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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  July 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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110 miles per hour ripped off the roof of this elementary school last night. this part of another severe weather outbreak that spawned at least two other tornadoes in pennsylvania. good evening a i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. team coverage of the recovery effort tonight and we begin with bruce gordon in berks county where people are struggling to take stock. >> reporter: the blue mountain seventh day add vendor elementary school looked like the target a bombing from mother nature the only person inside the school when it went off was the principal rachel.
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parts of new castle county cleaning up after last night's nasty storms. this was the view from skyfox earlier today. the roof of that mobile home ripped right off. >> fox 29 brad sattin live in new castle county tonight. brad how are things looking there tonight? >> well, slowly improving i would say chris certainly if you're living through it it's a nightmare right now. but for the most part it seems this storm was pretty isolated here. we're at the mobile home village right off of route nine i'm going to step out of the way show you some of the damage. you'll see a trailer right behind me that was shaken off of its foundation. i'm going to guess here at least two to 3 feet it moved to the left hit into the fence that you see to the left there and right next to that is a car. you can see the car window there shattered. now, power lines down all over the place crews still here at this hour. they've been here through the
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night into the day fixing them and apartment building here losing its roof as you mentioned chris. up to a dozen people out of their homes the red cross stepping in very quickly trying to get them a place to stay. they're being put up at the william penn high school for the time being. clean up went on through the night and into the day today. the good news here we're not aware of any injuries. delmarva power saying at its height 1400 customers were without power. that number got news down to about 50 customers. there was also some damage about half mile from here at an industrial park. a roof collapsed but back here at this trailer park, residents still picking up the pieces aft a very scary few seconds. that's all it last add few seconds last night. >> sounded like a freight train coming and then it made i'd say less than 15 seconds boom, everything was done. long and gone. just that fast. blowed trees down. knocked out transformers. everything went in the back. went in the front.
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damaged the trailer. damaged a few nor things. they 40 up. >> we were flabbergasted who knew that like two minutes of bad weather was going to cause this much damage and now misplaced a lot of families that don't particularly need to be misplaced. >> reporter: well the work is continuing behind me. crews again trying to get the last of the power restored here. there was a trailer not far from here where a power pole literal literally snapped went through the wall of this woman's bedroom of the trailer. she had been in it just a few minutes earlier. we actually just talked to her. she's okay. talked to her about that experience. we'll hear from her coming up at 6:00. we're also going to take walk in that bedroom again that pole missed her by near minutes. she had just walk out of that bedroom. that's the situation from now so it's bad but certainly could have been worse. nobody the good news here chris and dawn was injured. all right. incredible, thank you very much, brad. >> the weather making quite an about face since last night's storms in reading and elsewhere.
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sunshine pleasant temperatures and a much needed break from the humidity but the clean up from the severe weather will definitely last awhile. chief meteorologist scott williams is live in old city tonight with a look at how bad it was and those skies just got so dark so fast last night scott. >> yeah, they really did, good evening, dawn. of course, at this time yesterday we were keeping tabs on ultimate doppler a nasty line of showers and thunderstorms just kind of plowed through the area. let's take look at some of the statistics as well as ultimate doppler and just a bit. but you can see in berks county the national weather service hot there surveying that damage to the school. just catastrophic damage there. ef1 maximum sustain winds up to 105 miles per hour. the width of that tornado 75 yards. it was on the ground a little over three quarters of a mile. now, let's look at the radar recap. you can see those storms, they really just blue through the area. damaging winds a lot of heavy rain in a short period of time.
