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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  June 10, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning this morning the fox 29 morning news overnight hit-and-run live with the latest on what happened. >> search is on for the person who hit local well known actor in center city. but we'll tell you why police are having a difficult time tracking down clues. >> plus the return of the muggy weather. what could be in store for you by way of our first heatwave of the year, sue year yo. >> heatwave! >> linda ron stand did a great remake of. that will but that's going way back. >> here you go. >> good day everybody it is wednesday, june 10th 2015. >> how are you? >> great how are you. >> good. you want some cool references all morning long is we can go hip hop today. >> we can do that. >> let's do hip hot wednesday.
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>> we're also buying time because sue serio is slapping together all casino of maps and everything else going on. >> i received an error message on my computer but i fix philadelphia. >> oh,. >> pretty in pink. >> a lot of love in the room today. >> let's go over here shall me? >> okay. >> well you know? >> how many news teams start off with kissing the weather lady? >> i love it. i think it should and daily habit. love you guys. all right so, here's what happened. now that we got the computer fixed there is nothing to show you on radar because the rain is gone. we didn't get that much yesterday anyway. now, here is the deal. we have calm winds we have 70 degrees but you will notice as soon as you walk out the door, it is not quite as muggy. we have this brief period of time this morning when dew point are down, relative humidity at 61 percent. enjoy it because the heat and humidity will be returning. 5:32 your sunrise time. here are other temperatures throughout the region, see how cool it is to the north of us.
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comparatively speaking, 58 degrees mount pocono, 59 in allentown 59 in reading 70 in philadelphia, you move to the south we've got 63 in atlantic city and wildwood, 59 degrees in millville. a comfortable morning out there. like we said, enjoy it, because we could be setting up for our first heatwave of 2015. today we will get close to 90. but probably won't make it, it will be warm, it will be sunny, and it will be 87 degrees. tonight, around 68, few clouds here and there that is your wednesday foxcast wait until you see the temps we have for the end of the work week, it is all coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly is here right now. are you feeling the love in the room? >> i'm feeling the love in the room. we should all start with a little group hug and kiss in the morning okay? >> i'm ready. i'm in. >> much better, off to good start. all of the love going on out here on the roadways not bad at all this morning it, does feel nice opening up the front door walk into get your morning coffee, if you are driving south on 95, good
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shape here, live look at 95 right near girard avenue. you have the skyline in the background crews still out there, their normal spots right near girard also working up near cottman avenue. and they are also working downtown on the vine street expressway. right now currently the eastbound lanes remain closed between the schuylkill and broad street. the westbound lanes are open. so again if you are coming into the city in the next hour or so, again, it is that eastbound side between the schuylkill and broad street. so you can exit at spring garden and work your way over or go to the next exit which is south street, same deal work your way over to the number streets and you'll be in good shape. what a mess yesterday all day, on this northeast extension, here's what happened. water from the weekend all of the heavy rains, washed out the right lane and shoulder just south of the lansdale interchange, right in the work zone. so they had to pour all new concrete bottom line, everything is open for the beginning of our morning rush hour so all southbound lanes between quakertown and
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lansdale should be good to go. mass transit looking fine chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks. 4:00 # four, to the breaking news man hit by car on the roosevelt boulevard. >> now police are looking for the driver. steve keeley live where this all happened. steve, what can you tell us? >> it seems like we report on hit-and-run on the show every day, and today both jenny joyce and i are on hit and runs. they have a lot in common. simply because nobody knows anything about the cars that hit both gentlemen. this is the latest hit-and-run, only two and a half hours old see police completely left the scene. they may come back later. but the problem with anything happening on the boulevard this road is strewn with car part from as far as ten years ago probably, but they look for fresh car parts, didn't find any all they found after they got several 911 calls from witnesses was this poor guy laying in the road 25 years old now critical knocked out of his shoes here's chief inspector scott small with what little police know right now.
