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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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not in the clear just yet. more bad weather coming today. possibly. >> police find the car after woman brutally murdered in mt. airy. investigators find what they think is the murder weapon, but, still searching for the murder. full of gimmick. how republicans are defending their proposal. good day everyone, it is wednesday, the first day of july, 2015 hi, lauren don johnson. >> welcome to the show. >> did you get any sleep. >> little bit. >> so loud at my house. >> with the storms? >> oh, my goodness. it was craze. >> i i didn't hear any of t i sleep hard though. >> do you really? >> yes, i have to. >> you have clear conscious. if you sleep that well, there is nothing up there keeping you up at night. >> people that tell me that i don't get it, when they're like i was laying in bed thinking about -- this is not the time to think. , no, not with me. dave warren, do you have that problem? kids busy running around the
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house? >> i'm out all night. in fact, i didn't get woken up by the storms because i was already here chris tracking everything. >> no, come on, in all seriousness? what time did you come in? >> right before the storms started. goat in about 2:00, 2:30, yes. i knew it was coming. i had heads up. >> okay, these are gone now that's the good thing the storms are gone, these are what came through last night becomes 2:00 in the morning very heavy rain, severe storms, with even some hail, and gusty winds. this is just the last bit of rain we're dealing with, light to moderate rain from allentown, south through philadelphia, and into south jersey. now there is will clear out. even though the rain stopped there still could be some flooding ponding on roadways, poor drainage areas, take a while for all of the rain to clear out. it is moving, back edge, pushed through just few lingering showers there moving through maryland. likely will fall apart pushing east. northeast extension, still heavy rain right around allentown, little farther south, it is through montgomery county, breaking up into pottstown all of
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chester, lancaster county, clearing up now little farther south in philadelphia, well, we are seeing this at light to moderate rain, move through the city now. saw the little break-in new jersey move through. now it is clearing out. >> this goes all the way down through new jersey, but there is wilmington, about to clear up. so the rains about done for the rush hour there is morning, at least, can't say completely dry today. as the rain clears out, get that cooler air coming in. little cooler, warmer breeze, with the cool air aloft than kicks off these showers, just few isolated showers by about 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon not severe. not widespread flooding rain like we're seeing this morning, or did see this morning. so, flood advisories in effect until 6:15 even though the rain's about to clear out still another hour, where this advisory is in effect, not warning for widespread river flooding, but, a lot of roadways, and poor drainage areas in this highlighted region, could still see some flooding. take limb extra time headed out the door this morning with the rain gone, don't need
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the rain gear, it is muggy, it is humid but the temperatures are only into the mid 70s the storms are ending now, nice, comfortable here, later this afternoon as we do start to dry out. so, we will call it a seven today. not because the rain coming through now but improving drying out so put it as a seven. not all that bad by this afternoon. seventy, with that relative humidity pretty hyatt 87%. that's the current temperature, and we have the rain clearing out lunchtime we are warm again, and breezy day this afternoon with temperature up to 88 degrees. soap still a lot of problems on not only the roadways, but mass transit. for that we go to bob kelly. >> good morning everybody 5:03 since about 2:00 we've been dealing with mother nature fury. we have the thunder, the lightning, fatal accident on the schuylkill, and downed power lines on septa regional rails. let's begin here, with the schuylkill expressway. we're right around 3:00 nasty
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accident occurred, leaving two people dead, and another person at a local hospital. this is a live look at the westbound schuylkill only one lane open right at montgomery drive. now, let's roll video from the news van when we arrived to the scene of this crash. that initially was called out as a vehicle fire. that is what is left of the car. sounds like it was a one-car crash. again, two people confirmed dead. third person, at a local hospital. right now, as we go back to our live camera, only the left lane open here. obviously with a fatal crash an investigation underway. so leaving town right now your best bet give yourself some extra time with only one lane, or maybe use the schuylkill the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive. now, that heavy rain that came through, flooding on the schuylkill expressway, east to con show who is end, right lane block about four different spots where the drains are all clogged. flooded out at belmont avenue, eastbound, that right lane right underneath the manayunk
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railroad bridge there. traffic light out at 38th and route 130. here is the latest from septa. two of their busy regional rail lines suspended at the moment because of amtrak power issues. no power on the airport line. no power on the wilmington line. some good news. the paoli line is back up and running, but expect some delays right out of the gate, all due to amtrak power issues, of course, that comes with all of the thunder and lightning and major storms up and down that northeast corridor. we'll check the rest of the roads, and keep ion mass transit, we'll come back in a couple every minute with another update. chris, lauren, over to you. >> check this out. viewer snapped picture of funnel cloud forming in allentown last night several people in that area will be on clean up duty after last night's stormy weather nearly 20,000 customers in the lehigh valley warren county, lost power after a wave of thunderstorm blew through the region. >> thankfully that number down to 2300.