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let's look at the radar recap from sections of berks county around the tilden township area. ultimate doppler showing signs signs of rotation and that was a confirmed tornado just to the south of the hamburg area. you can see as we look at that enhanceed fugita scale it was a strong ef1 tornado that hit that area. much more on the nice weather today as well what is to expect fort weekend when i come indoors with the seven day forecast. >> all right. scott, thank you. developing now, a terrifying home invasion in a philadelphia neighborhood. tonight police say they are looking for two men who threatened a mother and her two young children inside their home home. officers arriving on the 2700 block of in grays ferry about 11:30 this morning. police say that's where two men broke into a home with a mother and her two children inside. investigators say that it does not look like the men stole anything before taking off. police have not yet said if anyone was hurt although both children did go to the hospital
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for evaluation. federal agents spent the day searches offices in reading city hall but the fbi isn't saying why tonight. city employee toll the reading eagle the agents were looking for evidence linked to powerful lehigh valley political consultant michael fleck. fleck was a campaign adviser for reading's mayor and allentown's mayor. his offices were raided by the fbi last week. history being made in south carolina. a huge crowd showing up to usher in a new era outside the state capitol for the lowering of the confederate flag. the controversial symbol rolled up for the first time in five decades. but even with these iconic images the fight over the flag is still far from over. fox's jonathan serrie is watching all of it from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: we are witnessing history at the south carolina state house confederate battle flag being lowered for the final time and being placed on permanent display in the relic
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room of a state run war museum. >> for it to be comeing down a quarter of the people -- accord of the people in south carolina of the accord of the democrats and republicans the dents of fed rat soldiers and slaves the time has come to take this down so that we can mend our broken hearts that is something special. >> reporter: anti flag sentiment growing stronger after last month's killing of nine people at a charleston church. south carolina senate and house voting for it to come down this week. governor nicky haley signing the bill yesterday alongside the families of the shooting victims victims. >> we will see the confederate flag come down. we are a state that believes in tradition. we're a state that believes in history. we're a state that believes in respect. so we will bring it down with dignity. >> controversy over the confederate battle flag not going away any time soon. with incidents popping up in several states. a truck flying the flag causing a road rage incident on orlando
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highway and new orleans mayor mitch land drew asking the city council to begin the process of relocating some confederate confederate monuments. flag causing trouble on capitol hill with the house canceling a vote on whether to allow it to be flown at cemeteries run by the national park service and the controversy is also not over here with the kkk planning a rally at the south carolina state house. in columbia, south carolina, jonathan serrie, fox news. well, one group that is celebrating the flag coming down is the naacp. south carolina's decision could not have come at a more appropriate time for the nation's largest civil rights organization. fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson joining us from our newsroom, and bill, it's the start of a big week for the inform aacp right here in philadelphia. >> reporter: it is. today kicked off their national convention. the relevance of the flag coming down wasn't lot of attendees. they were clear with president obama and clinton and other profile people coming to town
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the flag shouldn't district from on-going civil rights struggles. ♪ >> reporter: 106th national convention of the naacp is here at the convention center in philadelphia for the next five days. high profile speakers including president obama will address issues ranging from economic empowerment to civil rights. one issue the civil rights organization has been working on for years is the removal of the confederate flag. today that flag came down and obviously convention attendees had some strong responses. >> a symbol of hatred and of division and exclusion was brought down. (applause). >> reporter: the flag coming down was just one of many initiatives but local president minister rodney mohammed cautioned me not to think that the flag comeing down means that their work is done. >> it's a symbol that represents
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hatred and opposition to our rise in advancement but i think we should be careful to know that only the symbol came down. the reality that put it up there is not been shattered yet. >> reporter: with eight to 10,000 attendees former president bill clinton and current president obama and history being made president mohammed told me that he could think of no better place for this year's convention than philadelphia. >> genesis of this country started in philadelphia. most of the freed so-called negroes lived in philadelphia. a lot of the great voices found a place in philadelphia. when you wrap all that up, historically into one package, it makes philadelphia one of the best places for convention like this. >> reporter: dawn, there are a lot of strong opinions surrounding this, and this year's convention is entitled, pursuing liberty in the face of injustice. coming up at 6:00 i'll tell you how some local activists and businessmen think the naacp needs to be more proactive and specifically address some local
