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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  May 30, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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right now on fox 29 weekend live and discussion. some relations do have them, but should lying to your lover be a crime? if a new bill becomes law those actions those little lies could accepted you straight to jail. get ready to weigh in on this one. plus the story of hope and inspiration. i was a freshman at georgetown and i wanted to open my windows to get some fresh air i fell out the window and fell to the ground. a freak accident changed this woman's live in an instant. now she's now turning that tragedy into try fume of. your news, your neighborhood, life and interest active. this is fox 29 weekend. good morning, everyone, welcome
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to fox 29 weekend on saturday may 306789 i am excited. i'm bill anderson. i'm excited karen hepp. we've been discussing the topic of today's story. this may be a man/woman divide. she met the man of her dreams, but he was aette chougher, but should that be criminal. let us know. tell us what you're doing this weekend as well. let's take a live look outside because it is a warm start certainly on this saturday morning but we do see some of that funk up there, but what's going on with our skies, dave warren. >> that is the humidity. it is back he today, you will certainly feel it. we got a break yesterday, but that will lead to a few showers. this is the number we're looking up, the due point up to # 66. temperature already at 7 # degrees. we're looking for a warm today
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today. there's that 71 in philadelphia. 70s to the south. patchy fog out there. there's some low clouds, visibilities were down just a bit as those clouds are clearing out. we're seeing some improvement there across the south eastern suburbs north and west all clear. now the big event this weekend, one many is the race. partly cloudy skies a little l warmer, more humid, the sky is important, though. watch for a little bit of rain. that's what you don't want there. things are pretty clear on the radar screen, but they will not things are pretty clear on the radar screen, but they will not stay that way. could lead to a few showers. maybe a few spring also late in the morning early afternoon. and then we'll see a little more sunshine. very isolated mainly north and west. this is the beginning of a stormy pattern. there's some more rain in the if forecast. whats does it mean for our forecast. i'll have that coming up in the seven day. a teenage girl was caught in the cross fire. an innocent victim of a
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shooting. this happened at that location in incorporate ton just before midnight. it was 3500 block of fountain street. she was raised over to temple hospital in critical hospital. they were shooting at each other. several casings were found at the scene. they're amazed that more people were not hit, in can pennsylvania. so far they do not have any suspects. also new from overnight a tragic and sad story. a new jersey state trooper is dead after a crash along i95 in upper freehold. it happened around 1:00 this morning. our crew shot this cellphone picture that you're actually seeing of the crash scene. officials say the patrol hit a deer and then ran off the side of road into a wooded area. another trooper inside the vehicle is we go treated for vehicle also. overnight, hundreds of people as you can see have been leaving their condolences, their thoughts and prayers on the new jersey state police facebook page for the 4 year old trooper who was killed in that crash. and also we're staying on top of
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a developing story out of west philadelphia, a very sad one, we first brought you this story with breaking news on our 10:00 news. police are investigating a suspicious death of a baby found in a duffle bag. our investigators were there and our cameras were there when they searched that home. sabina was there. how many questions, what have we learned so far. >>reporter: this infant may have been more than one month old. we're told that he was found inside a duffle bag here along a home on the 5800 block of norfolk street. we do have new video from overnight to show you as crime scene investigators searched the home for clues. we're told they took out two paper bags full of evidence from the home before clearing the keep this morning we're told there has been no charges filed so far in this case. now police say it was around 5:30 last evening when the body
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of a baby boy was found inside that duffle bag. a man found the baby but we don't that man's relationship to the baby. the baby was rushed to the hospital at the university of of hospital where he was pronounced dead just a half-hour later. now, the mother of this child was actually already at hup. she was admitted the night before, on thursday night. we don't know why ' was admitted or her condition. we do know she was a 22 year old woman. this baby's death is suspicious. we don't have a cause of death so far. neighbors say the family is new to the neighborhood and of course they were stunned by what happened. i see them outside, the kid play and stuff like that. other than that i really don't know them. they haven't been living there that long, sex months, eight months. it's stunning, it's heart breaking, it's just unbelievable. heart breaking and horrific.
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now ssvu is heading this investigation. no charges have been filed yet. police have cleared the scene here this morning and again we are still waiting for a cause of death on this baby boy. again we're told that he may have been more than one month old found inside a duffle bag. karen, back to you. >> thank you so much, we appreciate that. it is 8:06 and also developing charges could be filed today in a vial event sexual assault. 32 year old raheem felder turned himself into police yesterday evening. he is wanted in connection with a sexual assault of a south philadelphia woman on monday. he has not commented about that incident, but we know he did provide his dna sample to investigators. we have some developing news about a powerful quake that striked off of japan. we are getting information of
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this. it struck off japan oak sow -- i think it's a difficult area we're not too familiar with. observe what sera he land. there is no danger of a tsunami. that's the important alert at this point. the meteorological agency says the earthquake struck at about 8:4 their time. it wases a pretty deep one so we're going to keep you up to date on the developing situation with this earthquake. still ahead on fox 29 weekend, they looked like a happy couple in love but there's something this new jersey woman didn't know. the man of her dreams wasn't just herself. now she's fighting back to make sure what happened to her doesn't happen to you. plus, sacred art. there's a man's vision climbing a life with a flip of a paint
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brush. his canvas is making an international impact. we're taking you in focus. i'm superintendent michael chipwood with a video that is beep off this week. a man is caught on camera stealing a woman's cellphone. the man approach the 8 year old woman on a bike from behind and snatched the phone. when the victim tries to the suspect pushes the victim and takes off. you look at this video, you see this preed take iter he's walking the street corner like a caged lion looking for prayer and you see the woman praising him down. the guy falls off the bike, she grabs hill. there's a struggle he pushes her april then he takes off and runs away. the sad thing here is that the guy got away, but the dangerous thing here is that the woman went after this guy and
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challenged him. over a cellphone my if i philosophy is give them what they want. you can always replace the cellphone. you can't replace your life. i'm superintendent michael
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8:11 on fox 29 weekend. a state anthrax samples. anthrax samples were
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accidentally shipped by the us military to 24 labs in 11 states, including new jersey and delaware. it was also sent to foreign countries. there are reports the shipment took place between march of 2014 and this past april. officials say the anthrax samples were thought to be dead but were actually still live samples. the cdc is investigating but does not suspect any risk to the general public. the pentagon plans to launch a high level investigation into the mishandling of the samples. we're just four months away from the bope's historic visit to the us. according to the eagle, some hotels in burke county are already sold out. hotels in montgomery county and chester county are being inundated with requests. it is supposed to attract over 1.5 million visitors on our area. it's time for one of our junior reporter. we are have emily from american
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american university joining us this morning. good morning. >> thank you for having me. > you found an amazing story. tell me about this woman. i wanted to share this one story because a lot of times we have so many doubts, so many people saying you can't do this. this one girl she told herself she could. the power of belief. wait l until you check this out because it will start too change the way you think. the personal strength that we all have win us you have to harness that and things will happen greater than you ever thought. meet michelle, she turned a tragedy into a pair of gold medals. she is a pair a olympic swimmer and will be representing the united states this summer. but her road to wearing red, white and blue was not an easy one. it was january 11, 2011 and i was a freshman at georgetown and waned to open my windows to get some fresh and id stood up on my desk to open the window because i was ticking. the window flipped up i fell out of this window and fell five
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stories to the ground. her mother recalls that night. i was about quarter of two in the morning and whenever the phone rings in the morning of the morning it's in the a good thing. she she arted her right heel, punctured a lung and injured her spinal cord. after three shoulders she began months of rehab with einstein home care and mage physical therapy. in the home care setting you have to use a lot of images from crawling to wading in pools. her determination is just second to none. after eight months, michelle rejoined the georgetown swim team. there is still some permanent weakness that remains. that allows me to be eligible for paraoh olympics. her injury level classification. i always hear people say i want to swim and go to the olympics.
