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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  June 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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the drought is over, in california, welshing so to speak, even though it happened in cleveland. golden state warriors win it all over the cleveland cavaliers, they're nba champs. and former sixer, just like a former flyer, is a world champion this morning. >> so the key to success is apparently leaving philadelphia, is what this you are telling me? >> spent a lot of time here >> okay >> get seasoned. go to another city, win a championship >> look at the la king, half the la kings last year i think it was. >> well, couple of times >> couple of times >> now we just need it to happen here. >> yes >> while they're here. >> we've been saying that since 1975. >> maybe the pope will change all of that. >> we need a blessing >> actually 2008 the phillies won it all >> true. we were here >> seven years ago. for the love. >> enjoy your mint >> thank you >> minty fresh >> just as refreshing out of doors it, really is.
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>> ten out of ten, and the humidity went down, yeah. so, since you're going to want to spend a loft time outside, bus stop buddy advises you to bring that sunscreen with you, so you can apply and reply. yes, the shades are, there comfy start, step ups in the 60s, 70s, satellite and radar for a change, we don't have anything on it. 72 degrees, with 59% relative humidity. hooray. northerly breeze at 6 miles an hour, and what a change from our soupy tuesday, when we got to 91 degrees yesterday. you see the average, the normal high of 83, guess where we're going today? eighty-three. yes, nice afternoon. that's why we're having ten out of ten. so, enjoy it while it is here. rain on the way. we'll tell when you it arrives coming up in just a few moment. bob kelly here right now. what's happening? >> good morning, yes, teacher doesn't hand out ten's often, so we have to enjoy that here today. live look at 422, eastbound, an accident, right before the king of prussia interchange. you can see, everybody all off to what would be the left
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shoulder, and the left lane, only the right lane is open here. and we got a jammo, pretty much, from royersford, all the way in to king of prussia. we typically have back up to begin with. with the two lanes of traffic. now, down to only one on the shoulder working your way in toward king of prussia. so get a move on. if that's in your travel plans this morning. again, that eastbound side, maybe you can use route 23, as an alternate, or just casino of throw another pop tart in the toaster there, wait it out, for a half hour to allow some of the back up to disappear, and pennsauken, route 130, accident at cove road. that knock down the traffic signals with delays. also going to find delays along northbound 202, at the paoli interchange, all because after crash. travel times, though, sun glare, eastbound schuylkill, coming around your can you into downtown, about 21 minutes, and we're to up 35, on the trip time, on 95 south from woodhaven in through downtown. mike, alex, back over to you >> all right. coming up on 7:03, man
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fighting for his life after vicious attack late last night >> beat him up, stabbed him, then shot him. robbed him. i don't know what else they do have done to him. jenny joyce at the round house, jenny? >> mike, alex, when we talked to police last night, they still don't know who this victim is. they couldn't identify him. because his wallet was stolen, he was returned to emergency surgery, he's now in extremely critical condition. this happened last night, 11:30, at sixth street and somerville avenue in the olney section of the city. police tell us that they believe that this victim is in his 20's, or 30's, and was assaulted, stabbed, shot. then robbed every his cell phone while at watch. bloody scene, police say they also found the victim's glasses and sneaker left behind, investigators are currently talking to witnesses, and an additionally, the victim was able to tell police a little bit about what happened. >> while en route to einstein hospital, he was conscious, and told responding officers that he was robbed, and assaulted, and shot.
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he said that his watch, his wallet and cell phone were taken from him by three people, two males, and a female. no further description. all three were last seen on foot eason somerville from sixth street. we do have several witnesses, in this mainly residential neighborhood, who witnessed not only the assault from the robbery but also the shooting. they are being interviewed by northwest detectives. >> so, police are relying on those witnesses, they're also relying on surveillance in the area, they're trying to retrieve some that far video now, but as you heard, police say, all they know about these suspect, that it was two men and a woman, who are still at large this morning while this victim is fighting for his life. mike, al next >> my god, almost 7:05. have you ever heard this? would you fill up my traffic cone with pills? >> well, apparently, several drugstores, they're hearing that, yes.
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guy in new jersey, he's been robbing several drugstores for powerful prescription pain killer >> happening over at the rite aid in south jersey, and local authorities are on alert, so, guys dressed up like construction worker, hey, steve, what's up? >> well, mike, one every your favorite shows on netflix about ladies in prison, orange is the new black. hit show on netflix, but, a guy walking into rite aid with a orange conan construction worker get up is the new way some desperate pain pill armed robbers using to walk into right aids like this one in haddonfield, his latest, walk out with stolen drugs and the violent crimes don't end once he comes out the front door either. >> no price, managers, pharmacists being urged to be on height end alert, security stores including this one, getting a bump up in security measures, including, brand new locks on the the doors already here, just hours after the holdup yesterday. three local police department, are now going to compare notes, and try and confirm for sure that the same guy did the
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same kind of hold-ups at all three right aids. here, yesterday, in blackwood monday, the day before, and down in logan township, may 22. and that one, the robber also dresses road construction worker just like did he here in haddonfield yesterday. reflective traffic safety vests overall of his other clothes, white hard hat, safety goggles, and yesterday, he even carried in one of those orange traffic cones, lept the counter at the pharmacy, pulled out gun, demanded pharmacist fill the upside down cone with the hole plucked with prescription painkillers. that's what's been take never all three, a dick tiff pain pills. going for the pharmacy, not for the cash register. gloucester township police say guy pitting similar descript whine, thin while male, logan in haddonfield hopes ups, minus road construction outfit, pulled gun there, as women. first two in gloucester county were the same time of day, 9:30 in the morning, the one here in haddonfield, little later at noon. two hold-ups this week, were close to schools. that had to go on lockdown, and go on high alert.
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he came out here into the parking lot in haddonfield, then pulled his begin on priest parking his car. he carjacked it, drove it only couple of blocks. and in the logan holdup, the same road construction worker looking robbers stole rite aid workers car, again only driving couple of blocks before getting rid of it, maybe police believe then going to the robbers own car. same outfit, but different weapon, back then, he didn't have a gun, he had a hammer, and a knife. the gun allowing him to free extra hand to care the orange cone i guess yesterday. now the people who live right on this street, residential area, as you can see, busy 7-eleven at the end of the street across from the rite aid, and pj wheelihan's, one of the most popular chains around here, got the outdoor seatingment people eating lunch out here. they see the construction guy yesterday. they don't know he is an armed bandit. but the thing that they notice about him was how much clothing he was wearing under the have the, he is as got hooded wet shirt on and hat. it was 90 degrees at that point. they couldn't believe why
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anybody would walk around here with all of that get up on. and now they got their answer >> they got their answer for sure. be careful over there, everybody. all right, 7:08. >> this is only on fox, man under arrest accused of standing business owners during robberies >> police say he struck at least eight times >> philadelphia police say this is 23 year old christian rosario holding a knife. they say he stabbed the owners of three different stores. east detective arrested him after they say he nearly killed the owner, of joe's cold cults, on frankford avenue, monday morning, another alleged victims tells us how he tried to fight back. >> tried to kill me with big knife. knife like this. i grabbed the knife. no matter one hand is gone, i needed my life. grabbed for the knife, give me money, give me monday >> i he was getting increasingly more aggressive during his robberies >> they say he stole about a thousand dollars from the businesses, owner of joe's
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colds cuts continues to recover this morning >> 7:08. investigators are trying to determine what caused a balcony to collapse in california. we told but yesterday morning. six young people died. celebrating 21st birthday party in berkley california. just off the campus, the university of california berkley. when the fifth floor apartment house balcony collapsed. look how thin these balconies are. as we pull out. five of the victims kim from ireland, sixth from california, among hundred cents every irish young adults working in berkley, on temporary vees' for the summer >> out to the families, loved ones, of the people killed and injured. really shocking set of events. now trying to recover from those, and understand what we can do to ensure that things like this don't happen again in the future. >> soap, very big story today.
