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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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boardwalk. that's the place to be to kick off the holiday weekend for sure sure. >> and taking a live look at route 42 and the ac expressway. really? traffic does not look bad at all right now. >> i think everybody left yesterday. >> i think you might be right. maybe now is the time to head out if you're kind of waiting to see. no question lots of people on the go this holiday weekend. good friday evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm brad sattin in for chris o'connell tonight. eighths big weekend. the question on everyone's mine is the weather going to cooperate for us scott? >> brad and dawn, we have few hiccups in the holiday weekend forecast. but stepping outdoors on this friday evening it's pretty comfortable. we have mostly cloudy skies out there. but it's going to be fine for firework tonight or even throwing something on the grill across the area. however, this is what we're keeping tabs on for the fourth of july. thicker clouds as well as some rain. you can see it in parts of virginia and west virginia and it will continue to head in our direction. so as we talk a little bit about the timing you can see by midnight it's mostly cloudy and dry across the area. but by dawn tomorrow we are
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keeping tabs on showers especial especially developing north and west. lancaster, reading allentown the pocono mountains that rain will start to fill in around the philadelphia area by mid to late morning. down the shore wildwood, cape may ocean city atlantic city looking at some scattered showers and then during the late afternoon that rain should start to pull out and that will mean better conditions for fireworks displays in the evening. but take look at the temperatures right now in center city. 81 degrees. pretty comfortable if you're stepping outdoors. really no weather worries tonight. so get outdoors and enjoy thing. 73 degrees by 11:00. so the bottom line for tomorrow, if you're in the city, down the shore, or the pocono mountains you will be dodging scattered showers from time to time. a high in the city of 76 degrees. 74 down the shore. and the poconos only in the upper 60s. take look at that forecast high for tomorrow. if we hit 76 degrees, it will be the coolest fourth of july we have seen in several years. that means typical highs this
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time of year are close to 90 degrees. so enjoy the cooler fourth of july tomorrow. we'll have much more on that entire weekend forecast coming up. back to you. >> all right, we'll check in with you shortly. let's check out welcome america festivities a huge block party taking over independence mall. america's 239th birthday is certainly worth celebrateing. so our bruce gordon says the event is not exactly dripping with historical themes. he's live on the mall and, bruce, the crowds are pretty enthusiastic today i must say. >> reporter: absolutely, dawn. good music and good weather combined to make this day long block party a real hit at its brand new location. the event was not exactly over loaded with historical themes. the american revolution was won on faux go sticks i must have missed missed it. no one the this first ever liberty block party on the was complaining. >> we festivals in denver but
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this is pretty big. >> pretty pretty big. >> yes. >> three life music stages provide the sound track and there was plenty of food. freedom isn't free? perhaps. but the trail mix bars were. at least at this event. >> here you go guys. not everyone was eating and drinking and partying. hundreds of tourists from all over the globe stood quietly patiently in long lines to get a glimpse of the actual symbol of american independence and freedom, the liberty bell still wows them. >> it's cool. it's really awesome. >> reporter: send any kind of message to you us a look at it? >> makes you proud to be an american. >> just about the gratitude. gratitude. >> reporter: gratitude specifically for what? >> the freedom to have our rights here. >> reporter: come to think of it maybe the parties of folks of all races and creeds and colors celebrateing together tells us about the diversity the american story. said this woman from puerto rico -- >> i wish the whole world could tum and see this much this is
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very beautiful. i like it because everybody united. >> reporter: the party culminates tonight at 8:00 o'clock with a concert by the philly pops right in front of independence hall. it should be great show. it's a free concert. bring your lawn chair bring your blanket grab yourself a spot but do leave your pogo stick at home. brad. >> good advice. i think i'll head on out there later tonight. bruce thanks much. staying close to home isn't your thing maybe you're one of a thousands of folks flocking to the jersey shore this weekend despite rain in the forecast not stopping beach goers from passing up a chance to take in little bit of sunshine. fox 29's joanne pill lee gee live in ocean city tonight. joanne i would imagine people are moving from the beach now to the boardwalk is the place to be. >> reporter: to the boardwalk. from the beach to the boardwalk. what is not to love about being in ocean city, new jersey on fourth of july weekend independence day celebrations. as you said there are still people coming off the beach and the boardwalk is getting little more crowded right now. we have anya right here. we were going to do a throw off
