showers popping up this morning causing for some wet roads, slower than normal speeds like here, along route 30, the bypass as you roll out of downingtown through chester county. but then, only about half mile away, we got some sun glare right after the storms pass through. here is a live look at route 30 and route 100, in the heart of exton, and thunder boomers causing delays at jfk right now in new york. looking 3509 minute delays, on arrivals and departures out of
8:04 am
jfk. and it is a guarantee that that is eventually going to work its way here to philly at some point. do check with the airline before you head down to the airport. mike, alex, back to you. >> here is a interesting story. philadelphia grandmother want to know why her granddaughter came home with bites all over her bod. >> i the girl has autism and can't explain herself what happened. so let's get to jenny joyce. >> alex, mike, this child hasn't been going to school over the last couple weeks because of the tramatic event, where the child now has bite marks on at least three parts of her body, and over the last two weeks, she hasn't been able to tell her family what happened to her because of her autism. so it, did take couple of weeks, to get answers from the school, thanks to cameras on the school bus. principal of harding middle school called latasia's family yesterday. and confirm that it was another female child on the bus, who bit her. the the child also has special needs. still work to go determine why an adult wasn't monitoring the situation and why no one intervened. that's what's most concerning
8:05 am
toluate tasha's grandmother. >> bite so severe it, broke her skin, like i felt the pain. child supposed to be mine. she awe tis i canment can't tell me anything. can't talk. i mean cheers talk but can't communicate like you and i k so it was like, well, now, what is the monitor doing? what were they doing? >> unfortunately looks like the monitor did not see the event happen or the incident happen. so look to go see how we can improve the situation in there, so if you have a monitor on the bus, and you have an incident happening, we want to make sure that monitor is aware, at least watching the kids on ongoing basis. >> i think that's fair enough. lat tasha has marks on her back, shoulder and chest. the 12 year old last been transferred to new school, and will now ride different bus with five adult on board, that's according to the school district of philadelphia who also tells us she will now get on 11 support. not only on the school bus, but also throughout the school dayment alex, mike? >> keep us updated.
8:06 am
yesterday afternoon, boy, severe thunderstorm warnings ripped through there. the thunderstorms did. it was a close call for a guy out walking his dog in broomall, yes, officials say, he wasn't hit directly by a bolt but it happened very close to him when it hit the ground. didn't want to take any chances. at the took him to the hospital. neighbors along the 300 block every hastings boulevard say last night's storm pacca powerful punch down their street. >> huge really loud gigantic boom. it was terrible. >> i was lock in my bathroom. i was petrified. >> it was loud. she said the guy that was almost struck by lightning was conscious when they put him on a stretcher and put him in ambulance. seems like he will he'll be okay. >> first responders in texas holding out hope that those still listed as missing will be found safe. fifteen people were killed following days of heavy rain, and the rain so heavy their
8:07 am
rivers overflowed, flooded towns. the river runs hi, engineers now say an it is stable. evacuation haves been ordered for those closest to the river. long time residents are taking the threat very seriously. >> i would say i would get out if i was you, if not, do loft praying have, your river shoes and a row boat and get out. the roads are going to flood. >> can't see the roadway, don't take the chance to ride through it, you know, you won't gain nothing, by driving through high water. northern texas, dealing with different problem, tornados, touched down, in the town of canadian, injuring three workers near an oil rig. >> mayor every houston, telling him to put his money where his mouth s still has it do with the flooding. >> after instagram posted about the deadly floods in texas and oklahoma. >> after flashflooding killed more than dozen people over memorial day weekend.
8:08 am
>> famous football player 49er quarterback shared this picture of dozens of cars submerged with the caption: i warned up. the number seven storms coming. hashtag houston. he deleted the post few minutes litter, but already out there for everybody to see. >> yes, apologized on twitter saying i'm so sore bye my insensitive post earlier. i -- under understands how many people are struggling in houston and i feel horrible. my prayers are with everyone there. >> apparently that's not for the mayor. he said if he is truly sorry he should make a donation to the red cross. >> i bet colin will do that today. >> wasn't like it was just this specific incident. he has this thing, instagram, he does all kinds of posts and says a storm is coming, storm is coming, but his is not the right post to do. he wasn't thinking, just continuing with his little trends. >> calling him safe storm. >> yes. >> the 49ers will come into your town.
