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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  June 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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colds front came through yesterday. so it is a dry 67 degrees, with 3-mile an hour win, warm, not stormy yesterday, 86 degrees, was our high. we expect to be right around that today. high of 87. plenty of sunshine, tonight, few clouds, and low of 68 degrees. what about that heatwave? it is really going to happen? we'll let you know in the seven day forecast, coming up. >> heatwave. >> 7:00 straight up. good morning, sue. live look, at we are whoever erring over this overturned tractor-trailer, skyfox over the scene, it was caring apple juice until it was involved in a crash, split in half, and there you go. the cases of apple juice being hand off-loaded off of the roadway here being back onto what would be a flatbed. , it stretches for miles, this is the northbound lanes of i295, in mt. holly, new jersey. here is the interchange, for mt. holly, route 54; police, are blocking the onramp, so no
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access from mt. holly, willingboro, to go north if you typically head north on 29, a you have two, 3-mile parking lot and free jar of apple juice as go on by. the new jersey turnpike, would be your best bet this morning. you can access the turnpike either route 73, or right here, at exit number five, which is 541, fire location, whitemarsh, detours around malitia hill, at joshua road. septa running with 15 minute delays this morning on the market frankford line. having some equipment problems between 30th and 52nd street. and all passengers, need to board the trains on the eastbound side of the mark frankford line. otherwise not bat add all coming in on the benny, sun glare everywhere. jammed up on the schuylkill. coming around your curve. heavy conshohocken, in through girard, about 40 minute trip right now, on the schuylkill. no accidents, just sun glare making your way in to
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downtown. at about 35 minute trip south on 95. mike, alex, back over to you. >> this one's every morning, this week, we have start with the hit-and-run accident there is one on the boulevard. >> now police are looking for the driver, steve live there where happened. steve? >> man trying to cross all 25 lanes, in the inner lanes northbound direction at front street. you can see, some of the left-over yellow police caution tape, as they were out here briefly, from side to side. across front street from this side where the pedestrian sign is, that tells you, hey, it is okay to walk but most people can't get through in one light, as many as four lights. inspector small says they have little to go on unlike a lot of hit and runs, real violent crash, with even human body does a loft damage to a vehicle. they think this one did have a lot of damage to it, but unfortunately, none of the parts fell into the street to help police identify the make
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and model that hit him. >> pop police arrival, paramedics arrival, found 25 year old male who was laying in the inner lanes of the boulevard, northbound side, at front street. he was suffering from injuries to his legs, and his torso, and medics transported him to einstein hospital, where he's presently in critical condition, with a broken leg, and a broken pelvis. the impact caused the 25 year old victim to come out of both of his shoes. there is no parts of the striking vehicle that we can see in plane view on the boulevard. however, we believe that the striking vehicle will have some front end damage. >> well, the other common denominate or in both the hit-and-run that i'm on, jenny joyce is on, both hang in the 1:00 a.m. hour, just like the pennsville case, and that driver later admitted to police once they found them,
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that, yes, he had few drinks, that's probably why he panic and took off. so again, whenever you have these overnight hit and runs, police always theorize that the pennsville police before they even found the guy these drivers may have reason to run, in this case, but you know what? at least call 191 and get that person help as soon as possible, thank goodness, other people did. that's how the police got here, where he is critical, with injuries to his head, chest, and a broken leg and pell have i. so he got hit bad. you can see how fast the cars go here, and in the middle of the night 45-mile per hour speed limit is basically a minimum for people to follow. a lot of times not the maximum. >> yet another hit-and-run to tell but now, after steve's report. >> let's try t looking for clues in that one. >> this happened early yesterday morning. >> yes, local actor, we'll show you his picture, critically injured. police say they've little evidence to go on, because it happened at 11th and market. there is jenny on the story in
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front of the walnut st. theater. >> yes, mike, we're here because michael toner was expected to be perform nag play at some point next year for walnut st. theater. he does a lot of local theater. he is 68 years old. i know steve was talking about some of the similarities between the two cases, yes, they happen in the 1:00 hour, our case happened yesterday morning. also there is no physical evidence that was left behind, so now police are asking for your help. they also haven't been able to find any witnesses in this case. so, police say that they found michael toner lying in the middle of the street, at 11th and market, again, it was yesterday, 1:00 in the morning, it was rainy night. so the driver who hit him probably didn't see him step on to the street. but police say they shouldn't have taken off. now they need to dot right thing and come forward. the theater community antone err's neighbors in northeast philadelphia are pulling for him. >> he had severe leg injury. and he's in critical condition right now, unfortunately, mr. owner to find out what happened, his injuries
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consistent, what we call auto ped leaving the scene, so pretty confident with the vehicle, that struck mr. toner, unfortunately, he can't tell us what happened, and there is no witnesses. >> i wish him the best. i wish him recovery, i'm very, very sad. >> keep in mind it was raining, it was nighttime. who ever the hit the man probably didn't see him step into the street. >> if you know you hit somebody, why didn't you just stop, pull over, find out what happened. recently worked on u pen's campus, he was set to go on tour with the walnut st. theater neck year. at this point police are trying to figure out where toner was headed, where he was coming from, also searching for surveillance video to see if maybe that can help put some of the pieces togetherment because as we mention, no physical evidence left behind. meaning, they also don't know the make and mod nel this case. mike, al next. >> seems like there shut be a lot of cameras around 11th and
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market though. we shall see. 7:06. >> new overnight, philadelphia police are also looking for a shooter in the city's kensington section. hooting happened 1900 block of east 1st st. just around 12:30 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital, police are not releasing any information on his conditions. >> a number of recent hit and runs. >> a teenage boy struck while riding his skateboard over the weaken remains hospitalized. an update on him. >> dozen gathered outside pennsville high school last night, it is a show of strength and support for 17 year old kyle. driver of north hook road pennsville hit the teen overnight sunday. he is listed in critical condition and reportedly suffered a brain injury. fan members say he's improving every day. >> we want to thank everyone for the outreach and the support that all of the community is showing for kyle.
