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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  June 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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what police are doing and david sweat is coming clean not just about how he got out but why he ditched his friend. chris christie promises to tell it like it is in his first campaign video. we're used to it. >> you can't handle the truth. june is gone after today guys. >> isn't it like national leap second day where we get an extra second. >> get your expense report in. >> exactly. >> review that. >> yesterday a ten. >> and, we have these storms developing. things are quiet on the satellite and radar but we will watch north and western
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suburbs. later this morning. in the western suburbs this afternoon. summer camp buddy short sleeves though temperatures upper 60's, climbing in the 80's this have afternoon. we have dropped it three spots. it is 69 degrees. it is a light breeze, temperatures cooler in the suburbs. in mid 60's to the south the strong thunderstorms things are calm, how does it look elsewhere, bob. >> everybody is cooperating behaving. live look at the schuylkill expressway where we begin at 202. no problems in or out of the city, at least at the moment. we will have some sun glare though, and we will see it
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bouncing off concrete barrier here along, i9 five and already delay south on i-95, beginning to build up from cottman through girard: 309 and 202 the interchange, no problems here, big old tree came down. this is a live look at our news van back on the scene at montgomery drive at belmont avenue. this person making a u turn with everybody else here at belmont plateau. here's what happen, offer night our news van was out ape about we rolled some video on it. we note notified the city, and, chop it up. police are on the scene right now and detouring everybody around that. it is right there in the heart of fairmount park, belmont plateau, again with some local detours.
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as a result. it has been a week now ramps still closed, and i'm hoping since power has been restored to portions of the this area, hopefully ramps will get back opened, before the end of the day, septa doing track work this week and they are using shuttle buses on the trolley routes the 15, 101 and 102. mass transit looking good, and so far so good at philly international. chris and alex, back to you. a military plane crash and 37 people are confirmed dead. indonesia air force plane hercules went down, in the residential neighborhood. there were 12 crew members on board. the plane went down, minutes after take off. the pilot requested to turn back to the base but it turned and then hit a building. it is indonesia's third largest city with american 3,000, 3 million residents.
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off-duty officer was taken to the hospital have after being trapped inside his car. according to police, 9500 block of, for germantown avenue when he crash in the tree. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. that officer was taken to the emergency room to be treated for his injuries. this morning there is no word for his condition. philadelphia police, stilled upon a horrific scene late last night while responding to a report of the double shooting in west oak lane. they found a pregnant woman shot and man injured nearby. let's get to jennifer joyce live at philadelphia police headquarters with more on the disturbing details jennifer. >> good morning. both victims were transported to einstein medical center, the man is listed in stable condition, while the woman is listed in critical condition last night it was around 11:15 when doctors say her unborn baby, didn't make it. the shooting happened around 10:15 in the west oak lane section of the city on the 3700 block of theron avenue after shots rang out police
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located the two victims a 46 year-old man and lying next to the dodge suv and a three two-year old woman it ising in the passenger seat of the vehicle. the man had gunshot wound to both legs. woman had gunshot wound to the lower back. both were taken to einstein medical center, the man is in stable, the woman is in critical condition and her unborn child is dead. >> upon arrival at einstein hospital doctors discovered that she was approximately four months pregnant. she is 32 years of age she was suffering from a gunshot wound to her lower back. and at 11:00 15:00 p.m. her unborn fetus, was pronounced dead. she is still presently in critical condition it is unknown whether she will survive her injuries. she was immediately taken to surgery through to the fact that not only she was shot but the fact that she was pregnant.
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>> and police think both of the victims were outside of the suv when they were struck by gunfire. and then the woman climb in the passenger seat. and, a couple, and father of the woman's unborn baby, police did not fine any weapons at the scene. and four shots were fired. and, surveillance, and witnesses telling them they saw two men at the scene they both took off before police, arrived. chris? all right jennifer joyce. >> terrible. >> yeah. >> 6:06 the time. murder in east mt. airy has community there on edge, as you can imagine, eight five-year old woman found dead monday morning. police found regina brunner in her rumfort road home, she was beaten stabbed and her throat was slash. there were no signs of forced injury. but missing from the driveway, woman's 2007 silver toyota corolla. >> regene ace the sweetest, most gentle old lady you ever
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want to know, i don't get it. take her crappy car that is damage. >> it is pretty frightening actually. very frightening. >> so at this point, a lot of this does not add up. police are trying to figure out why she was kill. they are looking for surveillance video hoping for the clue that would catch that killer. 2016 presidential race adds another candidate. >> new jersey governor chris christie joins the 15 other republicans and 16 democrats running for president christie's campaign released a video to promote his candidacy. it focuses on his commitment to family and public service. christie announced it this morning at livingston high school where he graduated and where he first served as president, and in his class. we now know escape killer david sweat had help from inside but now he is turning on them we will tell what you some say is promising exchange for his testimony straight ahead. when thieves broke into this west philadelphia school, the kid expected the police to
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help but the officers did something, no one expected.