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actualactually. go ahead let's see how you do. we're at wonderland pier here. let's see. how did you do? last try because i'm going to try to beat you. okay. >> go ahead anya. >> let's see how i do. all right. i thought it was my turn. she'll go one more time. >> i'm going to see how fast i can throw. >> 30. >> let's see what i can do. i've never said i was good at baseball but i'll give eight try. here we go. >> how did i do. one more, one more, one more. all right. i hit him in the head. any way as we said we're here in ocean city 150,000 people here for this weekend. it's a big weekend at the shore. we can roll the video we shot earlier. dozens and dozens hundreds if that the thousands of people on the boardwalk. they were on the beach earlier today. ocean temperatures in the low 70s. it's absolutely beautiful. we had some sun earlier today. and now it's a little cloudy. maybe the forecast calling for a little bit of rain. the merchants are waiting for
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tomorrow and then of course there's the big independence day fourth of july firework right here on the boardwalk at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. i think i said earlier this has been voted one of the best beach towns in new jersey. the best echo friendly beach towns. they also have really good food. now at 5:00 o'clock i mentioned mack and manco. that was old school when i was growing up now it's manco and manco. and i'm actually not bringing any home actually what i'm going to do and i'm going to do this i don't think i've ever done this on live television. i'm eating on live television. i'm sure it won't be the first time or the last. listen we're having a great time here in ocean city. we'll send it back to you in the studio dawn. >> joanne, enjoy. >> back here in philadelphia, looks really good. preparations for another massive independence day celebration. hundreds of thousands expected to pack the ben franklin parkway for day long party and with that gigantic crowd even bigger task for safety officials.
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fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson live on the parkway tonight. the city is not taking any chances on a weekend like the fourth. >> no they really aren't. they're making sure everybody is safe. as you heard from both joanne and bruce, people are already out enjoying the fourth of july weekend. already thousands here in the city of philadelphia. and so far no incidents. but the city has partnered with the office of emergency management. they actually have installed these identifier that is you can see right behind me. and their plan is to make sure people know where they are know that they're safe and help confine them if it's necessary. several hundred thousand people are expected to come to the parkway for the fourth of july all day events. and with that many people, comes additional security concerns. as you move throughout the city, you can see a new method of communication that the office of emergency management has put in place. >> it's a way for police and fire to know exactly where they are and then relay back to 911 and our join operations center if they need some assistance at
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a locate. >> reporter: the letter and number grid system is at least partially in response to the office of homeland security alerting large cities to a heightened terror alert. they want to make people as comfortable with unfamiliar surroundings as possible. >> there are actually some areas along the parkway that don't have the best indicators. so if there was a medical emergency or a lot of child, we didn't have a great way to dispatch agencies. >> reporter: city is working closely with oem but they also want people to understand that they're taking security serious seriously but have no specific threats and expect things to be peaceful and enjoyable. >> yes, there's been a lot of chatter that something that you've heard all over the country. but there's no specific threat to anywhere that we're aware of right now in the country. it just is we have to be vigilant. >> reporter: and the mayor's chief of staff actually left us with the message that they want everybody to focus on. yes, there's a lot of discussion about heightened terror alerts but they basically want people to use common sense.
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don't bring any large bags down here because they will be searched. fry to take pub chick transportation to cut down on some of the huge crowds and if you see something then say something. but they basically have said security will be here. security will be visible. were you they don't expect any incidents and they want everybody to have a good time. brad back to you guys. >> good advice, bill. thanks peeking of security police highway patrol other law enforcement agencies stepping up patrols this weekend of course their focus on speeders aggressive drivers and those who may drink and drive during the holiday weekend. as long as with roping patrols dui checkpoints are out. delaware also bringing out extra officers to make sure everyone safe and sound this weekend. fox 29 is your place for all things happening this holiday weekend. to stay updated download our fox 29 news app. you'll get weather news alerts, all sent right to your phone. you can download it for free from the apple or google play stores. popular song back in 2003 but it seems to fit today.
