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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 20, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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to 16 now. >> patrick with his four footer. good putt there. rolled perfectly. gutsy putt. aggressive nature. going to fight it till the end. >> they're bunched up at the top. four under par. and there are four there. spieth johnson, day, grace. j.b. holmes at one under. oosthuizen shot 66. he's only three shots off the lead. stenson is right there, five shots away at one over. aerial coverage provided by
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goodyear. tires chosen by experts for superior drives. goodyear, more driven! talk about the four guys at the top and where they ranked in the world. spieth is second. dustin johnson seventh. jason day tenth. branden grace 40th. and then they're holding his own swinging away we'll go to 18. >> you can see him unload on this par 5. >> side.
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let it go. >> good to see the relaxed attitude. >> fairway is clear. branden grace is first to go. he just was taking his time. 27-year-old from george south
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africa. six european tour wins including two this >> bunkers down the left there, you can see the 345 yards. maybe from -- maybe 335 yards. lost that right.
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>> hit the guy in the bright yellow shirt on the right in front of the hospitality tents on the arm. and now dustin johnson -- >> we say day make four from over there. >> this is called a full turn. >> that's what you call a show down the 18th hole. effortless power. incredible. >> now to 17. dead aim. find the right distance here. >> can he stop it up there,
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brad? >> only five yards to carry-over the bunker. >> perfect. >> he can stop it. great control. >> that hit right on the upstroke over the bunker. >> one of the closest shots we've seen in the last two groups. it's really firmed up here. well we're winding down on a saturday. round three of this u.s. open championship. right now there are four tied at the top. spieth on 17. dustin johnson on 18. fun at chambers bay. seven out of ten power outages in the us are caused by weather. but utilities can now predict where the power will go out, within a few city blocks. working with ibm they're combining micro weather forecasts with detailed data from local sensors.
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headed right... and you don't have to be super-human to play. this game is for everyone. there's a lot to love about golf. and all of us at the usga want to make sure it stays that way for years to come. discover more @ >> here at 18 branden grace
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trying to figure out what he has from the right side. >> if i was interpreting there, he said what was the carry-over from the center bunker there? >> he's going to wait or the the green to clear. we'll go up there. and we have tony on par 4. one of seven kids coached by boyd summerhayes. the 2006 utah state amateur champion playing in his first major.
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this to stay at even. he will go into sunday one over. if he makes that. first player on the pga tour of samoan descent. we will go to jordan spieth. >> spieth wants to make this putt to get him to sole leader. >> i think he'll do it. he's missed a lot of putts today. i think he'll do it. time to take the lead. >> and that dove at the end. i didn't think it was going to break that much and neither did he. >> he's got to remind himself,
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that's what i've got to keep doing. >> that's from the microphone inside the hole. >> thought he made it. now he needs this to stay tied for the lead. >> joe, he had an unbelievable streak of six straight rounds under par and now he needs to eagle out. >> branden grace laid up.
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dustin johnson with his second shot into this par 5. >> and joe, after a beautiful drive, he has 270 on the front right. this came up with the wind taking it to the right. that far right, greg. >> a very difficult bunker shot. >> so short right for dustin johnson. part of the group of four. tied at 4 under par on top. we went out, greg with the
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drone this morning here at 18. >> that's about where dustin just hit his shot there. a beautiful view of the contouring the bunkering. the whole occasion cut front right. the wind hard off the left. this is about -- dustin probably put it in the right front of the bunker. a difficult bunker shot for him. he's saving grace for him as he is back into the wind. >> now back at 18. >> can you guys hold on this shot? thanks.
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>> i heard them split the towers. he's going to try to hit it at the second bunker. the wind is blowing hard. can't feel it on the tee. the bleachers next to them are blocking the wind. >> and the bunker. third shot now for branden grace. >> and after his last he's got 136 front. wind out of the left. >> i'm thinking soft wedge.
