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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  July 13, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock a plane makes an emergency landing on a local highway we will tell you how the pilot glide that had plane to safety. new overnight robbers target a popular philadelphia restaurant and getaway with big bag of cash. baltimore's state attorney speaks at n naacp attorney what message she has for minority women. it is monday july 13th 2015. >> hello lauren dawn johnson. >> i did. >> did you have a good weekend. >> yes. >> first thing i said to lauren sue, when i saw her this morning i said what did you do over the weekend. >> lou refreshed healthy happy. >> maybe nothing because she got some sleep. >> are you going to tell us. >> i don't know i don't have a
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secret. >> whatever. >> then we can end did what it was supposed to, it refreshed it renewed and here we are again, monday morning 47 degrees, our current temperature 3 miles an hour wind at south southwest 71 percent relative humidity 567:89:43 is your sunrise time. those days are getting shorter. one area of showers headed just west of smyrna, delaware and in new castle county, there and that is about it. we really did not expect rain for today but you can see on the satellite picture there are a few clouds around in maryland, we have some showers this morning a and not expected to hold together. we do have a dry day in the forecast, we have 74 degrees as we said here in the city but it is in the comfortable 60's to the north of us. sixty-one mount pocono. seventy-two in trenton. sixty-seven in atlantic city. sixty-six in wildwood. we have a sea breeze at the shore. those are current
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temperatures. here's your fox cast for today high of 88. mix of sun and cloud. warm day. we probably won't make it to 90 but it will be close and maybe some showers rolling in, tonight, after dark. we will have more details object all of that coming up plus we will bring you the seven day forecast, bob kelly on vacation this week so we will be handling those traffic duties, on your monday morning, and tuesday and wednesday, and thursday, and construction now looking at 422 at oaks and also the biggie, of course is the vine street expressway. we have that construction there. so you'll have to avoid that coming off of the schuylkill and you want to get on the vine. we have a water main break to tell you about. this happened in west philadelphia, 52nd street between west minister avenue and wyalusing a avenue. take hard for road to get by. looking at regional rails everything is on time, this morning, lauren.
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a popular cafe known for cheese and wine was robbed overnight. >> armed suspects got away with a bag full of cash. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live on spruce street right by that restaurant with more on this, hi sabina. >> reporter: well, they got away with a lot of money. this is a restaurant tria a popular midtown hot spot. it was closed when all of this just happen. lets look at video we got from the scene. police say just before 1:30 this morning, two men stuck up the wine and cheese bar, they were armed with what police are describing as a simulated weapon. tria employees handed over four bank bags filled with about $1,500 in cash. now as i mentioned this is a really popular spot that closes at 1:00. robbery happened at 1:30. a as we are standing back out here live these streets are still filled with people, sunday night, there are still people out so you can imagine there were people out here
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when this all happen. very brazen robbery happen here this morning. two suspects, still on the loose, police haven't released too much details in the description but that is who they are looking for. there is not anybody at the the restaurant. they have closed out and headed back out, a after a traumatic night here guys, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. also new overnight police are investigating a double shooting in in ogontz this happened shortly after 11:00 p.m. a 21 year-old man a 46 year-old woman was found in the 1600 block of wild inner place. both victims were taken to einstein hospital and just a few blocks from there an hour later police found 20 shell casings at 21st street. a man fired several times riding a bike down the street. police did not find any victims. they are looking to see if the two incidents might be perhaps related. on the campaign trail wisconsin governor scott walker set to announce his candidacy for president later today this will make him the 15th candidate in the already
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crowded g.o.p. field. he lead the the crowded group in the iowa caucus a according to the recent quinnipiac poll. hillary clinton is expect to outline her economic agenda clinton is expect to make boosting middle will contractual income a focus of her plan. according to her campaign clinton will point to what she says was economic progress, under her husband's presidency, as well as during president obama's add administration. the former secretary of state is expect to begin outlining a series of specific economic proposals this summer on issues like wage growth, college afford built and paid leave. president obama is coming to philadelphia tomorrow afternoon and will deliver the keynote address during naacp convention being held in center city this week. policing practices are a among issues activist are focusing on during this years convention. baltimore's state attorney medically most bye took the stage this weekend at the convention. she gain national attention when she announced charges
