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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  July 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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say it because everybody is talking about carli lloyd. we have been having a world cup pep rally in carli lloyd's home town in delran. mike is there. >> so is jenny joyce. >> is that what we're calling it. >> alex, do you remember when carli was on our show five weeks ago or something like that. >> oh, yeah i remember. >> we talk about we hope you score a lot of goals. she did, didn't she. >> she delivered. >> six or something like that. >> six. >> she said for some reason it was national doughnut day or something like that. she said she would eat a doughnut for every goal that she scored or something like that. this is what she said. >> goal, you are willing to eat a doughnut. afterward will you come back here and we will total it up and will you come back and eat doughnuts. >> they have to be good quality doughnuts. >> whatever you want. >> whatever you are willing to eat. >> okay. >> good to see you. >> best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> she's been tweeting us saying i'll eat another
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doughnut. we thought about how about a doughnut up to six and a half doughnuts. then last night i'm ready to eat doughnuts but could you get them from a place from delran called l and m doughnuts. >> so i was asking delran people, oh, yeah, doughnuts. they have delivered it to the route 130 diner here, and there they are. sixtive rent types. >> variety doughnuts. >> so there they are. i guess what we will do, when she comes back, from canada, which will be in a few days i guess, she will come to the studio, and she will consume six doughnuts, in a row i believe, an the set. >> on the set. >> six doughnuts of her choice from the bakery of her choice, which is l and m bakery right here in riverside. >> she may explode. isn't she getting married. >> yes, she's engaged. >> and her birthday is the 16th. >> next week.
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>> it is that man's birthday right now, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> u.s.a. >> red and white and blue shirt. >> sue, we will look for her a week in our studio eating doughnuts. >> i'll eat six of those right now. >> do you think we should make her eat them all at ones or space them out. >> she will be with us longer if we space it longer. >> we have to considerate parameters of this here. that is a a lot of, doughnuts at one time. it is all for a happy reason. what a exciting time last night to watch that game. five out of ten is your weather by the numbers. why? because it is cloudy, humid and we could have thunderstorms later on. temperatures in the 60's and 07's with your pal bus stop buddy. why is he wearing a world cup t-shirt? i believe so. he is in summer camp with his buddy, muggy, buddy's buddy, 73 degrees and 84 percent relative humidity. it is muggy. you may see sunshine here and
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there but you may see a shower here abe there. it is showing up on ultimate doppler radar as we zoom in closer. it looks like new castle county is getting a couple of showers as well as chester county and maybe lancaster county right now. we're not seeing too much anymore at the shore. we have a few showers earlier. so we have cloudy and humid throughout the day. maybe a peak of sunshine here and there. 81 degrees by lunchtime. eighty-five the high temperature. we could get a stray sure or thunderstorm, popping up, in the afternoon, and evening. so that gets you through, your monday, after a holiday weekend, oh, isn't it fun, bob kelly. >> yes, it is, fun, fun, fun, after the holiday weekend, we are going in to that holiday traffic mode here between july r day. an accident in the jam cams, this is a live look at route one northbound route one right here near oxford valley mall. here's interchange for i-95 there in the background as you can see in the northbound side impacted as you head up through oxford valley. live look at the schuylkill expressway checking roads and
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rails, freight train a action across girard avenue, some pockets of volume in both directions but a lot of folks coming back from the shore this morning, the jersey shore, the 42 freeway stacked and packed from the atlantic city expressway all the waste in towards 295 trying to make your way up and over both walt whitman and ben franklin bridgees. fire location in west philadelphia here at forty-fourth and chestnut and delaware county route 320 in west dale avenue down wires from an accident. use providence road. first morning rush hour, of the new patco high speed line, schedule, this is the next phase of construction, impacted us monday through friday, where there are services gaps during the morning and afternoon rush hours, so grab yourself a new timetable as you get ready to board the train this morning. chris and alex, back to you. advantage over japan played in front of the goal,
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shot, goal. >> goal again for the us. >> just amazing. that is why we're having a carli part think morning. >> that mid field goal was so great that poor japanese goalie just seemed demoralized after that one. >> all right. >> hold on a second, we were just discussing something. >> yeah. >> hold on. come here. i have never heard of something called boost, have you ever heard of that. >> boost. >> yes. >> very good for you. >> it is good. >> by the way, the mayor of
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delran is here, how are you mayor. >> i'm doing fine. we're exited to day, very excited and very proud. >> will there been a parade or anything for carli. >> right now we're talking about that with council and nothing is decided yet but we will be doing something because it was fantastic. it was a great game. i'll tell you what when she scored three goals, it was awesome. >> speaking on have that one, let's roll highlights. we will talk to the mayor some more. >> lets look at some of the goals. hat trick within 16 minutes, boom, boom, boom, final score five-two u.s. beat japan as everyone was watching. each goal still shocking and just electrifying the crowd. lots of people were out watching. several watch parties, delran high school had a watch party. medford strikers had a watch party at champs. we got to hear from some of them last night because carli lloyd is now a coach for medford strikers helping out those girls now. >> she's always training, we
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work all the time. so it is cool how we have already train with her and seeing her in our field and seeing her in such a big stage and seeing her perform so well, it is really cool. >> it is really cool having a pro player as a coach. she helps, and trains with us. she just treats us like we're part of her family. >> it has been a huge benefit for our players. you know, they know the physical part but to have somebody like her working the mental toughness part has been really exception nal. >> reporter: we also have some video of carli lloyd, when she won the golden ball and that was because she was mvp of the tournament, best player in the tournament. you know what that was? >> yeah, it is basically, the best player. i mean she scored three goals in the final, so i don't see how any one else would get the mvp. >> yeah. >> that is right. >> and the goalie, you played goalie and hope solo also won the award.
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>> she won the golden glove which is best goalie of the tournament. >> what is the golden boot. >> the golden beauties for like the best kicker i guess, the most goals. >> high scorer. >> that is a boost for you. i'm kind of describing boost because i have never had boost before mr. mayor. it is like watered down coca kohler. >> if you remember way back when we were younger there was a coke syrup. this is very similar. >> it is just a syrup. >> it is very sweet. >> who is this dude, do you know that guy. >> this is jim, another delran resident. he is very exited to day, he is thrilled. >> every minute, every second. >> what does it mean to delran. >> it means a lot. she grew up here. >> well, i'll tell you she did excellent in the olympics and this tops it off. not only did she win the olympics but she won the world cup and fantastic for delran
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and i'll tell you what, the young kid, okay, in delran and across the country and she's an inspiration and it is fantastic. >> there was a comment taiter last night that called her the best mid fielder in the world. >> she's very dedicated, committed and passionate about the sport and delran vice proud of her. >> this is pat, president of the medford strikers. you know all about carli's local affiliation with that team. >> i do. >> talk about that. were you at that party last night. >> i was, in marlton, it was a great time. she did great. we're very proud of her. her trainer james galanis said she's the most dominant player in soccer right now and we're very proud of her. >> you know what i talk about this last week on her instagram she said i don't want to be a participant in the world cup, she wants to leave a legacy. >> absolutely, on and off the feel. she's a greater person then she is a player. had hard to believe. >> why is she so good.
