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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  June 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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n we continue to follow severe weather. not only do we have a flash flood warning across our area but we have severe thunderstorm warnings as well as a tornado warning we are keeping tabs on and that tornado warning was allowed to expire. right now at 5:00 o'clock, it is still a severe thunderstorm warning but tornado warning has been allowed to expire that we were tracking moving through sections of salem county. that is a little bit of good news. however we are till looking at a lot of severe wet's cross our area right now as well as dangerous flooding across the the region as well. take a look the at the heavy rainfall showing up on ultimate doppler down the shore, atlantic city, moving toward ocean city marks margate, sea isle city. we have rainfall rates of one to 2 inches per hour with this cluster of showers and then are storms. it is not moving a whole lot. kind of park down the shore as well as along garden state
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parkway. look for blinding torrential rainfall as that cluster just slowly hugs sections of the jersey shore. so once gangs updating you that tornado warning that we were watching moving through sections of salem county that has turn now into a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:15. once again we are looking at very heavy rainfall and also we are looking at some hail quarter sized hail, gusty wind in excess of 60 miles per hour with that severe thunderstorm warning not only for sale em county but new castle count any delaware until 5:15. wilmington, claymont looking at that heavy rainfall right now. moving toward sections of that area, just looking at downpours. we will zoom in closer and you can see what is happening around newark area pike creek hockessin, delaware area wilmington i-95, 495 moving towards the new jersey turnpike just looking at downpours right now across parts of the area, with this
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particular cell, right now still raining heavily as well as thunderstorm activity moving through pennsville, that cell is moving toward pilesgrove area just be on the look out for torrential downpours. what is happening around the philadelphia area right now. we are still looking at heavier rainfall off to the west of the philadelphia and center city a area but we will zoom in closer right now and see lower merion back toward drexel hill , marple, media ridley, looking at heavy rainfall. the yellow an orange that you see. some of this is just a off to the west of the center city area but that rainfall is moving in over the next half an hour or so and we are looking at torrential downpours, from that activity as well. we're under a flash flood watch right now through the overnight, through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for just very heavy rainfall. there is a boundary that has
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it up shop. temperature contrast across the area downpours ponding if you encountered flooded roadway, turn around don't drawn. we have flash flood warnings for new castle county and as well as sections of south jersey. temperature wise right now 68 degrees in philadelphia humidity starting to increase as well. we will continue to keep tabs on the severe thunderstorms as well as the torrential downpours, across our area. guys it will be a busy night for the weather authority. back to you. >> thanks very much, cot. tonight's rain making for dangerous conditions ascot was talking about that could make for a tricky evening commute. roads, streets are surrounding our area will be slick and could even see flooding. so be careful if you are driving through this. here's a live look at i295 at new station road in cumberland county, new jersey. of course weep keep watching for problems and keep you posted. while you are away from the tv tonight be sure to down
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load fox 29 news app to stay updateond this developing weather situation. it is free just search in the apple or google play stores. call my caitlin, three words that has the country buzzing tonight. vanity fair releasing pictures of the july 2015 cover. >> it is who is grace ago this cover that has people talking fox 29's joyce he evans joins us with a look at that cover. joyce, it is generating a whole lot of chatter. >> yes, to say the least certainly talking about bruce jenner, call me caitlin tonight. bruce jenner's transition becoming a would hand has been chronicled and now we have our first look at the olympic champion once known as bruce. now she goes by caitlin jenner. vanity fair tweeted out this picture, cover of the july 2015 addition, it is a picture obfuscate lynn yener with the head line call me caitlin. author buzz who write friday night-light interviewed caitlin jenner for this