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philadelphia police help a school that had been burglarized. >> they made off with computers and i$35.
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locks and chains at saint ignatius loyola school were cut two weeks ago, 30ipad, six computers were taken monday. and, the police gave the school, brand new equipment. >> we were able to give back 20 brand new ipads from apple, and the apple corporation, and to help replenish, that inventory that was, selfishly taken from the students here and staff here at saint ignatius school. >> and, the fop also announced a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whom ever is behind that burglary. well, 6:11. donald trump's business has taken a hit since his controversial presidential campaign announcement why trump is in for more trouble um-hmm. bob? make you say um 6:11. good morning on this tuesday. we are off to a good start. we are seeing some sun glare and we are shut down on exit ramps here off of 295 dave's whipping up a forecast that
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could have thunder boomers in there, grab a coffee and come on back.
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good morning i'm dave war men for sue she's off all week to day we're looking at temperatures climbing in the mid 80's, you'll feel that heat building up humidity higher, watch thunderstorms later this afternoon. is there just a few showers right now with temperatures in the mid 60's in the north and
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western suburbs trying to warm up a bit to the south one, 07 in wildwood, atlantic city at 64. here are showers on the satellite plus radar, they are north and west, try to slide from the north and western suburbs, later this morning but we will just be seeing showers. we are talking about severe weather later today. likely in the north and western suburbs. light risk in effect from the storm prediction center many counties in north and western suburbs, upper montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley, berks county and chester and lancaster county as well. let lot the at timing here. these are the showers we are talking about this morning these are not severe storms just passing showers later this morning right around noon time not quite down to about philadelphia but north and western suburbs we will see rain drops coming down later this morning. we will start to see isolated pockets of stronger storms develop by about two or 3:00 o'clock. this is widespread showers and storms, these could have gusty wind heavy rain and small
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hail and they will slide through philadelphia a, and a a across delaware and maybe into south jersey later this afternoon and this evening. so what to expect, we will have these storms, storms is keyword here after 2:00 o'clock. showers first in the north and western suburbs. wind and even some small hail stronger storms would be north and west have of i-95 this afternoon. phillies game could be affect bypassing shower or then are storm, temperatures will be warm ter day up to 80 degrees. that wind is ten to 15 miles an hour. owe from 84 this afternoon we will drop down in the upper 60's again tonight. showers will clear out and humidity will climb though. may see patchy fog overnight tonight. little warmer tomorrow up to 88 degrees, few more showers and storms. little break on thursday before we get close to the holiday weekend. eighty-six on friday and then showers and storms this weekend look to be isolated not a complete wash out on at day the fourth. sun and included on sunday and
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monday temperatures both days will be into the mid 80's, hi bob. >> good morning everybody. 6:17 on this tuesday morning. we will show you a shot gone to break no problems at the moment at the control towers, at philly international but as dave mentioned as the daze goes on heading down to the airport or heading down to drop someone off pick someone up thunder boomer will roll through here will impact air travel, so make sure you have, our fox 29 news app down loaded tour cell phone to get those alerts instantly and you'll be prepared for that air travel and travel on the roadways throughout the day. speaking of the roads a live look at i295 in south jersey we are seeing beginning of the volume rolling through cherry hill. we will deal with some sun glare throughout our morning rush hour. hello to the shaders, maple shade new jersey route 73 looking good and disable here a live look at blue route 476, right here near macdade boulevard. you think you are having a bad start to the day it could be
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worse on the riding to the work on the back of the flood bed here off of 476. yahoo good morning to the bennie, live look coming into downtown no problems at the moment coming into center city philadelphia good news is they have fixed those traffic lights defective all day yesterday at eighth and vine. schuylkill expressway, sun glare, not up and over tree line yet so we are only 15 minute trip into center city. i-95 a delay so far 20 minutes from woodhaven in through downtown. and that down tree causing delays through belmont plateau, at montgomery drive and belmont avenue. that stretch there is a short cut for folks who want to come off city line and try to get back in the martin luther king drive. your best bet use forward road to get over to mlk or head for mlk drive forget go right off of belmont avenue. bridges, mass transit looking good chris and alex, back to you. more details emerged about the plans to two killers had after their prison escape.