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against those officers in the a involved in the arrest of freddie gray. >> people were clam touring see her. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has highlights from her speech. >> i give to you the the honorable marilyn mostby. >> reporter: they welcomed baltimore state attorney marley mostbye a rising figure giving keynote speech at n double a ac p on sunday morning. >> every great movement, toward progress, began with more with man who will channel their confidence and unafraid to challenge status quo in the pursuit for justice and equality. >> in mosby came to national attention when they indict six police officers in the the police custody death of the 25 year-old freddie gray. her decision comes public glowing address widely condemned by critics who accused her of carrying out the a political agenda. her speech, which prompted her political achievement and struggle also from inner city boston baltimore's top prosecutor it the is talk
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about reforming the political and social establishment. >> i did not only possess the vision but i for site to change and reform at the criminal justice system. the system that is historically convicts the unfortunate and affects so many community of column are. >> reporter: audience members say mosbias a strong role model. >> just think what she can accomplish in life. >> she's a powerful, african-american young woman. she has a powerful message. she is in a powerful position. >> reporter: mosby did not dress the freddie gray address and did not take questions from the reporters from the event. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. a 7euro zone leaders reached a tentative economic agreement with greece just this morning. bail out program removes a immediate threat that greece could collapse and leave the euro. nine hours after self imposed
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deadlines, lead's announced break through earlier today. if the talks had failed, greece could have faced bankruptcy and a possible exit the er ro. it a has been a part of them since 2002. three fisherman caught quite a surprise, one brown sharks chris of cinnaminson new jersey caught the sharks off the 11th street south beach, around 5:45 last night. he his son and a friend hauled them in at almost exactly the same time. they released both sharks back into the ocean and the sharks swam off. now they are also sandbar sharks. thermos common sharks found in the chesapeake bay and mid-atlantic cogs. marine experts say they are rarely associated with attacks, on humans. and an attempted water rescue on the delaware river came to a saddened last night divers found body of the man who jumped in the water for a swim sunday afternoon but did not make it out. four three-year old victim was on a boat with at least one other person. people watching the rescue unfold said the river can be
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deceptive. >> it is very sad, a lot of people don't realize how strong the current here is so when they go for swims without a life investigator anything like that, they really get taken under very quickly. >> the coastguard and new jersey state police blocked the river while they searched for that man. miraculous landing in ocean county, new jersey when a pilot is able to bring his plane to the stop on a major highway this happened yesterday morning on route 72 in stafford township near long beach island. plane carrying four sky divers and a pilot lost its engine. the experienced pilot was able to glide the plane under some power wires around traffic and then on to the median. it took out some road signs and there was extensive damage to the plane but everyone walked away, okay. >> he had made that decision for everybody's safety. he made the decision, to land. >> when engine, loses you still have control.
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>> absolutely. the airplane is very light and designed to glide. >> reporter: faa is now investigating. another prison break, this time, in mexico, the country's most notorious drug lord escapes again where authorities are searching for the kingpin. four people are injured in the running of the bulls on saturday? and one of them has a philadelphia connection. welcome to the festival.
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4:13 on this monday morning. all quiet at the airport. it will be busy. all of the business travelers today is the day go do business for four days and you come back on thursday to energy home for weekend. >> you know who is flying into town? tonight, the president of the united states of america he is addressing the naacp convention. >> were you talking baby stuff, we will show a picture of you. >> so yesterday. >> we have the picture. >> we do have the picture. that is my stylist does the hair every week. the tuesday, you know the routine. she's having a baby soon. she's due in august. her baby shot was at franklin square. she was really nervous.
