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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  June 30, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this morning on the fox 29 morning news pregnant woman and another man are found shot in west oak lane, baby dies works man is fighting for her life. more on the investigation plus... if you are going to run for president of the united states and you will ask these people for their vote, that is single most trusting thing they can do as a citizen to give you their support. so you better tell them exactly what you are thinking and exactly what you are feeling. >> you know the voice it is new jersey governor chris christie, his first presidential campaign video. he promises to tell it like it is as he officially jumps in the 2016 presidential race today. and we're learning new details about the escape prisoner's plans where surviving inmate tells investigators they were going to live happily ever after.
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good day everybody. it is tuesday june 30th 2015. thanks so much for joining us. dave warren, i think you had it right yesterday perfect ten, great weather. >> yes easy forecast. today is a bit more complicated because we have showers and storms moving in. we could see a few showers early, mainly north and west of the city. there they are in central pennsylvania around williamsport and harrisburg. they will continue, to work their way in to the north and western suburbs. maybe pocono mountains seeing a light shower this morning. it is this afternoon where we get complicated, we will have showers and storms developing with that sunshine, again. these have a chance to be strong or severe. grab the umbrella before you head out you won't need it this morning but later today we will see a few showers and storms developing. maybe early north and west is all we can get this morning. it is the afternoon that is big concern. we will put it down to the seven today yesterday was a perfect ten, today a little lower because we have had storms coming in and humidity
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is climbing. still muggy 69 degrees. relative humidity higher. sunrise at 5:36 this morning. the temperatures around the region are in the mid to low 60's, mid to upper 60's around i-95 corridor and drops down to 62 in millville. so these storms will be developing really later today. these showers this morning mainly north and west. mid to low 80's by lunchtime and then dropping in the upper 07's with these storms developing, for the evening rush hour but we're still concerned that morning rush hour and in and out of the construction zones this morning. bob, what is latest. >> yes, that is right. coming down south street although it is a nice quiet ride it takes forker, traffic lights are never time. takes me longer to get down south street then it does for me to get in from malvern on the schuylkill expressway. one of the reasons you have to use south street is closure of the vine street expressway. here's the westbound lanes push off at broad street.
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you know the drill between broad and schuylkill expressway the closure of the vine until about 5:00 o'clock this morning. lets roll video from the news van on the scene on our way to breaking news. we pulled up on a big old objecting tree down across montgomery have avenue at belmont avenue. crews are aware of the blockage, and they will have a work crew out there hopefully sometime this morning to get that cleared up. that is an example of what is still out there in the neighborhoods, this morning. we will go back to our traffic maps here some other situations, we're watching the burlington bristol bridge closed, until about 5:00 o'clock. overnight construction project, so in the meantime you use the old tacony pal my, yeah commodore barry, ben franklin, walt whitman looking good. overnight accident that involved a police vehicle germantown avenue at northwestern avenue police on the scene with the investigation. crews working up and down northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike between quakertown and mid county.