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article and chronicles his transition and what impact it is having on the car dared ash family. it was shot by vice-president fair star photographer annie liebwits. they put out this video of the behind the scenes photo shoot. shot in black and white video works on to appeal to human emotions. it transitions into color at the even to give a dramatic effect to reveal that cover kate len jenner setting up a a twitter account which has gain quite a following. right now she has more than a million followers she tweeted a picture of the cover and a message to her followers. it says quote i'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self, welcome to the world obfuscate lynn here's what you guys are saying out there tonight about the cover on our facebook page lauren, writes, quote i
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think she looks beautiful and hopes that she ignores the hate that she will get. for timely, being brave enough, to be who she is. and morgan, laurie morgan, had this to say. she says i love how people think he is confused. only ones that have the hard time accepting it are the ones who are confused. last time jenner was in the public eye was back in april that is when jenner did an interview with, dianne sawyer about the transition into becoming a women. this issue of vanity fair will hit news stand next tuesday june 9th dawn. >> thanks, joyce. the city of philadelphia is paying tribute to beau biden. forty-six year-old and eldest son of the the joe biden died of brain cancer on at day night. former delaware attorney general was diagnosed with the disease less than two years ago. biden was also a member of the delaware national guard and planned to run for governor in 2016. philadelphia mayor michael nutter took a moment this morning to offer condolences
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to vice-president joe biden and the entire biden family. >> to the vice-president, to doctor jill biden and the entire biden family on behalf of the city of philadelphia our hearts and prayers and thoughts get out to you. i have ordered all city flags to be lowered to half mass in honor of this great public servant. would i ask if we can just take a moment and remember what life is about and how precious it truly is. >> earl any his career, joe biden spent five years in philadelphia as a federal prosecutor. marketing mania taking over pope frances visit to philadelphia, thinks coming in the september world meeting of family organizers name their retail partner and showed off more than 200 souvenir items that will be offered for sale to commemorate the pope's visit. our bruce gordon joins us in the news room with what you can buy and what you can't. >> reporter: iain and dawn, philadelphia based aramark will partner with event organize tours provide an expect million plus visitors with every kind of momento
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knickknack, and thing a bob related, to pope francis visit. there will truly be something for every one. afraid the anticipated massive crowds of the ben franklin parkway will keep you from getting close to the pontiff come september? no problem just buy yourself a pope franes plush toy. shake its hand all day long. or how about a live sized two dimensional likeness ate was all of the rage during the world meeting momentoes. >> when you go to the event you want those lasting keepsakes and memorabilia that commemorating the the special experience that we know they will have in philadelphia. >> reporter: bye late june more than 200 items will be available for purchase on the world meeting web site. you'll be able to buy shirt hats jackets and roseries and crosses and card and coins and glasses and decals and pennants flags ornament,
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jewelry, cuff links scarves shaws, ties and backpacks at prices ranging from a dollar to 500. >> we appreciate being part of the event. >> reporter: aramark ceo eric foss presented mayor nut are with the world meeting jacket. marries already preparing a shopping list for a special someone. >> i'm looking forward to soon making my first purchase i can assure you it will be for my mother. >> reporter: there are some souvenirs the the mayor will not be able to buy at least not the authorized items. event organizers say they have been receiving product pitch es for the past two years and not everything has made the the cut. >> some things it is obvious you just say that would be great and other things you think pope frances bobble head doll, maybe not. >> reporter: donna ferrell did not close the head on the pope frances bobble head so there is still hope. we will keep you posted. ara mack will get a cut through american sales and rest will go toward helping to pay for the events 45 million-dollar tab. dawn? >> all right thanks bruce.