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you never know. i said that in high school and i'm shooting forry on. i think it's an important reminder to never put a limit on your dreams. what an amazing story. that gave me chills. what's next for her. like she said in the package she's planning to go to this world competition this summer and hopefully she'll being whying to the paraolympics in rio next summer. we can show her support by going on her facebook page, michael congressly and we'll can she her photos and hopefully gold medals. we thank you so much for that amazing story. if you have any ideas for our junior reporters you can tell us about them, use our hashtag, fox 29 weekends. hi, my name is i am with the city department of planning and delaware valley many. this saturday over 2350 involve terse from neighborhoods city-wide will come together for
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cleanup and butt p if i education project as part of the fifth annual project day. what kind of weather do we have. some good weather for that. great activity that you're doing, great service and good new castle county. there's wilmington and we're talking about low clouds, maybe a little sunshine that could give us a little sprinkle, but not a rain shower or heavy rain event all day. it would be getting warmer. a bit muggy of you feel that already. doppler is all clear. we have the low clouds in place, but no rain reported yet. this is our computer forecast. this is the high resolution forecast so it does start to pick up a few showers late in the morning. maybe late in the afternoon. there is more sunshine, and a flood approaching. heavy downpour likely with these storms as they approach the north and western suburbs this afternoon and this evening. that is the best place to see
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some rain today, very heavy rain expected north and west and that area of rain will be pushing a little farther south in our area close to the city tomorrow. temperatures are not really blow 70 in philadelphia. it's up to 71 now. a the look of places right around 70. they'll really jump up with a little sunshine and we're expecting to see up to 84, 85-degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. 86 in allentown. getting a little cooler as you get that wind coming in off the ocean. so that see breeze develops if you're down the shore this weekend only looking for temperatures in the upper 60s. a lot cooler here. upper 60s, close to 70, look for cooler weather around the coast. breezy with sunshine, tomorrow with some fog and then dropping to 68 in the afternoon and opening. water temperature is about 60-degrees, still a bit chilly when you get that wind coming in off the ocean. storms mainly north and west tonight. the clouds will increase, it
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will be warm and mug guy and more storms are in the forecast. have you pulled any ticks off your children yet. yes. i pulled a couple off of my children already so far this season so it's such a scary season especially with lyme disease, but there is something new out there. i have several friends who have gone through the struggle of lyme disease. but coming up protection could be a click away. there's a new app that could help keep you and your family safe. plus you have to help us with this argument it's a definitely he she said within our news room. this woman has a love story. she found of a man of her dreams until it all turned in a horrific nightmare, everything she thought she knew about this guy turned out to be a total why. now she's behind the inspiring that could send lying lovers to jail. we're going to get your opinions, what you think about this whole situation.
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get ready to weigh in. today at 9 there's a big pulmonary too i bros is in washington lake park in sewell, new jersey. coming out for that one. yes for a shoutout. let us know what's happening in your neck of the woods. you people may not know i actually have cystic fibrose bros is in my family. i heard bill is going to be joining us. he'll be coming out to sewell pretty
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welcome back. we're already getting some of are comments on the lying lover. this is from mommy g. he comes out, i met this lady from portugal from the dr. oz show and she wanted me to send her money after lying and saying she loved me. it can be such a tough situation. we have some people checking in. thank you degree for saying good morning to us, our favorite news show. have a great restful weekend. kathy we love you. good morning my friends, good p morning to you, we hope you all have a good day. hi i'm bruce gordon. philadelphia phillies general manager rube in amarrow manager
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must be very full this weekend. it's not all fans, just some. he spent all day tuesday eating his friends after claiming in an interview with csn the fills fans bite and mean about the team's handling of its top minor league prospects but they don't understand the game. rule number one when you're selling a product or in this case, sports entertainment never ever insult the customer. more over, philadelphia sports fan all of them like to think they're smarter than the typical bleacher bum around the country. you question that plaintiff at your pearl. my take, you're right, rubin most of us don't understand all the nuances of trader development and trades, all of the stuff that a general manager must master. but here's what we do understand, wins and losses. the phillies won 102 games
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during the 2011 regular season. this year they may lose 100. in well over 100 years that major baseball to go from a 100 win to 100 loser team happened once ago and that was a century ago when the philadelphia at lettic when deliberately trade away the big tars for financial reason. so rubin, we're not as mart as you are. but we are smart enough to remember that you inherited a world series champion and on your watch helped turn it into a laughing stock. fills fans those fans are tough to
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8:27 welcome back to fox 29 weekend. we're taking a live look right now from ocean city, new jersey. where did everybody go. we can't see a darn thing. we have a lot of fog. we have the flour show. our j warren is going to have the full forecast coming up in just a matter of moments. first taking a look at your headlines at 8:27 philadelphia police are looking for a man caught on this surveillance video stealing a car. it happened earlier this week in the 1900 block of and in street. that's in the point breeze section of the city.
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the video as you can ', it shows the man rummaging through a silver suv. investigators say that once he's done there he actually gets into and steels a different car that was parked just feet away. take c look at the video. if you recognize this guy, please call the police. and at 8:8 police in wildwood have an unusual request for parents. can you please start saying that your kids are going to go to jail if they are bad and that the police are going to lock them up. the police want to be their friend. they want children to know they can go right up to a police officer at any point. so they're telling the parents don't say that. we want to get this message out that we are your friends in case they do need help. we're just trying to get a decent message out so that people know we're here and we're here to help. they are here to help. four posters are positioned along the boardwalk in wildwood. the space was donated by one of the local ad agencies.