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officials expect full power restoration in the coming days, steve keeley now live in whitehall township, one of the areas officials say was the hardest hit steve? >> well, it is getting hit still. it is pouring out here. and i've been up since 1:15, at least. and i've been in rain since then. it hasn't stopped now. i went from new jersey to here we got caught in that horrific back up, and fatal crash on the schuylkill. and i had tweeted that probably we were hydroplaning, once we got out of there, it was powering out, there were thunderstorms, right before that accident, and right at the time of the accident. and i was telling people, two hand on the wheelment look how heavy it is raining. stay on the rain, greg, before you get to the scene of the tree here. just to gave you a idea, these are big raindrops so where ever you are driving today you got to go slower, because these big puddles on the side of the even highways, where all of the drains get clogged make you hydroplane. don't be surprised if you hear that was the cause that far accident, because in the
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middle of the night, not a lot of people driving. you could be going 06 miles per hour, your car will go airborne, that awful crash we went by it and that car was on fire. it was definitely, you can tell bob, one car crash and it took out the concrete median, i have still pictures of you want to use it, bob but we went by there just awfulment then eve after once we got by it, hydroplaning, saw another accident, just further up by gladwynn, after that. so people were still hydroplaning, not learning from that fatal accident. so here we are now up in lehigh county, hit and still being hit now, a lot of people lost their roof, and now the water's going through the roof. this is very heavy rain summer tv known from reruns, but usually the same show does not run on consecutive tuesdays, but exactly one week to the hour from last tuesday's devastating storm our viewing area got slammed again with another. you are seeing some of the similar pictures we showed you after last week's storm. just as power was finley restored to all of those
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atlantic city customers late yesterday, customers two hours west up here in the allentown area got a feel for what they witnessed only on tv last week trees down, power out rooftops off and in a new twist, hail that look like pingpong balls or golf balls bouncing off their cars, and then slowing down the street like snow and slush. soap chris lauren, june now, among the nominees for wildest weather month of the year, and ending with a exclamation point yesterday. when we see it next, we'll let you hear from residents up here, let you know what they suffered through, are still suffering with now with this downpour this morning. >> yes remember may was so far behind with rainfall, the last day of may, boy june had a cents just been month of crazy weather. steve, thanks. >> new details this morning on the murder of an elderly philadelphia woman. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live at police headquarters with more on this story for us. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris, lauren, well, police are making some progress in this case, yesterday they did recover the victim's 2007
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toyota corolla from stillman street in north philadelphia. police say the car was stolen, and used to help the murder err get away, in addition to the car sources tell fox 29, investigators, also found what they believe is the murder weapon, a ten-inch butcher knife, in a alley behind a church on the 6900 block of stenton avenue, about a half mile from the murder scene in east mt. airy. eighty-five year old regina bruner was found dead inside her home monday morning after officers were called to check on her. the woman was beaten, her throat slashed. there were no signs of forced entry. her home was not ran sacked. now, with the recovery of a weapon, and the victim's vehicle, police are hoping they can uncover some clues about who was behind this hain us murder, they believe they've established a motive. >> it does appear the motive was robbery. several things are missing from the residence, i won't speak about what they are but we know several things were missing. right now cast gore eyeing it as a robbery. >> it was very brutal.