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>> okay. >> 142. 142 to the front. it should come back. >> yeah. >> wind should be 830. >> i'm guessing they're working in meters. >> working in meters. this is a pitching wedge. has to be a really big pitching wedge. >> a run off to the right and
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will it? will it? >> stopped short of the bunker. the conclusion of round number 3 right around the corner as the sun starts to set in washington. [car engine] [car engine] ♪ introducing the first-ever 306-horsepower lexus rc coupe with available all-wheel drive. once driven, there's no going back.
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i started singing in the church at about the age of nine. i was shy and i would have to hold onto the microphone for confidence. sometimes you have to hang really tough.
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♪ you make me feel, ♪ ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman. ♪ where will your journey take you? and who'll be by your side along the way? wherever you're headed, american express will be there. >> the bunker shot for dustin johnson. >> well short, too. just short. that's as good as he could do i
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bet. >> a bit longer than the putt we saw jason day make earlier. he'll have that to get to 5 under par. >> what's wrong? >> the wind drifting down. >> what is it to the ridge and start the downslope into the bunker? >> the big pothole bunker? >> 100. >> which is 195 yards from here. >> i'm not hitting it hard. >> this carries this bunker right? >> yeah. you got 153 cover on that. >> caddie there, area resident. now spieth. second shot. >> he said it all.
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has to hit it shy of 195. laid up beautiful there. got spot. >> wild jordan spieth was laying up here's branden grace for birdie. putting from off the green. he'll have that left. to stay at 4 under. now dustin johnson for birdie. >> from 20 feet. this has to move to his right, joe.
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>> 4 under through three rounds. at the moment, the co-leader shot 65 71 and even par 70 today for dustin johnson. this for par. grace shot 70. [applause] pair of 70s out of that twosome. second shot for patrick reed.
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>> short of the bunker out there. he went past it. played an aggressive shot there, which is fine too. >> really not worth it. >> well -- >> a little short shot coming in now at 18 for patrick reed. mind games brought to you by american express. how about mark warren? this at 17. off to the right it goes and into a rake. so he gets a drop.
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and then does this. warren would birdie his last three holes. tied for 25. a big smile there at 17. >> let's just see if jordan can birdie the last hole to take the outright lead. >> if he does birdie it he would be in the last pairing with jason day. corey, how did you enjoy your
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day with these two? >> you know i was walking up the fairway. jordan asked me what the guys in front of us made. and i said you know they both made pars. i said that doesn't matter today. i was thinking sure it does. you can birdie this hole be in the last group. an important place to be in the tournament. i think he's a little frustrated with the way he's played today talked about this 21-year-old kid.
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>> jenkins describes spieth as having the focus of hogan, the likability of nelson and the putting skill of crenshaw. and this old-soul 21-year-old with the birdie here would have the outright load at 54 holes. >> putting a lot of spin on this shot. >> brilliant. >> i thought it was brilliant how he walked up to the green to
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take a look at this to see exactly where the hole location was. he felt the wind. new it was more downwind. >> corey, i thought that was a very mature moved. >> it was. even though he's frustrated he's going through the motions and doing the right things to do to keep his mind in it. it's u.s. open saturday. tired, frustrated but still thinking soundly. i'm not sure he is 21. i think he's older actually. >> he never acted like that at the masters. tying the scoring record. just months older than tiger woods when he set it. here he is at 18.
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a good position to win the first two majors of 2015. now reed. >> reed has 87 to the hole. may let it roll back. very low. >> he's not too close, is he? >> he is closer. very costly on the hill. coming back a little bit. trying to hit it further up the hill because he couldn't stop it. >> he's going to give jordan a really good read here.
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>> frustrating day for patrick. he's 6 over. right there. >> three double bogeys. just even if you take three bogeys instead of double bogeys he's really right there. >> he's only five shots off the lead at one over for the championship. >> great view of the grandstands.
10:29 pm
6,000 spectators.
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>> just too much. >> very frustrating for patrick. he's not out of it. he will have to have a good day tomorrow. he can win this thing. >> this for the outright lead after 54 holes and to be in the final pairing.
