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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> justin: kemme coming from behind. we saw a play earlier from maier who saved a goal sliding in from what looked like an open look at the net in the first half. laudehr got ahead on it. renard renard, sasic. up in the air, marozsan coming in, gets ahead. and there is bouhaddi. the winner of this will move on to the semifinals they await the winner of u.s. versus china tuesday here in montreal at olympic stadium. justin kutcher, aly, julie with you on a france-germany meeting. >> aly: the game that has
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lived up to its billing. >> justin: houara will take the throw-in for france. sasic. georges able to stop it. lavogez, kinney, out wide for delie. lavogez the cross. brings it down takes the shot it's blocked. and the handball. it was from almost this same spot that norway was able to score against germany to tie that game at one. >> aly: here's a look at it. it is a tough call i don't know that her body is any bigger. >> justin: it's the second one right there.
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>> aly: fair enough. and this is that distance, it's so hard for a player to get the ball up and over the wall and down under the frame of the crossbar. >> justin: marozsan had a good look earlier for germany on one. from about this distance a little more of an angle. >> aly: the angle gives you more distance to get that dip. it's all about geometry justin. >> was not good at that. angerer barking at her team. we will play two 15s regardless of what happens.
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henry, over it. that one is clocked. shot is taken by majri. on the counter. behringer coming on, kshlt get to it. lays it out wide diani gets it out wide. throw-in for france. and a substitution now for france this is the final substitution of the game. my only question with these substitutions, if we play and go to penalty kicks, you've taken out the experience for youth. could that play a factor?
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>> aly: it absolutely could. but they were playing to win in the flow of play. i don't like this substitution much. >> justin: abily, able to cross. but goal kick for angerer. >> aly: a lot of times referee -- coaches will make decisions based on their p.k. prowess. >> justin: whenever i see, this i think back to the 2011 final. and megan rapinoe was removed. and of course the u.s. lost in p.k.s. marozsan trying to play it out wide. >> aly: well that's a gamble. you play to win in the close, i respect that.
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. >> justin: diani, hamraoui, good move. playing it in mam ruie gets it back on-side, the cross. krahn again is there. behringer, sends the long ball. look at the speed. marozsan, shot coming on. and renard is able to get rid of it. laudehr sets up. nice ball for maier. maier, can't get a shot off with the cross. and the easy play off the attempt by dabritz. >> aly: this game is opening up even more. these players are xis exhausted.
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>> justin: entering the 104th minute. remember, two 15-minute periods. necib, lets majri play it. easy ball for angerer. . those are the balls that francis not giving away in the first half. >> justin: fatigue? >> aly: fatigue, and really just a focus and mental lapse that happens when you get so exhausted physically. your decision making starts to falter. >> justin: marozsan, against renard. so dynamic. marozsan, 1 v. 1. and she gets the corner for germany.
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fourth corner of the game for germany. one minute of stoppage time added to the first 15 of extra time. >> aly: so smart by marozsan to earn this corner kick for her team. >> justin: behringer will take it. the keeper was off the line. played back behringer, france trying to push up, draw the offside. hamraoui able to head it out. stepback. long ball coming on, dabritz. circles back, looking for sasic. sasic, and hamraoui is there.
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lavogez, able to take it away. chipping one diani one minute of stoppage time. dianie gets kemme. maier maier, marozsan cuts it back. trying to leave it off for maier. mam rue ieie. majri, look at marozsan race back. >> aly: maier is exhausted. she cannot recover right now. >> justin: majri again, inside. the cross, easy play for angerer.
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you wonder if angerer takes time and lets this first 15 wind down. >> aly: maier was so gassed she just walks back on that attack. >> justin: there is the whistle the end of the first 15. 15 more minutes to come. right now, let's check in quick with rob stone in vancouver. >> hope solo and the u.s. women's national team in the house. the u.s. sporting a world cup record of 333 minutes without allowing a goal. they're watching our match right now, rap i know and holiday suspended for this game. back out to montreal, another 1 are 5-minute session awaiting sylvia neid and germany. your assessment of the germans for 195-minute session? >> well i'm confident that germany can bring it down. look in the faces we love
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this game, it's so exciting. germany might even score in the last 15 minutes to come. >> and they look a little defeated right now. they've made all of their subs, france. they have no pace coming down the right wing. i feel like the germans are getting stronger mentally. france hasn't probably again in this situation. i'm going to say they finish with a strong german win. >> majri the left back, she's dropped. she gave away the handball the p.x, she's tired. she's exhausted. i would go at her if i could if i were germany. . >> you can see it we don't to have tell you. that team in blue is tired. >> both of the teams four years ago in the quarterfinals went to extra time as well. germany eliminated. japan lived on. the final 15 minutes, now from montreal once again, justin kutcher and aly wagner. >> justin: thank you. uth its, can see the fatigue
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on the players, on the field right now. the second 15-minutes of extra time. there is no golden goal. if the team scores, we'll still play the full 15. if nobody score weiss go to p.x. quarterfinals in montreal justin kutcher, aly wagner julie stewart-binks with you. germany against number 3 france. >> justin: in the middle henry plays it for abily. diani, lavogez trying to cross, anyone there, and there will be kicked out. off the volley by plier. now a corner kick. the fifth of the game. looks like hamraoui got hit
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in the face a bloody nose. >> aly: they have to get that blood off her, get that nose plugged up quickly. right now they will be a man down. >> justin: both teams have used their full allotment of substitutions. necib will take the corner. >> aly: now would be a good time to capitalize. >> justin: racing after it. but it lab throw-in for france. >> aly: you figure at some point francis due to get a set piece and put it in the back of the net. >> justin: hamraoui first checked out to make sure no blood. it looks like she's still bleeding.