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i mean, we have eight a year old woman she was beaten, she was stabbed multiple times. it was very tragic, and hopefully we will get to the bottom of it very quickly. >> reporter: police are also looking for surveillance video in the area where that car was recovered. hoping that maybe they can catch a glimpse of the murder, as he ditched the vehicle. we talked to several of miss bruner's neighbors tell us they are sad, they are angry there is senseless horrifying act of violence happened to their friends in their neighborhood, and that the killer remains on the loose this morning. chris, lauren? >> so sad. jenny joyce thanks so much. >> 5:10 the time. new jersey governor chris christie will spend the rest of the week in new hampshire build being support for his presidential campaign. >> yesterday the governor returned to his high school in livingston to make formal announcement that he is seeking the gop nomination. he found 14th republican to enter the race. political analysts say he's got tough road ahead of him. christy promised his tough talking approach would be a benefit to americans.
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i'm not looking to be the most popular guy who looks in your eyes every day and tries to figure out what you want to hear say it, and then turn around and do something else. when i stand up on a stage like this, in front of all of you, there is one thing you will know for sure. i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america needs right now. >> meanwhile the already crowded republican field of 14 is only expected to grow next month. at least two more candidates are expected to jump into that race next month. >> two more. >> yes. christy has long way to go. the latest cnn pole from may shows he had just 5% of likely voters, in the gop would vote for him. 15% for jeb bush. so he has a long way to go there. >> he once was a viable candidate, he sort of lost that. new details of hillary clinton , top aides new about this as earl ace 2009. >> state department release bad 3,000 pages of clinton's emails, among them, an age row questions for her e-mail
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address to give to chief of staff, rom emanuel. show the clinton's center received at least 12 messages in 2009, on her private e-mail server, that were later classified confidential by the us government. now, this news comes as the presidential race is of course swinging into gear, and we also mention jeb bush. he went back and released all his tax returns from the past, what? decades? so now it will be compelling perhaps hillary clinton to divulge more, and this of course is the backdrop. all of this timing get interesting with 16 months to go until election day right? deadline comes and goes. greece fails to repay a loan, with the crisis there means for us here in the u.s. >> and he was fired. now, donald trump is firing back. with a lawsuit which network the candidate is after, how much he plans to sue them for.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> rocking out, love it. >> i thought we were going to play some lauren music? they decided this is lauren's music? none of those people, i
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just want to know, is this what they upstairs think is my music? >> no, they upstairs know great music. let's just leave it at that. >> okay, you have a story to tell us. before you tell it, can you just keep it brief? because your stories sometimes go long. >> oh, like my uncle jean stories? >> okay. >> over and over and over -- >> make it the quick version. >> so i try to go to bed at a decent area. i sleep way upstairs, door shut, light out. so at 7:00 my son knocks on the door. >> okay? >> mommy, aaron and the dog went for a walk and they're not back yet. like they'll be back. then at 8:00 he's more anxious, another knock. >> okay? >> by 9:15 this two and a half hour dog walk has everyone concerned. my son streaming tears put on my pants shirt walk outside. they walk up. >> at 9:00. >> at 9:21 at night because they were talking with the neighbors. let me tell you something, the
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suburbs, forget center city, they rock. you can go just house party house party house party all summer long. she went partying with the neighbors, i got a son crying. >> and you had to get up and go rescue them. >> so i had about three hours sleep. so today can be cra cra. >> and then the thunder hits. the thunder hit at 2:00 so wakes me up again. >> the stories, i tell you now you see never short version to the store. >> i now we're out of town. back to you. >> sorry. >> ya. >> indulge me. >> that's very concerning, that could be a concern. three-hour dog walks you know? >> ya. >> twenty minute story. >> four hour story for three hour dog walk. >> i'll shut up now. >> that's how it goes. storm we dealt with last night, cleared out. the strongest storms, moving up through new england but not done with the rain yet. still heavy rained around the
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lehigh valley going right along the northeast corridor down through philadelphia and south jersey but it is moving. so the rain will be clearing out here within the next hour still flooding concerns, poor drainage areas will take a while to clear up. so watch the roadways this morning. specially before that sun comes up. just about 30 minute away, can't really see flooded roadways, until the sunrise comes up. so the rain coming through the lehigh valley, there is the heaviest rain, pushing through allentown, now. >> flood advisories in effect, heavier rain mopt gum are you county being continuing to push east, still rain across philadelphia and fine already our radar tour here the back edge moving through south jersey delaware all clear. now, this goes right into the computer forecast, you see where it picks up the heaviest rain it, moves it out by about 8:00. so seeing that break now. mostly dry today showers popping up, later this afternoon, these are pop up
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showers, not severe, not widespread flooding rain still can't rule out a raindrop or two by about 3:00 or 4:00 today. flood advisories until 6:15 this morning, all across this green area. that's because of all of the rain that's come down. intersections, poor flooded roadways, could take a while to clear up. so we keep it dry by later this morning storms end everything clears out, and we are looking at a seven here on our scale of one to ten. seventy, that sun coming up at 5:36. but talking about the planner here, we have the rain ending this morning for the rush hour at lunch we are at 83 degrees, with partly cloudy skies, quickly warms up, still bit muggy though. and by the p.m. drive temperatures up to 88. bit breezy, again we real can i not rule out a passing shower here throughout the afternoon or evening. so that is the big story that's where we end it here right now. looking like the rain clears out, just nice, and comfortable here. by this afternoon, bit warmer.
