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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 9, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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it is 9:00 o'clock exactly right now excuse me. >> are you all right. >> yeah. >> hello. >> and then there were two. the season finally of held kitchen is tonight, i believe it is on at 9:00. >> if they win they will work, as a head chef in atlantic city, right. >> exactly right. >> we should put them to the test. they need to know atlantic city. how well do the chef and megan know ac. >> what is you are proposing is a game show. >> i think so. >> we will do it. >> it business that time alex holy. >> did you down load the fox 29 news app yet. well we will tail our inner taylor swift coming up next this week. >> and you better believe it. >> hey aretha.
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>> ♪ >> she's got it. >> yes. >> these little girl, i mean her moves are taking the storm by internet. >> book her on ellen right now. >> all right. 7:01. >> husband taking their wife's last name is a growing trend. >> you can see my wig here for my taylor swift. >> bad blood. >> ready to go. >> zeo selldonna a announced he is mr. selldone. he took her last name, his name is marco. >> yes. >> marco selldone. he took her name because they are equal and add his wife warned him against the move saying you will you emasculated. to which he replied i don't care. they wed two years ago and they welcomed twin boys back in november.
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>> that is interesting. >> listen this doodies just thrilled to be married to z oe selldonna for goodness sake. >> that is true. >> i would change both my names. >> you are getting married are you changing your last name. >> to mcdonald. >> i like it. >> what a fuel believes mike mcdonald. >> jen what do you believe about this. >> i'm at this gorgeous cosmetic place but we are hiding in the room because they were doing eye brow transplants and stuff. couple things number one before i was in philadelphia i was on television with my made even name, stitler and people would go up to steve all the time, steve had no problem with it, but, jen fred ring, steve fredrick brody
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fredrick it is just a better name. we never talk about the name thing but it is interesting. i said you get one ring forgetting engaged another ring for showing up on the wedding day. you should get a third ring if you are a lady for changing your name. >> a third ring. >> but a third ring, if i change my name, especially if i'm a a professional where is the third ring. >> legally do it and change it at work and credit cards and license. >> do you want some gossip about this. >> yes. >> we know this person . there is a person we know in the news business ape her boss knows this guy. i hope our boss is not listening but he and his first wife decided, on the name and it turned out to be, the wife's name. well, he is not married to his first wife anymore. he is married to his second wife, madly in love, amazing guy but he still has the first wife's name. >> hold on again.
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>> so she married hold on a second. >> does the wife also have the first wife last name. >> i don't think so. >> so they have two different last names but they are married. >> that is interesting. >> yes, i don't think this is becoming a trend who says thinks a trend. >> i think it is. >> halle berry if she maris rick smith, you know and you have kids and you want one name he could be rick smith. >> but you don't to have change your name. she can still be zoe selldonna and where her male said whatever her name is. >> in one has to change your name. steve and i were married for seven years before we had kid. i only used the name jen fredrick on tv on my credit cards, passport, driver's license everything was my made even name. i never change my name. then it was good on tv, and kid were born and now i just did that. how do i look, i'm a new
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person. >> my friend is being married and she doesn't want to lose her last name. she will make it her middle name, and then take his last name. >> a a lot of people do that. >> yeah. >> unless she gets that third ring she doesn't need to change that name. >> you don't need to change it. >> where did this whole thing start where woman took the man's last name. we have to go way back. >> in some places you get both last name. you could be jen diaz diaz or jennifer romero cortez. selma heyek and those people penelope cruz their family name is like cruz die as. they go together. >> i hear you, that is fine. bye jen ny like mike mcdonald but would i like to sing old mcdonald had a farm. >> what kind of famous michael mcdonald song. >> what a a fool believes.
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>> yes. >> lets do taylor swift. >> i bet she will keep her last name. >> yes. >> swift. >> she will married some fast guy. she's going to be performing at the lincoln friday and saturday, both sold out i'm's sure wouldn't you think. >> i'm sure, within minutes. >> sold out. >> we have been asking to you down load fox 29 news app. >> yes. >> we said if we hit 700 at least 700, we would perform her new single bad blood. >> no need to show that anymore seriously. earlier we got up to almost 1,000, we were at 900. >> did i put that on right. >> somewhat did we prom toys do we will sindbad blood. >> shake it you have. >> shake it off it will work. >> i need my brows. >> what kind of brows does taylor swift have. >> they are in the this dark.