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part of it was inside, part of it was outside. she didn't know how weather was going to be. >> she must not have been watching fox 29. >> it turned out to be a perfect day. >> who is the dude. >> gary is his name. >> have you met him. >> good guy. >> yes. >> all right, that is good. >> yes. >> so, what did you get her for a gift. >> a gift card, you pick what you want. >> that is what i say. >> it is true. >> baby showers you can roll with gift card, isn't it one of those things, oh, my goodness oh, my goodness i love it; how did you know. >> because it is on the registry. >> it is so cute. >> pick up the card because you might throw the card away and card will get lost pick the gift thaw want right away. >> that is money. >> this is christmas in our house. >> is there anytime left for weather. >> new there is. >> now, back to you. >> we have a jammo with
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traffic. >> we will, doing double duty this week because bob kelly is on vacation, we hope he is having fun. we have some showers to show you on ultimate doppler. they are for the most part, not in our area except this one playing townsend delaware in southern new castle county getting a little bit of the shower this morning but it is probably going to disappear as quickly as it arrives. we have a stationary front nearby down to the southwest of us and eventually supposed to lift forward tonight lift northward as it is a warm front and high pressure will build in but in the for a while. we have got after today some unsettled weather thanks to this slow moving system and cold front that will follow, and kind of stall in our area a as well. you will see future cast, there will be times of clouds today and showers try to get close but i don't think they will move in until after midnight tonight, and then we could see scattered showers
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early in the morning tomorrow at this time and more widespread in the afternoon and around lunchtime. so by 2:00 in the afternoon we have heavy downpours around. this is on tuesday scattered showers, maybe a pop up then are storm and then we could do that all over gannon wednesday, you can see wednesday, noon time and then in the afternoon some scattered showers and pop up thunderstorms again with that stalled system. a couple of unsettled days this week but not to day we expect today to be dry. 74 degrees in the city. to the north of us we have temperatures in the 60's, to the south of us we have temperatures in the 60's, unless we're in wilmington delaware where it is 72 degrees. sixty-nine in dover. sixty-six in wildwood. to points are in the mid 60's, so it is a little bit more humid then we can even started out. notice humidity increasing, so we were getting into that uncomfortable range with our humidity. looking back at the weekend friday's high temperature was
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86 degrees. we have 89 yesterday, we did reach 90 on sunday. we're not expecting to today we're thinking 87 degrees. lower 80's tomorrow, mid 80's on wednesday with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. mix of sun and cloud on thursday, and starting to heat up, it looks like friday may end up being your best weather day of the weekend. saturday okay. sunday a few thunderstorms rolling in the picture because it is summertime and that is your seven day forecast, let's check traffic. as we mentioned bob kelly is on vacation this week. we will start off with 422 eastbound at oaks where we're reduced to one lane due to construction out there. now we will go to the 42 freeway in new jersey. it looks like construction there. not a lot of volume at this point. not slowing anybody down very much. in west philadelphia, born and raised fifth second street between west minister avenue and wyalusing is there a water main break. that street is closed.
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finally looking at the airport no reported delays or cancellations so you are talking about flying, lauren, you should be okay today. >> thanks, sue. mexico's most powerful drug lord escaped a maximum security prison for second time. >> all out manhunt is underway for this man, he is known as el chapo he escaped from mexico's top security prison through an elaborate tunnel under the shower in his cell. investigators are questioning about 30 workers to figure out who help him escape. mexico's president is confident that they will find him. >> i'm confident that mexican institutions particularly those charged with public security rise to the challenge with the determination to recapture this criminal. >> so back in 2001 jogging win guzman bribe his way out of prison. his cartel is believed to be controlling most of the major crossing points at u.s. and mexican border.
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u.s. authorities offered any assistance it need to aid in guzman's recapture. it looks like a break through at iran nuclear talk. a deal that would cut back nuclear capability for sanctions relief. they plan to announce monday that they have reached the deal. final details are being work out. once it is complete a formal final agreement would be opened through u.s. officials in the capitols of iran and six world powers, at the talks, u.s. officials are pretty optimist particular if negotiators make the deal it could limit their production for a decade but congress will also have a say in whether a final deal is activated. secretary of state is on crutches because of his
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bicycle accident. 4:20. we have breaking news in france. a group of gunman has broken in to a store in suburban paris. a shopping center there. at about ten people were trapped inside right now this happened at 6:30 this morning local time. officials say gunman were trying to rob the store but it is unclear if the ten people are being held hostage or if they are just hiding inside. we will keep you updated as new information becomes available. let's stay in that area, spain, yes running of the bulls happened over the weekend. there is a a local connection, one of the thrill seekers, is from right here in philadelphia. >> so, during saturday's running of the bulls thousands were traced by bulls down pamplona's narrow streets. this included two americans who were injured in the race. one bull charged so hard a 34 year-old philadelphia born man suffered two wound, one behind his knee and another near his back. another american was also injured. >> would you ever. >> no. >> what is the point. >> i just don't get it.
