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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  June 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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church. hundreds of miles away from where he did from the shooting. what he a friend said this guy dylann told him before the shuling began. >> i cannot say enough good thing about them. >> local police say body camera helped them out in a big way how they solved an attempted kidnapping. >> it is a friday. >> it is friday, june 19th 2015, we miss you sue but now she's back. >> hi, bob. >> she's down the shore as we say, boom, down the shore. >> yes. >> as opposed to the woman dina shore may she rest in peace. should we get right to sue is she available. >> is she down there. >> yes. >> guys, this is a view from
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atlantic city that you may never have seen before let me just give you a quick look at where we are, we are at gardener's basin historic port right here in the bay side of atlantic city. mike jerrick is there your second home the borgata casino, okay, from this vantage point and then you see all these really nice homes and then, some of them are historic going way back to prohibition, you can see this house right here with the boat dock built into it. this goes back to the days when they were bootlegging liquor down here, the boardwalk empire days and the both would pull in there and unload their contraband, so that nobody could see them. that is why the boat dock is built into the house. that is one of the last surviving homes here in gardener's basin that looks like. that fascinating history here, we will go to gillchrist, fabulous spot later on. lets go to ultimate doppler radar, we want to show you where the rain is, it has left
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atlantic city for now and we have a small area of rain, moving through metro area from the northwest and it is not as loud as it was a couple of hours ago when thunderstorms came through. and for the rest of the day. keep that in mind and have the rain gear nearby. now, and finished with school for our purposes. we have sent him to the shore with the rain gear on. we will need it for a little while this morning. temperatures in the 60's to 07's to get you started and coming down the shore here, just have the rain gear we hope you will visit us at gardener's basin here in atlantic city spending sometime at the shore or if you just live here after all. our number of the day is a six, as it gets even better, we might even raise that number a little bit. our fox cast has a high of 87 degrees today and some sunshine, and then down to
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71 degrees tonight with clouds. so, we will have the weekend forecast coming up for you you, also the weekend shore cast and i think we will have bookend bob kelly of decent weather for weekend and some loud thunderstorms in between. it will be an adventurous weekend, how about the ride to work this morning. >> the ride to work has been adventurous all morning long, as we mentioned those thunder boomers and mother nature's light show on the way in here this morning. we're dealing with just some left over wet roads and already an accident here this is a live look at 30 bypass right here near route 340 in chester county, a vehicle off of the roadway into that grassy median. it looks like as it hits the curve the car kind of went straight in the grass. that is a sign that the roads are wet things could be slippery this morning. ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia in the bad at all. most of the rain out of there so that is good news as we start our morning rush hour. maybe a little bit of fog
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along the blue route 476 near bryn mawr, we have got an accident on the lincoln drive at gypsy lane, again that lincoln drive, kelly drive martin luther king drive all these slippery spots that we are all prone to accidents when we get rain, big jams tonight. we have new kid on the block a concert and phillies in south philadelphia and of course with all of the kid out of the school now this is that first big friday push heading to the shore, so give yourself some extra time walking through south philadelphia heading for that walt whitman bridge mike and alex back to you. ♪ >> we have nine people killed. emmanuel ame,.