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>> so we have made it up there. >> can we put it backup there again. >> here we go. is what the name of the new song. >> bad blood. >> okay. >> ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure all of us will be take already swift in three two, one... >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, that is enough. >> you are pretty versatile. >> there is a version where he
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doesn't have much at all. >> it is her song. >> that was fun. >> it was worth the down load. >> well, you know it wasn't. >> here's the thing. >> they can look at the radar so many reasons to get news app. >> news app is great it is worth it. >> now stop it. >> kit cat put it back to where it needs to be. >> while she does that the guy that won the kentucky derby, i think he is oldest jogging toy ever win a triple crown. >> yes. >> and i think he is first latin o to win a triple crown. he is dating up a storm. >> shouldn't he be. >> kentucky derby preakness, and now the belmont steaks. so he has had three different girlfriend. >> over what time frame. >> over that nine week period . >> my goodness. >> he is rolling witt. >> look at the one girl. >> the blonde. >> yes. >> up, up up, stop. >> yes. >> he is 43 i think.
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she's 19. >> wow. >> playa playa. >> he is not a playa but he is crushing a lot. >> yeah. >> one of the benefits of the ripple crown. >> would you ever date anybody who is shorter then you. >> that would be almost impossible. >> look at you. >> so did you meet any guys. >> why does it always come to this. >> i went to london. that is why i was gone. it was my second time going. i had a wonderful time. >> yes. >> when you go to ps, you have to take this picture. i went in there. it is disgusting. it smells terribly. >> somebody probably pied in it. >> that is exactly what happened. >> but whenever i said look at the telephone booth. so then i brought myselfe stick over there and i went to the london bridge. >> trouble is london bridge. >> tower bridge. >> london bridge is in what state. >> no there is a lon on
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bridge but it is falling down so they built this tower bridge. >> london bridge was taken down and moved to arizona. >> really. >> yeah. >> sue, google that. >> they didn't mention that on the tour. >> the original london bridge was in moved to air zone. that is tower bridge. i have been on there. >> now you can go up in there and they made a glass floor and you can look down. >> that is quite the trend. >> best part of the trip was apparently this years 150 anniversary of alice and wonder land. they had a interactive theater underneath the subway station the metro station there and they took you underneath and you went and you pretend to be alice. we fell down a rabbit hole. that was at the end of they have a big concert at the even. that is my friend chloe, she lives there in philly. we were there together. >> i was going to say i know her. that is why i thought were you back in town. >> that was there. >> that is alice.
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it is so cool. because we had tea we were going to the fancy forest, and it was a amazing. it was one of the best experiences. it was fun. i'm glad to be back. >> great to have you back. >> two things we saw this so then they have a serial killer bar. >> yes good look, you go there and they have boxes of cereals. any type you want you get it with like a bowl of milk. you can put toppings. it is a cereals bar. >> really cool. >> there is one other picture. >> on friday while were you gone we went to a place down the shore and they had cereals in cocktails. >> yes. >> i had to bring you something, mike. >> so i figure there is two things you are obsessed with. one thing he is always popping a mint in his mouth. >> yes good my gosh. >> there you go. >> i know you love police officers. every time you see them you go
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up and say hello. >> yes. >> how do you combine breath mints and police officers. >> here we go. >> a police officer filled with breath mints. >> that is kind of kinky. >> my goodness. >> there you goy thought of mike this is perfect, two of my favorite things together in one. >> he is a bobby. >> yes. >> it is his hat. >> yes. >> there it is. >> and then just for everybody, i got a dancing queen literally she dances. >> and when you put it in the sun. >> it starts dancing. >> i love that. >> i have seen this. >> yes put that in the sun it will do that all day long. >> one of my favorite things i like to do when i get to different countries. i like to see what kind of potato chips they have. they have weird chicken flavors like chicken wings. in case you wanted to try them. we have roast chicken potato
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chips cocktail potato chip. >> pron cocktail good and then for the finally here worchester sauce. >> i have to try these. >> do you want some chips, sue. >> it smells of shrimp. >> how is it. >> this is good. >> what is this. >> this is prony don't necessity if they are good sue i haven't tried them. >> maybe a little shrimp after taste but it taste like a barbecue shrimp chip but who doesn't love a barbecue chip. >> maybe i will win a free lunch i have to figure out how
