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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  June 17, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> that's for you. i just can't stop. planning and crying like we're gone begging for to you come back. >> come back, baby. >> you know who missed you a lot. >> bob kelly. >> he did ask i but our friend monte g on twitter. >> he did a whole tube song for us, you know? >> check this out. >> wait s this it? >> i'm doing this for my fox morning news, check it on, on and on through the early morning with chris murphy it my girl lauren dawn, bring. yeah. representing baby baby. fox morning news number one you her me peace and i'm out. love you. >> oh i love that. >> isn't that great. >> yeah baby baby. >> i love it. sue serio that was your surprise. >> great way to start the day. you know what? he must have been psychic. he was right about the number of the day. >> did you feel it when you went outside?
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so nice out. the humidity makes all the difference, we will talk about that in a second. but let's check on bill. the tropical storm now, it is a tropical depression now that it has made landfall. dumping lots of rain on all of the areas that do not need it. barely recovered from the rains in may. so, it is headed, let's talk about the stats with the storm, it has 35-mile per hour winds, some higher gusts 40 miles eels of austin texas moving northward rate of 13 miles per hour, there goes up toward dallas by this evening, and then headed into oklahoma and then it will take that northeasterly turn and that's when we have to start watching it for next week. all kind of warns warnings out, there mostly flashflood watches as a result of this storm. as it makes its progress through texas for us, conversely we do not have any rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar. and we won't for the rest of the day today. so let's jump ahead to tomorrow in our fox future
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cast and unfortunately, at this time, tomorrow, we do expect another round of rain to move into the area. it should be here throughout the morning so you're going need your umbrella tomorrow, all the more reason to enjoy today throughout the entire morning rush i think it will be kind of sloppy on thursday morning. thursday afternoon we get break here, in the north, but looks like rain moves into the southern part of our viewing area for the evening rush. and that is your thursday should clear out for friday, but we have to start watching the bill situation the remnants of bumm. seventy-three right now in philadelphia, 67 atlantic city, 68 in dover write town, 64 those apparently are all of the temperatures we will be able to show you at the moment. some of our data is missing. now, winds are at 5 miles an hour more important part is the direction of the winds, they're moving out of the northwest. and that's the cooler high pressure system, that will be in control for today 89
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yesterday, 91, yesterday. pretty close. in fact, close enough. it was pretty uncomfortable. so relief for today and that high about 83, 84 degrees. little cooler tomorrow, with those showers and thunderstorms, and then we heat up in time for the weekend, when we get well into the 80s, on friday and saturday. sunday for fathers day and appropriately the first day of summer looks like we will be in the 90s steamy, possibly stormy, so i just want to have plan b for your outdoor weekend plans bob kelly i know a loft party scheduled for the weekend for fathers day, and you know, all of the graduations. >> i have plan a a nap. >> yes? >> plan b is longer nap. good morning everybody, it is 4:18. your plan to head out the front door, good morning to the schuylkill expressway. repaving over the last couple of nights here, putting down new service hopefully will prevent some slipping and
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sliding especially around the cur of the here from spring garden out toward girard. see how that goes okay on the schuylkill, not so on the vine expressway still closed eastbound, between the schuylkill expressway and broad street from the overnight construction, again you know the drill coming into philadelphia, early until about 5:00 or so, exit at south street or at spring garden you got disable tractor-trailer here, northbound lanes of i-95, in the construction zone. that's blocking the girard avenue off ramp. so if you head northbound this morning jump off at girard sugarhouse, that off ramp block. busy weekends underway fire fly music festival opens up tomorrow through sunday, down here in dover but the campgrounds, for everyone that's coming in, and staying for the next couple every days it opens up at noon today. bottom line, beginning today through sunday, expect a lot of extra volume here, into and out of dover along route one and route 13, just keep that in mind too if you are going
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to be headed down to any of the delaware beaches over the weekend, you will have to go through the traffic clogs here headed to the music festival in order to get to the beach. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> an investigation right now underway into deadly balcony collapse in berkley california. >> six people killed all irish student in the u.s. on work visas work to go determine what caused a balcony to break loose. >> birthday celebration turns to tragedy in california when a fourth floor balcony at apartment building in berkley collapses early tuesday morning. >> there were major injuries, and several parties that were, you know here on the scene that were injured and we got multiple calls. >> local fire and police officers rales dollars to the building, to finds the balcony destroyed. four people were reported dead at the scene, others later died at nearby hospital. many of those who survived have life threatening injuries. >> the kids were totally distraut. they were comforting each other, crying, and cell phone
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like crazy the guys were comforting the girls and the girls were crying. >> officials say all of the victims are irish student here in the u.s., on temporary work visas for the summer. >> we have thousands of irish students who come to the u.s. every summer, on exchange program. and they work here, and they gain valuable experience here. >> fellow irishmen here in the u.s. also sympethizing with the victim. >> i came out at midnight, i saw all the rubble on the gown and irish people just crying tears. >> an investigation into how this tragedy happened is now underway and in the meantime, all of the other balconies at this complex have been red tagged by the city out after bun dance of caution. in berkley california, claudia cohen fox news. >> 4:21 the time. up-state new york sheriff says he doubts the two murderers who broke out maximum security prison would have relied solely on joyce mitchell.