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>> i'm hearing it is scheduled for later this morning for this guy dylann roof. >> he sat in a bible church, in south carolina before standing up and opening fire on the group. witnesses tell investigators that he said that he was there to kill, black people. his legal record, includes, drug and trespassing charges from earlier this year but southern poverty law center, it is not clear if he has any connections to any white supremacist group. justice department has opened up an investigation into this shooting. we want to keep focus on the victims, they have been identified as 26 year-old tywand a sanders who graduated just last year from college, church's pastor state senator clementa pinckney, well known
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beloved community leader, cynthia heard a 31 year-old library worker, 45 year-old rhonda singleton, local track coach, 49 year-old depayne middleton doctor, an admissions counselor at southern wesleyan university. not pictured myra thompson, 70 year-old ethel lance reverend daniel simmons, senior, age 74. eighty-seven year-old sue jackson. >> eighty-seven years old, my goodness. >> support is coming from all over the country, in fact, all around the world. >> here in philadelphia locals showed solidarity with charleston having a vigil last night. lets get to steve keeley outside historic moth he will bethel church steve. >> those who tune into jon stewart and daily show get a funny take on the day's news. they didn't get a single joke. stewart came out and said i have nothing other than just sadness and that kind of said it all for the whole country yesterday. we're here at the first
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african methodist episcopal church in the country. you can see that artist rendering of the richard allen, a lot of people know richard allen housing project homes in philadelphia many don't know he is found are of this church and coincidence morris brown who left here, and went to charleston and found that church where shooting happened is buried here under mother bethel church here in society hill. society hill wasn't the real nice place it is today, this was the slums of the philadelphia, even in the 70's here but this is the first land that any african-american in this nation owned. this is hallow ground right here on sixth street here in society hill right now. muslims using catholic all joined together as one big group last night in one single belief right of freedom of religion and right to live no matter what race and what faith. >> the continuous acts of violence among those who mean others, no good, seems
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limitless and the evil act of a few brave unimaginable suffering, sorrow, grief and pain for many. >> this is such a powerful event, it makes us stop what we're doing break our routine to be here. mostly for ame. so we're here here. >> sadest part of this story, across the country is that as people were here at this service they noticed a lot of things different at this church and a lot of churches and synagogues not just here but a across the country. they all began assessing and reassessing their security by definition houses of worship have an open arms mind set and policy but that policy made forever now be philosophical as places of worship as you can see from the synagogue right next door to the ame church here in society hill on
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lombard street and wonder and war if i they will be next place to target and they will take steps to stop it if it is adding surveillance camera, adding and for this charleston shooting, mike and alex. >> great job. >> lets get back to other news here south jersey police are crediting body cameras on the police officers with helping them catch a man to try to abduct a woman. how one officer's memory helped take him off the streets.
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we're in atlantic city because we're down the shore and it is a beautiful day. >> getting ready for breakfast. >> you don't normally see the bay like this. you think of the ocean by borgata or boardwalk but this is a great shot. what a great place to live. >> it is 6:12. >> new high tech crime fighting tool has good police work and florida man facing serious troubles. >> suspect is charge with attempted kidnapping of the south jersey woman as a matter of fact. one, are thinking body cameras, for at rest. police say man attack a woman as she walk near the white horse pike. woman was dragged in the woods, and a bus driver heard a woman screaming and alerted police as officers responded to see the the man took off but the victim gave police a good description and thanks
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to an officer who had taped an earlier stop on his body cam police were able to match the description to the suspect and the footage matched up too. 6:13. philadelphia police officer lending a helping hand but it is not how you may think, what he did when he saw two young kids at a laundromat.
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most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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we're live in atlantic city any a place where we have never seen, before gardener's basin and gillchrist restaurant has been home here, for generations, i have been here for maybe a few minutes and i already have a date, this morning. my breakfast date is joe joe where did you come from. >> south philadelphia. >> you drove down last night from south philadelphia because you knew we were going to be here. >> that is right just to see you. >> you have been at gillchrist many times before. >> oh, yeah. >> what do you do. >> i come here to go fishing on the weekend at high roller. >> that is a place that promises you will not get sea sick. >> that is right. >> so, what do you fish for today. >> hopefully i'll catch some flounder. >> that is great. >> and it is flounder at joe's house later on tonight. >> lets take a look at the forecast for today because joeys very interested in what this weather will be and so is all of us. we will start off with ultimate doppler radar and on