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nicely done. this is a story we've already been talking about. imagine you fall in love with a person and this is the person that you have been dream about only to find out just about everything that person has ever said is a total lie. it actually happens more than that you may realize and one new jersey woman hopes that her dating horror story will help protect more than just another broken heart. her name is michelle lewis. she fell head overhales of this man, lie a.m. allen, a british secret or at least that's the name and occupation he told her. instead this man was a con artist and she wasn't the only to fall into his traps. his real name, will a.m. adam jordan. turns out he wasn't single and child free as he claimed. he had 13 children with two different women and several if i and as. the hocking story making national headlines and with this
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horrible nightmare behind her lewis is now inspiration behind a new bill that could help other victims from being dubbed like her. that's a crazy story that we have been discussing in the news room now for quite sometime. michelle lewis join us now on skype. good morning. good morning, thank you for having me. so michigan p ole we've listened to what happened with you in this story. tell us how he was able to suck you in and you didn't see the red flag. you said, this is great a guy. >> he is such a convincing liar that he has conviction in everything that he says you can't really help but believe it. he tells lies so flew eventually and very offhandedly that you can't help it. we've been getting comments on social media and we've been debating it. a lot of people are sympathetic and i certainly many. my question is does it need to
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go to the level of a law? absolutely. we have laws for fraud, but lying for the sake of taking something from someone else as much as it being your own personal body which i can't think of anything which is more personal to you than your own self and your self worth to not have any kind of consequences for it and leave that person completely ruined is absolutely wrong. you weren't the only one. it happened to many other women fell for him. i want to read you from the many comments we got. this one from ilene. it is so hard for some people to phantom what you went through with a psyche path. they are bile antlers. the more this is talked about april brought out into the open the better. >> there ought to be a law
8:32 am
against people -- there's a harsh comment how would you fall for something like that. we have another one from michelle. reaction to this article we don't have enough jail cells for all the violent criminals let alone the liers who are out there. what do you think? a lot of people write in, a lot of people are liars out there. what do you want to see happen? >> the goal is to try to find the most egregious liers, the ones that i would really like to be able to catch long term. it's not for the little white lies out there, not for the one-nightstands. it's really the people, liam jordan of the world. it happened for a long time. we were together for over a year before i ever found out the truth. that is actually part of my concern.
8:33 am
this person, i'm in the going to call him a gentleman, but he's already in jail september by deception is illegal. bilig my is illegal. the because will apply to people with those little white lies. our goal is in the to do that. we're going to have multiple revisions before this ever even attempts to go to a receipt. and mr. singleton and i have kicked around the possibilities of adding a maximum timeframe and some kind of a loss, property loss, personal loss, financial loss, some kind of a loss in addition to it. we have been still brainstorming about it. we've already done one revision already. so this is not set in stone. i get a lot of feedback and i go back to mr. singleton about it. another thing about this you have been very public about this and sharing your experiences and because of that you have to deal with a lot of social media background. how does the public been,
8:34 am
generally supportive or generally critical in it's a little anything mixed. of course in the last several months i get both sides. i get a lot of people who have come to use their own personal stories. in can pennsylvania i received a couple of e-mails the other day and people recognize that they're in these kind of relationships or they didn't realize it until they read my story and they can see it themselves. men and women alike. it's not a male on female crime, although it predominantly is, but i've heard from some men in the delaware valley, as close as that, who have said they have fallen pray to women like that and they actually are applauding me. thank you so much for sharing irstory. do you know how many new jails would have to be built if a law like this is passed oh my. he's a secret agent and she fell for that. didn't you see some of the red flags.
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>> he was very, very good. he didn't tell me that whole secret agent story until almost six months into our relationship. he had all kind of fraudulent documents in his alias names. all official documents from the administration of defense. he had a lot of substantial evidence to back up his lies. eve course i know now, the it's fraudulent. i have no prior experience to know who tells wawa. so i have no actually people tell their significant others. i thought we were going to be end up being together far a very long time. i definitely appreciate you sharing your story. what do think the possibility of this actually passing and making it through the new jersey legislature. >> four other states already have laws for sex by fraud and rape by deception on the booming it's not a brand new concept. there's a couple of states that already have partial laws. new jersey would not be the first state to ever put this on the books.
8:36 am
they already exist across the us. so i'm looking at it as it's 50/50 no matter what. et cetera on either 50 percent yes, 50 percent no. i'm trying to be optimistic about it and gain support for it. it's going to be a long process. we'll certainly be following all of this process and we really appreciate you sharing your story and we hope you find some real annually jet mate love in your future. >> thank you so of. we still want to know what's going on. this continues to be a debate. all of our social media is blowing up. so tell us what you think, folks. you can post it on our fox 29 facebook. should lying to engaged in relations, a nice way of putting it, be a crime. just make sure you use your hashtag fox 29 weekend. let's take a look the outside. this fog that is over parts of the area because it's so muggy. that's what the issue here here. >> yes it is. the drop in humidity, the bright
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sunshine, clear blue sky, it is gone and the humidity could lead to a few hour. just a few around this morning. mainly this afternoon we'll see more storms. there's that mugginess in the air. the temperatures up to 71, didn't drop much over might. visibility is clear in philadelphia. but there are some places that have patchy fog. once that due point claims above 60. it is way down yesterday, it is back into the upper 60s. feel that mugginess. the temperatures are in the upper 630s. due point and temperature are close so that's why we have that patchy fog. one place we're seeing that fog is down the shore. we have temperatures into the mid to low 70s. atlantic city and wildwood at 72 will be dropping once that wind picks up into the south and brings that cooler air into today. the visibility is up at the airport. but very patchy. right along the coast we have some dense fog. you want to watch that if you're around this morning, the visibility could drop quickly. no rain, maybe some patchy drizzle. in fact, the entire area is clear for now.
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it's the showers that could be developing here in the next few hours. a computer forecast picks this up. a few breaks in the clouds and one or two light springs also developing through the south drifting north, but of and 7 there's a little more sunshine and humidity in the air. these are storms developing mainly north and west and that area will start to slide south. we have showers and storms n not only tomorrow, but the rest of the week. today tomorrow and monday but then it cools off. tuesday and wednesday bright sunshine, lows into the 50s, a cool start on wednesday morning. thursday and friday just a few clouds and the temperatures climb back into the 80s. so the warm air does come back. just watch for a few light so the warm air does come back. just watch for a few light showers this morning, the north
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. so the warm air does come back. just watch for a few light showers this morning, the north there's no place like it in the world, and no better place
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to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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welcome back. you were commenting on this one, we got this one present katie speaking about if lying lovers should be charged and go to jail. stupidity, but about be a tad more discriminating who you sleep with or live with. your own poor choices. we have this one from lisa, no, we need the paper cheating lovers? what's next? keep your opinions coming use your hashtag fox 29 weekend. we also want to take a look at what is trending. this is one that was tripping all over. i saw it all over my facebook feed and maybe you saw it much
8:42 am
there's this woman out there from iowa and she gets engaged at her sister's wedding. is this really the place? this is the picture you see that's making the rounds on social media. it has over a million views. people started slamming the couple for ruining the bride's day by stealing the spotlight. get this it turns out it was the bride's idea. she wanted her sister's special moment to be shared with all of their family and friends. that's rye, hundreds of people have been sounding off on facebook. this is what sam writes. that was the bride's big day they shouldn't have taken it from her. i don't think she'd like it if that happened to her. but of course it was the bride's idea. paula follows up, that's wrong. i don't care who you are. it's just blame wrong. ignoring that the it was the bride's idea. i like jennifer, back off, no judgment. people are giving negative comments on it it wasn't your wedding day so why do you care.