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>> that was a gutsy performance there. love the last word just before he stepped up.
10:32 pm
he said come on. now reed to stay one over and five shots off the lead. there he goes. until tomorrow going into the final day at the playing of the 115th united states open championship four will be tied at the top at four under. an impressive kid.
10:33 pm
young man. down to holly. >> thanks joe. dustin an eventful day for you. five birdies, a bogey and a double. you're still there. >> yeah. i played well. it was tough out there. hard to get it close. the greens were really fast. i thought i played pretty good. i made one really bad swing with an iron and that was on 13. other than that i felt like i played well all day. held some good putts. i missed a couple short ones. the greens are very good out there. >> one stat you shared with me with a big smile, what was it? >> i hit every fairway today. first time i've done that. very excited. >> very important, to. you head into too many with a chance to win your first major title. what is your approach? >> i mean i feel like i'm playing well right now. just keep trying to hit fairways and on the green and get birdies. it's tough out there. i thought i played well and shot
10:34 pm
even par this afternoon. so tomorrow will be the same. if i can drive it like i did today, i'll have a chance to win tomorrow. >> thanks dustin. joe? >> holly, dustin thank you. so four are tied at the top after 54 holes. there were four tied at the u.s. open in 1973 at oakmont. the open that johnny miller won with his 63. we'll have more in a second. we'll hear from jordan when we get it back. right now over to curt menefee. >> joe, he may have been born in australia. jason day seems to have all of america rooting for him after 54 holes of the u.s. open based on the gritty gutty performance. tom, certainly the tens of thousands here above the tenth green, the 17th fairway is over there. the green there too. this place erupted when he hit
10:35 pm
the birdie on 17. >> he has something you can't teach. desire. he showed us that today. you know that was an unbelievable performance. he played well really well. as good as anybody did today. >> he showed it today and really you have to go back a little more than 24 hours ago. his final hole yesterday. he goes down gutted it out. finished up the round yesterday with a 70. came back today, didn't look good at times. looked like he was trying to fight his way through it. held it together for 2 over on the frond and got hit on the back nine. this a birdie on 10. the drive on 12. a great drive. left himself an eekle opportunity you'd say at 25 feet. he putted close.
10:36 pm
real good shot at the hole. >> got a birdie there. then does it again. he's just on a roll. it's one of those days. when you get five birdies, you get the crowd on your side. afterwards he struggled. he decided not to go to the podium and speak with the media. he released a statement. he acknowledged he didn't talk to the media and everybody understands why. he says he regrets passing on the opportunity to speak with the media. he said i gave it all i have but i'm extremely fatigued and need a chance to rest and consult with my medical team. everybody understanding that. we did get a chance to speak with his caddie who was able to play with day up close. >> he just dug as deep as he
10:37 pm
could dig today. it was just a monumental effort. a lot of people would spend the time in the bedroom with the drapes drawn and get over that. but it's the u.s. open. you know he's played well in the u.s. open before. he's playing well in this one. you know he dug deepers that he's ever dug before. really impressive. >> impressive indeed tom. courage. gutted it out. joe and greg you are out here. you hear how this place went nuts with the birdies on 17 and 18. going into the final round, most people are rooting for this kid. >> i think so curt. brings to mind what sam sneed once said. he never won the u.s. open. wore on him the rest of his life. he said "it hurts when people remember you for the things you didn't do rather than for the
10:38 pm
things you did do." people will remember what jason day did today whether he wins or not. four tied at the top as we head into the final round tomorrow. all the talk, all the noise about this golf course and the greens and the architecture and the setup. man, it's been fun. we have four tied but many in the hunt greg norman as we approach the final day. >> yeah, no question about it. we started the day 16 guys under par. now we have under par. it's incredible has the usga has this ability every year to set up a golf course that gets everybody going. let's take it down to holly. >> you're tied for the lead heading into the major cheap. >> yeah. four three putts today. two not much i could do about. the others were unforced.