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is there also a work crew out near fort washington but otherwise we're in good shape no problems coming in on the schuylkill expressway, i-95 looks good and for gang coming from south jersey north on the 42 freeway looking good working your way in toward walt whitman bridge. lauren, back over to you. military planes have crashed in indonesia, so far at least 20 people have been confirmed dead. indonesian air force plane hercules went down in a residential neighborhood. there were 12 crew members aboard. authorities say that the plane went down minutes after taking off. pilot requested to return back to the base but the plane turn and hit a building. indonesia's third largest city is where this happened with over 3 million different residents. back here at home new this morning philadelphia police stumbled upon a horrific scene late last night responding to reports of the double shooting in west oak lane. lets get out to fox 29's jenny joyce live at philadelphia police headquarters with those details hi jenny. >> reporter: a man is in
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stable condition woman is in critical condition that woman was carrying a baby and baby did not make it. this double shooting happened around 10:15 on the 7300 block of theron avenue in west oak lane. after shots rang out police located two victims a 46 year-old man was lying next to the suv and 32 year old woman sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. the man had gunshots to both legs. woman had a gunshot wound to her lower back. both were taken to einstein medical center. the man was in stable condition. the woman in critical. her unborn child is dead. >> upon arrival at einstein hospital, doctors discovered that she was approximately four months presenting nan. she's 32 years old age, she was suffering from a gunshot wound to the lower back. at 11:15 p.m. our unborn fetus
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was pronounced dead. she is still presently in critical condition it is up known whether she will be surviving her injury. she was taken to the surgery. not only was she fact but the fact that she was pregnant. >> reporter: police say they think both victims were outside the suv when they were struck. then woman climb in the passenger seat, engine of the car was running. police also think that the victims were a couple. man was likely the father of the woman's unborn baby. police did not find any weapons at the scene. they are currently looking for, surveillance video. this happened in a residential area. >> jenny joyce thanks for that update. murder in east mt. airy has a community on edge, an eight five-year old woman found dead in her bedroom monday morning. police found regina brunner in her rumfort road home, she was beat stab and throat was slash. there were no signs of forced entry. missing from the driveway was would the man's 2007 silver
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toyota corolla. >> regina was the sweetest old late i you ever would want to know. why would you do that. i don't get it. take her crap i car that was damage. >> it was pretty frightening very frightening. >> police are still trying to figure out why she was kill. they are looking for surveillance video from nearby homes hoping for clue that will help them catch the killer. an off-duty officer was taken to the hospital overnight after being trapped inside his car. according to police the cop was riding on the 9500 block of germantown avenue when he crashed into a tree. this happened just before 1:00 a.m. that officer was taken to the emergency room to be treated for his injuries this morning, this morning there is no word on his condition. new jersey's governor makes his play for a promotion today, governor chris christie plans to announce he is running for president. fox 29's steve keeley is at the state house in trenton with the details good morning, steve. >> reporter: yeah, lauren, only surprise that it took this long to officially come out of the closet, i guess as
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an official candidate. he will, make his announcement in his hometown and i don't think anybody expected to see governor christie around the state house here as much. what they will do is see him on his new web site and his new you tube video and we have both for you right now. slogan telling it like it is, while they are reporting that he will start telling it like it is in his even style and one thing that separate him from the crowd both in tv news and politics is not using a teleprompter where he just talks to people. from it co is saying when he makes his speech, he will not use a teleprompter. we have seen him using tell prompt inner budget addresses. he will talk straight to the crowd where he grew up where he was class president. after he graduated livingston high school up in north jersey, he has been organizing all of the class reunions too he stayed involved in his high school. he will get back there today. school's out. superintendent is not a
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christie supporter not happy but in deference to being a governor we will let him use the school. >> i have an irish father, and i have a cyst sicilian mother. now for those of you hooting you know what that means right. my mom was one who set the rules and set the tone. no suffering in silence. you have a problem tell me. she would tell us every time she had a problem to the point where it is like mom do we have to hear this. she said yes i need to get it off my chest right now. there will be no death bed confessionness this family. you will hear it now. >> well, lauren, one of the advantages of being in the single digits and so low in the polls when you have more than a dozen candidates, the other candidates will not attack you because they don't see you as a big threat just yet. so all of the bad economic news here in new jersey likely will stay out of his campaign and out of his head lines at least for the
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foreseeable future and once he announce is here in new jersey he is heading straight up to new hampshire for a town hall meeting tonight at 6:00. i don't know if you know this but the town hall's here in new jersey have been held in community centers and schools and things like that. up in new hampshire strictly in bars, so, town halls are at night usually around happy hour. that is tonight at 6:00. it is beer and chris christie. >> all right. we will see what happens there thanks, steve keeley. here's the candidates for democrats so far hillary clinton is the front runner, but bernie zahners, martin o'malley and former rhode island governor lyndon chaffe, all vying for the democratic nomination as well. residents in gibbstown are breathing a sigh of relief after power was finally restored last night. after a week it came back on just after 6:00 o'clock yesterday evening. but signs of damage are still highly visible in the area we have damaged homes down trees and power lines. still, neighbors are
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relieved to get back to normal restocking food, having working ac and moving back into their homes. >> very relieved that everything is back, very relieved, but tensions were getting higher around here because everybody was getting just tired of this stuff. >> last night power was still out to a few hundred homes in east greenwich pse&g the state's largest utility saying 100 of its work tours south jersey to help atlantic electric with those remains homes. more details emerging about the plans two killers had after their prison escape. david sweat richard matt escaped from the upstate facility together back on june 6th, but a after two weeks of roaming the a area they decided to split up. new york governor andrew cuomo told reporters because sweat thought the older matt was slowing him down. governor promised a full up investigation into this escape. >> we are doing two investigations, one on the accomplices and we will make the point that they will be
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fully prosecuted and you have someone escaped you will fine yourself in prison. second investigation is on the practices of this prison, and do we need to change any systems or practices. >> he says apparent plans to drive to mexico with one of the prison employees accused of helping them escape. 4:12. religion verse politics battle over gay marriage come out as some states refuse to honor the ruling from the high court. and nbc tells donald trump you are fire. the network outs the now presidential candidate over controversial comments, what this means for his empire.