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>> training, training a absolutely. she trains like nobody else i have ever seen. i saw her out on the field, christmas eve, snowing out, she's doing, a quick, 6-mile run, james galanis came out and trained her out there she just trained incredibly hard. >> they are playing hard too. did you see that tweet she sent out popping champagne in the locker room. >> it spells well that they are champions. >> absolutely. >> she does play in houston. i'm in the sure where her primary residencies but how soon do you think she will be back in the area. >> fairly soon. she's hosting a couple camps at our medford strikers field july 18th. i know she will be back then. >> july 18th and her birthday is 16th. we have to have a party or parade. >> where would the parade happen. >> we are considering some options, one would be down hartford road down to the new
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community park. the community park is a fantastic site. we have just opened it up briefly. so for some softball games and baseball games but there will be a multi purpose field which is named after carli lloyd, so, the field is not done yet but it is already named after her for the olympics. >> i wanted to rename this route 130, kind of a generic name what about lloyd lane. >> we have considered also possibly road, not route 130 but we have considered possibly roads are as well. so there are discussions right new to let everybody know as soon as possible. >> at least a carli cul-de-sack. we will figure this out and talk to you more from the route 130 tine inner just a bit. >> boost, everybody. >> that will work. >> we might get a boost. >> you can tell. >> 7:11. president obama sent out his congratulations on twitter and specifically mentioned our local star. what a win for team u.s.a.
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great game carli lloyd. your country is so proud of all of you. come visit the white house with the world cup soon. >> vice-president joe biden was in the stadium, rooting for team u.s.a. this photo was posted on his twitter account with the caption cheering on red, white and blue tonight, great goals, inspiring victory. great picture right there. our celebration of the team u.s.a. world cup victory continues all morning long, we are all watching carli lloyd's all-star performance from television including lloyd's family. coming up we will tell you why she didn't invite them to watch play in canada. >> there is a good reason. 7:12. we have other news this monday morning. lets take a look at your top stories. >> vigil planned for teenage mother stabbed to death in north philadelphia over the weekend. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at police headquarters with the story, sabina. >> reporter: it was 17 year-old girl hanging out with a group of 20 to 25 other young people just outside from watching fourth of july festivities along the parkway.
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from what witnesses tell us she was stabbed and left to die after a fight broke out and nearly everybody else ran away. family members gave us this photo of the 17 year-old anita cotton. witnesses say it was around 3:00 sunday morning when they saw two groups of young people begin brawling in the parking lot at walgreens in north broad. police officers from the 31st district rush her, to einstein but she didn't make it. investigators say she had stab wound this her neck, back and her arms. her devastated family left wondering why anybody would hurt their loved one and leave her two-year old, mother less. >> when the girl was laying on the ground, everybody left her except her brother and best friend, and we met the brother, her brother and best friend at homicide. >> i just wanted to say she was always smiling, always happy, i don't even know, nobody would ever want to hurt her. i don't even know the story behind it, it is fresh to us. it just happened.
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just crazy for all of us. >> so fresh her brother is still in shock. first of all no arrests have been made in this stabbing. detectives right now going over any clues including any surveillance video they were able to gather from that walgreens parking lot. as you mentioned her family holding a vigil for anita tonight at her home in north philadelphia, guys. >> sabina, thank you. 7:14. new from overnight a 23 year-old man shot in the city's frankford section. he is in critical condition right now. >> police say it happened is 11:30 at ehret and leiper. he was shot once in the chest and taken to frankford hospital. police say there were no shell casings found at the scene and they have at this time no suspects. well, fidel castro was out and about this weekend in havana for a meeting with some cheese makers. cuba's state media shared this video of the 88 year-old former president discussing food production and climate change with 19 cheese masters. in the video's peers to be in
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good health. this is his first public appearance in three months and it comes a few days after u.s. and cuba announced diplomatic relations will be restored between both countries. explosions rock syria as american military strikes hits target in the islamic state. the u.s. jets pounded the syrian city of rocka. target appear to be transit routes and equipment, and isis affiliated web sites say at least ten people were killed including both civilians and fighters were you there is no confirmation of those numbers. and, they say, the deadline for reaching an agreement to curb iran's nuclear program is back and fast approaching. secretary of state john kerry says negotiators are not yet where they need to be on several critical issues. six world powers and iran are hoping to clinch a deal by tuesday. >> 7:00 156789 lets turn our attention to sues serio tracking a fairly active radar for us. >> we have missed you, sue. >> you are sweet, thank you so much. we come back to a muggy
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monday. we have that alliteration going on. we will work on the carli lloyd stuff. clouds and showers around, this morning, not a whole lot of sunshine. you may see some sunshine today but the cloud will be more, dominant. it is because of this warm front that is pushing through the area right now and is there a low pressure system nearby. neither one is very strong, so, for the moment, we don't have any thunderstorms to tell but. but it will be very humid today and a little bit warmer once that warm front comes through, and brings in the warmer air from the southwest and then we will have this cold front, move through, on wednesday. let's show you ultimate doppler. look right now. rain in chester county and delco as well. things have dried out, for now, in delaware where we saw some rain this morning but it could go either way with the delaware rain. further south you go more chances we have of seeing rain. we will see clouds, occasional showers, maybe a pop up thunderstorm with all this humidity. it could happen. tomorrow even more likely
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because sunshine that we expect especially to the south of us we will key could get some pop ups later in the day. on wednesday with noon we will see some rain firing up a along with the cold front. heavy rain possible, late in the day, on wednesday, and through wednesday night, and into thursday. that is a look ahead at the fox future cast. we will call it unsettled. you know what that means, it is cloudy, could rain at any time and very, very humid. 73 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-two to the north of news mount pocono. fifty-nine in lancaster. pottstown 69. seventy-three at the shore in wildwood. same a as here in philadelphia. so after a week where we have had temperatures all in the 80's and 70's, now we will get to the 90's, starting tomorrow with a high of 90 degrees. ninety-two on wednesday. mid 80's today. eighty-nine on thursday, so as we bump that up to 90 we will have heat wave number two of 2015. then we're talking mid 80's on
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friday and saturday and then by sun take back to the 90's with the chaps of the pop up thunderstorm. nothing unusual for a july but it is vacation week. hope to keep thunderstorms to a minimum. >> especially for folks down the shore there live look at the schuylkill expressway with an accident westbound between gladwynn and conshohocken bringing us to a grinding a halt there on the westbound side heading out toward kop. rest of the major roadways, sue mentioned a a sprinkle coming through, chester county but again light volume typically we're in jammo mode here on the bypass in the 7:00 . between 9:00 and 10:00 we will head out to the our dell a along lancaster avenue in pay yoel for weekly breakfast segment. come on by, we will put kid on tv today between nine and 10:00. mike and jenny are in delran, new jersey at 130 diaper.
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north bound on the freeway all those folks to stay down to grab sunshine, copping back right from the beach and into the office. we are extra heavy on the freeway between the expressway and i295. in west philadelphia, some local detours as they clean up from an early morning fire on forty-fourth and chestnut. down wires in delco on route 340 and west dale avenue and first monday workday. of the patco high speed line new schedule. they have kick this in over weekend, first rush hour both morning and afternoon monday through friday will have those service gaps so grab a new schedule as you wait for the train this morning, chris and alex, back to you. do you know who was on the road again yesterday. >> who. >> the mayor. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter head to mexico today hoping to establish closer ties with the country, and nutter will spend three days in puebla, mexico's fourth largest city, and the mayor says that there are many philadelphia area residents who came from that city so it makes sense to formalize that
7:20 am
relationship. a topic of discussion will be plans for a visit of mexican modern art at philadelphia art museum next year. the mayor nutter just got back from italy. 7:20. as we get to break here's a look at your winning lottery numbers.
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there are some family members that flew 3,000 miles from philly to vancouver for big world cup and now she's the champion of the world. >> champion of the world. that was her aunt we brought a picture of, you were good friend with her aunt, patty wilson and their cousin, jamie and adam and they met her last night after the game and they saw her. >> mom and dad didn't go. >> carli would just like to focus on the game because she's, you know, that is her business. >> so mom and dad are in delran.