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now, we keep eye on the weekend forecast, i'm have that coming up at the seven day, just a little later but all of the roadway all of the water on the roadway still causing problems out there. let's get update from bob? >> good morning 5:20, yes rough go here this morning especially on the schuylkill expressway. here's the latest, with that fatal accident, it happened about 3:00 this morning. westbound lanes of the schuylkill, right at montgomery drive, one car accident, car burst into flames, police have confirmed two dead, one the third person at a local hospital. here is a live look at the scene. let's roll video from the news van, on the scene right after the accident happened, again police and fire had the westbound lanes closed for about a half hour. now, of course, when there is a fatal crash, the investigation takes a little longer. let's go back to our live cameras again getting ready to leave center city right now headed west on the schuylkill, only the one lane open. you can see we're inching along, at only about 5 miles
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an hour, flooded out east on the schuylkill, between conshy and gladwynn, the right lane flooded out also, right lane taken out with high water on the schuylkill right underneath that manayunk railroad bridge. traffic light out along route 130 at 38. here is the late west septa. two of it regional rail lines suspended this morning no service on the airport line, no service on the wilmington line. paoli thorndale line running but expect delays, all of that because of amtrak power issues. as dave just showed us, heavy band of storms, continuing to move through our area, this is a live look at route 100 at route 113, again that heavy rain quickly ponding on the roadways. and causing some flooding. and a downed tree, westbound route 30, the bypass, at route 30 in chester county. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. fall out donald trump faces over negative remarks he made about immigrant continues and he's now trying to suit spanish language network uni vision.
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his 500 million-dollar lawsuit claims breach of contract. uni vision and nbc decided not to air the miss usa pageant because of trump's derogatory remarks, says un uni have i continued on him it supports hillary clinton's candidacy. charity golf tournament set to be played at trump owned resort in puerto rico canceled their plans. >> 5:22 the time. time has been running out for grease grows for some time. as the country's international bailout program now has officially expired. greece also defaulted on nearly $2 billion loan to the international monetary fund tuesday becoming the first developed country to miss payment to the ims. as grease's financial situation grows more dire, every day, officials have taken drastic steps to avoid losing more cash. actually closing banks for the week. the next step for grease, national vote, schedule for this coming sunday. now the greeks will decide whether the government should except painful cutbacks, known as osterity, in return for
5:23 am
more money from the european union. >> last day of the fiscal year tom wolf vetoed republican crafted budget veal. first in more than five months in office. and the first full spending veto in pennsylvania, in more than four decades. the governor suggested the gop's budget would never pass, in the business world saying, quote, if i took a budget that's look anything like this to my bank, though have thrown me out of the office. republicans defend the legislation saying it was an alternative to attacks increase. down in delaware, bill has been passed. allowing driving privilege to immigrant, who filed state income tax returns for the last two years. also applies to foreigners who have lived in the state and have been claimed as a dependent. governor jack markell signed legislation last night it takes effect in six months. 5:23, jet blue joining its competitors in a way to negatively affect you. while you travel. we'll tell you what they are asking for you to pay for now. >> something else.