8:09 am
you know what i was thinking about yesterday? remember katrina of course in new orleans? didn't a lot of people who had to evacuate go to houston texas and now living there? >> flood waters have followed me to houston. remember the astrodome filled with people who had to evacuate katrina. >> i remember going in dallas, we had delegation of kids if from new orleans, a lot in the beginning, because, you know there is didn't really want to be in dallas, would rather be home. and it was interesting. yes, a lot of people came to texas. >> and stayed in texas. >> all right, do you play favorites with your kids? common. playing favorites, moms, do you like your daughter or your son more than your other sir link? i have the answer. the child mothers are said to have a stronger bond with. would it be the boy? or the girl? >> but first, disable the brand. a local man refusing to be
8:10 am
defined bye-bye his disability, how he is making it his life goal to prove people wrong. >> nice. >> he'll be here in our studio.
8:11 am
8:12 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
8:13 am
>> looks like most of the showers are the in process every dissipating, no longer see any showers in chester county, and we go across the river, to new jersey and just few showers along the atlantic city expressway. >> they pop up as quickly as they pop down. just to get up through the weekend, 89 degrees, today. more pop up thunderstorms, then northwesterly breezes coming in friday. still warm. see some pop up maybe later in the day being probably not as likely, saturday looks pretty nice, even though warm, it is breezy, but then, stronger cold front moves in. saturday night into sunday. with showers, thunderstorms, again, and that will cool us
8:14 am
off great deal as we get into the first three days of june. monday's high could only be 66 degrees. >> bosh kelly, ready for it? >> good morning, accident for this time around, southbound lanes of 95 between woodhaven, looking liver at the troopers on the scene here, right lane taken out. southbound, as the firefighters pull up here. again, will cause delays, street road, here comes the hook and ladder, coming out of bucks county headed in toward woodhaven. live look at exton, little wet behind the ears, route 30, and 100 from those earlier thundershowers, that casino of move through this morning, thunderstorm delays at jfk and philadelphia international. maybe check with the airline to play it safe. mike, alec being back to you. >> thank you, disable the bran. that's the message of our next guest, made it his live goal to change people's perceptions every those with disability. so plymouth meeting native.
8:15 am
has a form of muscular dystrophy. you can see, he does not let anything stop him. take a look. >> disable is a brand. chair or not, we all have disability. overcome the limitations. so with millions of people: not the only way ... >> that's a great video. jimmy is here. along with his friends co-founder, dregg doyle. >> yes, they are wearing these shits, look, rapper nelly. i've been talking with jill i. he loves rap. i love rap, too. shady mccoy a lot of people,
8:16 am
oh, mob wives? a lot of great people. >> well, eddie doyle. >> let's get more stats from you. where did you go to high school? >> plymouth whitemarsh. >> okay. >> and a form of muscular dystrophy. >> it is. >> when did you first start in thing it in your body? >> it was diagnosed, since i was two. >> two? >> because people, you know, say that oh, your life is more difficult because you are in a wheelchair, but really, i have been with it my entire life. >> but your mind is still strong, that's for sure. >> it is. >> you graduated when temple with honors? >> did i. >> wow. how did you get the idea for this brands?
8:17 am
>> through my job, inspired to do. >> this because employers, and my disability, i wanted to do something to ... so. >> i know that you want to make films and documentaries to spread your message. but you will need some money to do that. when did you two meet? >> about eight years ago. we were living in the same dorm at temple university. and just crossed paths hanging out, struck a friendship. found interest in the same thing. like love going to temple basketball games, after college, kept going to sixers games. and, you know, just like -- >> impressive guy. >> yes. >> so what did you think then
8:18 am
when he says hey i want to create this brand? >> so it is funny, jimmy always talked about, you know, his -- he's always said his goal in life is to change perception of people with disabilities. and, you know, i guess he never really knew how woe do it. >> i remember one day he showed me a t-shirt. you know, put it on the logo. put the logo on a t-shirt. and, you know, i remember thinking wow, really, effective way to do that. >> how did you get -- shades wearing it now. nelly, the rapper. how did you get the t-shirts to them? so basketball ... had a table there, and you know, approached us, and supported the message. >> cool looking logo. >> it is. >> very cool. very hip. >> so let's sell some of these things. i know $45,000. just getting started. so how do we donate?