8:43 am
i think with the whole family gathered together sometimes it could be the best opportunity. everyone is already there. it's another event. everyone could share in this jewish event. the bride was on board. that to me is the most important information. he it falls into the mind your business category. she's the sharing sister. >> that's right. two second story how did you get engaged. >> it was already pretty much a done deal. the wedding was already planned. don't do this. don't do what i did. have a nice event, but i was pretty much planned. let's get to planning our wedding. here's your ring. smart woman. still ahead on fox 29 weekend. we have a really special in focus. there's this guy who used to be an illustrator. now he is painting a whole different kind of super hero. they thought they were getting away with the goods, but they
8:44 am
were wrong. what the homeowner did to take them down, all that and more
8:45 am
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it's time for in focus where our guys finds the coolest stories and shares them with us. he meta an artist who has a higher calling. with every stroke i'm working on a piece that has been sitting around important a while. there is a story coming to live.
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when i am he really focused i can go for 18 or 20 hours before i need to shutdown lit. wilson karlin has a little down time. when i'm working on my own products that are not commissioned related sometimes i like to let the mind wander based on a certain subject matter and see what comes out. it's definitely a piece of that mart document that i'm not sure where it's exactly going to go. when someone see is it eventually it's an association with philadelphia. he showed us the. i really felt the most at home doing work for the catholic church as a catholic. it just really felt like the right fit. it's been such an integral, intrinsic park of some who i am for so long that it fulfills a very deep need to create. it's a painting and patients.
8:48 am
patients and focus, cannot give up on something too quickly and you have to stay focused if you're ever going to achieve anything. achieving a career as an artist is sometimes challenging. i'm an entrepreneur and i'm self-employed and i have to get up every day in the studio whether i feel like it or not. i'm here until it's done. if i want to change the color of a cloak she she stands out. this will most likely take another 20 hours to complete. certainly there's going to be a lot more work. her face is the most finished but that needs a the look of touching up as well. how fascinating. this artist is creating this portrait in our city that is the face of all the promotional material for drawing people here for the world conference. that's amazing. >> i like this painting. it's so interesting it looks like it is becoming saint lucy. let's take a look at it a liter
8:49 am
further along. this is obviously saint loose is. eyes inside the flowers and the eyes are actually put back in their heads and it's usually the way she's portrayed. such an interesting story. i have on read a lot more about her and her mar material document. thank you for bringing us these stories. if you have some stories, use our hashtag fox 29 weekend. good morning i'm dr. mike and very interesting study. young children with autism were pared up with small critters, namely begin i pigs and they found that the children after interacting with them for a short period of time had much more comfort and were much more relaxed. so if you're a parent out there with a child with autism get them a pet. did your mother say not to skip
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a meal, well guess what, she was at actually right. new research indicate that if you skip a meal you increase your risk of getting belly fat and that's been associated with all kinds of bad things like heart attack, stroke, and even diabetes. make sure you eat your three meals a day. inpatients who have congestive heart failure new data indicates that if you are moderately or severely depressed your risk of dying goes up five times. what you need to do is if you have congestive heart failure or a family member does and they're depressed they need to get treated. i'm dr. mike, have a
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welcome back to fox 29 weekend. you certainly are weighing in about should liers go to jail. bianca says police resources are spread thin as it is and she expects them to chase guys like this. we have this comment from brian. are we going to put the bankers and politicians in jail for their hashtag lies. please more important things. bob, says people have a constitutional right to lie if they want to. commonsense sadly cannot be ledge slated. very slept point. i'm chef roberts of classic cake and this is your fox food bite.
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today i'm going to make blueberry could be letter. being here in new jersey of course we have off the best blueberries in the world. two cups of blueberries, half a cup of sugar, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, the cruise of half a lemon and the disease of one orange. a half tease span of vanilla. this removes the nice colorful oily part of the fruit. it doesn't get into the bitter pit. it's an splent flavor for blueberries. it's important to get homogenous. you want to make sure al the ingredients are well disbursed. you can use peaches, apples. this recipe is very verse still. today obviously wore ' going to use blueberries. this goes in an eight inch pan.
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spray with a little bit of pam. now we're going to do a one hole topping. thinks for the could be letter. there's one and a quarter cups all purpose flower, one half cup sugar, one quarter teaspoon salt, one and half see spoons baking powder and i'll stir this together and get it who he imagine news. normally on some deters the biscuit is on the bottom. this one the biscuit is going to be on top and it looks like a cop letter stone street. that's why it's called the could be letter. and a half cup of eat hole milk and one half cup butter. stir this in, so simple.
8:56 am
you can also substitute for the old fashioned strawberry short cake. you can beat this as much as you want. it's very for giving. that goes right on top of the could be letter. to give that cobblestone affect i need to cut it in little bunches. these little scoopers are helpful. it's for even distribution. preset your oven for 350 fahrenheit. if you have convection then you want it up 325, 40, 45 minutes for conventional and 0 minutes for convection. now it's ready for the oven. 30 minutes later, as much as i want to eat it right now i want to rest for a little bit. let it cool for about 0 minutes.