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radar this morning we have a few left over showers the good news is we don't have a thunderstorms, really loud thunderstorms that came through the entire area, a few hours ago dumped a lot of rain and puddles around. we have sunshine in atlantic city. we may get a sprinkle or two in an hour or so as those showers moved through, so lets talk about what will be happening at the fire fly music festival day two today big day with paul mccartney, in fact, his birthday was yesterday. it will be warm with a high of 88 degrees, and then tomorrow early part of the day should be okay with some rain moving in saturday night into sunday that is when we can get torrential rains from bill, the former tropical storm but i don't think it will wash out the entire day on sunday. we will salvage sunday afternoon, so current temperatures are basically in the upper 60's and lower 70's out there as we walk out the door and be prepared, it is really sticky, muggy out
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there. so don't spend a lot of time on your hair or like buddy wear a hat. so for the shore, we will cool off tomorrow here at the shore saturday thanks to ae sea breeze we will have cooler temperatures at the shore and then on sunday it warms up a little bit. we will get torrential rains in the morning on sunday and then in the afternoon it looks like we will get so much better. so it sort of bookend for the weekend, of rain which means, of course, we will have rain, on saturday night and then rain on saturday on sunday morning. so lets get to the seven day forecast for today a high of 87. with a chance of a few thunderstorms firing up and it won't be a a dry and and high of 83, clouds and sunshine, and heavy rain on and have some fun
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85 degrees, 90 on monday. ninety-four on tuesday. back to the mid in 80's by wednesday of next week. so here we are at gillchrist and before we toss to bob kelly i want to say hi to my new friend zach and link, what are you having for breakfast. >> cheese omelette. >> that is what is on our menu bob kelly for breakfast what do you got going on. >> we're coming for dinner regardless of what he catches out there. >> flounder for everybody. >> exactly. >> mrs. swanson fish sticks in the freezer. good morning everybody. 6:19. roads are wet. slow here on the 30 bypass eastbound because of an accident right here near business route 30, so watch it even though it is not raining at the moment, the roads are still wet but that soaking we got on the overnight. northeast philadelphia heading north south of i-95 heavy from cottman in through girard avenue, here's your schuylkill expressway live look conshohocken curve in the background friday morning's are usually lighter volume wise plus all of the kid are now mostly out of school, so
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we will see a lot have of different traffic patterns start to change today and through weekend. lincoln drive an accident at gypsy lane, fire fly festival as sue mentioned through sunday, we will see a lot of extra volume through dover and then keep this grid lock in mind through dover to get down to the dover beaches this weekend, and then all day tomorrow, here in center city they are moving big equipment around, they have big cranes that will be set up, closing the area around city hall from 6:00 tomorrow morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. thirteen 15th, broad and market and all of the septa buses will be detoured as well. keep that in mine coming into center city tomorrow. water main break in south injuries any millville at second and main. mike and alex back over to you. 6:20. can't forget about this other story now u.s. marshals service added two escaped killers from new york to its most wanted list, david sweat, richard matt have have been missing for 13 days now.
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meanwhile an attorney for lyle mitchell says that his client was blown away his wife, joyce, right there discussed having the two inmates kill her husband. lyle, the husband is cooperating with police and there is no indication he will be charged. his wife joyce is charged with helping the the escapees. a florida prosecutor ups charges against man accused of shooting at george zimmerman. thirty-six year-old matthew aversonnies charge with attempted second degree murder. last month he fired a gun into george zimmerman's car. he suffered minor injuries. police believe averson was fixated on george zimmerman. the two had a previous road rage incident last year, and he allegedly yelled at george zimmerman that he owed him his life and he didn't press charges so that he could kill him, and himself. aversonnies out on bail.
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6:22 on a much lighter note ladies would you walk down the aisle in a wedding dress made of toilet paper. >> that dress looks like, well designers from across the nation took up the challenge. >> at 11th annual cheat sheet wedding, toilet paper wedding dress contest. they created a dress and head piece promoting toilet paper glue, and winner took home $10,000, and will have have a. >> and she has not had much to say. that means a lot to me and my mom taught me how to so and very young and three of them and that stand for the three generations of us. >> you bring up a good point when you make it do you start in the back and go to the front and then go to the back. >> the event was sponsored by char minutes toilet paper. >> isn't that the squeezable
6:23 am
toilet paper. >> they use needle and thread wouldn't that just tear the toilet paper. >> if you are careful. >> they don't use toilet paper and rest rooms here at fox 29 because it is that darn paper that if you just pull on it, slightly, the reply comes off. >> it actually feels like paper. >> it doesn't hurt. >> let's talk about ai, allen iverson, was in town, so our howard eskin asked what is up with the negative image, some people still have of ai. how he answered.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me?