7:24 am
>> mom and dad are in delran. >> come on down get to the diner we will get you a a doughnut. >> that is where she learned her love of doughnut. >> welcome everybody. how is the food. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. >> listen to this, speaking of the united states of america lets talk about our postal serve business lauren simonetti. >> so much fun where you are, that was amazing last night. >> this is what they are doing, u.s. ps. >> go ahead, 200 million-dollar to do what. >> yes, 200 million-dollar to give the mailman a panic button, mike. so when they are attacked, not joking by a dog or a person and this happens every year, 6,000 attacks on mail carriers, hundreds of attacks by people. mail carrier gets to press this button and let supervisor know where they are and what is going on. it is a way agency to say this is where you are going on around you. the cost for these devices is
7:25 am
200 million-dollar. every within will get them by september. just pointing out the cost because this is the same agency that lost, in the red, by $5 billion last year. >> wow. you know, like our septa bus drivers, they have panic buttons on the buses and there are panic buttons all over america. i had no idea that postal carriers were attacked so much, lauren. >> i know, i was shocked. 5700 times last year by dogs, jumping and attacking them. >> scary stuff. >> all right. >> so give your post carrier, your mailman a christmas gift. >> god bless america. >> were you a soccer player, lauren. >> for like a week in second grade but i enjoyed watching some of the game last night. >> it was fantastic. we're just thrilled by what has happened now here in delran new jersey.
7:26 am
>> i didn't realize she was from there. >> yes. >> amazing. >> the the president tweeted, how awesome is that. >> three goals in one game. never been done. thank you, lauren we will see you tomorrow. >> before we throw it back to the studio. >> who are you. >> vick friday dell rare, new jersey. >> what is the name of your baby. >> this is our grandson landony thought this was your baby. >> no, my grandson, landon. >> he is adorable. >> we will come back to the diner in a bit. by the way, again, carli's parents who are just a few blocks away, come to the diner. >> yes. >> everyone is in love with your daughter right now, quincy, we will send it over to you you. >> guys, i'm on the phone, we're partying, we're working out on the ben franklin yacht today a work out on a boat and then we will eat healthy. coming up on "good day philadelphia".
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ 7:30 on this monday morning. normally i would have the monday blues but the fact that we have a world cup win. >> yeah. >> i'm feeling good. >> i'm cheering up a a little bit. >> just a tad. >> everybody in the good mood coming off the holiday weekend. the sunburn on my head. >> that world cup game last
7:30 am
night, it started at what 7:00 . i'm guessing people watched game and beat the traffic by leaving after the game. >> i think a lot of folks, after a sunshine day down the shore, who wanted to come back. >> not me. >> no sunshine today. >> yeah. we had, sunny friday, cloudy saturday, sunny yesterday. it is a back to work day to day. we're seeing bus stop buddy wearing his world cup t-shirt with muggy the dog. you know what that means whenever we see our pal muggy. it is barking humid out there. temperatures are mostly in the 60's and 70's getting started this morning. we will have five out of ten in weather by numbers with 73 degrees and 84 percent relative humidity. yeah, it is very, very sticky, outside. is there your radar and we have been watching a few scatter showers here and there. they are widely scattered. and not causing too much
7:31 am
problem but stray thunder storm is not out of the question. we may see sunshine peeking through those clouds by midday. high temperature 85 degrees. sunset time, bob kelly, 8:32. still nice and those long days in july. good morning, everybody have the here. looking good here at route 309. we had an earlier accident near paper mill, roads are dry heading in the fort washington interchange. same deal in chester county, school buses maybe on a class trip or day care heading in toward king of prussia in problems coming from downingtown. an accident on the schuylkill expressway, it is westbound schuylkill, bumper to bumper here from city line out toward gladwynn. between gladwynn and conshohocken being work out and a lot of folks staying down the shore last night state right to the beach and office. heavy on the ac expressway a approaching the freeway and northbound 42 bumper to bumper all the way in toward 295,
7:32 am
even back road like 47, 347, seeing some extra volume and 55, backed up as well heading in towards 42. earlier fire in west philly at forty-fourth and chestnut, and the patco high speed line is kicked in a new schedule, mike, their first morning rush hour where that new schedule coming into play and it will give us during that morning and afternoon rush hour. live from route 130, mike has the party over there route 130 and chester avenue. lets get fired up for mike. >> flags waving, they have their cars decorated. this is a big day for delran, new jersey. cop on in foulke, feel free, people always look stunned when they see me. >> okay, so, many times, hi, welcome. we are calling this the carli cafe, today we're changing the name. >> delran football in the house. so carli has been on our show
7:33 am
many times and a lot of times she will be on with james galanis, do you remember the infamous day when jen fred, tore her -- let's not get into that. here's carli with how much she appreciate her trainer. >> i was on a mission to help my team win this game. personally i work my butt off and, you know, everything, kicked in and came into play. i want to say a big thank to you james galanis, my trainer. >> and james, joins us now on the phone, believe it or not from all the way around the world in greece. james, let's attempt this from delran to greece talking to each other. this may be difficult. congratulations to you too, sir. >> thank you so much, mike, thank you. now why would you not be in vancouver. >> no, we all stayed away.
7:34 am
we discover over the years, when there is no one there and she can focus on her craft and not worry about anything and the job and stay away and just help her on the from a distance. >> so she can concentrate with her teammates. why is she so good. >> she as gotten good. she became good-bye showing up to the field every day and just rolling her sleeves up and, working relentlessly to just keeping, improving every single day, every day she has been on a mission to just, improving, layer by player and now she started at the bottom and she has work her way all the way to the top now. she has work at it. it is a pure story of out working and out thinking
7:35 am
everybody. >> we should play some drake, she's started at the bottom but she's at the top. her life has change now, forever. how will she handle this do you think as a person. >> she will stay the same. she still think that she has in the achieved anything. we spoke last night and probably two or three minute conversation. she said, i got more to do. she's not going to change at all. she's in the like that. she doesn't think that she's great. you hear her talk. she want to be one of the best players in the world and i want to be one of the best players of the world. the fact is she's one of the best players in the world but she doesn't think like that. she has a under dog mentality and she is just going to continue to work like she hasn't won anything. >> let's talk about the first 16 minutes of that game last
7:36 am
night, seriously, she seems so relaxed in the biggest game of her life. >> that is what she does. she's a big time player. she thrives under pressure. she knew, over the course of the tournament, that i realize when i play good, the team plays good, and i need to go get it done. i will do this thing. it is all positive word beforehand and i was than the surprised when they came out she was the one that was charged up more than everybody else and got on the end of those crosses and put them away and kind of shocked the the jap. then she put that one from the halfway line and basically finish them off. >> explain the third goal from me, from 54-yard a away, explain her intelligence here. she saw, that the japanese goalie was out of position, take us through that play.