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to do that. lets take a look at the seven day forecast because we are heating up, after today. it is still breezy, drippy out there, we could have a pop up thunderstorm later on. 86 degrees today. tomorrow 88. thursday, 92. 93 degrees on friday. ninety on saturday before a cold front comes through and makes it more reasonable for sunday. is there your seven day forecast from the weather authority. what is coming up next, alex and mike. >> it all comes down to this... >> oh, my god. >> who will claim the head chef position at caesars atlantic city and a quarter million-dollar salary. will it be megan. no nonsense executive chef from roanoke, virginia. >> everything stops. >> or he the gutsy cook from
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atlanta georgia. >> my life on the line right here. >> they are right here in the studio with us. this is big tonight at 9:00 o'clock. it is just down to the two of you. we are so honored and lucky to have you in the studio. >> thank you. >> so good to see you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> no you have to tune in. the grand prize is what. >> well, it is the head chef job the atlantic city, gordon ramsey's pub and grill. >> what hotel is that in. >> in caesars. >> yes. >> that is a great job. >> yes. >> is that going to pay a lot of money. >> quarter of a million-dollar to be exact. >> yes. >> yes i will be watching tonight. >> here's the deal. you are in the from the atlantic city area. >> no. >> you have to move there right. >> correct. >> do you know anything about atlantic city. >> it is my first time to
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atlantic city. >> you will have have a watch party there tonight. >> yes good at caesars. >> yes. >> this is my second time. >> we will play a game now. i will pretend this is a podium like a game show. let me get my glasses. hey, welcome everybody. how well do you know atlantic city. are you ready, just shout it out, here's your first question, is what the most famous place to get a hoagie in atlantic city. here is your choices a the white house the b pink palace or c ac stake shack. >> i will say ac stake shack. >> no. >> pink palace it is not the pink palace. >> it is the white house place over there called the white house famous for their grade sandwiches. >> okay. question number two ladies and gentlemen what should be the name of this game show.
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>> do we still get the gift bags. >> there are no gift bags this is good day philadelphia we have no budget. you will get that opened bag of chips. >> how about that. >> question number two what was once the most fame as you tracks at the steel pier. >> here are your choices. you don't even know what the steelpy ier is. >> the number one attraction at the steel pier back in the day, a the biggest ferris wheel on the east coast, b muscle beach, and or c a diving horse. >> let's eliminate diving horse. >> i will go with b. >> no. >> you shouldn't have eliminated the diving horse because it is a diving horse. >> believe it or not, kit cat kline do we have footage of it. look at that. >> here it goes.
9:19 am
>> what. >> somebody said well, this can the good and they stopped it. >> oh, no awful. >> in the pool of water. >> worst shot of it i have ever seen. >> they stopped doing it. >> yes. >> it is kind of cruel for the animal. >> you will be doing pennsylvania thiscally on this. this is your last chance. where was your boss, gordon ram i born , a scotland b england c wales. and he will fire you if you don't know. >> i want to say scotland. >> that is what i want to say but my brain is telling me wales, because i visited wales. >> i will go with scotland. >> you are right. >> scotland. >> follow your brain good my brain doesn't work all the time. >> we will see you at a watch party tonight. >> absolutely. >> you can watch the show, it
9:20 am
is the final show of held kitchen. which one of these two wins tonight at 9:00 o'clock. thank you both. >> thank you for having us. >> you made it a long way. >> we're excited, mike. >> they are not called chips they are called crisps. >> in england. >> they smell amazing. >> yes. >> fish and chips. >> kanye west birthday was yesterday what did kim plan for his big day she went all out, big surprise that went down last night.
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iconic song, wouldn't you say respect by aretha
9:24 am
franklin. >> this little girl deserves some respect for sure. >> sure. she basically lip syns aretha franklin's respect. her name is johanna well here she is. >> ♪ >> okay. >> live this kid. >> that is amazing. >> she has the right amount of sass. >> gentlemen hanna is her name and we think this is a north carolina at one of those dance recital we all dread.
9:25 am
>> her mother is proud too. i see you fantastic. >> she was on the beat snapping at the right time. >> she will be on ellen. >> yes. >> these dance recitals i was talking to a guy who works here his name is mike, he has to go to his daughter's dance recital this weekend. they think it is three and a half to four hours. i have been to my daughter jill who was in dance for years. dance recitals were three to four hours long. i told them this was my technique. find out when she dances in the program and would i leave for over an hour and go to the bar and come back and she didn't even necessity i left the audience. >> i didn't do. that difficult ballet tap and jazz growing up. they have a lot of recitals. >> this mike schwartz doody work with he said i can't do that because they lock you in. they don't let parents leave now. >> they must be on to you. >> they caught on. >> that is terrible.