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no. uh-huh-huh! and, he dropped down a bunt, giving you the run with the shift on. no. >> well, he gets luck think time he should have laid the ball down but he hits a two run home run phillies beat baltimore two-one. allen iverson was in town for unveiling of the sixers new uniform recently a book came out that talked about his drinking and other problems. i asked about what was written. this is who i am so obviously
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you will hear, the truth and the lies, a lot of the times. >> you know, the media, they make their money off of negative stories when it comes to me. >> and i was young and made mistakes but at the same time, we grew and we get better, you know what i mean we can let it go. >> i'm howard eskin that is sports for a minute. >> fire breaks down in east germantown, why crews had a hard time knocking this one down.
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dylann roof accused of killing nine people is in custody witnesses say he was in that church for an hour before he started shooting, pictures taken just before his rampage. >> from the church. back here at home clean up on aisle three a water main burst big time, flooding stores in east falls how fire fighters had to rescue over a 100 people when they were trapped, just trying to shop. and we are down the shore this friday, how is that. >> that is good. >> what a beautiful view of atlantic city, sue serio is there, karen hepp will be there as well. >> why don't you be there too? good day it is friday
6:31 am
june 19th, 20 156789 let's go right back down the shore what do you say. >> hello sue. >> all right. you saw the picture of the clam boat right now just now that was a a clam boat you saw. now we will meet guys who work on the clam boat and you met him briefly earlier blake and zachary. sit correct that most of the clams for clam chowedder in the whole country come from here. >> yes ma'am. >> what time are you fishing for clams, is that the right way to say it, fish for clams. >> yes. >> i'm a city kid i don't know about a clam boat. you come here every morning to gill crest and, you are here. >> yes we're having a good time on our way out. thank you very much for educating me about clams, is there a fun fact about
6:32 am
gardener's basin now lets take a look at it. >> yes folks, some of us really need some schooling. >> we will start off with ultimate doppler radar and we have on radar a little bit more rain before all is said and done, hard to believe it, it is such a gorgeous morning in atlantic city. bus stop buddy is showing you you probably still need your rain gear for a little while longer and we have another chance for thunderstorms popping up later on. those will be more isolated. upper 60's, lower 70's today down the shore we probably won't see anymore rain we may get a few extra clouds but for rest of the morning while we're here, while karen hepp is over at the boardwalk next hour we will be okay. come down and visit at either location. we'd love to put you on tv. six out of ten in weather by the numbers fox cast for today has a chance for another thunderstorm later this afternoon. a high of 87 degrees. seven is our low temperature tonight.
6:33 am
we will have the weekend forecast and shore cast, coming up, from our gorgeous, spot this morning bob kelly, it is atlantic city like you probably haven't seen it before. >> i have never seen it. >> how but get in the clam boat and blow the horn and wake everybody up there, have them come out on their decks to wave and say hi to us. >> 6:33. tgif come on kick off those covers. lets get party started, little slow heading in toward business route 30 all because of an accident. even though it may not be raining at the moment road are still wet like right here on the 42 freeway. we will all head down the shore later on today this is first friday where the kids, most of the kid are out of the school so we will see that push to the shore for weekend. that is why we're down there today. not bad coming in toward city but south on i-95 heavy from cottman avenue down through girard avenue. an accident on the lincoln drive at gypsy lane, watch at the link, kelly martin luther
6:34 am
king drive all slippery. you know deal when those roads become wet and especially the curves, through weekend tonight and tomorrow, they will put a traffic pattern switch into play here on 422 right here near route 724 and then saturday night in, to early sunday morning, they are closing the northeast extension, the stretch from quakertown to lansdale, so, maybe like you are heading to the wedding or party you will be okay getting there saturday but after saturday at midnight you have to use route 309, as we mentioned down the shore today, come on by and say hi, sue set up there at gardener's basin, carol over at the aquarium, steel pier lots of fun today in ac. mike and alex back over to you. this morning the entire world actually is remembering the nine victims killed in that charleston, south carolina church shooting, the victims have been identified. twenty-six year-old towand a saunders graduated, just last
6:35 am