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4:15 on this tuesday morning. still feeling pretty good outside we are taking a live look at the philadelphia international airport. so dave, you said it will not be as easy as it was yesterday to give us a perfect ten. >> yeah, great weather out there, go out enjoy it. now we're tracking showers this morning and threat for then are storms later. this storms could be strong or severe. temperatures are warmer. just a touch. humidity just a little will bit higher, feel that change this afternoon. stepping outside to the mid to low 60's, not quite as cool as it was yesterday. 59 degrees, 59 in wrightstown that is coolest spot this
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morning. mid to upper 60's, dropping to the mid to low 60's south and east. radar we will watch this closely today, pretty quiet right now across our area these showers approaching from the north and western suburbs maybe seeing some light showers, developing, later on this morning but it is this afternoon and this evening where strong storms are likely, the risk that we had yesterday that marginal risk is upgraded to a slight risk for severe storms. marginal slight, moderate and then enhanced in there. it is a little bit more threatening today then what it looked like yesterday. the the main area of concern yellow area, western counties there, just west of philadelphia, north and west will see strongest storms developing. lets talk about the rain developing, this could be affecting your lunch hour. mainly north and west we will see a few light showers developing. these are not severe storms we are worried about. that comes this afternoon. we will get sunshine and then that heat up things a bit. they will get more intense by two or 3:00 o'clock and then
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filling in a lot across north and western suburbs by four and 5:00 o'clock. these are storms that could contain gusty wind or even some small hail. we will watch that risk later today, it is mainly after 2:00 o'clock. you could see these showers developing first, a passing light shower. severe weather develops later. wind and small hail, strongest storms will be north and west, of the philadelphia area. and that is what is needs to be watched tonight. phillies could ab affect by this playing tonight watch for these showers and storms developing, a bit warmer up to 80 degrees. that wind ten to 15 miles an hour out of the south so what to expect here? well, we have 84, p.m. storms, maybe light rain before that. stronger north and west. overnight tonight a bit muggy. humidity comes back. showers and storms will end early this evening and that wind continues at 10 miles an hour. getting warmer, tomorrow not quite up to 90 but we are close with these showers and storms continuing. mixture of sun and cloud on thursday. here comes the holiday weekend
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a few showers on friday. storms on saturday. just a a chance, not widespread, not a complete wash out this fourth of july weekend. we could get a nice day on sunday and mix of sun and cloud monday. temperatures both days in the mid 80's, bob kelly. >> chris murphy is having a big bash key. hopefully he ordered the tent for the kids, you know, for the possibility of maybe is rain over the weekend. good morning everybody. 4:18. vine street expressway still closed both directions between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. part of the overnight construction project. here's another look at the schuylkill expressway coming into philadelphia, again you cannot exit for the vine street expressway. we have to go down to the next one which is south street. getting ready to leave the house until 5:00 o'clock that option, coming off the schuylkill would be using south street. coming off of i-95 you'll be push off at broad and you can use vine street local. otherwise septa trolley routes getting track work done using shuttle bus's long 15, 101
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102, no problems at philly international at the moment but heads up with what dave just talk about for later on throughout the day. if you have a a flight time scheduled or heading to the airport to pick somebody up, keep somebody to the sky once we get thunder boom are rolling this afternoon. that could impact philly international tap. coney palmyra way to go because burlington bristol is shut down until 5:00 as part of the overnight construction. tacony or betsy would be two good alternates, commodore barry, bennie, walt whitman looking g we talk about this, a accident involving a police vehicle, germantown avenue and northwestern avenue, still block this morning. crews are still working up and down the extension between quakertown and the lansdale interchange. otherwise we're in good shape no problems at all coming on the schuylkill expressway. i-95 you are good to go out of northeast philadelphia into downtown and good shape coming in from south jersey along the freeway and route 55. lauren, back over to you. thanks very much bob.