9:26 am
>> it is an outrage. >> did you ever miss it. >> no i always came back. >> you get the flowers. you have been there the whole time. >> you are so terrible. >> i saw her dance. >> yes. >> jen is still talking about eyebrows. >> i have never heard of a eye brow transplant where are they getting the hair. >> welshing we will tell you where they are getting the hair, you have to sit tight mr. jerrick. this woman has had the eye brow transplant and she is a little hairy i'm kidding, we will tell what you she looks like after the break because it takes a while to grow in. after the break come back and we will show it to you.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food.
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the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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>> i have never in my life heard of something called eye brown tabs plant. >> see, a lot of women pencil it in they tint they eyebrows. >> i would use back hair. >> no i think don't -- i don't think so. >> we'll speak with doctor griffin from the griffin hair restoration center, good morning so mike is dying to know good morning, by the way good morning good morning. where does the hair come from, for the eyebrow transplant? >> comes from the back of the head. this is called the donor area which we use for all types of hair transplantation take very small incision, back here and very small area, and it heals with minimal scarring and that no one can see. >> this gorgeous human is sitting here, because this gorgeous human has had it
9:31 am
done. let's look at your before picture. i know you didn't want to share that, little spars above the eyes. >> spars is an understatement. >> it was spars. >> so one of the things that you guys are doing here at this center, that's different than other places, do you have annie the brow whisperer she had been a client of yours for years and so you new what she liked, where she was pencil things in. so you helped doctor griffin. >> yes. >> you basically drew out the brow? >> yes. >> okay so how does that work? >> so basically she fills in her brouse every day anyway. >> yes? >> when she came in, i wanted to see how she filled in her own eyebrow. so coy get idea of her comfort level, too. but i also went overlooking at her facial features things like that, and we came to a happy medium. i always want to give my professional opinion but i want my client to be comfortable. >> they have to have i am. >> the absolutely. >> so you get the hair from the back of the head. during transplant, where does the hair go in, how does it work in the most clinical
9:32 am
terms you can give us? >> very important that the hair goes in, and the direction, that we want it to lay at the end of the result. so in this situation in the media portion of the eyebrow hairs are aiming more in an upward direction, and then they turn more lateral and lay flat against the skin as they go laterally. >> she want that to happen? >> yes. >> now, that can be designed anyway so depending on person's previous brow look or what annie might recommend it is great having annie here, because she truly is the brow whisperer. she helps us decide how the brow should lay. >> how many months out are you? >> i'm about three months post. >> okay so, you say just like you would grow a beautiful garden it takes about three six months for everybody to grow in? >> right. one doesn't get immediate gratification from this, it takes a little while for the grass to heal take in new location once they start to
9:33 am
grow, they grow normally. >> who is this gorgeous person? >> this is my daughter, maureen. >> she assists in these procedures? >> my right hand man. she is the one who actually places the grafts. >> so she is the planter. so one of the things i said to you off camera, as i said obviously were you drawing them in, doing all of this stuff. but, they have to be better than what you might have imagined because she could look at it from a unique view, right? >> correct. yes. the result that i'm seeing right now has far surpassed any expectation that i had. i never thought that the result would be this amazing. >> and were you more worried about the in here or the down there? >> i was worried in the down there. it was -- >> thank you for being clinical with me. >> absolutely. from the arch to the end of the tail, that i had absolutely no hair in my opinion annie will say different, but his my opinion i had no hair from the arch to the tail. >> so we have heard i confess to the doctor you know i read 17 magazine other academic journals, you hear about women who don't want to go swimming, they doesn't want
9:34 am
to go on their honeymoon worry about it melting off if drawn in. >> of course we friday it look at natural as possible, but you it takes a lot of work to look natural. so when they fill their brouse in and it comes off they are worried about flooding it off -- swweating off at the beach. the brow, you know transplant basically, to me, is going to change everything for eyebrows. it really is. i mean, think about it, all of these women walk around, they have no hair. you know as you mature you lose most of the brow. you have no you have permanent hair your own hair, continues to grow. you have fuel bring so full look. >> i love it. doctor griffin thank you. >> your welcome. >> thanks for letting us peak in. thanks for letting us peak in. >> absolutely. >> guys, in case you're wondering about a week off what you recommend people should plan after they've had this done. >> yes. >> okay. i think we did okay. it is hard to explain very complicated thing. >> i got it. >> you got it? >> you got it? >> does it hurt? also avenue question for the last sellment, where the gill
9:35 am
was tenting her eyebrows, how does it take to get the eyebrows tint in the. >> how much does it cost when you charge people for tinting? >> tint something $25. >> not bad. >> mike want you to tell -- how much -- >> really didn't hurt thank you, medication. >> oh that's what. >> i say it every day. >> way to go. high five, doctor. yes. thank you so much. >> let's go to fill. >> i hey lauren? >> hey, what's going on? we're in north philly where family of veterans getting a dream come true today. thanks to complete volunteer complete strangers, we're volunteering here at their north philly home. even miss destiny watching all of the action, for her mom and grandfather, can you wave to the camera? oh we'll tell you all about it coming up.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york