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we want you to know that he's kit illly ill and fighting very hard to stay with us. >> zachary turned himself into police. he thought he hit an animal and continued driving. police say he told them when he saw the emergency vehicle near his home he realized something must worse had happened. he faces numerous charges. 7:08. >> two suspect in custody after leading police on chase from bensalem to philadelphia late last night. >> got pretty while. start in the bensalem at woodhaven road as police chased the suspect's car, the suspect driving. hit at least two parked cars. >> eventually, both were caught in the city's frankford section. say want in the drug bust. wild scene. >> in delaware county police trying to find a man in his early to's, that fits this
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sketch. he's wanted in another man's murder, and the victim found on the loading dock on industrial complex, along the 6200 block of baltimore avenue, in yeadon. police please call yeadon police if you recognize this man, have any tips. >> formal arrangement schedule for the two brother, accused in the killing of a philadelphia police officer. prosecutors say, carlton hips and ramon williams fired several shots during north philadelphia game stop store. robert wilson the thirds struck six times. he had been in the store to buy video game for his son. >> in montgomery county arraignment scheduled today foreman accused of shooting his father in traffic along the schuylkill. prosecutors say 22 year old tie mere corbin shot his father in the head during argument in april. the dad did survive the shooting. corbin charged with ago vase the assault and related
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offenses. well, today will finally learn whether the amtrak engineer who was in control that far train back in may, in port richmond, was on his phone or not. according to news service, national transportation safety boards, will reveal their findings probably this morning. leaning towards the conclusion, brandon bostian was not using his phone. his attorney says, the phone was in his bag. he wasn't using it. as you know, eight people were killed, in the may 12th derail until the port richmond. 200 people hurt. we'll find out those findings, today. >> cut amtrak's budget by more than $240 million. they said they would do it, and now they've done it. however, lawmakers ended new
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funding, showing their faces to help investigators get to the bottom of crashes. >> coming up on 7:11. new this morning, named in the disappearance of two convicted killers. >> a person, employee, woman, her name joyce mitchell, is suspected of helping the two escape from that clinton correctional facility over the weekends. so, she admits it, meanwhile, police in up-state new york are focusing their efforts on a small town, 30 miles away from the prison. where the two men escaped. little town called wills borough. officials say, number of people reported seeing two men walking around town, monday night, during a strong rainstorm. and when this one kid approached them, they started running. police have not confirmed the two are the convicted killers, you know, that the young man saw, but they are looking for him. there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest. now, many officials said last night, on number of different
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television shows, don't let your guard down no matter where you live in this country, there is no specific information, they're not 100% sure they're even still in the up-state new york area. >> everybody should be on alert. >> 7:12, the texas police officer at the center of the controversial pool party video is no longer on the job. officer david eric case bolt hands in the resignation letter yesterday. video posted on line, this individual joe, shows him getting physical with teenagers at north texas pool party friday, later even pulling out his gun. his superiors say hissings was in defensible, deny pressuring him to quit. investigation underway to determine if charges are warranted, in this case. >> well the nypd facing some trouble of their own. >> the police commissioner, there, says the department would hire more black officers if fewer of them had criminal records. are you kidding me? officials stay comment made in the british newspaper, the guardian, was taken out of
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context, really doesn't sound like this guy. >> un targeted, leaving many of them with misdemeanors. >> i know his committmentment to being fair in the city. some would try to take this and try to distort what was trying to say, stop and frisk brought about anti-feelings towards police, and damaged records for those who had summons with warrants. we need to correct that wrong. >> police commissioner, you see there, has had active campaign. , 7:13. >> former us house speaker dennis hastert pleaded not guilty. he made first court appearance yesterday. prosecutors say he violated
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federal banking laws when he withdrew hundreds of thousand cents of dollars in small increments. they say he lied to the f.b.i. when they asked him about it. meanwhile, the judge in the case may not be the judge by thursday. court records show top judge thomas derkin donated hundreds of dollars to his congressional campaign in 2004, and he can remain impartial though. prosecutors yet say if they'll ask him to recuse himself. >> he just -- why hasn't he recuse dollars himself already? my gosh, he gave money to his campaign? >> that should be enough. >> i think they can find another injury in that case. 7:14. three jurors in the colorado theater shooting trial have been dismissed. judge said they violated his orders to avoid outside information, about the case, in other words, don't talk to each other about it, don't talk to anybody else about the case. >> and don't talk to anyone, well, they did talk, the issue first came to light when a fourth juror told the judge she heard the juror talking about the trial on two
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previous occasions. so now the trial is currently in its seventh week, they'll go on, but almost six of them were kick off, the judge only kick off three of them. so the alternates will have to step in. all right, well -- >> that's what i said. >> what do you say? >> this is the only thing you can say. >> interesting though that they were talking where why the could hear. >> one of the jurors squealed on everybody else. you know how that goes, sue. >> oh, yes. things that make you go hum. 7:15, is our time. yesterday, cold front came through, it is well off shore now. so we can let high pressure in, that will be, this will be a day, because high pressure on shore, not too humid. once it moves off shore, we get the southwest winds, and the familiar humidity, and heat, that we have most every summer here in philadelphia, will happen. now, tomorrow, weak cold front coming through, also 90 degrees heat. maybe about four, 5:00 we will get stray shower or two in the
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area. but it is not going to make any difference in the temperature. because it should be in the 90s again, on friday. winds are relatively calm. you see most of them are coming out of the northwest, at the moment. see a switch today, maybe later in the day, southwest winds, again, that will be the change, and it will feel stickier after that. so enjoy how comfortable it is outside this morning, if you haven't walked out the door yet, it is 60 degrees in lancaster, 61 allentown, 57 mount pocono, 67 in the city. sixty-two in milville and 64 in wildwood. with plenty of sunshine. now, the dew point is our measure of the humidity. and we've reached 60 agree dew points in some places, mid upper 50's, most every place else. so on our scale of measure of moisture, we are pretty much in the pleasant range. but inning toward sticky, it won't be long before it feels like it usually feels, late spring, summer around here. 86 degrees, for the past few days. where are we headed today? to 87.
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tomorrow, and friday, it looks like, we will be in the 90s, and probably inch into the 90's before the thunderstorms hit on saturday, we have stronger cold front, set to move through the area, late in the day, on saturday, still not the exact timing that far just yet. be aware of that if you have plans for saturday, there may be some thunderstorms, late in the day saturday. but it won't be quite as hot on sunday there. is your seven day forecast, here's bob kelly. >> good morning, sue. 7:17. on this wednesday morning. major problems here on i-295, in mt. holly, new jersey. overturned tractor-trailer, in our way here, right now, it is only blocking the right lane of the three lanes, but, every now and then they bring all traffic to a halt. because they're backing trucks in here. so that they can get the cargo apple juice is what the truck was caring. so, three juice boxes for all of the kids as you drive past here. that's one way to get rid of all of the cargo. but look at the jammo, north
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on 295. as you try to roll up you there mt. holly, new jersey, backed up, again, northbound into 541. so coming from say mt. holly, cherry hill, or from voorhees, best bet, use the new jersey turnpike, from the get go. and that's going to save you some time also gaper delay. >> disable on the turnpike, pennsylvania turnpike, westbound. >> plus also the stretch where we start to seat beginning of morning rush hour. and some wicked sun glare, dealing with out there this morning. septa as market frankford line, some equipment problems, 15 minute delays, all passengers need to use the eastbound platforms between 30th and 52nd street. travel time inbound from say royersford, into king of prussia. about 16 minute trip. not bad yet along 202 out of malvern. good morning northeast philly. south on 95, already heavy cottman through girard, mike, alex, back to you.
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>> can i show you little ♪ somebody sent me yesterday? young person? see this? this is heaven. ya, that's heaven. she just wanted to say hi. she drew thus little colorful picture of our logo. thank you, her end, for watching. >> that's wonderful. how sweet of to you they have us. ♪ heaven ♪ >> and i lover the spelling of my name. alix. i love that. >> i think there is hotel on the upper east side of manhattan, alix. >> ya? >> alex. >> 7:19. >> your in-flight experience is about to get smaller, yes, i said smaller. the two changes that could make things little titer on your next flight. can it really get any more tight? >> i agree completely with this idea. >> i don't. >> plus, local umpire collapses in the middle of a
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baseball game. now a teenage player is being called a hero. see this kid right here? i think he saved the guy's life.