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nineteen people are out of their homes tonight after a fast moving fire in delaware county. fire fighters called to a home on the 400 block of bickley place in chester. it was 1:30 this morning. officials say fire inside a vacant row home spread to three neighboring homes it took fire fighters an hour and a half to get the fire under control. neighbors say they woke up to a chaotic scene. >> i was asleep on the couch and it just woke me up and said we got to leave. ran out of the door and seen a whole lot of flames from the next house and i said hurry up run that way. >> fire officials say another vacant home on the same block caught fire friday night. they are still investigating the cause of both fires. red cross is helping some of the residents who are displaced. south jersey couple seriously injured when their house exploded wins a two million-dollar settlement, james and evelyn mccarthey were both severely burned after gas that leak out of the severed pipes filled their
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villas home in 2013 and then exploded. that blast happened when james in mccarthey turn on the shower igniting hot the water tank. sure guys heating air air conditioning will pay most for moth properly logging the propane tank. south jersey fuel will pay $300,000 for the couple. harrisburg former representative harold james pleading guilty to one count of conflict of interest in representative ron waters, pleading guilty to nine counts. the case ace begins them were built on secret recordings by an informant posing as a lobbyist. the informant offered cash and gifts in exchange for promises of official favors both men were sentenced to probation. controversial dress code being enforced in a local school graduation ceremony but it is not for the students but for the parents. plus hundreds of cows trapped by flood waters in the
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lone star state the mace i have effort to get them to safety and how an entire town is pulling together to make it happen. tracie morgan makes his first appearance since the crash on the new jersey turnpike, that nearly killed him, the rule he said will never be the same. plus sacred art, why one local man's vision comes alive with the paint brush how his canvas is now making an international impact. blank. dawn, right now ultimate doppler is still lit up, we are looking at tropical downpours as well as flash flooding, and severe weather timing of the heavier rain in your backyard next. here's a live look at drivers on city avenue in bala cynwyd montgomery county, you can see ponding drivers facing a potentially dangerous, situation the vehicle will stay on top of we will keep you
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen
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golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. here's another live look at ultimate doppler radar tonight showing you the latest round of storms and these storms could extra over your neighborhood for a while tonight and drop plenty of rain. chief meteorologist scott williams will update time line and risk for flooding in a few minutes. here's another live look at drivers at city avenue on bala cynwyd montgomery county. you can see ponding but traffic seems to be moving okay right now but those roads could get slick and there could be flash flooding later. we will stay on top of this and bring you updates as soon as we have them. storms pounding the area tonight thinks the scene in brook have men delaware county. lots of splashing going on. streets are flooded there cars are driving through the the water but they are moving, a lot slower then usual, if you have to go out
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in this take your time as you are heading home this evening. tracie minister again says he remembered nothing about the limo crash that left him in the coma and that a year later he still has bad days and good days. comedian appearing live on nbc's today show this morning it was his first public appearance since june 2014 crash on the new jersey turnpike. minister again suffering head trauma broken leg and ribs and still recovering. he says he is getting better, but the loss of his friend, fellow comedian james jimmy mack mcnair is a wound that will never heel. last week morgan settled a lawsuit with wal-mart, owner of the truck that slammed in the back of the limousine he was riding in that night. an assembly panel has approved legislation to make it harder for domestic violence offend tours get their hand on the gun. it bans carjackers and gang members from owning a gun. the bill requires courts to tell people quick of domestic violence cases that they have to prove that they handed
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over their weapons. well, parents could be turned away from the local high school graduation, if they are in the wearing the right clothes. the dress code for guests is causing some controversy tonight in south jersey, fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson is here and bill, district is not backing down on this. >> no, they are not backing down at all. here's how it all happen. at a recent school board meeting in washington township graduation dress code was discussed. that discussion made its way to social media and just like that it is a controversy brewing. a dress code in high school is nothing new but one new jersey advertise trick's dress code is causing a bit of the buzz because here a at washington township, the graduation dress code, also applies to the parents. the issue recently flared up when policy was discussed a the a school board meeting and reminders posted on line. no jeans no t-shirts, no shorts and colored shirts are
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required for graduation that will take place outside on the football field in late june. district representative seemed surprised by the social media backlash because this isn't a new policy, but new or not moving around and talking to people in the area it was hard to find people who supported the policy. >> i don't like it. i just want to wear comfortable clothes look nice but just don't show up looking like no good. >> i'm a supporter of my child, all of the years going to school, i should come as i want. >> you should be able to wear what you want. it is your kid. you don't satisfaction the school system. >> reporter: more support for policies on line saying some people dress like pigs. i support the policy and traditional dress had shows respect has all but disappeared. >> as it stand violators will be asked to leave the graduation and that is a reason part thrilly that the district told me they are making sure that everyone who plans to attend is fully aware of the policy. it is interesting dawn, most
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of people we spoke to thought district was over stepping but many on line a applaud policy and say that parents need that guidance. we want to hear from your viewers. go to our fox 29 facebook page and tell us what you think. i will being back at 6:00 with your facebook comments and statement from the high school's principal. dawn? all right i'm sure plenty of people after lot to say on that one thanks bill. days after epa released clean water rules officials say they are committed to keeping philadelphia waterways clean. advocates for clean water the georgia ering at fairmount waterworks on the schuylkill river to prom toys do all they can to assure safe water in the region. new environmental protection agency rules puts more focus on keeping streams and tributaries just as clean as major waterways. epa says over 1 million americans, one in three people get their drinking water from streams in the protected until these new rules were instituted. one of the world's largest building materials company is
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in investing in the city of philadelphia, again. saint gobain corporation ace announcing a three-year commitment to youth build u.s.a. french company will invest $600,000 in the program. youth build u.s.a. is a jobs training program for disadvantaged young people and operates a charter school here in philadelphia. >> this is about the largest building materials company in the world partnering and having a presence in philadelphia, and the philadelphia region. they literally could be anywhere in the world. they chose to be here for a reason. >> youth build philadelphia charter school will complete two projects already underway on winning hawking street and launch a ren racial of the school's community group. an amazing sight at one world trade center just days after a observation deck opens to the public, the detail that makes this story even more unbelievable.