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♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. >> bad news if you plan to travel, jet blue, charging a bag fee. yep it will charge $25 per checked bag only applied to new bookings existing reservations still get one free bag. >> president obama takes on a new battle, it is called over time. >> yes, so he says, he want to make sure that you have more money. he's unveiled his plan. he unveiled it to expand the
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government's role who gets over time. >> seems now employers are only required to pay over time to employee who works 40 hours a week, and makes less than $23,000 a year. the president's plan, would expand that raising the top income to be eligible for over time pay to a little over $50,000. the critics say businesses will suffer. the bill follows a presidential directive, and barring congressional intervention it is said to take effect in 2016. >> 5:27. universal pre k has long been a push for many education advocates in philadelphia. and coming up next, we'll take a look at who the mayor has named to newly formed commission focused on that issue. >> and driver in an s.u.v. buses through a gate, and barely makes it across a draw bridge. what was doing behind the wheel, right before the bridge went up.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit
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your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> a week after a storm left some in the dark for a week another storm rolls through. now people in the lehigh valley without power. more on the damage and clean upcoming up. >> church fires in the south raising concerns after nine people were shot and killed in a historic black church in charleston. how is now involved in the investigation to get more answers into the alleged arson. >> booze and boats, don't mix. how penndot is preparing to send that strong message ahead of the holiday weaken. good day everybody, today is hump day wednesday. it is also the first day of july. >> yes? >> it is already off to wet
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and soggy start. >> what are you doing for the fourth of july? do you ever barbeque or do you leave that to your dad? >> i leave that to the professionals. usually every fourth of july i'm out in vegas like chris where are you going, vaguest this year everybody naked out. so i have no plans, and i'm kind of feeling a little like -- >> come on over to the murphy house. we'll hang out. >> to the bushes? where the neighbors hang out like rock stars? >> you might be shock. >> i don't know if i'm ready for that. >> get all of this junk out of here. >> this area of rain will be gone but then we have to look at the next area of rain, that could come in this weekend. so maybe not completely dry weekend, but not wash out. certainly a wash out on the roadways this morning, a loft flooding problems, and that watt letter take a while to drain. take a little extra time before you step out this morning, still some flood problems on many roadways, despite the fact that the radar is clearing up now. last of this heaviest rain, moving through the lehigh valley, about to push into north jersey, some steadier light rain, all the way down
5:32 am
through allentown, but see it is clearly moving. the storms are gone. this is just some light to maybe moderate rain. focus on the moderate rain there, that yellow, just north of allentown along the northeast extension there and 78. that will continue to push into northampton county. and back edge is moving through western lehigh county. so this is almost done. right through philadelphia here and delaware county, just light rain. heaviest rain pushing in to northeast philly. now little closer view, you can see that center city drying out but still some light lingering showers upper darby. philadelphia, light rain moving to the northeast, about to push over the a.c. expressway, and move up the parkway, but this is the last of it. still, some flooding, even though the rain's done here about 53 looking at some flood advisory in effect until 6:15. the water not quite draining from a lot of the roadways there. so a lot of poor drainage areas seeing some flooding continuing here for at least the next hour. the rain's gone.