8:19 am
>> on the kick start campaign, we have a lot of different options, to get it. shirts, tank tops, or hats, even zip ups, wrist bands. >> sixty-one people have already donated. just got started when. >> this come on, good day philadelphia viewers. let's get that it is $3,035. we want to try to get to $45,000. >> you want to expands it so making a film? >> exactly. we want to improve upon that and get more after that. do that, annex more other animals. >> disable your limits. i love that. >> all right, jimmy, we'll keep checking back with that total on kick starter. >> okay. >> until 10:00 this morning.
8:20 am
>> great meeting you. >> great day to you. >> i've been watching this guy on tv for years. he's called the human calculator. see this guys right here? he's in the guiness world, record holder, no question about it, you can spit out any mathematical formula to him, give him a problem, he'll solve it before you can do it on a calculator. >> what? >> and he's in our studio. >> oh, we have to test him. >> oh, we'll put him through the ringer. >> but first legal battle decades in the making watch audrey hepburn's sons are battling 22 years after her death.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
>> choreographer was trying to sue the estate of michael jackson, claiming, that michael molested him for eight years, beginning in 1990. >> so he's now three it, and judge said he waited too long to make a legal claim.
8:24 am
testified under oath in a separate molestation case that the singer had never touched him. so later said it was a breakthrough in therapy that prompted him to file the suit. >> well, brings jenner wants a wrongful death lawsuit against him dismissed in connection to that tragic car crash from february. in request he says he claims he made claim made were inaccurate. >> woman who died her name is kim. yes. >> the adult stepchildren of victim kim are suing jenner, ages 60 and 57, partially claim lost financial support and are asking for damages exceeding $25,000. but jenner's legal team is challenging the step kids claim that they were, quote, dependent on their stepmother. >> here is the thing. >> the stepchildren, their kids died, and they've not spoke tone this woman, in all of these years. >> but now they're saying oh, no, we're dean pent -- on her.
8:25 am
>> they haven't talk to her in over ten years. so, bruce's attorneys are going come on, they don't even have a relationship at all. shear odd case. after 22 years, after the death of audrey hepburn, great actress, her sons are in a legal battle over her belongings. >> the stuff they want back is being held in a los angeles storage unit. >> the ultimate version of storage wars on a and e. >> according to "tmz", hepburn gave her sons ownership of these items but didn't say what goes to who. so, after years, after her death. they can't agree on fair split of these items. her oldest son seeking a jury trial. >> you know they just want to sell it all. >> true. specially, her clothing? i'm sure just so much. >> oh, my gosh.
8:26 am
all right, i had a guy, not charity, but awards ceremony, what did he come to up me and say? >> oh, mike, you look so much skinnier than do you on tv. on tv you look kind of big. i was oh, oh,. >> that sent me into a tizzy. >> you don't know what you just did, sir. you don't know what you just did. >> so i immediately scoured the internet for a diet plan that i could use. and i found it. thirty days away. it is called whole 30. new diet trend. taking over instagram. yes, you follow it on instagram. we'll tell you exactly how it is done, after the break. >> but mike, you said you look skinnier if person, though. >> i don't care.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> coming up on 83 brief pop up shower in old city, little while ago. that's out of here. in fact, radar is showing
8:30 am
everything that popped up is casino of powering down at the moment. just a little shower that is in the process of dissipating right here along the atlantic city expressway. >> that's that. we builds up heat, humidity, we could have more pop up showers and thunderstorms, bus stop buddy ready for warm day today. with his tie die t-shirt. 73 degrees, right now, with 87% relative humidity. with a few areas of fog around this morning, a loft moisture in the area. daytime high today, 89 degrees, just like it was yesterday, and the day before. and of course, that ever present chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms. >> you never rule out pop up? >> can you not. >> 8:30, good morning, everybody, we had the pop ups this morning, maybe more later on, how about pop tart today?