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plus three good samaritans risk their lives in texas to save a mother and her child it happened at a construction site what police say mom did that put her kid in danger. and if wearing contact lenses changing bacteria in your eyes? doctors now say it looks like the answer is yes but they cannot figure out exactly why. best guesses how you could be putting your eyes at risk.
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we continue to watch the interstate and roads in our area tonight, look at all that traffic, rain making for potentially dangerous conditions we could see flooding. the scott williams has been telling us that, i476 at 320 you can see brake lights there. we will keep watching for any problems. now with the dryer forecast in the southwest flood waters in dallas and across parts of the texas are expected to start receding this week. officials say the dryer weather will hopefully allow the gorge and rivers to flush those massive volumes of water in the gulf of in mexico at least 31 people have been killed in the storms across texas and oklahoma. ten people are still missing. u. secretary of state john kerry is heading back to the u.s. from switzerland after breaking his leg in the bike accident. kerry canceling remainder of his four nation trip which was set to include an
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international conference, focusing on combating terror groups like isis. secretary kerry will get treatment at massachusetts general hospital, and kerry crashed his bike in france just south of the swiss border. deadly midair collision at an air bat innings show in italy. two inning will seat planes slammed into each other while flying, over the the sea. one pilot was kill, other was rescued with just minor injuries. the cause of that collision is still, about to be under investigation. solar plane attempting to travel around the world is experiencing a weather delay solar impulse two taking off from china for her hawaii trip longest most dangerous leg of her journey. plan is to fly none in stop but storms near hawaii are forcing the the pilot to make a stop in japan. co pilot the on the project is on the ground in monaco says it is just not worth the risk. >> this is the goal, now, we're explorers. we are not dare devils. so we have to put the safety on top of all of the
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priorities and this is why we have already made these type of trainings the team is absolutely prepared for every diversion, every problem negotiations with other countries. >> the single seat solar plane took off earlier this year from the persian gulf, each stop, at each of the stops one key pilot gets off and another takes over. and those thunderstorms that passed through the new york area yesterday giving photographers, quite a chance to capture some amazing images of the storm. take a look at the very moment a bolt of lightening, striking one world trade center in downtown manhattan it is happening just two days after centers observation deck opened to the public. thankfully there was in damage and in one was hurt. violence continue to climb in baltimore with a potentially bloody weekend what some people are worried police officers have have stopped doing. and as we track severe weather changes people to the west have a big mess on their
5:27 pm
hand, the aftermath and destructive weekend and why people just can the not start cleaning up yet scott. dawn after a relatively dry month of may the month of june has begun on a wet note across our area, we're looking at ultimate doppler and that
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♪ former delaware attorney general beau biden is being remembered tonight as an extraordinary human being. he passed away on saturday less
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than two years after he was diagnosed with brain cancer. beau biden was also a member of the delaware national guard and planned to run for delaware governor in 2016. delaware governor jack markell spoke about beau biden on "good day philadelphia" this morning and calls his passing a tremendous loss. >> he was the most popular elected official in the state of delaware and that's because he earn it every single day. he work for it. and he leaves behind a legacy of real accomplishment in the attorney general' office particularly around protecting children which is something that he was so passionate about. >> funeral arrangements for beau biden have not yet been released released. another live look at drivers on city avenue in bala cynwyd. stopped at a light. there are some ponding on the roads right there and drivers could be facing a potentially dangerous situation. but it looks okay right there right now. of course it could get slick we'll continue to watch this throughout the newscast. thunderstorms, floods and