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dear fellow citizen, kids are a great thing. before you know it, they're in college. if you're lucky, they get a degree in finance and figure out how to pay for it. could happen. but just in case it doesn't, i can help. we have new student loans others don't offer. next time you have a question about how to pay for college, ask me. sincerely, jared duemling, fellow ninja and fellow citizen
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little controversy here between the two of us. >> yes, because dow not like this at all, mike. >> okay. the summit airlines, well, let me say this. boeing aircraft maker, right, boeing, wants to sling its toilets on its airplanes. >> but to make it worse, the airlines want to sling the car i on luggage allowance you can have. >> i agree completely on this. >> no. >> it bridges me nuts when people bring half their house and shove it in the overhead. >> so i have it straight. smaller bathroom where again the smaller carry on, we have mixed opinions on, no, i'm against both of them. >> i don't mind the smaller bathroom. i have that -- >> what? >> people shouldn't be bringing their bags onto an airplane. >> i hate checking bags, and i
7:24 am
want to be able to have big carry ons so i don't have to wait for the end of my -- >> let's talk about carry ons first. this is what's going on. the airline industry has a recommendation for the airlines, it is voluntary, that, you know it, gets confusing. i use the same carry on all the time. sometimes i put it in that stupid metal bin, and it fits, and other times it doesn't. and it is the same bag. so the industry saying let's make bags, put a tag on them to say this is industry approved, no matter what plane, you put it on it, will fit. and the size of those bags, got a lot smaller. so the size would be 21 inches tall, for the most part, that would be about an inch shorter than what your a currently using, 13 and a half inch wide, and seven and a half inches deep. so, depth is smaller as well. you know, i think convenient if you want town vest in the right bag. >> well, i agree with that. but you don't have to make it smaller. you can keep it the same size,
7:25 am
just make it all the same. that means two pairs every jeans when packing. and i'm one of those girls, ya, i package, sit on the suitcase so you can zip it up that way. >> and if they have a problem with it, i just take stuff off and shove it on my body so i don't have to check my bag. >> listen to you. >> the other story though the smaller lou,. >> are you brightish. >> the positive already jet with the smaller bathroomment like my first apartment. you can sit on the toilet. you can touch both walls and put your feet out on the door all at the same time. >> what? >> and this way, that was -- coy probably take a shower at the same time in my first apartment. >> oh, my goodness, lauren. >> anyway. >> well, they add 14 more seats to the plane. >> smaller bathroom means 14 more seats. >> fourteen. >> or could just put the smaller bathroom and then give us more leg room. how about that? >> or you can do that. >> they are in the business of making money. >> i know, but even when you
7:26 am
get in the bathroom now you get in, try to turn around. no. >> maybe if you went in there by yourself. >> like change ago deep nerve there. >> look, i just came from london, so fresh in my mind. seven hours on a flight. >> i change add diaper in the bathroom on my last flight. >> oh, my gosh. i am affirm believer of holding t i didn't hear you what said. >> our firm bleach nerve holding what? >> holding it if you don't have to go to the in the bathroom in there. >> and it stinks, too. >> if you're waiting in line, going after someone, you don't know what they did in there. just too close. just -- >> yes. >> too much. >> maybe two are going in there by yourselves? >> i'm okay f they make it smaller then shouldn't add more seats. give us more leg room. >> we got took. >> fine. bye, lauren, got me work up. >> lauren, thank you both. >> i'm sure people would agree with plea. >> do you think so. >> i'll check twitter and facebook and instagram, but i'm sure they do. >> jen, what's up seriously? >> if they can make it so the middle seat gets more room, because the giant humans that sit and encroach on my middle
7:27 am
seat, that kind of ticks me off. i'm with you, i hold it even going to los angeles, i never. >> you agree? >> no thank you. >> bladder problems. >> moving on, hey, everyone wants fresh fruit. look how beautiful it is out here. we have fruit hacks, meaning, we'll teach you thousand cut fruit better. what does the guy think from pure fair think are the hardest fruit to cut? is it melon? no. mcdonald's asked me to remind you that their new sirloin third pound burger won't be around long. if you miss out, you'll never know how delicious 100% sirloin tastes. and that'd be a gosh darn shame. try any one for just $4.99. the sirloin third pound burgers at mcdonald's ♪
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>> 7:30 on the dot. >> mike put his hand up? i think he had to go to the airport bathroom? >> yes, he is looking for a smaller one. >> problem which want to spends outdoors today. see the giant bottle of sunscreen bus stop buddy holding? your reminder to put on your sunscreen, as well. it is comfortable start, temperatures are mostly humidity lowered a little bit. joan that i, numbers nine out of ten, can't complaint about. that will plenty of sunshine, no more rain, cold front came through. at 67 degrees, 79% relative humidity, 3-mile per hour wind, and it was warm, not stormy, yesterday, got up to 86 degrees, and i think we'll be right around that again today. yes, it will be warm, not quite as humid.
7:31 am
can't say that about tomorrow's forecast. find out when we head into the 90's, coming up in the seven day. so, are we still looking at 295, bob kelly? >> yes, we, are 73:00; good morning, everybody, here ' a jam in the traffic cam. , burlington mt. holly, route 541, rolling video over skyfox, try to rip apart what's left of this tractor-trailer, it was caring load of apple juice. so juice bok cents for the kids, as we drive by this particular accident scene. you can see there, they have one lane, sometimes two lanes, squeezing on through. but as we go back to the maps, this is causing havoc for motorists this morning. northbound lanes of 295, right at route 54; actually, just north of the interchange. so police are not allowing anyone from this area to get on and go north. so your best bet, using the new jersey turnpike, that runs
7:32 am
parallel, and even if you are coming from say voorhees, mt. laurel, that's the way to go. new jersey turnpike, to avoid a delay there, on 295. problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, disable in the left lane right near willow grove. right through the construction zone there. then pretty much stack up, from willow grove overthrew mid-county. back up on the benny. all coming into philly this morning. at around the same time. stack up here, from mid-span, into downtown, at eighth and vine. some sun glare, eastbound, coming around the conshy curve, about 25 minute trip. put even 40 minute on the clock south on 95, from woodhaven, into center city through the work zone. so mike, alec, back over to you. >> chopper always ranked number one. >> apparently no longer the numb bun hospital in the country for children. >> at least that's according to us news and wormed report. they put this report out every year. and it is out again. >> it is taking top honors, as number one pediatric hospital
7:33 am
since 2011. this year boston children's hospital beat them out. chop ranked first, in neonatology, and operate, chop is the only pediatric hospital in the tri-state region, named to the prestigious list. vaux that. >> also another survey just came out i'm not going to talking about but just say go look at it. the top 50 hospitals that gouge patients the most. >> and two of them are in our area. >> uh-huh. >> look it up for yourself. >> okay. >> well, delco teenager is being called a hero after saving a life in the middle of a baseball game. >> so 16 year old michael, jr. member of the darby fire company. >> he was trained. >> yep. >> good thing, right? he said he had just got tone second base, noticed umpire had collapsed and turned blue, guys, so michael ran over, gave him cpr right there in the field, when no one else new thousand do this.
7:34 am
>> took the padding off his chest, started chest compressions and breath. i would do 30 chest compressions and two breaths, that's what you do. i don't know, i just seen it, had the training, was confident in myself. i wanted to help i good so i hopped in. >> the 55 year old umpire right now is waiting to have a triple bypass operation. michael says he really hopes to meet with that umpire and soon. boy, will they have a lot to talk b michael, at the academy park high school, sharon hill, pennsylvania, good for all of that training he does as a volunteer. >> isn't it interesting seeing how things warning out? a kid that's trained in cpr, happens to be on second base when the umpire collapse. >> true. >> could have been eight other members of the team. >> at the right place. >> then they waited for paramedics arrive real quickly. remember the old guys before cell phones? what did you to? used to go to local business or yell run and call someone. >> flag to somebody's house. chris, thank up. 7:34.
7:35 am
>> mike, you want to know the key to living a long life? >> that would be nice, ya. >> ready for this? all right, here is the key. just be happy. >> that greater life satisfaction, over ooh years old, related to reduced risk of more tail at this. however, life satisfaction of course can change over time, like unemployment, divorse, things happen in life. people adapt differently to challenge. but people who continually are exposed to stressing situations, might be more at risk of dying earlier. the city's published in the journal. >> that may be the dumb he is study i've ever heard. just be happy. >> well, i mean it, wouldn't hurt, mike. try it sometime. >> you know how to be happy? just be happy. >> can anyone tell you how to be happy? >> i tell you this, alex, i can't love you unless i love myself. you have to love yourself first before you can spread
7:36 am
love to someone. >> that's but the full, mike. >> that's yes hate you. >> because i don't love yourself? that better be why. >> i love you. >> love too. >> love you much. >> be happy, mike. >> you know what would make me happy? good place to live. we found this survey saying the best place to live in our area. new list ranks the top suburb in our area in which to live. do you live there? can you guess where that is? where is the best neighborhood right now to buy a home? >> and today is national iced tea day. what's your favorite kind of iced tee? >> cold. >> peach iced tea sounds good about now. >> long island. >> oh, someone said that on twitter, yes. let us know on twitter, facebook, stain gram, using fox 29 goodday. how do you like your tea?