7:37 am
>> as a mid fielder, you always got your eye on the goal keeper, a lot of goal keeper they come off their line and they act like a player and carli, obviously she must have taken a glance before that and noticed the goal keeper was off the line and said, you know what, if i get a chance here i will nail it, and she did and she let it fly and she let it fly perfectly and she scored probably the best goal in women's world cup history. >> wow. >> it is fantastic. her life has change forever. she has a birthday coming up. she will get married soon. i know they are going through the financial crisis in greece and that is where you are. did the world cup make the paper there. >> i'm's not sure to be honest with you. i haven't ventured out yet but
7:38 am
it was on tv here. it was tell viced in greek with greek comment try. they are aware of it but i'm in the sure what the back pages are saying so i cannot really answer that one. >> when will you be back in delran and see carli next. >> i will be back on the 15th of july, on the 18th carli has got a camp and speaking of good turnout you guys are invited as usual. it will be a great day. following day we will have a little get together with carli and friends ape just celebrate. >> we will get all of the details ape spread word to everybody in the delran area here. did you hear from her. >> i spoke to her about 20
7:39 am
minutes after the game ended. she called me and said thanks for everybody. i said i didn't do anything. i justified had you, you did all of the work. we have been texting back and forth ever since. she's excited. she can't wait to get back on the field and start training again. >> she will come to our studio in about a week and eat six straight doughnuts so i apologize to that mr. trainer but hopefully we will see you when you get back to delran. >> done, mike, thanks very much. >> bye-bye. >> congratulation is how cool is that, chris, alex. >> work in what is going on globally with christ and their economic crisis as well what a good journalist. >> yes. >> more boost. >> it is amazing her work ethic she's thinking about the next goal she's trying to achieve. >> ruin that and derail that with six doughnuts. >> last thing you want to hear
7:40 am
can i bureau some money. >> yelling no in your head is not enough. what you should say so you don't look like the bad guy coming up.
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7:43 am
zach ertz tweets his support for team u.s.a. and one particular player. >> he is dating julie johnston and he could not be more proud. yesterday he took to twit tore say how excited he was able to see her do this. the world cup final. he added a shout out to his woman along with the hash tag my girls better. that is kind of cool. >> i love that. >> i love the hash tag she believes. because, people are tweet ago this and he saw a little she on twitter. you have hash tag u.s.a. the flag and a little mapel leaf. >> i was racing around a seven and a half year old and 11 year-old at a party making sure they didn't distract the people at this viewing party good. >> how did that work out. >> yeah. >> quincy is having a nice work out.
7:44 am
>> quincy, what is up my man. >> i'm on the ben franklin yacht right now, i'm relaxing but these people are working out. we are doing a business work out, it is a cruise this weekend. i will let you know how you and your friend can do this on "good day philadelphia".
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7:47 am
a lot of cloud cover and a few showers, is there not much, but you, kind of look up in the sky and it looks like it will rain with all of those clouds out there we have temperatures in the 60's and 70's, 62 mount pocono. sixty-eight allentown. in the city 73. seventy-five in wildwood, new jersey. seven day forecast has 85 degrees for today and then back in the 90's tomorrow. it will be humid with some thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon, showers around today, pop up thunderstorms on wednesday and probably on thursday. we will get close to or above 90, all three of those days, that could mark heat wave number two of 2015. so very humid all the way through this seven day forecast back in the 90's by sunday. it feels like july around here how are folks doing on the roads bob kelly. >> not that bad, 7:47. live look from the gang coming
7:48 am
from downingtown a little glummy but not that bad. we have sunshine, yesterday, folks, that were down the shore, stayed down an extra night. later this morning from 9:00 to 10:00 i will set up shop at our deli right along lancaster avenue. we will have the tv cameras. our weekly breakfast segment. coming back from the shore bumper to bumper on the ac express waste approaching 42 and then that crawl, even bigger then we normally have for a monday morning in the summertime folks grab as much as that sunday sun as they can and come right from the beach right in the office on a monday morning. westbound on the schuylkill expressway, slow go working your way from the boulevard out toward gladwynn from an earlier accident. mass transit looking good, chris and alex, back to youy don't know about you but i ate a lot this weekend. just stuffing my face. >> what did you have a stake, baked potato. >> hot dogs, chicken wings, potato salad did you eat a lot. >> i ate too much because when
7:49 am
you are a parent you are like the garbage disposal, you eat half the hot dog they didn't eat, half the whatever else they didn't finish. >> yeah, guys, we're working out on a boat. i'm tired. okay, come on here for a second. >> how are you doing today. >> i saw you out here. >> we're having a 10:00 a.m. this saturday. >> 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. we will be working out for an hour. nice routine like you you see right here. then for another hour, let me catch my breath a little bit. so, for another hour we will be down on the bottom of the boat manually, working out, and we will try to shine a light on fitness with having a good time. >> my main idea was everyone thinks once they start working
7:50 am
out, they cannot enjoy a normal life which is a lie to me. coming to a person, who would be 300-pound. >> how do you weigh right now. >> probably 215. >> my whole lifestyle was crazy growing up, i didn't like, how i looked, i didn't like myself, and then i started working out, started playing basketball, feeling better and change my whole perspective. i was helping people. so i put together a business about three years ago. started working myself up with people as much as possible. i got my guys over here, ronnie romero. >> you have a dj as well. >> absolutely. that is one of our trainers. fitness rehabilitation trainer and dj on the side. >> so this a saturday at 10:00 m where. >> we're leaving from here, on 401 north columbus boulevard right on delaware avenue right next to dave and busters, and at 10:00 a.m. we're moving out at 10:00 a.m. you have to get here around
7:51 am
9:30. >> yes. >> it is 30 bucks for a fitness party and then regular, and dance party, with food and drink. >> so what work out are we doing right now. >> right now giovanni is performing a high intensive cardio set. it is progressive. we are basically almost at the even. we start off with progression, we are moving, and slow on the joints, modified, for people who cannot perform higher intensity exercises. that is what we will progress to more intense work outs where we are doing the more specific moves to activate your entire lower body. >> we're on the water. this saturday, the weather will be nice. we are doing cardio now, guys. we will ho p back in. next hour we will do some weight training. >> yes. >> back to you guys in the studio. >> get back to work, quincy. >> yes. >> do some for me, please. look at him go.
7:52 am
>> 7:51. we have to help choose the ultimate philadelphia neighborhood. tune into see how far your hometown made tonight our bracket challenge. as you know, it is monday, it is time to start voting. >> there are a few things that are as uncomfortable getting hit up for cash by a friend or worst yet a family member. we will tell you how to handle those sticky situations and keep those relationships intact.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
we're having a carli party because we're celebrating carli lloyd, we're calling her our hometown hero because what an amazing job she did last night. >> hat trick yesterday, six goals in the tournament all together, she rocks. all morning we have been celebrating delran's own champion. so we know a lot about her skills on the field. she scored three goals yesterday. hat trick. five-two victory over japan. there is more to soccer then
7:56 am
just being a superstar and everything that she does in her life, right? we have other things it is about. >> so lauren, you have five things that you may be wondering about carli lloyd. >> that is right, if you don't follow soccer you may think carli's clutch moves in the game were out of the ordinary. don't get me wrong they were exceptional but number five on the list things to know about carli load. she gets the ball in the net when it counts. according to estimations she has scored 66 goals in 201 games for team u. is a in the counting last night's hat trick and two goals were game winners in olympic gold medal games. number four if you don't follow carli on instagram you should now. stellar athlete constantly posts works to met straight herself and her followers. the for instance, fear has two meanings. forget everything and run, or, face everything and rise. the choice is yours. and a third carli fact. we have been saying it all morning, she's a new jersey girl. carli grew up in the small town of delran.
7:57 am
even though she has seen the world, new jersey is her home. she once said there is something special about new jersey, and she likes the pace, and the people. something else you may not know about carli lloyd her family and friend are not invited to her games. so back in 2011, lloyd's family was in the stand when team u.s.a. lost the world cup. for her two olympic wins her loved ones were at home. she told sports illustrated her family understands it is easier to focus when they are not at the game. top thing to know about carli lloyd she's off the market, that is right, the three two-year oldes engaged to brian holland whom she met, they were both high school soccer players. he popped the question after 15 years of dating. they hope to wed after the owe limb picks next year. >> i remember when she was here and she was talking about that the fact that she's engage. she has a beautiful ring.