8:57 am
in the summertime i permanently like toive that it with vanilla gelato. flip it over for the effect, if you like. with new jersey blueberries, fresh, excellent with a gelato, i love it. i'm chef roberts at classic cake and this has
8:58 am
8:59 am
this is fox 29 weekend. good morning and welcome back on this sort of foggy saturday morning out there. we are wiping up this month already. can you believe it, only a couple more weeks of school left for a lot of the kids out there. already may 30. thank you for joining us. we're going to cover a lot of big stories, bill anderson. >> absolutely. a young teen fightenning for her
9:00 am
life this morning. an innocent victim caught in the cross fire. we'll have an update on her condition in a couple of minutes. some items they found inside this house in west philadelphia is going to help them in the suspicious death investigation of a baby found inside of a duffle bag. we have a lot of questions. we have our sabina car coast life in that neighborhood with some of the answers. first we're going to take a look at our interactive weather. karen aid it's foggy. we're going to get you all the details but first when have this weather question. hi, i'm kirk cigar think and i'm here at somers point at the dog contest scooby doo, what is the weather going to be like down here? it is the dog days of summer officially. it certainly will feel like that today. let's talk about your area here. first off, a little change happening right along the coast
9:01 am
in atlantic county, somers point the temperatures there are pretty warm now, but look at how they drop throughout the afternoon and evening. fogs and clouds around this morning, down to the upper 60s, the wind picks up by 6:00, starting to breeze a bit. that will cool things off. philadelphia up to 75, muggy out there, that advice bit is 10 miles no fog, but the dewpoints up to 67. when that's down below 60 it's comfortable. let's not talk about when it climbs above 70, it's very uncomfortable. in philadelphia it climbed above 70 north and west except for mount pocono. mid 70s to the south. the wind will pick up to the south bringing in that cool air right along the coast. ultimate doppler is clear but we will have some a few light showers around the philadelphia area, by this afternoon it's
9:02 am
warming up into the mid 80 #-s. there will be storms out there but they are mainly in the north and western suburbs and they are drifting closer to the philadelphia area. we will look at showers and storms the seven day forecast to round out the weekend and maybe get you started off next week. all the numbers are in the seven day coming up. 9:02 a teenage girl is recovering after being shot in kensington. it happened just before midnight. she was taken to temple hospital in critical condition. police tell us several gun casings were found on the scene and a vehicle was hit by bullets as well. so far there is no suspect and also new from overnight, a sad and tragic case, a new jersey state trooper is dead after a crash along interstate 195 in upper fro hold. it happened around 1:00 this morning. our crew actually shot this cellphone picture of the crash. officials say the patrol car hit a deer and then ran off the side
9:03 am
of the road into a wooded area. another trooper inside the vehicle is being treated for injuries. it is 903 and we're staying on top of this developing story. it comes to us out of west fill. we first brought you this breaking story on our 10:00 news. police are investigating the suspicious death of a baby, if you can believe i, found inside of a duffle bag. this home is over off norfolk street. our cameras were there as investigators were searching that home trying to find some clues. our sabina car coast is live in that neighborhood with what investigators are saying. good morning, karen, as you said earlier there are so many questions in this case and police are still trying to figure out. now this morning we know the child was between one day and one month old. police are not confirming his age, but neighbors are telling us they believe the child was alive for the at least one month before he was found stuffed inside of a duffle bag yesterday evening here along the home, along the 5800 block of norfolk street.
9:04 am
early this morning csu combing the home for evidence. in fact they took away two paper bags full of items. we do have that video to show you. police tell us a man inside of the home found the child inside of a duffle bag. we don't know who this man was or what his relationship to the family was. we know that the child was rushed to the hospital at the university of pennsylvania inside somebody's personal car. the child was then pronounced dead just a short time later, about half an hour later in fact. the mother of the child was actually already at hup. she had been admitted on thursday night, the night before the child was found. we don't know what her condition is or why she was admitted to that hospital. now police say so far no charges have been filed in this case. and they're still trying to figure out exactly how this baby boy died. stunned neighbors who we spoke, unstainable they are so angry this morning and they're wondering how this could have happened. you can drop your baby off anywhere. you can drop your baby off the
9:05 am
fire department as the police department, the hospital, nobody asks you any questions. there are so many other opportunities and situations where this could have benzolled. that neighbor of course referring to pennsylvania's save haven laws. we do want to reiterate we don't know exactly what happened in this case or how that child died. police are still trying to figure out a cause of death. back here life the special victims unit is heading the investigation. they're still trying to determine how and why this child was left inside of a duffle bag where he was then found. will and karen back to you. so, so sad. it is 9:05 we now know the identity of a man found in a suitcase dead near the international airport of philadelphia. of course officials in delaware county say the body of four year old scott been hazel was found inside that suitcase by someone walking their dog along second street in kin come township. they called police after they
9:06 am
say there was a strong odor coming from the luggage. that man lived in philadelphia. the district attorney's office is still trying to figure out how he died. also charges should be filed in a vial event sexual assault case. raheem did turn himself into police yesterday evening. he is wanted in connection with a sexual assault of a woman on monday. we do know he provided a dna sample to investigators. this morning. he is being held for violating his parole. new video this morning showing the impact of the flooding in texas. this is a time lapse in austin over a two-day period when the rain started falling memorial day weekend. you can see that the bridge crossing the river. look at that. it just disappeared in an instant. after all that rain 24 people have been killed by the deadly storms in texas with more in oklahoma. the massive rainfall across texas has reached record legs of
9:07 am
levels. rivers and lakes may stay at above average levels until july. people had to be rescueed. no estimate has been given for the damage, but official officials ait's the worst they've ever seen. the houses have been destroyed in a massive way. we're talking historical implications here when it comes to the damage that we are facing in this event. now texas governor greg abbott has asked for a presidential declaration that would get federal help for counties effected by the rain and flooding. much of texas is bracing for another round of storms later today. still ahead on fox 29 medical marijuana could soon be legal in pass, but what about recreational the pot is that headed for the books, too. as the weather heats up we are spending so many more time outside and that means we need to be on the look out for ticks.
9:08 am
how a new app could keep you and your family safe. i'm l alex holly and this is the trend. we're in the middle of a wedding and we're seeing a the look of wednesdayings coming across the internet, but there are a couple of wednesdayings this week that had the internet all abuzz. one wedding getting a lot of attention. their photographer captures this emotional moment of the couple just before the wedding. you notice they're standing back to back before seeing each other before the ceremony. their photographer posted it on facebook and it picked up more than 33,000 likes in the first couple of days of it being posted. and this song, i know you know this song, thinking out loud, it is voted the top song for
9:09 am
wednesdayings in 2015. in fact the video for this song has more than 500 million views. and when it comes to wednesdayings you know there are so special moments like the father/daughter dance, right. one father/daughter duo decided to do it a little differently and look at this, they're playing a game of catch. well, they had a pretty good thing going out there but after a few throws the groom had to step to take over. that's the look at the trend for this week. i'm alex holly and we'll see you next week for good day philadelphia s
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
i'm jeff cole. it's time for fox unfillerred where we respond to your comments and complaints right here on the air and today three very emotional stories that struck a nerve with our viewers. i'm standing with one of our evening anchors lucy nolan. thanks a lot for being here. >> thanks for having me. > we're talking about religion in schools and they're gone. those are hot buttons. some people believe that yes, these things belong in classrooms, other do not. >> some folks say we're in the state we are because we have taken god out of our schools and
9:13 am
then of course there's another group of folks that say it has to be separate. > and then there's the story of christian carve forward who is a graduating senior. and there was a medical emergency ceremony in the crowd. christian says god called on him to go to the microphone to lead that person in prayer. we whatever is going on shall be fixed. because you are a god who is a fixer. you are a god who is a heeler. genova schall a. the crowd's reaction was overwhelming positive. most of our viewers when they saw this story applauded this young man. almost all. tony wrote fox 29 is christian i take it. unbiased journal list many what a shame. then fox again fox news we're always extremists anyway. lucy you have the floor. >> thank you. tony, i think mean this was.positive.