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, in our area. >> right here. so, congratulations, sue, west conshohocken. >> ya. >> west conshy, took the
7:40 am
number one spot on this list. again, in the country, that was based on home values, crime, a lack of crime, safety, and how good the schools are. so, other local towns on the litz? conshohocken itself. came in at number eight. narberth, 17th in the country. and, lower frederick township came in at number 18. >> isn't that something? >> you going to move to west conshy now? >> i like saying conshohocken. >> oh, you like saying conshohocken. >> my go to town. >> now there is miley cyrus. you have heard of this magazine called paper? >> yes, such interesting quirky magazine. >> it is. it is the one that had the naked picture of kim kardashian on it, few months ago, right? >> oh, yes it did. >> well, now, miley make on the cover, but she's holding the pig blocking her body. >> that's interesting.
7:41 am
okay. so, is this going to break the internet snow. >> i don't know. >> and, on the inside, on the inside? there is even more risque pictures. >> what do you think? i mean, pape satisfy magazine, right? >> it is a magazine named paper. >> yes, because i guess it was a paper, then it would be paper paper. like street road. >> redundant, yes, a magazine. how do you think, i mean, hey, miley, we would like you to pose with a pig. how do you like that? how does that go over? >> she probably said it is right up my alley. >> i think that's her pet? >> she has a pet pig? i didn't know that. >> you know what she toll her mother when she was 14 that she shout she believes she is by sexual. >> really? >> and in the article it says that she is willing to be with anybody that's moving. >> what? >> ya. >> like they move her, or literally -- >> anybody who is of age, she's open to it. >> okay. >> if you're breathing and
7:42 am
moving around just little bit, she is up for. >> then you have chance, mike. >> yup. barely moving. are you kidding me? let's get back to these other, chloe kardashian, the tall one, blasting rumors she got lipo section, she said her body all thanks to her working out five days a week. there is chloe. >> you know she regularly posts pictures of her gym workouts on instagram. she said she don't understand why it is so credit to get -- why is it so hard to get credit for exercising? >> the things she worries about. i don't follow her. heck with. that will disney you know the disney folks, gives frozen fans a first look at its upcoming ride based on the movie. >> so new attraction debuts next year, and it will be called frozen ever after. the ride expected to run about four minutes long, it will feature elsa's ice palace, no word on if the temperature will droply drop on the ride. >> this sounds, jen, like it is a small world after all.
7:43 am
>> oh, like the boat ride? >> ya. little bit. little bit. i have to be completely honest, just faking it because i have no idea what you are talking about. because listen, your face. mike, i know that you always try to have watermellon party at your house? >> dow. >> vodka, everything? >> ya? >> well, if you are going to cut the fruit, you have to know thousand do it correctly, people from pure fair, and agno are here, by the way, byob at both places. >> it is? >> ya, i didn't know that eitherment come on back. we'll cut some fruit. if you want a paint with no harsh fumes.
7:44 am
if you want a paint without harmful chemicals. if you want a paint that's safer for your family, and the environment... only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america.
7:45 am
dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter.
7:46 am
put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> look how sparkling the water looks like up in the mountains. looks like future full start to the day there. you know what? we have the same thing going on here. the only disadvantage, might be, yee old pollen count. yes, here we go again, with medium to high levels of pollen. we a break with the rain from monday, gave us break yesterday. we're down to medium on thursday, and friday, back to medium hi, grass pollen is most of it out there. but, some oklahoma and other tree pollen, as well. hey, there is nothing to show you here on ultimate doppler radar, unless you look out toward lake michigan, weak
7:47 am
frontal system there, that will be visiting us briefly, tomorrow, but it is not going to make big renz in our temperature, we could be shaping up for the first heatwave of 2015. thanks are pretty calm right now. we've got wind of just 3 miles an hour, in philadelphia at the moment. so that's not big deal. these are the temperatures, as you are walking out the door, don't forget your shades, 57 degrees in mount pocono, 10 degrees warmer here in the city. allentown, has 61, 06 degrees in lancaster, 56 dover. that's already reached 70 degrees in wilmington, along the shore today we expect to switch to sea breeze little later on. >> so temperatures already cool they are afternoon in case your their and be on the beach. so, we have 86 degrees on monday, 86 degrees on tuesday what do you think, three in a row? possibly. we will call for 87 just to be contrary. ninety-three tomorrow. and in the 90s friday. we could squeak into the 90s saturday, as well, if that happens three days in a row of
7:48 am
course official heatwave. average 81, so all of these temperatures, are above average, as we get toward the middle of june. and there are probably eight brazilian graduation parties going on this weekend, eye on the sky saturday afternoon, bob kelly, we could get few thunderstorms you. >> have one of those brazilian graduation parties. >> 295, still, bumper to bumper headed into route 541. from that early morning overturned tractor-trailer, if you are headed out of the house right now, head right for the new jersey turnpike that's the way to go headed north. and then, an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, actually disable now, westbound, as you head in toward willow grove, in that construction zone not only disable vehicle, but then we also have some sun glare, starting to cause delays disable on the boulevard, southbound just south of
7:49 am
rising sun, and there is your you can see the censors picking up delays, westbound on the schuylkill, heavy sit line all the way out to belmont avenue. here is a live look there, at city line, and then, the ben franklin bridge, back up from south jersey the toll plaza up and over into center city, at eighth and vine. and septa's mark frankford line, still running with 15 minute delays, because of equipment problems, between 40th and 52nd street. and you need to board the trains from the eastbound platform throwing little delay into the morning commute for the septa commuters, mike, alex being back to you. >> hey, bob kelly, ever see the guy on youtube who says he can cut up watermellon faster than anybody else? outwent see it? >> lets december it. >> cut strips inch wide all the way up the watermellon like this. >> next we turn it around, dot same. >> this isn't it.
7:50 am
anyway. that is not the video i was talking about. it is actually a dude in real time cutting up watermellon. isn't that cool? >> cute. >> you know what i like, people at parties, when they take the watermellon, cut it in half and you kind of car of it out? >> yes. >> take weather melon, put it back in like serving dish. >> that's t here is the thing, we running out of ideas, so today we tell you thousand cut fruit. >> mike? >> yes? >> the idea was these ladies, look at our interns, wave to everyone, summer interns. >> yes? >> and i said, i've run out every ideas. >> let's cut fruit. >> look, look at them, all look very healthy, very trim. so i called my guys from pure fair. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> i said you guys make par fray, you go through boat load of fruit every day. >> whole case of pine al epp every day, go through case,
7:51 am
four cases of apples each week. so, we're cutting fruit all day every day. >> not buying free cut fruit? >> never way. >> bad for the carbon footprint, and freak i shallly expensive. now in the tease i said a lot of people think this might be the hardest thing cut. what do you say? >> i would say oranges because they're so juice. >> i you are adorable, guys so cute. so go ahead, re-do what the guy did on the thing to show if it is hard or not? >> the watermellon guy? >> basically before hands, cut this in happ of the flip it over. cut watermellon diagonally, and vertically. >> love it. >> he said he didn't practice this before he went on live tv. >> sure didn't. >> you didn't is it. >> nope. just watched the video, pulling it off right now. >> he's making it happen. >> and the ladies will be the judge of whether you're judging him with the clipboard to make sure -- no, she not. but people want to cut fruit at home and eat healthy. sometimes it is so difficult.