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fall out continues for friday's supreme court ruling to legalize same sex marriage. officialness some states refusing to issue licenses to gay couples because of religious objections. "fox news"'s kelly wright will explain those officials will eventually to have comply with the high court. >> same sex marriage is now legal all across the u.s. but some states are refusing to comply with last week's supreme court ruling. this is as the top law enforcement official in texas says that county clerks can site religious objectionness denying marriage licenses for gay couples. >> we're not going to waiver one bit, the first amendment for religious freedom and it always has and that will not end in texas today. >> reporter: texas attorney general ken paxson warns any clerk, justice of the peace or other administrator who declines to issue a license to the same sex couple could face litigation or a fine. but he says lawyers are on stand by to deeven if those workers for free, still some
4:21 am
legal experts hope that won't be necessary. >> if somebody has a conscious objection and is there somebody in the desk next to him to take care of it, that is what we should do both in private employment and public employment. >> reporter: despite the attorney general's opposition some county clerks in texas are now issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. >> now we don't have to worry about not being recognized as family members at the hospital and things like that that would be a relief for our future. >> reporter: county officialness other states such as mississippi and louisiana began complying with the supreme court ruling on monday in spite of the initial resist tense. >> we have concluded that the decision of the supreme court is definitive, there is no just reason to delay anything. >> reporter: in kentucky a few court clerks are refusing to issue marriage licenses, to any couple, asiana objection to the supreme court ruling. the governor says he is reviewing how to respond. kelly wright, "fox news". and nba ending its relationship with donald trump
4:22 am
following some offensive comments he made about mexican immigrants during his presidential announcement. nbc announced it will no longer air miss u.s.a. and miss universe pageants which are own by trump. nbc's decision less than a week have after uni vision also decided to cut ties with trump and his pageant n his presidential announcement two weeks ago trump referred to mexican immigrants as rapist, drug dealers, and criminals. nbc called trump's comments derogatory. in response, trump is threatening legal action and claims the network is only upset because it wanted him to continue to star in the celebrity apprentice show. >> and now, with my statements on immigration which happen to be correct, they are going to take a different stance. that is okay. whatever they want to do that is okay with me. i have had a lot of relationships with nbc. as far as ending the relationship, i have to do that because my view on immigration is much different than the people at nbc.
4:23 am
>> nbc had previously reached an agreement with trum top keep him autopsy of celebrity apprentice but now the network says it is working with the show's produce tore continue the series without trump. a pool parasite that can survive in chlorine what doctors are suggest to go any would be who plans to swim this summer. and phil mickelson is connect to the federal money lawnering scheme? pro golfer isn't charge but investigators think he gambled millions. more coming up in sports.
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phillies name a new president any macphail who won't take over until the even of the season. thinks a time, where he wait is a and looks at what to do with this team. >> you really do want to watch, listen, read, you don't want to make, come in with too many preconceived notions, so i have have, you know, can't help but watch some of the games and read, but at the same time you will try very hard to stay as open minded as you can. >> all right. nothing has changed for phillies. lets go to the ballpark. phillies leading four-one but three run, sixth inning and this is big hit by pinch hitter ramirez a double, and would you believe milwaukee comes back to beat phillies seven-four. why wouldn't you believe it. chris pronger, ending his career with the eye injury has been selected for induction in the hockey hall of fame.