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issues before their convention ends. >> all right. bill, thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. sea of people in new york city to celebrate carli lloyd and the rest of the u.s. women's world cup team and their third world title. how this big party made history of its own today. >> young people get stranded in california after a cliff starts to crumble beneath them. what was in their pockets that could have meant the difference between life and death. >> plus, debate over the confederate flag is not just confined to south carolina today today. a bakery in the south serving up rebel themed treats. freedom of expression or poor taste? you decide. >> and the new hampshire man has one too many and tries to catch a ride home. good decision, bad choice of a ride. his embarrassing attempt to climb a horse, of course it's caught on camera and tonight he's in trouble with the law. ♪
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burns and smoke inhale laying. no word yet on what caused the blaze. the head of the government's personnel office catherine archuleta stepping down from her post announcement coming one day after the revelation hackers got their hands on the personal information of more than 21 million americans. that is a much larger number than original reported. members of both parties in congress were calling for her resignation. the deputy director of the department will now take over starting tomorrow. unprecedented verdict today in a new castle county cyber stalking case. a jury convicted three members of a delaware family of stalking and conspiracy. jurors found the actions of lenore matusiewicz, her son david and her daughter amy gonzales led to the deaths of two women. david's ex-wife and her friend were shot and killed by david's father thomas outside wilmington courthouse in february 2013. thomas matusiewicz then killed himself after a gun battle with police. it is the first american
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conviction for cyber stalking resulting in a death. and some traffic troubles this friday evening in wilmington delaware. state police say an east penn railway freight train derailed on lancaster pike near dupont road. six cars in all hopped the track it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. roads in this area are still blocked and will be until crews get those cars back on track. philadelphia police need your help finding a missing man from the city's harrowgate section. 33-year-old robert o'brien who also goes by christopher roads was last seen at his home on the 1800 block of east westmoreland street. he disappeared back on june june 18th. he was wearing khakis an black t-shirt. if you have any information at all, call police. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he's open to finding ways to wipe out a long-term deficit and boost education spending without raising sales or income taxes. the democrat now says he's willing to explore ideas as long as the states toes deficit is
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addressed honestly and without what he calls smoking mirrors. state is 10 days into a fiscal year without a new budget which is required so the state can pay all of its bills. this after wolf vetoed the republican's budget bill saying that it fell short of his priorityies. well hundreds waiting in line today at one of philadelphia's free libraries to see former president jimmy carter. the 39th u.s. president was in center city signing copies of his new book "a full life" visitors lining up early outside the parkway central library to meet the former president and get their own signed copy of his book. the 90-year-old reflects on both his private and public live in this latest memoir. it wasn't your average ribbon cutting in overbrook today. some of philadelphia's parks and recreation officials and city councilman curtis jones there to see the new pop pass playground come to life. neighborhood staple received $200,000 in renovations specifically for new playground
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equipment and that new spray ground as you can see even the adults were getting in on all the fun. teaching children where food comes from is now on the plate at the please touch museum the museum joining with the group keep pennsylvania beautiful to open a brand new garden space on the property. organizers hoping that it's a way for children to see first hand how to grow and harvest crops they'll be learning about the importance of recycling and composting. accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct off the court. is it a part of the game or is it bad manners? well tonight our howard eskin has had it with 1nba star's so-called lack of respect. ♪ are you kidding me? i'm done. i've had it. we all know the phrase, your word is your bond. it's all about honesty. but in at least one case, that's not the case and i've had it.
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let's take the case of nba free agency deanne dray jordan a terrific player for the la lip close last year decided he was going to sign as a free ages were with the dallas mavericks. he had a face to face with the mavs gm. it was a verbal agreement but you cannot sign officially until july 9th in period of few days he got pressure from teammates and changed his mind. and decided to stay with the clipper. okay. but here's where many athletes fall short in the area of respect. dionne dray jordon did not have the common courtesy to call the mavericks owner mark cuban with his change of heart but even worse, cuban tried calling many times when he heard there were problems and jordan didn't have the common courtesy to even answer the phone. it's called respect. common courtesy. and the way good people do things. but we're talking about a rich perform professional athlete. i'm howard eskin and i've had it it.