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>> david sweat and rich art matt escaped together from the facility. after two weeks have of roaming the area evidently they split up. new york governor andrew cuomo told reporters thaw sweat thought hot older one matt was slowing him down. matt was shot and killed last week. sweat is recovering from gunshot wound. governor promised a full investigation into that escape. >> we are doing two investigations, one on the accomplices and we will make the point that they will be fully prosecuted and you helped someone escaped you will find yourself in prison. second investigation is on the practices of this prison, and do we need to change any systems or practices. >> the governor went on to say that the pair had planned to drive to mexico with one of the prison employees accused of helping them to escape. this morning reports that david sweat may testify against former prison employee joyce mitchell, radar on line quote source that he is sweat may get nicer prison accommodations in return for
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that testimony. mitchell and prison guard gene palmer are a accused of helping convicted killers to escape. sweat and matt were going to kill mitchell's husband in exchange for her help. 6:20. police are looking for driver of the man on the by sick until north philadelphia and kept ongoing. surveillance from a corner store shows cyclist and driver coming toward center of the 18th and susquehanna before the collision. man was thrown in the air before landing on the ground and sliding several feet on his head. one witness drove after the suspect to get license plate number others immediately jump in to help the victim. >> he could not breathe he had blood gushing out of his head and mouth face all swelled up he could not move his legs anymore he had to held his neck up. i yelled to the guys and said just hold on there is help on the way. >> police tell fox 29 victim's injuries do not appear to be major. his condition was not immediately known. call police if you recognize vehicle in the surveillance
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video. 6:20 is the time. man wanted for shooting a west philadelphia cook out turns himself in. dominic lemar ace cues of firing small pull et cetera designed at shooting bird in the 4100 block of ogden street last week. kids were a among the ten injured. $10,000 reward is offered for arrest and conviction for second man identified add cleve harvey. >> we will show you a sketch of the man wanted for string of sexual assaults in camden new jersey. latest happened thursday morning in that case a woman was forced behind the off broadway lounge in the 500 block of spruce street and was assaulted. philadelphia police are also looking into that case, and phil mickelson, one of the pga tour's wealthiest players what he allegedly did with a lot of his money. at one point he was 45 million-dollar a year. why investigators are looking into what he has been doing at this money.
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professional golfer phil mickelson comes up in a sports gambling case. he has pleaded guilty to three counts of money lawnering money that appears to have come from phil mickelson to the tune of about 2.75 million. that is according to espn outside the lines. espn says mickelson is not under a criminal investigation. federal law precludes him fromming legally culpable
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here. mickelson has been known for his gambling spirit. howard eskin will look into this coming up in sports. this is fox 29 sports, in one minute. good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies name a new president any macphail who won't take over until the end of the season. this is a time when he just waits and looks at what to to with this team. >> we really do want to watch listen read, you don't want to come in with too many preconceived notions. so i cannot help but watch some of the games and read, but at the same time you will try very hard to stay as open minded as you can. >> nothing has change for phillies, lets get to the ballpark. phillies leading four -one, but three run sixth inning and this is big hit by ramirez a double and, would you believe milwaukee comes back to beat phillies seven-four. why wouldn't you believe it. chris pronger ending his career with the eye injury has
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been since select for induction in the hockey hall of fame. he was 2,000 nhl mvp playing 18 years in the league. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. well, is there kim kanye courtney has kids but what about chloe? what her family for got that has many feeling sorry for perfect. >> kardashian family. >> yes. >> okay. this is a crowd participation piece, as i ask,. >> go ahead. >> i don't know somebody is talking to me i'm trying to do a tease somebody is telling me this is a tease. if bob kelly was a political comment taiter guess what favor bob kelly word wow use to describe the growing congestion in the new hampshire primary and republican field? >> i know, i know. >> jammo. >> jammo.