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>> thanks to the help of some strangers, she gets to live in her home again. live in north philadelphia with how this happened, lauren? >> reporter: yes we're hanging out so it all happened with a application, but will tell us about why she applied. thanks so much for joining us. by the way destin's adorable, your daughter. how old is she? >> she is two. >> two years old. not too young to understand. what's that up there camera? >> yes. >> yes, tell us how this all got started? >> well it started years and years and years ago when our family members got sick, we wanted to bring them home. my father one of them he is a world war ii veteran. and we just had no help until rebuilding rebuilding together philadelphia, and they came and as you can see
9:40 am
they are phenominal, phenominal phenominal people. >> you grew up in in home? >> i did. i did. i grew up here. i'm actually from chicago and every summer, holiday i flew from chicago to come here to be with my family and then we moved here. and this place had so many, so many beautiful people. to see it go from what it was to what it is now prior to all of the volunteers stepping in to help, does it break your heart? >> it did it did because there are so many memories here and to just see the house coming apart heart breaking. because everything we have is here every memory we have is here and it is just this is home. you know? it is home. >> when you walk up with destiny, you saw all of these complete strangers volunteering here to make this happen for you and your family what feeling over came you? >> honestly i wanted to cry. i had to stop myself from crying because to see so many
9:41 am
people dedicate so much time, so much effort into putting together something for people they don't even know is amazing to me, and it is amazing people to do that. >> you're with rebuilding together. talk about why you guys do things like this, you can tell it will make some people cry. why do you guys do this? >> we our mission is to bring a safe and healthy home to every family. and we are particularly glad to be able to help namira, her daughter her mother, mover back into this house from public housing. and to help a veteran and we couldn't do this without the great people from sears who are here volunteering today have been so supportive. and whose hot water we're going heater, we're going to install today. hopefully we go can get this family back to their home hopefully by christmas and then it is wonderful because then they'll be a home for another family to leave homelessness and go to
9:42 am
namira's old home. so just wonderful day the beginning for namira's family, for another family, to move out of homelessness. >> what would your father say if he was here to see all of this happen today? >> my father would cry because knowing that this is happening is a miracle for us, and he wanted it so badly and unfortunately, he wasn't able to see it, but i know that if he were here he would be so proud and so, so grateful so grateful. >> thank you for your service. thank you for joining us, destiny thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> she is so cute. >> oh my goodness she is great. oh man. that bridges tears to your eyes great job folks. dow want to meet some young people this though who are going to go to italy? old city orchestra some of them. >> that's right. they are getting ready for the big trip. we'll tell you why they are headed to italy next.
9:43 am
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it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. gearing up for six city tour every italy. if you ever listened to them, you will under stands the reason why. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> oh they're so amazing members of the philadelphia orchestra. tell us more about the upcoming trip, of course, used to playing little something for us. so we have joseph con year here, and dom there you go. very well said. so tell me about the all city orchestra. >> all city orchestra made of the top talent student audition every year, from the city of philadelphia. so this is philadelphia's own 117 student make up the orchestra, also a band, a chorus and a jazz band, as well. >> they get to go on this amazing trip? >> orchestra is going on this amazing trip. >> we couldn't take all 400 really sore bye that 117 will be plenty for us to -- >> and why italy? italy, are we known? philadelphia's wonderful music place? >> philadelphia is a great music -- philadelphia orchestra, sponsor actually partial sponsor of this tour. and philadelphia's great music city. and the philadelphia public schools has had long tradition
9:47 am
of wonderful music education. >> so it will be a big send off concert. we have to send them off in style, right? >> right. >> where is it going to be? >> june 18th at the kimmel center verizon hall another great support over of the wonderful project. 7:30 open seating, so there are no ticket required. just ask everyone show up. >> and it is free. we love that. >> we have some of the best of the best here. i know everyone from different high school, flight but can you go around and say your name and what high school? >> i go to academic music program. >> i'm emma from masterman. >> okay go ahead. >> marina home schooled. >> okay. >> i'm jeff i go to creative -- >> okay. >> and i'm gabe preston go to central high school. >> have you guys ever been to italy before? >> no. >> oh such a great trip. so what cities are they going to? >> we start in rome, rehearse in rome, vatican city, and also we will be playing in perugia, luca,
9:48 am
and flour glens the trip after lifetime. so we need help paying for the trip right? >> almost there. >> okay what can we do. >> go-go site. you can go to the philadelphia orchestra, the city -- all city orchestra. >> make it easier, we'll put it on so if you want to donate. >> wonderful. so now play little something what are they going to do? >> tango, let's hear it. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> kim had to go all out, apparently dropped $110,000 to rent out the entire staple center just for his birthday. think she surprised him there? real referees, lakers girls to cheer on kanye analyst friends, and birthday basketball slow down look at all of the celebrities. >> what a waste every monday. >> i john wall, justin bieber, the cards ash yan sisters the coach, and john legend sang the national anthem. >> how about that? >> well i guess if you got it you know you can flaunt it do things like that? >> don't spends $100,000 helping people. >> ya. >> wow.