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over in ireland. seven other people on that balcony. seriously injured. meanwhile, other balconies at the building have also been tagged for inspection following this tragedy. just too many people on those very thin balconies. all right, 7:10 now. new york state police will expand the manhunt for 35 year old david sweat and 48 year old richard matt. the two convicted murderers escaped the clinton correctional facility. now, 12 days ago, that's where authorities have been focusing their search. specially yesterday, back very close to the prisonment one sheriff says the men could have had a plan b to get away. now, you remember, joyce itch he will, who they met in prison, joyce is in jail her sever accused of helping the two men escape. she backed out of being their get away driver, apparently, at the last minute. >> white house fence jumpers, leads to he is resignation, learning his fate.
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gonzalez sentenced to 17 months in prison, made it all the way to the green room with a knife before he was stopped. the army veteran, who reportedly has mental health issues, has innocent jail since september arrest. >> talking little sport here, try to break this up. all right? the golden state warriors as you probably know by now, nba champions after winning in cleveland last night >> yep. beat the cavaliers 105-97 >> this is their first title in 40 years. so andre iguodala, and set curry, each scored 25-point, iguodala also named mvp of the final. >> how about that? now, we have to talk about the philadelphia phillies. we normally would not >> well, they made history last night, though >> oh, yes, yes, yes. history making >> just, you know, not the good kind i guess. so for the first time since their inaugural season, 1883. >> when the phillies started >> yep. phillies completed road trip at least eight games without a win >> zero and eight on the road trip >> that wasn't even the biggest story last night >> now, let's get into.
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>> this trailing big to the orioles. the phillies decided to put outfielder jeff in to pitch in the seventh inning. brought in an outfielder because they exhausted the bullpen there. is the pitch coach. well, are also came out, for the eighth inning. an out feel err pitching two innings in relief? this was the first time since 1959 that a position player pitched more than one inning. it appeared chase utley was not happy about that. and made his feelings known to the pitching coach, you should see there, oh, during that inning, and they all collected around the mound. so the orioles, listen to this, they went on after hitting eight homeruns, which the baltimore orioles have never done in one game, eight homeruns. the final score, 19 to three. we hit rock bottom. that's really all you can say >> what's the bright side? i at least making history
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>> yes, we're history making. if you weren't here for the 6:00 hour. daily news always great headlines. wouldn't you say? >> tight shot? >> butt ugly. i'm not sure where this was during the game. and what junction your of the game. okay. that's joe. that's joe in the control room zooming in. >> that's a tight shot for you. >> that's what jack said >> phillies are back home from baltimore tonight. >> yes, they are, to play the orioles a game >> guess who is the opponent again? that's the way it goes. soap, let's talk about the fire fly music festival. bob kelly has been talking about the traffic issues, with fire fly. let's talk about the weather. okay? we've got thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. less than perfect, we'll say, tomorrow, there will be some rain, most of it, in the morning, but little bit in the afternoon. friday, should be dry, as far as precipitation, but humid, and 87 degrees. saturday, in dover, delaware,
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some showers, probably late in the day, high of 82, then it really heat up on sunday, last day a fire fly, 91 degrees, amazing line up of folks at the fire flew music festival. so just be prepared to deal with all kind of weather, during the four days, tracking the tropics, watching what's left of former tropical storm bill, 35-mile per hour winds, moving due north, at 13 miles an hour right turn, head toward us, in time for the weekends, today we take break from the humidity, and this frontal system you see out to the west. will come our way as warmfront sending the stage for things to warm up again after today. , do expect the rain, low pressure, there is the renmant of bill, which we expect to affect us, over the weekend. soap, tomorrow morning, at this time, will probably n raining just about everywhere in our viewing area, rain lasts through the morning rush
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hour, get out of here by noon. looks like we stay cloudy throughout the afternoon not see too much sunshine on thursday. at least not here in philadelphia brighten up, fire flyer, first day of the festival thursday. but, it is probably going to rain in the morning, so, 72 degrees right now in philadelphia, 65, in allentown, 62 degrees in mount pocono, beautiful morning in the mountains, 69 degrees atlantic city, winds coming mostly out of the north, and that means, it is refreshing less humid air, so enjoy it today, it is relief, from the super necessary of yesterday, and a ten out of ten, down to six tomorrow with the rain, and maybe thunderstorm or two. sun, clouds, on friday. high of 86. back to unsettled weather for the weekend, appropriately the first day of summer on sunday is the warmest day out of this seven day forecast. and, of course, it is fathers day, as well. as long as it doesn't get too noisy with the thunderstorms be bob kelly, you should have good nap on sunday
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>> sounds good. got to get that nap in. seven, make it 7:16 coming up. we say good morning 422, early morning accident. setting us back here, big time, the crash is eastbound, right near the king of prussia interchange. and we're bumper to bumper pretty much royersford through collegeville. continue i cannily back to up begin with at this hour. but, then, with the accident, and the play here, it gets real heavy working your way around that saint gabriel's curve and in toward the king of prussia interchange. so much so, that if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, travel time, bamm, there go, 35 minutes from oaks, in toward king of prussia. 202 not bad from 30 up through the schuylkill expressway. sue talked about that fire fly music festival, on the campgrounds down here at the dover speedway. a lot of volume expected this weekend, along route one, and 13, the campgrounds open today festival runs tomorrow through sunday, back to you >> so much bad news, putting
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chris murphy to the challenge, playboy mag signed named the best cheese steaks in the philadelphia area. okay? >> let's do top five chris murphy, let's see if you, irish pony, can go to all of the top five anita cheese steak, between now and 10:00 a.m. >> you know i can. up to the challenge, and starting at one of the best places in all of philadelphia, this is steve, not from steve's, maybe on the list, as your hint, but steve, thanks for having us. >> six years snag >> it has been here for decades? >> he yes, i have been a customer for decades you >> know who else has been a customer for years? torrey, our producer. we'll put it up for the viewers. when i got to the station, about a year and a half ago, torrey said you don't know cheese steaks until you have been on henry avenue
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roxborough, delsandros >> i cannot wait until i taste torrey's favorite. tell me why the best cheese steak in filly? >> quality, rib eye, hand sliced all day long, the freshest rolls from amorosso. >> i like the thick cut onions >> yes, carmelize dollars onions. and that's what makes us great >> all right. you cook one every these becomes two minutes old. now, i'm bring kills any from behind the camera. kelsey is one of our interns from the university of delaware. kelsey, what do you think? ready for this? >> i am. i am red >> i listen, i can't eat five cheeks steaks alone in the corals of three hours, let's dig in. let's try. >> this ready? here you go. >> go for it. >> 7:18 a.m. cheese steaks. >> that was a million dollars shot right there. >> the thing that makes this cheese steak so good, by the
7:19 am
way, it melts in your mouth. kelsey? >> i agree, i agree, it is fantastic. >> and the onions, they're not all thinly tiny chopped. they're thick and juicy and perfectly carmelize dollars >> i'm not going anywhere else, i'm staying here all day >> you have four more to go. >> four more, guys. >> number five, going to number four, tweet us your top four now @chrisfox29. use the #fox29goodday >> okay, gross. >> might want to get a napkin there, chris >> you have the juice running down your face >> that was actually the first cheese steak i ever had when i was here >> is that right >> yes. >> roxborough. here is the deal. these, remaining four cheese steak places, are spread out. so this is going to be a challenge to hop in the vehicle, and race to the next one. but he is supposed to eat the whole thing >> we should challenge people watching. can you guess where he's going to go? >> okay. like what's four?