7:58 am
>> she said, to me because i talk to her, we had a side thing with her. i said what about the wedding. she said i cannot even think about the wedding. it was so far off her mine. i got the ring. i'm good. we will plan it later. >> she's business to attend to. >> yes. >> she handled business last night. >> you mentioned following her on instagram, your best teacher is your last mistake. >> that is a good one. >> i love people who post things like that. it is not all me, me, me, selfie, selfie. it gives you something to look forward to when you are scrolling through your feed. >> how come everything on your instagram is you, you, you, selfie, selfie, is selfie. >> i don't think that is true. >> you can go to my instagram and see for yourself. >> you tell him, lauren. >> bye. >> well, good day to you, it is monday, july 6th, 2015.
7:59 am
>> goal. >> she scores early and never looks back. carli lloyd leads the united states to a world cup championship and we are rallying this morning. right, jenny. >> yes, alex, we are rallying, we have flags going here at route 130 diner in carli's home town of delran, new jersey. flags to the left, also some flags to my right. we will be live here coming up next, chris. >> and that is a awkward. what do you do when your best friend asks you for money? how should you handle this? oh, by the money conversations you need to have coming up. quincy, good morning to you, sir. >> i have a hard job i'm cruising the delaware on the ben franklin yacht and we are working out, breaking a sweat because we have a fitness cruise coming up. we are working out. feel the burn. >> he gets you on the boat and then you cannot get off.
8:00 am
>> that is true. >> you have to go through it. >> otherwise you are going over board. >> good morning to you. welcome back, sue. >> that looks like the dramamean work out. >> yes. >> anyway what about the weather? weather for their journey their voyage today. bus stop buddy, we sent him back to summer camp. he had so much fun with dave warren last week that he decided, let's do it again. here's bus stop budd which his pal, muggy, the dog, now whenever muggy appears, you know that it is going to be humid. temperatures are mostly in the 60's and 70's and notice muggy is wearing red, white and blue in honor of the u.s.a. victory yesterday. we are seeing a little bit of sunshine but not much in store for today. we went with a five out of ten. 74 degrees. just when we told you it would be mostly cloudy here comes the sunshine. that is how it initial weather. 85 percent relative humidity with that muggy 74 degrees and a few showers around, and a lot of that has cleared out of
8:01 am
delaware, south jersey, where we have been watching all morning. 85 degrees at the high temperature of the day, and scattered showers, maybe a pop up then are storm in a couple of places and southeasterly wind maybe five to 10 miles an hour. that takes care of your monday, it is muggy monday bob kelly. >> where is muggy the dog. good morning, everybody. 8:05, hello delaware. cop show who can even curve. schuylkill expressway in the bad at all. when was last time we saw traffic moving in both directions like this at 8:00 a.m. on a monday morning? it has been a little while. that is a sign that we're in vacation mode here in this first week of july. live look at route 202, in the construction zone, between 401 and west chester, and if you are hungry, come on down, we will head to our dell any paoli, that famous spot right there on lancaster avenue. i will be out there from 9:00 to 10:00. bring the kids on by. we will put them on television. have a hot cup of coffee to go with it a lot of folks staying
8:02 am
down the shore an extra night to enjoy all of that sunshine from yesterday. so everybody coming right back into the office, the freeway, bum perto bumper. westbound schuylkill we had had an earlier accident. we are in good shape from end to end. fire location in west philadelphia at forty-fourth and chestnut. mass transit looking good with no delays. >> okay. a shot, and it is a goal. >> yes, team u.s.a. >> yes. >> and it is a goal. >> we have been celebrating our hometown hero carli lloyd
8:03 am
all morning long. i'm starting to think we should call this carli day. >> yes, absolutely. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. >> hi, did you guys toss to me, i cannot hear you, we're cheering too loudly. >> everybody is here, they are wearing their red, white and blue. >> we're quiet it down so we can talk to you. all of these people are huge fans, they all watched the game. julia, you are a soccer player. so is your sister. carli lloyd is your idol. >> yes. >> tell me why. >> because she scored a hat trick in the first 16 minutes. >> yeah. >> all of these soccer fans. you know lingo, they were paying attention, this was big stuff. we have video of carli lloyd scoring some of those goals last night. as you mentioned it was a hat trick, three goals and there were four goals scored within the first 16 minutes bringing the score to five-two with u.s.a. beating, them. >> yes, that is right.
8:04 am
>> last night, we were over at champs, with the medford strikers players, carli is a coach for medford strikers. we talk to some of the people last night. >> she's always training at our field. we work with james all the time. it is really cool how we have train with her and seeing her at our field and such a big stage and see her perform so well. >> it is really cool having a pro player, to learn from and she like comes and trains with us. she treats us like we're part of her family. >> it has been a huge benefit for our players. they know the physical part but to have her work on the mental tough necessary apart, that is really cool. >> last night we saw carli lloyd winning that golden ball because she was mvp player of this tournament. it was so exciting to watch. so many people are in love and learning more about carli lloyd, who is from here,
8:05 am
delran, so all of us here, we can celebrate this local hero. can't wait for her to come back in town. there might also than a parade in town. we had a mayor on. we are waiting to find out if there is a parade, would you guys go. >> yes good i think there should absolutely be something, carli, she's great and role model for all of us, guys. >> inspirational. >> she is. >> we're about to tell you tweets, president obama send out his congratulations on twitter and specifically mentioned our local star. he wrote what a win for team u.s.a., great game carli lloyd your country is so proud of all of you. come visit the white house with the world cup soon. >> vice-president joe biden was at the stadium rooting on on team u.s.a. this was posted with the caption cheering on the red, white and blue tonight. great goals, inspiring victory. >> speaking of tweets, bob kelly just said, l and m
8:06 am
doughnuts are the best. we will have six ready. she tweeted back. she said sound good. she's ready. >> six doughnuts. >> and really six and a half. we will give her a doughnut hole too. >> she will eat them all. >> and just work it out during her training. >> the next day. >> another thing from yesterday's game has everyone talking is tell hundred dough announcer andres cantore, when carli won her third goal, you have to hear this. >> he's back at a it. >> he took a breath. >> goal. >> there is another one. >> oh, come on.
8:07 am
>> shut up already. cantore said the word goal with three breaths. >> carli lloyd. >> then he stopped. >> thirty-eight seconds worth of that. that is going viral for sure. >> i bet. >> you know what, we need to get him in there when she says that. we will have him sing jammo. >> that would be just annoying. >> but we're celebrating, it is great, in the moment. >> just so pumped up. >> what a game. >> everyone pumped up for this, the pope kicking off his eight day trip across south america. as you can see yesterday pope francis received a very warm welcome in ecuador. thousands line the streets in the capitol city showing their love for pope francis tossing offering of flowers and
8:08 am
balloons. after ecuador francis is traveling to bolivia and par quay before returning to rome, that would be on july 12th. then, of course, everyone getting ready for his trip in fail in late september. where will mallea obama be working next summer. big star she will be getting coffee for. but what is your and your best friend ask you for money? how you should handle five awkward but necessary money conversations, next.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! lightening strikes magic kingdom at disney world down in orlando. this was friday night. look at that, visitors captured these incredible pictures which looked like disney villain was attacking the castle. >> wow. >> look at that. >> that doesn't seem real that looks like a disney production. >> animated. >> sue, nothing like that in our skies right now. >> that is correct, no weather drama here. you have to go to orlando to see that. >> we cannot rule out a thunderstorm. we remind you this a lot.