7:52 am
>> yes, i mean, normally i want to give a disclaimer don't try this at home, when there are knives involved. but -- >> oh, genius, show us what you have with the apples and/or ankles. >> pull the rubber bands apart. >> just basically cut the ends off. >> easy for us, throw it in the juice, let it go. >> i love it. thank you, ladies, you did amazing job. if you have any other tips, go to my facebook. by the way, mike, alex, other thing we're asking people about this morning, it is iced tea day. so a lot of people are saying they swear by swiss farms, a lot of people like turkey hill. i like a wawa. tell me on facebook, what your favorite is. >> we've become so lays any
7:53 am
this country we can't just make our own iced tea, bye, jen. weirds question for you. >> okay? if someone told you it was okay, would you be willing to relieve yourself on the street? just on the street, out in the open? >> they have these in london. are they coming to the united states? could you do this in public? those are urinals on the street. >> up in the oath, just like that.
7:54 am
♪ i've been drivin' a lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. ♪ i didn't do it to be cool. i didn't do it to make a statement. i just liked it. ♪ lease an mkc for $329 a month plus competitive owners and lessees get $500 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> we are talking urinals outside. look at it like a phone boot, no doors. so let's have this debate. would you guys be willing, preston and steve, just go to the bathroom outside on the street? >> i know it is difficult for your listeners that can't see the tv, but it is basically a port a pot which no door on it, you just walk up, everybody can see you peeing. >> really. >> it is a cylindrical, urine
7:57 am
powered transporter. >> oh, really? >> like star trek. >> right. so if you want to go to another planet, and do you have take a wiz. you know what? >> would you do it? >> i don't think i k i'm little pea shy as they say. ya, steve is a stall guy. >> definitely. >> you know what? i would have no problem with this, alex. i play golf regularly. and even at the best clubs in america, you just go when you got to go. >> go in your bag if you need to. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't have a problem with that. specially, you know, if the sides are, you know, if there is nobody ever to able see exactly what's going on, i wouldn't have a problem doing it with somebody watching but not actually seeing what's happening. you snow. >> i think quick here, though, and the thing cylindrical, does it go down into the grounds? i know they had couple of aoun knits manhattan, that were self-cleaning. that were port a pot. is this one of those, alex? any indication? is it always like that app? >> did i kind of go and
7:58 am
inspect. they were everywhere. but it is just open t looks like a water fountain almost. so that when go it casino every drains in this little drain thing. it didn't look like self cleaning. didn't smell like it either. >> disgusting. >> let me ask you this off topic, have you ever seen those standing lady urinals before. >> i've seen them in concept before. >> really? >> open out in the street too? >> not out in the open. >> some people call them fountains. >> oh, goodness gracious. >> this way you don't have to sit down. >> oh,. >> would you love that? >> i mean, ya. makes it easier for me. >> exactly, got to maneuver the crotcho area. >> what if i have jeans on though, how does that work. >> that's different story. >> crotch-less jeans. >> oh, my gosh. >> but i don't think anything like this would fly in the u.s.
7:59 am
>> why not? >> we'll think about it, like at eighth and market right now, in you one of these, would you be comfortable peeing on market street? >> think about it in the daytime. >> no. >> no. >> during the height of rush hour? no, no way. >> no? >> but if you have your back turned? >> no. >> i can't believe it doesn't smell after a while, steamy august day, not going to -- >> oh, all of europe smells. >> no kidding? >> but if it keeps from peeing on the street, then good idea, i feel like. >> possibly. >> thanks so much for that discussion. >> of course. your idea. >> we love it. see ya later. thank you very much. >> it doesn't all smell. just different. >> what i'm fascinating, you took so much time taking pictures of this. >> i probably shouldn't say it? >> no. >> good day, wednesday, june the tenth, 2015. >> live, from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day
8:00 am
philadelphia". >> two hit and runs in 224 hours, two victims fighting for their lives. search for the drivers, chris? >> alex, manhunt continues. two escape murders ers on the loose, prison supervisor at the sent of the whole investigation d she help these guys escape? plus: there has never been a -- >> do you know these folks? called sons of ben? their goal to bring pro soccer to philly. they got it done. didn't they? and their story is coming to life on the silver screen, three of the members of the sons of ben are in studio right now. but why are they protesting the team they wanted so badly? quincey? >> guys, i'm here, universal fair elementary school in south philadelphia. and i cannot believe, the 40th june day festival going on this sunday, coming up.
8:01 am
back to you guys. >> i'm going to go to that event this weekend. in fact, i'm sure eventually you'll give us the five-day forecast. >> well, we have seven days in the forecast coming up. >> oh, that's special. >> i know. >> what a bonus. no extra charge. >> the sunday folks will be happy with sunday. >> nice. >> i am happen which today's forecast, too. >> how about it? nine out of ten, baby, ya, bus stop buddy, he's caring the sunscreen to school today. because there is no doubt there will be outdoor recess, with all of that sunshine, and the humidity casino of on the low side today. so, we like that, as well. nothing on ultimate doppler radar. now up to 72 degrees, well, the sun's been up since 5:32 this morning, so it is starting to warm up. relative humidity, though, look at that, 59%. that's not bad for june the tenth. it is 86 degrees, yesterday, i think we'll be right around that today. high of 87. so, a warm afternoon, getting a one daybreak from the humidity, but it is just a one
8:02 am
day special, bob kelly? >> one day special. coming up on 8:02, sue, good morning to you. here's a look, when skyfox pulled up to the scene, along 295, northbound, overturned tractor-trailer, about 5:30 this happened. it was caring a load of apple juice, which they are in the process of hands off loading and getting off of the roadway. and then it is tied up traffic all morning long, northbound lanes of 295, just north of the 541 interchange here, that's the burlington mt. holly interchange. and it is also exit number five of the new jersey turnpike. the turnpike is the way to go. if you are coming from mt. laurel, cherry hill, voorhees, and you typically head north, take the turnpike and avoid the back up, disable on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, left lane taking out working your way through willow grove, then big jam with some sun glare and volume head in the through ft. washington disable rising sun, about 40 minutes inbound on
8:03 am
both the schuylkill and i95 mike, alex, back over to you. >> 78:03. new this morning, police looking for a dark colored car wanted for hit-and-run along roosevelt boulevard, near front street. police say number every 911 calls people saying black or dark colored honda or acura hitman, just kept going. and that man is in the hospital this morning, in critical condition. police are looking at nearby businesses, to see if any surveillance cameras pick up the accident. looking for any information. >> we pick up four, five hit and runs in five days, here is another one, police say little evidence from hit-and-run crash from yesterday morning, in center city. >> accident happened at 1:00 in the morning, police are now being looking for surveillance video. to, or witnesses. man lost his leg.