7:20 am
>> going to four next. >> if you would pick the top five, what would be number four? >> really don't know, hopefully using the vehicle, racing around to the next place. 7:20. you >> need to make extra cash. how about working for amazon? how you can make deliveries on your own time. >> i get it!
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leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less
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beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. >> knows are three of my biggest fan. one's down. you know amazon now delivering packages. to someplace >> yes, now they want to pay ordinary people, could be little side job, to deliver their packages >> look to go make some extra money hey, lauren, how is this going to work? >> i have my afternoons free. i think i am a good driver. coming from the wall street journal. they are reporting amazon working on an app, that will unable regular ordinary americans, not delivery
7:24 am
people, or delivery companies, to actually pick up an item, and deliver it to someone who ordered it on amazon. really cool, really challenging, and really risky. because you have to somehow get that person, when they are bringing your ate team your doorstep, that they're not going to, you know, kim you, and make sure the item arrives in time. internally we hear this this service is being called on my way. the whole idea is to cut down on how much it costs amazon to deliver. you guys know they deliver three and half million packages a day, a day >> up to that kind of speed already? >> yep, yep. so their costs have gone up 30% last year, so look fog cut back. they have drones delivering, or trying to do that, they have bike messengers delivering, some cabs delivering for them. i mean, it is just, now regular people maybe. >> anybody and everybody >> but how does this work? i mean, do you have get background check, wouldn't you? >> i have no idea how amazon
7:25 am
would do this, but dow know other companies start ups are in this, and other bigger companies. do some sort of background check. then they have system where they work with some brick and mortar stores, and they pay them, they say, hey, can we use your store as like locker for certain items. so, when so-and-so is coming home from their job number one, they'll pick up this item, job number two, take it to customer. they've rangements with stores along the way >> speaking of apps, you know the other day sunday i ran into my friend deline up, basketball reporter, you know she was going to her son's little league game, and we had to go to another thing, another event. she had an app to follow the score of his game. >> wow >> yes >> i love that >> weird. >> what was it called? >> but also sad because you should still go if you can >> lauren, listen to this. you're in great shape. have you ever heard every on stack he will course training
7:26 am
>> i have heard of it, yes >> we'll go to that right now >> we'll tell but it. see you tomorrow. >> hi, jen? >> hey, guys. okay, what's more surprising, the fact that he has a wawa tatoo, or that he can do this, show me what you got, mark. this morning, he's doing that. >> oh, >> wow >> okay, not safe. >> this guy has got some moves >> high core fitness, it is insane here. come here, and by the way you can eat at that wawa to get the tatoo >> ridiculous
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>> turn our challenge now, the vehicle chris murphy is, in moving to the next location. playboy magazine came out with the best, the top five cheese steaks in the philadelphia area. been to roxborough for five, the next location, number four, that's how it works, working our way to number one by 10:00 o'clock this morning. consume five cheese steaks in three hours? >> what a delicious breakfast >> did he consume the first one? we need proof. >> we need the wrappers in the trash back >> where are they right now? give us a hint. >> leaving roxborough >> let me know, let me know where they are, and there you go. >> okay?
7:30 am
>> anybody recognize this street? they're leaving ridge avenue. >> ridge avenue, okay >> leaving roxborough, headed to the next place, looks like they're moving farley rapidly. >> snow problem mr., down the hill >> oh, i don't know >> going downhill, i would say, yes >> well, chris has been going downhill for years. get to go weather and traffic. bus stop buddy, going to want to spends some time outdoors today. it is nice. it is a comfy start. counting down the last kim every days of school, sunscreen, shade, all set for a beautiful day out of doors, because, it is a ten out of ten today. rare low humidity this time of year. 72 degrees, 59% relative humidity noise specially compared to yesterday, 91%, anyway, temperatures to the north of us, in the 60s, 72 in
7:31 am
the city, comfortable 69 in atlantic city, 70 in dover, they are getting ready for fire fly music festival all weekends long. so, soupy yesterday, high of 91. today 83, sunshine, not as humid. we'll tell you when the rain arrives coming up in just a few minute. how's traffic, bob kelly? >> we got some problems on 422, good morning, everybody. live look, an accident, eastbound, right near the king of prussia interchange. everybody's off to the left shoulder, there, but we are jammo, from pretty much collegeville, all the way in around your saint gabe's curve, put about 40 minute to make that trip, heading in toward the king of prussia interchange. plus, weaver some sun glare, bye no complaint about the sun glare, feels good, warm warming us up, 95 southbound, cottman down through the girard avenue construction
7:32 am
zone. accident wrote 130, cove road, knock down traffic signals. good morning south street. live look at the schuylkill, at the south street interchange. new summer schedule, new boarding locations at the 69th street terminal. route 15, 101, 102 trolley using shuttle buses all due to track work. mike, alec, back to you >> let's talk traffic. shall prepared to walk, not drive. the message from meyer, mayor michael nutter yesterday, during a news conference, announcing preliminary plans for mass transit. during pope francis' visit to philadelphia, this september >> i'll have the pope lay hand on me and try to heal me this morning, here. >> a blessing? >> so look who it is >> hi, ron hopkins. good to see you, as i remember over a septa
7:33 am
>> yes >> let's get into this. he says, well, first every all, can we drive in? i wouldn't attempt to drive into the sit >> i the plan right now for most people to take mass transit, as well as other tour buses coming into the city >> that's you >> that's us >> that's huge job. i mean, normally septa handles what 300,000 people in a day. and how many are expecting this? >> 300,000 people over 20-hour service day, and expecting to double that in a shorter time frame. about eight to ten hour period, 2 million people coming when the pope is here, so how are things going to be different? let's say that i have a monthly pass, a transpass can i use that to get in? >> will be able to use that on city, on the subways, our buses, but, on our route system has less capacity verbal special passes to saturday, another for sunday
7:34 am
>> so day passes in >> just for the saturday and sunday. >> how much are they? >> $10, for each day. >> not so bad >> make sure to get dropped off. not the full week, but really the weekend? >> we expect extra capacity, week of the congress itself, but the weaken where we expect large crowd to come in for the event >> sunday, different on sundays, when the mass is happening. some people may be coming just for that? >> we expect a lot of people to come for, that maybe down saturday, would stay for the sunday events, so, our message is to come early, running express type service from the stations we selected, and we'll get to you your event area quickly >> so one more thing, just to get people perspective, what, more than 200 stations, and only 31 are going to be working with this?
7:35 am
>> we want town crease our capacity, can only do that by not stopping at every station on our sister because it increases, and we cannot transport as many people, as we would like to. >> so let me get this right. you have to start at the end of the line, and you're going to be taken to the other end of the line? >> no stopping at the regular stops? >> we will be stopping within the event area, but, it won't be from one end to the other end, we will be dropping you off and then based on where the drop off locations are, you will be walking to your final destination >> yes >> that's 3-mile part? everyone seems to be focused on be prepared to walk throw miles >> i think general rule is that people should expect to walk, you know, working very closely with the city, and the development of our plans, and we will be in the position to, you know, transport people close to the event area and then they can walk to their final destination. >> go to your website. the new pope map up? >> working on the website right now, still fine tuning
7:36 am
it, message to really get out. >> good to see you >> we have a heads up >> phillies stink. >> they hit ross bottom. nineteen to three. historic lost. we'll explain the history making night last night. g cobb is here >> looks like he is taking a selfie.