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>> have you had it with howard? because you know you can let him have it as well. just record a video and post it on facebook, twitter or instagram use the #fox29weekend. pope francis has his way you can say. the pontiff ducks into this burger king in bolivia. it wasn't for a whopper. we'll tell you why he hit up the fast food joint ahead of huge event coming. >> visitors duck for cover at a zoo after a mischievous monkey get loose. zookeepers continue their search. there's something else that has them scratching their heads tonight. they're the stars of one of the hottest series of kid movies and you can fine them in your next happy meal but some parents aren't too happy with what it sounds like these little guys are saying. ♪
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pope francis lands in bolivia with tens of thousands of people lining the streets just to catch a glimpse. the pontiff is scheduled to meet
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with prisoners among other public events. his three country tour of south america will take him to paraguay next. while the pope was in bolivia he had his way. he got ready for mass by change changing clothes in a burger king. that's right. pope and his team chose the fast food joint as a staging area because it was close to the big event. the burger king of course was closed. it was shut down for the pontiff. workers covered the windows with white curtains giving his holiness privacy. >> three sisters say faith and camping experience helped them survive more than four long days stranded in the wyoming wilderness. today those young women were reunited with family members in jackson. yesterday a helicopter rescued the sisters about 15 miles outside that town. the young women ages 25, 22 and 16 went backpacking on july 1st but they got lost in the forest for about three days. they rationed their food and water and waited for help to arrive. their father andrew was overcome
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with emotion when hearing the news of their rescue. >> i was relieve. started to cry. >> rescuers spotted the three sisters only about 7 miles from where they left their car. the ladies were cold and hungry but fortunately otherwise they were okay. omar shariff the egypt shouldn't born actor who sored lawrence of a rbi ya and dr. zhivago has died. he died of a heart attack in a cairo hospital. he had been suffering from alzheimer's. lawrence of arabia earned him a supporting actor nomination and international stardom. he appear in film funny girl and the pink panther strikes again. he was 82 years old. the debate over the confederate flag isn't just confined to south carolina today today. the southern bakery serving up some rebel themed treats. freedom of expression or bad
5:27 pm
taste? we've got both sides coming up. plus vaccinating boys as young as 11 years old for std's? the controversial choice doctors say could save your son's live. scott? >> and dawn, the severe weather from yesterday has moved out. beautiful for your friday but what about the weekend? we're tracking new information next.
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♪ the confederate flag now gone from south carolina's capitol grounds.
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large crowds gathered to watch it lowered for the last time this morning. yesterday south carolina's governor nicky haley signed a bill authorizing its removal. this follows a long heated debate painful past versus southern heritage. the flag will now head to its new home at the south carolina confederate relic room and military museum. but this debate over that nag is far from over, ton night it's now heating up in virginia. >> that's right a bakery there started taking orders for confederate flag inspired cookie cakes and while some customers are lining up for a slice of the controversial pastry others say it's a leaving bad taste in their mouth. here's fox's beth parker. >> reporter: crunchy cookies gooey cinnamon rolls creamy cupcakes somebody say a taste of hate. >> just for us. a business decision to do that. >> reporter: this the confederate flag cookie cake made at the fredericksburg bakery crumb and get it. why did they make it? because
5:31 pm
somebody asked. >> we had like two minute conversation about it. >> reporter: but the conversation on facebook was much longer than that. some wanted to rush right over to buy one. what are your hours today? others had just the opposite reaction. you are alienateing a lot of your local patrons. i just find this disgusting. here's another. ignorance whether it be intentional or inadvertent will taste sour when it finds itself on your dessert plate. >> some of it was mean spirited. but we just -- we didn't let it bother us too much. >> reporter: sarah and mike sweeney own bakery for about eight months. >> it should still be you should agree to disagree with somebody. if they don't agree with uh-uh just move on and keep living your life and not -- i mean we had someone threatening to sue us and threatened to protest our store and making all these demands. seemed like stronging arming trying to get their way versus realizing that we're all individuals with our own opinions. >> reporter: now we wondered if they thought making the
5:32 pm
confederate cake had hurt business helped business or if business had stayed the same? they say since they posted the photo of the original flag cake on facebook last week 20 more people have ordered one. >> a lot of civil war history in fredericksburg. we definitely had no idea that it would be as popular as it's gotten. >> sweeneys say the flag is just a symbol. >> the bible can do that to people. guns, a police badge all symbols that can be used for good or bad. >> reporter: when folk asked about something else that's been in the news, gay marriage -- >> we had people calling for those and we told them we'd be happy to make a cake celebrating that. >> the cake costs $19 the flavor is chocolate chip, sweet orbiter depending on your taste. in fredericksburg, virginia beth parker, fox news. ♪ and back to your fox 29 weather authority now. the national weather service confirming today that a tornado is in fact to blame for ripping
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the roof right off this elementary school in berks county. this is what is left of the blue mountain advent elementary school. ef1 tornado packed winds of at least 105 miles per hour when it struck down just tearing that school apart. that was yesterday. there were also two other confirmed tornadoes elsewhere in pennsylvania. >> yeah. it was crazy and today it's gorgeous. >> making way for nice day. >> really nice day. really just been a busy severe weather month over the past several weeks we've seen lot of tornadoes in fact in the state of pennsylvania and take a look. national weather service was out there today in tilden township, berks county. ef-one winds unto 105 miles per hour just destroyed the blue mountain elementary school there. so just a lot of cleanup taking place. not only in berks county but across the area. take a look at all of the damage reports from yesterday's storm. new castle county and also there was a reported funnel cloud in
5:34 pm
burlington county around the marlton lakes area but no touchdowns. just take look at the radar over the last 24 hours yesterday at this time we were warning you about that line of showers and thunderstorms that would turn severe. just kind of moved through the area rapidly but beautiful weather out there. today low humidity. it's just been comfortable to get outdoors and enjoy. so if you're stepping outdoors, maybe a backyard barbecue or grabbing a bite to eat for dinner no weather worries whatsoever. by tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. it's mostly sunny across much of the area. however, a little disturbance wants to move to our south. so that will bring some cloud cover, the first part of the day down the shore but then we're still looking at a lot of sunshine across the area for your upcoming weekend. it will be pretty comfortable on saturday but by sunday that humidity will start to increase. you can see outside our studios folks are out and about 85 degrees. and look at the humidity. only at 38%. so pretty comfortable for july standards.