8:31 am
let's do pap part. >> i like the cherry pop tart. >> you know what i had this morning? the chocolate with the icing on there. >> do you warm it up? >> yes, toaster, that's good. eastbound schuylkill expressway, slow go, south on 95, wood half mean downtown. and a back up on the benny, from the jersey side, up and over, into center city at eighth and vine. back to you. >> you have nice physique, you don't have much after belly. new study shows people who are subjected to repeated traffic noise. how bigger bellies. >> bob kelly. >> maybe suck it n hold on. >> bob belly. you look fantastic. >> so there is research says that all of the honking and big cities and the shouting, people, out of their cars, oh, stressful, and stress causes the body to produce this court sole, which has been associated with and al fat,
8:32 am
belly fat. >> but then new diet for that, mike. >> there is? >> yes,. >> new on line diet trending. if you search whole 30, whole, as a whole, your person. >> whole. >> that's what i am ' saying. >> what about my whole? >> okay. whole three, thousands of posts come up on twitter, facebook, stain gram. >> so, how does this work chris? >> think whole foods, right? nothing processed. so it is a month long meal planning crow ate dollars by two salt lake i knew trish on is cents taking the pail yo diet to whole new level. yes, whole 30, is taking over the net. and social media expert say that casino of on line support can make diets such as this even more successful. it is based on the core principals of pail yo, mean
8:33 am
eat low carbs, and processed foods. making sure followers don't either. >> they don't want you to wait yourself on 309 days, which i find very interesting. for a lot of people that's real helpful. they focus way too much on the scale. >> another major difference, if you show yourself not shown on the whole 30 list, do you have start over. if you're on day 14, two weeks in, and you have a miss step here, you have to go back to day one and start all over again. >> how are they going to know? >> you'll know, right? >> the honor system. >> remember, by the way, just like any diet, this is not for everyone. >> people with history heart disease, cholesterol issues, it is very high fat diet. they don't really go into much about choosing the cuts every meats, there are still healthy fats they want to up eat but don't distinguish the two, make specific recommendations, which avenue problem with.
8:34 am
>> so hashtag whole 30, see host of meal ideals, hook up with dieters with the same ma'am. the point of whole 30 is to help reset your metabolism, so experts say you really shouldn't stick to it for longer than 30 days, but evidently once you drop the carbs and sugars, weight just start coming off. >> of course we've known that forever. nothing new as far as the food is concerned. >> no. >> just sharing and supporting each other on instagram specially. >> wheel belly? >> i never started so i can't quit it because i never started. >> no, i'm on the wheel belly die. >> the another piece of grain in my while life. >> guys, real quickly, back to the courtsole, what you are talking about with traffic, that pertains to all of us, because those levels go way up doctor mike will tell when you you get up in the middle of the night like we do to go to work. >> so we should all have bellies. >> should all go on the whole
8:35 am
30. >> nothing fits right now. >> here go. this is what mike is about to do. ready? >> this is what he does. >> i thought if you do that enough it might start going down. >> it doesn't work. >> without fail every time. >> hey, chris murphy, you like movies. hang around for. >> this we just showed audrey hepburn. i remember back in the day she made a movie wait until darkment played a blind wack. allen was stalking her. so, he gets into her apartment, and this happens. >> imagine watching that in a movie theser? you don't know it is come, whole audience just jumps out of their seats. ahh. i miss her. boy, she was beautiful, wasn't she? okay, let's talk about another beautiful person. an actor.
8:36 am
george clooney. i'm calling it the clooney effect. there is one thing george clooney says he'll never change, even if he get older. why other men should dot same thing. something he says he'll never do. oh, but first. >> we're going to do this again. >> yes, again. >> she does it again. curry's daughter steels the show for a second time. we'll show you her cute he is moment. she is so cute. next.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> dave is paying for his new
8:40 am
gig in the nnl. >> so, here it is, a report shows he had a clause in his contract with the university of north dakota that included a 100,000-dollar fee. if he left to become a pro coach. >> he's very successful coach at the school. contract due to expire on june 30th, but, since he left early, he'll owe the university of north dakota, $100,000. then he had a couple of other clauses. if i left for minor league professional team he would owe north dakota $50,000. and if he left for another college, it was even worse. he would owe the school $300,000. because, that was more painful for them, if he went to an opposing college. >> yes. >> but i think he's going to be just fine. >> chump change for him, right? >> well, what do you did.