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
another former philadelphia athlete wins a champion chin, phillies season goes from bad to worse >> so we thought why not bring in g cobb? >> g cobb. com. let's start with andre iguodala, the player in the nba final >> amazing, but he deserved it. >> true >> any cast when he was here, not the star, the guy that does all of the things around the star, you know, he is great supporting cast member. you know? rather than to be the star of the movie. meche miss cast here, wasn't very popular. losers so badly
7:40 am
>> i guess does pretty darn good job at guarding labron james? >> that's right. did good job there, then he scored, too, and he had the energy points, hustling down the floor, dunking the ball, and he was just, i think he got everybody going, with his energy. so, he deserved that mvp >> hard to watch last couple of games of the series, because, you got one guy against five, labron james, had nobody to play with. >> injuries to the supporting cast was the key, i was amazed they made t because, if he had won it, they would have proclaimed him the greatest player ever. they would have found a way to win >> one man show >> understandable, but, it is too bad that it ended that way >> kyree -- >> yes. i mean, they were playing, though. they were hanging in there little bit >> just don't have enough talent. totally ran out of gas >> they did. they didn't have enough players, too, i think got tired, too. >> seven players
7:41 am
>> yes. >> this takes you back to 1883. >> oh, >> ready? >> you can tag about the phillies here, so making history. so for the first time since their season, 1883, the phillies completed road trip of at least eight games, without a win. >> wow >> yes >> that's sad. zero and eight on the road trip, and then, gary. tell us what happened in the seventh inning last night, when they ran out of pitchers, because they couldn't get anybody out. >> had to come in from the outfield, to pitch, not only -- the eighth inning. i mean, it got to the point where you stampede, you know, let's just ends the game. >> look at chase go, kind of getting in the face of the pitching cove. >> position player comes in,
7:42 am
that's why they really need to just bring those young kids up, you know, trade guys out of here, this thing is not going to work, just an embarrassment that you continuing to make it like it is a really, team that's going anywhere. not going anywhere. so you start rebuilding. so bring the young guys up. if you can move everybody on >> like they're having hard time trading anybody though >> give them away >> oh, come on. you >> need young guys to be in here playing. >> but you know what, you wrap them in nice bo, ship them out >> maybe put them out on the corner? >> amazon will deliver them. hey, good one. good seeing you >> okay, obstacle course training. do you see what these guys are doing >> someone just treated oh, i can do that if i was at a space station. >> this is like next level stuff.
7:43 am
like, meets gym that is innings, meets -- look at. that will that's like regular dude. that's regular human dude. we're in west chester, come on back.
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by the asthma and allergy foundation of america.
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♪ oh, you know what this means? something is going down on friday. what's good day to up now? >> probably the last day or the last friday of spring? >> indeed, today being the last wednesday of spring, and tomorrow being the last thursday of spring. you see how that goes? taking a break from humidity. don't get used to it, yes, we've got the northerly breezes, from high pressure, today. here complex system, headed our way for tomorrow. this actually gets on the move, as a warmfront, then, the remnants of bill, will hook onto this system, and problem bye give us some rain over the weekends. more on that, to come. temperatures, look very comfortable this morning, in the mid 60s to the north of us, 62, in mount pocono, 72 here in the city, but it is a comfortable 72, 70 in dover,
7:47 am
71, in wilmington as dover gets ready for fire fly music festival this weekend. 10 miles per hour in atlantic city, breeze any wildwood, high of 83 today, ten out of tenment tomorrow, we get some rain, arrives really early in the morning, though, so, make sure you have your rain gear on you tomorrow. and, the sunscreen today. back to the sunscreen on friday. mix of sun and clouds, saturday, late day thunderstorms, unsettled weather steamy stormy for fathers day, on sunday. there is your seven day, bob kill, what you got? >> 7:47. good morning, everybody. delays coming into philly on the freeway. rush hour underway. northbound, black horse pike, walt whitman bridge, not accidents, a loft volume at this hour. same deal on the blue route, 476 southbound, heavy coming/of mid-county headed down toward the schuylkill expressway. accident earlier this morning causing major jam on 422.
7:48 am
bumper to bumper to bumper for about 45 minutes or so, from royersford, all the way to the king of prussia interchange. two lanes open, damage done. put 45 minute on the clock there. heavy cottman down through girard, route 130 cove road a crash. the fire fly music festival that sue talk about, campgrounds open up today at 12:00 noon here. see a lot of volume along route one and 13 headed into the dover speedway area, where the concerts will be taking place through the weekends of the show's actually start tomorrow, through sunday. going down to rehoboth, dover beaches through the weekends, extra volume getting to the beach this weekend, mike, alex, over to you >> thank you, see the thing right now obstacle courses >> working out? >> yes >> so little confused because they have the spartan race, a tough mutter, then safer and
7:49 am
race. how do you prepare? >> i believe go to west chester, fantastic looking gym. >> i was checking out stuff, i found you on line. good morning to you >> good morning >> so, it sounded like gym that is innings, everything but the neck level >> exactly >> look at this guy. he is mr. hard core. rule even evening trampoline thing going on, behind you, mike, sorry. why is it important to incorporate all of this stuff? >> we believe in functional movement. all of our training is all based on functional movement patterns. we do a lot of body weight, calisthenics, and obstacle course training. >> i love it. >> so what's going on here? 6-foot four kyle. he is doing what you guys would normally do, your work out, call it the daily grinds? >> one of our workouts, called the daily grind, daily work
7:50 am
out, so instructor led, and high intensity circle training. at the ends they switch circuits >> you said you can burn lick 800, more than a thousand calories? >> easily >> the other thing you can do, if you are not good at something, you will have the person find another on stack snelling >> yes. everything is salable. everything has progress to it. so anybody can dot work. >> we had people never work out before. go through our circle, and they all love it. they can all do it >> just showed with the arms, mike was showing, he is trying to be -- he said he goes to the spartan workouts, and he has an unfair advantage. right? >> i know incorporating the kids little bit, right? kids are loving it for birthday parties, and stuff. so tell me what you got there girlfriend. this is amazing, what do you call this?
7:51 am
>> that's called the balance thing. >> okay? >> and again, what is it good for? why is it good for her? >> again, good, overall ball, flexibility, all of the workouts like mental, and physical, accomplishments >> get off of there, show off. so i tried this. we'll see how dow this time. i have to say, mike, the photographer, did it way better than did i it. so how am i doing? doing okay? >> doing great >> nice >> look, oh, my gosh. hi, okay. let's go see charlie. charlie, now, i need to see what you have. you guys, you saw mark. and you said it took you, how long, to figure out how do to dot class >> couple of months >> this guy? >> okay. all right, so show us what you got. make, embarrass me. look at this kid! how is he able to do that? >> he kills it here >> all right, here goes. you think i can do this? i have to say, i did better than mike, right, the
7:52 am
photographer? so he won the barrel thing? >> i agree >> so here we go. ready, one, two. >> hey, you got up >> is that okay? >> good start >> try one more time. one, two, three. >> there you go. >> high! >> charlesy? >> you smoke me. >> come on, mike. you try and do that >> i could not do any of this. >> you make it look easy. >> if people don't know where in your west chester, what are you near? >> right next to ice line west goshen park >> i don't know who your moms, are but you are lucky kids to come here. >> i have never felt so bloated, one of the coolest gyms i've ever seen in my life. 7:52. couple of things here now, we go to preston and steve next. we want to know what you as dads really want for fathers day. don't like about it, don't just say a tie, okay? but, playboy magazine has named the top five cheese steaks in the philadelphia area, so now it, looks like, we've gone from roxborough there is looks like center city o that be broad street
7:53 am
maybe? what is number four? where we're headed now >> okay, so chris murphy, be prepared to eat another cheese steak. >> just got off the vine, looks like, and might be broad. okay, where 15th street, oh, city hall will be coming up in the shot in a matter of seconds. >> oh, temple university? north city? >> ya, right by hahnemann hospital. >> ♪
7:54 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. cause i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. if you have a question about money, ask me.