4:27 am
pronger was 2,000 nhl mrp played 18 years in the nhl. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. heated debate now affecting the national cathedral, coming up what the church's leader is targeting in the historic building. we are following developing news from overnight a pregnant woman loses her baby after she and another man are shot in west oak lane.
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a pregnant woman and another man are found shot in west oak lane, baby died and woman fighting for perfect life, more on the investigation this morning. plus law makers in pennsylvania pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware all are on deadline today as they hammer out budget deals. and before you jump in the pool this summer health officials have a strong warning for you about parasites, living in the water. good day everybody it is tuesday, june 30th, 2015. dave warren, got a busy day on your hand trying to figure out what this weather will do today. >> pretty good idea what is happening. we are looking at a few showers later this morning and this afternoon things get interesting, strong to severe storms we talk about yesterday. likely happening again today. risk had has been upgraded. watching these showers moving through maybe north and western suburbs could see a shower, by the end of the morning rush hour heading to the lunch hour. that will be the first place to see the rain. they are slowly drifting off to the north east.
4:31 am
so grab the umbrella before you head out. you may not need it now but you later today with these showers that could transition into stronger thunderstorms that is it is the big concern here. we have 65 to 70 degrees. mild day to day. scaled down yesterday's perfect ten today we are at a seven because we have these storms moving in. 69 degrees here, cooler in the suburbs. humidity creeping up a bit. mugginess you'll feel that this afternoon and as the temperatures climb in the 80's humidity increases as well. little cooler north and west, there is, 159 in wrightstown mid to low 60's to the south and 84 degrees today. we have strong, afternoon showers, and thunderstorms affecting likely the evening rush. not much happening in the morning rush but we still have problems out there bob has very latest. >> hi dave, good morning. 4:31. we have left overs left over tuesday, construction left over from last night. live look at the vine street
4:32 am
expressway. coming into philadelphia, still closed between broad street, and the ramps to the schuylkill expressway. it that is overnight construction if you have coming in on the schuylkill expressway a live look here approaching 30th street station. you'll have to continue on the schuylkill and head down to south street, so again your two options with this closure right now off of the schuylkill you can use schuylkill south street and you can use vine street local. looking good on the ben franklin bridge no problems rolling into or out of the city. the burlington bristol bridge, however, closed until about 5:00 o'clock all due to overnight construction. tacony palmyra and betsy ross are the two best bets. we have a down tree, let's roll video from the news van when we pulled up along montgomery drive at belmont plateau, folks kind of navigating around this big old, oak tree, this happened at 1:30, our crews were out and about shooting some video.
4:33 am
that is one spot on the to to list to chop up that tree for firewood later this morning. we are still shut down ramps to and from 295 in paulsboro for exit number 17, still blocked as a result of the storm damage from last week. and septa using shuttle buses on three of the trolley routes, the 5101, and the 102, all due to track work, lauren back over to you. 4:33. we are following some breaking news military plane has crashed in indonesia. so far 20 people have been confirmed dead. indonesia air force plane hercules, went down in a residential neighborhood, there were 12 crew members on board, authorities say the plane went down minutes after tea off. pilot requested to return back to the base, but the plane turned and into a building. that area where the plane crashed is indonesia's third largest city with over 3 million residents. back here at home philadelphia police said they have found a pregnant woman covered in blood after a shooting overnight in west oak lane. the victim's unborn child, did
4:34 am
not survive. this morning the mother is fighting for her life. fox 29's jenny joyce live at police headquarters with more on this hi there jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. off story. police say they do not know who pulled the trigger. witnesses are reporting it may have been two men both of whom, took off before police arrived. shooting happened around 10:15 in woes oak lane in the 7300 block of the ron avenue 6789 after shots rang out police, located two victims a 46 year-old man lying next to the dodge suv and a three two-year old woman sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. the man had gunshot wound to both legs. woman had a gunshot wound to her lower back. both were taken to einstein medical center. that is when doctors realized that the woman was four months pregnant. the unborn baby was pronounced at is 11:15. would the man was rushed into surgery. police say they do not have a motive for such a violent assault. >> several witnesses were interviewed by northwest