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>> all right. >> members are not ready to give up flying the confederate army flag. the supporters held a rally on saturday in oklahoma after south carolina's governor remove the flag from flying over the state capitol. supporters claim it is a symbol of heritage, not hate a counter rally sponsored by naacp disagreed with that interpretation. this is not your office. one coffee shop owner in the nation's capitol trying to get his customers to leave. what he is doing to push them out the door. and a tui arrest land donovan mcnabb in hot water at work what his employers are doing about his latest troubles. take a look at last night's winning lottery numbers good luck.
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good morning i'm sean bell. phillies going into the all-star break with no all stars, and no prayer for making the playoffs this year. or anytime soon. they are worst team in baseball and they tried in an end four game losing streak before going into the break. taking on giants in the bay fourth inning, andrew suzach, that is down the middle. three run blast and then to dead center.
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chad billingsly pitched five innings, gave up ten hits and four runs. giants win four-two. phils lose their fifth straight. phillies will have the five game losing streak at the all-star break. federer and novac djokovic split the first set but djokovic control the match after. that championship point right here djokovic put the ball out of reach and wins his second straight wimbledon title third overall his ninth grand slam. in case you missed it serena williams dominated wimbledon winning her 21st grand slam, sixth wimbledon title. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb side bind by both his tv and radio jobs. >> mcnabb has been suspended nbc says he a has taken a leave of absence from his radio gig. he was arrested june 28th after he rear ended a person in arizona back in 2014 he
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pled guilty to dui served one day in jail, and if he is found guilt think time around he faces a steeper. >> the once celebrated quarterback. we never won a super bowl. that would have been some celebrated. >> he was a wig deal here. >> yes. >> next u.s.a. crowned did anyone see it though. that is the big thing. we will take you to the pageant straight ahead. youth center opens up in baltimore dedicated to freddie gray, what the city hopes this means in their community.
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it seems like neither side is willing to budge, what the governor wants and why republicans say, they cannot agree to that. wrong way on a one way a woman kills a man on the bike and police catch up with her after she leaves the scene, we will tell you where. rob at gunpoint a popular restaurant is latest victim of crime, live report from the scene straight ahead. good day everyone it is monday july 13th. it is a 13 and a monday could things get worse. >> they could but... >> yes. >> it could not be any worse. weather is nice. it is a beautiful morning. >> way to start with the glass half empty.
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>> i'm half full here. >> we do have a decent forecast. you will see maybe more cloud then what you saw over weekend but we expect it to be dry day. seventy-four in philadelphia. 3 miles an hour wind out of the south/southwest and 71 percent relative humidity. 5:43 is your sunrise time as these days get shorter now that we're getting in the middle of july. we are watching a couple of showers, moving through southern part of the new castle county delaware but not really part of the major system. you will see around west virginia and western maryland some showers but we don't really expect them to hold together today. 74 degrees as we said in the city. sixty-one mount pocono. seventy-two in trenton. sixty-eight in pottstown. pretty comfortable there. seven to in wilmington. sixty-nine in dover. we had a sea breeze saturday and sunday. we are in the 60's at the shore. the fox cast has a mix of sun and clouds and high of 88. very low chance of the shower
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and 70 degrees tonight with showers possible after midnight, and that takes care of your monday the the 13th. hopefully it will turnout okay for you. 4:31. bob kelly is on vacation this week. we are talking about traffic. we will go to the blue route and take a look at how things are looking right after mid county tolls and hardly any traffic, it is moving just fine. the let go to the ben franklin bridge now on both side of the bridge, the cozies clear. now on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension northbound at mid county toll plaza, we have an overturn tractor trailer, and it has the left lane, block. we will get more information on that for you a and keep this in mind just traveling around west philadelphia fifth second street between west minister avenue and wyalusing a avenue, a water main break has fifth second street closed, so haverford avenue is your alternate chris. tria, a well known restaurant in philadelphia, was robbed at
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gunpoint. >> it happened at 11th ain't spruce location and that is where fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live with more hi there sabina. >> reporter: hey there guys they got a away were four bank bags of cash. take a look a popular midtown hot spot. it had just closed when all this happen. lets look at video that we got at the the scene after police arrived and they were talking to employees here. police say two men stuck up the wine, cheese and beer bar. they were armed with what police describe as a simulated weapon. to. ria employees handed over four bank bags filled with $1,500 in cash. as i mentioned this is a very popular spot. we talk to our produce hours comes here often and there are a lot of folks inside. they have several locations around the city. they opened in 2004. so back here live again this is, spruce street at 11th, between 11th and 12th street. it is a morning where we got here the street really busy.