10:39 pm
like you said a little bit off. plenty of birdies. >> tomorrow the world will be focused on you completing the second leg of your career grand slam. do you think about it this way at all? >> not really no. a little bit here and there. just because i'd like to win two in a row. but tomorrow once i get out on the golf course i'll be focused on the round and how to separate myself. >> and given how difficult chambers bay has been in the afternoon rounds do you think it will be as much a mental test as a golfing test tomorrow? >> i think so. you'll have to take your medicine sometimes. i tried to force a shot when i should have played it into a bunker have an easier par, that's what this course does. you have to position it well off the tee. i have to drive it better to win. >> it's a little more serious. >> yeah. i'm fresh off the green. that was a grind on the back nine.
10:40 pm
>> you mean business tomorrow. >> yeah. >> thanks. back to you. >> thank you, holly. no need to apologize. thank you for stopping by. you can see what jordan spieth is trying to do join this list with wood hogan, palmer nicholas and woods to win the masters and the u.s. open in the same year. spieth will not be in the final group tomorrow. it will be jason day and dustin johnson. we're in for some fantastic finish. >> no question about it. we have to tip our cap to louis oosthuizen. he's come back with a pair of 66s. goes to show you anybody post a low score tomorrow four under, anybody anybody back there can have a chance of winning this national championship tomorrow. >> oosthuizen is only three shots off of the lead at one under par. so the question is tomorrow who
10:41 pm
will persevere physically mentally? it will be a test of who can maintain their concentration, their patience their judgment in the final round of this demanding course at chambers bay. coming up next on fox, your local news. for more u.s. open coverage tonight on fs1, we ask you to join us. tomorrow final round coverage of the 115th u.s. open. coverage begins at 2:00 eastern, 11:00 a.m. pacific only on fox or watch all the action on your phone or tablet with fox sports go. for our entire crew at fox sports as we give you one last look at the leaderboard after 54 holes, this is joe buck, good night from chambers bay.
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coming up next severe weather is on the way and could put a big damper on fathers day. speeding driver trying to get away from police were this close call was not end of the high speed chase keep it here
10:46 pm
news starts in 30 seconds. good evening, we have breaking news right now on fox 29, seven people are shot at a block party in west philadelphia, this happened just a very short time ago. police are on the scene right now. we have just learned that five a adults, and two children were hit by this gunfire. fox 29's jennifer joyce is at the scene, she's gathering
10:47 pm
information as soon as she has enough information to join us we will take her live, in just a minute. but the other major story right now is this, look at ultimate doppler a lot of weather heading right through our area. it could put a damper on the rest of the fathers day weekend. good evening i'm chris murphy. we will continue to track storms moving in the area tonight. for how things are looking lets go to dave warren and dave it is moving from a southerly direction how about in dover. >> put out an alert and then cleared the ground there because we have damaging wind coming in. this is the line, and that is affecting delaware. severe thunderstorm warnings extended east, and now including portions of sussex county and kent county, lot of wind damage in these lines of storms moving through parts of the maryland and virginia. now this line here is just about to push into southern delaware. wind gusts close to 60 miles an hour are possible, and certainly starting to blow out here as it takes on this shape as it bows out. that is an indication have of
10:48 pm
damaging win. be prepared for that. not nearly as much lightening as previous there was maybe not quite as intense but damaging wind likely as this moves through. it is moving at 35 miles an hour and that will put it south of dover putting it through the state here in the next hour. here's the timing, this is with this series of storms, dover by 11:05. lewis, delaware by 1:11:34. you will see lightening pick up wind pick up. you want to be inside as these move through because wyndam age is likely. trees have been down where these storms have moved through. these are the warnings in effect. if anything else comes in they will pop up immediately but just south of dover and sussex county. we will move further north now we have this strong storm in chester county. this is continuing to push off to the northeast and just a large area of very heavy rain in the north and western suburbs. now these lines are starting to take a shape here from east to west. this is remnants of the bill and this heavy rain will rotate around this low as it moves through.