7:55 am
sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
7:56 am
>> preston and steve, chris murphy and his vehicle, stuck at 16th and ran stood going to -- ranstead, going to four different cheese steak places before 10:00 o'clock. so, i don't know where they're headed. looks like the train station? >> employ boy had a list of the top place toss get cheese steak here in fill >> i preston and steve, what's
7:57 am
your go to place >> you know what? i catch some gulf about this. but i guess because it is not as, you know, offer the beaten path, but i'm jim's fan, man. i'm always been a jim's on south street fan, and i've doesn't round, and it is just the one i keep going back to. >> i know it is weird but i go to pei-wei (laughing) >> place on henry near where i live called chubby's, great chubby cheese steak. it is awesome. and there is a place in blue bell called pudge's i used to go to >> someone tweeted about that >> i want to out someone right now, my best friends, his caught here is 14 years old, her name is emily chapman, lived here her entire life, and i just found out just the other day has never, ever had a cheese steak. one time never, ever. >> how does that happen? >> i don't know how that happens >> well, she should be deported
7:58 am
>> i think child services needs to step in here >> what are your absolute favorites? >> still working on my favorite. coming up on a year. so i've been to several different places but still working on my favorites >> place called steak them up. >> that great. you know what, mike, both you guys were out at the burger brawl, and there were certain element that make a great, i think, the core, it has to be the bread, for me, i like whether it be the chicken or the meat >> right >> thinly cut. >> you know, one place asked if you wanted pizza saws on it >> i like it with pizza saws >> yes, you can get pizza saws. key core me, some places grissly, the meat, immediate turnoff. you take a bite and half the sandwich comes out with the whole thing >> i do dig on the grig he will time to time >> steve, if you like a
7:59 am
chicken cheese steak, you should try nifty-fifties has a great chicken cheese steak >> all right >> they use chunk chicken meat, not your standard >> chunk? >> like it thinly sliced >> real quickly here, i have a question, big question, what do you guess really want for fathers day? survey came out saying you guys just want a handwritten cards. >> i juan everybody to just leave my alone! >> is that too much to ask? you know what? fathers day, i think it is great, when the kids just kind of treat you a little bit. if they, you know, will make lunch or something along those lines, i'm totally cool with that, i don't need big girl, anything, just relaxing day, that's all i ask for. >> real quickly >> yes? me? i just -- all right, i want
8:00 am
meatballs. >> i just realized the other day my wife hasn't made meatballs in a couple of month, you know, can you make me a pot of meatballs? >> sling blades fathers day. >> okay? >> see you guys next week >> good day, it is wednesday, june the 17th, 2015. >> live from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". judge >> a man stopped and shot in vicious attack overnight, search for the suspect right now. lauren? >> hey, alec, speaking out, rachel dolezal finally breaks her silence, parent say she's white. you won't believe what she is saying about them, the newcomb edges, this morning. mike? >> kneel young has new message for this presidential
8:01 am
candidate. why the donald isn't free, to use a certain song. >> good morning, okay, so, don't adjust your tv screen, yes, we are shooting with our dash cam, across the street, now, i won't tell you which street in center city. to number four, on the best cheese steak list, this list compiled by playboy magazine. a food truck, really? mike jerrick, you will love the name, at least >> okay? a food cart made the top five? i'll be darn >> that's got to be over, what, getting close to the train station, looks like. all right, almost, women, it is 8: zero; for goodness sake >> yes >> all right, great day, bus stop buddy, wear your shades today. bring your sunscreen, because you will want to spend time outdoors. it is okay to go out again. because, the humidity has left us for one day, and one day only. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, comfy start, as bus stop buddy
8:02 am
countdown the last couple of days of school. it is a ten out of ten today. ya, with a breeze, out of the north, 10 miles an hour, relative humidity only 55%. we have 75 degrees, in philadelphia. and, 69 in pottstown. and allentown, 72 in atlantic city, 73 in wilmington after a soupy tuesday, where it was so sticky out, and 91 degrees, today. ahh. , 83, for a high temperature, and pretty nice afternoon. but changes are coming quickly, we will talk about it in the seven day forecast, give that you fathers day forecast, as well. bob kelly here right now, what's going on? >> got a crash for this time around. sue, 8:02 on the blue. route 476, the southbound lanes, right near exit number five, that's the one for lima springfield, and route one. so, southbound blue, instead of typically three, looks like we only have one lane squeezing on through here. the rescue squad just pull up. so obviously we got some injuries, again, this is that
8:03 am
southbound side of the blue route near route one. north on 95, we got some sun glare and delays as you work your way up toward can you lan street, commodore barry, and trying to get up toward philadelphia international airport. eastbound lanes of 422, about 40 minute, so, a crawl here from pretty much royersford through collegeville. around that saint gabe's curve in toward king of prussia. all because after earlier accident, and put about a half hour on both the schuylkill and 95, in to downtown. mike, alex, back over to you >> boy, how about that vicious attack in philadelphia's olney section? last night, a man was beaten up, then he was stabbed, then he was shot, then he was robbed at sixth and somerville >> police fawn the man bleeding on the sidewalk, before midnight. returned into the hospital. police tell us his condition, extremely critical. before losing consciousness. the man was able to tell officers, three people did this to him. police are now looking for two males, and a female. but, have little other
8:04 am
information to go on at this point. >> police believe one man caring a gun and a traffic column. yes, orange training cone may be tied to three drug store robberies. police searching for the suspect who held up a pharmacy in haddonfield, then carjacked a priest. it happened at the rite aid drug store haddon avenue. police say two other right aids, gloucester county have, also been hit in the last month >> yes, priest out in the parking lot of the rite aid, got carjacked. >> 8:04. >> she's at the center after fire storm, over her racial identity. now, former naacp chapter president rachel dolezal is speak out >> yes, she resigned from her position out in spokane, washington. and says she identifies as african-american. but her parent say, she's white, and she's lying about everything. there is lauren? hey there, mike, rachel dolezal appeared on several nbc news show yesterday, including exclusive interview on nbc nightly news. told nbc savannah guthrie she
8:05 am
has never lied about her age. she said she identifies as black, has never had a dna test, and questioned whether the people who raised her are in fact her true parents. here's a portion that far interview >> there has been no biological proof that larry -- they're my biological. there is a bert certificate with their names on t i'm not saying that i can't proof they're not, but i don't know that i can actually proof they are. birth certificate is a month and a half after i'm born. certainly there were no medical witnesses to my birth. >> well, she goes on to say she quote definitely is not white. and that nothing about being white describes who she is. she lost her position as part time african studies instructor at local university. and her freelance job as a newspaper columnist. and then there is the city itself, its ethics commissions looking into whether she lied about her race for appointment to their police oversight board >> she seems like an
8:06 am
opportunist >> seems like switching until the interview she did in the morning she admitted, shy was showing pictures every her when she was younger, yes, i was a white woman in those pictures >> right >> now she is saying, well, i don't flow >> now she is not even claiming her parents. there is no proof those are my parents? oh, goodness. crazy. it gets crazier by the day >> the world is up side down >> i know, thank you for that. 8:06. then this, after years of talk, donald trump is putting his money where his mouth s he lost an official bid for president of the united states. the ream estate mogel made the announcement, famous trump towers in hand hat and. trump says america needs a leader who will create jobs, and protect our boarders. he joins a long list of republicans running for the 2016 ticket >> that was a rambling speech. looks like he just through the speech that -- just through it out. started just adlib g. i think at one point, he said -- he called the other candidates stupid about ten times. >> hmm. my goodness, all right, he's
8:07 am
already involved in some drama listen to this. then we'll explain. listen. >> ♪ >> goes down the rest call ate or, i'm running for president, he's playing kneel young's rocking in the free wormed. why he chose, that i don't know. but donald trump, decided to use that, and we should mention that song was apparently written in critique of former president bush, and how he didn't care about america's poor. that is the original song, right? so, trump tweeted that he had permission to use it to which kneel young, who wrote the song, and was singing it, he said: permission into which young's bands mate, david crosby, from crosby stills nash and young responded: trump picked a fight with the wrong guy. bad idea. i guess i should have toll
8:08 am
you, kneel young was so upset yesterday, that he sent a message to donald trump. you don't have permission to use that song. i don't want any part of your campaign. i don't want any part of this whole thing. didn't like donald trump >> already day one. >> already in trouble. apparently didn't get permission. 8:08. just one day after announcing his run for the white house, republican, jeb bush, was on jimmy fallon's show last night. and, he was doing -- they have a recurring skit called slow jam the news >> love that skit. during the comedy routine last night, jeb recites lines while fallon style eyes z a 19 70s soul man. watch this. i thought long and hard about this, i determined now was the right time to launch my campaign for the republican nomination.