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>> impact cautioned the 25 year opened victim to come out of his shoes no part of the striking vehicle that we can see in plane view on the boulevard. how much, we believe that the striking vehicle will have some front end damage. and there are several businesses on both sides of roosevelt boulevard that do have cameras. so hopefully those cameras recorded something that can help us with this investigation. well here we go being back to the live picture if we can, and show you north front street at the boulevard and the problem is there are no businesses at this intersection, even though it is a busy intersection, and chris will spin around about 10707 degrees and show you the closest business which is a dunkin' donuts at rising sun avenue. and now why a donut shop with a camera pointed block away, but the problem is maybe they'll look at the time line. they figure this guy was hit about 1:30, so the last
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dunkin' donuts, but this happened on the inner lanes they think. i say they think because when people are hit by cars they get thrown sometimes as much as over 100 feet. so they think he was hit in the inner lanes. so if there was a camera from the dunkin donut you believe it would be on the closer outer lanes at best. so that's the problem. no video there are some witnesses that saw the aftermath, and they think it was a dark car. but it is such a vague description, they may maybe a honda, acura and it doesn't help. there are only 8 million of those in this country. so what they have is a poor guy who was hit and hopefully in both cases these victims heal enough and maybe remember enough where they can tell police what happened to them. but as you hear jenny say shall the victim like this case not really able to say anything right now. they are going to be the best wednesdays again if you remember sometimes when you get hit by a car, you didn't see it coming so even if they do remember, the last thing was feeling hit and thrown, they're not maybe going to remember what it was because they never saw it to begin
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with chris, lauren? >> and you don't see it coming on the boulevard either. speed limit there what 40, 50 miles per hour? people go 60, 70, just whip down the road. >> speed limit 45. people have been clock doing over 100 on this boulevard. couple of police cars you see going by with the light on, they are constantly patrolling this road, but unfortunately no cops around at the time when this happened to get right on top of it. but they're not finding any car part. what they do think front end damage also unusual in a hit-and-run so the accident investigation team will come out later but as hard when you have a busy 12 lane highway like this with people speed to go shut this down on morning rush hour when there is no obvious evidence. but you can bet the investigators will come out here and look for something when there is sunlight today. >> gosh it is crazy out there sometimes. steve, thanks, 4:07 is your time. also new from overnight philadelphia police looking for a shooter in the city's kensington section. the shooting happened 1900
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block of east 1st st. just around 12:30. the victim was taken to the hospital. police are not releasing his condition. happening now philadelphia police are looking for any clues in a hit-and-run that happened early yesterday morning. >> local actor was critically injured and police say they have little evidence to go on at this point. let's go to jennifer joyce, jennifer good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning chris lauren well as steve keeley was saying, there are a lot of similarities between our two hit and runs. big he thing police need witnesses, they need to get more information on who hit this actor 68 year old michael toner it happened little more than 24 hours ago at 11th and market streets. police say they found him lying in the street around 1:00 yesterday morning. it was a rainy night. the driver who hit him probably didn't see him step into the street. but police say they shouldn't have taken off. now they need to do the right thing and come forward. the theater community antone err's neighbors in northeast philadelphia are pulling for
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him. >> he had a severe leg injury, and he's in critical condition right now. un for the lip we couldn't interview mr. owner to find out what happened. his injuries are consistent what we call auto ped leaving the scene. so we're pretty confident with a vehicle that struck mr. toner unfortunately he can't tell us what happened, and there is no witnesses. >> i wish him the best. i wish him a recovery. my thoughts and prayers are with him. i'm very, very sad. >> keep it mind it was raining. it was nighttime. and who ever hit the man probably didn't see him step into the street. >> if you know you hit somebody why didn't you just stop? pull over. find out what happened. >> toner recently worked with the amaryl a theater company if a one man play at saint mary episcopal church on u pen's campus. he was set to go on tour with walnut st. theater next year. at this point police are also trying to figure out where toner was coming fran and headed when hit. they are also hoping to find surveillance video to try to
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help piece all of this together. again, they need your help. they need witnesses. they have no idea with a casino of car struck him at this point. lauren chris? >> all right jenny two sad stories, thank you so much. 4:10 is the time. formal arraignment scheduled for today for two brother accused in the killing of philadelphia police officer and prosecutors say carlton hits ramon williams fired several shots during robbery attempt at north philadelphia game stop in march. officer robert wilson was struck six times he had been in the store to buy a game for his son. >> in montgomery county arraignment also scheduled today foreman accused of shooting had i father while in traffic along the schuylkill expressway. prosecutors say 22 year old cam ear corbin shot his father in the head, during argument in april. the dad did survive the shooting. corbin is charged with aggravated assault, and related offense. >> coming up 4:10, are they closing in? the new leads police are following in the manhunt for two prisoners who escaped in new york. >> texas police officer caught
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throwing a teenage girl to the ground while she was in a bikini. well she's re -- i should say he has resigned for doing this. hear what the police chief has to say about his actions.