10:49 pm
we could see very heavy rain amounts especially in the north and western suburbs flash flooding and flood watches are in effect so that could be a big issue in the north and western suburbs overnight tonight. wind damage to the south is the big problem there. this is the high resolution computer forecast. we will show you what to expect here over the next few hours that line of strong storms moving through delaware and south jersey. is there solid area of heavy rain by midnight tonight that continues until two or 3:00 o'clock. there it continues to the north and western suburbs. we could see dry air coming in from the south. we will all start winding down by tomorrow morning. tomorrow mostly dry after 6:00 a.m. the rain clears out as the storm moves out. more storms could fire up though and we will look at timing of that, plus the heat it is really starting to bill in the seven day forecast, 90's, we will show you which day coming up later. >> in the meantime keep an eye on doppler radar and track rainfall at my fox just click on the weather tab. all right.
10:50 pm
now to the church shooting in charleston tributes outside the building where nine people died continue to grow. parishioners are prepared to worship here tomorrow morning. this is as disturbing new information about the accused shooter surfaces on line. fox 29's jennifer joyce has more. >> reporter: three days have after a shooting massacre that killed nine people up side emmanuel ame church in charleston many continue to stop by and pay tribute to the victims and show respect for their families. >> just want to be outside in the community and support people and show our support for everything that is going on down here. we send our prayers to the family and loved ones to everybody down here that have sustained a loss. >> reporter: grieving crews inside the church saturday to get ready for sun take mass. some church members stepped inside and saw room where clementa pink any and eight others attending a bible study were killed with repeated gunfire. emotional experience comes with more details emerged about accused killer dylann
10:51 pm
roof. fbi says it is investigating a hate filled manifesto that surfaced on line and may have been written by the gun man. it was posted anonymously to a web site that contained several pictures of roof including one where he is holding a burning american flag. and another with a confederate flag. the essay talks about white supremacy, the author says that he was awakened by trayvon martin case, saying it was obvious that george zimmerman was quote in the right and that the case, led him to search, black on white crime on the internet. the manifesto said quote i have never been the the same since that day. >> that was our jennifer joyce reporting. that now back to our breaking news, seven people shot including two children at a block party in west philadelphia. let's bring in jennifer joyce for very latest on this, jennifer? >> reporter: we are here at, in the area of -- what we're
10:52 pm
hearing is a total of seven people shot. we do know that at least two children are included in that count a two-year old and a ten year-old. other victims are ages 15 to 25. the two children have been taken to chop. other five have been taken to penn presbyterian. all seven are in critical condition at this point. the information is extremely preliminary but what police is telling us they believe that there was some sort of block party picnic happening in this area of forty-first and ogden streets and at 10:00 o'clock pretty much out of no where a shooter came around and started opening fire. they believe that a shotgun was used, they do not think that the shooter was at the picnic at least he possibly could have been there earlier in the night. they are still trying to figure that out but all of the victims were here for the block party chris. >> jennifer joyce, thank you we will check back with more
10:53 pm
information. just a horrible story there in west philadelphia. now lets get you up to dayton another deadly shooting, this time in north philadelphia police found a 50 year-old man inside a tacony home around 1:15 and he was shot twice. this is near 5700 block of leonard street. he somehow made it back inside his home, paramedics got him to the hospital but he died a short time later. police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. thirty year-old man was shot earlier this morning in the fair hill neighborhood. police were called to the 3200 block of leaf street just after 5:00. they say victim was shot in the back and in the leg. he is in stable condition. so far no a arrests. fire fighters in bensalem had their handful with two incidents involving big rigs on the pennsylvania turnpike. major traffic trouble for hours after this tanker went up in flames, this happened around 5:00 o'clock in the morning. oil tanker caught fire in the eastbound lanes. those lanes were closed for hours while crews of course, cleaned it up.