9:14 am
completely unscripted, organic. this kid felt it important to lead. no agenda whatsoever. can't you just see that this kid is awesome and positive and trying his best most of our viewers did. some even taking tony to task. marina wrote i am not even religious and i saw the beauty in this moment. way to twist a positive situation into a negative. who is biased. i don't associate myself with a religious. so what if we don't agree with it. it was still awesome. i am no longer religious, but this moment was golden. hats off to fox 29 what an awesome young man. adopt think i could have said that any better. lucy, thank you for take part. >> thank you. > joining me now is lucy's coanchor ian page. thanks for joining us on this important story. a young woman is found in a playground pushing her dead son
9:15 am
in a wing. the child believed to be dead for hours. we posted a story online and on social media many of our viewers blew up. kelly, shame on you, fox, take this down. christian, shame on sharing such a personal trauma. jennifer, really fox news, anything for a story, hew? ian, you and i are looking to be dad, you can certainly understand some of the emotion. no question, it's a sad story, that is the bottom story. almost incomprehensible what happened. police were involved but they wapped some help getting the story out and we as a news organization decide would to share these stories or not. wow, people all the news stations are sharing this story maybe to help find the people in the park the last 48 hours. hillary, yes, this is terribly sad, but i don't think it needs to be removed. they are asking for help so they can put together a timeline. interesting about this, even though whoad had all those calls to take the story down, it was the highest viewed and highest
9:16 am
shared story of the week on all of our platforms. later in the week, the father stepped forward to point fingers at the courts. james lee said he tried to get custody of the three year old just last month warning the judge of concerns with the mother. so ian here's yet another layer to this story. the sad part of the story, jeff, is that a beautiful little l boy is dead. that's the tragic part of this story. of course we always try to show the best in every story. getting a story out there more times often than not it can help. > now i'm standing with the executive producer of our 10:00 p.m. news cast. how are you. >> i'm great. > you are actually fortunate because we are bringing to you shall the best, most important already story of the week. annual joseph loves to shoot hoops outside his home.
9:17 am
but when a cop stopped and took the ball his family started recording. now then counter has gone viral but for all the right reasons. this you a come fourth grader is proud to call this cop his buddy. the officer stopped to play a little one on one with joseph. i guess you can call this community policing at its best. you could. we love this story. we put it on facebook. we said this is a story that everyone should be talking about, but sadly probably won't. that line didn't sit well with some of our viewers. rachel wrote, it probably won't be? what are you trying to start. it's a good job doing his job. if it's a bad job they need to be exposed. >> it won't be the talk of country because news outlets like fox prefer to use the old adage, if it bleeds, it leads. > we do not live by that adage. remember we're the ones who did the story in the first place. we like to share some positive things. as for rachel, we're not trying
9:18 am
to start anything we just think we should be talking about positive things that happen and negative things that happen and unfortunately the positive things are few and far between. we're happen in this case we could talk about something that is positive. more of our viewers agreed with you meaghan. well done fox 29, finally a very good story. joanna, that's awesome. what a nice change for one. michael, every other media outlet had stories like this people would appreciate the police more. exactly, michael. thanks for taking part in this. >> i always enjoy talking to you, jeff. > thank you very much. that's it for this edition of fox unfiltered. remember we want your comments. e-mail us entex us and we will use your comments next week. i'm jeff cole. thank you jeff and thank you everybody for participating. that was a great strong seg men. we got lots of strong opinions on facebook. let's take a look at philly
9:19 am
international. i got this comment on my page saying good morning to everybody out there. it's a little cloudy out there. thank you for checking in. absolutely. weave eve got other questions. linda actually sent this one in this morning and so she's going to get a fox 29 weekend t-shirt. you can get one, too, if you send us a question just like this. oh, no. generally those questions -- linda's question -- here we go. baby, there are a lot of things to do today. i really want a t-shirt, what is the weather going to be like? >> the weather is going to be great. she wanted to garden. if you have to do any work outside you'll notice the humidity today. in atlantic county there's clouds and fog around. visibility down just a little
9:20 am
bit. the clouds will climb to 79. the winds pick up to the out. it will be quite a bit cooler at the beaches right along the coast. but the temperatures are warming up a bit. the clouds are clearing up expect a little sunshine later in the day. this is around new hope. there is the plants. this is the rain coming in. now we still have the dry situation. so that a little bit of rain didn't really help much. this is a moderate drought. burke county up to the lehigh valley and this dry area has expanded a bit to portions of south jersey they're getting too much rain in texas. this is over areas that do not need it. a lot of rain going through areas that had about 10 to 0 inches of rain in the past 30 days. unfortunately it looks like more flooding is there. philadelphia is clear but we do have some drizzle l out there. this will start to be a little active later this afternoon and this evening. this is the computer forecast
9:21 am
showing a few showers around portions of delaware. this is a light shower, but then you start to get some sunshine here, the clouds break up a bit. april stronger storms could be developing mainly north and west today moving through the philadelphia area tomorrow. we have to keep showers and storms in the forecast mainly north today april then across the philadelphia area tomorrow. temperatures will be warm and muggy in the meantime. foggy into the upper 80s this afternoon. already into the mid 70s, but this area right here, a little drop quite a bit once that see breeze kicks in. we'll talk about the rain and the forecast, showers and storms both today, tomorrow and monday. there is a stretch of dry weather and lower humidity, 56-degrees on wednesday. that's because that cool dry air comes in. temperatures will really drop overnight. thank you, dave. the forecast for the poconos coming up. i'm going up there tomorrow. tomorrow looks pretty nice. warm and muggy. we'll bet you a t-shirt. here's the question for all the parents.