5:33 am
before you you dress the kids outside, may not need the rain gear. muggy though. >> yep. that he our friends muggy. told to put that in by soup, on vacation, she left me specific instructions, when it is muggy put the dog n7 today. not quite to up tarnation but not bad either. despite the rain we had this morning, look to be nice afternoon. light breeze out of the south-southwest 7 miles per hour, sun expected to come up in about three minutes. heavy rain this morning clears out for the rush -- rush, warm and humid at noon, few showers, but not even putting in the forecast. dealing with a lot of water on the roadway, what's that mean for the commute? >> rough start already here, 5:33, good wednesday morning, everybody. we had early morning accident. vehicle fire that turned fatal for two people here on the schuylkill expressway. here is a live look, at the westbound schuylkill expressway. one lane open. rolling video from the news
5:34 am
van, we pull up to the scene accident happened early this morning, started out as one car crash that vehicle burst into flames. police have confirmed two people dead, a third person taken to a local hospital. and obviously that investigation underway. a loft emergency crews here on the scene and look at the back up, already leaving center city, bumper to bumper, out to montgomery drive. if you are getting ready to leave the house right now your best bet, avoid the schuylkill, and use either the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive. whatever drive you do happen to used to, make sure you're aware that with the heavy rain, there is a lot of drains that are clogged out there this morning. that of course has led to ponding, has led to number of accidents throughout the morning. problems on septa's regional railings. amtrak power issues because of
5:35 am
the storms up and down the northeast corridor, no service this morning on the airport line, no service on the wilmington line. paoli, service is back, but expect delays for the first couple of trains. we've had flooding on the schuylkill at conshy, flooding at belmont mainly right lanes, where the drains are clogged, and getting word now after accident, and defective traffic lights, route 38 and 130, they call that the airport circle over there in south jersey. and west conshy, all of the rain that we had another mud slide blocking balligomingo road, blocked this morning, so traffic diverted onto route 320. i just check with the airport no delays at the moment. so the first flights liking like they are okay, but the storms throughout the counsel croy have domino effect on air travel, so check with the airline before you head to the airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> as you said, clean up continues throughout the lehigh val. >> i as renmant of super cell thunderstorm brought down trees, and power lines fox 29's stove keeley live in whitehall township with more on that damage.
5:36 am
hype steve. >> reporter: bit of good news, at least no more gale force winds, golf ball size hail coming down, just good old miserable rain. you college kids watching at home that just graduated when those four year degrees that aren't going to get awe job in english lit, art anthropology, may want to take out another loan to make you lots of money. buy or start a tree removal business or sidewalk repair company or with a minor in roof repair. power company crews raking in the over time, hopefully they'll actually get a break and a well earned well deserved full three day holiday weekend starting friday, for the fourth every july after seeing early too close to the ground fire work shows this week all over our viewing area with transformers, transmission lines, and power polls exploding. >> the storm is nothing like i've ever seen before ever in my life. >> mother nature was very angry, i guess.
5:37 am
>> the hail was coming down. it was raining. we probably gotti don't know how many inches of rain. never seen it before. it was like a hurricane. >> you can imagine with golf ball size hail sounds like hitting your car. my neighbor had actually called me, told my me, part of my live was gone. >> nothing i ever heard before. it was scary, it was very scary. >> well, before leaving chris, lauren, i went over to dave warren's neat desk, i peaked at dave's long-range forecast for fourth of july. swarms of locust to come next in the wild weather here, only starting its second, six month half today the second, six months, have to be better with the first six, with the winter we suffered through now all of this. >> two winters not just last winter, the winter before was rough, too with the record snowfall. steve, thanks. >> all right. >> universal pre k has long been push for many education advocate. coming up we'll take a look hot mayor has name to newly formed commission. >> church fires in the south
5:38 am
raising very serious concerns after nine people of course were shot from the historic black church in charleston. who is now involved in a investigation to get more answers into the alleged arson.
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> fringes of fires at black churches have the eye of the atf, fbi. several churches set to flame.