8:09 am
>> the governor thought long and hard about joining the gop race >> i love whether they do this. you know, president obama did it once. i remember mitt romney when he was running for president, did it as well >> hilarious, every time >> let's get donald trump to do it >> that would be funny, like slow jam. you're fired >> 8:09. ladies and gentlemen >> golden state warriors >> seps 1975 >> the whole bay area is a twit they are morning. the warriors took cleveland, in six games. last night it was 109 -- 105 to 97. get this. here is the coach by the way, first year ever nba coach, steve kerr, wins it all. i'm not sure that's ever been done. thank you, i lover you. so, then, andre, oh, there goes labron. couldn't get it done, didn't have any -- what happened?
8:10 am
>> pat real did i it very first year as head coach? he won the nba title. i'm be darn. >> lakers, okay. thank you, kit cat kline in the control room. >> get there is andre iguodala, who played here for years for the sixers. he had 25-point, steve had 25 points. but andre, was voted most valuable player for the whole series. how about that, alex? >> that didn't sit well with the cleveland fans, they wanted labron to take the mvp, pretty much caring the team during the series >> well, he was the cavaliers. but it doesn't happen very often when the losing team has a mvp on the squad. >> you know, mike? >> but good argument for labron there to be the mvp >> real mvp is set curry's caughter >> yes >> riley. in the middle of last night's celebration, stole a loft moments during the post came news conferences, and we think she deserves to be in the winner circle >> she wasn't even out there
8:11 am
at the beginning of the celebration. but, i heard, reporters, were asking for her. >> they were? >> yes >> and she was sleeping during some of the game. it was a late game >> well, getting close to midnight when that video was shot. 8:11 >> how much would a mom get paid just for her stress alone? how the salary compares to the rest of the work force? paid for your stress. wow. >> first, going through all of the best cheese steaks in philly according to playboy. so there is chris. you got the next -- >> going to the top five. now at the location of number four. it is a food cart. what corner? we'll tell you.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> scries murphy at four. >> food cart. what corner? >> can you believe this? we're at the corner of 16th and market. sixteenth between market and jfk, to be he can act.
8:15 am
this mike's steaks food cart has been here, the george h.w. bush was president -- thanks for joining us. we tried del saundra last last tie i am who can eat five cheese steaks all by himself? i have half. mike, were you surprised to be ranked on the list, which you so proudly have here on your food cart? >> doing the best steak in philadelphia, for at least 26 years. >> customers all the time >> best steak because of the best bread. whose bread are you using? >> we use aversa bread, sometimes amorosso >> very good. now, delsandros was awesome >> it was off the charts. this will be tough now. number four, number five will be hard to beat >> ly try them. i will try anything >> so tell me about your steak real quick. what kind of meat are you using? >> we are using the food meet,
8:16 am
juan of the best companies supply the whole country, the best meat you can have. >> some of the vendors are tonight city, the food, just try them, don't be scared >> before i dig in, mike, alec, i have to tell you while we were waiting here to go live, cup of ladies had their breakfast ordered here, sausage and egg, the breck fag here amazing, like every day. are you ready for this? we'll dig in. here we go, put the mike down. >> all right, so dig n here we go. mike's steaks being number four on the playboy list. ready? >> i have even more onion flavor on this
8:17 am
>> i like this. >> smaller. you get more of the bread? fantastic. how much do you charge for the steak? >> five-50 for the steak. very reasonable >> that's very, very reasonable. >> four? >> three, here is your hint. south street. >> oh, >> bunch on south street >> we need another hint. >> in fact, here is another hint for you. tell torrey in the news room, we're going to go to south street, via market and fourth and drop by all every those delsandros steaks. >> we're here >> and zip down south street >> plus chris, we need proof you're eating all of these cheese steaks, okay? >> all right, here is your proof. >> and show us your belly when you come in >> ya >> putting you on a scale >> i'll give you some of the top ten, six, he's not going there, six. by the way, ten on the list a
8:18 am
place i like to go to, joe's, they have new location now, in fishtown. >> oh, good. >> yes >> all right >> now we know where they are. and they're in the top ten. all right, we will have ten perfect baseball weather tonight. when the phillies are back home, but guess who is coming back, the orioles. 79 degrees, stowe will be lovely night, weather wise, at the ballpark, let's hope things turn around. >> warmfront, late tonight it starts, looks like tomorrow, as beautiful today is, it will be a wet rush hour, then we watch the remnants of bill, the former tropical storm, which should visit thus weekend, so we have 83 degrees for today, a ten out of ten, tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms, definitely in the morning, maybe couple in the afternoon, high of 79, 86 degrees on friday. shouldn't see any rain then, and maybe not until saturday
8:19 am
afternoon, then, sunday, have to see what happens, with that rain from the tropical storm, but it does look like steamy and stormy for fathers day first day every summer sunday, back to the 80s middle of neck week. there it is, your seven day forecast, lot of sun glare out there this morning, bob kelly? >> yes, we do. no complaints. we didn't have it yesterday. we were socked in with fog this morning sun glare southbound lanes 476 near exit number five back up for 5 miles headed south. so if you are headed down toward the airport area >> exit five, lima springfield interchange. delays on 95 southbound. >> fire fly music festival, festival thursday through sunday, but the camp gown opens up today. so we will see a lot of volume, pushing into dover, through the weekends. keep that in mind going down to the dover beaches, by the way, too, for this weekend.
8:20 am
mike, alec, back to you >> oh, save your skin with so many sunscreens to choose from, how do you know which one is the best? i can never figure this out. thank goodness we have consumer reporter, with a breakdown, of the best sunscreens by brand. >> but first, here we go again. pregnant with twins, and lifting weight. this mom is pumping up some controversy right now. what her doctor has to say about this.
8:21 am
the beast was as long as the boat. for seven hours, we did battle. until i said... you will not beat... meeeeee!!! greg. what should i do with your fish? gary. just put it in the cooler. if you're a fisherman, you tell tales. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. put the fish in the cooler!