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>> you now who is a sexy thing? kate upton.
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she's 22 today. >> no way. >> listen to. >> this she shares a birthday with judy garland. >> nice. >> born on this date in 1922. sue, i was shocked to find out that judy garlands was just 47 years old when she passed away in 1969. i'm 47. she had such a hard life. we all love her of course as dorothy i in the wizard wizard of oz. what a great talent she was. >> well, thanks. that was hot chocolate by the way, ♪ ♪ i believe in miracles ♪ ♪ >> all right so we've got the cold front that moved off shore. thanks to the cold front and high pressure on shore little bit of comfortable morning today. enjoy it while it is here. once high pressure moves off shore, especially tonight tomorrow it will start getting stickier around here. and things will start getting hotter and the warming trend will continue. so for ultimate doppler we have nothing to show you right now, but we will be watching, first of all there is weak
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cold front which might touch off thunderstorm or two tomorrow. and then this moisture here, down in the southwest those are the remnants of blanca the pacific hurricane that will be moving our way probably by the weekend. kind of hooking up with a cold front. so for the next couple of days, we aren't under much after risk of severe weather, so we're talking about the future cast. plenty of sunshine today. it actually will be pretty decent day. won't be too humid to start. but, as wind shift to southwesterly, that's what will happen. those are the couple of pop up showers, maybe in the evening tomorrow after we build up to about 93, 94 degrees, tomorrow. and then, it doesn't look like anything precipitation for friday at all. calm winds this morning. which wind we do -- those winds we do have out of the northwest, which winds we do have oh, i hate mornings, anyway upper 50's, temperatures right now that's the comfortable temperatures
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we were talking about 07 degrees doesn't feel so bad in the city because it is not too muggy. 59 degrees in millville. and these are the dew point they're in the mid 50's and what's that mean? dew point? our american your of moisture? in the pleasant range right now, yesterday was casino of un come affordable, so, yesterday we got to the 86 degrees it was warm and not as stormy as it could have been. today, 87 tomorrow, and 93, 92 on friday. and if we hit the 90s on saturday it will be indeed our first heatwave of 2015. then some thunderstorm late saturday night probably into early sunday morning it means it is not quite as hot on sunday. mid 80s through tuesday of next week, so there is your seven day forecast, ready for a heatwave, possibly, bob kelly, starting tomorrow. >> possibly there you go. good morning everybody 4:16 on this what's today wednesday? wednesday morning, live look,
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the schuylkill expressway construction crews, this is perfect construction weather for these guys. they've been out here all night long one of the work crews eastbound, on the schuylkill between girard and spring garden street. they are taking out that right lane. not bothering anybody. light volume at least for the moment. ben franklin bridge looking good coming into town, no problems at all leaving south jersey head in toward philadelphia. the vine street expressway still closed eastbound lanes between the schuylkill and broad street. until about 5:00 or so. so again spring garden, or south, your two best alternates as you he can it the schuylkill expressway. kind of quiet no problems on the turnpike looking guide along route three the bypass, work your way in from downingtown, we should be okay this morning for flights out of philadelphia international airport. again, any time we get some possible thunder boomers in the afternoon all bet are off. but easy flying this morning out of philadelphia international airport. heads up, though if you are one of the thousands upon
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thousands of that have ticket to the taylor swift concert this weekend. she's in town of course friday and saturday at lincoln financial field. saturday across the street is a barry manilow concert, as well. so saturday, hot mess south philadelphia. and of course friday night's concert is going to be right in south philly where everybody that heads to the shore has to casino of roll through. so just give yourselves extra time even not going to the concert, getting through the area over the weekend. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much bob. more fall out from the pool party in texas thinned dollars with police being called to the scene. the officer who was seen on cell phone video pink a teenage girl to the ground, and then pointing gun at group of teenagers has now resigned. >> as fox's jacky ibanez report the controversy far from over. >> a white police officer at the center of a national controversy over his actions at pool party involving mostly black teens has resigned. officer david case bolt bolt