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there are still people out hanging around. so you can imagine weekend night, this happened at 1:30 in the morning and there are still tons of people out. these robbers quite brace then morning. people are still looking for two suspects. they don't i have great description have of them but they are looking for a suspects who got away were four bank bags of cash. they actually got the away with these bank bags, guys. >> thanks, sabina. 4:00 33. police investigating a double shooting in ogontz. this happened shortly before 11:00 p.m. a 21 year-old man and 46 year-old woman were found shot in the 1600 block of wild inner place. both victims were taken to einstein hospital. just a few blocks from there an hour later police found 20 shell casings at 21st and negrow. the man find several times riding a bike down the street. police did not find any victims and they are looking to see if the two incidents were related. a with man driving the wrong way dune a juniata park street killed a man on his bicycle. investigators say she was
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trying to pass another car when she hit the a man sunday afternoon this happened in the 4100 block of north second street and investigators say she took off but they were able to find her at seventh and atlantic and they are arrested her. 4:34. pennsylvania's budget impasse enters a second week. neither governor or legislature is budging at this point. democratic governor and republican legislators don't see eye to eye on many issues financially but biggest is taxes. governor wolf wants to raise tax an "s" to pay for education and eventually lower property taxes but republicans say residents don't want higher taxes both sides, need to have some agreement, as a tax on companies and drill for natural gas might be acceptable. we will keep you posted on. that summit of the euro zone leaders reached a tentative economic agreement which was reached just this morning. bail out program removes an immediate threat that greece could collapse financially and leave the euro. nine hours after a self imposed deadline passed the leaders announced the break through earlier this morning.
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if the talks failed, greece could have faced bankruptcy and a possible exit from the euro. european single currency that the country has been part of since 2002. she's the youngest winner of the noble prize now on her 18th birthday the teen, shot by a taliban for campaigning for girls rights is still fighting what she did on her birthday, is straight ahead. talk about fighting, former marine is doing just that to get fellow veterans back to work. mission that has these vets on the move.
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ababy shower for your, friend, and her fiance gary. not only, is he going to have a baby about her but there you are. you give her a gift card. >> yes. >> that is what she wanted. >> how about the pot next picture. this is the best part right here. do we have it? we don't have it. >> no. >> that is called a tease in our business. hopefully stay at home and watch this. it is really worth it. hundreds of riders, on their motorcycles and taking a
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trip in south jersey to help stop distract driving. fifth annual event started at, bash's harley davidson in mount evefram. riders made their way past the the crash site, where tony and his unborn babe write killed, back in 2011. proceed go toward the foundation created in her memory. money is given as scholarships to high school senior. our own bob, who is just rocking out to the grateful dead in chicago for their farewell tour were there in south jersey for this ride. >> he is busy, always on the move. five area high school students are in washington d.c. attending a special healedder this ship summit. >> thinks a pretty big deal. out of all of the kids in this philadelphia area this handful got to go. fox 29 cameras were there as they boarded the bus at the 30th street station. they are join by 200 other students from across the country. they are taking part in panel discussions and workshops on global health, and all kind of job issues. bank of america hosts that summit by the way.
4:40 am
it ace a perfect match for anyone looking to move and supporting our country veterans. >> moving furniture in and out of homes is like the work they have done, in the the military to execute order and use difficulties principal to get the job done, right and on time. so veteran movers, mc, was founded by former marine, and so he decided nothing to business for himself. currently employing 17 veterans. it helps his customers know who they are getting when they call him for a job. >> trust, integrity are a little bit of muscle, and for site and intuition these kind of things that we were taught in the military, discipline. >> and right now there are 459,000 unemployment veterans, in the u.s. all right. the show must go on, even though you might have a had a tough time finding it, miss u.s.a. pageant aired last night on the reals channel. find out who trump named. and the movement born and
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baltimore we will take you to the newly opened freddie gray youthempowerment center.
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you look at that airport shot. >> i did not. >> it was look of you pretend to go play the guitar. >> good air guitar going on.