8:04 am
>> prosecutors say carlton hips and ramon williams fired several shots, during robbery attempt the at north philadelphia game stop in march. officer robert wilson iii struck six times and he had been in the store to buy video game for his son's birthday. >> 8:04. developing right now, texas police officer at the center of the controversial cell phone video, you know this, resigns. forty-one year old david casebolt seen here restraining teen girl then pointing gun at group of mostly black teens. the mckinney police chief outside of dallas called case bolt's actions in defensible, and said the 11 officers, 11 other officers on the scene, did excellent job with the situation. the police chief says casebolt's actions remain under investigation, and they've not decided what to press charges against him. >> if you watch the whole video about seven and a half minutes long, other officers are doing great job of calming everybody down. >> yes, he just gets worked
8:05 am
up, keeps going. >> yes. >> two killers escape from a prison. >> police following up on lead and have person of interest who may have helped them escape, not only this person every interest, she was employee at the prison. >> this is getting fascinating, guys, her name joyce tilley mitchell. fifty-one year old married woman, who works at the prison, and according to the new york post, she told police that she fell for one of the convicted killers. she says richard matt was a smooth talker, who got her to help him, and david sweat escaped. meanwhile, police in up-state new york are focused on a small town, 30 miles from the prison, where two men escaped, wills borough officials say number of people reported seeing two men walking around town monday night during a strong rainstorm. police have not confirmed the two are the convicted killers they are looking for, and people living there trying to get used to seeing all of the
8:06 am
officers around. >> stationed at like just about every corner in the town. >> one of the ce's said this is the safest walk all avenue take in danemaura. >> miss say they have about 300 leads so far. they say these convict could be anywhere, there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. and, evidently, guys, this prison worker, miss mitchell, i should say, mrs. mitchell, because her husband also works at that same facility. >> wow. >> in the prison. evidently, as well, she struck up some sort after relationship with this richard matt, who by the way, is a convicted killer, hack up a guy. >> ya, he tortured his boss over 30 hour period and just beat him repeatedly and then at the end of the 30 hours, twists his neck, snaps his
8:07 am
neck, kills him. >> that's the smooth talker, right? >> the smooth talker. >> evidently the relationship through the military. this woman, mrs. mitchell's son is in the military, matt has the tatoo of marine on his shoulder, evidently sparked the conversation. these two guys were in a block called the honor block for good behavior for all of these years. >> good behavior, and didn't have to wear those orange jumpsuits or anything, got to wear civilian clothing. so they're out running around, don't have to find clothing because they're blending in apparent. >> i this is getting fascinating though. >> chris, she had prom i dollars these two she would have car waiting as they came out of the manhole, right? >> trying to confirm. that will evidently, some reports are out that she was going to pick them up after they escaped, sort of the get away driver, right? but then went to the hospital for a panic attack instead. >> ya, had second thoughts, now working with authorities, who knows if she'll be charged. >> run the new york post down to me. i want a look at her. >> can i walk it down?
8:08 am
>> please do. >> take your time. >> careful, chris. >> so i was watching it story on all of the different networks, sometimes fact can get jumbled up in the midst of all of this breaking news, and cnn has made this mistake before whether it comes to the state of pennsylvania. >> okay, see if you can catch it, here it is. >> the intense manhunt is spreading, the fugitives could be anywhere, from new york's north country to up canada or even south into mexico or 49 year old fugitive richard -- >> wait a minute. >> look at that. >> that's not new york. >> that's pennsylvania, you know that it, seems, this happens quite often. specially with cnn. somebody over there doesn't know their geography? >> or didn't want to put the new york, want to put it next to it? >> and then you got use arrow? you know how it goes. >> maybe they forgot the after snow. >> people don't know geography, they really don't. look at the four state that border can as. >> mike? that's your state. >> no, i know. let me get update on who of the favorite people.
8:09 am
devon and lea still give chop, children's hospital of pennsylvania, a major donation. they are so grateful. >> so you remember devon and lea, they came on good day few months ago. cincinnati wedge as tackle and camden native documented hits daughter's battle with cancer on social media, back in march announced lea was cancer free. however, she p back at chop dealing with complications from stem cell transplant. but, devon and lea started their budget campaign last season, raising money for chop's cancer research to help struggling families, and yesterday, they presented chop with a check for $141,000, no, ya, $141,000, yes. congratulates toss them. what a nice gesture. we should also mention devon and lea will receive the jimmy v perseverance award at this year's espionage awards, that is going to be in july. so about four weeks away. >> oh, i can't wait to see them. yep, they deserve it.
8:10 am
speaking of donations, i notice there is former football star, turn broadcaster, howie long, is helping boost an old program at villanova where played football. >> he's donated $1 million. >> hello. >> the donation will help build new football building and the end zone at ville nef a stadium according to in return, villanova will name the football defensive player of the ward a year after long. long played for villanova from 1977 to 1908. >> i like guy. all right, 8:10. ladies, waiting for your crush to commit? uh-huh? the two things you need to be doing right now. >> oh, tell. >> to seal that relationship. one is nice. the other one's naughty. >> okay. do we mix the two? >> well ... >> but first, floating speakers? >> what is a floating speaker? >> personal misting system? one way to enjoy the summer,
8:11 am
or two ways, the products you'll want while soaking up in the sun. we'll show them to you next. >> mark splits was a floating speaker. kids are expensive.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>> just about 8:00; real nice weather day, so there is not whole lot to talk b just go out, enjoy it, 72 degrees, right now, in philadelphia, but it is comfortable mid 60s to the north of us, it is 71 in atlantic city, 72 already in wildwood. these temperatures will probably go down little bit, after they go up. today, because, we switch to sea breeze down the shore. that will be very pleasant shall as well. dew points, are still in the comfortable range for most of us, upper 50's, to around 60. so still mostly in the pleasant range, that's something else to enjoy. nine out of ten, just hot, just down right hot, temperatures in the 90s on thursday, friday, probably saturday, before we get some thunderstorms, so we check in with quince nay little while. talking about this sunday's
8:15 am
festival, in the graduate hospital neighborhood there, 84 degrees: won't be quite as hot as saturday day. >> 8:15, good wednesday morning, accident this time around on the 30 bypass. it is eastbound, on the 30 by passion. >> taking out would be the left lane, only the right lane open, again, on that eastbound side of the bypass. over turned tractor-trailer just north of route 541, if you are headed north this morning, up to north jersey, or new york, you want to use the new jersey turnpike, at your alternate. accident westbound, on the pa turnpike, we started with a disable, now there is an accident in that delay. right near willow grove, then we pick up big delay headed in toward ft. washington with some volume, some sun glare, and 15, 20 minute delays on septa's market frankfort line this morning, back to you.
8:16 am
>> gout to have the music. hey, steve, what's up? >> good morning to you guys. actually getting pretty hole -- hot here in dallas, the same for you in philly. has us talking cool summer products, stacking with the speaker. blue tooth technology, okay with a from nine, light weight, rechargeable, ten hours of play back here. not only will it float, it is completely submerge many up to 3 feet as well. don't worry about any sort of water here. hook it up to your ipad or your and dry device, and stream your favorite music from the dry spot, right into the pool with you, super fun, for the summer. all right, we talk about keeping you cool. i know we have at least one golf player in my house, this is the fog err, gear up cool down. here's how it works. designed to fit in the cup holder of either golf cart, make your bike while going out for bike ride.
8:17 am
so, fill this up with water, press this button right here, you can see, this is a personal fogging device, actually cools the air for you. as it is coming up toward your face, cost about 70 bucks, you get nice package with that. but, again, great way to casino of keep you nice and cool, you can even put warm water in here, and it will even still cool the air around you. all right, we keep you safe in the sun. these are called uv skin's. instead of the spf would you use in sunscreen to put on your screen there is has what's called upf. up50 -- upf50. what makes it different than any other short shoes jackets, hats, socks, a, super fashionable for the pool, was meant to be worn in the water. so this is great for your kids who you want to keep protected but of course they want to go in the weighter. you don't have to constantly strong row apply the sunscreen to them, put this clothing on them, it is quick drying, and will protect them from the
8:18 am
sun. >> let me ask you guys, take a look at these shoes here. any idea who you think the manufacturer might be? >> what do they look like? boat shoes. >> i'll tell you what they don't look like, yes, they look like dock ciders, take a look, this is actually the latest from kroks. remember those people the people who made those plastic clogs, you know, so you think nurses and chefs are the only people that wear them? >> right. >> ya, the dishwasher safe shoe, that might husband uses for gardening, right. this is the next generation of fashion from kroks, new styles, light, comfy, available at kroks. com. check out this picture we have for you. it is created when this washable sidewalk chalk paint. five bucks will get you started. super fun for the family. so you just add water in this. then use it as roller to paint on nip surface, it of course will wash back off for you. got little bucket here that also, and then giant paint markers, too. $5 for the kids.