4:19 am
resignation. showing him shoving a black teenage girl to the ground in a texas neighborhood. the 41 year old officer then restrained her by putting his knees on her back. also pointing a gun at group of other teens. >> lost his cool. he didn't keep his width about him. we demand our officers keep their width about them, in these volatile situations, you saw how chaotic it was. >> police chief speaking out about the incident tuesday night, blasting casebolt for his use of force. >> i want to say to our community that the actions of casebolt as seen on the video of the disturbance at the community pool are in defensible. >> also defending the other officers on the scene called to the party after several fight breaking out. >> i had 12 officers on the scene, 11 of them performed according to their training. they did an excellent job. >> since released protest verse hit the streets call for
4:20 am
justice, while they say casebolt's resignation is a step in the right direction some demanding the officer be charged with a crime. >> for law enforcement officers to use or prepare to use deadly force, our law does in the treat that standard. >> police chief says case bolt's actions remain under investigation and that no decision has been made as whether charges will be filed against him. jacky ibanez, fox news police in up-state new york focusing their effort small town 30 miles from prison where two men escaped. wills borough officials say number of people reported seeing two men walking around town monday night during a strong rainstorm. police haven't confirmed the two are the convicted killers they are looking for. there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. >> hastert made first court appearance yesterday they say he violated several banking
4:21 am
laws withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars in small inch yes member, they say he lied to the f.b.i. when asked about it. meanwhile, the judge on the case, may not be the judge by thursday showed the judge donated hundreds of dollars to hastert congressional campaigns back in 2002 and 2004. did your kin said can he remain impartial. prosecute verse yesterday to say if they'll ask him to re crews himself. >> three jurors in the colorado shooting trial have been dismiss the. judge said they violated his orders to avoid outside information about the case, and not to talk about it with other. issue first came to light when fourth juror told the judge she heard a juror talking about the trial on two previous occasions the trial currently in its seventh week. >> coming up: cleveland cavaliers capture a game three win. highlight of the nba finals next in sports. past.
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welcome back, 4:24. the cleveland cavaliers won game three of the nba finals last night. they now have control of the series the cavs beat the golden state warriors 96 to 91 labron james just missed triple double finishing with 40 points. cleveland hoses game four on thursday. so he had 44-point, 39 points, now 40-point. he's dominant. here is howard with more. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm howard eskin.
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phillies just keep on making games look ugly. phillies have not won series since last september. phillies starter aaron and going to cincinnati, after on harangue gave up four how many runs three of those jimmy had three homeruns unbelievable. phillies lose, lou 11-two to cincinnati tonight new york that's chris giants have had four straight years with no hitters. this is ninth i can, last out one strikeout struck out the side in the ninth. giants beat the met. and chip kelly said yesterday that sam bradford is going along as planned with his recovery. the head coach also made a point that how many the wide receive remembers working together. >> whenever you get somewhere new, your first time there you got someone to show you around casino of help things operate, how things work, it is beneficial to you. but i think you'll find that with most of our guys our older players since i've been here three years been here, done real good job of acclimate g the young guys. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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>> fast talker, isn't he? >> toddler doesn't make it home from day care until his grand ma found him where no one else thought to look. >> and local teenager is being hailed a hero after he helped an umpire during a baseball game. we'll tell you how he saved the man's life.