8:12 am
if you hear then are and lightening is nearby you don't want to be the lightening rod. get off of the beach. now we're mostly cloudy on the beach. temperatures in the upper 70's. southeasterly winds and five to 10 miles an hour. surf temperature 71. we have a low risk of rip currents and ten for uv index, when all of those clouds. this is a warm front that is kind of making trouble for us, as it makes its way through, we have got a little bit of sunshine, cloud cover here and there and that frontal system is lingering for a couple days until this one comes through. we will have enough sunshine all three of the first days of this week to bring us possibility of thunderstorm later on. some of them could be strong. ultimate doppler radar clearing out for the moment. we have had some showers this morning. we are up to 74 muggy dehe grease in philadelphia. sixty-eight in mount pocono. 71 degrees in lancaster. seventy-three in millville.
8:13 am
75 degrees in wildwood. due points are up there in the 60's and 70's. what does that mean? due points are in measure of moisture. we are up in the oppressive to uncomfortable range depending on where you are. kind of muggy, bad hair day to day. we have 87 as the average high and we never made it to that a average. but looking ahead, we will. it will be 85 today. then 90 tomorrow. ninety-two on wednesday. we have some pop thunderstorms. same deal on thursday with the upper 80's and we could easily string together three days or more of 90 or above which would make it heat wave number two of 2015. so muggy, muggy, muggy out there muggy monday. >> yes. we have had muggy the dog here while you are away on vacation. good morning everybody. 8:30. we have a new schedule in play for patco high speed line,
8:14 am
that could impact both morning and impact rush hours with those service gaps, so make sure you grab a timetable and pack your patients and jumbo coffee for the ride. big ride coming back from the shore this morning. extra heavy on the atlantic city expressway into the freeway. northbound 42. bumper to bumper working your way toward i295. schuylkill your normal delays working your way toward center city. but we are definitely in summertime mode as far as lighter than normal volume. and then, any minute now i will jump in the news van and head out to our breakfast spot along lancaster avenue in paoli. our deli. i will be out there from 9:00 to 10:00. bring the kid and say hi. we have some down wires in delco along route 320 and west dale avenue. folks using providence road as the alternate this morning, chris and alex, back over to you. >> i want you to loan me $200,000 in cash.
8:15 am
>> you shout at me. >> i shout at you, i need that money and you will loan to it me. >> you will. >> i will not. >> yes, you will. >> tom hanks asking for a loan, in the movie the money pit there but sometimes things can get uncomfortable. >> so what do you do and how do you protect yourself when your best friend or family member asks to bureau money or co sign a loan. we will bring in our financial expert dan ricoto to give us financial advice. >> awkward, good morning. >> it is a money pit, should i ask for money. >> alex, your best friend calls you. i'm starting over. i have had a few problems, money issues. i need a car. would you be my cosigner. that is an awkward one, right. this is what you need to know, alex. if you co sign a loan you are responsible for hundred percent of the loan. a lot of people think if i co sign you are on for half. you are on for all of it.
8:16 am
here's the answer you will give. hey i'm working really hard to work up my credit score and last thing i need right now is another inquiry on my report, because as you no he that takes a few points off your score. you will politely say now is not a good time. i cannot afford points on my score. turf pass on that one. and peter pay laid or debty debbie. they are late again this month. your lease even though both of your names or the lease you are liable for hundred percent. landlord doesn't care who is late. you're liable for hundred percent. here's the tip on that one. what i want to you do is before you move into the place with your new roommate put a month's worth of utilities and rent in a savings slush fun, gree to do that. when you do have a bad month or she has a bad month you have a slush fund to pull from. it will not solve long term but solve the problem at least this month. >> yes. >> do you remember back in college though for you and i
8:17 am
when there were actual land lines and to put tonight your name and everybody trying to collect. >> we have an app for. that the next one is, we will talk about that in a second. you are at the barbecue. your brother-in-law says i quit my 9:00 to 5:00. i need a loan. could you help me out. now, best answer to that you can give these guys your best policy toys say look i have a personal policy my family is so important to me i don't give loans to family because it never works out, well. >> it clicks the relationship. >> who want to be sitting at thank giving say pass me the turkey and you are late with your last payment. that is never a good idea. hatfield and mccoys. you don't want to do that. personal policy i don't give loans but if you have a few extra bucks give them a gift. that is fine but don't call it a loan. >> here's the thing, what about the times you run out to dinner. can you just get this one. then you realize every time you go out to dinner can you get this one.
8:18 am
>> it is an app for. that we were talking to two interns. they use this app. it is called split lives. you put it on your smart phone. only chris remembered his wallet which is unlikely. more like you will remember your wallet. i know chris. >> do you. >> we put the bill on our smart phone. we put the expense on our smart phone. automatically it will split it, right, however we have agreed, into thirds, each of us, and then what happens is, you will get a reminder e-mail saying you owe chris 20 bucks. >> i love this. >> but here's the best part. you don't ever have to collect the cash. it will do that electronically through your pay pal account. you don't have to go tour friend and say hey, where is that 20 bucks from yesterday she she get the e-mail and send you the 20 bucks. >> your son goes to school in san diego. >> i have a doubt are on their way now as well. >> they use it. >> i was talking to two interns. they are using it. so much so. chris, in more land line thing
8:19 am
where is my 20 bucks. >> yes. >> it is the same thing. >> when you are doing dinner parties where it is a birthday dinner. there is like 15 girls, all at dinner trying to figure out who got what. >> my kids use it with concert tickets. they put concert ticket on someone's credit card and split it with the app, split it with the app, easy to do, you get electronic e-mail, electronic payment real simple. >> interesting. >> awkward money conversations you don't to have have if you follow those tips. >> how burr kid when they come to you for money. >> i'm a human atm machine. >> dad or a mom, you know what i'm talking about. we are human atm's. all about teaching them good money habits. whole other top inning. we will get to that one too. >> dan, thank you, sir. >> 8:19. adults only wedding, bride and grooms are deciding not to invite kid to their nuptials but one mom has a big problem with this. how she says this is costing guests even more money.
8:20 am
>> but first, surprise, it was a holiday weekend filled with romance for a few celebrities. the stars that secretly got married over weekend next. and i saw mike jerrick walking through the studio right now. >> i have a surprise for you. >> are you still engaged.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:23. mill a kunis and ashton kutcher make it official. according to people magazine the two got married this weekend in a top secret ceremony. they welcome baby girl wya at back in october. this is milla's first and ashton's second marriage. he was previously married to actress demi moore. >> i knew that. >> billy joel married his long time girlfriend alexis rodrick on july 4th. a small group of family and friend gathered at joel's long island estate had no idea that the party would turn into a wedding. sixty-six year-old joel and 34 year-old rodrick have been dating since 201 on nine and
8:24 am
they are expecting a child and thinks joel's fourth marriage. >> six years ago, so she would have been, because i think she's 33. >> yes. >> she was 27 when they met. >> hi, mike. >> what is going on. >> good to see you. >> hi. >> i was gone last week. >> you were. >> i saw you a few times. >> foo fighters are in town tonight. >> they are taking the stage. >> at the susquehanna bank center right over across the river in camden. >> fans have been wondering how front man dave grohl will get around. >> he fell down and went got hurt. he fell off the stage in sweden. there he goes, wow. he took a header. last in month he broke his leg. band canceled rest of his european tour but the 20th anniversary tourist still going on here in the you had. first show was last night in washington d.c., it went pretty well, everybody says, so they will be, in camden, tonight. they are probable willly already in town right now.