5:41 am
target the places in tennessee, south carolina, north carolina, even ohio. police say it soon to tell if the church in south carolina was arson, but emergency of the church not buying t so far none of the fires have been named as such. >> philadelphia's youngest residents may start school earlier than ever. >> meyer michael nutter announced universal pre k yesterday. commission will look at the cost and staffing needs to provide education to every single three and four year old in our city. >> to be clear it will be no simple task, we didn't arrive at this moment without some challenges, our goals remain ambitious, as they should be. but, this is a real opportunity to do right by our children, and i'm fully confident that in working together, we will ultimately get it right. >> the commission will meet monthly until they smith draft report to the mayor in january. >> 5:42, the holiday weekend
5:42 am
nearly here. penndot wants to keep everyone safe, not just on the roads but also on the water. >> this morning they'll kick off their anti-boating while drinking campaign. there will be a simulation of person voting while drinking, and then, being arrested: us coast guard state police, and philadelphia police will also be there to promote enforcing no drinking, while driving or boating effort. >> the phillies got washed out by more than just the rain last night they got beat by the brewers yet again. meanwhile, they're fate ago big future. talking about team changes with
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>> ♪ ♪ >> 5:45, on this wednesday morning. and look at those are they the low clouds dave warren was talking about? >> low clouds, mist, so, yes that's what we're dealing with right now. so trying to clear out lit -- little bit. that is the mugginess. you may not see the rain any more. that's on it way out. the strongest storms, that was about few hours ago this is just light to moderate rain, it is swinging through and clearing out a lot of the water down from yesterday and early this morning that will take a while to drain from a the low of the poor drainage areas, roadways, and intersections. take little extra time, this morning, you could quickly come up to some standing water on a loft roadways. it is moving out close up
5:46 am
view, show you the lehigh valley, back edge now just about to move over the northeast extension through montgomery county, rain still coming down bucks county, just few light showers here. close up view shows that few spotty showers pick up by the radar, in philadelphia, and delaware county. south jersey, is clearing up, it is right along the parkway now about to move through atlantic city just light rain here. now, the next hour or so swings through, more or less out. with keel air aloft, get the heating of the day. that will could kick off these showers. just few light isolated showers, mainly north and west of philadelphia, but passing shower likely, certainly not severe like yesterday, certainly not giving us a lot of rain, which will lead to flooding like bee saw early this morning. mid 60s and lower 70s, it is muggy, though, it is very
5:47 am
humid out there, a lot of the watt their came down with the rain, still in the atmosphere so bit muggy to start the day r as soon as we get sunshine, will push up to the 80s today. talk about the holiday weekends, storms moving out. we are getting some dry air in from the north. nice and clear here over the great lakes. all the way through pretty much all of our area, still some rain to the south. this will be on thursday. and storm moving along this boundary here, could pass by, not only thursday night to early friday, but again friday night to early saturday, so maybe some light rain, especially through the south before it all pushes out, and clears out, by the end of the holiday weaken here, so moth complete wash out. we do have to put some rain in the forecast, not only to the south, on thursday, to friday, but again friday to saturday, some morning rain, especially south of the city, temperatures will be a little cooler, only into the upper 70s, saturday, sunday we clear out, mix of sun and clouds, monday, and tuesday, into the mid 80s again. few showers back in the forecast, on tuesday.
5:48 am
roadways let's check in with bob. >> hey, dave. depending upon where you begin and end your trip, obviously some left over delays, and obviously some areas still getting hit with the rain, as he just showed us on doppler. here is the latest from septa. there has been some changes we kind of re-rack the deck here service suspended now on the paoli-thorndale line. because of downed wires. that is an update. that is the bad news part of the update. the good news is that the airport and wilmington lines service has been restored, but looking anywhere upward of one hour delays, on the two lines here, where service has been restored, more so hour delay on the wilmington line, airports little less than that but service suspended right now on the paoli thorndale line, due to downed wires, and that's all part of the amtrak power issue that we've been telling you about with those storms that came through on the overnight. here is a live look at the fatal accident right now on the schuylkill expressway, westbound, only the left lane is open. as you approach montgomery
5:49 am
drive, an accident happened about 3:00 this morning, it was a one-car crash right around the time those heavy storms were coming through with the thunder and the lightning and the heavy downpours, unfortunately, two people confirmed dead, a third person recovering at a local hospital. but, let's go to our next jam cam here. we are bumper to bumper to bumper leaving philadelphia heading west on the schuylkill expressway. if you are coming through town, or leaving town, right now, and trying to get west, your best bet using either the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive and then those drives, watch it, how curvey they are, you have the downed trees branches, possibly some flooding in the right lanes around the drains. we had the same situation on the schuylkill expressway at conshy, and at belmont. both of those high water situations have receded so okay there. but an accident and traffic light out along route 38 at route 130 and close in the west conshy along balligomingo road, all of the heavy rain