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blank >> reporter: put a little excitement in that mr. excitement, the traffic jam that is republican primary is starting to rival fort lee's at george washington bridge a couple septembers back.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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lights are on but problems are far from over for those hit hard from the storm from a
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week ago what they are doing to cover the costly clean up at this point. we will show what you this woman did to save herself and her baby, when she got lost in the woods. >> look at that little guy. >> so cute. >> ahh. >> good day, it is june 30th tuesday, 2015. >> that is right. >> how are you. >> doing well, how are you. >> good, good. >> yesterday's weather was a amazing. i was walking around town. i was just like yeah. >> when you walk around town and went yes, what do people say, there is a a crazy woman walking down chestnut. >> it wasn't too hot nice breeze it was just beautiful. >> did you dine outside. >> i did i went and had tea outside. >> yesy love having tea parties. >> you are such a high so tight lady. >> because i like to drink tea. >> dave warren, where are you takingal tokes lunch today. >> please make the nice out today. >> i read it is not right to put your pinky out but we won't tell anyone.
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>> i won't do that anymore i promise. >> i do it. >> we will walking around like this you will be looking for rain. either way, it is nice and comfortable this morning. temperatures not all that cool, not all that warm, just about right 70 degrees. a few showers and storms may try to work their way in the north and western suburbs later this morning mostly just showers, storms later that will be developing in this area here, north and western suburbs in the risk for strong to severe storms later today. stepping outside grab umbrella arc you may not feel like you need it now, temperatures in the mid to upper 60's, a few showers north and west later this morning. drop the scale a bit yesterday was a ten, today a seven, storms moving in later today and humidity starting to creep its way up. 69 degrees right now the relative humidity at 81 percent. cooler in the north and western suburbs and mid to low 60's, there is a 27 now in wildwood. warming up there. that is as warm as it will
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get. that wind off the ocean keeping temperatures down today. planner has storms developing for p.m. drive 78 degrees, a few showers and storms could be strong or even severe, for the afternoon drive what about this morning drive bob kelly. >> good morning dave. morning drive okay 6:32. live look at 295 as we roll southbound through that construction zone near the black horse pike. roads are dry right now but as dave mentioned this afternoon could be messy. grab your coffee and umbrella as you grab your keys and head out the front door. we are mid span of the girard point double decker bridge heading down toward philly international. philly international okay but as the day rolls on and those storms roll in all bets will be off. live look we're stack up single file, at vine street expressway. folks lined up to get first train out of the 30th street station or take schuylkill down toward philly international. our news van on the scene of the down tree, roll video on
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the overnight in belmont plateau at montgomery drive ape belmont avenue. crews are detoured around that right now. your best bet would be to use ford drive. already a jammo, on the schuylkill expressway. eastbound we are bumper to bumper from the blue route in through conshohocken. chris and alex, back to you a big announcement coming from new jersey governor chris christie. >> he is joining the 2016 presidential race. we all saw this coming. he will be the 16th republican to announce his candidacy. steve keeley is at the state house in trenton with the very latest on this, steve good morning. >> reporter: i'm sure you remember anchoring the news back in december when the big announcement from the christie family was we will sit and talk over the holidays meaning christmas and new years and deciding whether he will run for president. well, i guess holidays he meant not christmas and new years but fourth of july.