8:25 am
they were jamming on guitar, listen. >> he has his wheels, and guitars. >> is that the most cool looking thing. >> very cool. >> the show must go on. >> so, they are going to drive that giant thing over to camden, later tonight. >> if you don't have tickets, kind of out of luck. i noticed on a web site for the susquehanna center, it is sold out. >> wouldn't you like to be push around. >> oh, yeah. >> you could be pushed around in your chair. >> i will do it for you. >> you see. >> i need a crown too. >> your lipstick and all of your stiff, you don't have guitars or anything. >> your make up, coffee. >> well, thank you. >> there i have my coffee there. >> thank you. >> well, from dish nation to good day i'm so excited about this, i love him. head crack is here in studio
8:26 am
this morning. we will chat about the surprising celebrity fourth of july,. >> i necessity his cousin, crack head. progressive insurance here, and i'm a box who thrives on the unexpected. ha-ha! shall we dine? [ chuckle ] you wouldn't expect an insurance company to show you their rates and their competitors' rates, but that's precisely what we do. going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today, you could save an average of over 500 bucks. stop it. so call me today at the number below. or is it above? dismount! oh, and he sticks the landing!
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and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world, and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
8:29 am
we have friend, even after you left in tell ran, new jersey. >> that is right. >> he has the flag on the back of his hog, maybe, his motorcycle, and then this is an exciting time. >> i would not be surprised if you see jenny joyce on the back of that bike. >> riding off in a sunrise. >> that is herman. >> we have her hook up. now at 8:29 lets get you hooked up with your pal and mine bus stop buddy. don't forget muggy the dog, temperatures in the 60's and
8:30 am
70's. when you see muggy, it is humid outside. we have a five out of ten. 74 degrees. now we have sunshine. it was cloudy earlier but with those easterly wind we will see cloud cover throughout the day, treasure sunshine while here. it may not be quite as bright all day as it was yesterday. not too much left at the moment on ultimate doppler radar but that sunshine means we will build up heat and humidity and you know the drill, you cannot rule out a thunderstorm later on in the day. 85 degrees. eighty-two by lunchtime. mostly cloudy skies. that is the deal. 8:32 is your sunset time. that is your planner from monday for wet ter authority. ninety's will return in the seven day forecast, we will tell you when in just a few moments, bob kill i, you are right now. >> 8:31. good morning, everybody. coming back from the shore. you are not only one that stayed down there yesterday soaking up the sun.
8:31 am
northbound on the freeway, bum per to bumper from the expressway into philadelphia. that is drill on monday in the summertime. also some delays north on the garden state parkway approaching the atlantic city expressway, for gang down at delaware beaches, we are seeing sprinkle will on the windshield this morning. that brand new schedule in daze number one, at least first morning rush hour of the new patco schedule. get used to it, gang. it is rest of the summer. it will impact both morning and afternoon rush hours. so grab a new timetable waiting for the train this morning. >> hey, bob. >> i have a job for you. >> i have some furniture delivered. >> oh, okay. >> and, i just got word, from people over at the apartment. >> yeah. >> it is not assembled. >> oh, okay. >> allen wrench. >> we will have a furniture party at mike's house. >> if you provide the food i will help. >> not assembled, who send us furniture not assembled. >> i say 8:32.
8:32 am
>> explain this whole neighborhood thing. >> we are having a neighborhood contest. philly area, delaware, new jersey, in there, who has the best neighborhood. >> okay, i heard about that. >> we have had people coming in, nominate neighborhood to be part of the bracket. we have teamed up with billy to let you know is what the best neighborhood in our neighborhood. >> we had to fill out our bracket, last week we showed you the first 28 teams in our 32 neighborhood fields. that left four wild cards. >> so we opened up, people coming into nominate their towns. we have received more than 1,000 nominations. >> do you believe that. >> now it is time to fill out the field. >> here is a look at the city region number one. fishtown, will take one, we will take on northern liberties. graduate hospital area, will take on overbrook. east passyunk will take on pens port. that is in south philadelphia. and mt. airy will play our first wild card team.
8:33 am
let's go to the first basket. this is the city basket here. right there there it is. one of our interns, lovely jasmine will do picking because we don't want to be held responsible for your anger. >> yes, yes. >> we might write a little smaller. >> just one. >> yes. >> just one wild card. >> roxborough. >> roxborough in the house. >> you are no you in line, roxborough, thank you. >> thank you. >> so we will, they will play mt. airy. >> yes. >> roxborough takes on mt. airy. >> so now city region number two, chestnut hill will take on germantown. mayfair will take on fairmount. and chinatown will take on, manayunk. cedar park will take on our second city, wild card. >> second city, wild card, jasmine. >> and, university city. >> that is right. >> congratulations. >> so they will take on whom,
8:34 am
i forgot. >> we will figure that out. >> yes. >> billy penn, people that recognized this, they lump pennsylvania and delaware, the two states together, into one big region. so, first up are pennsylvania and delaware region. west chester will take on newark. phoenixville will take on conshohocken. wayne will take on doylestown. and, media, sues, will take on our next wild card team. so this is pennsylvania/delaware. >> thinks it, suburbs. >> now we have more... >> narberth. >> there you go. >> narberth takes on media. >> nice. >> congratulations. >> and moving on. >> it is almost over? >> finally we have our new jersey neighborhood bracket collinswood will take on cherry hill. sewell will take on moorestown. haddonfield will take on blackwood, and mount laurel will take on, a wild card team.
8:35 am
so, jasmine, ready to go. >> they are playing the drums. >> i'm stopping. >> west deptford, new jersey. you are the new jersey wild card team. congratulations. >> thank you, jasmine. >> take the rest of the day off. >> thank you. >> interns get paid. >> $5 a week. >> now unseal the field of 32 and start voting on our ultimate neighborhood bracket tomorrow during good day. >> check out the bracket on my fox, who do you think should win. >> we will start that voting tomorrow at 7:00. >> 7:00 o'clock. >> boom. >> look it over and you will necessity who to vote for tomorrow. was delran... well, okay. >> they have carli lloyd. >> they have a champion of the world. >> they are winning right now. >> can women be beautiful and funny? former disney ceo is in hot water over his cold comments. who he says is one exception to this rule. >> start getting in trouble on
8:36 am
twitter, fun a tracktive women. but first, um-hmm, we have a little bit of the controversy here, do you know floyd may weather junior won battle against manny pacquiao back in may but that title may be taken away from him today. his unexpect fight with whom next. and here's a look at last night winning lottery numbers.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
we all watched the world cup a lot of celebrities were just as excited as we were. >> beyonce posted a pick on instagram wearing a custom
8:40 am
number 4yonce jersey. simply writing u.s.a. >> she got a custom jersey, oh, a jersey for mini me. bic, blue ivy carter. those are her initials. >> it is not about a pen. >> no. >> that is her child. >> yes. >> okay, bic for short. >> and fergie posted this pick on instagram go team u.s.a. on winning, the women's world cup. congrats. and photo shoot with my friends. >> yes. >> they made a pick because her daisy duke where is too revealing for morgue tv. >> i was waking out at what store was it, on walnut street, oh, it was apple store. there was a woman, young woman. her shorts were so high, you could see, cheeks hanging. does she realize what she looks like. >> yes. >> how do you like this. >> pretty much. >> then i took out my camera.