8:19 am
links to all of the stuff right now on your station website. >> how much were the floating speakers? >> well the floating speaker, 129 bucks. >> i love that idea. >> i do too. >> that's great. >> maybe i'll draw myself nice warm bath, and then just sit back. >> couple of candles. >> yes. >> good to go. >> great job. >> i got caught on tv again last night. >> gosh, what did you do snow. >> talking sunscreen, i bought a basically a gallon of sunscreen because any time this josie march on is on qvc, i melt. >> oh, how could you say no to her? >> oh, i can't. she has all of this argon oil, so i got that after -- vat after vat of sunscreen that she is making. the argon oil? >> i bet were you feeling hot watching her? >> she is -- she can sell ice to eskimos.
8:20 am
>> love her. >> i don't want to know what you are thinking about right now. >> her moisturizers. >> anyway, why did they bring that down? what's that? hey, calling out caitlin. how about bob costas not happen which espn. why the spots caster says caitlin jenner does not de is her after major award at the he is pee. >> why you may not want to bing on this. as you bing watch. we'll tell you what it is.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> 8: 23, releasing limited edition of breaking bad line. it is called highs end berg, which was walter white's al just, inspired by blue sky. the street name for, walter wise, so the vodka comes with commemorative bottles, like say my name, and tread
8:24 am
lightly. >> tread lightly. so vodka related to methamphetamine. what a lovely gift. >> what a combination. what a combination. >> too bad it's not christmas. >> would you want that? >> women, coy pass it out for my christmas gift. >> all right, bacon lovers, this is specifically, specifically, tailored toward you. heavy duty bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwich. >> so take a look at that time. >> oh, my god. >> yes. so, you see the bacon's wrapped around the bread. you need at least five strips of bacon for this dream sandwich. >> oh, let's do a slow dissolve to one, you know, what i am talking about. look at him. >> between the vodka and the grilled cheap, i'm outta here. >> it will be a big night over at your place. >> that's right. >> you know what the grilled cheese does to you, bob. >> now -- >> knocking on the door. >> (laughing). >> if you're new to the area, and new to watching good day
8:25 am
philadelphia, here's the thing. somehow bob kelly has mixed cheese and his sex life. just to be honest? he didn't do it, it was a study. >> i didn't do it. >> they did a study. >> that gets you worked up. >> that it gets you all work up, grilled cheese. >> and then bob kelly admitted that's what he likes to do. >> with ... >> what? i can't. is that something i just -- is that what do you, like the knocking? >> flock on the door? >> i never heard that far before. >> you have heard of knocking -- >> knock knock? >> no, that's what he's trying do? >> uh-huh. >> i got you. >> when does the sandwich take place? is it before or after? >> well -- >> is the cigarette after? >> i would say after. >> after. >> this is getting cheesey. now, seinfeld episode, george tried to mix them both at the same time. >> mix what? >> eat a sandwich and hum hum.
8:26 am
>> really? >> and then you got to -- (knocking). >> okay, let's get to quincy at 8: 25. >> oh, ya. follow that. >> oh, i don't know, i don't know anything about cheese, or grilled wheels, but guess what? there, elementary school, these kids right here, festival going on 40th anniversary. we'll talk to them, and i'll dance with them coming up next.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> so, you are hot tonight. (laughing). >> george? >> so, the trifecta was he's with her. he's listening to sports on arrayed yo, and eating a sandwich. >> oh, my gosh.
8:30 am
>> here go. >> hi, sue. >> everything, everything relates to seinfeld episode. now, there is probably, was there one about sunscreen? >> yes, there is, ya. >> i knew. >> george's boss has to be checked out for the things on his back. >> oh, okay. >> too much time in the sun. what i was trying to say. lesions, ya. moles. >> moles. >> hey, kit can kline, kramer pretend to be real dermatologist. >> what did you start? >> see it proves mike's point. >> true. >> what i throw do. now, we've got the sunscreen with bus stop buddy. do not forget t because you want to spend time outdoors. it will be warm, not so humid today. bus stop buddy still has school for little while. but, it will be outdoor recess today. nine out of ten, in your weather by the number, 72 degrees, check it out. 59% relative humidity, for june, in philadelphia, that's
8:31 am
great. so, it was warm, but not too stormy yesterday. couple of pop ups, not develop. 87 degrees, today. sunshine, there it is, not too humid. tonight, humidity starts to come back as we switch to that southwesterly wind, overnight low, 68 degrees. that takes care of today, very hot, seven day forecast, coming up. hey, speaking of hot. here's bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. sue, good morning, everybody, 83:00; we got jackknife tractor-trailer here, take a look at this guy pulling out of the parking lot, trying to get onto what would be the access road, route one northbound, coming from say woodhaven road, street road, trying to get up to the pennsylvania turnpike. so this is tying us up as folks head north up to get on the turnpike there at philadelphia. 295 north, still dealing with that overturned tractor-trailer at route 541. an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, near willow grove. the market frankford line,
8:32 am
still running with 15, 20 minute delays, getting word every accident north on 95, at bridge street. mike, alec being back to you. >> one of the largest street festivals in the entire country. i try to go to it every year this sunday. >> you told me, like mark your calendar, alec, block it o you have to go to the festival, thousands of people every year, i hear it is packed. >> covers about 12 city blocks. there is quincy. >> so excited. >> yes, well, we are here at the universal there, you know, we have the kids in the background, but i've been talking, here, about the festival. >> how many years? over 15 years. >> yeah, since i was two. let us know about this. >> we're excited. this year celebrating our 40th anniversary. first odunde i was strapped to my mom's back, now strapped to my back. so come out sunday have, wonderful time. this is my board member. he is the person who gave odunde our first brand, that's why it has light, at the universal school. thanks so much to raheem,
8:33 am
gamble, and supporting odunde why. >> why did you guys think it was so important to fund odund. >> culture is the most important thing to get us where we node to for our community. we don't know who we are, we don't know where we're going. and fundamentally, funds mental where we got to go. so odunde365 is a must. we have to celebrate our her damage, our culture every day of the year. and it is like adunde365 perfect match for universal and our educational program. >> the odnnde festival? >> 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. cover 12 city blocks, curtis blow below, chris chronic, over 100 carts and crafts send erred, 12 city blocksment come. those who can't come, can't come to after, a we bring africa to you. >> these kids performing on friday? >> performing friday at vip reception, universal band
8:34 am
charter school, and instructor de von and instructor, and they're doing wonderful, doing african dance. we want you to dance. >> okay. how long have you guys been practicing? >> eight months now. >> can i jump in? >> you can do it, let me see what i got. i'll hop in, guys. >> all right, quincy. >> oh, that's not bad. >> see you sunday out there. hey, calling out caitlin. bob costas is not happen which espn. why the spots cast or says caitlin jenner does not deserve a major award at the espees this year. >> ♪ shake is off ♪
8:35 am
>> alex, that's a school in our area. >> that's right. they got taylor swift's attention, what the star tweeted about these scenes coming up. >> will we'll tell you which high school this is, coming up. >> ♪
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> i'm looking at this facebook, my daughter and her husband been in italy for two weeks, kind of getting annoying. posting pictures. >> you're gel us? >> i'm jealous of my own child. >> well go, to italy. you should join them. >> they're in florence right now. >> beautiful. >> i've never been to florence. it is number one tourist destination in the world. >> that's right. >> florence. >> let's talk about bob costas, i like that guy, been following him for years.