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mitchell behind bars accused every henning the killers get out backed out of being the get away driver at the last minute the 51 year old recently visit body her husband? jail despite reports she was plotting with the criminals to kill him. >> my theory, my theory only, is that she was plan b. i would have viewed her as baggage almost for them to be able to escape into freedom. because she is leaving behind a family and a husband people are going to try and contact her. >> authorities say bad weather is hampering the search for david sweat and richard matt. they say rain is washing away any possible scent, and disrupting the use of technology such as thermal image to go detect warm bodies out there somewhere still. >> coming up the golden state warriors take down labron and the cavaliers for nba championship. highlights next in sports.
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golden state warriors your new nba champions. >> what happened to i'm the best player in the world? >> king, the king? >> there he is. >> they beat the cleveland cavaliers 105-97, their first title in 40 years. andre iguodala was named mvp yes, remember him. now to the rest of the night in sports, and this is howard. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm howard eskin yesterday was a day
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chip kelly was available to respond to this release of lineman evan mathis, he won two and a half million dollars race to 8 million. he did not show up for mini camp. chip kelly gave the simple reason for the release. >> we were asking his agent for a release on multiple occasions, so we weren't going to come to a conclusion in terms after contract extension, we weren't going to extends any contractor adjust any contract. so we granted him what his agent asked for. >> last night the phillies just absolutely brutal. to baltimore, first inning second pitch of the game, two homeruns in the first two innings. baltimore scored nine runs disorder every inning but the seventh, and they scored in the eighth. ryan floor hearty off of jeff fran core baltimore wins it and the phillies zero and eight on the road trip. women's world cup soccer to vancouver. abby the only goal for the usa. they beat my gear with a one-nil in world cup soccer. that's sports in a minute.
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i'm howard eskin. >> 4:26 this morning. rachel dolezal responding to the controversy over her race. what she says people just don't seem to understanded. and a major cheating scandal rocking america's pasttime. but it is not the players involved. we'll explain this one.
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good morning, at 4:30, a man is violently attack, then shot. this morning, he is in critical can be while police search for the suspect.
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dressed as a road worker snapping drugs from a pharmacy carjacks a sprees in what investigators are saying this morning. the humidity holding off for at least one day but the stickiness will be back. sue will explain. good day everyone, it is wednesday, june 17th 2015. >> i feel that guy still feel humidity. can you tell with his hair? >> your hair looks fantastic. >> you're just so kind. i have like some moisture up in there. i feel it, sue serio i feel it. that's the gauge for me my hair. >> right. and it is not like it is instant low humidity it, a gradual casino of thing but it feels a lot better outside than it did yesterday and the day before and the day before that. satellite and radar picture tells the tail. we don't have any clouds really unless you look further to the south. now we will show you the rain we will be watching, it is now tropical depression bill, and this is an area of pretty heavy rain that's going to start moving toward the northeast. we'll see if it affect our
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area by the weekend. 73 degrees 5-mile per hour breeze but this is the de. the direction of the wind out of the north-northwest. and that means it is less humid indeed. 64% relative humidity, as opposed to the 91% we had yesterday. 5:32 is your sunrise time. temperatures well, they are not all showing up necessarily this morning on our map. but, 73 as we showed you 64 around fort dix 67 degrees atlantic city, and 68 in dover. it was a soupy day yesterday. very humid high of 91, today not that hot. about 83, 84 degrees, by the end of the day. sunshine, throughout the afternoon, we will see few clouds here and there as we get ready for our next storm system when we will talk about that coming up in just a few minutes but in the meantime, let's see how those clear skies are doing at least we don't have the fog this morning, bob kelly. see where you're going today. >> yes one good thing. you know what else there is morning, my wawa was blocked
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or was closed, for computer upgrade. >> oh no. >> yes. >> what did you do? >> it was a long ride into work this morning, it was crazy. only until 5:00. doing some upgrades on the 42 freeway coming into and out of philadelphia, right now. just watch for the crews. this is that whole 295-bellmawr interchange. so southbound 42, the ramp to creek road still block here, maybe another half hour or so. curbside in the tunnel here under the vine street expressway. this is where crews have been working all night the westbound lanes are open, however, the eastbound lanes remain closed, between the schuylkill and broad street. so for another half hour or so if you are coming into the city you want to jump off at either spring garden street, or south street. now, downed tree on the lincoln drive right now all northbound lanes blocking between gypsy and rittenhouse. so you can use the roosevelt boulevard. hopefully we'll get crew out there, get that back in business. lots of changes going on on