6:34 am
here we are, six months later the family okay with it i guess and maybe into overtime deliberations. his wife quit her high earning wall street job several weeks ago to campaign and fun raise for him. kids now out of will school. it may be a whole family summer up in new hampshire. it is not a phil mickelson size gamble, christie once thought wow get from all of the big donors from the republican party before bridge gate took a crime dog bite out of his popularity, momentum and fund raising but governor christie is betting it all on debate, town halls and small state of new hampshire to carry him to the republican nomination. >> i get accused a lot of times of being too blunt too direct, and saying is what on my mind just a little bit too loudly. i have an irish father and cyst sicilian mother. for those of you hooting, you
6:35 am
know what that means right. my mom was setting the rules and set the tone. no suffering in silence. you got a problem tell me. she would tell us every time she had a problem, to the point where it is like mom do we have to hear this. she would say yes i need to get it off in my chest right now. there would be no death bed confessionness this family. you will hear it now. >> governor christie will make his announcement at his old high school from the class of 1980 and leaving livingston high and head for new ham hire for a town hall up there at 6:00 o'clock tonight. he will stay in new hampshire this week too christie has been in new hampshire more than all of the other republicans except the former new york governor george pot tacky. new hampshire primary not until february, still eight months away. he may be in new hampshire more than he will be in new jersey the rest of the summer, fall and early winter. back in 2007, john mccain out spent, and out of money spent in most of his time in
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new hampshire over 150 town halls in the six months before the primary. he won it and then republican nomination. governor christie, of course, has done 136 town halls in his two terms as governor. he may end up doing more town halls up in new hampshire in the next eight months then he has done all of his time as governor of new jersey, how about that. >> yes. >> in a presidential campaign. >> fall out from the lack of his involvement with the clean up in south jersey and that is still continuing to dog him it might, on the campaign trail. >> true. steve, thanks. 6:36. staying with politics, nbc tells christie's republican rival donald trump he is fired for comments he made about mexican immigrants during his presidential announcement, nbc announced yesterday it was no longer airing the miss u.s.a. and miss universe pageants owned by trump. last week uni vision cut ties with trump and his pageants. trump referred to mexican immigrants as quote rapist,
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drug dealers and criminals his words not mine. trump is threatening legal "action news". in. bc is working with the producer of the celebrity apprentice to continue that show, without him. and let's talk about the democrats, shall we? here's a look the at current candidates former second of state hillary clinton is front runner but still full steam ahead for bernie sanders martin o'malley and former road identify land governor lincoln chaffe. breaking news at this hour military plane has crashed in indonesia so far at least 20 people have been confirmed dead. the independent nissan plane went down in the residential area, and new there were, the plane went down, minutes after taking off. pilot requested a turn back to the base, but the plane turn and hit a building. now the indonesia's third largest city with more than 3 million residents. coming up on 6:38 on this tuesday morning for you. an officer speed ago long 9500
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block of germantown avenue is in the hospital after crashing his car. police say the officer was off-duty. this happened just before 1:00. the officer was taken to the emergency room after smashing his vehicle in a tree. there is no word on his condition. we will check back on that story. philadelphia police said they have found a pregnant woman covered in blood after a shooting overnight in west oak lane. >> victim's unborn child did not survive, and this morning the mother is still fighting for her life. lets get to jenny joyce live with more details on what happened jenny. >> reporter: no motive at this point, alex and at this point we don't know who pulled the trigger. witnesses reported seeing two men at the scene. they both took off before police arrived. this shooting happened around 10:15 last night on the 7300 block of theron avenue in west oak lane have. police located two victims a 46 year-old man lying next to the dodge suv and three two-year old woman sitting in
6:39 am
the passenger seat of the vehicle. man had gunshot wound to both legs woman had a gunshot wound to the lower back both were taken to einstein medical center, ape that is when doctors realized would hand was four months pregnant. unborn baby was pronounced at 11:15 last night. woman was rush into surgery. police say at this point they don't have a motive for such a violent assault. >> several witnesses were interviewed by northwest detectives personnel who heard some sort of argument, we're not sure what it was about and then heard gunshots. northwest detectives and crime scene unit processed the scene that she was found in will be towed to the police garage for a thorough search and investigation. >> and police say they think both victims were outside the suv when struck by bullets. then woman climbed in the seat engine of the car was running, police think victims
6:40 am
were a couple, man was likely the father of the woman's unborn baby a and police tell us they don't know if the woman will make it, chris and alex. >> so terrible. >> jen thanks. 6:40. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has his veto pen ready as legislature prepares to send their budge tote him. wolf has said the republican plan does not include enough money for education. today lawmakers expect to vote on measures including privatizing the state's wine and liquor system. delaware governor expects a marathon session today as they try to agree on the budget. already budget writers are warning of severe cuts in non-profit groups and funding for fire fighters. legislators will begin debate this evening and expected to go through the night. they can all come to an accord. it has been a week and a day, or week to the day of the storm and residents finally have their power on. what some are doing to ease burden of those unexpect bills coming their way. dave? we are looking at more storms developing, here
6:41 am
today, i'll let you know where and when these storms could develop coming up in the complete forecast.