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>> and the biting of the lower lip. >> yes, yes. >> oh, i own that one. >> it is the best. >> here's a look at your shore cast for today. you had had a good weekend. you get to stay at the beach a couple more days, a week, then your week is starting off pretty good. temperatures on the beach, today, because of a little bit of a northeasterly sea breeze in the upper 70's but we will have mostly sunny skies so don't forget that sun screen. we have a nine for uv index very high. low rip current risk and ocean water temperature is getting better at 75 degrees right now. we have ultimate doppler radar showing some nearby showers but nothing much to show you as we zoom in closer, except for the showers that are in, the middle part now of new castle county starting to just edge into, salem county in new jersey. so, that is cumberland. anyway, point is it is just a little bit of rain and we don't expect a rainy day.
4:45 am
we expect more cloud then sun, at times because of the close proximity of this front which will get on the move, as a warm front and move in our area starting tonight. we think any time after dark but probably after midnight. also worth mentioning we are watching a low pressure system off shore, there was a thought maybe there would be possible tropical development, with this storm but it doesn't look like that will happen and even if it did, the the projection for movement of that storm is away, from the coast so just something to mention there but high pressure will eventually build in, probably in the though until the end of the week. so after today get ready for a couple of days of unsettled weather. we will show what you we're talking about in the future cast as we have a mix of cloud and sun for today and tomorrow we will start with the showers, maybe by 10:00 o'clock in the morning probably a few during the morning rush and then thunderstorms popping up anytime after 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. and then the same drill for wednesday, little light in the morning and then heavier rain moving in the afternoon on wednesday, hopefully all
4:46 am
that clears out by thursday. that is how it is looking right now. temperatures in the mid 70's here in the city. 74 degrees 68 in pottstown. sixty-nine in reading. a cooler 61 in the poconos. 66-degree temperature getting started in wildwood, new jersey right now. dew points are in the mid 60's, now this is when it starts to get sticky, even in the beginning of the day and it is not quite oppressive yet but we're in the uncomfortable range in the our measure of moisture. the as we look back at the weekend it was a warm one but especially delightful friday and saturday with that lower humidity. the started to get more humid when we reached 90 on sunday but still a pretty nice day. eighty-seven today. eighty-five tomorrow. eighty-seven on wednesday. these are unsettled days we're talking about. clearing out by thursday, and friday, and then saturday looks good. at this point sunday we could see late day thunderstorms and that is what we have got in the seven day forecast coming up. hopefully you enjoy your trip
4:47 am
to the beach if you are lucky enough to have one today. let's talk traffic. bob kelly is away this week. we will start ought with a look at the schuylkill expressway at montgomery avenue, and there are some volume starting to pick up but it is looking okay for a monday morning. we will go to i-95 at cottman avenue. everybody is moving along all right, and we will see an increase in car count, coming up in a little bit. turnpike northeast extension at mid county toll plaza this is where we have a problem an overturned tractor trailer has the left lane, blocked there so that is going to slow you down in that area of the interchange. in west philadelphia 52nd street, between west minister avenue and wyalusing there is a water main break. so 52nd street is closed, you need to take haverford avenue, lauren, to get by. >> all right thanks, sue. police in scranton are mourning loss of one of their own who died in the line of duty. twenty-nine year-old patrolman john wilding was running after three teenage robbery suspects
4:48 am
early saturday morning when witnesses say he jumped the fence not realizing a 15-foot drop was on the other side. he hit his head and died yesterday morning. police caught up to and a arrested the three, 17 year-old they face robbery charges. wilding leaves behind a wife and two young children. according to a memorial for fallen officer, he is the first scranton officer to die in the line of duty in nearly 30 years. civil rights add ohio cade army bailey died. he preserved memphis hotel where doctor martin luther king, junior was assassinated. bailey was a lawyer, judge in memphis. he had assembled donors to buy the reign hotel where king was assassinated on april 4th 1968. after extensive renovation it became a national civil rights museum in 1991. bailey was remembered as an advocate for justice. he was 73 years old. months after federal i gray's death a baltimore community cut the ribbon on a new center named for him. freddie gray youth empowerment center opened to the public. gray's family was there for
4:49 am
that ceremony as well as maryland's lieutenant governor. leaders ago acknowledging it won't fix the cities problem but they hope this will be just a first center of its kind. >> there are 2,000 churches in the city of baltimore just imagine if only just two hundred will take up our cause and open up our doors. it doesn't have to be this massive but if we just say save one child it will make a big difference. >> freddie gray's family told the crowd they were sorry it took their son's death to put a spark in the city but their tragedy is bringing a positive change, to baltimore. noble prize winner man local a yousafzai is celebrate herring 18th birthday and she did so by giving back. >> she was on hand to open up a girls school for syrian refugees. malala was shot three years ago for advocating for girls education. now she's opened up a school in lebanon. she said voices of syrian refugees need to be heard and
4:50 am
leaders need to invest in books instead of terror. last year she became youngest person to win a noble prize for rest king her life to help children. after weeks of controversy, generated by pageant co-owner donald trump critical comments about mexican immigrants a new miss u.s.a. was crowned last night. >> oklahoma. >> that means first runner up is texas. >> this is miss oak was crown miss u.s.a. 2015. twenty-six year-old model and health sciencees student won the judges over during the interview portion of the competition. miss u.s.a. aired for the first time on the reals channel. after it was dropped by broadcaster nbc because of inflammatory remarks by donald trump about mexican immigrants. >> she's pretty. >> very pretty. coming up, forget a relaxing afternoon at a your local coffee job, one owner's
4:51 am
message to his loyal customers before he kicks them out.