8:41 am
>> have ooh newer team? >> ill become the flyers head coach, write check for hundred thousand dollars at the university of north dakota. >> or as density i child would say, can you pay my bills, bills, pills. i'm sure the flyers pick up the tab. rounds two of the cuteness. >> so cute. postgame interviews, really curry, oh, my gosh, so curry dominated on the court but when it comes to the interviews, his daughter steels the show. >> this is after last night's game. >> (yawns). >> a feeling we got to take. >> dada. help me. dada help me. >> take a weep off to get ready. get our game plan right for however we'll be at cleveland, excited about it. >> to your wall to your left, can you describe the move, when it it was just you guys,
8:42 am
was there much celebrating going on? >> it was special. i think, because everybody was casino of enjoying the moment. >> you want to say that? >> it was special because -- >> anyway. -- >> it is so cute. >> her name is riley, two years old, started singing, young, they won the game, now went onto play the cleveland cavaliers. i think the nba loves it because they want a good family positive story. >> like sure, bring them to the interview, bring her to the interview. >> saw seen his wife? >> iisha? >> she's beautiful. >> where did they ♪ >> in church. at a youth group. their story is just -- >> they have two kids? no, pregnant with the second child. >> yes. >> so rileey is the first child. she will have another adorable. i think both in their mid 20's. all right. which jen is this?
8:43 am
>> oh, yen fred. >> march. you have the cute jen. then you have me. look who we have. cute lillyanna, the only one. guess what, you don't have to be a perfect anything. trends is helping thus year in the bathing suit department. >> yes, there is one trend that's dominating the runways, and the beaches this season. and it is flattering for everybody. >> win, win, win. thank you. come on back, it is good stuff.
8:44 am
i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world, and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's
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most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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(it is past memorial day, you just got to go to thed when i you god when it comes to putting the swimsuit on. >> let's talk about the ladies? whether it comes to bathing suit, do you have figure out what's going to look best on you. >> so jen went over to century 216789 had some great suits over there. >> they have great suits, everything for less. good morning, lillyanna. mike jerrick said he's working on his fitness. so we have men's look, but we don't begin there. >> should i put aside some speedos, that's the question. >> the answer is yes please. what's cool this year, seeing little bit with the celebrities, i know we have pictures of them, the highways
8:47 am
suit? >> yes, more metro style. huge come back. what women really love about about it, it is flattering on all body types it, covers the area that women are most sensitive about. which is the mid section. >> okay, so let's see sophie first of all. she could not be any more adorable. i love that young people are wearing it, older people are wearing it. >> yes, completely ageless. so whether our teenager, when our young mom or whether you are older in your 50's or # 60s, a suit that flatters all body types. it is color block. which helps as well. so the black and the white makes it super modern, seem kim kardashian, rihanna, but sporty philadelphia international airport full touch. you can run around the beach, run around the pool, not worried about things falling out. i love we styled it with the cute baseball cap, different approach that traditional straw hat. looks so cute in this. some can be so expensive. at century 21 everything is always on sane. so we are area up to six a %
8:48 am
off 100% of the time. >> i love it. we have juan coming in. i said i was looking for one piece's, but could you do a highways. >> juan is looking good. >> here is the thing about trunks foremen this season, they've gone little higher. so at the beach you see the guys wearing the trunks below the neat. bring it up. it is way more flattering it, also feels more current and more now. and they don't have to be short shorts. you have great legs. obviously these look fantastic on him. but i also love the idea of doing the orange, gray, you can do bold with neutrals, doesn't feel so hawaiian. little more modern, almost cooler, and of course anything would like great on him. easy t-shirt best part about the beach. don't have to work so hard. >> something i would like tore my husband and something he would wear. >> that's the thing, you can find so many styles, no matter your personality. >> this is adorable, too. a lot of people you are in the pool, you want to be little more sporty. >> exactly. our sport i nautical look. so it has got the straps that support her. a the low of women avoid stripes, they think it will