year from college. church's pastor state senator clementa pinckney, i'm way behind here i'm so sorry. cynthia herr, 45 year-old reverend cherrhonda a single ton, 49 year-old dwayne milton -- depayne milton doctor admission as counselor at southern wesleyan university. not pictured myra thompson, 70 year-old ethel lance, reverend daniel simmons, senior, age 74. and 87 year-old susan jackson. meanwhile shooting suspect dylann rough is scheduled to have a bond hearing in about two hours. >> he is in the south carolina detention center after being brought back from north carolina yesterday shelby north carolina police say roof fled 200 miles after the shooting. he waved extradition after being caught, and investigators say roof sat in on a bible class for about an hour at emmanuel ame church before opening fire on the
6:36 am
group. he sat right across from the pastor. witnesses tell investigators that roof said he was there to quote kill black people but southern poverty law center says it is not clear if roof had connections to any white supremacist groups. >> well, they are checking on that. >> we're also getting a look at what could be the final moments, in fact it is, inside that church. images part of the snap chat video taken by one of the victims, you can see dylann roof there in the circle you see his red hair. well, friends of sanders are sharing this snap chat video. he took it during the bible study, they say that is the suspected gunman right there right off to the side. sanders friend say the post on social media then heard about the shooting and then immediately began tweeting their concern for their friend. >> support for charleston is coming from all across the country and world. >> here in philadelphia,
6:37 am
locals, showed solidarity by holding a vigil last night. at mother bethel ame church in society hill where steve is right now. >> reporter: mike, maybe little known fact that morris brown who found that had church in charleston is buried here at this church. the founder of the church, here in charleston started here and then made his way south. this is the first in the country african methodiste piss pal church and maybe just out of sadness and show of support but you can see, on the ground here at the steps through the gates, some left bouquets of flowers here this morning and metal heart on the steps outside the steps outside the secured locked doors here. next door to this church is a synagogue, also as you can see with lots of security alarms, surveillance cameras and locked gates around the star of david. jewish houses of worship have long been target of hate too. sadly church leaders across philadelphia immediately were assessing their own security
6:38 am
after charleston, and here, last night it wasn't so much worries about security, but behind these locked doors, a lot of prayer and a lot of hope. >> many of you who are sitting here today, rose and expressed how pained you were from every faith, tradition union organizers police officers, members of council and mayor's office people with no affiliation at all who simply said we know you are connected to them and because you are connected to them, we are connected to them. because you heard, we hurt. this is philadelphia, and if anyone part of our city hurt we all hurt. what can we do. >> we know we cannot drive out hate. we know we cannot fight hate with hate. so we recommit today to build
6:39 am
a world of love, and peace and justice together. >> reporter: highlight of the services for sure was when mark tyler looked around at the crowd and he saw a lot of new faces and very unfamiliar faces from a rabbi from manayunk to a catholic all the way from oakland california, the pews were filled. as he was talking to them he stopped and said i know a lot of you are not ame church members and woman interrupted and said we are all ame tonight, with that everybody cheered and stood up to a standing ovation alex and mike. >> pastor tyler says if any of us in the community are hurting we're all hurting that is for sure. in other news. >> fire fighters responding to a burning building but first, must ensure there is no one inside. >> that is what happened in east germantown overnight. >> fire fighters were called to the 6600 block of boyd street just after 1:00. searches for a possible victim
6:40 am
came up empty. building is abandon. investigators are trying to figure out how it caught fire in the first place. >> 6:40. well it has happened again. >> a broken main send millions of gallons of water through streets of philadelphia. >> again, this is a very old water main, this time it was in east falls jenny, i cannot believe what it looks like behind you yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: i know, to be exact, alex it was 7 million gallons of water so this area looked more like a lake this whole parking lot now is what lefties all of this mud. clean up crews out working throughout the night to get these storms affect up and running through this morning. yesterday the baker's shopping center looked like a muddy lake cars submerged after a 120 year-old 48-inch main ruptured, and it happened around 2:45 yesterday afternoon, water rush into seven stores, it continued pouring out for two hours before it was shut down according to the philadelphia water department, fire
6:41 am