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hello, beatles. 6:43 is the time. the lights may be back on but communities in the area are
6:44 am
still feeling effects of last weeks storm big tuesday night storm from last week. >> matter of paying for the clean up is the issue. officials asked governor wolf to declare a state of emergency, that determination could lead to the release of federal dollars. they are still tallying up the costs and governor has yet to make a decision. >> residents in gibbstown are breathing a sigh of relife this morning power just restored after 6:00 after a week in the dark, but signs of damage are still highly visible with damaged home, all of the down trees and then, of course, down trees went in the power lines and that income out power. still some neighbors they have been relieved to get things back to normal restocking food, having working ac and moving back into their homes. >> all week, very relief that everything is back. tension were higher around here because everybody was just tired of this stuff. >> last night power was still out to a few hundred homes in
6:45 am
east greenwich pse&g the state's largest utility is sending 100 work tours south injuries think morning to help atlantic electric with these remaining homes a lot of people asking in new jersey however, dave, what took so long? here we are a week later. >> a week later and we're talking about more storms. it doesn't look like it did last week where we see widespread wind damage but there is possibility for severe storms later on today. stepping outside now it is cloudy fairly mild, close to 70 in philadelphia little cooler in the north and western suburbs. mid to upper 60's to the south. seventy-two in wildwood. warmer start. is there activity on the radar but these are light showers thunderstorm west of harrisburg all drifting to the north there. maybe some rain developing in the north and western suburbs that later this morning but by this afternoon to the northwest of philadelphia developing.
6:46 am
a slight risk now. it was marginal yesterday and been upgraded a bit and looks more impressive with the threat for severe weather in the western counties tonight. this afternoon and this evening. all of chester county threw up are montgomery, upper bucks and all of lehigh val any that risk for severe storms. timing, we will go hour by hour this morning, we will see these showers developing, maybe rumble of thunder later this morning, that area of rain that comes through. this is not severe weather we're expecting but it starts to fill in and get more active especially north and west by 1:30 to 2:00 o'clock. these strong storms will continue to move through but closer to sunset tonight it all wind down. it will be wednesday to mid afternoon, early evening when these storms develop. it is low pressure with the great lakes pulling up heat and humidity this will slowly slide to the northeast tomorrow. bringing a severe weather risk. it could be in part of the area tomorrow but we have to
6:47 am
keep storms in the forecast tomorrow afternoon. heading to the shore or are you already down there? moderate risk for rip currents. uv index is high, and looks like we're looking at temperature there in the 70's. 84 degrees today and then dropping down into the upper 60's overnight tonight, showers and storms will be ending this evening that wind is south at 10 miles an hour. seven day forecast has temperatures in the upper 80's tomorrow. showers and storms. it does continue to heat up. we will see a break from the rain thursday but holiday weekend here on friday and saturday well, starts off with a few showers and storms, not widespread, not a wash out this holiday weekend but fourth just has a chance for thunderstorms. sunday and monday sun and clouds both days temperatures climbing in the mid 80's. >> okay good dave, good morning everybody. 6:46 on this tuesday morning. we are seeing sun glare and
6:48 am
route delays. happy birthday to the corvette check out this puppy here. no this is not ken rottweiler, he drives a white porsche, but this is 62 years old, first corvette rolled off a assembly line. guess how much? 3200 bucks. >> that was a lot of money. >> suggested retail 3250. get a deal, coupons a couple of discounts. ride the corvette this morning. we have an accident on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike, on the westbound ramp to the northbound lanes of 476 northeast extension. so already delays heading west on that ramp to head north up toward the lansdale interchange. i found the down tree, a montgomery drive at belmont avenue and belmont plateau. our news van pulled up on the overnight. we told the city about it. we have a crew on the way. in the meantime folks are making u turns and pushed away. use ford road to get to martin
6:49 am
luther king drive. that belmont avenue montgomery drive intersection is short cut trying to get to the drive 30 begin with and a roid that detour. later on tonight weather permitting we will get a chance to see a free movie movie night bring popcorn and blanket, annie set to play at 8:30 along that new stretch of dilworth park. keep an eye to the sky. if you are heading down to the event or heading to ppl park for union game, make sure you have your our fox 29 news app to get any alerts with the thunder boomers on the way late are on today. some debris, that has caused a half dozen cars to get flat tires here, on the northbound side of i-95. i know what it feels like. i got a big old screw from my tire, last week. this is i-95 northbound right at allegheny avenue. here's exit for allegheny,
6:50 am
there is one of the vehicles that has a flat tire. few more down the ramp there. as you head north or southbound through these construction zones it is a tough call. you don't know until you start feeling the car flopping. northbound i-95 near allegheny avenue. chris and alex, back to you. after nearly eight seasons and, meme leaks says she's done. meme made the announcement, to people magazine. leaks says that her contract is up and she feels this is the right time to leave. she wants to spread her wings and do different things. you know that she's always doing something different. she probably feels like i'm past atlanta housewives. how about this on saturday kylie jenner shared this photo from sister chloe's 31st birthday party. she wrote three out of a kind, two of her sisters, were at festivity but she made no mention of chris their mom not being there.