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tornadoes sweeping across the heart of the country this weekend leaving a lot of damage and just like us people sifting through that damage are watching chances for even more storms. >> hard to imagine. fox's kyle rothenberg looking at it all first hasn't. >> reporter: there are signs of damage across indianapolis. trees are toppled and cars have been thrown on top of each other other. the national weather service confirmed tornado swept through the area this weekend. packing winds up to 90 miles per hour. >> may neighbor's pool is gone. trees are all over the place around here. it's a mess. >> looks like a couple houses were just picked up and dropped right in place. there's debris everywhere. trees are down. poles are down. you know, it's insane how localized it was. >> reporter: in madison county indiana people are wading through several inches of water trying to stop the floods from destroying their home. >> now it's complete flood again and it's just flooded out our garage. our neighbor two doors down his garage is completely flooded out
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out. >> illinois business and homes are badly damaged from severe storms. the streets are littered with trees, tile and pieces of shingles. one person who lives there says she heard what sounded like a freight train. >> it sounded like it was going right down the road and pretty soon i heard boom, and then the house shook. >> reporter: in the st. louis area, all eyes are on the missouri river. which is threatening to reach flood levels. rain poured throughout the weekend putting pressure on people at a local farmers market market. >> i think it's held back some of our vendors who don't have the tents and i think it's held back a lot of people shopping because they don't want to get wet. >> reporter: here in mississippi severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued in several counties for parts of the day with more storms possible as the work week begins. in jackson kyle rothenberg fox news. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. the storms pounding the area tonight. take look. this is the scene in brookhaven delaware county. the streets are flooded there. cars are moving a little bit slower tonight and if you're headed out in all of this
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probably want to take your time. >> yeah. >> it's messy. >> don't drive through flooded roadways. >> turn around. >> absolutely. for the month of may we couldn't buy a rain cloud right now the month of june has begun really on a wet note. we saw that very heavy rainfall first thing this morning. probably waking a lot of you up out there across the region, and i guess you can call this round two right now. take look at the satellite and radar just kind of lit up those thunderstorms are growing in the atmosphere and those cloud tops are kind of tall so not only are we looking looking at heavy rainfall but could be small hail which already have been reports of hail in parts of the area. as we look at ultimate mat doppler right now you can see rainfall along the i-95 corridor, new castle county right now still looking at very heavy rainfall. zoom in right now. you can see here's philadelphia, center city, we're looking points west lower merion looking at some of that very heavy rainfall delaware county still looking at some ponding on the roadways.
5:34 pm
but take look. new castle county right now still under that flash flood warning until 7:30. we're looking at heavy rainfall around wilmington. claymont delaware, moving back toward newark hose kess sin still looking at wet weather and earlier when he tornado warning around the pennsville area. no longer a tornado warning for salem county, but look at the heavy rainfall just kind of saturating the area salem al a way moving toward upper pitts grove,. this is going to be moving toward the pitts grove area as well. very heavy rainfall rainfall rates one to 2-inches per hour. heavy rainfall still down the shore. atlantic city, ocean city, moving just north of avalon looking that cell popping up with a lot of heavy rain in cape may county. so we're not done with this pattern. we're not done with the rainfall rainfall. of course, we're still monitoring that are heavy rainfall off to the west. put ultimate doppler in 3d you can see that cell we're watching through sections of salem county looking at those cloud tops anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 feet earlier when we saw