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4:53 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! it is kind of creep any there, we're zooming in on wip
4:54 am
radio. >> it is happening. >> is that a body in that middle window, someone standing there? >> well, now we're creepy can we not focus in maybe we will see something that we just do not want to see. >> okay, speaker we will just quickly put this whole issue to bed now with your friend, and, this baby shower that you went to. >> yes, the baby shower. >> do we have a picture. split is right. do you see that guy gary. they will have a kid together. >> yeah. >> he got her a gucci diaper bag. >> it was first gift that was opened yesterday so everyone was like, wow. >> yes. >> really high. >> i know, but he gets daddy of the year award for that, right. >> oh, big time. >> a designer diaper bag. >> i know. >> it is scary. >> that is what you do when you are real estate and selling, selling selling. >> what did the the bag look like, that is the box all leather. >> it has all of the g's on
4:55 am
it. >> man, that is fancy. >> what does that run do you think. >> we can look it up. >> thousandsy don't know about thousands, maybe hundreds. >> man. >> speaking of spending money how about spending your afternoons at a quiet coffee shop. >> so one owner has a message though drink your coffee and then get out. yeah bread first is a cafe in washington d.c. for too long people come in, they take their smelly shoes off and they stay for hours blocking about nothing nothing anyone cares about. he says it is killing his business. he started asking customers to leave when they are done with their lunch. and, place signs on tables and counter space. lap tops are not welcomed, and don't make this your work place. >> we have adopted this culture, this notion of a third space and that is a place outside the home,
4:56 am
outside the office, where people can do their work because work has become so critical. >> so, a lot of the customers are applauding the move and it is catching on. some d.c. businesses are even turning off the wifi to get people to leave. >> wow. so, i guess it is not worth investment you buy one cup of coffee and croissant you cannot afford to be there all day. >> just get out. >> wow. >> robbers target a popular midtown restaurant overnight what they were able to getaway with. hillary clinton plans to talk money presidential candidate set to outline her economic policy for first time touring her campaign. we will tell you how that might impact you up next.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
a plane makes an emergency landing on a local highway we will tell what you help bite pilot guide this plane to safety. people in greece have been strapped for cash for days as government work out the country's debt issues. this morning a deal just work out we will tell but that. and check this out, brigantine beach, three guys, real in some sharks. >> dang. >> yeah. >> good day, everyone it is monday july 13th 2015. >> you are a mess. >> i'm a real mess. >> i cannot with you. >> anyway, sue serio is, good
5:00 am
morning to you. high humidity. >> well, it is nighttime. it is morning but it is dark outside. what time is it, 5c o'clock in the morning. 72 degrees. yes, 78 percent relative humidity. notice days are getting shorter, now, 5:43 is now your sunrise time. a week and a half ago it was 5:30. anyway, ultimate doppler as we look here, we have that one shower moving into, a actually salem county, new jersey. we will watch this one. there will be a a a lot of cloud around today. not really predicting any showers per se but if you see a little sprinkle or two don't be surprised. 72 degrees. sixty-one in the mountains. seventy-one trenton. seventy-two in wilmington. we have had a beautiful weekend, as predict and it looks like we will see some sunshine today


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