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the septa system, new summer schedule they began over the weekend, lots of construction at the 69th street transportation center. they moved the boarding locations around for some of the buses and the 15 101 102, shuttle bussing for the next month or so all due to track work. chris, lauren, back to you. >> developing news this morning, man fighting for his life after a vicious attack late last night. >> he was stabbed and then shot during a robbery. that definitely constitutes vicious. jennifer joyce live at philadelphia police headquarters with the search for the suspect. jennifer good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris lauren there is victim is extremely critical condition. police tell us at this point they don't know who he is because his wallet was stolen, he was returned into emergency surgery at einstein medical center. so all of this happened last night, around 11:30 at sixth and somerville avenue in olney, a man in his 20's or 30 ace was assaulted stabbed and shot, then robbed of his cell phone while according to
4:34 am
police bloody scene police say they also found the victim's glasses and sneaker left behind. investigators are currently talking to witnesses additionally, the victim was able to tell police a little bit about what happened. >> while en route to einstein hospital he was conscious and told responding officers that he was robbed, and assaulted, and shot. he said that his watch, his wallet and cell phone were taken from him, by three people two males and a female. no further description. all three were last seen on foot eason summerville from sixth street. we do have several witnesses in this mainly residential neighborhood who witnessed not only the assault and the robbery but also the shooting. they are being interviewed by northwest detective. >> the search for the three people continues this morning police say they are working on retrieving surveillance video from area businesses, again all while the victim is
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fighting for his life in the hospital. lauren chris? >> thank you. authorities in camden county searching foreman who carjacked a priest, and robbed a pharmacy in haddonfield. >> this happened at the rite aid on haddon avenue. police say a man caring a gun and an orange traffic cone, demanded adderall and oxycodone from a pharmacist. police say he carjacked the priest in the parking lot late area ban donned that car being took off running. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> new surveillance video captured person southwest detective thinks is behind the disappearance of a dozen taxi's stolen of the 12 cabs stole never ten days, only six have been found. authority are hoping to identify the suspect seen in this video he is described as an of can american male, thinly build with a beard. >> still ahead say good-bye to trans fat. why they're being eliminated from your favorite foods. >> first, major league baseball rock by hacking scandal. why the fbi now getting
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4:38 is the time. >> federal authorities joining the investigation into one of the most successful themes
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baseball. >> accused of hacking into data base of houston astros in order to get information on their players. fox's jacky ibanez spoke to fans about these allegations. >> i mean, it has never happened before in sports. >> major league baseball is being rock by a hacking scandal. this as the fbi investigation whether the st. louis cardinals illegally hacked into a computer data base of the houston astros. mlb commissioner saying tuesday the league is cooperating with the feds. >> obviously, any allegation like this no matter how serious it turns out to be, is of great concern to us. but it is just too early to speculate on what the fact are going to turn out to be, and what actions if any is necessary. >> according to published reports, investigators discovered front office officials from the cardinals broken into special data bases the astros had built. information included trade discussions, scouting report, and players statistics. >> this is proven to be fact,
4:40 am
and true then i'm anxious to see how rob man ford handles it what the penalty is. >> put them in jail. lock them up. throw out the key. >> traditionally baseball is a game of feeling. i think they are just doing it in a more sophisticated manner. >> despite lots of controversy, cardinals players, coaches, say they're not going to let it distract them from the current season? this is uncontrollable for us as a club. but, we'll wait and get all of the information before we make more after statement. because we don't have any clue what's going on here. we'll just focus on what we do and that's play baseball. >> cardinals have been one of the most successful teams in recent years. they currently have the best record in major league baseball. the astros are also in first place in their division. jacky ibanez, fox news. >> former baltimore ravens cheerleader could face up to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to raping 15
4:41 am
year old boy. forty-eight year old molly pleaded guilty yesterday to one felony count of fourth agree rape in delaware. prosecutors say show had sexual contact with a teen last sumner delaware vacation home. boy was class made of one of her children. she will be sentence in the august. she made history in 2005 when she became the oldest nfl cheerleader at the time. >> coming up: rachel dolezal addresses the controversy around her ethnicity. why she says she stopped thinking of herself as white. pea past. >> and trans fats are on the way out. why federal officials are banning them from your favorite foods.