9:54 am
>> you know, i love jerry seinfeld. >> yes you do. >> red a whole story about him yesterday. >> so many stories what relates to seinfeld. >> every day. >> well jerry seinfeld is addressing the issues of political correctness, he says, to pc and comedians starting to be affected by this political correctness. >> and how it is affecting comedy especially, for the younger generations, jerry says, he won't book college campuses any more, no concerts, no stand up routines in college any more. >> wow. >> he says, that even his own kids don't understand issues like racism sexism. even though they made reference cents. >> so to give you an exampling, when his wife told their daughter she wants to hang around the city more had she is older to be around boys -- >> will want to hang out in manhattan so she can be around boys. >> yes? their daughter then said, well that's sexist mom. seinfeld says the kids sometimes just want to said word racist or sexist and having no idea what the words
9:55 am
actually mean. the comedian said he has been warned about to come to pc, can't handle this humor. >> can't just let loose any more. you know oh, that joke was just too much. >> usually college students are like wild and more liberal, you snow. >> i agree with you. i was surprised by his comments. you should talk about this, you just landed last night from london. >> that's right. >> so apparently british royalty meets american royalty. no, not me. talking lady gaga prince harry. and tony bennett. yes, altogether monday night last night. they were in london for concert raising money for the well child charity. the organization raises money for children with complicated long-term conditions. >> lady gaga looks about 75 years old there. >> i like the dress though. >> they've become good friends gaga and tony ben. >> the like at her eyebrow, like diamonds instead of eyebrows. see them? >> yes. >> that's transplant. >> oh isn't that lovely?
9:56 am
>> did you see the prince? >> no i didn't. >> do you see any royalty? >> i did not. >> did you go-go by kensington palace? >> well, i saw not the changing the guards, but saw them. >> moving around. >> yes. wasn't therefore the changing of the guards. saw a loft great things. you know what i also saw i went to westminster abbey, and them shut the bridge down because i wanted to go on and see big ben. apparently filming the next james bond movie had to shut down the bridge for big car accident scene. >> oh cool. >> ya. >> could see big again. >> but i wanted to go on the bridge. >> soso i saw you had tea at hear add that's. >> so bad. you know i love tea. i love british afternoon tea. i went three times. >> did you have it in the afternoon? >> yes. so i went to different places every time, of course. >> hearodds isn't that the store owned by the dodi fayed? >> yes. >> ya. >> he was dating princess diana in the crash all of that?
9:57 am
harod his family store. >> feud between sworn enemies taylor swift will be out here at the linc friday, saturday, she does not like that katie per. >> i they don't really get along. you know the taylor song bad blood rumored to be about katie per. >> i what? >> but taylor never confirmed it is about her she said in a rolling stone interview the song is about another female performer, not katy perry then who could it be? >> you cut me so deep, we had bad blood bad bloodment used to be shining but now rusted. >> here is the thing, i guess katy perry heard about this, now working on her on record titled 1984. >> 1989. >> ya. >> and that's the year katy perry, some direct reference of course to 1989. so you know they got in a feud over some stollen back up there. >> one every them stole the back up singers of the other person. >> yes. >> now they're trying to sabatage each other's. >> both dated -- >> oh a mess. if you see katy perry near the
9:58 am
linc, tell her to stay away. >> great to be back.
9:59 am
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