6:51 am
>> i want todd see which one she was, is she white. >> i was than the seeing it but she has dark hair good there she is. >> on the right good what is she doing is she sticking out her chest and her -- >> she's showing off her curves. >> i guess you can call them curves. separate instagram from kris jenner, she wish her daughter happy birthday by writing happy, happy birthday. i thank god every single day i'm so blessed to have you as my daughter. >> don't you love kardashian news chris. >> what a waste. >> director of the new guardians of the galaxy film says number two will be a lot more emotional james gun says we will learn a lot about the fathers, actor chris pratt has already admitted to crying while reading that script. gun confirmed that the movie will be called guardians of the galaxy volume two. fox's new reality tv show beat
6:52 am
the champions aims to find out how average joe squares up a against star athletes. >> they will have a chance to win cash, while contestants have have have skills, determination will win them the money. there is a twist always a twist, the pros who really know what they are doing they will to have do things like give amateur a head start or one arm tied behind their back. we will see how that works out. be for champions airs tonight on fox and they could win a hundred thousand dollars. >> this rob and scottie pippin. >> can you imaging one on one against scottie pippin. >> what if you had one arm do you think you can beat home then. >> no. >> he has no arms. >> 6:52 this woman made a wrong turn and was all alone until her baby decided i'm ready to see the world and
6:53 am
couple out. e what happens here.
6:54 am
6:55 am
i forget her name. >> got to love carlos santana. >> yes. >> all right. so, a wild beginning for a mother and her new born baby. this is in california. it all started with a wrong
6:56 am
turn. >> so amber, a says that she started having contractions and decided to use short cut to get to her parents house. however she got lost in the national forest. >> plymouth national for necessary northern california. >> and only had a little gas and no cell phone services. >> so all alone yeah, she gave birth to her daughter marisa on the side of the road and for the next few days they were stranded in the woods. can you imagine living on water and apples and fighting off bees and mosquitoes the whole time. >> the baby came out. they were trying to get placenta and i'm's trying not to get her trying to sting her and i got stung trying to keep them from the baby because they were wanting the placenta. >> amber finally managed to torch dry brush and started a fire. crews saw flames and rescued the mom and little baby. >> my goodness like a episode of survivor. >> unbelievable. >> amazing story can you imagine, let me tell you how
6:57 am
you came into this world. >> yeah, we saved it on video there you go, here are news reports. >> crazy. >> 6:57. we hear talk of parasites in pools. doctor mike will join news a few minutes to tell us everything we need to know to stay safe this um iser. cdc issues a new warning.
6:58 am
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chris christie is promising to tell it like it is in his first presidential campaign video but can the rest of the country handle his tough talk. and movie killer escape david sweat pails in comparison to what he had planned, he is talking and we will tell you why he struck out on his own. what police found inside this mt. airy home shock seasoned veterans of the force, a woman in her 80's brutally murdered and how the whole community is aiding in the investigation. good morning. 7:00 o'clock on this tuesday june 30th, last day of june. >> let's go out with a bang. >> weather is not cooperating. >> we have an extra second tonight, do whatever you want to do. >> you get a extra second, i is in the 7:00 o'clock hour to keep track of the sunsetting and all that extra second. somebody said, that is amount of time somebody beeps the horn behind you when


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