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>> is a car hits a man on the boulevard and then just takes off. we're live at the scene. >> gunfire overnight in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood leaves one person hurt. more from police on what happened there. >> cool and comfortable now. heat's on the way sue serio has the first of the heatwave. >> heatwave. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, june 10th 2015. >> i got no sleep last night because i gave dime a bath, and thought oh, i will ' let her get in my bed she all clean. >> if you don't know much about lauren johnson diamond is her dog. not like your boyfriend. >> no. i gave her a bath. it is a dog. and she was right next to me, and so i kept thinking i was going to like roll over and squish her so i kept waking up to move her. i just got no sleep. >> diamond is about that big too, as a dog. >> 4 pounds of fur. >> i tell you what this is a time of year wherever one a lot of people sleep with their
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windows open. i hope my neighbors aren't watching. but i am thinking about talking to them today. their little dog barks all night. >> oh i know that's tough. >> what do you do? >> put them in the bed with you. >> that's right. and then you don't get sleep but the dog gets quiet. oh, it is a dilemma i know, because we love our dogs. so in the meanwhile, if you have your windows open, it is not a bad morning and we expect a nine out of ten by the end of the day today. ultimate doppler nothing on it. no precipitation to show this morning. so that's good thing. it is 70 degrees. relative humidity is down, since cold front came through yesterday. this is a brevin leud, humidity coming back, believe me. calm winds at the moment. it is very tranquil morning out there. sunrise is at 5:32. other temperatures, to show you, how nice it is this morning. up ear's in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown reading yes we got to 70 in philadelphia, but much cooler in millville where it is 59.
4:31 am
along the shore it is really nice we had rain yesterday at this time. so you can take your morning walk today. 63 degrees, you might just need a sweater this morning. so it is a nice morning it is 70 as we said in the city right now. we should be at 81 degrees, by lunchtime. and we'll see plenty of sunshine warm afternoon, with a high of 87 degrees. we'll be hitting 90 at some point this week, the question is will we actually get the official heatwave regardless, bob kill, we will perhaps need little extra shot of deodorant by the end of the week. >> double it up there. get the old spice out. 43:00; on this wednesday morning, hump day, and the crews are still working down here center city on the vine street expressway. eastbound lanes still blocked. coming off the schuylkill to broad street, no access from the schuylkill at all coming into center city. your best bet going to be using either south street or the spring garden street exit for maybe another half hour or
4:32 am
so. northeast philadelphia, headed to work, no problems at all here along i-95 as you head southbound along cottman avenue. with the closure of the vine street expressway, you connect at spring garden street, work your way past the art museum, down on to the parkway. or the next exit is south street again you make left onto south, and go down to anyone of the number street, again, those closures should be out of here in the next half hour or so. what a mess yesterday on the northeast extension we had upward of anywhere from seven to 10-mile backups throughout the day all lanes are open this morning. that emergency construction completes, and good to go from quakertown all the way down to mid-county. some traffic lights out due to earlier accident along route 47 delsea drive there in vineland right at lake road. otherwise, mass transit looking good chris lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much bob. breaking news this morning man struck by car on roosevelt boulevard. >> of course, police right now, looking for that driver, steve keeley, what do they have to go on?
4:33 am
>> 43:00 now happened at 1:30, three hours ago and they don't have much evidence at all to go on, unfortunately, because despite the severe injuries to this victim you can see here, there is a cross-walk here at front street and the boulevard. unfortunately, this is one of the many intersections that not every intersection has red light camera. seems like they know where the red light cameras r we don't even know in they went through a red light. if the driver just stopped and called 911 and to wouldn't even be their fault. this guy could have been j walking happens frequently there, or dark clothes standing in the middle of the street we don't know. going to the video one thing you notice about the crosswalk, and the one thing they did find in the street, the 25 year old man's boat shoes, easy to slip out of, but he was completely knocked out of these shoes and as we come back to live picture get out of the video, i can show two guys walking, they have the light. even when you have the light here on the boulevard that doesn't guarantee that everybody's going to stop.