5:50 am
bringing down mud slide blocked at route 23, probably shall for the next couple of days chris lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. phillies have new president nbanhl opened free agency today, sixers and flyers look to rebuild. so what franchise do you have the most confidence in? going forward? >> let's ask big daddy graham. let's go start with the big four teams go one to ten, ten being most confident. start with the phillies, so much going on with them now. >> oh, this is how we're doing it because i actually put them in order and as you can see my scribble, the order is changed five times in the last five minutes. >> go where you want to go, my man. >> right now i'm the least confident in phils. i like every move they made. i did including getting rid of the insane thing where mccann on would be the interim coach to maybe this weekend, they fixed that. i like macphail, i love that hire. i like what i've seen in in
5:51 am
middleton so far. all first impressions, i like all of the moves they made. but wow they're in a hole. so they would be the least confident. followed by, and i notice been a while followed by the eagles. and until i see bradford, on that field really producing and playing great i'm shaky about them. i'm not even sure who he is throwing it to. they don't have a star wide receiver, even in bradford, is great. so for next year, and i don't know how long kelsey going to hang around either, i got the eagles so far at third. right now i got the sixers at second. think about this now if embiid did turn out to be something special, and you goat noel, you got okay for now, there is a team that could cause some damage. they really could. if they just bring in one guard, and if brown is the guy that can figure out how to make this three headed monster
5:52 am
work, they could be something to be reckoned w but the team is just so bizarre that i'm saying about a team that hasn't won a stanley cup since 1975. but, i like ron hextall a lot. and i believe they do have the goaltender. and you know that sport lauren chris, it is a wacky sport. your goaltender gets hot. when you go into the playoffs, you can really make some damage. i keep changing the order every five minutes. the phils i know are in last, right now even though i love the moves they've made, they are just in a serious hole that's going to take a lot of getting out of. after that, it is almost a coin flip. but it is a great question. it really is. >> i was going to say he could take all of those cards just throw them up until the air and pick one. >> exactly right, lauren? we have no idea what will happen. we have to clock our fingers chip kelly made good decisions in the off season we'll see in the fall. and the six letters win more than they lost.
5:53 am
>> i know chris is happy. i know chris is hey, of course nick foles isn't here. >> exactly right. >> we've got sanchez. >> bradford, i got barkley. >> oh, wait, tim tebow. >> tebow forgot about tebow, how can i forget tebow? >> big daddy do you have a dvd -- >> did i that show about my dad, it is right here, last call, for those of you who did not get a chance, to see the last performance of this show, it is now on dvd. go to big daddy graham. com. there are 5,000 on ebay, but 20 bucks at big daddy graham. com. >> big dad say big deal. thank you so much. >> we love you. >> big daddy mentioned the new phillies team president andy macphail. he'll be in our studio coming up this morning about 7:30. do you have a question for mr. macphail? use the #fox29goodday. he will be here as we said right around 7:30 this morning. it is a good guest for us to talk with him, what he sees for the future team. >> coming up driver in an s.u.v. buses through a gate,
5:54 am
barely makes it through a draw bridge. what he was doing behind the wheel right before that bridge went up. we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep. (vo) change your sleep. change your life. change to tempur-pedic.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone. driver in florida happy to be around after he hurds recalled right over opening draw bridge. scene played out in palm beach. the driver was looking at his jps, did you see that not the road, did not see the draw bridge in front of him. the result, you can see police say, it could have been a lot worse.
5:57 am
>> stay folk you dollars implication action, he hit it at different time, rammed p upped went up talking about fatal accident. >> well the bridge closed for five hours crews replaced the traffic arm the driver plowed right through. >> cloe call. >> hail, lot of flooding, and we're in the in the clear just yet. more bad weather could be coming, dave warren has more on your forecast, plus police finds the car after woman who was brutally murdered in mt. airy, and investigators find what they think is the murder weapon. still searching for her killer. live report coming up at 6:00. chris, alec, up next on good day.
5:58 am
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>> we could see more trouble. >> the search continues for the person who beat and murdered an elderly woman inside her east mt. airy home. lot of storms over night, as womenment so of course provide you more information about the damage that we saw from overnight. >> and, pope francis' visit to philadelphia get closer. and we now know some of the details about his schedule, where you can see the holy father during his time in our city. let's hope he has better weather than what we see right now when he is here in late september. >> i was thinking of that, just hoping, i can't imagine what it would be like if we


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