4:35 am
detectives personnel who heard some sort of an argument. we're not sure what it was all about and then heard the gun shots. northwest detectives, and crime scene unit processed the scene. the vehicle that the female was found in, that is going to be towed to the police garage for a thorough search and investigation. >> police say they think both victims were outside of the suv when they were struck and woman climb into the passenger seat engine of the car was running. police also think that the victim's were a couple. man was likely the father of the woman's unborn baby. police did not find any weapons at the scene. they do say at least four shots were fired and they are looking for surveillance video. although, this is a mainly residential area lauren. >> so sad jenny joyce thanks very much. and the republican presidential campaign has a new entry, new jersey governor chris christie throws his hat in the ring today. christie's campaign released a video to promote his
4:36 am
candidacy. christie makes the announcement this morning at livingston, high school where he graduated and where he first served as president of his class. christie joints more than a dozen other republicans in the race for the white house. and here's a look at candidates for the democrats so far, former secretary of state hillary clinton is the front runner but senator bernie saunders, former maryland governor martin o'malley and former rhode island governor lincoln chaffe are vying for the democratic nomination as well. 4:36. next up search for hit and run driver, man eye bike hit by someone who never stopped. what some witnesses did right after the driver took off. and the nationwide backlash confederate symbols continues this time it is national cathedral what religious leaders are looking to remove to steer clear of dividing the church.
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lets take a live look at olde city. the family of the a businessman killed in last month's train crash in port richmond is now suing amtrak. forty-five year-old robert gildersleeve's wife and children filed a wrongful death suit saying it was negligent. gildersleeve was in the first passenger car which was mangled after the train derailed at a sharp curve seven other people died. more than 200 ended up injured. lawyers have so far filed at
4:40 am
least a dozen lawsuits against amtrak. police looking for the driver who hit a man on the bike in north philadelphia and kept on on going. surveillance videos show the cyclist and driver coming towards the center of the 18th and susquehanna before the collision. the man was thrown in the air before landing on the ground and sliding several feet on his head. one witness drove after the suspect to get the license plate number, others immediately jumped into help the victim. >> he could not breathe. he had blood out of the his head and mouth face all swelled up. he could not move his legs anymore. we had to held his head up. we just told him to hold on, is there help on the way. >> police tell fox 29 the victim's injuries do not appear to be major. his condition was not immediately known. call police if you recognize the vehicle in that surveillance video. today is budget deadline for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has his veto pen ready as
4:41 am
legislature prepares to send their budge tote him. wolf said republican plan does not include enough money for education. today lawmakers expect to vote on measures including privatizing the state's wine and liquor store system. delaware's governor and state lawmakers expect a marathon session as they try to agree on a budget. budget writers are warning of severe cuts, to the non-profit groups and funding for fire fighters. budget will begin debates this evening and go through the night to come to an accord. up in new jersey, state budget passed quickly in time for today's deadline. democratic lawmakers are unhappy with the governor's decision to delay the public pension payment. christie vetoed a plan to boost health care funding for low and middle class women and children. do you plan on making a splash this holiday weekend. before you hit that pool party we have a health alert on a pool parasite. and a bucket is paved into a pothole what is worse what happened when people called
4:42 am
the city for help.
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nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. bob kelly is talking about the beat of this one okay, so dave warren, tuesday is usually my go to the salon to get my hair done day. >> today. >> okay. >> do i need to take my umbrella and who hade so when i rub out i don't get wet. >> what time.