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see that kid there? >> you mean the one with all of the swag? >> this is jed this is why i was off. yesterday was his fifth grade murphy there with annie and owen next-door neighbors. >> i wouldn't have brought this picture up, but i put it on instagram. >> somebody said let's just zajac doesn't need a blazer, omg. so confident. check out his posture. saying justin bieber has nothing on me. it was fun. >> congratulations. >> you know, graduation from
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high school, in what, couple of weeks ago. >> yes you'll bling. that's what i tell everybody. seems like middle school wasn't that long ago. but that's life. it goes on and hopefully we're all dealing with it the best we k the folks down in texas have to deal with a lot of rain from bill, the tropical storm, that made landfall yesterday, which is now a tropical depression. this is the update. you got to fix that little bit. but 45 miles south of wako, texas, 35-mile per hour winds wind is one issue but see from the satellite picture that it is rain, that is the big issue with this storm as it continues to move up through dallas by the end of the day today, and then takes this northeasterly turn that's why we're watching it very closely as we get closer to the weekend. we expect this moisture to hook up with a frontal system that's already there. but, increase the chances of some rain, unfortunately over the weekend. so as we look at the future cast we see that area of rain the renmant of bill and
4:46 am
moving into the midwest the upper midwest into indianna, into ohio, and eventually getting a little closer to us. we'll have another system come our way before this all happens, but as we head into saturday these are the renmant of bill, and by sunday, we think that that could be rain that affect us. it depends on the direction that it decides to take. so there is your little preview of coming attractions as we look at the map having little issue with some of our reporting stations this morning, they're not all reporting. 73 degrees in philadelphia, right now 68, comfortable degrees down in dover delaware wind out of the northwest, where the drier air usually comes from. 5-mile per hour wind it, will give us one daybreak from the humidity. we got a loft moisture coming back tomorrow. that's in the form of rain. so enjoy today after 91 degrees yesterday, 91 how many i degrees yesterday. today 83.
4:47 am
nice. then in the upper 70s on thursday. mid 80s on friday, warming up over the weekends, upper 80s saturday with pop up thunderstorm steamy and stormy for father day and the first day of summer on sunday and my husband's birthday i should also -- i want him to know. >> oh sunday? >> yes all happening sunday. got a big party at our house. >> you got a busy couple of weeks. >> yes, yes. >> graduation, birthdays, fathers day. >> just delighted. >> joint is jumping thrower at sue's house. good morning everybody, joins jumping this morning 4:47. crews are still out here on the 42 freeway, southbound, work crew right at creek road. so if you are leaving philly headed into south jersey, these guys are still set up there near the off ramp. good news, they have reopened the ramps, from the schuylkill to the vine. looking good here 476 coming up from delco big weekend
4:48 am
fire fly music festival pulling into the dover speedway campgrounds open up today at noon, then of course the festival itself starts tomorrow and runs through sunday this just expect a lot of volume. route one route 13. then through the weekend if you use this stretch to head down to rehoboth beach or any of the other delaware beaches you will see a bottleneck through this area, through the weekendment looking good at philadelphia international airport. yesterday we were socked in with some fog. no problems in the air this morning. crews are still working south on 295 between the black horse pike and the 42 freeway. maybe another ten minute or so. usually out of there by 5:00, 5:30. watch for the lane restrictions as you head in toward bellmawr. looking good coming in from downingtown, no problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, and mass transit looking good as well. chris lauren back to you. >> time now 4:48. rachel dolezal, the former leader of the naacp in spokane, washington is speaking out about her racial identity. >> in a interview on nbc's "today show" she said that
4:49 am
some of the discussion about her has been, quote viciously inhumane. she said she identifies with black, in fact the 37 year old told nbc matt lawyer she stopped thinking of herself as white when she was very young. >> this goes back to a very early age with myself identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> whether did it start? >> i would say about five years old. >> you began identifying yourself as african-american? >> i was drawing self portrait, black curly hair, you know, yes that was how i was portraying myself. >> so -- >> rachel dolezal lots lows her position as part time african studies and freelance job as newspaper columnist, and then there is the city of spokane itself, its ethics commission now looking into whether she lied about her race foray appointment to the police oversight board there.