4:34 am
you really have to look both ways and sometimes walk real fast across the street, because people here blow through red light often speed, police tell us, we did complete story on the boulevard coincidentally right at the scene here, talking to people who had been previous victims of bad accident. there you can see people running across the street, now, because even when you have the light to start you don't have the light completely. it is 12 lanes. now these guys are in the crosswalk, but they're against the light. that's what happens here. you have 12 lanes to cross and median and it couldn't doesn't give you enough time as a pedestrian usually have to wait two light if you are going to cross with the light standing on median. who knows what happened? that's the problem. no witnesses here except for the aftermath. and they didn't even get great description of the karat all. >> just after 1:30 a.m. 25th district police responded to numerous 911 calls regarding an auto accident on the boulevard at front street. were saying that a male was
4:35 am
crossing the boulevard and was struck by a car and got car left the scene. the vehicle that struck him is being described as a black or dark colored honda or acura that was last seen traveling north on the boulevard from front street on the inner lanes. however we believe that the striking vehicle will have some front end damage. >> and so this victim listed as critical over at einstein good thing he had hospital close by and seems to get some drivers who did stop to help him. but again here is a guy, spinning around, chris here is a guy driving his bike across the boulevard here, against the light. they didn't even look, it seems he was just counting on nobody with headlight on. so this is very dangerous road we told that you countless times. unfortunately, hit and runs are daily occurrence in the city. today we're reporting on two hear from jenny joyce, as well. soap, a trouble spot constant crime, and here we go again. chris lauren? >> here we go again.
4:36 am
>> also for you this morning philadelphia police are looking for a shooter in the city's kensington section shooting happened on the 1900 block of east 1st st. happened about 12:30 victim was taken to the hospital of course. police are not releasing his condition. 4:36. still ahead toddler found locked inside a van for hours in the heat. >> who finally got him out? >> and a woman's life spared, thanks to her service dog. how he saves his owner's life.
4:37 am
if you want a paint with no harsh fumes. if you want a paint without harmful chemicals. if you want a paint that's safer for your family, and the environment... only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america.
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♪ ♪ this is a request by lauren dawn johnson. you're in a stevie wonder mood today. >> you know what happens is whatever is the last song i heard in the car before i get out, that's that is sort of stuck in my head all day. you know i listen to music at my dose took keep me going. >> yes this sort of like a hip hop show right over at my desk. who is that? ♪ ♪ neighbors know my name ♪ ♪ >> i teach you an ill bit of everything. >> it is fast, it is fun. 4:39. how did this? scary afternoon for one family that started when their toddler did not make it home from day care. >> it ends with a dramatic rescue fox's denise dillon explains who is now charged with the crime. >> little jeremy is all smiles
4:40 am
for the camera at just two years old he likely doesn't understand the severity of being left alone in his day care's hot van for close to two hours. when the driver of a new beginning learn center van didn't drop off jeremy at his home his mom called police, and his grandmother went looking for the child. >> still in shock disbelief can't believe it. >> found jeremy in the back of this day care van. >> all i keep saying is jeremy, wake up jeremy wake up. and he finally woke up. he hollered grand ma. but he couldn't get out. >> man nearby heard the grandmother's screams, rushed over and broke out the window. the temperature was well into the upper 80s. >> so i know he was sweating, like all dried up now. when my mom hands him to me he was soaked, like squeeze. >> i the owner manager want to say anything about what happened? >> no one at the dare kay would comment on what
4:41 am
happenedment the driver of the van was arrested. twenty-nine year old daily mother of three is charged with child cruelty and wreckless conduct. >> awful, awful outcome. >> jeremy's family knows that, too. and is thankful their little boy is okay. >> we are more than glad because he is all good. >> in southwest atlanta denise dillan, fox news. >> 4:41 coming up: local high school baseball player being hailed the hero this morning, for what he did on the field. how his quick thinking saved the life after umpire.