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>> i would say 1:30. >> are you one of those people like my wife that spend hours there. >> i will be out by 36789 i can't do that. >> 3:00 o'clock you should be, um, a little iffy. >> okay. >> be prepared. you will necessity if it is bad or not. showers or storms will be developing and intensifying right about that time. watch. that mid to low 60's north and west, right in philadelphia, it is up to 69 degrees. getting us warmer this morning, a little cooler to the south. we have 07 in wildwood. humidity is increasing, and you will feel that this afternoon. we are watching these showers so they are in central pennsylvania. in the all severe. they are continuing to slide off to the north east, and maybe, feeding them trying to push to the north and western suburbs. later this morning around noon. these are not severe storms we are talking about but just light rain. these are not making much progress east now they are staying out of the area. the slight risk, that is in the area, this is for the thunderstorms developing. they were storms and they have a risk of being severe with
4:46 am
wind and hail, the timing was this afternoon and early this evening. this is the future weather computer. this is a high resolution forecast there that shows the showers and storms developing moving through the area. by three and 5:00 o'clock. they are a bit more intense. noon they could be coming with a few showers and these are storms we are watching. right here inside that slight risk area we will slide east but main threat will be north and west, maybe a few storms around philadelphia, delaware and southern new jersey, could see one later today as the whole storm begins to push east. these will really flare up in the afternoon and evening they will start to die down overnight tonight and this storm gets a little will bit closer but it noise the clue. we have showers and storms back in the forecast for tomorrow, that risk for severe weather as storm tracks to the north could be up across new england and maybe in the northern counties, again tomorrow. so heavy to the shore today uv index is high, water temperatures, very warm, here, we have an ocean water temperature of 71 degrees.
4:47 am
and that wind light out of the south east, that keeps the temperatures down in the mid to lower 70's. inland 84. showers and storms, stronger north and west. they will flare up around afternoon and evening. humidity increases tonight 68 degrees, the showers and storms will taper off die down but they could flare up again tomorrow. is there a seven day forecast, in fact warmer tomorrow up to 88 degrees, and 85 with the sun and cloud on thursday, until we will get a little break from the rain. holiday weekend isolated, storms not all that widespread, maybe not as strong as they are going to be today but is there a forecast for both friday and saturday, sunday, clears out briefly mix of sun and cloud on monday, up to 85 degrees. what is it like out there this morning on the roads bob. >> dave, good morning. 4:47. you said it right grab your coffee and umbrella heading out the front door. now tuesday, the day i typically drive lauren to get her hair done and all that. >> i wish. >> i'm playing limo driver. i wear the tucks and hat, play
4:48 am
the role there on a tuesday. as you are heading out right now the vine street expressway still closed in both directions, as you are coming off on the i-95, push off at broad street. if you are coming in off the schuylkill expressway you have to keep going down towards south street. so, again until about 5:00 o'clock. we will give it another ten or 15 minutes or so here use either south street or vine street local. and if you are roll through the vine street expressway you'll notice if you look above one of the overpasses is missing, it is the pedestrian overpass, that goes from what is that the library there over towards the opposite side. they have been doing some work. that is what they have been doing on the overnight over the last couple of weeks or so. daddy war bucks, we have annie at dilworth park. one of the free movies, offered with welcome america. so, if you are down in center city 8:30 you'll see extra crowd around city all there outside dilworth park. i-95, not bad at all coming out of the northeast philadelphia we've got
4:49 am
construction squeeze right here, at cottman and then again at girard but so far so good, if you are leaving the northeast and mass transit running with no delays. lauren, back over to you. thanks so much, bob. professional golfer phil mickelson find himself caught up in the sports gambling case. a handicapper from california pleads guilty to three counts of money lawnering money that appears to have come from mickelson. that is according to espn's outside the line. they say mickelson is not under investigation and he is not facing any charges. he has been known over the years for his gambling spirits. coming up howard eskin tells us what else is on the mind of sports fans this morning. the national cathedral says it will remove the confederate flag. on sunday the reverend gary hall, dean of the national cathedral, announced he is calling for the flag to be removed from two of the cathedral's stained glass windows. hall says there is no excuse for nation's most visible church to display racial cyst many and slavery.