4:50 am
>> so many questions about how this sort of flew un the radar, as well. >> for such a long time. >> spokane, washington by the time 2% african-american, 86% white. >> in health news for this morning, the fda is cake g down on trans fats. >> fox's james rosen explains what this means for your favorite foods. >> french fries baked goods and many other yummy and not so good for you foods all contain artificial trans fats. one of the most thoroughly vilified tape tells of the modern american diet. today the food and drug administration gave companies three years to eliminate achieve source of those fats, partially hydrogenated oils or pho's. >> they've made a decision, and finalize add determination, that partially hydrogenated oils, primary dietary source of artificial trans fat and processed foods are not generally recognized as safe for use in human food. >> trans fats are cheaper than animal based fats like butter or lard, make foods tastier
4:51 am
and extend their shelf life. but fda officials argued the ruling will cut down on cardiovascular disease. >> we estimate today's action also prevent thousand of coronary heart attacks and death each year. >> new york sit restaurant have been ban from the using artificial trans fats since 2006. and the f d.a. says consumers use of pho's plunged 73% over the last decade. >> i'm as against the nanny state as the next physician or the next doctor is. but i would say in this case this is one of the bad guys trans fats, and i think it is high time we get it out of there. >> some note in the opting for the ban the fda previously required trans fat content to appear on labels skipped interim measures like tougher labeling. >> when you ban a product real serious economic cones consequence toss that i think that was probably not calculated as strongly as it should have been. >> since the fda first announced this as proposed rule the agency said it has received more than 6,000
4:52 am
comments. and said most of them were supportive. in washington, james rosen fox news. >> still ahead jeb bush makes his first late night appearance. see him slow jam the news with jimmy fallon next.
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>> good morning, beautiful picture. >> that's philadelphia pennsylvania with the sun coming down already. i think the official sunrise right around 5:30 in the morning. this is new err aerosmith. i like the older aerosmith of. >> of course you do. >> audio person, light sun, get it? too early to make those connections, 4:55, but thank you so much for getting up early with us. >> so one day after announcing his run for the white house republican jeb bush hoses jimmy fallon on the tonight show slow jam the news skit. >> so during the comedy routine last night former florida governor recites lines while fallon style eyes z the 70s soul man offers double. >> i thought long and hard about this decision after careful consideration i determined that now was the right time, to launch my campaign for the republican nomination.
4:56 am
>> oh ya. >> governor thought long and hard about joining the gop race. >> former gop2012 presidential nominee mitt romney. oh they've also slow jammed with fallon. >> funny. coming up in the next hour. >> you think jeb is funny? >> i didn't think so. >> the latest on tropical storm bill. now slamming texas we'll take you there. >> and, can't see or smell it, but can detect all of your favorite things, new technology criminals cannot tell is tracking what they steel.
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a vicious attack in philadelphia, a man stabbed in the back and shot before being robbed of his cell phone and his wallet. live report in the search for the suspect. >> philadelphia police are calling it a one man robbery spree. three people stabbed in all after two more vicious attacks. >> and mayor nutter announces major changes to septa when the pope visit philadelphia, in september, let's just say you better get ready to walk. >> now, sue serio has on her dancing shoes. >> you know why? >> why? >> whenever we have a ten weather wise, scale of one to tell sue does little dance,
5:00 am
does little jig. >> did i off the air. now that you have said that, i have to do it. >> ♪ ♪ it is a ten ♪ ♪ >> you know what, it is rare, once we get into june, july, and august to have humidity free day. celebrate while it is here. hardly a cloud in the sky. go to the south of us see some clouds go down to texas to see where the rain; headed toward dallas from houston from tropical depression bill. it is no long area tropical storm for us, you can see the sun is already starting to come up. it is official at 5:32, that sunrise time, we have 73 degrees so on the mild side not as sticky as it was yesterday. 64% relative humidity, ya. it was a soupy tuesday yesterday's high 91 degrees and you felt every bit that far


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