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♪ ♪ this is my all-time favorite. >> do you love this one. >> ♪ ♪ >> what's the name of this? >> as. that's the first word of the song. great song. >> let's play some stevie wonder music for the next hour and half, what do youy? >> stevie wonder all morning long. do you have a problem with that? tweet sue. >> i can handle it. what a catalogue he has. >> oh goodness, ya. we could spend much longer than this program talking about that, and playing those songs, so hopefully you won't
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object. we've got warming trend on the way there cold front that cleared our area last night came through with not too many thunderstorms. there were a few but not as many as we thought there might be. high pressure now taking over for the next couple of days. as it moves off shore we will let in the southwesterly winds, once again so briefly it is going to be a little more comfortable around here, we expect a pretty nice day and probably the nights he is day we'll see for awhile today, wednesday hump day. nothing to show you on radar at the moment. next system, is this weak cold front, in the midwest. not sure that is even going to affect us with any precipitation. so we will keep an eye on, that here is a look at the future cast, and really for a change there is not too much to look at. we move ahead to tomorrow, afternoon. we see possibility there you go-go, 7:00 maybe scattered showers moving in and gone just as quickly as they arrive. but tomorrow is the day we'll probably hit the 90s for the first time, maybe three days
4:46 am
in a row. calm winds, what wind we do have is blowing out of the northwest. northwesterly wind, generally mean lower humidity, cooler temperatures and it is much more comfortable out there, this morning notice it very muggy and moist up ear's to the north of us, some 60s to the south of us, wilmington, and dover mid 60s. lower 60s wildwood atlantic city feel your temperatures today this computer model says about 84 degrees thinking maybe few more than that, tomorrow by 4:00, 93 degrees in philadelphia zero's in other places as well. temperatures yesterday both days, 86 degrees all of the sunshine thinking 87 today 93 92, 91, on saturday. now, saturday is the day we do expect some late day
4:47 am
thunderstorms, maybe in the overnight hours more comfortable sunday. from a choice about going out of doors having some fun maybe sunday your better weather day, little more comfortable by then. >> don't be giving my wife any ideas for chores, okay? >> yard work! >> no pork from south jersey, live look at the ben franklin bridge, from the camden toll plaza, again off to nice quiet start. travel times coming into philadelphia say from couldn't she into downtown put about 14 minutes on the
4:48 am
clock there. south on 95 into downtown only 13 minute trip. again, watch for the slower than normal speeds into the work zones at both cottman and at girard. good news for the gang on the ex it end sean, all southbound lanes are open. quakertown through lansdale. what happened was over the weekend all of the rain washed away the right shoulder, and right lane, in that construction zone, near lansdale. so they had to shore that up, pour in new concrete, that was the reason for the big delay yesterday. but, all lanes are open we should be okay for morning rush hour vineland, delsea drive, downed wire, and traffic light out at lake road. and then coming in on the freeway, looking good on 42, as you work your way in toward the walt whitman bridge. and mass transit running with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, children's hospital of philadelphia, no longer the number one hospital n country for kids.