4:50 am
until they are replaced there will be a display explaining the window's historical context. residents in the point breeze neighborhood say a sink hole is causing headaches for drivers and they say the cities patchwork made a bad problem, worse. residents turned to fox 29's bruce gordon to get results. >> reporter: long time resident earl jones looks at the plastic bucket smash in the asphalt in the middle of the block and wanders about that papal visit to philadelphia this september. >> i don't want the pope to see that. seeing how we live around here or take him in the rich neighborhood. >> reporter: joe says the philadelphia streets department paved over a sink hole in the 2100 block have of moore street a couple months ago but asphalt soon began to sink. in these days a new hole developed some one tried to help. >> i think bucket was put there to let people know there was a hole there not the ride into it. >> reporter: in no time flat
4:51 am
the bucket was flat, smashed into the asphalt by a vehicle driving over it. now cars, trucks, straddle the mess or veer around it. >> eventually somebody will get hurt. >> reporter: joe says he and the neighbors have called the cities 311 hot line repeatedly to no effect. he is fed up with the streets department. >> we're philadelphia, it looks nice, now we have a bucket there what will you put there later a person? >> reporter: i had seen enough. i snapped some photos of the bucket sent them to the streets department, and a repair crew was on the scene within an hour or so. it ripped the bucket from the street and then filled the remaining hole with dirt and rock and then barricaded the site to warn motorist. late in the afternoon more good news, the streets department e mailed me to promise they will be out next week to fill the hole properly and complete the repaving. mr. jones reaction. >> i thank you again boy, that was fast. why couldn't we not just do
4:52 am
that from jump street and didn't have to go through this. >> reporter: good question mr. jones. we are happy we could here to move the process along. schedule is for treats department to be out here next week to complete the repair job. we will be watching. in point breeze, getting results, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. local pools opening for the summer and as they do health care workers have a warning for you about a parasite they have found in the pool. par side loved pools and hot tubs. it can live for as long as ten days in pools even if they are treated with chlorine. par side can a affect anybody swing in the water. it can make you sick. ear infections eye infections and if you swallow any of the water, you could have gastrointestinal problems. cdc says every single person who gets in the pool should shower before and after. the first lady, challenges american women, who she says, we need to help get an education.
4:53 am
4:54 am
you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice.
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first lady michelle obama calling for more to help girls in africa and middle east. she spoke at a lunch for moore magazine. girls oppressed countries risk their lives to get an education and least we can do is make sure they have schools to attend. she urge the crowd to support her let girls learn initiative which helps girls in poor countries, stay in school. >> we would never accept a
4:56 am
life of dependence, and abuse for our girls. we would never allow their bodies to be violated or their potential to be squandered. so we have to ask ourselves why would we accept this fate for any girl on this planet? >> the let girls learn program is seeking partners in the private sector to support the federal government's efforts. 4:56. new jersey governor chris christie makes it official today, he is latest can kate to run for president. what he says will set him apart in an already crowded field, and a man and a pregnant woman shot her baby dies, new she's fighting for her life. more on the violence coming up.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
this morning on the fox 29 morning news a pregnant woman and another man are found shot in west oak lane. baby died month. man fighting for perfect life. more on the investigation. plus this. >> if you are go to run for president of the united states and you will ask these people for their vote, that is the single most trusting thing that they can do as a citizen is to give you their support. so you better tell them exactly what you are thinking and exactly what you are feeling. >> new jersey governor chris christie that is his first presidential campaign video. he promises to tell it like he is, as he jumps in the 2015
5:00 am
presidential race. >> we are learning new details about the escape prisoner's plans. where surviving inmate told investigators they were head todd live happily ever after. >> not so fast. >> they didn't know what to do after their plans foiled when prison worker. >> joyce mitchell didn't show up with the getaway car. >> where do we go now. lendly. >> allegedly. >> how are you. >> great. >> got to sleep in, would you are you feeling. >> great you. >> look beautiful. >> thank you why would you wake up with anyone else, lauren dawn johnson at 4:00 a.m. you are clicking around, boom, stop it right here at fox 29, to watch lauren dawn every morning. >> now you see why i love this guy. >> i was nice and gentlemenly this morning and i want you to know. >> you are moving in on my girl. >> i was. >> on to weather lets talk about these storms that could be developing later this hav


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