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> the food and drug administration gave to eliminate chief source of fats, trans fats, particularly hydrogenated oils or pho's. trans fats, are cheaper than animal base fats >> shelf life of five are you foods, but new york leading the way, having banned trans
8:24 am
fats, since 2006. i believe, what's the former mayor's name? >> 8:24. >> and so the first time in seven years, births in this country are up. about 53,000 more babies are born, in 2014, than in 2013. births were up for nearly every racial and ethnic group, as well. teen births at historic low, fewer c-sections and pre term deliveries >> fewer c-sections, interesting. >> circle of life >> okay, i would imagine, the reasons for that, because the economy is improving. >> we can afford a baby little bit bert. 8:24 >> and remember this, mike, few months ago, remember the pregnant model barely showing at all, she was with a so fit. now new mom come in town, taking over social media >> that's her? >> here is sophie, australian mom. well, mom to be. she 26 weeks pregnant with twins, yes, she weight lifting. she lift six a pounds, and
8:25 am
says she's been approved to do so by her doctoring >> okay? >> earlier stages of the pregnancy only did palatis to stay fit, now up the and tee little bit. she personal trainer. the pros of working out during pregnancy outweigh the cons. she said you know what? i'm doing it. 56 pounds, baby. >> that's good. >> she's having a baby? >> yes, mike. funny. >> sore >> i anyway, she looks intense >> oh, looks great. >> see, i would like to hear from doctor mike later in the week what he thinks about. that will i bet he says it is okay >> like how much is too much? i feel like we keep -- moms keeping upping it, upping it >> i don't think 656 is that much. two of the biggest stories in the word right now, got your caitlin jenner, right? just when you thought you couldn't top the caitlin jenner story, along comes rachael. so, what is real any more? i'm so confused. we're going to break it down with somebody who wrote a book, perfectly titled for
8:26 am
this, getting real. what's real? gretchen carlson, we'll ask her, she's on next.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
playboy magazine named the top five cheese steaks in the philadelphia area, on our way to number three on the list. the challenge for chris murphy is ... go to five different cheese steak locations before 10:00 o'clock. >> cheese steaks for doser? >> ya, can you imagine? so, on his way to number three. can you tell where he is? hey, kind of looks like -- >> oh, there is the independence visitors center oh, he's coming up on us. >> run outside, catch him. maybe throw it out the window?
8:30 am
>> is he past -- >> oh! huge >> better bring someone to the studio >> all right. going by wip radio now. >> should be here any secretary >> oh, here we go. >> red light! >> maybe you can help? need to get to the other places >> all right, knew >> waiting at red lights is boring, so let's go to the winner, could be considered boring, because it is so nice today. no action. not until tomorrow. bus stop buddy has sunscreen, the shades on this morning, it is a ten. out of 10n your weather by the number, 75 degrees, right now, and look at that humidity. 55% for june. that is excellent. other temperatures, in the area, are in the 70s, as well. and, we're going to get after yesterday's high of 91, and very soupy, to high of 83
8:31 am
today. not as humid, plenty of sunshine, and tonight down to 65 degrees. clouding up, the rain moves in, after midnight tonight. so, there is your tuesday forecast, no, no, today's wednesday. >> good morning, everybody, we got scent for you on the blue route. southbound lanes of 476. a crash, right near route one, which is exit number five, for lima springfield. so, instead of three lables, down to only one, actually, look like we just started letting two get on by. take a look at the back up. ouch. we are jammo, for about 5 miles, as you work your way in toward the accident scene. again, southbound lanes of 476, jammo, from broomall, all the way down to route one. mike, alex, back to you >> braking news, hold on.
8:32 am
>> delsandros? >> have you tried it yet? >> i have >> thank you, chris, that's great >> now do you have get to number three >> headed to south street now. here is my question for everybody now. what's going on in the world? >> think about it. two big stories, the biggest one right now, of course, is a white woman, posing as a black woman. said she identifies as black, right, is listen? >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> and also how about the other story? caitlin jenner, i didn't think we would be able to top caitlin jenner, but think rachel dolezal has done t introduced herself on the cover of vanity fair, and identifies as a woman. >> always had to tell a lie. he was always living that lie. every day he always had a secret from morning until
8:33 am
night. caitlin doesn't have any secret. as soon as the vanity fair cover comes out, i'm free. >> so what's real any more? i thought the perfect person to ask is gretchen carlson, my friend, from fox news channel. hi, grief glenn high, mike. how are you? >> good. you have written a book called getting real. let's get real right now. you have been covering this story for the last, well, both stories for the last month watch do you think? last night, rachael said: you know, there is no proof that those two white people are my parents. i don't know, fell like this is family matter. i really don't care how she identifies herself. and, all the best to caitlin jenner, as women. i mean, i feel like these are individual decisions, and that's what makes america great to a certain extent, is that you can make these individual decisions. now, if there is fraud involved in it, and you're putting yourself out like in rachael's case, in a job position, then that can be
8:34 am
little differentment for the most part, familiar matter, between her parents and her and i kind of think we're making big deal about it >> is that right? i know you have to cover sometimes. >> what do you think? >> the more i hear rachael talk talk, the more she seems like an opportunist, you know, suing howard university when she was white, then she chooses which race when it is to her benefit. >> i know, but i also think that if she, just talking about from the identification point of view, about how she feels, if she wants to be that, then that's her choice. i'm totally in agreement with you when it comes to legal issues, and misrepresenting herself in a employment situation. but, talking about the soul of the person, if that's how she feels, then that's how she feels. that's the point of my book, mike >> exactly yes wanted to have you on, to talk about things like. >> this speak about bearing your soul, my gosh, gretchen, we've known each other for years and years. i didn't know, i'm just going to pick out one of the
8:35 am
chapters there. i didn't know that you were stalked so badly early none your career. >> i was, four years, my first job in richmond, virginia, and then this man followed me after two years thereto cincinnati, ohio, he also stalked my parents, you know, mike, real important for me to write about this in this book. at first wasn't going to, because i didn't know what his status was. and it was really amazing to find out in a short order of time that he is no longer with us. so i felt safe to be able to write about this. i think it is so important because, your ooh usually we don't care about stalking victim until they're dead. >> this also row lathes to domestic violence, huge problem in this country wanted to just bring it to the forefront to let people know you should pay more a ten schenn. >> what are you going to get across here on the book? because i can relate even as a guy to lot of your stories >> you can? >> ya, little bit, ya, ya. >> i'm so glad.
8:36 am
well, so glad. because it is inspirational not only for young women, it is inspirational foremen of all ages and women of all ages. listen, sometimes people look at it. v personalities. you and me, they think, hey, never had any problems. everything came easy along the way. well, guess what? i know how hard you work, mike. i know how hardy have worked. i've claude my way to every success from playing the violin early in my career to unexpectedly to becoming miss america to 25 years until the tv bills. for the first time i share my struggles in this book. i was fired, the week after i got married. and i was told by my boss that i would be fine now that i had a husband >> in cleveland >> ya, that was in cleveland. that will was the tough he is year of my life, mike. i really had to dig deep, and i share a lot of advice in this book. first every all i have great empathy for anyone who ever lost their job, i feel that pain. and i share advice here that, you know, sometimes you have to just pick yourself up and go back to a job that maybe doesn't look so great >> yes >> and you have to work triple hard at it to get back to the
8:37 am
game. i know you and i have both been in that situation >> tell you what, the book is so good, i would love for to you come to philadelphia, and tell our viewers all about it, and exactly what you will do what next tuesday? >> doing the question-and-answer period with me at the free library next tuesday night. >> that's right >> and 7:30 >> and i'm going to grill you like you've never been drilled before. >> oh, no >> i want to tell your viewers, mike nerve i can was the nicest person in the world to me when i came to fox news in new york, you were, mike, and i have said this to you before. and i want all of your viewers to know he did a segment with me first day when i came on, get to go know gretchen. and i will never forget how nice you were to me. nice people, are not always around you. and you were one of them. and i love you for it, mike >> we have plenty of time if you want to continue with this.
8:38 am
just kidding. i'm still going to grill you! next tuesday, gretchen >> i don't care. you know? okay, i can hardly wait to see you. thank you so much for doing that, mike >> see you tuesday. >> okay >> free library, actually, you can come out and ask her any questions you want. and she'll gave you a book. >> all right, 8:38. is madonna joining forces with beyonce? what a team that would be. there is a star studded line up in the works. the huge celebrities society appear in her new video.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> taylor swift, oh, blurt g some stuff snout >> yes, in the title. you know it will be good. >> well, apparently a bunch of cameos in here. you got europeans a >> oh, love her.