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where is the love? >> yeah. yeah. >> we're talking about the love for america. the new generation that appears to be turning its back on our country. and headed to see the firework tomorrow? what you may want to grab before you leave to protect your little ones. >> serena williams trying to keep her grand slam hopes alive. she's on the bring of elimination today. a tight one at wimbledon later in sports. ♪
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone. ♪ a lot of fireworks displays are planned across the area this fourth of july, but experts say parents need to take extra steps to protect their children's ears from all those loud booms. one doctor from loyola university health systems in chicago says firework can be harmful to child's ears. world health organization guidelines advise children not to be exposed to sounds that
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exceed 140 decibels. that's louder than a jet taking off a football field away from you. you may want to try sitting 500 feet away from the fireworks or bring ear plugs for your little ones. >> most people in the united states are proud to be americans americans. >> even though atrium in america is on the decline particularly when it comes to younger generations. joel waldman has more from washington. >> reporter: the fourth of july comes with a lot more than most holidays. great food, warm weather and fireworks. around the country the holiday is an occasion for americans to express their patriotism. often defined as love of country country, patriotism remains something that has the potential to bring the country together. yet recent study shows patriotism in america is on the decline. especially when it comes to younger generations. a trend david of conservative think tank heritage foundation is familiar with.
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>> when people are asked do you love your country? do you love america? you see much lower levels amongst millennials than do you witness older generations. >> reporter: measures of american patriotism over the last several decades are found in the american national election study. collection of data that focuses on political attitudes and behavior. the latest study shows 78 people of the oldest generation consider their american identity to be extremely important. while only 45% of young adults define themselves this way. millennials those born between 1982 and the early two thousands thousands, are seen as a different breed. >> there's a lot more cynicism now. it's a lot easier to fat check thing. my parents didn't have the internet when they were my age. >> reporter: according to the pew research center only about half of millennials say the phrase a patriotic person describes them. by contrast 64% of jenn xeers. 75% of baby boomers and 81% of silents those born from the mid 1920s to the early 1940s say a
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patriotic person describes them very well. just ask maria. she says she might be a bit more patriotic than most friends her own age knowing how hard her parents worked to give her opportunities here in america. >> all in all i think that obviously patriotism is decreasing in america. because a lot of young people they don't understand the struggles that their fathers went through and their grandfathers went through. >> reporter: her father came over from russia with a ph.d. in botany to work at the university of florida in 2002. it was just last year that her family gained full citizenship. >> i think it really depends on the person. because it depends on household they were raised in. >> reporter: while it may vary from person to person what the exact impact of a less patriotic society will be as time goes on remains open for interpretation. >> the biggest problem i see it if you don't like america why would you be willing to sacrifice on her behalf? why would you be willing to tendon
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tots well-being to get engaged? why would you want to vote? why would you want to serve your country? >> reporter: in washington, joel waldman fox news. hopefully no issues with the fireworks because i know there was some rain we're talking about. >> i know. we don't have to be carrying around our umbrellas tomorrow, scott. >> unfortunately, here's the bottom line. you're going to need a pocket umbrella maybe a poncho depending on where you're at for at least a part of your saturday fourth of july across the area. but get outdoors and epp joy the weather now. it's kind of overcast. the cloud cover is moving in. it's pretty comfortable temperature wise as well. the closest rain is still off to the south and west moving toward the nation's capitol right now and that's the moisture that will impact us during the day tomorrow. so as we expand the view you can see off to the south and we have we're looking at west virginia, virginia you can see the green showing up on the map much that's a little disturbance that's going to head in our direction tomorrow. so here's midnight. it's mostly cloudy across the area and then by early on
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saturday morning, we're looking at some showers some of which could be a little steadier once you move toward parts of the lehigh valley and also the pocono mountains. that coverage starts to spread toward philadelphia by mid to late morning. also, down the shore. we're looking at some pockets of some showers. so not only will you be dodging the tram cars in wildwood you'll be dodgeing a few drain drops passion well as we continue to go hour by hour though here's the good news. it looks like that rain starts to taper off just in time for firework displays. pretty much area wide across the area. so it is going to be damp and dreary from time to time. but not a complete weekend wash out across the area. 83 degrees was the high temperature today. the normal for this time of year now up to 87. look at the record high for today's date. 104 degrees set back in 1966. folks are out and about enjoying the weather. you can see outside of our studios on market street folks are just walking around just taking in some of the sights and sounds that are on-going across the area. 81 degrees right now. and as we take look at