8:49 am
headache them look bigger but all about the cut of the stripes where the stripes hit on your body this one deeper scoop neck, anything more classic than navy red and white when it comes to swimsuit? we know memorial day is over, this is a look that will keep you strong all summer long, great straw tote bag, the thing about century two; not only the swimsuit, all of the perfect accessories. sunglasses, great bags, of course fantastic sandals. >> do your loop. come back. you look adorable. i have to say i told this off camera. i follow you on instagram, i follow you meaning i talk you on instagram. we'll link to you our site. >> yep, called the lvi. com. all about helping women live their most stylish life but forward bridge. everything from food, to fashion, to beauty, on the lv guide. com. check it out. >> love it. thank you very much. we will be back. >> yes, and show you how to transition all of these swimsuit looks to what you call? >> no shower happy hour. >> no shower happy hauer
8:50 am
coming back in the 9:00 hour. mike why are you giggeling like that? i know do you it every night rain or shine, snow or sand. >> well after that first model, i have never felt so bloated, and another weird thing, go into that store, those three models, are circling that pillar for like 12 straight hours. around and around and around. >> it is the odd he is thing. >> all right. i have a wedding trend alert. book the dj, right? you got have a dj. got to have some music. but don't forget to buy the headphones. yes, silent receptions now a new thing. why this is the perfect idea if you can't stand your partner's taste in music.
8:51 am
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>> 8:53. accident, e-zpass interchange, patco, running their track work schedule both today, and tomorrow. so you will see that 26 minute gaps, and a lot of extra volume headed south into dover for the weekend, nascar, setting up at the speedway. mike, alec, back over to you. >> you know, i have run that track in dover. >> really? >> the monster mile. >> they let me drive around in the car, nascar car. do you know the banks there, on the curves? >> real bank. >> they're three stories high. >> wow. >> three stories high. you can barely wack up them. >> how fast did you go? >> 600 miles an hour, yes, broke the sound barrier. >> sure. >> barely got over 100. hey, tomorrow jen and sue are going down the shore to sea isle city. >> so sue will be hanging out on the prom made, beach, all morning. >> is it okay to same promenade? >> i said promenade, then sue is like well do you say lemonodd? i say no, i say lemonade.
8:55 am
>> promnade. >> all right, make sure you come and say hi, as for jen, will start the morning at mary ann pastry. >> over is that maryon? >> mary ann pastry shop. forty-fourth street. then the 8:00 a.m. hour will head to uncle mike's arcade. at 35th and boardwalk. and at 9:00 a.m. jen will meet up with sue on the beach at 37th street for some surf lessons with some pro surfers. >> the beach. 85:00, a i call this the clooney effectment one thing george clooney says he'll never change, even no matter what age eggs. he's never going to change. >> what's he have to change in his strife. >> not a thing. >> perfect. living with chronic migraine
8:56 am
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♪ >> you know that group is called the feud. >> they're here for fox fursday. they're rocking. >> what would they have to do can fox fursday? >> we'll find out. >> do they play the music to the animals? >> oh, they're kind of like doctor do little, they do music, when animals come in front of them, they start dancing. >> ♪ sing to the animals >> high, everybody. >> hey,. >> look that the. >> good day, it is thursday, may 28th, 2015. >> hard to look good and wing. >> it really is true. >> just saying. >> i'm not a good winger hadw -- winker. >> who do you like better, mom, your daughter or your son?
9:00 am
>> the mothers are said to have stronger bonds with. >> i would say sons. >> plus meet this guy. >> okay. >> 7:32, clock 32, divided by four. by what? >> seven. >> by seven. >> divided by seven is 104.571428571 -- >> oh! >> all right? >> okay. >> all right, so all warmed up. >> that's the guy. that's the guy i want to meet. i've seen him on tv for 20 years. they calm him the human calculator. regis philbin named him that probably 15 years ago. >> he is genius, world records holder and he's on good day. so can we stomp him, mike? got to put him to the test. let's think of some problems here. >> we'll put some formulas together here. see if we can stump him. >> he hasn't come to us. >> no. >> and, kim gets tough. oh. she challenges dollars marilyn monroe on the new cover of vogue brazil. her tough message getting a lot of attention this morning. her challenge, to all of us, she is challenging us,


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