fighters used, their boats, and their backs to rescue stranded shoppers. over 100 people had to be helped to safety. customers were told to evacuate but not everyone could make it out. they used kitty litter and play sand to help keep water away. >> any trickle it is like little bubbles less than five minutes, and they are screaming. my gosh, look, look, look. i looked out and i see like a wave coming toward the glass a wave of black, brownish water, i'm's like wow i could not get out of the store. within minutes it is like a river and then fast. we could not even, go back to the other side use my car all the way up here because i was really close to the store and could not get back over so it was really bad. >> certainly age may have played a factor, infrastructure in philadelphia, is aging but we are working to replace it. we work to replace,
6:42 am
approximately, 28 miles of mains per year. >> reporter: water main break shut down a freight train lying in for some it felt like deja vu because just a year and a half ago same area had a rupture a hundred feet away. you heard philadelphia water department say age probably played a factor however they don't necessity for sure because this water main is about 25 feet deep. they have not begun excavation they will do that as soon as possible to get a clearer idea of what happened, mike and alex. >> my goodness, wow that was so incredibly dangerous hundred people rescued. that is why politicians all over america are saying we need to improve infrastructure. 6:42. cleaning up continues in west philadelphia as well where millions of gallons of water flooded the 500 block of north 52nd street, and adjoining streets, that was earlier this week sunday morning electrician where is there restoring power there yesterday, hot water heaters are also being replaced still
6:43 am
no word on how long that entire clean up will take, probably, a few more days. 6:43 philadelphia police officer lending a hand but not what you man may think what he did for two young kid to help kids.
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6:46 am
you know, the official start of summer is 12:30 sunday afternoon, right. >> i'm so ready. >> but graphic says summertime doesn't say until the good day players, say it starts. >> yes. >> when should we say it starts. >> well, it will start around this music video. i'm thinking, between like 8:45 and 9:30. >> okay. >> i'll hen in as we get closer to the event. >> 6:46. should we go back down the shore, what the heck. >> i say we should do this. >> she's in the inlet and now she's in the city. that is gardener's basin. >> that is right gardener's basin this morning. >> okay guys, we're live now. i want to you meet the family
6:47 am
from gillchrist in gardener's basin. this is denise and her son mike. denise you are a descendent of the original family that opened up the first gillchrist restaurant in what year. >> 1946. >> that was your grandmother. >> my grandmother and my mother had it and then now myself. >> we are a dynasty of women here. >> yes except me. >> so, yeah you not only have this location out here in gardener's basin. >> we have one in margate and we will have one in cologne new jersey in white horse pike that we opened up eight years ago. >> what are you most famous for, we have got it here. >> our pancakes. >> lots of people like them so much. >> they are light, fluffy they are great. >> we will test that out in a few minutes. >> what is it mike about gardener's base thane people, don't even realize it is here. >> i think just it is off the beat and path. it is not around casinos, you don't feel like you are in
6:48 am
atlantic city any gardener's basin. >> it is not quite as to your isy because we have working clam boats or sit just a hybrid. >> they will find us the tourist. >> you have crafters, that have have little shops here and stuff, is that bringing them in. >> crafters, there is pubs, there is waterside dining. >> we have a few people here right now but you tell me on the weekend it is nuts. >> about an hour, hour and a half wait. >> yes i should start standing in line new for tomorrow. >> main. >> thanks so much for hosting us this morning and helping us discover gardener's basin. it is amazing. what i will do here while i'm doing weather i will deliver these pancakes to my new friend mick. >> let me find out where he came from, where did you come from. >> west chester, pennsylvania. >> west chester to visit us here in atlantic city. you will test out these pancakes and then give me your
6:49 am
rating when i'm finish. >> sound good. >> we have a little bit of rain on radar and that rain will be moving through and dissipating. we don't expect the rain to make its way here, so let's talk about the forecast, for fathers day. we have been talking all week about the remnants of bill, that former tropical storm, coming to visit us on fathers day, because that is still scheduled to happen, because it will all happen saturday night into sunday morning. we will have have some heavy rain early in the day on fathers day and then it should clear up. i think we should be able to salvage second part of the fathers day. we're talking about the future cast now to show you when that heavy rain rolls in and then again, it is late saturday night into early sunday morning. when we talk about bookend of the weekend a nice early part of the day on saturday, the rain rolls in saturday night into sunday morning and then a nice rest of the day on fathers day with a high, in the 80's. current temperatures, as we