8:42 am
>> you got your nicky minaj >> katy perry, miley cyrus, rita aura. so-called bleep i'm madonna, or beep, i'm madonna. ya, it is on her latest albumn, rebel heart >> so that's what we blurt out, a word? >> a word >> what is it? >> hey, kit cat kline what's the word start with? >> you know what it starts with >> oh, the b word? oh. so, chris murphy, this is the challenge for chris murphy, ' toss to -- to go to five cheese steak places, playboy magazine survey, now, he admitted he wag going to go to south street. number of south street locations, for cheese steak places >> which one is it? >> i know it is not john's roast pork, because that was number nine. tony luke's number eight. compose up by us number seven. what about number three?
8:43 am
>> three guys >> we're pulling up to it, it is at fourth and south, is it ishkabibbles? is it jim's? there is a pre mow hoagie. now he they do a cheese steak.
8:44 am
one for the mood.lavors. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys.
8:45 am
the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one.
8:46 am
>> in is your forecast for the four days, some rain, tomorrow, hopefully, some sun in the afternoon, that rain should be in the morning, on thursday. friday, 87 degrees, humid, shouldn't rain. saturday, so showers, hopefully they'll hold off until late in the day. and sunday, kind of wild-card, it looks like it will be very hot, with some thunderstorms late in the day. so, make sure you pacca pump, pack plenty of sunscreen, as well, to keep it cool, and fire fly starting tomorrow. taking break from the heat, humidity, from one day, high pressure moving in, that happened after the cold front came through yesterday. and now, that stationary front that you see here, is going to move in, as a warmfront, starting tomorrow morning. so, it will be completely different tomorrow than it is today, with the high of
8:47 am
83 degrees, 79 tomorrow, 86 friday. and 84 saturday. fathers day, look to be the hottest day of this seven day forecast, and also the first day of summer, so i guess appropriate for that hi, alex, mike, of 91 degrees, on sunday. >> nice! hey, 8:47. all morning long, playboy magazine put together a list of stuff, i guess, top ten? cheese steaks, in the philadelphia area. and this is delsandros >> yes, and it is good >> i mean, everybody in the room is eating a cheese steak right now >> thank you, chris >> smells so good. so, number three now, on south street. is this jim's? >> we're number three, guys. number three is ... jim's, yes, we're on south street as we said. south and fourth streets. and, they are making up our cheese steak, in just a minute. my fellow taster, intern, chelsey, will help me with another half cheese steak here. jen, you are the owner of
8:48 am
jim's? >> i am >> did you have to kick jim out? >> no >> jim's steaks >> so jim opened the original jim's steaks in 1939 >> thirty-nine. wow >> thirty-nine. so, he sold the business to billy, in the 60s >> right? >> he and my father opened up this place in 1976. billy passed away 2011. this became my father's solely in 76 -- 2011, and then he pass the dollars away just this past january. >> now, let's do. >> this let's go to a place in the back of the kitchen here, that i find real interesting. this is where you guys actually sliced the meat >> yup >> i don't see this from any cheese steak places, a lot of them might get it frozen or something else? >> how come this set you guys apart? >> we only use top round, usda choice surloin, black uncle us beef. we get it from a single provider, and we slice it fresh here every day. we get 4,000 pounds delivered a week. summertime, 5,000 pounds. and we cut it here fresh every day >> now, can we walk back here
8:49 am
and take a look? they are slicing up the onions fresh, too. take a look at this. this guy is going at it! look at the rhythm here >> 3 barrels of onions >> how are you doing today? >> all right >> what's your name? >> david >> man you are good with that knife >> little bit >> my goodness. look at this. how many onions do you go through a day >> 3 barrels >> 3 barrels of onions? we go back, check out the grill real quick, guys. here we go. >> this is so fun. try a cheese steak! what's happening, my man? >> hey, what's going on, chris? >> this is fun? >> fantastic >> this is where you carmel eyes the onions? >> we make the best onions you will have in your whole life >> can i have one of these? it is ready to go. kelsey, my try err, my taster, intern from the university of delaware. ready? put it up here if you don't mind, young lady. what's your name? >> antoinette >> smells good in here all day, doesn't it? >> yes >> antoinette, kelsey, boom. oh, my god, this looks like dripping good.
8:50 am
>> is that with or without? >> oh! >> it's delicious! >> oh, ya. >> look at him! >> looks like a bib? >> you know what i love from there, their pizza steaks, with the pizza sauce oh, ya. >> sue's mad at me, but i like it with pizza sauce >> all right >> i know. don't hate me philadelphians. >> all right, so, now we're onto number two. so we'll -- you know, i don't know if he can get there >> can it get any better two more locations almost 9:00 yikes. >> you better had your >> i maybe i can get this done? guess what's coming in at 19th and chestnut? man, it is going to do a loft business. >> it is a form of a target. but, with faster check outlines, they've new thing called target express. we'll show you the plans, 19th and chestnut, when we come back. [brad] my friends, my sweet, sweet friends,
8:51 am
i believe that finding the right apartment, through the right source and in the right way, can lead you-i'm hoping-
8:52 am
to the realized life. it's so amazing what can happen when bold vision and great apartments... come together. the new apartments-dot-com. change your apartment. change the world.
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>> welcome back, 8:54. accident here, northbound lanes of 295, headed in toward that 42 freeway here, in bellmawr. still, jammed up on the blue route. southbound lanes, stacked and packed, from broomall, down through route one, all from earlier accident. so if you're using the blue to get to the airport, give yourself some extra time. and earlier accident, causing a delay here, this is northbound 95, approaching route 452. and, backed up on the benny from mid-span into downtown at eighth and vine. mike, alex, back over to you >> okay, big dillon over there at 19th and chestnut. will put target store in there, a lot of people like to shop at target >> so go in for one thing, always happens to me, come out when whole bun of of stuff >> philly getting what they call target express
8:55 am
>> so there is the site. nineteenth and chestnut, demolition began, what, about two months ago, and it is expected to carry groceries, beauty products, don't have -- they'll have a pharmacy, biggest selling point very fast check outline. that's why they call it target express. >> makes sense. so, target express stores are already up and running, in minute society, a and california. wait a while. this one won't open until july of 2016. that's what it will look like. this is like the new wave. you know, wal-mart, south carolina, started having neighborhood walmarts, faster, smaller >> yes >> this is like the new thing >> dark it express. >> seems kinds of like part wawa, part rite aid. part 7-eleven? >> yes, convenience store type thing? >> yes, okay. moms stress, how much would you, mom, get paid just for your stress alone? how the salary compares to the
8:56 am
rest of the workplace. stress pay. al next >> stress pay. if you want a paint with no harsh fumes. if you want a paint without harmful chemicals. if you want a paint that's safer for your family, and the environment... only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america.
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8:59 am
you know, there is a term called mom stress. how much would a mother, get paid, just for the stress in her life alone? and how that compares to other stressful jobs >> plus, from hollywood, right to your closet. ladies, you know we love a good bargain. but, a local hot spot getting the goods straight from the celebrity? beverly hills.
9:00 am
>> where you can get luxury brands for less, right in our area >> you mean, like, madonna might have worn it, now you can too? >> oh, yes. look at chris >> then there is this >> is he sick yet? >> oh, gosh, riding around eating. >> he's on to the location number two, on playboy's list of best cheese steaks in the area. hi, chris. >> so three down, two to go, i don't know if i can do it, guys >> i believe in you >> really full. >> okay, give us a hint. >> okay >> put that -- flip that camera around, see where you're headed. >> here is the deal. here is the deal. so, remember we were at mike's, that food cart? >> that was four on the list >> yes >> yes, exactly, jfk, you know, 16th and market. this one is really close to that one, number four on the list, two, close to four. this one was another surprise, guys. >> are you on spruce? >> be be done in four, five minutes >> he might be able to do it. he has one hour to hit two


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