8:39 am
>> ripping espn for its decision to give caitlin jenner the arthur ashe courage award at this year's espees. >> and he's not holding his tongue. yeah, holding your tongue. >> he's not holding it. >> why he is against this decision, lauren, explain. >> women, costas of course respected sports broadcaster, he says giving jenner the arthur ashe award is quote exploytation play. costas made the comment during interview on radio program. he wasn't criticizing jenner per say for her gender transition, but, did directly attack espn. he said i wish cat lynn all the happiness in the world, all of the peace of mind in the world. strikes my award to go caitlin jenner is a krass exploytation play. it is a tabloid play. i'm pretty sure they could have found, i'm pretty sure they could have found someone who was much closer to actively involved in sports, who would have been deserving
8:40 am
whatever that award reps. he goes ton say, it feels like, let's buy into the keeping up with the kardashian's culture, that it is has overtaken good part of the landscape. that's the train that's left the station, and you and i can't slow it down, no matter how we feel about it. so many people, mike, alec, suggest lauryn hill, that college basketball star who recently died of cancer, that she would have been better chills. she used her time after she was diagnosis today raise money and awareness to fight the disease. despite all of the criticism, the pro producer told cbs jen kerr head help educate people in the transgender community. standing by their decision to pick caitlin jener. >> matter of opinion here. >> i think bob, well, it is fluff. more people will watch this espees award show than ever before. >> so true. >> didn't caitlin say she wasn't going to be seen in public until that show? >> right. right. and patrick talking about basically back in the day,
8:41 am
when the espee awards were around, today pay people to come. basically be like mike can't make it, alex can't make t lauren do you want the award? >> and i like to watch it, it is kind of like the academy awards of sports. well, they need to give lauryn hill some kind of award. >> some acknowledgment. >> make up something else. by the way, caitlin was out yesterday, she's with a group of friends, up in california, but the only shot they got of her was the behind. >> the back? >> when all lined up? >> yes. >> can't really see her face. >> but she's out and b i can't imagine why we don't have pictures. >> she is living life. >> oh, yes. lauren, can i just say this? thank you. 8:41, sons of ben, you know this group? >> yes, their goal to bring pro soak or to philly in the most creative way, and the story coming to live now on the silver screen. >> there was movie about the boys, sons of ben. >> hey, three.
8:42 am
members here to talk about this what i want to know why did they protest a thing they wanted so much?
8:43 am
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8:45 am
>> for a team in place. >> there is no better twi show that we need this team, than to be fans after team that doesn't exit. >> who we, are the sons every ben, our goal to help bring major leak soccer franchise to the city of philadelphia. >> heard before, even a team. >> we went from eight guys, to 50 guys to 500 guys to holy -- a thousand people in this. i have no idea how this happened. >> best in blue, we promised you we would bring people. now we deserve a team. >> the spirit of the sons of ben, to help, persuade the league to grant this franchise to philadelphia. am i right, gentlemen? >> brian, yes, brian, cory, kenny, sons every ben, right? >> yes, sir.
8:46 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> i guess here is documentary, we call it. >> it is, a documentary. >> what i love about it, it is amazing, i love how you guys were so creative. you new you want add theme, did you what thousand dollars to bring it here. >> we did, through help with your morning show, back whether we did our second help kick hunger, all the way through guys like cory, kenny, all throughout the area. we pushed, pushed, got it done. creative push. you guys would show up, cheer for team that didn't exist? we did actually had real good time going to other cities like new york and always just doing the whole philly thing, teams from new york just before the union even exited, just to show the philadelphia pride what we were all about. >> and they turn out to be winning team. >> pretty awesome, doing a lot of things, having fun with it.
8:47 am
>> so, i mean, one thing is that soccer is not the money make their the other big four sports are right now, right? so you have to have the right stadium. you have to have the right financing in place. and we found the opportunity to give bye-bye creating charity drives in chester where we continue to be very proud, to try to give back, do what we can in the sit. >> i i tell you, beautiful stadium too. >> it really is. >> fun night. >> nice and open. >> yes, absolutely. >> let kenny talk. >> all right. >> did you ever think this would be a movie at all? >> i didn't. you know, i came in much later than the two guys beside me. but it didn't even really seem possible. it didn't seem feasible. decided to go out, cheer for something that didn't exist, and now it is a movie. pretty remarkable. >> you work so hard to get to the philadelphia union watch were you posting about?
8:48 am
>> south park. >> you guys had signs that said union fans deserve better. >> just more really a statement. had something with conversations with the ownership group about. you know, we have moved on from that, and really just real excited tonight. tonight is about, you know, everybody that came together, the guys, our found their made the sacrifices, our ownership, our team, all of these people making sack fining cents, tonight is a night to celebrate that. >> what's tonight? >> the movie premiere. >> it is being close to being sold out. >> trocadero 7:30, two shows at ritz east and west at 7:00. >> now, i've been to -- do you have explain it me, what does doop mean? >> this is something that cory and our first coach, peter know vac, worked on, it was something in germany they have these things called tour hymns, songs that play after a goal to celebrate it. >> yes? >> coach know vac brought this
8:49 am
to cory. we learned the song. sin then many have towards him. the union led the way, starting in the 15th. >> doop doop ♪ doop doop ♪ >> kenny wrote that song. >> we are out here doop it up, sue. >> ♪ ♪ doop doop. >> inspired by the lyrics every day. >> it will be dry, weather changes are on the way, though. it is a little less humid. it is comfy for now. middle of the week, sunny and warmment then we add the heat. that start tomorrow with 90 degrees heat. so be prepared for that. staying hydrated with werth like we have coming up. 72 degrees right now in philadelphia, 61 mount pocono, trenton has 69 degrees, 70 in
8:50 am
dover, 73 in wildwood. and dew points, are still in the upper 50's to right around sticky. >> moisture right there, so we have look at the seven day forecast, actually, right now, which has 87 degrees, for high temperature today. ninety-three, for tomorrow. ninety-two for friday. ninety-one on saturday. so, ya, three days in a row, 09 or above. that sure is a heatwave. so, you're prepared for it at least, much more coming up. getting first look at the cool new ride at disney world. a sneak peak at frozen forever coming up. >> ♪
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ do you realize it is day
8:54 am
53 already? >> look at that. >> society hill towers. built by famed architect, pey. hey, the happiest place on earth, right here. >> yes? so, is it here? >> no, it is actually disney world or disneyland. >> true. you know, usually warm there, but will get little chilly over there. >> what, in orlando. >> yes, because disney giving frozen fans first look at the new ride. based off the movie frozen. so the new attraction debuts next year, and it will be called frozen ever after. >> expected to run about four minutes. and it will feature elsa's ice palace, though no words if the temperature will actually drop on. i would think, that it would be very chilly in there. come on, don't youy? >> so it looks casino every like you gather boat and it takes you around. >> typical disney ride. >> here is the thing, debuted the new ride fantasy lan, i
8:55 am
think? magic kingdom? >> yes? >> i went on that ride, waited like two hours, and not even real water. you're on boat like moving like -- >> i don't like it. >> moving block. >> probably some casino of health hazard. >> and just put blue light on you to make you think you're in like water and stuff. i don't know. so maybe it was frozen, at least, you snow. >> you know, i told my my disney lands store when i took my little girls there, we got on the, what's it called? small world after all? >> yes. >> so the song didn't breakdown. >> in fact ... i'm come over there. if i hear it is a small world after all, i casino of -- i twitch. >> it is a small world after all ♪ >> it's a small world after all ♪ >> it is a small, small world. >> hey, ladies, wait willing
8:56 am
for your crush to commit already? the two things you need to be doing right now, if you want to be in a relationship, even with a headless man. >> only two? >> just two nice, one naughty. >> do you hear that, mike?
8:57 am
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>> have you had your frozen iced tea treat? >> is that what's inside those
9:00 am
tubes, iced tea with watermellon cubes? that looks good t looks like, like 5 feet tall. >> do look really tall. that means more tea for me. i'm take it. >> ah, more tea for me. plus top fashion designer calls out three of today's biggest stars. why she says beyonce, j-lo, kim k, need to cover it up. >> and this. >> ♪ >> this is local school. >> that's right. and they got taylor swift's attention. >> oh,. >> ya, this, taylor swift,. >> saw this video last night, we saw it for the first time last night, too. and she liked it. >> what are you trying to say. >> we ponds dollars. i don't know, if i don't start losing some weight. >> oh, here we go. we're not listen. >> this suit does not fit any more. >> you do not need to lose


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