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some hail they were approaching 50 even 60,000 feet so still a threat of some small hail but that cell weakening a bit however, the rainfall it's still pretty torrential right now across parts of our area. so we have the flash flood watch the entire area through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning ponding downpours we have that boundary stuck and that boundary is going to act as a focal point or a lifting mechanism so keep the rain gear umbrellas handy galoshes by 10:00 o'clock tonight when you're watching the fox 29 news at 10:00 likely still looking at heavy rainfall right around the area as well as some downpours. by tomorrow morning not as much coverage but we still have the threat for some rainfall again for tomorrow. so additional rainfall as we roll one of our computer models you can see through tonight, we can see 2.5-inches maybe in philadelphia. parts of new castle county could see 4-inches of rainfall before all is said and done. that's just one of the models that we're looking at so really locally heavy rainfall. 68 degrees right now humidity at
5:36 pm
81%. so once again the major headlines we're talking about the flash flood watch heavy rainfall over 2-inches of rainfall in spots and those temperatures are rain cooled right now in philadelphia but look at the divide. 54 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. we're looking at 80 degrees currently in dover delaware. so that boundary is draped across the area and that is settering the stage for heavy rainfall so the weather authority seven day forecast upper 60s. that's it for high temperatures tomorrow. it look like we'll probably get a dry break wednesday. then more chances for some scattered showers as we move into thursday, friday and also part of the um upcoming weekend. temperatures will warm back into the low 80s. so it look like kind of unsettled to begin the month of june. very heavy rainfall we'll take another look at ultimate doppler coming up. >> very unsettled. all right. thanks, scott. >> thank you. three good samaritans risking their lives in texas to save a mother and her child. it happened at a construction site. what police say the mom did that put her kid in danger.
5:37 pm
>> and more lives saved in georgia now this police officer is being hailed a hero. how he saved not one but two people within just a few hours of each other. -- >> things are heating up at mcdonald's before you order the burger the changes coming to
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♪ >> community of labor tee county texas joining together to bring their cows back home. the 500 cattle heard got trapped by the rising waters of the trinity river but they were finally rescued. cowboys had to leave the cattle on an a 8-mile journey to get some to dry land. residents hyped up along the highway to catch a glimpse of this once in lifetime scene. >> everybody just wants to be a part of this. this hasn't happened in probably 200 years. normal whole you working with cattle they're very excitable. they can be upset real quick and one stray cow can mess up the whole deal. >> the herd had been trapped for days by those rising flood waters. they're resting comfortably and they're dry tonight.
5:41 pm
three good samaritans risking their lives to rescue a mom and child from their singing car. police in lewesville, texas say that mom right there drove through construction barricades on purpose and straight into a lake all of this while her nine-year-old son was right in the back seat. three strangers stuck in traffic saw the whole thing happening. they jumped out of their cars and sprung into action. >> luckily the window was cracked, you know a little bit and i was able to reach in and grabbed hold of the window and put my feet on the door and broke the window. >> police say the mother will undergo a psychological evaluation. that child is now staying with hotter family members. you decide in the race for the white house. swarth are south carolina senator lindsay graham announces he's running for president. he made the announcement this morning in his hometown. he was a fierce critic of president obama's foreign p.m. see. he toll his supporter that is he's dedicate toddy feeing us
5:42 pm
anniversaries and says radical islam is quote running wild in the world. the president and former secretary of state hillary clinton have been afraid to fight and crush muslim terrorists in iraq, syria and afghanistan. >> i'm afraid some americans have grown tired of fighting them. i have bad news to share with you. the radicals radical islamist are not tired of fight fighting you. >> graham is the ninth republican to launch a campaign. >> contact lenses changing the bacteria in your eyes. doctors say it look like the answer is yes. they can't figure out exactly why. their best guess how you could be put your eyes at risk. plus sacred art. one local man's vision comes alive with a paint brush. how his canvass is now making an international impact. howard? >> even though it's still early in the process the biggest question for the eagles would be at quarterback.