10:54 pm
nobody was hurt and traffic is moving again right now. just hours before that fire fighters were battling a fire on the ramp from the turnpike to street road this happened around 3:30 this morning. truck was hauling paper when it flipped on its side. road were closed for hours while that truck was removed. there were no injuries. a shooting in point breeze is under investigation right now, police were called to the 1700 block of federal street around 7:00 o'clock tonight. a 22-year old man was shot in the back and he is in stable condition. investigators are still searching for that gunman. it has been two weeks since killers broke out of the maximum security prison in upstate new york and tonight another possible sighting, this time hundreds of miles from where they escaped. fox's rick levinthaw explains what is going on right now near the pennsylvania border. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell me there have been possible sightings of the two men since they escaped from this maximum security prison two weeks ago but none has been confirmed. this is first time new york state police have put them out in the press release which may
10:55 pm
give it more possible creasens. richard matt and david sweat escaped around midnight june 6th. one week later on june 13th police say two men were spotted walking near a rail yard in the town of erwin 300 miles from danamore a. two men were seen walking around 15 in the town of lindley headed toward path border. authorities checked out both lead talked to witnesses and collect surveillance footage which has been inconclusive and further analyzed in the state police crime lab. the men could have covered 300 miles in a week if they walk roughly 15 hours a day and with another week passed they could now be in virginia, west virginia, ohio or beyond. >> we're not going anywhere. our plan to pursue these men relentlessly and until they are in custody. we will not stop our search or stop chasing lead until we have richard matt and david sweat back in prison. >> reporter: more than 600 local county a and state police are still involved in the manhunt along with federal agents, k-9 teams and
10:56 pm
aviation units now focused on patrols, structured searches and follow ups on the 1500 leads that have poured in. in the meantime investigations by the department of correctionness to how these men escaped continue and friday night the department announced, one corrections officers was being placed on administrative leave. they would not say why or what role he may or may not have played in the escape. authorities continue to remind the public that these men have violent criminal histories and should be considered a significant threat. in new york rick levinthaw "fox news". in the wake of the church shooting in charleston, south carolina local organizations have announced a protest plan for next month. progressive and community leaders gathered in center cities to share plans of a millions people march set for july 25th, in newark, new jersey. organizers say that the march will be a protest of, police brutality and excessive force. a block party in the city
10:57 pm
of camden today with police all over it but they were not busting the party as fox 29's joann pillegi tells us the cops were the ones throwing this party. >> reporter: no trouble here in this camden neighborhood today, county police on the job, in uniform, but taking on another role, a special day of block parties with the the barbecue, and pick up basketball. >> we're hoping that we can reach the community and show the community that we're here for them, okay, mostly for the little kids. >> reporter: in and around sheridan street police cruisers blocked car traffic so kid could play and residents could relax and enjoy a few hours of fun and food. >> it is kind of good because they are giving some to the kids again it is kind of good. kids are coming together. >> we're going to have fun playing basketball and eating food. >> reporter: okay. do you think the police are nice. >> yes. >> reporter: kid showed their
10:58 pm
skills throwing ball in the street, some were clearly better than others. >> long time resident ernest mason volunteering, to help the police with the grill work. >> they are doing a good job. they are doing a good job for the kids and for the kid to stay positive for everything. that is what we need. >> reporter: one of the majors goals for this community outreach is building bond sharing meal with the kids shooting hoops on the court and building friend ships for the future. police hope their interaction with the children will have a positive impact. >> we want to let little kids know that we're here for them. they can feel free to come up to us. we're here to help the community out. >> it is fun to hang out with your friend and stuff and be with the police. >> reporter: in camden joann pilleggi fox 29 news. straight ahead on the fox 29 news at ten a manhunt continues for a cop killer in new orleans. tonight investigators think that they are asking for just how this handcuffed suspect could kill, and getaway. plus thousands of acres up
10:59 pm
in flames, extreme weather conditions threatening people on the west coast. what is being done to contain spreading wild fires tonight and dave, the storms are coming toward us. >> yes, they have put a stop to that because we had severe thunderstorms moving through. these are warnings now these are all of the damage reports that these storms moved through the the area in and around d.c. earlier tonight. what will it be by tomorrow morning? we will have the seven day forecast coming up.
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