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temperatures in wilmington, 77. 74 in atlantic city. 73 right now in wildwood. so partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies but once again it stays dry throughout your friday evening. low 70s by 11:00 o'clock. now, look at the bottom line tomorrow in the city. scattered showers a high appropriately 76 degrees. we're looking at 74 down the shore. upper 60s only in the pocono mountains. down the shore you can see that 50% chance for scattered showers around for tomorrow. and then sunday looking good near 80. the pocono mountains a little chilly tomorrow. highs only in the upper 60s. 50% chance for showers upper 70s on sunday. looking pretty good. and then for us once again it's mostly cloudy tonight spotty showers moving in overnight. better coverage by mid to late morning tomorrow through the first part of the day. 76 degrees for the high temperature. and then if you're headed headed out on the parkway it looks like partly cloudy skies and temperatures will be pretty comfortable. that rain will be moving out as well. the seven day forecast will show
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that we start to warm things up to near 90 degrees as early as tuesday of next week. >> i got to imagine it will be huge vacation week coming up. >> it is. a lot of folks get good weather all week for sure. >> thanks scott. >> sean bell in the house. >> not looking good for the sixers. they're not signing any free agents. jordon signed a fat deal $80 million to the mavs and since they're not signing any free agents talks remain on first round pick jahlil okafor getting all type of praise. over in wimbledon serena williams wasn't at her best and it almost cost her a chance at the grand slam. williams was points away from being eliminated much that's next in sports.
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of america.
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♪ good news sixers fans. joel embiid was at practice today. he didn't practice. no word on his status. he apparently still checking things out getting ready but it's looking more and more like surgery but on the bright side, his replacement looks great. okafor has been at the practice facility early and often. everyone already loves him. assistant coach billy lang is thrilled with his work calling him a selfless player and arizona card tj o'connell on the summer league squad says he's a point guard's dream. jeremy grant played with okafor
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and can't wait to get back on the court with this kid. >> we're already kind of close from playing on the 19 usa team. he's been in the gym lot. definitely we can relate. we've been hanging out and getting to know each other a little bit more. he's a great ball player. he demands lot of attention. when he's on the court it opens up things for everybody around him. >> serena william going for the grand slam. they won the first two majors two more to go. third round of whim women don today and it was a struggle. heather watson taking on serena. she was thee years old when serena turned pro. serena with several unforced mistake. loses the second set six to four. in the third look at this. she never does this. double faults. she was down three to love in the third. serena fought all the way back. tied it at five. final point watson can't handle it. calls for a review. but the ball was in.
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serena survived scary one advances to the quarter finals where she'll meet her big sis serena has won three of the last five matches with her sister venus at wimbledon. two best players of this area but every time they get together for some reason it's a dud. like these two don't want to beat their sister. that match is on monday. in the world cup was looking for their first cup win in 16 years. taking on japan here on fox on sunday. carli lloyd julie johnston, alex morgan and the rest trying to get it done for the home team team. and this weekend we'll have a couple sound bites people talk talking about coaches from penn and from temple talking about who will win. they all agree that it's us easy easy. >> going to be fun. >> we love carli lloyd from delran, new jersey right? >> right. rutgers. >> that does it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> hope to see you again tonight
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at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition coming up next.
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delicious hamburgers, juicy franks, but are they safe to eat? >> it's not even body temperature yet. >> how to eat safely this 4th of july weekend. >> that is delicious! >> then pool jumpers. it looks like fun, but it can be incredibly dangerous. how to stay safe at the pool this holiday. >> and these girls are being strongly dealt. >> she posted a public apology on facebook for her daughter's rude behavior during a showing of cinderella. exclusive, the daughter and the mom she disrespected together for the first time. >> i'm really, really sorry. >> plus is this any way to pull out a tooth?


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