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84 atlantic city. 83 right now in allentown and look at the dew points. dropping into the 50s across the area. making it feel really comfortable. low 60s in the suburbs upper 60s in the city and as we move ahead to tomorrow, hour by hour we'll call it partly sunny but temperatures rapidly climb into the upper 80s. down the shore beautiful weather. morning clouds tomorrow giving way to sun high of 80. 81 on sunday. water temperatures right around 74 degrees. and the pocono mountains dawn timmeney you headed up there this weekend. >> i am. >> that's one of your favorite spots. >> chris o'connell is. temperatures looking good saturday and sunday in the low to mid 80s. >> we start to really ramp the heat and humidity up sunday. 91 degrees. kind of muggy pop-up showers and storms. kind of typical summer pattern as we head into early next week. 88 the high on monday. 90 on tuesday. >> weekend is looking good. >> we like that. >> looking good everywhere. >> most important. visitors ducking for cover at a
5:36 pm
zoo after mischievous monkey gets loose. zookeepers continue their search there's something else that has them scratching their heads. >> plus a picture you'll see getting passed around on social media tonight. a little girl's creativity showing no boundaries how this is turning into a lucrative business. >> we got the story behind this philadelphia schoolbus getting the boot. the reason now coming to light and it has nothing to do with the philadelphia parking authority stepping in. ♪
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♪ technology helped save two stranded teens in california. this brother and sister were walking along the edge of the cliff outside of san francisco. virginia vansant and her brother dropped his cell phone which got them both into trouble. the siblings thought they could carefully climb down to reach it until the ground crumbled under
5:40 pm
their feet. >> we thought that we could go down and get it, and we were mistaken. the cliff was way too steep. by the time we figure that out we couldn't move. we couldn't go up or down so we called 911. >> pretty scary the phone they called to use police was virginia's the siblings waited for an hour on the side of that cliff before rescuers could pull them to safety. police in florida want to know how someone made off with a classic car. cops say somebody broke into several units at a public storage facility in mount dora florida. they have got away with this bright red and white '55 chevy. it happened early thursday morning. police want people to keep their eyes out. that's because the car is pretty easy to spot. the owner is baffled by the whole thing. >> according to what i found out now, there was over 30 at this storage warehouse that was broken into, and my car is the only thing that is missing from any of them.
5:41 pm
which is really strange. >> get this. the car owner had another one of his classic cars stolen a couple years back. it was found by police. he's hoping he has the same luck this time around. well a little monkey business is keeping zookeepers on their toes in memphis. >> that's for sure. it turn out to be the jail break that no one saw coming. apparently little seem im was hungry for freedom and decided to bolt from her enclose insures at the memphis zoo yesterday. officials have no idea how she did it they've their hands full trying to find her. coo zoop% believe she's hiding somewhere in the park likely in a storm drain on the property and although she's not dangerous the massive search is giving visitors something to talk about about. >> they said, quick, get indoors there's monkey on the loose. >> she's an independent little girl. >> they're on golf carts everywhere. >> he have seen a border collie coral sheep. >> that's the excellent analogy how we get her back in.