9:22 am
shake your finger at me. i am guilty of this one. i tell my kids, if you don't sit down in the backseat, the police are going to come and they're going to arrest mommy because you're not sitting in this see the. this police department is saying don't do that. don't make us the bad guys, we want to be there to help your children. if you're looking for something to do with the kids this summer this is one thing that will have them scream for new. our own jen taking on a new challenge. she has a new roller coaster in her special momma log coming up.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
hi everybody it's jen frederick and this is mom logan we're here at six flags great adventure with three things you probably shouldn't do. the other side of the park is an animal park. the first thing, don't encourage your kids to pet everything. you definitely want to listen to our trainers. you want to read the signs first before you reach out and touch anything. the second thing is i'm not the the tallest person in the the world. some rides have a height
9:26 am
requirement. don't try to cheat the height requirement. exactly. some parents get really sucked into the fact that their kids want to ride something so bad they'll encourage them to step on their tippy toes to be taller. it's not the best thing to do because rides are designed for a certain size body. we rode this ride, he was a nervous nelly. listen to your kid, if p they're nervous a little bit. you don't push. you want to make sure that your child watches the full cycle the ride. you watch it, too and then see if they feel comfortable. they may inch themselves while they're riding from their nerves. it's best to make sure they're ready to ride. if i heard you correctly there is no petting the kids and no pushing to ride. absolutely for a great trip. i'm jen frederick, this is mom-o-logue. you'll have a better time at ths
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9:29 am
it is 9:30 on fox # 29 brendan taking a look at your news right now. another man was coming forward saying he was sexually abused by jerry san dusky. according to the center of daily times the allegation stems from june of 1988 when the alleged victim says he was attending a football camp at penn state. he told police about the assault in 2011. the attorney said the case was referred on the state attorney
9:30 am
general's office where, quote, no action was taken. and police in in wildwood have unusual requests of parents there to stop threatening their kids with jail when they misbehave. they have a new campaign devoted to just that. they say every day an officer overhears a parent, parents not unlike our own karen hepp with an unrule i chilled if they don't behalf they'll have the police lock them up. the problem is then children then become afraid to officers and won't come to them when they're lost or really need their help. there's a new baker in town. i actually drove by this yesterday. his one is one you'll recognize, carlos present the tv series cake boss is getting ready for its grand opening today at rittenhouse. the new store is located on the corner of walnut at fourth street. this is the tent store location branching out of the original bakery in hoboken, new jersey. you're going to bring us our
9:31 am
cake when you come back. let's talk about sports. 97.5 the fanatic, thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. thank you so much. so we got a lot to talk about this week most certainly. demarco murray some interesting things he had to say. yes, sir eve randall, the cowboys running back, demarco did a lot, but he left a lot of meet on the bone, in other words, he left a lot of yards, demarco murr a, you got your first look at him, the eagles are practicing at the mini camps. you're really seeing what we have in the running cam backs. what did he say to say when this guy is basically trash talking when he didn't put it all out there and he left it on the field. he's going to do fine in dallas. let's keep this in perspective with with randall. last year during the season in october he was arrested for stealing underwear and colon
9:32 am
from a department store in texas and then when he was in police custody he offered a $100 to an officer to give him a massage. and then he trashed a couple of his teammates. take it for what it's worth. the bigger picture here they don't have a running back down in l da as. they have a guy who doesn't know how to stay healthy and a new guy who hasn't proven himself to stay hell i. addition by sub digs, a big addition for the eagles. staying healthy right now we've been seeing sam bradford out there he has that huge thing on his leg. what do we think about him plage playing. you look at sam bradford and they're not out there -- he's got the red jersey on him. obviously they can't hit him. there was a noticeable limb april and some people are saying it's because of the brace. some people are acing it's because of the injury. regardless it has to be a little bit concern right now when you're looking at where he is.
9:33 am
june is next week and he's the not ready to go. if they started today he is not going to be ready. he may not be ready when they start so what does that mean when the season starts in september. will he be ready? it might be a struggle to start the season with bradford. you saw with donovan mcnabb a couple years ago when he tore his acl it took him a quarter of the season when he had a lot of confidence in his me mentally and physically. yesterday matt barkly was another quarterback that said jim is just here to throw the ball around. he's not really here to win. we love him. let's talk about the other big news that came out of this. chip kelly talking about the whole controversy obviously about being called a racist basically. shawn mccoy said there's some players in the locker room -- i
9:34 am
thought chip kelly did a really good job. he didn't shy away from it. he came right out and he gave us the straight you know what. he he said it's not true. nothing that would ever do is like that. he didn't shy away from it. he talked two minutes. he went back and forth. listen for one second. here's what he said. i'm not governorred by the fear of what other people say. i understand what my beliefs are and i know how i am. if you worry about some other perception of what's going on with you. we run this organization and it's not run that way. last thing, big comments coming out of brie ron mack talking about how -- destiny again. he said those words and i'm like oh no, going all the way to super bowl, what do you think?
9:35 am
>> loosely guarantied another super bowl appearance. i don't think it's necessarily smart, but at the same time he's excited to be here and he wants to do well. the last time i remember hearing that is the dream team. we know how that worked out. thank you for your time as always. we really appreciate it. time tea bow. i hope he makes the team. give us your opinion on fox 29 weekend. all right. that was me going, tim tea bow is in the game, the condition is over. we got a lot of things going on out there. a lot of events taking place. take a look at cape may. people starting to get out andeny themselves. first we've got this question. we're having our third annual
9:36 am
concert with free admission tomorrow saturday 12 to 6 at indian acres tree farm in medford, new jersey. what's the weather. >> it's the dog days of summer. it looks good out there, just a bit mug guy, burlington county right near medford we're looking at clouds. it clears. the cooler breeze comes in that keeps the temperatures down just a bit. all and all nice and comfortable today. temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. and then climbing to the low 80s. the temperature is actually in the mid 70s. a warm start already. visibility are at 10 miles. dewpoints are up. it's a bit uncomfortable out there especially as the temperatures continue to climb into the 80s this afternoon. lancaster really warming up to 76. mid 70s but you're starting to see that cooler air come in right along the delaware bay and along the coast here. that wind will pick up out of
9:37 am
the south keeping the temperatures down today. nothing on ultimate doppler. i is clear at the shore. a little wider view and you can see pretty much the area is clear but we will have a few showers developing. here's what it looks like as you go hour by hour today. a few breaks in the clouds, one or two light showers. but it's the storms in the north and west that are the concern later today. the strong drenching thunderstorm is possible mainly north and west today shall but this area moves over philadelphia and eventually south jersey and delaware throughout the day tomorrow. and it's even here on monday. so watch for these storms. very isolated today, but there's a lot more in the forecast. how about this for a controversial l al topic. everybody one has a an opinion on it. should marijuana be legal in pennsylvania? it could very well happen. we know that medical marijuana is on the books and governor woman of wants to doing on else when it comes to pot. we'll explain coming up straight ahead. also, the thieves are getting away with the goods, but not so
9:38 am
much. why one homeowner took matters into her own hands for these would be burglar. baby cake says can you wish a happy birthday. we'll be right back. i'm whoopi goldberg
9:39 am
and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world, and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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welcome back to fox 2 weekend. it's 9:41. your comments continue to come in. this is from family. our laura johnson is at the run walk at the zoo meeting people having a great time. good to see you lauren. rick says cheers to lucy nolan to having the courage to air the story about the young man praying at graduation. that was fox unfiltered. i love my shirt. vicky got a shirt for sending us comments. you could get ashiers well. send us your comments, make sure you use the hashtag, fox 29 weekend. hi, this is danry cot a if you notice a few beers missing from your fridge, your not alone. we have record number of my lenals young adults 18 to 31 are boomerring back to live with their parents. 7 million recent college grads. a tough job market, student loans the size of wyoming, no
9:42 am
wonder they're moving back home. here's a few tips to help you keep the piece in the family without putting a hole in your wallet. first, you want to have the talk, not bad one, the other one where you sit dun and map out financial responsibilities. how you're going to divide up the expenses. write it down on a piece of paper and post it on the refrigerator right next to that gatherren graduation picture. my how time flies. for example, over the next month or so make them responsible for paying their cellphone bill. truss me parents they'll get that bill paid. finally i want you to use this time to reinforce some good money skills. if you're collecting a flat amount each month, take a certain percentage of that and put it into a savings account for the benefit of that child. that way they'll have a little cushion to get them see legs.