4:49 am
chop fell to second place, us news and world report, of course put the the list of the colleges, the hospitals, right? chop has taken top honors, tied with the number one spot for pediatric care since 2011. but this year, boston children's hospital beat them out. >> you wonder, boston did they cheat? >> however, out of the ten specialties on the list, chop ranked first in neonatal gentlemen and orthopedics chop is the only pediatric hospital in the tri-state region named to the prestigious list. >> so in a great place if you happen to have a sick child. >> absolutely like devon still, for that reason. sixteen year old member of local baseball team is being hailed as a hero after responding to an emergency root knit middle of the game. >> teen saved umpire who collapsed on the field fox 29's dave kinchen has this story. >> make a career out of it. >> saving people has been life-long dream for junior
4:50 am
darby firefighters michael for 16 year old did not expect to become a reality after tagging second base during community baseball game at del croft elementary school in full croft monday night. >> they went to throw the next pitch. and the umpire just fell over. they thought he overheated so trying to cool him down with water, nothing happening, so they lifted him up. his face was really blue. >> he said i ran over to home plate, called upon the cpr training he received as junior member of darby fire company one. training he got just six months ago. >> soy hop in i took his padding offer his chest started chest compressions, i would do 30 chest compressions and two breaths that's the ratio. >> determined he kept it up for about a minute. >> but you could hear him trying to catch a breath. and, you know, sometimes his stomach would move little bit. >> he said the ump got a pulls by the time the emt's got to the scene. >> so it was a relief, you know just a deep breath. >> the umpire eventually on his way to h.u.p. and michael on his way to becoming a social media sensation. >> the fire company posted his heroic act on facebook, and
4:51 am
he's receiving con lakes cents from all across the country. >> people texting me, calling me and stuff. >> they are calling him a hero but the humble yet brave teen says he was just answering his calling. >> i don't even know what i was thinking. i just seen it, i knew i had the training. i was confident in myself. and i wanted to help the guy so i hopped in. >> dave kinchen "fox 29 news". >> well, that umpire is currently waiting on triple bypass operation at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. michael says he hopes that he gets to meet him soon. >> absolutely. >> right place right time. >> you bet. 45:00; still ahead guide dog goes above and beyond to protect his owner. what he did to save her from an oncoming bus.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> great song, stevie wonder. >> ♪ ♪ >> you're just jamming. >> legally blind woman says she's lucky to be alive after being hit by a bus. so she's crediting her dog with actually saving her life. >> eight year old figo is service dog trained to guide and protect his owner. monday while crossing the street in carmel, new york, a bus hit both of them. the owner doesn't remember much of what happened. but does remember figo jumping
4:55 am
in front of her throwing himself between her and the bus to protect her. >> he is amazing and i'm not surprised. that's the way he is. you know, they say the love of a and malan their partner and he proved it. >> figo has a fracture and some other injuries may need to have surgery to make things right, but in the end,'s going to survive all of this. >> figo. look at him sleeping. awe. when were you naming diamond, was figo on the list? >> it was not. it was not. >> figo. coming up in the next hour, the next time you fly you might need smaller luggage. >> what? why one group now recommending shrinking your carry on bags. and, a shot in the arm for people with high cholesterol. new drug that may soon hit the market.
4:56 am
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4:58 am
>> a local actor now in the hospital. but we'll tell you why police are having tough time tracking down this driver. >> plus, the heat is on ♪ ♪
4:59 am
>> the heat is on ♪ ♪ >> guess what, i won't sing, but sue serio will tell us about our first heatwave ♪ ♪ >> oh former eagle, current eagle again that was his soul albumn. >> not an eagle like football player but an eagle like the group? >> there is a band called the eagles. >> okay. >> with don hendley. >> checking. >> that's not my genre as would you say. >> let's play some eagles for lauren little later this morning. >> oh, she knows the eagles songs. >> nice and quiet on the radar, sue. >> exactly for the first morning this week, we don't have anything to show you on radar. that's a good thing. because the cold front that we were looking at yesterday has finally cleared the area. so comfortable relative
5:00 am
humidity 68 press. very tranquil morning the there, sunrise happening pretty soon, at 5:32, this morning. comfortable to the north of us 57 degrees, in mount pocono and allentown, and 63, in trenton 60 atlantic city, 63 wildwood. wilmington has 61 degrees, this morning. soy, we expect a high in the 80s today mid to upper 80s for most of us, thinking about 87 for philadelphia. a warm day lots of sunshine and briefly low humidity. things will change tonight though it, will start getting little stickier, 68 degrees few clouds, here and there we will talk about the potential for a spring heatwave coming up. because, technically it is still spring. >> all right let's check traffic for your wednesday morning. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody 5:00 on a wednesday morning. offer to pretty good start here. live look at route 202 right in the malvern chester county interchange, no problems at all, headed northbound headed up toward route 4


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