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hear from mark s
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. we continue to watch interstates and roads in our area as rain makes for some potentially dangerous conditions out there tonight. we could see some flooding in areas. here's a live look right now at i-295 at new station road that's in cumberland county, new jersey. traffic seems to be moving along fine there. we will keep watching though for any problems. a nine-year-old girl in critical condition tonight after a car crashes into a terminal at los angeles international airport. this happened yesterday afternoon. investigators say the driver was dropping off a passenger when the sketch-year-old possibly hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes sending that car barreling into the terminal. the driver and passenger weren't
5:47 pm
seriously hurt. officials say the girl who is in critical condition was with her mom and her siblings at the time of the incident. tonight new york city mayor is promising a full investigation to find out what caused the crane collapse that hurt 10 people. it happened yesterday in midtown manhattan. the crane apparently malfunction malfunctioned while carrying a large air-conditioner. shattering part of the building's facade. debris and broken glass came raining down on the people below. >> we're talking about steal frame, we're talking about plastics and glass and fiberglass, curtain wall which gets attached to the steal frame. that's what you seeing on the street. >> the immediate area was blocked off after the accident and then reopened when the coast was all clear. all the people who were hurt are expected to survive. the bloodshed in baltimore continues to sky rocket. may is now the deadliest month in the city in more than 40 years. there were 43 murders in baltimore last month. homicides rose in may the
5:48 pm
number of arrests plumetted. some believe the drop is directly connected to the april death of freddie gray saying police officers are now hesitant to intervene in violent crimes, six officers were indicted in connection with gray's death. tonight residents are pleading for the violence to stop. >> every day you hearing somebody is getting shot. someone is getting killed. we can't -- we can't become numb to the violence. oh somebody just got shot and keep walking. this is the attitude that's happening. >> baltimore's mayor says she has confidence that police will get the violence under control but until that happens, she is encouraging everyone to work together to get the criminals off the streets. four police officers saving lives is in the job description but one georgia cop never expected to have the work shift he just had. he just saved two lives on the same day. fox's jacqueline schultz has the story. >> reporter: he calls eight busy day.
5:49 pm
just doing his job. >> when we become police officers our job is to help anybody in any situation. >> reporter: comrades say saturday sergeant nathaners the of the holly springs police department was a hero twice. saturday night he rush to this ban donned home on good within road. folks inside told him a man overdosed on heroin. >> he was unresponsive. he had labored breatheing. some other signs were present that he had been experiencing an overdose. >> reporter: officers say he's done it before and did it again. >> you just spray, you know, into the nostril. >> reporter: quickly administer the medicine narcan to reverse the effects of the drugs. it worked. and the man woke up. hours later another call. someone trapped inside this burning home. >> calling 911 you know. all of a sudden i heard my mother screaming. >> reporter: ronnie callahan's 87-year-old mother and sister shirley rue witness were inside the home. shirley has cerebral palsy and is bedridden his mother tried to
5:50 pm
put out the fire with a hose. sergeant earns the and sergeant derek voss. cherokee county sheriffs office arrived first. >> i had to duck doing inside the house. there was lot of smoke inside. >> sergeant voss and myself were able to pick miss shirley up and get her outside the house. >> they're both my heroes. like i told you without ya'll i wouldn't have a familiar daal. >> this family grateful for these two men. >> how does it feel torque you know, be called a hero twice in one night? >> you know, it's just this is what we do. this is what we love to do. >> reporter: in holly springs jacqueline schultz, fox news. utah man on the run from police is in custody after he's found hiding in a chicken coop. police were looking for 32-year-old justin anderson. office knocked on the door of a home where they thought anderson might be and that's when he ran out the back door according to police jumped the fence using a trampoline. meanwhile a homeowner who went to check on his chickens that were acting up stumbled upon anderson and he tackled him and
5:51 pm
held him until police were able to arrest him. >> i opened the shed up and he was just sitting on the seat, then i -- kind of started me. i hurried and shut the door and he was forcing his way out of the door. so then i -- he started bending the door so i let him go through and then i just grabbed him and tackled him. >> mows say anderson was booked and a fugitive warrant and for avoiding being caught as well as one or more drug charges. wearing contact lenses may change the bacteria living in your eyes. small study rhee wretchers found people who wore contact lenses had triple the proportion of certain bacteria species on their eye. compared to people who didn't wear lenses. more research is needed to examine whether these changes in eye bacteria come from finger touching the eye or whether the pressure of the lense somehow alters the immune system in the eye but the team believes their findings should shed light on why contact lenses wearers are prone to eye infections. the finding presented at the