5:42 pm
>> right now she continues to allude her keepers and all the while lighting up social media. she's even posting on her twitter account teasing zookeepers about where she might be hiding. hopefully they'll find her. i hope so. >> new hampshire man has one too many and tries to catch ride home. >> but he chose the wrong kind of ride. his embarrass attempt to climb a horse was caught on camera and tonight, yes he's in trouble with the law. and they are the stars of one of the hottest series of children's movies and you can find them in your next happy meal but some parents aren't too happy with what it sounds like these little guys are saying. sean? >> dawn, cole hamil on the mound tonight in san francisco. maybe his final curtain call before he gets traded by the phils. preview to have night's game against the giants later in sports. ♪
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♪ turning to your health tonight the debate over a vaccine for the most common type of std's in the u.s. isn't going anywhere yet nine years after its debut the cdc and more and more doctors are on board. fox 29's joyce evans reports some parents worry it will force their children to grow up too soon. ♪ >> reporter: the after care program at the common place church where preteens still pray over their food. do arts and crafts, practice dance moves. and really get their homework done. it's a safe place where it's still okay to be a kid. >> she asked first, please don't
5:47 pm
get an attitude. she asks first. have a seat. >> reporter: what thompson concern goes way beyond protecting youngsters at after care. especially her pre teen see here here. >> he's 12 butt but boys are boys, and he's getting at that age where it's like, you know, scary. >> reporter: she's heeding a warning from the centers for disease control and prevention trying to step up protection against what the cdc says is the most common sexually transmitted incurable virus in the united states the human papilloma virus. >> can you get rid of it or is it yours forever. >> it's yours forever. >> reporter: and you may never know you even have it until it's too late. >> because they have no symptoms at all. >> reporter: possible symptoms range from warts to the worst. >> and the cancers are cervical cancers in women head and neck cancers in both women and men and cancers of the penis cancer the ain't us in in men.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: it's why more pediatricians like dr. judy larkin are recommending the hpv vaccine for pre teen boys. not just for girls any more. >> boys are part of the spread of the virus. so if you only vaccinate half of the population there's still going to be that virus spreading around because the other half of the population is not vaccinated. >> reporter: still many parents argue allege is way too young to vaccinate their child. whether girl or boy. >> we want to do that before they're having sex before they're thinking of having second. >> reporter: what critics say it might force parents to have that talk about the birds and the bees long before they are their children are ready. >> i think that there's a lot of sexual behaviors that are occurring in middle school that, you know people might not define as second. >> if you just sit on the bus and listen to some of the teenagers you wouldn't think that it's too young. >> reporter: but she totally understands why many parents are reluctant. >> initially, i was like, um,
5:49 pm
i'm not sure, but then i did research on it. >> reporter: she asked a lot of questions about the possibility of getting a different strain of hpv1 not includeed in the vaccine and possible side effects from the vaccine. >> one of the bigger reactions from the vaccine is there's an increased risk of fainting. so to me the side effects that the vaccination may have are not as severe as the cancer. >> reporter: we never pressure somebody into vaccines but, you know they don't want. >> she says how parents talk about it with their child depends on timing and the relationship you've already built with them. >> the sooner the better especially when um, they're at this age. you can talk to them a lot easier. >> are you excited about going on your trip today? >> and zahir's take on all this grown up stuff. >> yeah, i'm like whatever my mom says. >> reporter: he just got his last shot of the vaccine in the series of three shots over six
5:50 pm
months. now, girls have until age 26 to be vaccinateed. heterosexual males age out at 21 by and homosexual males have until age 26 to get vaccine. joyce evans fox 29 news. some parents are not happy about what's inside their children's happy meal. mcdonald's is currently giving away minion toys in those meals they make couple of different sounds when you squeeze them it's supposed to be gibberish but some parents are claiming the toy is saying a curse word. mcdonald's says the toy is not saying anything inappropriate but many seem to be torn about what they're hearing. >> it's very possible it was just blah, blah, blah and we hear it what is we want to hear it as. but i mean i've heard it. kind of sounds like it. >> mcdonald's says it has no plans to remove the toys from their happy meals. well talk about a night on the town. a new hampshire man is in big trouble tonight after getting caught on camera appearing to
5:51 pm
had a few too many drinks and then allegedly breaking into a barn to steal a horse. >> it's true. he doesn't stop there. fox's john monaghan has the shocking video. >> reporter: this man tries time and again to climb on to a horse in hollis. but try as he might he just can't seem to do it. his numerous tempts all caught on a surveillance camera rah inside the barn at the walking socks farm. >> stealing a horse is just wrong. >> reporter: the guy is 26-year-old jeremy tap pin he's had several run ins with the flaw new hampshire even failing up to show up for arraignment in nash what in 2013. he never even got the horse out of the barn. >> stealing a horse is pretty out there. that's um, why would you want to steal a horse? >> reporter: that's a question hollis police want answered too. they found tap pin who took a gatorade from the refrigerator according to the horse's owner walking down the road.