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>> justin: a long delay on the throw-in for france hoping they can get their player back in. the turn, now it's taken away by behringer. sat back down offside, sasic. >> aly: a look at the ball just half a step ahead from that angle. >> justin: dr. joe we're checking on the hamraoui getting checked out with the blood. what must happen for her to get back on the field? >> need to stop the bleeding and clean up her face. if she has blood on her uniform that uniform has to be replaced. that's what the fourth official is addressing with her. now they're running and bringing a second jersey. >> justin: headed back in dangerous, diani, chasing after it. and it's going to be a
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corner kick. >> aly: very smart of diani isolated up there shield that ball, let it go out of bounds, get the set piece, buying more time for your player to get back on the pitch. >> justin: you have to unbutton the jersey before you give to it her. she's saying am i okay to go in? necib takes the corner again. punched by angerer. lavogez, bricks it down there is a player down -- brings it down, there is a player down in the box for germany throw. -in for france. the throw-in. it looked like it's behringer. >> aly: it's a little
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detailed but when the player the staff member goes in to get the jersey they need to bring the full kit out just in case. here's a look, good punch by ang grerer. -- anger. >> justin: oh. >> aly: oh. and behringer rolls that ankle. oh she lands on that brutally. >> justin: fell a any behringer still down. melanie behringer. [ applause ] behringer hah to walk off. there will be a throw-in for france. in 110th minute. henry, back for houara. behringer asking to come back in. >> aly: i know france looks
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dejected but this group seems like they found second life in this period. >> justin: walking toward the 18 renard, stepup and the foul kick for germany. it's behringer, again, who is down. >> aly: and maybe she has to play. but she is in ridiculous amount of pain looks like. >> justin: hamraoui they got the bleeding to stop in her nose. the ruling 90 minutes plus two 15s 1 versus 3 to go to the semifinals for the world cup. marozsan leaves it back for kemme. just put it back down the
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field running on. and patiently kicked out by krahn. >> aly: lavogez getting there quickly, it wasn't on to allow her team to reset. >> justin: houara, lavogez, gets it back. lavogez, tries to play the pass for hamraoui. marozsan looking out wide for sasic. renard plays it back to the keeper. sylvia neid looked like she was barking at her forwards saying go, apply pressure. they're looking back coach, we're exhausted. >> aly: they probably can't even see straight at this point. >> justin: kemme able to step up. behringer hamraoui wins it. henry, necib the turn.
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necib plays it out wide. lavogez, the cross, gets through, maier clears it. houara keeps it in. angerer goes up angerer just falls to the turf. >> justin: goals in the 64th minute, the 84th on a p.k. by sasic, that's it. there were opportunities early in the first half for france. they couldn't capitalize. necib had a chance in the first two minutes, went wide. throw-in for france. first extra time of the world cup our first quarterfinal of the world cup and it's been fantastic.
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georges, sent back down. peter sasic, looking for marozsan. maier, marozsan has it marozsan keeps one low and this will be a goal kick. honestly how tired are you at this point in the game on the field? >> aly: so exhausted. we're just thinking about the next play. getting into the right position. you're just trying to focus on the details, keep yourself present. then the rest takes care of itself. you dig deep physically, mentally. both teams can't avoid what has worked for them so well. that's the point play. of course you take what the other team is giving you, if it counters on you go. i still think the team that gets wide and gets endline is going to earn more set pieces in the last few minutes. >> justin: as far as france
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thomis was the one on the point, she was subbed out. lowsomer was subbed out a couple of surprises to our point of view. >> aly: if you want x factors on the field. >> justin: houara krahn, and throw-in here for france. 115th minute. dabritz knocks it back out. another throw-in for france. >> aly: one of the things too, that these teams have to take advantage of is getting the ball to the fresh players. lavogez, diani, the players that came in fresh late to the match. >> justin: lavogez, another throw-in for france. houara, good throw-in.