8:41 am
>> my gosh. >> sophia bush, she's a model, right? and actress. of the team celebrating. she wrote talk about defining greatness? get it, ladies. making history. live great, play great like a girl. >> courtney cox tweeted huge congrats to the u.s. women's national team, so proud. >> we should have a class in reading tweets. >> yes. >> sometimes, it is sounding more like a chant, u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a. >> hash tag. >> u.s. women's national team. >> is that what that means. >> yes. >> that is what it means. >> that is boring. it made our show. >> why. >> kit cat kline. >> 84:00 is. floyd may weather may have to say good bye to his welterweight title. >> he won it at his may second fight of the century begins manny pacquiao but it is being taken away because he hasn't
8:42 am
paid the sanctioning fee. didn't he make a 140 million-dollar that night? it may have been more than that. >> world boxing organization 200 you this dollars be paid by july 3rd, reports say that the friday deadline came and went and since may weather never paid up, he is being stripped of his title. >> he made over 300 million-dollar. >> so timothy bradley will now be considered the full belt holder. >> really. >> why didn't he just pay it. >> this is like a warning, hey, deadline is coming up, pay this. >> get from comcast. >> seriously. >> final notice. >> you know when it comes with the red letters. >> yes. >> quincy is on a boat. >> but he is working out on a boat. >> we are working out but i'm here with captain tom, you will not let me drive the boat are you. >> absolutely. >> they are burning, they are burning calories right there.
8:43 am
i will be burning with them in a second.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:45. we have a look at trenton, the state capitol there in new jersey. beautiful sunshine, is glowing
8:46 am
off the dome there, so we have some sun but if you look at the background of that shot you will see some clouds, as well. that is kind of the way the day will go. let's get over here and show you mostly cloudy skies with showers around, throughout the day to day, and some thunderstorms, popping up later, you know the drill in the summertime. sunshine tomorrow, there they are again, pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. rest of the week it will be hot and humid and we could be setting up for our second heat wave of 2015. quick look at radar nothing to show you at the moment. we have had some showers this morning mug which temperatures climbing in the 70's, some of that sunshine and dew points that are up there as well in the 60's and 70's so that means a muggy day. seven day forecast has 85 degrees today and then we will get back in the 90's. we have in the seen the 90's for a week, week and a half but they are back with thunderstorms possible, you know, every single day and friday we will finally clear out for a little bit back in
8:47 am
the 80's but by end of the weekend 90's return once again. there it is, guys, warm, humid, no surprise for july in philadelphia. >> all right, thank you, sue. you know mike. >> yes. >> you know i like to eat. >> holiday is the time i like to eat. >> oh, stuff any stays. >> now there i a work out we can do on a boat. >> we said we will start working out. quincy, you are our inspiration this morning. >> we're cruising on the delaware, you can see all of the sweat i have built up in the last one minutes. now, on saturday, you guys are doing this fitness work out, on ben franklin. >> ben franklin yacht fitness mingle on columbus boulevard, aboard ben franklin yacht, 401 north columbus boulevard. this is like, the end of our full body cardio intense
8:48 am
strength and core training. whole concept toys get everybody involved with fitness by any means necessary. so i talked to people. they say oh, man when i start working out i have to stop drinking and having fun in my life. i said that is not true. i'm a trainer. i used to be 300-pound. i like to have a drink here and there. >> on saturday $30. how do you sign up. >> you can contact me through e-mail and get registration through this. get a pay pal invoice. pay from there. we will move on from there. if you come to the boat day off, ticket are $40 and we are going to get everything going. we will leave off the deck from 10:00 to 12. make sure you get here inno later than 9:40. >> weather will be perfect. >> i was looking at 14 day forecast, it says 75, 80 degrees. we will have a good time. we have good thing. >> not only do you work out,
8:49 am
you come, work out, you sweat, and then last hour. >> absolutely. >> we are sitting and mingling. >> because it change from frustrates doing a ton of group classes and we were finish, everybody sitting around, enjoying themselves. someone telling me i cannot live my life the right way. yes, you can, let's mingle, talk, drink and eat. >> yes. >> what we will do next hour is check out the food but right now what are they doing. >> we are in the core stage. >> that is good. >> can i hold it. giovanni is performing crunches, regular body crunches, they work your lower abu-jamals and flat crunches. he is doing hip extensions for your side. >> yes. >> i want to stop. i'm embarrassing myself. guys, back to you in the studio. >> next hour we will check out healthy food on the boat. >> before you go we know you do these work out segments and you post on instagram while
8:50 am
you are working out. but now, look at you, it is in print, it is official, the new philly current magazine. >> yes. >> let me tell you something, let me tell you how much i'm sweating. >> you the man. >> my gosh. >> when you get it working, that is what happens. >> do you have anything you would like to say about your magazine debut. >> anyway, congratulations on being current magazine what do they call it. >> philly current. >> here's the thing too, look at this photo, this cracks me up, look at him, is he on a pole, what is going on here. he is showing off his guns on this one. if you look at this one here he is midair, now that is active. >> like a ninja. >> if you had to be in a magazine, active issue would you want to be showing off
8:51 am
your guns and being in the same magazine asset williams. >> dam. >> my gosh. >> yeah. >> he has lost about 70-pound. >> look at those guns. >> look at these pictures of quincy. >> he got out of control there. >> internship for the books, man. >> where will mallea obama be working this sum iser. big star she's getting coffee for.
8:52 am
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[male announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] this guy watches the show every morning so i want to say happy birthday to you, nathan martinez. five years ago today. his family watches the show with him almost every day. >> he is a lot of swag a lot of swag, yeah. >> happy birthday, nathan. >> we have about ten interns this summer helping out from different schools. mostly in our area.
8:55 am
mallea obama just scored a dream internship. >> she will spend her time and summer working as lenham dunham intern on the set of girls. photos show the president's first born hanging out on the set in williamsberg, brooklyn. the 17 year old spent three hours in the crew. she has been an out spoken fan of the the obama family. it is not clear if she will-in any episode or behind the scenes. she would make a great extra or something. >> good looking young lady, that is for sure, hanging out in williamsberg with the hip stores. >> 8:55. adults only wedding, brides and grooms are deciding no the to invite kid to the nuptials but one mom has a big problem with this. she says this is costing guests even more money, what do you think about this. >> camilla got married over the weekend. boy did she look good in that dress. we will show you a pick after the break.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good day everybody. it is monday, july the sixth, 2015. let's talk about beautiful women. >> because women, mike we're not just beautiful you can be beautiful and funny. >> of course. >> so hollywood heavyweight is in hot water over his cold comment. he says one exception to the rule. >> a guy opening his mouth in hollywood, what, an executive. >> shame, shame, yeah. >> plus, there is nothing like a cool treat on a hot summer day. i'm telling you, it is humid out there right now. but this, not your typical milk shake. creepy crawlers as one of the ingredients, i see some chunks but still, packed with protein. >> yes. >> protein is the the point. >> here comes jen.
9:00 am
>> we're live, in delran, where we have been all morning long we are throwing our own pep rally for carli lloyd. a abraham watch the game. how do you summit up. >> it was phenomenal. >> phenomenal. we will talk to these people coming up next. we still have those flags going, guys. >> calm down a little bit. >> we have someone special. are you here. >> hey. >> he is here. >> yes. >> are you mixed up. >> yes. >> come on over here. >> let me crawl out of the frame here. >> hello, how are you. so nice to meet you. >> i will slide you over. >> put you right there. >> how is that. >> i know you are on dish nation, are you ready for good day. >> i was watching you guys, you guys have a lot of fun, you walk around the studio. >> yes. >> we like to have a lot of fun here. >> you smell good. >> what is that. >> you know how you have real versions of cologne and down the street you can


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