6:50 am
have been telling you range from the upper 60's to lower 70's and it is kind of sticky. it is a very humid morning. so shore cast has a much cooler day on saturday then there will be on sunday but sunday we have to get in the upper 70's here at the shore. so don't stay away from the shore but get ready for that rain right in the middle of the day. seven day forecast has highs in the 90's by next week. your phonies ringing already. are you a big star now. >> yes good everybody saw you on tv. >> what is verdict on the blueberry pancakes. >> perfect light and puffy. >> bob kelly perfect blueberry pancakes we have a stack here, as well. >> that is me calling mick's phone telling them we need a couple stacks of pancakes. >> good morning everybody. >> 6:50. good friday morning live look at the blue route 476 northbound right here near route 30, disabled off to the side. roads are wet we have turned spigot off no longer needed
6:51 am
for wipers this morning but roads are wet coming in towards the city, folks heading toward our camera i am bound on the freeway. later on today heading in the shore this first weekend with the kid out of school we will start to see summertime jams heading down to the beach. westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike there is an accident right at the philly bensalem on ramp there. that is it the interchange for route one watch for delays this morning. big night tonight in south philly, are you ready mike, oh oh, oh. >> new kids on the block. >> yes. >> new kid on the block and the phillies down at the stadium area. that will be a big concert at wells fargo center. philadelphia is cross the street. you have concert baseball fans but that first friday night where we will see a push to the shore and of course, all that traffic has to go through south philadelphia to get to the walt whitman bridge, so expect some jams for evening rush, back to you guys.
6:52 am
6:51. this story kind of grabbed one woman's attention and now she's passing it along to the rest of us. >> bernadette daniels was driving to see her sister when she saw a police officer do something she considers pretty special. officer pulled over to help two children lugging their clothes to the laundromat. now, she was so touched she had her nine year-old daughter record the whole thing on her phone. >> he told the kids to go ahead and go and he will drive the clothes to the laundromat. tell me that is not a good city. >> it is posted to recognize the officer sammy brownson of the between the second district. he had has been on the force since 2007. he said her post has 100,000 views and counting. >> we should get that officer in here and shake his hand. >> so nice to be helping out the kids. >> you talk about a bit boyfriend, which we do a lot on this show. >> do we. >> couple split up after 12 years so he decided to split
6:53 am
their stuff. >> what he did after cutting everything in the house. not the tv. blank. >> and the car.
6:54 am
6:55 am
a former lover isn't just getting mad but he gets even. >> where is that film where
6:56 am
angela basset. >> waiting to exhale. >> she lights it on fire as she walks in her lingerie. >> that is good. >> that is in a movie. it is from a book. this is for real. he literally split his possessions with his former lover. oh, look at this. >> that is the flat screen tv. >> oh, my god. he cut his cell phone in half. he cut his car. got out the power tools. >> my goodness. >> so, all we know is that he is a handy man and his ex-lover laura parted ways after 12 years. >> he is trying to sell his half of everything on ebay. >> so, items ara veilable for pick up only in berlin germany. >> they live in berlin. >> what would you do if you came home and everything was cut in half. >> well, one time i did come home and everyone of my ties was cut in half. >> that is a story for another
6:57 am
day. >> what did you do. >> i went around with little ties. >> you started a new trend. >> yes. >> you ever see a character with the little bit i tayoun. >> staff, help me. crickets. >> three minutes before 7:00. >> lets go down the shore. >> why not. >> lets go back to sue. >> i'm guessing we will do that after a break. >> this is the way it is isn't it beautiful.
6:58 am
dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew. i just wanted to thank you for sharing your world with me. it felt like home. airbnb. belong anywhere.
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7:00 am
that was a quick sound bite from the woman who called police, leading them to dylann roof, man accused of killing nine people this south carolina that church. she was just on her way to work when she got a strange feeling that she was driving, behind the killer and she was. what made her decide to keep following this guy. and local churches are standing in support with the community of charleston, people of all faiths coming together at mother bethel ame church. does that mean houses of worship here will tighten up their security. all right. did you see it yesterday around noon time? my


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