9:43 am
that's smart. look guys you don't want to over stay your welcome, staying in your mom's basement just is in the cool. your parents are always going to love you but they may not love living with you. with a little planning on your part we can get you out of their nest and onto
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> it's #:45 on fox 29 weekend taking a look at the headlines.
9:46 am
former safed by the bell act or dustin diamond is convicted for a stab in a bar on christmas day. diamond was found guilty of two misdemeanors but cleared of the most felony charge. he claimed some fans at the bar wanted to take pictures with him but a few people started badgering him which led to a struggle. a washington state woman's home twice in in a matter of months that's why she did something to try to catch them in the act. they don't know it yet, but as soon as these men step inside this home they're being recorded of the homeowner as hey installed the surveillance system after the two burglaries. but this time things turned out differently. police were able to nab the. we got the suspects walking away from the house. they were not very far away at
9:47 am
all. that doesn't happen off. >> mow, it's very rare. especially with the traditional alarm. that would usually be if i or 10 minutes tops. the surveillance system provided them with all the evidence they need to prosecute. no word if thieves caught were the same ones for the burglaries the first two times. > it's called tick click, new app for anybody that expense a lot of time outdoors. there's the it's called tip click and it helps you determine whether your pet or you have rest recently bitten by a tick. the weather that we had with all the snow and ice it created a blanket and kept the ticks very well. developers from the cornell cooperative extension created this. it is a free app. ticks will allow you to identify what tick has bitten you, what
9:48 am
live stage it is. it will tell you about the different diseases that are carried the different ticks and there are links to the cdc website. it's really cool. i have both an apple -- i couldn't find it on the android, maybe you can. the app also provides information on how to spot different kinds of ticks and where they live. it is available for both they say the apple and the android devices, but i have problems on my galaxy phone. maybe you'll have better luck. philly weir, only in philadelphia, philly beer week, 10 days or more. we love it. we have a lot of beer gardens that opened last week. this started back in 2008. it is the largest beer celebration of its kind in the country. there are hundreds of events tied to this all in and around the area in philly. it highlights with a wonderful beer. how many great craft beers and so many breweries that are local. the bars unrestraints will be doing so many specials. we have a h history of good beer
9:49 am
loving here. it also teaches about beer drinking and tasting. in educating the consumer is growing increasingly hard as more styles come out. we do our best. obviously we have a great sales team. we try to do some marketing and some education as well. philly beer weekend as i said only here a week to 10 days it will run through next sunday, june 9. we have the ones down at head house and a couple new ones that opened last night. one at pat's stakes in south philly. i know now kids, puppies and beer are the things will guarantee karen is smiling. here is the studio. take a look at the weather, a the lot going on. taking a look in center city. it looks like a little bit of breeze. not quite sunny yet. is the day going to get better?
9:50 am
it's a little muggy. low clouds around philadelphia. there's fog down the shore there. atlantic city there picture was sent in. it looks like there's some fog trying to clear out a bit. but it will stick around for a while. once you get that sunshine then things will really start to cool down as that link comes off the ocean. maybe some patchy drizzle. nothing on the radar screen. a little wider view shows we're clear for now. there will be a few showers developing here over the next few hours. this weekend down the shore, 68. that's cooler than it is now. that wind picks up out of the south. fog tomorrow morning, cooler in the afternoon. again we'll have a repeat of that see breeze. temperatures are in the mid 70s and the humidity is high. it will be a warm and mug guy day. it doesn't look like we'll hit 90-degrees. that's l coulder air already starting to move into the delaware way bay. atlantic city airport 75. close to the coast there it's quite a butyl cooler. there are showers and storms
9:51 am
mainly northwest today. more likely tomorrow and monday. the cooler weather comes in tuesday and wednesday. we have highs into the 70s can but lows into the 50s with a clear sky at night and dry air. look for a cool start on wednesday morning. thanks so much, dave. now pennsylvania governor tomorrow woman of width it clear when he was running for governor that we needed to rethink our policy on marijuana. it is being debated in harrisburg. governor l woman of is rethinking it. he says we node to criminal lies. locking people up for small amounts of marijuana destroys lives. teddy writes legal is it altogether, tax it and use the money for taxes and infrastructure. i will never smoke it, but legalize it and tax it. let's get rid of the property tax in pennsylvania. why would the world would we
9:52 am
legalize it? there will be more druggies killing and shooting and after it's legalized it will be harder to take it away. joining us more to talk on pot policy at 900 apple wuard. good morning. how are i. >> i'm great. do we legalize, decriminalize it or stay the way it is. >> i think decriminalization is a step toward legal asia. i think decriminalization is fine. i think the governor is saying if people are call the with small amounts of marijuana they shouldn't go to jail because that destroys lives. that's fine and that's true. but there's a lot of things that are beyond that that the governor is not talking about. the thing that really destroys lives is not just a criminal record. it's drug use. he says that people can't get a job if they have a criminal record. well, people can't get a job if they're using drugs because a lot of jobs give you drug tests
9:53 am
to thin out the pool of potential employees and so if you're using drugs you can't get a job. if you're using drawings and you're driving you can still get locked up for that if you're using drugs and you're an amtrak driver and a septa driver and you get in an accident one of the first thing they do is check to see if you're using drug. so it's drug use that destroys lives. if you really want to help people's lives you need to address that as well. specifically as relates to mar, i can't smoke, i have a lung illness, but marijuana specifically doesn't seem to have that negative impact. if you look at most of the state they need the tax revenue don't they? marijuana kills your brain cells. you can talk about it as if it's different from other drugs, but i think that the bottom line is that marijuana is harmful. it's harmful to your lungs every lungs. it's harmful to your brain. people are talking about it as to whether or not it leads to
9:54 am
harder drugs. i think it does. some people say do its haven't. there are studies on both sides that can be debated. but one thing that can't be debated is this, that marijuana is a drug and so we're talking about taxing this drug and using drug money to fund our schools using drug money to replace property taxes using drug money to fund our society. i don't think that that's right. i think that drug use destroys lives and i think that you have to look at people's lives first and look at taxes second. we are up against the clock. i want to keep debating this. we tax alcohol, we tax cigarettes. we're going to have to get back p into it at another time. >> you know how i feel about it. always a pleasure. great to see. let us know what you think. you can leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook. you can tweet us at fox 29
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welcome back. pamela we see your tweet where you say i sent my video i can't get you guys to play it so i can get you a shirt. we want you to get a shirt. we can't find it. send it again, you got to use the hashtag fox 29 weekend or tweet it and we'll get it on. we also have another comment. pamela we're looking out for you but another comment with the kids watching. here it is our fox 29 philly watching fox 29 weekend. thank you for that one as well. > love it. we love it.
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we do have the big thing, the we love it. we do have the big thing, the event down at
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