5:52 pm
tap pin scene in this mug shot was arrested. >> he'll get what's comeing to him for trying to steal a horse that wasn't his. >> reporter: he did finally after three minutes get up on to the horse. but after all of this effort he's not sitting pretty. now, facing several charges. >> not worth it. um, definitely not worth it. >> tap pin is charged with theft, trespass and another crimes. he is out of jail on bail but due back in court next month. not too smart. um-um. brace yourself we're about to introduce to you colorado's most promising little artist. she's only two years old but aniston farmer has already seemingly perfect add new hobby. her mom says she was nursing her son when suddenly a little too quite in the room next door. that's where she left her daughter. they've been sprucing up their house and left an open bucket of paint nearby. well farmer snapped a photo of her daughter covered in all of that white paint and the footprints next to them. well, this of course became a hit on social media. there's even a website art by
5:53 pm well, the party is still going for many in new york city tonight after thousands lined the streets to cheer on the world champions this morning. the united states women's national soccer team getting getting the star treatment through the canyon of heroes. i was watching this what an incredible celebration in new york. >> they had the pefect day for it. >> they did. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce was at today's ticker tape parade. thousands got a chance to revel in a ceremony for team usa. >> reporter: hours before the guests of honor paraded through lower manhattan the fans arrived to snatch a front row spot on the side lines down usa colors, stars and stripes bursting with pride. >> you guys are just so awesome and i love you guys! >> we met several young female soccer players thrilled to be part of a historic 206 ticker tape parade. >> usa! >> reporter: it's the first
5:54 pm
time a women's team has been honored with parade for some the scene was surreal. >> never thought you told me 20 years ago we would have tip ticker tape for the united states women's world cup. teen within the world cup is incredible. >> at 11 a.m., members of the new york city police department led the march down broadway. then came the drums and bagpipes bagpipes. today's canyon of heroes was renamed the canyon of heroines to honor the women. >> i think it's a little bit more of equality. i know there's been one super. the last one was for the giants. i think it's a good -- great honor for women that they can get, um, a parade in their honor honor. they won big. >> reporter: and as these winners roll models us heroes rolled down broadway fans eager eagerly snapped pictures. >> oh, awesome. >> reporter: to make sure they didn't miss a thing. >> as the parade continues on
5:55 pm
the confetti continues to fall following this crew down to city hall. south jersey's own carli lloyd was a big fan favorite on the float with new york city mayor bill diblasio. >> she's just like the best player on the field and she's so humble about how she wouldn't. >> reporter: the perseverance lloyd and her 22 teammates have shown has left a mark on fans of all ages. >> 2011 we felt they shall have won that game and they came back and they worked so hard. they did everything they possible to make it happen and they believed and they wouldn't. >> reporter: in manhattan jennifer joyce fox 29 news. history in south carolina. the confederate flag taken down. >> usa! >> naacp celebrating along with others but some say the battle isn't yet over. >> plus, pictures of a booted philadelphia schoolbus spark lots of questions. tonight the real reason officials say the bus was given
5:56 pm
the boot and why it has nothing to do with where it was parked.
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>> fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪
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tonight at 6:00 the national weather service now confirming tornado did in fact touchdown in berks county yesterday. ripping off a roof of an elementary school. forecasters say wind gusts of 105 miles per hour hit near reading striking the blue mountain elementary school. that is in hamburg. it is one of three tornadoes that wreaked havoc on parts of pennsylvania last night. >> it's not just berks county cleaning up from yesterday's stormy weather. skyfox over new castle county delaware earlier today. the national weather service just confirming that an ef0 tornado touched down there yesterday. packing winds of 65 miles per hour. take a look. you can see the roofs of some of these mobile homes just peeled off by those strong winds. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. residents in that county now have a long list of repairs in front of them tonight. fox 29's brad sattin is live in front of new castle county right there right now. brad arc lost work needs to be do


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