5:52 pm
annual meeting of the american society for pie crow biology in new orleans. marine and fitness trainer breaks a world planking record to honor this fellow warriors. 57 year george hood break the record staying in the plank position for five hours and 15 minutes in california this weekend. that's a long time. >> the previous record holder was a chinese police officer who stayed in that position for four hours and 26 minutes. that wasn't much. this was not just about bragging rights hood took part in the challenge to help raise i wasness and money for the semper fi fund that helps u.s. wounded service members. >> every week we take you in focus. finding the coolest stories from all around the area. this time photojournalist mick rohrer discovering an artist who has a higher calling. >> reporter: with every stroke -- >> i'm working on a piece that's been sitting around for awhile. >> reporter: there's a story coming to life. >> when i'm real foal cuffed i can go 18 to 20 before i ned to
5:53 pm
shut down. >> wilson carlin has a little down time. >> when i'm work on my own projects that are not economicked related i let the mind wander and see what comes out. >> reporter: he has a secretaire tift portraying the principals of christianity the. >> it's a piece about martyrdom. i'm not sure where it's going to go. >> we met neilson last august. >> when someone sees this eventually there's an association of philadelphia. >> today we can see the finish piece of the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in philadelphia. i really felt the most at home doing work for the catholic church as catholic. i just really felt like the right fit. >> reporter: it's been such an integral and intrinsic part of who i am for so long that it just fulfills a very deep need to create. >> he says painting has taught him patience. >> patience and focus. you have to -- you cannot give up on something too quickly. and you have to stay focused if
5:54 pm
you're ever going chief anything anything. >> achieving a career as an artist is sometimes challenging. >> i'm an entrepreneur. i'm self-employed and i have to get up every day and make it in the studio whether i feel like it and i'm here until a project gets done whether i want to least studio or no. i want to change the color of the cloak she stands out if i am going in fact in the direction of martyrdom white makes more sense. >> this direction will most likely take another 20 hours to complete. >> i mean certainly there's going to be a lot more work. her face is probably the most finished but that needs a lot of touching up as well. >> in kennett square, bill rohrer fox 29 news. france's famous lovers bridge is stripped of its lover lock. bridge in paris best known as a destination for lovers who attach locks to represent their love. however after years and years of tourists adding their own locks the sheer weight is putting the 1,917th structure at risk. paris city hall ruling its too dangerous to keep the locks especially since par of the bridge collapsed last summer.
5:55 pm
the mayor of paris says the existing railing will be replaced with panels covered in street art and later covered with plexiglass. this is the per fact way to enjoy the weekend. thousands of people in raleigh north carolina got to relive their youth on this massive slip and slide 1,000-foot slide covered the length of three football fields. the big crowds were a mix of kids and adults. >> i'm still a kid. but it's definitely fun to like go back to like seven and eight-year-olds. slide down the slide. >> this was raleigh's first slide the city and it may not be the last. looks like fun. storms tracking across our area. now, parts of the area under a flash flood watch. scott is in our weather center tracking a wet start to the weekend the month of june and he'll tell you how long that rain is going to stick around. >> if he was convicted for makingmaking threats on facebook about killing his ex-wife and police officers now the supreme court is stepping in. why they say the pennsylvania man did nothing wrong.
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. our top story at 6:00 is the severe weather. >> right now you're taking live look at drivers on city avenue in bala kin wide, montgomery county. you can see some ponding on the roads there. >> take look at this video. this is the scene in brookhaven
6:00 pm
delaware county. streets there are flooded. cars driving through a lot of water. some moving a little bit slower tonight. if you are headed home in all of this you'll want to take your time. good evening everyone i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland noland. >> i'm iain page. we've seen a tornado warning. thankfully that expired. parts of our area under a flood watch. >> let's get right over to women's jumps in our weather center tracking it all. scott it look like this rain is here to stay for little while. >> it really is, dawn and iain. we're looking at flash flood watches the entire area right now through overnight continueing through sick am tomorrow morning. as well as heavy rainfall and in fact we have some current flash flood warnings across the area. i'm going to step out of the way and show you some of the storm reports that we have seen over the last couple of hours with some of the activity moving through the area. you can see in atlantic county, several roads flooded in the collings lakes area with the fire department responding there there. and also we'll take look at


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