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>> aly: no second runner running off of her. nothing for her to do where she could flick that ball. >> justin: marozsan trying to play it out wide. kemme, majri backed down. marozsan again. maier plays it back. hamraoui for france. abily, abily gets by one defender. switching fields lavogez trying to play it down to her feet. wins it. lavogez cuts it back she
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goes down, no hold. shot across they have one! that was the opportunity. >> aly: that's was a beautiful piece of soccer. how did that stay out of the net? the 1-2, the beautiful bending bow in behind the back three german players. oh! you see the tackle, the fight, lavogez, beats it. that bending ball in behind. so perfect. once again the same story, france unable to capitalize on at least opportunities. >> justin: i believe that was majri who couldn't put it in.
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majri is the player down f that was majri, she was the one who had the handball that led to the p.k. for sasic. my fault, it was thiney but she was still the one with the handball. >> aly: never question me. >> justin: i'll learn one of these days1. 18th minute. >> aly: why, my husband hasn't. >> justin: 118th minute. throw-in for germany. hamraoui. maier, out of bounds, throw-in for france.
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behringer sasic, marozsan good job to get it out for kemme. kemme, cuts it in. dabritz is there. and kemme lets it go out, a flow-in for germany. throw-in. behringer, moves it out. corner kick for germany, in the 119th minute. we'll go to 120 and maybe a minute or two of stoppage time. told it's two minutes of stoppage time. >> aly: these are the
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moments and it's clearly off melanie behringer. >> justin: behringer plays it short. gets it back. renard goes up to head that one away. maier gets run over by necib, no whistle. out wide. laudehr crossed, and the goal kick. two minutes of stoppage time here in the second session of extra time. 24,859 here at olympic stadium in montreal watching this quarterfinal 1 versus 3. germany against france. >> aly: this is when that 12th man can lift you, the final two minutes.
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>> justin: hamraoui in the middle henry, lays it out wide. houara, lavogez, henry, can she catch it? she gets to it. and she works the corner. >> aly: so smart, she's just gassed playing to earn that set piece in the corner. >> justin: seventh corner of the game for france. necib once again, will take it. sylvia neid can only watch. going up georges tries to keep it in, whomhamraoui, over the crossbar. wow!
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>> aly: here's a look at angerer rises, able to punch it out of danger. hamraoui, dangerous, right there, just can't get it to dip enough. still, no set piece goals for this french side. >> justin: krahn, plier tried to flick it on -- maier tried to flick it on. >> justin: hamraoui, laudehr laudehr, marozsan marozsan takes a shot and there's a
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save by bouhaddi. to keep in mind there is the whistle. we are going to penalty kicks. here in the quarterfinals. keep this in mind germany in the world cup, overall, 12 for 12 in p.k. rob, take it away. >> all right, justin, well deserved break b an hour away from kickoff between the united states and china. that one in ottawa. but in montreal we've played 90 minutes of regulation then 30 minutes of extra time. we're still level at one. here's how we got to this point. first goal in the 64th minute. >> great shot, it was deflected off of krahn and angerer had no chance at this one from necib. >> france dominating most of this game. in the 83rd minute deserved
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break for the germans. >> well deserved, in this kind of game you need luck on your side, maier trying to shoot it. unluckily handball. easy finish for her. you see the release, celebrating, yes, emotion. >> 117th minute alexi, how did it not go in? >> rob stone your guess is as good as mine. if fran does not go on to win this one, she will be thinking about this for a long time. shoutout to chris wondelowsk prachlt. >> images from ottawa jill ellis, u.s. head coach. women only conceded one goal at the women's world cup came in the first half of their first match. again that one coming up next on your local fox station. but here we're going to penalty kicks. this will be the first time in women's world cup history that germany will go to the stage. francis in penalties four years ago, in the quarterfinals. and advanced.
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we take in the images right now. at this point in the game with bodies just so banged up and bloodied and depleted of energy, is this more a mental game than physical game ar snismt. >> definitely, it's all about mentality. no matter how tired you are, you can kick a ball anyway. i'm confident that angerer, she's reallyly good in saving penalties. day in and day out, had a lot of players who can finish it up. i'm confident that germfully is going to take this win today. >> justin: the rules for this penalty situation. five shots per nation if it's needed. if it's still level after each nation has taken their five it's 1 and 1, 1 and 1 until we have a winner, until we have our first semifinalist. our first quarterfinal match at the women's world cup in canada, we're off to penalties.


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